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                                         C3 Payroll Card hits the 100,000 mark!

       By Meharyab Niazi
       Dated: Apr 08, 2009

       C3 card today announced it exceeded 100,000 mark in terms of payroll cards for employees in UAE.

       C3 Card, the card service provider and electronic salary processing company today announced it exceeded
       the 100,000 mark in terms of employees on its books.
        In the context of the new Federal Labour Law that was passed last year imposing electronic wage
       payments on all companies incorporated in the UAE, C3 Card had championed innovative solutions for
       salary distribution -based on a virtual debit card powered by MasterCard Worldwide, in partnership with
       Commercial Bank International.
        The move provides workers with “flexibility and freedom”, ensuring timely salary payments through
       traceable electronic transactions instead of cash or cheque payments.
        C3 Card has put in place robust systems that sustain the “stress test” that faces both C3 Mobile and fixed
       ATMs on pay day at the labour camps. Besides, C3 Cards are accepted at over 30 Million terminals and
       over one Million ATMs worldwide.
         “Large corporations having tens of thousands of workers have trusted C3 Card with their most precious
       asset” says Mohamed Belarj, CEO C3 Card. Customers include Al Naboodah, Al Hamad, JT
       Metro/Obayashi, Tansguard, Burger King, Spinney’s, Dutco and many others, representing the fabric of the
       UAE economy (Construction, Industrial sectors and Retail) .
        “We have opted for an ‘all Compliance’ strategy” says Mohamed Belarj. C3 Card systems are compliant
       both to the Central Bank’s UAE Switch requirements and MasterCard International. For Money
       Remittance, C3 Card has opted for existing, tested and compliant solutions. “Clearly, C3 Card is the right
       response in the market today that provides risk-free solutions to Corporations, added value to employees
       and alleviates the regulators’ concerns” added Belarj.
        By February 2009 and without any hiccup, a total number of 244,000 ATM transactions were made with
       C3 cards withdrawing AED 220,000,000, the number of POS transactions rose from 3,900 in 2008 to
       13,500 transactions in first two months of 2009.

        About C3 Card:
        C3 Card, a leading provider in the Pre-paid and Money Transfer payment products and services for the
       Banked, Un-banked, and Corporate market segments. Across the region, C3 Card will implement, sell,
       deliver, activate, load a range of prepaid cards; inform and serve the customers.


       C3 Card is a company incorporated in Dubai, with regional Capital. C3 Card plans to be the leader for
       prepaid services including regular prepaid products, remittances originating from the Middle East and
       payroll applications.

        • C3 Card is officially endorsed by the Ministry of Labour in January 2008
        • C3 Card is associated with MasterCard for electronic transactions
        • C3 Card is associated with Commercial Bank International (CBI)

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