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									Training Announcements
   Once dates and locations are finalized, training
     announcements are mailed to providers.
   This office receives a list of provider information each
     year from DRS. If your agency is not on our list, you will
     be asked to notify your DRS contact person. They will
     need to call and confirm their approval for your agency to
     send participants to training at the reduced fee rate.

Registration Procedures
   A complete form is required for each person attending
     each training. Registrations must include payment,
     Purchase Order of Letter of Agreement (please see
     Payment Methods for more details.)
   Do not send anyone unregistered to class. All enrollments
     and substitutions must first be cleared through this
   All registrations need to be submitted to this office before
     the Register by date listed on the training schedule. This
     allows me sufficient time to process registrations and to
     ensure there are sufficient classroom materials prepared
     for attendees.
   The fastest way to ensure enrollment is to fax or email
     completed registrations with a Purchase Order or Letter
     of Agreement as instructed on the registration form.

  Payment Methods
   Check or Credit Card. We can now accept credit cards
    just contact Jill Mannis and find out what information is
    needed in order to complete the transaction.
   Purchase Order – After a Purchase Order has been
    received an Invoice will be sent out. Please follow the
    instructions on the Invoice.
   Letter of Agreement – A Letter of Agreement should be on
    the agency’s letterhead and it must include name of
    participant(s), date of training(s), amount to be paid and
    the signature of the responsible person.
   A confirmation letter explaining class details will be
    mailed at least two weeks prior to the training date.

   Invoices are usually mailed within 24 hours of
     registration receipt.
   Payment instructions are clearly detailed on the invoice.
     Please follow them. Failure to do so can result in
     payment not being credited properly.

  Cancellation Policy
   Written cancellation notices must be received no later
    than the Friday before the class is scheduled to begin.
   Cancellations can be submitted by fax or email only. No
    Verbal Cancellations will be accepted. Please fax
    cancellations to (405) 325-1632 or email them to
   Failure to cancel will result in a $25.00 failure to show
    fee. If payment is not received from the agency within 30
    days, then the agency will not be able to register for
    trainings until payment has been made.
   If payment has already been received then the payment
    may be transferred to a different training before June 30,
    2008. If not used by this date the credit will become void.

Failure to Show
  Failure to show will result in a $25.00 failure to show fee.
  The agency will be invoiced for this amount and will not
    be able to register anyone for trainings until payment has
    been received.
  Emergencies will be taken into consideration but are not
    a guaranty of being excused from the failure to show fee.
   After the training is completed, certification will be sent
     out if payment has been received.
   If you have not received your certificate two weeks after
     training please contact Jill Mannis at (405) 325-2745 or

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