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									SE MN Pre-CNA Healthcare
      Academies @
Workforce Development, Inc.

Sector Strategies Workshops –
 Convened by the Governor’s Workforce Development Council
             and WIA Incentive Grant Partners
           February 5th, 6th and 15th, 2007
     Saint Cloud, Mankato and Duluth, Minnesota
Workforce Development, Inc.
Workforce Investment Board
10 counties in Southeast MN
Staff of about 80
                                     Overview of SE MN Industry Clusters and
                                              2001-2004 (NAICS)
                                                                      Auto Service
                                                                         Other Specialized Mfg.
% Employment Increase

                        30%             Composites
                                                             Social Assistance
                        20%                                                          Nursing Homes
                                    Merchant Contractors         Retail Stores
                        10%        Wholesalers
                         0%                               Education
                                    Farming      Wood                      Gas Stations
                                                            Food &                                                     Food Mfg.
                        -10%                  Product Mfg.Bev. Stores       Fabricated Metal Mfg.
                                          Truck Transport           Printing                                       Computer/Elec. Mfg.

                               0                             1                           2                     3                         4
                                                                                 Location Quotient
SE MN WIB Board Structure
     SE MN Workforce Investment Board (WDI) Committee Structure

                                                                              One Stop Operating
           Management                           Workforce
           Committee                            Investment                        (Partners)

                     Industrial Sectors - Economic       HR Taskforces - Workforce
                              Development                      Development

                                                        Basic Skills &
                                      Health Care         Emerging
                                                             W ork force

                                                          Literacy &
                                     Manufacturing      Diversity in th e
                                                          W ork place

                                                       Incumbent W o rker
                                       Hi-Tech &
                                                          T raining &
                                       Bio-Science         Ret en t io n

                                                          Acces s &
                                       Service &
                                                        Re-Entry to the
                                                             W ork force

          Ad Hoc Committee                                                   Workforce Center
                                                                            Community Advisory
Identified 75 “Hot Jobs”               Healthcare Knowledge Economy Job Structure
 JOB CHARACTERISTICS             QUALIFICATIONS                                    SE MN 75 HOT JOBS                                      Median
                                                                                                                                           Wage         Industry
 Salaried                        Bachelor's degree or more                         1 Registered Nurse                                         $27.77 Healthcare
 Supervisory responsibilities    Strong communicator                               3 Post Secondary Teachers                                  $26.40 Svc & Tr
 Career advancement potential    People/project management skills                  5 Sales Rep Wholesale & Manufacturing                      $21.27 Manufact
                                 Extensive business know ledge                     10 Accountants, Auditors, & Estimators                     $22.85 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   13 Social Workers & cnslrs incl Ed & Mental Hlth           $16.54 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   18 Drafters, Archectrectural Civil & Engineering           $17.72 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   22 Sp Ed Teachers incl Speech & Aud Clinicians            NA      Svc & Tr
                                                                                   24 Life Scientists                                         $24.82 Hi-Tec Bio
                                                                     Technical     26 Corrections Officers & Jailers                          $18.60 Svc & Tr
                                                                    Professional   28 Medical & Health Services Managers                      $35.84 Healthcare
                                                                                   33 Recreation & Fitness Instructor                         $10.03 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   36 Pharmacist                                              $43.49 Healthcare
                                                                                   40 Computer Netw ork & DB Administrator                    $26.17 Hi-Tec Bio
                                                                                   41 Sales and Marketing Managers                            $39.55 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   48 Occupational/Physical Therapists                        $27.01 Healthcare
                                                                                   50 Kindergarten/Pre-school Teachers                        $12.30 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   51 Computer Systems Analyst                                $28.73 Hi-Tec Bio
                                                                                   53 Financial Manager                                       $39.52 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   54 Cost Estimators                                         $24.26 Manufact
                                                                                   55 Computer & Information Managers                         $48.71 Hi-Tec Bio
                                                                                   58 Public Relations Specialist                             $20.03 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   59 Training and Development Specialists                    $22.59 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   63 Education Administrators-Post-Secondary                 $34.77 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   64 Physicians and Surgeons                                NA      Healthcare
                                                                                   66 Nursing Instructors                               $63,846/yr   Healthcare
                                                                                   67 Respiratory Therapist                                   $24.36 Healthcare
                                                                                   70 Dieticians & Nutritionists                              $22.94 Healthcare
                                                                                   71 Science Teacher-Secondary Schools                 $44,186/yr   Hi-Tec Bio
                                                                                   73 Self Enrichment Ed. Tutors and Teachers                 $17.56 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   74 Math Teacher-Secondary Schools                                 Hi-Tec Bio

                                                                                   6 Industrial Mechanic and Maintenance Elec                 $18.38 Manufact
 High Wages                      Experience + Training                             7 Licensed Practical Nurse                                 $16.52 Healthcare
 Problem-solving intensive       Degree often required                             11 Carpenters                                              $17.05 Svc & Tr
 Project-oriented                Technically current                               12 Supervisor of Clerical/Admin Support                    $19.32 Svc & Tr
 Learning-intensive              Strong communicator                               15 Medical & Clinical Lab Technicians                      $18.28 Healthcare
 Career advancement potential    Business know ledge                  Skilled      19 Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics            $15.95 Svc & Tr
                                 Career entrepreneur                Technician     20 Plumbers, Pipefitters & Steamfitters                    $20.38 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   21 Electricians                                            $20.79 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   23 Front line Supervisor of Installers & Repairers         $24.24 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   34 Diesel Technicians and Mechanics                        $15.54 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   37 Dental Assistants                                       $15.18 Healthcare
                                                                                   38 Radiological Technician                                 $24.06 Healthcare
                                                                                   39 Autobody Repair Specialist                              $17.81 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   43 Police & Sheriff Patrol Officers                        $22.00 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   49 Surgical Technologist & Technicians                     $19.82 Healthcare
                                                                                   52 Loan Officers                                           $24.73 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   56 Cement Masons & Concrete Finishers                      $23.78 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   61 Dental Hygenist                                         $27.25 Healthcare
                                                                                   62 Cardiovascular Techs                                    $19.50 Healthcare

                                                                                   2 Truck Drivers, Heavy & Industrial                        $17.06 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   8 Welders Solderers and Brazing Mach Op                    $14.21 Manufact
                                                                                   17 Social & Human Service Assistants                       $12.21 Svc & Tr
 > $11 per hour w ith benefits   H.S. diploma or GED                               31 Emergency Medical Technician & Paramedic                $12.64 Healthcare
 Problem-solving intensive       Some postsecondary training                       32 Computer Support Specialists                            $18.84 Hi-Tec Bio
 Learning-intensive              Strong technical fundamentals                     42 Pharmacy Tech                                           $14.19 Healthcare
 Project-oriented                Strong problem-solver              Entry-Level    44 Medical Transcriptionists                               $15.69 Healthcare
 Career advancement potential    Flexible/rapid learning            Technician     47 Sheet Metal Workers & Duct Installers                   $22.53 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   57 Industrial Coaters, Painters                            $14.51 Manufact
                                                                                   60 Medical Records & Health Info Tech                      $14.07 Healthcare
                                                                                   65 CNC Operators and Programmers                           $17.77 Manufact
                                                                                   68 Occupational/Physical Therapy Assistants                $16.63 Healthcare
                                                                                   69 Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning                $20.19 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   72 Graphic Designers                                       $15.03 Svc & Tr
                                                                                   75 Bio-Science Tech, incl Environmental & Chemical         $17.07 Hi-Tec Bio
A Sector Solution to a Key Problem
    The Problem:
      High turnover rate at Long Term Care facilities
      High drop-out rate in Nursing Assistant classes
      Misunderstanding of the job by potential
      Safety concerns for elderly population
      Availability of diverse caretakers
 The Solution: Pre-CNA Healthcare
 Increase the opportunities for individuals from
  disadvantaged backgrounds to enter healthcare careers.
 Enhance the academic skills of students from
  disadvantaged backgrounds and support them in
  preparation to enter healthcare professional training
 Work with businesses to fill professional health care
  vacancies and reduce their turnover.
 Provide a more diverse health care workforce to meet those
  The Solution: Pre-CNA Healthcare
          Academies (cont.)
 4 week training - understand the nature of the
  work and career opportunities
 HCA classes scheduled immediately before NA
 Insure access to NA classes at community college
 Integrate classes into healthcare facilities to ensure
  that the academies are driven by current health
  care needs and trends, and that students are
  mentored and supported by healthcare
What Makes it a Sector Strategy?
    Sector strategies are industry-specific, regional
      approaches to employers’ needs for skilled
      workers and workers’ needs for good jobs.
 The Pre-CNA Healthcare Academies meets these
   criteria by:
       Industry driven curriculum and advisory boards
       Targeted to entry level positions
       Basic understanding of specific work culture
       Reduced turnover in Nursing Assistants
       Emphasis on career laddering
Critical Success Factors
 It’s Industry-Driven:
  Curriculum development and updating
  Employment preference for graduates
  Dialog with job counselors on retention issues
  Tours, speakers, use of facilities and equipment for classes
 A Convener Coordinates:
  Convenes the advisory meetings
  Recruits and screens appropriate students
  Works with employers and students as they transition into
  Address retention issues
  Must be able to “speak the language” of business
Critical Success Factors
 It Involves Many Partners:
   Community College
   WorkForce Centers
   Adult Basic Education

 The Approach is Regional:
   Individual resources, individual answers
   Nursing Assistants vs. Home Health Aides

 It Meets Needs of Employers and Workers:
   Employers get workers who understand their roles
   Workers get access to good paying, rewarding jobs with a future.
Sustainability Strategies
 Secure On-going Funding:
  Grants and program dollars from several sources
  Discussions and agreements for employer payments
  Difficulty is working with students before they become employees
 Engage Employers:
  Careful referrals build trust
  Open and frequent communication
  Advisory panels, tours, speakers, employee release time for
    presentations to class, agreement to pay for training, shared
  Able to “speak the language” of business
 Promote Systems Change:
  NA class reservations and additional classes scheduled for us
  Replicated to five communities
  Discussions with influencers within the systems
Sustainability Strategies
 Show Results:
  Return on Investment – 1105%
  64% placement rate
  $276.18 average weekly wage gain
  NA employment turnover at 4.5% and 5.9% vs. 11.8%
     statewide (2004 LMI data)
  100% employment of HCA graduates who complete
  Cost per participant $950 plus $550 for NA classes and
     certification ($1,500 total)
  Preliminary results of BVA analysis is promising!
  Healthcare Coordinator position created
 Transitioning Healthcare Licenses
 Center for Integrated Health Science & Practice
 Culture change within WDI
 Manufacturing Academy-Food Processing
 Simulation in Health Education – DOL Strategic
  Partnership for Competitive Workforce
 Seven Rivers Tri-State Partnership-small
 Developing partnerships in Construction

Contact Information
Contact Name: Becky Thofson
Initiative Name: Sector Projects Coordinator
Phone: (507) 259-5209 (cell)

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