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					                                remote workforce
                             development strategy

                                                   grant program

introduction                  The Northern Territory Public Sector (NTPS)
                              is the largest employer in the Northern
The Remote Workforce          Territory. It employs 16,000 people, with over

Development Strategy          2,100 (13%) living and working in over 130
                              remote locations.
(RWDS) is a sector wide
                              All communities and regional centres outside
approach to addressing        the environs of Darwin, Palmerston, Katherine
                              and Alice Springs are classified as remote
the unique workforce
development needs of the
                              The RWDS Grant Program is designed to
remote based Northern         encourage       NTPS      agencies    to     deliver
                              professional     development      projects      and
Territory Public Sector
                              initiatives for remote employees that will help

workforce                     to achieve RWDS outcomes, and that are
                              collaborative, new and/or innovative.

                              The Grants Program is not intended to
                              supplement or replace the core business
                              professional development activities that could,
                              or should, already be taking place within

                              The    Grant    Program     has   a   two     stage
                              application    process.      Stage    1    involves
                              submitting a project concept and approximate
                              budget.      Stage 1 applicants are assessed,
                              with successful applicants invited to submit a
                              Stage 2 application.       Stage 2 applications
                              involve    addressing selection criteria and
                              providing full budget details.

                              Agencies that are awarded RWDS Grant
                              funding must financially acquit each Grant,
                              and the applicant must provide OCPE with a
                              detailed report about the activity within two
                              months of its completion.

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Who can apply for funding?
Applications can only be accepted from NTPS agencies.

The Grants Program is open to all NTPS agencies who wish to:
   Collaboratively (two or more agencies) deliver professional development programs that will positively
    impact upon RWDS outcomes

   Deliver single agency professional development programs – that are outside the scope of core
    agency business – and will positively impact upon RWDS outcomes

Initiatives and projects that involve collaboration with community councils, or community based/NGO
organisations may be considered if it can be demonstrated how their involvement will positively impact
upon RWDS outcomes. However, unless two or more NTPS agencies are involved in the initiative it is
considered a single agency submission.

It should be noted that funding from this program is primarily for professional development of remote
based NTPS employees, and is aimed at building the capacity of the remote NTPS workforce.

What are the RWDS outcomes?
The outcomes to be achieved through the RWDS are:

   Increased recruitment and retention rates in remote areas, and the NTPS considered an ‘Employer of
   Remote service redefined as a life and career enhancing opportunity
   New and innovative approaches to remote workforce development
   Improved service delivery in remote areas

How much is available?
There is one funding round each financial year, with approximately $200,000 in total available for Grants.

Collaborative submissions have a maximum limit of $40,000

Single agency submissions have a maximum limit of $20,000

The Selection Panel has the discretion to recommend additional funding where it is deemed appropriate.
What type of activities can be funded?
 Special projects: about remote employment; projects that involve remote employees; projects with links
 to agency/ies outcomes; projects that improve the capacity of remote employees to contribute to
 agency/ies objectives.

 Research: about remote employment; research that involves remote employees; research with links to
 agency/ies outcomes.
 Professional development activity for groups of remote employees: workshops, courses,
 residentials, training (particularly those delivered in remote or regional centres) that involves remote

 What is the application process?
 The application process has two stages:
 Stage 1
 Submit a two-page application identifying the agencies involved, and outlining a project concept and
 approximate budget. You must complete the application on the RWDS Grants Stage 1 application form.
 Stage 2
 If your Stage 1 application is accepted by the Selection Panel you will be invited to submit a Stage 2
 application. You must complete your application on the RWDS Grants Stage 2 application form that will
 be provided to you.

 When do Stage 1 applications close?
 8 August 2008
 Applicants must be available by phone between 1.00pm and 3.00pm on Friday 22 August 2008
 (see below).

 Who assesses the submissions?
 Stage 1 Assessment

 A Grants Selection Panel, comprised of four senior representatives from NTPS agencies and a
 representative from Unions NT assess Stage 1 applications and select those that will be invited to submit
 a Stage 2 application. The Selection Panel may wish to speak to applicants on selection day, so please
 ensure relevant phone numbers are provided in the application. Successful Stage 1 applicants will be
 forwarded an invitation to apply to Stage 2 plus an application form. Unsuccessful Stage 1 applicants will
 be provided feedback from the Selection Panel, and where relevant, guidance on how to improve the
 application for future funding rounds.

 Stage 2 Assessment

 The Selection Panel assesses Stage 2 applications against the selection criteria, and recommends to the
 Commissioner for Public Employment (CPE) those applications to be funded. The CPE approves those
 to be funded, and this decision is final.

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What are the Selection Criteria?
Only Stage 2 applicants will be required to address the Selection Criteria. However, in submitting
a Stage 1 application you should ensure that your initiative meets the following selection criteria:

1. Collaborative submissions must involve at least two NTPS agencies. One agency must be nominated
    as the lead agency

2. Single agency submissions must describe how the activity is complementary to – but outside the
    scope of – core agency business

3. The activity must be aligned to the needs and priorities of the agency/ies and/or the broader NTPS.

4. The activity must professionally benefit remote employees and positively contribute to one or more of
    the RWDS outcomes:

       Increased recruitment and retentions rate in remote areas, and the NTPS considered an
        ‘Employer of Choice’

       Remote service redefined as a life and career enhancing opportunity

       New and innovative approaches to remote workforce development

       Improved service delivery in remote areas

5. The process for evaluating the activity against RWDS outcome(s) must be described

6. The level of financial or in-kind contribution by agencies will be considered (for example use of
    facilities, contributions to travel costs etc). There is an expectation that agencies will provide some
    level of contribution to the proposed activity

7. A process for sharing activity knowledge/ outcomes/benefits with other agencies and/or remote based
    NTPS employees must be described.

You must also

8. Provide documentation/quotes for all proposed expenditure, plus supporting documentation for the
    initiative such as course outlines, consultant profiles etc

9. Follow NTPS Procurement procedures and guidelines

10. Obtain support from the agency CEO (in the case of collaborative submissions support from the CEO
    of the all agencies must be obtained).

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Where can I get       The following RWDS Committee members can be contacted for
more information?     further information:

                      OCPE              Nicole Boucher       Phone 8999 4276
                      DEET              Renu Sharma          Phone 8999 5986
                      DHCS              Vera Whitehouse      Phone 8922 7082
                      PFES              Jeanette Kerr        Phone 8922 3495
                      NRETA             Shael Martin         Phone 8999 4542
                      DHLGS             Helena Jackson       Phone 8999 8809
                      DPIFM             Jodie Winston        Phone 8999 6259
                      DPI               Jenni Purkis         Phone 8924 7039
                      DOJ           Theresa Westmacott       Phone 8935 7615
                      DCIS              Peta Preo            Phone 8999 1742
                      Power Water Joanne Norton              Phone 8951 7232

                      Or visit the Remote Workforce Development Strategy Grants
                      website at

                      Information can also be sent to you by post or facsimile –
                      contact the Remote Workforce Development Advisor at OCPE:

                      T: 08 899 4276 or E:

Where do I send     RWD Advisor, OCPE
the Stage 1         By post:              GPO Box 4371, Darwin NT 0801
applications?       By internal mail:
                                          4 Floor Harbour View Plaza, Darwin NT 0801
                    By fax:                8999 4358

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         Flowchart – RWDS Grants Program
      Stage 1 application is to be sent to the Remote Workforce
   Development Advisor – OCPE (agencies will be provided copies of
                            all applications)

             Stage 1 applications close 8 August 2008

                           15 August 2008
 RWDS Grants Selection Panel determines which applications will be
               invited to submit Stage 2 applications
Applicants must be available by phone between 1.00pm and 3.00pm

                        By 22 August 2008
 RWDS Advisor advises successful and unsuccessful Stage 1 applicants

You must send your Stage 2 application to your agency/ies for final
approval and CEO sign off. It is your responsibility to allow time to
 obtain CEO sign off for all agencies and to ensure that it reaches
                  OCPE before the closing date

            Stage 2 applications close19 September 2008

                       26 September 2008
 RWDS Grants Selection Panel assesses applications and recommends
                        those to be funded.

                          1 October 2008
      Commissioner for Public Employment provides final approval

                          By 7 October 2008
     Applicants advised of outcome – Grant funding paid to agency

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