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					                                                                                                    A quarterly briefing for members and friends
                                                                          Winter 2006

        s we were putting together some necessities for a victim of                                     of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
          Katrina, we noticed that her eyes were focused on the
           wall behind us. When we completed her voucher, we
 offered to help load the items into her car, but her eyes remained
 fixed on the wall. Following her gaze, one staff member walked                                 Walking
 over to the wall and took down the Crucifix hang-
 ing there. She then walked over to the woman                                                   in the
 and offered it to her. None of us were pre-
 pared for what happened next. The                                                              footsteps

 woman immediately fell to the
 ground crying and began kissing the
 crucifix, all the while repeating,
 “This is what I need! This is what I                                                                                      St. Vincent de Paul
 need!” How amazing to see that the hundreds
 of dollars’ worth of new furniture and other
 items could not even compare to the value of
 this cross! But why should we be surprised?
 We know the value of the cross and the sav-
 ing grace that comes from it.
                                                                                                St. Louise de Marillac
                                 NON-PROFIT ORG.

                                                       PERMIT NO. 3662
                                   U.S. POSTA G E

                                                        ST. LOUIS, MO

     Society of
St. Vincent de Paul
  Council of the
   United States                                                                                                     Blessed Rosalie Rendu
Celebrating 160 years
of serving the poor in
  the United States
                             St. Louis, Missouri 63043-3706
                             Society of St. Vincent de Paul

 58 Progress Parkway
                             Council of the United States

   St. Louis, Missouri
                             58 Progress Parkway

 Phone: (314) 576-3993
  Fax: (314) 576-6755
                                                                                                                  Blessed Frederic Ozanam
                                                                         Published by the Council of the United States, Society of St. Vincent de Paul
 WINTER 2006
                           UMCOR Announces Partner Agencies
                           To Share $66 Million FEMA Grant OFFICIA
                           Katrina Aid Today Consortium to Help 100,000 Families Attain Services Needed
                           NEW YORK, NY -- The United                         • The Society of St. Vincent De Paul          New York,
                           Methodist Committee on Relief                        Council of the United States,               Oklahoma, and
                           (UMCOR) announced on December                        St. Louis, MO                               Washington.
                           15th the 10 social service and voluntary           • United Methodist Foundation of              Some of the part-
                           organizations selected to become part of             Louisiana, Baton Rouge, LA                  ners have specific
                           its $66 million Katrina Aid Today initia-          • Volunteers of America, Alexandria, VA       expertise working Liz and Alton, one of
                                                                                                                                               our youngest clients
                           tive, funded by the Federal Emergency                                                            with people with
                           Management Administration (FEMA).                                                                disabilities and
                           The 10 organizations, selected by a grants                                                       non-English speaking families.
                           review board, will oversee 3,000 profes-                                                         Nearly 30 nonprofit disaster response agen-
                           sional staff and volunteers who will assist                                                      cies proposed programs for consideration of
                           100,000 families displaced by Hurricane                                                          the Katrina Aid Today initiative. UMCOR
                           Katrina to rebuild their lives. Trained by                                                       officials selected a grants review board to
                           UMCOR, the staff and volunteers will                                                             assure fairness and transparency in the final
                           help survivors identify sources of support,                                                      selection of the grantee partners for the
                           develop personal recovery plans, acquire                                                         Katrina Aid Today consortium.
                           access to services, and take appropriate                                                         The grants review board consisted of rep-
                                                                            Executive Director Liz Disco-Shearer and
                           actions to bring them to self-sufficiency.                                                       resentatives from the American Red Cross,
                                                                            two recent graduates of the Dallas Council’s
                           “Navigating the system of government             Immigrant Business Training Program.            Mississippi Commission for Volunteer
                           and private recovery support can be over-                                                        Service, Christian Reformed World Relief
                           whelming, and survivors of this disaster         “The partner organizations have a track         Committee, Church World Service, and
                           often don’t know their rights or whom to         record of responding to the needs of disas-     the Points of Light Foundation.
                           trust,” said Warren Harrity, interim execu-      ter survivors in a recovery effort. Katrina     For more information about Katrina Aid Today or its partner
                           tive director, Katrina Aid Today. “Katrina       Aid Today brings them together to create        grantees, please visit www.katrinaaidtoday.org.
                           Aid Today’s trained staff and volunteers         a network of volunteer assistance organi-       The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is the
                           will reach out to people and families to         zations with nationwide reach,” said Paul       humanitarian relief and development agency of the United
                                                                            Dirdak, deputy general secretary of             Methodist Church, a worldwide denomination. For 65 years,
                           connect them with the resources they                                                             UMCOR has alleviated human suffering by providing practi-
                           need to recover from this tragic disruption      UMCOR. “Additionally, each of the part-         cal support to survivors of natural and civil disasters, without
                           of their lives.”                                 ners has pledged matching funds or in-          regard to a survivor’s religion, race, gender or national origin.
                                                                            kind donations that will multiply the           Katrina Aid Today is sponsored by the Department of
                           The 10 grantees selected are (in alphabeti-      existing resources made available under         Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management
                           cal order):                                      the FEMA grant.”                                Administration.
                             • Boat People SOS, Falls Church, VA
                             • Catholic Charities, Alexandria, VA           Partners in the Katrina Aid Today consor-
                                                                            tium focus their work on the disaster zones

                             • Episcopal Relief and Development,
                                                                            of Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, as
                               New York
                             • Lutheran Disaster Response, Chicago          well as areas serving families that have been      Table of Contents
                             • The National Disability Rights               relocated to the areas of Texas, Georgia,
                               Network, Washington, DC                      California, Florida, Illinois, Tennessee,               3 Annual Meeting Information
                             • The Odyssey House of Louisiana,              Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, New Jersey,
                                                                                                                                 4-5 SVdP in the News, and
                               New Orleans                                  Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC,
                                                                            Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina,
                                                                                                                                     On the Air!
                             • The Salvation Army, Atlanta
                                                                                                                                    6 COVER STORY
                                                                                                                                      Recovery & Renewal
                             SVdP Receives Hurricane Relief Grant
                                                                                                                                    8 The Spirit of Vincentians
A quarterly briefing for
                             from the People of Saudi Arabia                                                                        9 Pilgrimage to Paris
 members and friends         In November, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Council of the United States received
   of the Society of         approval for a major in-kind grant of new furniture, clothing, and household goods for               10 Changes in Haiti
  St. Vincent de Paul        Katrina victims in need of basic survival assistance. The Society’s Councils in Houston,
Published by the Council     Dallas, Atlanta, and Baton Rouge are receiving goods valued at more than $2,880,000 as            “The figures of saints such as…
  of the United States,      a donation from the people of Saudi Arabia for distribution to the thousands of families,          Vincent de Paul… stand out as
  Society of St. Vincent     victims of Hurricane Katrina, who have applied to the Society for help.                            lasting models of social charity.”
         de Paul                                                                                                                              — Pope Benedict XVI, Deus Caritas Est

                                                                 The Ozanam News • Winter 2006                                                                                                  1
                                                                                             that are supporting them continue to       Live is another example of the strides
                                                                                             do an outstanding job. Our good            we are making in getting our message
                                                                                             works are becoming more broadly            to the world.

                               From The                                                      known and acclaimed, and this has
                                                                                             enhanced our ability to grow and
                                                                                             deliver services to the poor. Because
                                                                                                                                             The hard work of implementing
                                                                                                                                        the strategic plan is paying off. We
                                                                                                                                        have embarked upon Vincentian for-
                                                                                             we have improved our communica-            mation of our members and we are

                               PRESIDENT                                                     tions and fundraising capabilities over
                                                                                             the last five years, both at National
                                                                                             and in our councils, we were able to
                                                                                                                                        united. May we continue to passion-
                                                                                                                                        ately respond to Christ’s guidance.

                                                                                             identify opportunities for grants and          Yours in Vincent and Frederic,
                                                                                             present coordinated grant applica-
         I hope you had a blessed                another. It is important to renew our-      tions. In November 2005, the United
    Christmas. Christmas is a time of joy        selves in this time of difficult chal-      States Council received approval for
    and celebration of the gift of the           lenges, to stay close to our families,      two grants totaling $8 million. The
    Christ Child, the one who is our sal-        and to make sure that we are physical-      grants will be used by the diocesan
    vation, the one who through the Holy         ly, spiritually, and mentally fit to work   councils serving the Katrina evacuees          Joe Flannigan
    Spirit has graced us with our families       at our mission.                             to provide direct assistance and build         National President
    and our ministry of bringing about                Vincentians who are working            diocesan council capacity to serve
    the Kingdom through prayer, service          with the Katrina, Rita, and Wilma           Katrina evacuees. My one-hour inter-
    to the poor, and friendship with one         victims and the rest of the councils        view on January 4, 2006, on EWTN

    Reflections & Expectations                                                                                                                        The Ozanam News
                                                                                                                                                   is the official quarterly
             s the New Year gets underway,            We reflect in sadness on                        Vincentian friendship with

                                                                                                                                                      publication of the
             it seems appropriate to reflect a   the sorrows: the passing of                          each other and with those we              Society of St. Vincent de Paul
             little and expect a little. 2005    many good and faithful                               serve; easing the burden                       National Council of
    had many joys and sorrows. The joys,         friends who served the                               caused by the disasters of                       the United States
    just to mention a few: A new Pope was        Society so well for so long;                         2005; preparing for the disas-
    elected and installed, many new              Katrina, Rita, and Wilma;                            ters to come in 2006; being                        Publisher
    Conferences and Councils were found-         tornadoes, fires, and floods;                        more attentive to good gover-                    Joe Flannigan
    ed, and new members joined us in the         terrorism; the plight of chil-                       nance; engaging in continu-
    work of serving Christ’s poor. Plus,         dren who suffer because                              ous learning, formation, and                    Executive Editor
    Serving in Hope continued to renew           adults made bad decisions;                           spiritual growth.                                Roger Playwin
    our Conferences around the country,          the increase in poverty at home and              We owe it to ourselves and to
    our professional staff enhanced their        abroad; the passing of John Paul II.         those who come after us.                               Managing Editor
    leadership abilities and developed new            There is much to be grateful for,                                                               Bob Duplantier
    skills for helping our members serve         much to appreciate, and much to do.              Happy New Year!
    the needy, and new leadership teams at       We are more effective when we work                                                                    Editorial Board
    the National and Diocesan levels reju-       together in charity and friendship. We                                                        Liz Carter, Leigh Anne Cipriano,
    venated us. Our Society demonstrated         can then make the list of joys even                                                           Bob Duplantier, Steve Pearson,
    heroic efforts in the face of great dev-     longer in 2006. We need to focus on                                                            Roger Playwin, Ray Sickinger
    astation, and many of our members            the following: opening the doors wider           Roger Playwin
    went home to Christ.                         for youth to come in; deepening our              National Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                      58 Progress Parkway
                                                                                                                                                St. Louis, Missouri 63043-3706
                                                                                                                                                     Phone: (314) 576-3993
    New Rule & Bylaws Online                                               Serving In Hope, Module IV                                                  Fax: (314) 576-6755
                                                                                                                                               E-mail: usacouncil@svdpusa.org
         The new Rule and Bylaws of the Council of the                         Module IV, “Our Vincentian Mission,” is now avail-
    United States have been approved by the International                  able from the National Council. Integrating Catholic                       www.svdpusa.org
    Council General and are now available to Members on                    social teaching and the Society’s new Rule, this module is
    our website. To view or download, simply register and/or               a guide for effective fulfillment of our identity as
    log in at www.svdpusa.org, scroll over “For Our                        Christians and Vincentians through service and advocacy,
                                                                                                                                                    Cover art and page 9
    Members” in the horizontal navigation bar at the top of                in charity and justice, for and with the poor.
                                                                                                                                                   blend by Ida Duplantier
    our homepage, and select “Information Exchange.”

2                                                                        The Ozanam News • Winter 2006
 92nd National Meeting of the U.S. Council of
      the Society of St. Vincent dePaul
                                                                              Top 10* Reasons to attend the 92nd National
Meeting Dates: Aug. 30 – Sept. 2, 2006
                                                                              Meeting of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Indianapolis is excited to host the 92nd National Meeting of the U.S.
Council of the Society of St Vincent de Paul. In addition to the stan-        10. To visit the Eiteljorg, the largest Western and Indian art museum in the
dard business meetings, we are offering a variety of work-                           eastern half of the U.S., just one block from the hotel.
shops devoted to three themes: Leadership, Formation,                                      9. To join your fellow Vincentians for an evening of social and
and General Members. All converge on the central                                              cultural experience at the Indiana State Museum, just two
phrase, “The Vincentian Way,” a renewed and more                                                blocks from the hotel.
inviting approach to the Rule of the Society and its                                              8. To enjoy SkyConcert, the largest fireworks display in
application to our daily works. Will you meet us at                                                  the state, synchronized to music (after the closing
the “Crossroads of America” and join us on “Our                                                      banquet). Baseball fans may be interested in the
                                                                                                     Friday night AAA rivalry between Indianapolis and
Journey Together” toward a future that continues
                                                                                                     Louisville at Victory Field near the hotel.
our mission to “Serve Christ in the Needy”?
                                                                                                  7. To participate in tours of the Indianapolis Council
                                                                                                     Special Works projects. Choose between the
                                                                                                     Distribution Center and the Client Choice Food
                                                                                          6. To join SVdP leaders from around the country as they formu-
                                                                                             late strategies and tactics to move the Society forward and
                                                                                             improve our service to the needy.
                                                                                  5. To participate in daily special liturgies, culminating in the closing
                                                                                     Mass at historical St John’s Church with Archbishop Daniel
                                                                                     Buechlein as the principal celebrant and homilist.
                                                                                  4. To attend diverse and exciting
                                                                                     workshops that will enhance
                                                                                     your Vincentian vocation.
                                                                                     Follow one of the three tracks
                                                                                     or network across the themes
                                                                                     of Leadership, Formation, and
                                                                                     General Members.
Meeting Registration:                                                             3. To attend the keynote address
Online registration at www.svdpindy.org.                                             by Rev. Dennis Holtschneider,
Registration forms should be mailed to U.S. Council Members in the                   CM, president of DePaul
spring. For additional forms or information, contact:                                University, discuss his chal-
                                                                                     lenging presentation with
Dawn Lane 317-691-0806
                                                                                     other Members, and formulate
Don Striegel 317-277-3715                                                            an action plan.
                                                                              2. To welcome newly-elected
Hotel Reservations:                                                              President Joe Flannigan and hear his exciting plans for leading the US
                                                                                 Council during the next six years.
Indianapolis Downtown Marriott. Online reservations at
www.IndyMarriott.com or call 877-640-7666 or 317-822-3500. Be                         And the number one reason:
sure to ask for the special Vincentian rate of $105 (code VIN), good          1. To put Frederic’s passion into action with Vincentians from around the
from August 27th thru Sept 4th.                                                  country. Enjoy the many benefits of the educational workshops and the
                                                                                 spirituality forums, and the friendship of your fellow Members.
City of Indianapolis:
                                                                              *With all due respect to the champion of “Top Ten” lists, Indianapolis native
www.Indy.com                                                                  David Letterman.

                                                          The Ozanam News • Winter 2006                                                                       3
    SVdP in the News
    Happy to Help                                                                                Homeless Hotel
               illingness to help, devoted       ing donations that came in at a                        or the past 20 years, the SVdP      not turning away homeless families.”

    W          volunteers, and a giving
               community are the driving
    forces behind Benson, Arizona’s St.
                                                 steady clip. “I enjoy working with all
                                                 the people here,” said Anita Gamez,
                                                 one of the volunteers. “This is for a
                                                                                                 F      in Dayton, Ohio has provided
                                                                                                        safe and sanitary emergency
                                                                                                 overnight shelter for the area’s home-
                                                                                                                                            After years of planning, and months
                                                                                                                                            of fundraising and renovation, the
                                                                                                                                            Society opened a new facility, con-
    Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. “I             good cause and I’m happy to be able             less. But the St. Vincent Hotel was        verting a two-story warehouse into
    wouldn’t be able to do the work I do         help,” added Nora Hady. “We                     too small to accommodate the com-          the St. Vincent de Paul Hotel for the
    without all the volunteers,” said            wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for               munity’s needs. “Last year, the hotel      homeless. The new hotel nearly dou-
    Store Manager Rosa Lerblance. On             Rosa,” added Ruth Anne Marley.                  was over capacity 100 percent of the       bles the available number of beds for
    this particular Friday, volunteers           “We all love being here.” (San Pedro            time,” said James Butler, executive        single men and women. (The
    were hard at work, taking and sort-          Valley News-Sun, 12-28-05)                      director of the District Council of        Catholic Telegraph, 7-29-05)
                                                                                                 Dayton, “because of our policy of

    Wood Works                                                                                   Frugal Fashions
           eeping a close eye on the mer-        referring party is billed. Pre-finished                    earing fashions made from       chases into runway-quality clothing.

    K      chandise that arrives at the St.
           Vincent de Paul Store in Ft.
    Wayne, Manager Steve App noticed
                                                 lumber (pressed wood) is bought
                                                 from a surplus store about once
                                                 every three months. The workers
                                                                                                 W          curtains, table cloths, and
                                                                                                            the rejected clothes of yes-
                                                                                                 teryear, student designers and their
                                                                                                                                            Armed with vouchers to all five of
                                                                                                                                            St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift stores,
                                                                                                                                            students shopped for, deconstructed,
    a dearth of dressers. That shortage          purchase what’s available, so some-             models stormed the runway at the           redesigned, and sewed over 50 out-
    set him thinking, and soon he had            times the wood is simulated oak,                third annual RetroFittings fundraiser      fits for this year’s show. The
    recruited his own team of volunteers         sometimes simulated mahogany or                 fashion show at the Twentieth              RetroFittings show is St. Vincent de
    to build them. Now the dressers are          another species. St. Vincent team               Century Theatre in Oakley, Ohio.           Paul’s main fundraising event for the
    sold to St. Vincent’s shoppers for           members then cut the pieces and                 For the event, held by the Society of      year and all proceeds from the show
    $85 a piece. And sometimes, if               assemble them at the workshop that              St. Vincent de Paul in conjunction         go to the organization. This year, the
    needy clients arrive with a voucher          has been set up on site. (Today’s               with the University of Cincinnati          show raised about $15,000 through
    from a referral agency or parish, they       Catholic, 12-18-05)                             College of Design, Architecture, Art       ticket sales, donations and a raffle.
    receive one free of charge, and the                                                          and Planning, student designers each       (The News Record, 10-17-05)
                                                                                                 turned $10 worth of thrift store pur-

    SVdP SuperStore                                                              Vincentian Family Gathering
                                                                                       he second National Vincentian Family

           ast fiscal year, Detroit’s Stores were a losing proposition,
           $1M in the red. That was before ex-Kmart VP Ray
           Minton rolled up his sleeves and got to work. Leasing a
    vacant Best Buy building in Clinton Township, Minton
                                                                                 T     Gathering is scheduled for April 27-30,
                                                                                       2006 at St. Joseph’s Seminary in
                                                                                 Princeton NJ. Go to www.vfg2006.org for
    designed the new SVdP Super Store like a traditional big-box                 more information and to register.
    discount store, with additional “specialty boutique” rooms                   Registration is limited, so don’t delay!
    that highlight designer clothing and formal attire. There’s
    even a reading room, where visitors can learn about the
    Society. “We know that the plan Ray has is right for us,” said
    Bill Brazier, SVdP executive director. And it’s working. Crain’s
    Detroit Business reports that Minton “expects store sales will
    be between $1 million and $1.2 million. With that kind of
    volume, the Clinton Township store will be nearly profitable
                                                                                 Community Service Award
    enough to support St. Vincent de Paul’s entire thrift-store                        he Atlanta Council has won a 2005            Service and Advocacy category. The MLK
    operation.” (Crain’s Detroit Business, 6-20-05)
         Has your Conference or Council been in the news lately?
    Let us know. Send clippings or links to “SVdP in the News,”
                                                                                 T     Martin Luther King Jr. Community
                                                                                       Service Award from Emory University’s
                                                                                 Rollins School of Public Health and
                                                                                                                                    Community Service Awards honor organiza-
                                                                                                                                    tions that exemplify commitment to social
                                                                                                                                    justice, celebrate diversity, and are actively
    58 Progress Parkway, St. Louis MO 63043, or email                            Goizueta Business School. The Atlanta              engaged in building a better future for all
    bduplantier@svdpusa.org. Please specify where and when                       Council was one of 10 organizations that           mankind. Award recipients also embody the
    the item appeared.                                                           received an MLK Award. Theirs was in the           values articulated by Martin Luther King Jr.

4                                                                          The Ozanam News • Winter 2006
       SVdP President Joe Flannigan On the Air
                                     Being a Vincentian                              “We’ve been able to bring some             “To be a member that goes into

      n a January 4th appearance
                                                                                of the people [we’ve helped] into the      the homes, serves the poor – we
      on EWTN Live, SVdP                  “It really is a ministry. We are
                                                                                Church, and we have many of the            expect that on an ongoing basis – it
                                     called to see the face of Christ in the
      National President Joe                                                    people who’ve gone through the pro-        is a commitment, it is a vocation,
                                     poor and have that reflected back to
                                                                                gram for other reasons who now             and the spiritual growth is the foun-
Flannigan spoke eloquently           us. So, there is that type of mutuality.
                                                                                work with the Society of Saint             dation for whatever we do and how
about the history and nature of      We are called to go into the homes
                                                                                Vincent de Paul and visit the poor.        successful we’re going to be; because,
                                     and observe the situation, and help,
the Society of St. Vincent de                                                   That’s been a very positive thing for      without that, the rest of it is mean-
                                     and become friends with the poor.”
                                                                                us.”                                       ingless.”
Paul, our ongoing
hurricane relief efforts,                                                       Hurricane Katrina                          Seeking Justice
and the need for advo-                                                               “What we saw was that the                   “If we don’t provide justice . . .
cacy to protect the                                                             Society members went out, Day One,         we’re hurting the people who are
                                                                                and were providing water and food to       being denied justice, we are not ful-
rights of the poor.                                                             the people in the streets who were         filling our mission that Christ has
Program host Fr.                                                                trying to make connections with the        called us to. . . .”
Mitch Pacwa, SJ                                                                 government agencies. We also cleaned
                                                                                out all our Stores three times over        Continuing Need
interviewed Joe for the                                                         and all our warehouses. . . .”
                                                                                     “It’s really heartwarming to see          “The bad new is, business is
first half hour, then
                                                                                people who have lost everything, our       good. There are plenty of poor, and
took questions from                                                             Vincentian brothers and sisters,           there are plenty of justice issues. . . .”
the studio audience                                                             struggling, working . . . on getting
and calls from television viewers.   Flannigan spoke eloquently about           the Society up and running again and       New Vincentians
                                     the history and nature of the Society.     serving the people of New Orleans.”
Excerpts from Joe’s informative                                                                                                “We really need young people
                                                                                                                           and people from every culture . . . to
and inspiring responses are pro-          “What my experience has been is
                                     that the poor are doing primarily the
                                                                                Becoming a                                 make us really one family and one
vided at right. DVD and video-                                                                                             Church.”
                                     work of God in serving one another.”       Vincentian
tape copies of the hour-long pro-         “We’ve been challenged to say,             “It’s a vocation. That’s what we’re
gram are available from              ‘When did you see the face of Christ       called from Christ to do. It’s a won-      Being There
                                     in the poor?’”                             derful gift. It’s something very pre-           “The basic thing that
EWTN for $15 each. There is a             “One of the foundations that          cious and should be nurtured that          [Vincentians] get and the people that
60-percent discount for bulk         we’ve been working on very hard for        way. And we’re also called to become       we serve receive is, we’re there together
                                     the past six years is spiritual forma-     friends, friends with one another.         at their worst time. It’s not so much
orders of 10 or more. For more
                                     tion in the Vincentian tradition,          And we laugh a lot at our meetings.”       that we gave them money or paid
information, or to place your        because we believe that we’re friends,                                                their rent.”
order, contact Katherine Bruton      as Conference members; and, in
                                     order to be able to serve the poor, we
(KBruton@ewtn.com). Soon to          must be spiritually formed and be
celebrate the 25th anniversary of    prepared to bring Christ to the poor.
its founding, the Eternal Word       And so, the Daughters of Charity
                                     and the Congregation of the Mission
Television Network is the largest    Fathers have been very involved in
religious media network in the       developing this kind of formation
                                     program that we bring right into our
world, transmitting program-         Conference. So, that’s been a high
ming 24 hours a day to more          priority the last few years.”
than 105 million homes in 110             “Every time I go into the home
                                     of a poor person, I invite them to
countries and 16 territories.        pray with us – and I’ve never been

                                                                                 The Society’s new president was interviewed by program host Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ.

                                                           The Ozanam News • Winter 2006                                                                                5
                                                                                                Cover Story
    Be A                                  OFFICIA                                 Statement of Need
    Sponsor!                                           An excerpt from the National Council’s successful UMCOR grant application
                                                  he area hit by Katrina had long                                                       — are coordinating round-the-

         oin the ranks of SVdP
         sponsors, which include
         Ascension Health, Mutual
                                           T      been served by the Society of St.
                                                  Vincent de Paul before the hurri-
                                           cane hit, and refugees fled in great
                                                                                                                                        clock volunteer efforts to provide
                                                                                                                                        the victims of Katrina with the
                                                                                                                                        basic necessities of survival.
    of America, Bunzl Distribution,        numbers to areas already established                                                              The Society of St. Vincent de
    and Christian Brothers Services.       with local Society volunteers serving                                                        Paul has identified 606 of its own
         The National Council is           the poor. The Society mission — for                                                          4,500 U.S. Conferences, the
    actively seeking new sponsors          over 160 years in the United States —                                                        parish-based working units of the
    for the 2006 Midyear Meeting.          is service to the poor, by 116,000                                                           Society, in the heavily affected
         Sponsoring the Midyear            members, all volunteers who live in                                                          Katrina areas alone, as interfaced
    Meeting is a wonderful way to          the communities they serve. “No work                                                         with FEMA statistics. The
    maximize exposure with SVdP            of charity is foreign to the Society.                                                        Shreveport and Biloxi, Mississippi
    members. The event provides            Need, not creed, determines who is                                                           areas, and many other less well-
    many opportunities for visibility      helped.”                                                                                     traveled towns in the Gulf area,
    prior to, during, and after the             In Baton Rouge alone, roughly                                                           are particularly in need of disaster
    meeting. This includes exposure        1,000 storm evacuees were still recent-                                                      relief attention, as these areas are
    in print and electronic mass           ly housed in the Convention Center.                                                          more “obscure” and have had less
    mailings, visibility at group          The SVdP Baton Rouge Council                                                                 attention from federal and other
    functions, signage, display and        office is currently serving, predicated                                                      relief sources. It is in these “small-
    exhibit areas, and other oppor-        on client intake, 35,000 people daily                                                        er” cities and communities that
    tunities.                              — one hot meal and a brown bag din-                                                          SVdP Conferences, as part of the
         There are various levels of       ner per person. Also in Baton Rouge,        Liz Disco-Shearer with happy graduate of her     fabric of each community, per-
    sponsorship available, each of         10,000 children have been provided          Immigrant Business Training Program.            form possibly their most unique
    which provides valuable recog-         with school clothing (uniforms are a                                                        work in reaching out to victims and
    nition among our target audi-          requirement in the public school sys-         portation. Housing is a universal          evacuees — repeatedly at FEMA’s
    ence of more than 60,000 mem-          tem there).                                   Katrina problem.                           request — whom the federal agency
    bers and supporters.                        In locations where the Society is            The president of the SVdP              has not been able to locate or identify.
         If you are interested in          serving hurricane evacuees, e.g., Dallas,     Shreveport Council has immediate use
    becoming a sponsor, or know of         volunteer and transportation assistance
    a business or corporation whose        are needed to distribute essential goods
    mission and social consciousness       that the Society Council has now               “The Society of St. Vincent de Paul welcomes
    complement Vincentian values,          warehoused in three different loca-
    contact Victoria White Berger,         tions. 30,000 square feet of personal
                                                                                           the opportunity to work with UMCOR and our
                                           and household supplies, at minimum,
    National Director of
                                           are organized per household and based
                                                                                           fellow NVOAD agencies in this exciting and
    Development, at vberger@svd-
    pusa.org.                              upon needs determined at client                 necessary initiative. . . .”
                                           intake, and must be distributed to the
                                           evacuees, most of whom have no trans-
                                                                                        of up to 10 caseworkers to manage the             Enhancement and coordination of
                                                                                        2,000 Katrina families that the SVdP         casework management by the proposed
               Summary of SVdP proposal’s main points                                   Shreveport Council has qualified as in       Consortium is essential in dealing with
                                                                                        immediate need of such attention. The        the multiplicity and specificity of need.
               • Society has existing volunteer strength of 116,000                     executive director of the Atlanta SVdP       Katrina victims are most in need of a
                                                                                        Council reports that estimates of            “hand up” (instead of a “handout”),
               • 15+ SVdP Councils’ staff and volunteers teaming with case-
                                                                                        immediate need in casework attention         whereby they will be enabled to bring
                 workers in worst-hit areas
                                                                                        for Katrina émigrés may reach 100,000        all the pieces of their lives together for
               • emphasis on home visits                                                in the Atlanta metropolitan area alone.      self-sufficiency. Volunteers of the
               • collaboration for Project success with SVdP Councils nation-           The Society of St. Vincent de Paul           Society — itself a founding member of
                 wide, and all other related agencies                                   Council offices in Atlanta, Houston,         NVOAD — and staff, long committed
               • serve minimum of 21,600 victims                                        Dallas, Baton Rouge, Biloxi,                 to its unique, holistic, “home visit”
               • focus on needs of special populations                                  Shreveport, and New Orleans — and            approach to helping poor people, are
                                                                                        many other communities in the affect-        in immediate need of “new blood” to
               • use of Coordinated Assistance Network
                                                                                        ed areas, as well as in the areas of         coordinate and enhance case manage-
               • target those with greatest need                                        Katrina evacuee migration, nationally        ment and to facilitate inter-agency

6                                                                    The Ozanam News • Winter 2006
How Katrina has changed the Society                                                                                                                   Sage
By Nina Harrison, Executive Director, Council of Atlanta
        s I write this article, it is        other counties got hit swiftly by the      ing, our partnership has had to                               Jerry
A       almost four months to the day
        since Hurricane Katrina hit
the Gulf Coast, most notably New
                                             thousands of evacuees who fled to
                                             Atlanta with nothing but the clothes
                                             on their backs. We went into crisis
                                                                                        stretch once again. Under the aus-
                                                                                        pices of United Way, we’ve added
                                                                                        more agencies to our partnership to                           Panas
Orleans. As with most of our sister          mode, unaware of the long-term             reach and serve more evacuees than
                                                                                                                                         erry Panas, the renowned devel-
agencies and organizations, Katrina
hit St. Vincent de Paul Society full
force. Having never experienced a
disaster of this magnitude, we had no
                                             effects on our organization.
                                                  Very quickly we pulled together,
                                             partnering with six other agencies
                                             under United Way to provide basic
                                                                                        we ever dreamed of. Not only is the
                                                                                        Society serving evacuees through case
                                                                                        workers and placing them in housing,
                                                                                        but it is the driver in providing
                                                                                                                                    J    opment expert and best-selling
                                                                                                                                         author, shared his techniques
                                                                                                                                    and insights with SVdP fund devel-
                                                                                                                                    opment professionals and volunteers
idea how the aftermath would change          needs, housing, and restarter house-       household kits to more than 2,000
                                                                                                                                    in an interactive seminar on Friday,
                                                                   wares kits.          homes. It is a staggering operation to
                                                                                                                                    February 17, 2006 in St. Louis, fol-
                                                                   Through that         design, supply, fulfill, and deliver sets
                                                                                                                                    lowed by hands-on workshops on
                                                                   initial phase of     of furniture and household items to
                                                                   our partnership,     furnish their new homes.
                                                                                                                                         Saturday workshops included a
                                                                   we were able to           Along the way, we’ve been the
                                                                                                                                    presentation by Liz Carter, executive
                                                                   place more than      recipient of generous donations. The
                                                                                                                                    director of the SVdP District
                                                                   400 evacuees in      Atlanta Council has received more
                                                                                                                                    Council of Cincinnati, on how to
                                                                   housing and          than $420,000 worth of furniture
                                                                                                                                    run a successful capital campaign.
                                                                   serve thousands      and household items through the
                                                                                                                                    Steve Zabilski, executive director of
                                                                   more through         people of Saudi Arabia. The United
                                                                                                                                    the Diocesan Council of Phoenix,
                                                                   other allied serv-   Way partnership received $150,000
                                                                                                                                    revealed the secrets of his Special
                                                                   ices. The range      to purchase goods for the restarter
                                                                                                                                    Event fundraising success with
                                                                   of services          kits. Georgia Pacific, Accuity Brands,
Evacuees in Atlanta and elsewhere will not be returning to                                                                          Arizona’s Annual Breakfast. Victoria
                                                                   includes trans-      ZEP and others have stepped up to
homes like this in the lakefront section of New Orleans, where                                                                      White Berger, national director of
                                                                   portation to and     help our efforts. We will, undoubted-
entire neighborhoods have been condemned.                                                                                           development, facilitated a session
                                                                   from New             ly, need more partners before this is
                                                                                                                                    discussing the ins and outs of foun-
our operational lives. I venture to say      Orleans, local rapid transit cards,        over. The SVdP in Atlanta has grown
we couldn’t conceive that a hurricane        medical and pharmaceutical help,           from the 20,000 square feet we have
                                                                                                                                         Panas is executive partner of
that far from us could so profoundly         clothing and food, direct shipment of      here at the Council office to 91,000
                                                                                                                                    Jerold Panas, Linzy & Partners, a
affect our work in metro Atlanta.            medical supplies to the affected areas,    square feet of space in four locations
                                                                                                                                    highly regarded campaign services
     How has the Society of St.              and — by no means, least — simply          to house donated toiletries and cloth-
                                                                                                                                    and financial resource development
Vincent de Paul changed? In the past,        listening to the saga of broken lives      ing and to assemble the household
                                                                                                                                    firm. He’s a regular contributor to
the Society had focused on those in          and confusion.                             packages for our resettlement efforts.
                                                                                                                                    professional journals and has made
need after disasters occurred. In other           We’ve moved to a new level in         All of the additional industrial facili-
                                                                                                                                    numerous tapes on financial
words, the Society had not been a            service to our new neighbors. With         ties have been donated — again, a
                                                                                                                                    resource attainment for Teach ’Em,
first responder, until Katrina. My           the push from FEMA to move people          testimony to the generosity of our
                                                                                                                                    a national distributor of educational
staff and volunteers in Gwinnett and         out of hotels and motels into hous-        community partners.
                                                                                                                                    and video programs. Panas founded
                                                                                                                                    Decision Research Institute, one of
                                                                                                                                    the nation’s largest firms in market
                                                                                                                                    research, needs assessment, attitude
    Partnership in Formation                                         Angel of Freedom                                               surveys, and marketing strategy for
                                                                                                                                    nonprofit institutions. He is
         Last November, Ray and Pat Sickinger of                          The Dallas Council has received the prestigious           founder and chairman of the board
     Rhode Island joined Teresa and Eduardo Gomez                    Angel of Freedom Award from the nonprofit Human                of the Institute for Charitable
     of New Mexico as the Hartford Council spon-                     Rights Initiative of North Texas (HRI). Founded in             Giving, which provides training in
     sored an Ozanam Orientation for its members.                    1999, HRI promotes international human rights for              philanthropy. Panas is a prolific
     Ray and Pat were the team for a group of 70                     refugees and immigrants who have suffered human                author, whose books are considered
     English-speaking Vincentians, while Ed and                      rights abuses. From the beginning, SVdP’s 32 local             classics in the field. His best known
     Teresa were the team for a group of 35 Spanish                  conferences have generously provided food, clothing,           works include Mega Gifts, Born To
     speakers. The idea for the dual team originated                 furniture, and other emergency assistance to HRI               Raise, and Making The Case.
     with Vivian DiScipio, the President of the                      clients. The Dallas SVdP has actively served the eco-               For further information on this
     Hartford Council, who saw a need to reach all                   nomically disadvantaged of a nine-county North                 exciting program, contact Victoria
     Vincentians in her area.                                        Texas area for 50 years.                                       White Berger, National Director of
                                                                                                                                    Development, vberger@svdpusa.org.

                                                                      The Ozanam News • Winter 2006                                                                         7
    The Spirit of Vincentians                                       by Auxiliary Bishop A. James Quinn, Lorain OH

       t’s easy for me to write about the      poor in our midst.                           society. The concept of                                    Vincentian call to faith, a

    I  St. Vincent de Paul Society because
       I have deep feelings about its spiri-
    tual and practical worth.
                                                    One hundred and fifty years
                                               before Jesus, Terrence taught “charity
                                               begins at home.” St. Timothy, a cou-
                                                                                            Vincentian spirituality
                                                                                            appeals to me because
                                                                                            it is as pragmatic as it is
                                                                                                                                                       call to translate the Gospel
                                                                                                                                                        into ministry, ministry
                                                                                                                                                        that is the presence of
         Charity is the work to be done;       ple of hundred years later, taught           authentic….                                                Jesus to others. It is your
    Vincentians are the people who do it!      “piety begins at home.”                            The Good                                             piety, the soul of Charity,
    They move from under the steeple of             The piety of Vincentians begins         Samaritan is honored                                      that meets the needs of the
    the church to work with people. They       in their hearts and homes. But their         because he did something,                               poor, confronts causes of
    move from their pews to their shoes        practiced piety leads them to embrace        did it pronto, and did it                             injustice, and promotes the dig-
    to do personally wonderful works of        charity as the greatest gift of all.         himself. That’s what made him                     nity of every person, even the ones
    charity. Vincentians are hands-on          Without charity we are sounding              different from the priest and Levite           we don’t like but the Lord loves.
    kind of people who get to know the         brass. In fact, St. Paul says “we are        who probably were coming or going                   I am grateful that each of you,
    poor face-to-face and touch-to-touch.      nothing” without charity. For people         to the temple to exercise their reli-          each according to his/her gifts, is
    Vincentians call the poor by name;         with a practical eye on the imitation        gion. The difference between a saint           responding to the needs of others.
    they meet the real needs of real peo-      of Christ, the works of the St.              and an ain’t! Vincentians are modern           Thanks for fulfilling your own faith as
                                                                                            Good Samaritans.                               you carry out the mandate of Jesus to
    “Vincentians are modern Good Samaritans.”                                                     The Good Samaritan will never            love one another and serve one anoth-
                                                                                            die as long as we have people like             er in the spirit that He Himself loves
    ple. It’s a totally different experience   Vincent de Paul Society are where            Vincentians with initiative to get out         and serves us.
    than “I gave at the office”!               piety meets the road. This is what I         from under a steeple and do things; as              Excerpted from the August 10,
         I have often said I would never       mean by moving from our pews to              long as we have people with heart to           2005 St. Vincent de Paul Newsletter
    want to try to pastor a parish without     our shoes. Vincentians don’t just talk       get involved — who move from their             of the Lorain County District Council.
    having a St. Vincent de Paul Society       love; they do loving works of mercy.         pews to their shoes.
    helping me and the parish care for the     Vincentians move their piety into                  Thanks for accepting your

    Vincentians Give Themselves in Service                                                                   by Archbishop John Vlazny, Portland OR

            s a young priest I quickly         hood who came to us with their many          That is no faint praise from a man             mitment of all Vincentians. Many

    A       became impressed with the
            work of the St. Vincent de
    Paul Conferences in Chicago parishes.
                                               and varied needs. . . .
                                                    Many of our priests are good
                                               friends of the society. Msgr. Frank
                                                                                            who is not easily impressed. . . .
                                                                                                 Over the years, I have been
                                                                                            deeply impressed with the conviction
                                                                                                                                           members over the years have been so
                                                                                                                                           moved by their work in the society
                                                                                                                                           that they have chosen to give them-
    This was especially true when I served     Campbell, a veteran pastor and educa-        of Vincentians that a truly solid spiri-       selves in the service of the church as
    at St. Clement Church near Lincoln         tor in this archdiocese for more than        tual formation is the only possible            ordained or consecrated persons. . . .
    Park. The members of our local parish      50 years, has stated, “I know of no          foundation for their vocation and                   Thank you, good Vincentians, for
    conference gathered weekly for             other Catholic organization more             mission. The society brings together a         your labors of love in the service of
    prayerful reflection and were the first    important to the church than St.             wonderful balance of prayer and                justice.
    responders to folks in the neighbor-       Vincent de Paul, which brings the            activity, something that has become                 Excerpted with permission from the
                                               church and its mission to the poor.”         an unchangeable element in the com-            October 25, 2005 Catholic Sentinel.

    Gentle, Unassuming, Effective Apostolate                                                                        by Archbishop Timothy Dolan, Milwaukee WI

        ’ve always had a soft spot in my       love St. Vincent de Paul most because        about that, because their style is to          but a spirituality, as they daily pray

    I   heart for [St. Vincent de Paul], due
        to the fact that he is the secondary
    patron of my home archdiocese of St.
                                               he is the patron saint of a remarkable
                                               organization in the Catholic Church,
                                               a devoted group of women and men
                                                                                            perform their corporal works of mercy
                                                                                            quietly, humbly, and confidentially.
                                                                                            So, weekly, the imprisoned are visited,
                                                                                                                                           for the poor and weekly meet for
                                                                                                                                           prayer, spiritual instruction, accounta-
                                                                                                                                           bility, and strategy about how better
    Louis (probably because the first bish-    who have practical service of the poor       the sick receive prescriptions, home-          to serve those marginalized in society.
    op there, Joseph Rosati, was a priest      as their driving charism: the St.            less are sheltered, soup is ladled, sand-           . . . I salute our St. Vincent de
    of the Congregation of the Mission,        Vincent de Paul Society. . . .               wiches made, rent paid, heating bills          Paul Societies, and thank God for the
    founded by Vincent), and that my                You probably know that most of          taken care of, and jobs found because          charism and apostolate of these gener-
    priestly formation in high school and      our parishes are blessed with St.            of the gentle, unassuming, effective           ous, anonymous women and men
    college was under the same                 Vincent de Paul Societies, but you           apostolate of our St. Vincent de Paul          who serve Jesus in the poor so well.
    Vincentian priests. To this day, I         probably do not know who the mem-            Society.                                            Excerpted from the December 2005
    invoke St. Vincent de Paul daily dur-      bers are, or exactly what they do –               For these generous lay apostles,          Milwaukee Archdiocesan Vincentian.
    ing my morning prayers. But I guess I      and the members would be delighted           service is not just a laudable hobby,

8                                                                     The Ozanam News • Winter 2006
                                         Feeding the body and the soul
                                  embers of the St. Elizabeth Ann

                        M         Seton (SEAS) Conference in Cebu,
                                  Philippines offer free meals and cate-
                        chism classes to the poor children at Blessed
                        Sacrament Parish every Sunday. The children’s
                        parents help cook the hot and nutritious
                        meals. The SEAS Conference is made up of
                        young people in their late teens and early
                        twenties who meet at Immaculate Conception
                        College in Cebu. Donations from Our Lady
                        of Lourdes Conference in Milwaukee support
Jesusa relaxes in her   this project.
new home.                     A woman named Jesusa was referred to
the SEAS Conference because she suffers from asthma and is partially
paralyzed. Jesusa lived in a four-foot-high cardboard shanty without
ventilation or electricity. The Conference spent $200 to construct bet-
ter housing for her. Jesusa and her family expressed their “heartfelt
thanks for your financial support for our new house” and urged the
Conference “to continue helping other families like us.”                   The SEAS Conference offers free meals and catechism classes to the children at Blessed
                                                                           Sacrament Parish.

  Pilgrimage                             Vincentians, Come with Us to Paris
                                         September 24 – October 1, 2006
          alk in the footsteps of          where he is buried. Tour St. Suplice       members of the Society made their                Sister Kieran Kneaves, DC will

W         St.Vincent de Paul, attend-
          ing Mass at the mother-
house of the Vincentian priests and
                                           and see where the Society was found-
                                           ed in the office of Emmauel Bailley,
                                           plus Ozanam Park and the Sorbonne.
                                                                                      first visits to the homes of the poor
                                                                                      under her guidance and learned from
                                                                                      her the Vincentian spirit of loving the
                                                                                                                                  serve as the spiritual guide for this
                                                                                                                                  special Vincentian Pilgrimage, which
                                                                                                                                  will forever change the lives of all who
brothers on the Feast of St. Vincent       Visit St. Etienne, the parish church of    poor with respect and compassion,           participate. Space is limited. Sign up
(September 27th). Visit the parish in      Frederic, where the first Conference       finding in them the “face of Christ.”       now. Cost: $2199 double occupancy
Clichy where Vincent began his con-        of the Society was established, and the         Walk in the footsteps of St.           ($599 single room supplement).
version to the grace of the priesthood     cemetery where Sr. Rosalie and the         Louise de Marillac at the mother-                See our website for more informa-
and the service of the poor.               Ozanam family were laid to rest.           house of the Daughters of Charity           tion, or contact our tour planner, Far
     Walk in the footsteps of Blessed           Walk in the footsteps of Blessed      and attend Mass at the Miraculous           Horizons, at 888-879-7092. Email
Frederic Ozanam and participate in         Rosalie Rendu in the Mouffetard dis-       Medal Chapel, where Blessed Mother          farhorizons@strattontravel.com.
the Mass at St. Joseph des Carmes,         trict, where Frederic and the original     appeared to St. Catherine Laboure.

                                                                   The Ozanam News • Winter 2006                                                                             9
     Welcome Changes in Haiti
     by Eduardo Gómez, International VinPaz Commissioner

             he VinPaz Project in Haiti got a     Limerick, Ireland                                                                       the attention that our VinPaz col-

     T       big boost with the recent
             regional meeting of the Society
     of St. Vincent de Paul in Les Cayes.
                                                  and VinPaz. About a
                                                  year ago, our
                                                  VinPaz asso-
                                                                                                                                          leagues give to all finances. They are
                                                                                                                                          familiar with the prices of everything
                                                                                                                                          and are especially vigilant about any
     Sud Cote (South Coast) Vincentians           ciates                                                                                  exaggerated charges. The good news is
     were introduced to several innovative        recruited 16                                                           includ-          that most of the Vincentians are in
     “Formation and Training” procedures,         students in                                                  ed a regional election for accord with these new accountability
     including a new world of communica-          Milot, a village 12                                      president that was conduct-    policies. What they seem to be more
     tion with presentations in                   kilometers from Cap Haitien, where           ed by the national leaders. There were     interested in is the development of a
     PowerPoint, instruction in Internet          Denise, Catherine, and Manno reside.         three nominees, and 15 presidents of       stronger and more effective Society
     connectivity, and newly translated           The students, ranging in age from 7          aggregated Conferences in the region       that will allow them to form more
     guides – all in the native language of       to 21, would never have had the              voted. Following a second, run-off         Conferences, add new members, and
     Haiti, Kreyol.                               opportunity to learn to read, because        ballot, Madame Nadia Menelas was           help more people.
           Vincentians For Peace (VinPaz) is      their parents cannot afford to buy           elected by a vote of 9 to 6. Madame             We’d like to thank the Councils
     the arm of the International Society         required school uniforms. This two-          Menelas is a widow and local busi-         of Canada and Spain and our own
     established by President José Ramón          year pilot program could be the              nesswoman who operates a hotel and         U.S. Council for supporting the
     Diaz-Torremocha to tackle special            model for other regions of Haiti.            several pharmacies. Her leadership         VinPaz work in Haiti. We ask all U.S.
     problems around the world. A lack of         Manno Lubin is making literacy a             skills are impressive. She becomes the     Conferences and Councils to consider
     accountability and alleged misuse of         reality for these underprivileged kids,      first woman regional president. Her        re-establishing Twinning in Haiti, but
     funds prompted the international             spending four hours daily, Monday            newly appointed team gives us much         not in the traditional way. Any contri-
     president to terminate all Twinning          through Friday, instructing his charges      hope for the South Coast region and        butions should be sent to the U. S.
     support for the Haitian Council and          in reading and writing.                      could serve as a model for the rest of     Council and earmarked “VinPaz
     Conferences until such time as the                The meeting had a two-fold mis-         the country.                               Project in Haiti.” Last, we ask you to
     Society could be redirected. That is         sion: to expose the delegates, many               This regional meeting cost            pray for us. With the Lord’s help and
     what the VinPaz Project in Haiti is all      for the first time, to an ordinary           $2,852.90 (US), not including my           your support, we will do many good
     about, and it’s been underway for            Ozanam Orientation; and to train tal-        airfare of $800. This is extraordinarily   things for His little ones. May God
     two-plus years.                              ented local Vincentians to become            inexpensive for a three-day, two-night     bless us all, and especially the poor in
           Preparation for the meeting was a      “Formators” who will later instruct          meeting of 50 people. And it is due to     Haiti.
     true labor of love for VinPaz volun-         other “Formators”
     teers Denise Kelly, Catherine Behan,         in establishing the
     and Emmanuel “Manno” Lubin, who              model for the other
     took it upon themselves to gather the        three regions of
     best and most appropriate materials          Haiti. Garry René
     from different sources and, over a           of the regional
     period of months, translate them into        Distribution
     Kreyol. Now, for the first time,             Committee, newly
     Vincentians in Haiti have the neces-         elected National
     sary tools to form “Formators” and           Council President
     train members of the Society. We             Elismé Lesly, and
     owe these three young people, and            former National
     their sponsors, a deep debt of grati-        Council President
     tude. Denise is on loan to VinPaz            Michel Leonard
     from the Order of Malta, Catherine is        were the three
     contracted to VinPaz through Viatores        “Formators” for the
     Christi of Ireland, and Manno is             day. With only a
     employed by VinPaz itself. As one            few hours to study
     Haitian leader observed, they have           the PowerPoint
     “given the organization a new lease on       slides and the hard-
     life, and rescued the Society from its       copy guides the
     demise in Haiti.”                            VinPaz volunteers
           The first week of November             had prepared, they
     marked the one-year anniversary of           delivered their talks
     the San Martín de Porres Literacy            professionally and
     Project, sponsored by the SSVdP              were well received.
     Conference of the University of                   The meeting          Sud Cote Vincentians were introduced to several innovative “Formation and Training” procedures.

10                                                                       The Ozanam News • Winter 2006
                                                                                              New, exciting, valuable! This resource for Councils
 Dewey Bredemeyer                               and shelter those in need has been tested       and Conferences contains over 50 Vincentian
                                                many times, but the mission of the
       The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
                                                Society continues to be fulfilled.             Prayer Services, art work, scripture resources,
 District Council Office in Omaha wishes
 to announce the death of its past president,                                                        songs, symbols, quotes and more.
 Dewey Bredemeyer, on December 14,              Tore S. Allegrezza
 2005 at the age of 88. Dewey, who spent             Tore S. Allegrezza, 92, of North Lake,
 37 years helping the needy in Omaha as a       WI, peacefully returned to his beloved
 member of the Society of St. Vincent de        heavenly Father on January 4, 2006, while
 Paul, passed away at the age of 88.            in the presence of loved ones.
       Dewey’s long vocation as a                    Tore was a 4th Degree Knight in the
 Vincentian volunteer was marked by sev-        Knights of Columbus and the North
 eral historic events. He served as             Dakota State Deputy. He was a devoted
 President of the Society from 1984 to          member of Holy Angels Catholic Church
 1989. In 1984, seeing the need for emer-       in Milwaukee and St. Clare’s Parish in
 gency housing for destitute Omaha fami-        North Lake. Upon retirement, Tore
 lies, he guided the Society in partnering      founded and organized the St. Clare
 with the City of Omaha in establishing         Chapter of the St. Vincent De Paul
 the St. Vincent de Paul Homeless Family        Conference to serve any person in need
 Shelter. The City’s participation in the       of food and clothing; the lonely, aged

 venture ended after several years, but the     and sick, the homebound and nursing
 Society continued to sponsor the Family        home patients, the dying, estranged, neg-
 Shelter for two decades, serving over          lected, prisoners and the forgotten and

 19,000 families and individuals.               fearful. Tore dedicated the last 25 years
       In 1987, Dewey successfully led the      of his life as a full-time volunteer with

 Society in hosting the National Meeting of     the St. Vincent De Paul Conference,
 the United States Council of the Society in    where he touched innumerable hearts
 Omaha. Over 700 Vincentians from               and lives. On May 2, 2002, Tore was
 throughout the country attended the meet-      presented the Lifetime Achievement
 ing at the Holiday Inn, where Archbishop       Award from the Volunteer Center of
 Daniel Sheehan addressed the gathering.        Waukesha County.                                                RITUALS & CEREMONIES
       Dewey’s undying conviction that               Memorials may be made to St. Clare                          Vincentian Celebrations: Rituals
 God would provide the necessary                St. Vincent de Paul Society, P.O. Box 68,                        & Ceremonies will enable all of us
 resources for the Society to feed, clothe,     North Lake, WI 53064.                                            to live the spirit of our Rule in a uni-
                                                                                                                 fied and profound way.

                        2006 Meeting Schedule                                                      Annual Commitment Prayers • Commissioning Ceremonies
Eastern                              February 12 - 14              Washington DC                       Funeral/Wake Services • Thanksgiving for Service
                                                                                               Blessing of a Store • Home Visit Prayers • Feast Day Celebrations
Midyear Meeting                      April 5 - 9                   St. Louis MO
                                                                                              Leadership and Renewal • Retirement Service • Vincentian Liturgies
Millennium Hotel St. Louis
                                                                                                 Scripture References • Songs • Symbols • Vincentian Quotes
Mideast                              May 4 - 6                     Evansville IN                                        and more . . .
North Central                        May 18 - 20                   Marinette WI
Western                              June 1 - 4                    Marin CA                                      Prayer services are copy-ready. Plus,
                                                                                                                 with the CD, you can insert names
Crown Plaza by the River
                                                                                                                 for Commissionings, Funerals and
Midwest                              June 9 - 10                   Lincoln NE                                    Wakes, and create other services.
Northeast                            June 16 - 18                  Worcester MA
                                                                                                                 O   R    D   E   R       T    O   D    A   Y
South Central                        June 30 - July 1              San Antonio TX
Annual Meeting                       August 30 - Sept. 2           Indianapolis IN            Notebook (263 pages)......................................................$29.95
Indianapolis Marriott Downtown • www.IndyMarriott.com                                         CD (entire book)..............................................................$22.95
                                                                                              Book & CD Set.................................................................$39.95
Southeast                            October 13 - 16               Miami FL                                                                                 plus shipping & handling

                        2007 Meeting Schedule
                                                                                                      For more information, contact: Sr. Kieran Kneaves, DC
Midyear Meeting                      April 25 – 29-tentative       St. Louis, MO                        314-576-3993, ext 207 or kkneaves@svdpusa.org.
Northeast                            June 1-3                      Boston MA
Quincy Marriott                                                                                                  To order, contact: Debbie Read
                                                                                                          314-576-3993, ext 210 or dread@svdpusa.org.
Midwest                              June 9-10 (received 1st)      Omaha NE
Western                              June 20-23                    Billings, MT
                                                                           The Ozanam News • Winter 2006                                                                           11