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									Case: Integration – TYPO3 - IBM DB2

     Source         Website & offertes                                                              Engel
     Title          Connection with IBM DB2                                                         j
     Client         Cefetra                                                                         j
     Url                                                                   n
     Datum van                                                                                      n
     Client         Cefetra supplies raw materials to the feed, food, and fuel industries. This     j
     description    includes the animal feed industry, the foodstuffs industry, including drinks,
                    the crush and starch industry, and the bio-fuel sector, including biomass.
                    Each year, Cefetra trades around 15.5 million tonnes of agricultural
     Client Logo                                                                                    n

     Assignment     On the extranet the client requested to have the possibility to give his        j
                    clients the option to view at currently open invoices and other business
                    views, for which otherwise their client has to make a phone call to enquire
                    the data.
                    This data is stored in an internal database system, an IBM-DB2 installation.
     Oplossing      We have provided the customer with a couple of different screens to their       j
                    internal database, including some handling of user input which is stored
                    back into the IBM-DB2.
     Aanpak         In order to be able to display data from the external database, we first did    j
                    some tests to see how we could connect to the database. As it wasn’t
                    possible to talk to the database directly because PHP didn’t have the
                    drivers, we choose to connect to the database using an ODBC connection,
                    which on it’s term was able to connect to the IBM database.
                    As we didn’t want to have a live connection due to performance issues, we
                    have chosen to create a temporarily view of the data which should be
                    displayed in the MySQL database of Typo3. This view than is automatically
                    updated each 10 minutes by a crontab.
                    In order to tell which data should be visible, we have created an backend
                    module which could hold the query and tell for each field which data type it
                    should be saved as in the view.
                    To display the ‘local’ view of the data, we have created a generic plugin
                    which can display generic data from any given table and perform filtering on
                    As we also had to write data back to the IBM database, an additional option
                    has been added which allows the user to update his data from the IBM
                    database, so that the view is up-to-date.
     Internet       A part of the logistical process has been automated, fewer calls for            j
     Intelligence   enquiries about outstanding payments or collected weights

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category          •   Extranet
                  •   CMS
                  •   Backoffice connection

Target            •   Wholesale                                       n
Technology        •   TYPO3                                           n
used              •   PHP5
                  •   ODBC
                  •   IBM-DB2

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