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									SharePoint Announcement Basics
Announcements are used for short message to users of a site. Our Home page has department wide
announcements, it is called HDH Headlines.

Quickly add an Announcement
To add an announcement click on “Add new announcement”, please note you may not have permissions
to add announcement in all announcement sections.

Enter the title in “Title” and the message in the Body. You can use the tools to format the message. If
you want the message to go away you can set an expiration date, clicking on the calendar ( ) will show
a small calendar to help select the expiration date. Clicking “Attach File” will put a file with the
announcement. Click “OK” to add the announcement.
When you click on the title of the announcement section it will open the announcement page, a list of
all the announcements. You can add a new announcement by clicking “New” and “New Item”.

This will open up the same page as shown above.

Alert Me
You can have SharePoint send you an email when announcements are added or changed by Clicking
“Actions” and “Alert Me”

The Alert Me Page is pictured below the Descriptions

Clicking “View my existing alerts on this site.” Will show you all of the alerts you may already have for an
Announcement list, and allows you edit or delete them.

“Alert Title” is the title the email will have when it is sent to you.

“Send Alerts To” is limited to you and automatically filled in.

“Change Type” lets you choose the type of changes that will send an alert to you.

“Send Alerts for These Changes” lets you choose what changes to an existing announcement will send
an alert.

“When to Send Alerts” lets you pick a time to receive alerts. This can vary from when a change happens,
to one email with all alerts per a day or week.
An Alert will only be sent when it matches all of the selections you have made. For example if you select
“Change Type” as “New items are added” and “Send Alert for These Changes” as “Someone else
changes an event created by me” you will NOT receive an alert for an event that is changed on an
existing alert that you created, only on new events that you create.

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