Minutes of 110804 Meeting of WHRP Rigid Pavement TOC by kje19725


									Minutes of 04/03/09 Meeting of WHRP Rigid Pavement TOC

Attendees:       Jim Crovetti – Marquette University
                 Irene Battaglia – WisDOT BTS Pavements
                 Jim Parry – WisDOT BTS Quality Assurance
                 Andrew Hanz – WHRP
                 Keith Lundin – WisDOT SE Region
                 Kevin McMullen – WCPA
                 Andrea Breen - Lafarge Corporation
                 Peg Lafky – WisDOT Research Section
                 Deb Bischoff – WisDOT BTS Pavements

Note that Steve Cramer and Tim Bolwerk did not attend the meeting or submit rating
sheets for the MEPDG lab study due to conflict of interest since they were involved with
proposals submitted for this project. However, they did submit e-mail votes for the new
members nominated to the committee.

The meeting was conducted per the following agenda items shown in bold font.

   1. Approval of New or Replacement Members Nominated to the RPTOC

             •   Konstantin Sobolev was approved unanimously (7-0 vote) as the new
                 representive for UW-Milwaukee, replacing Adeeb Rahman.
             •   Baolin Wan was approved by 6-1 vote as the new representative for
                 Marquette University, replacing Jim Crovetti.
             •   Deb Bischoff was approved unanimously (7-0 vote) as the new
                 representative for the WisDOT Pavements and Foundations Unit,
                 replacing Irene Battaglia who will be leaving later in 2009. Deb was also
                 approved as the nominee to serve as RPTOC co-chair for a 1 year period,
                 subsequently taking over as RPTOC chair, replacing current chair Jim
                 Parry. (Deb’s nomination as chair is still subject to WHRP Steering
                 Committee approval at 04/17/09 meeting.)

   2. Selection of Research Proposals for FFY 2010 Research Projects

       Seven research proposals were received in response to the RFP advertised for the
       approved FFY 2010 RPTOC project entitled “Laboratory Study of Concrete
       Properties to Support Implementation of the New AASHTO Mechanistic-
       Empirical Design Guide”. The primary authors and institutions/firms associated
       with the proposals are shown below:

       Paul Eggen              OMNNI Associates

       Karl Peterson           Michigan Tech

   Konstantin Sobolev    UW-Milwaukee

   Steven Cramer         UW-Madison

   Howard Barker         Tetratech

   Sukhvarsh Jerath      Univ of North Dakota

   David Rettner         American Engineering Testing Inc

   Each of the committee members in attendance had reviewed the proposals prior to
   the meeting and completed the new standard rating form. All evaluation ratings
   submitted were combined to calculate composite scores for the proposals by the
   entire committee.

   Based upon the initial composite scores calculated from the rating sheets, the
   UW-Madison proposal from Steven Cramer ranked a strong first place, and the
   UW-Milwaukee proposal from Konstantin Sobolev ranked a strong second place.

    The committee then discussed the merits and shortcomings of the proposals. All
   committee members present were satisfied with the ranking that resulted from the
   initial composite scores.

   A motion was made and carried to recommend approval of the UW-Madison
   proposal to the WHRP Steering Committee.

3. Future Meeting Dates

   The future RPTOC meeting scheduled for June 16, 2009 will be used to hold an
   initial meeting to discuss any minor revisions to the UW-Madison proposal for the
   MEPDG study that the RPTOC wants to request. The September 15, 2009 will be
   held on an as-needed basis. If there is no business to discuss at this meeting, it
   will be cancelled. The meeting scheduled for November 10, 2009 will definitely
   be held, as we will select our FFY 2011 projects at this meeting.

   The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:00 p.m.


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