Parent and Community Involvement in Schools

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					            Parent Involvement                              Governor’s Points
            Award is sponsored by                           of Light Award is
             the Florida Parent-Teacher                     presented weekly to a Florida
             Association (PTA) and                          resident or organization
             supported through business       that demonstrates exemplary volunteer
partnerships. School-level parent             service to their community. The Volunteer
involvement programs are evaluated on         Florida Foundation administers the
their:                                        awards program. For more information,
   •	 Impact	on	family	involvement	           check out the web site at: www.
   •	 Ability	to	be	replicated	     
   •	 Relationship	to	the	goals	and	
       objectives	of	the	school	
   •	 Participation	of	parents/families	in	
       the	planning	and	implementation                                                      Parent and Community
   •	 Uniqueness	and	innovation	
   •	 Impact	on	school	improvement	                                                         Involvement in Schools
   •	 Partnerships		

The Florida PTA recognizes the winning
programs at a luncheon during their
summer leadership conference. Over
1,000 PTA members honor the ten regional
program winners and attend workshops
featuring the exemplary programs. The
booklet, SPARKPLUGS, is produced
                                                                                            Bureau of Family and
annually with a summary of model family                                                     Community Outreach
involvement programs from participating                                                     Florida Department of Education
districts.                                                                                  325 West Gaines, Room 544
                                                                                            Tallahassee, Florida 32399
                                                    Florida Department of Education
                                                    Dr. Eric J. Smith, Commissioner
The Florida Department of Education’s Bureau of Family and Community Outreach is proud to recognize excellence in education through the Parent
Involvement Award, Five Star School Award, Outstanding School Volunteer Award, and the Golden and Silver Schools Awards.
This recognition encourages communities to become a part of the educational process, provides high quality models for schools and districts, and
honors those who contribute to student success. Award application forms are distributed and processed in each county by the school district volunteer
coordinator and are forwarded to the Bureau of Family and Community Outreach.

                 Five Star School
                 Award was created
                  by the Commissioner’s
                  Community Involvement
                                                    Florida Partners in Education Conference
                                                    in the spring of each year. Volunteers are
                                                    selected based on:
                                                        •	 Number	of	hours,	
                                                        •	 Years	of	service,	
                                                                                                         S         Silver School Award
                                                                                                                    is presented annually by the
                                                                                                         Florida Department of Education to
 Council and is presented annually to                                                                    recognize secondary schools whose
                                                        •	 Unusual	contribution,	and/or                  students provide exemplary volunteer
 those schools that have shown evidence
                                                        •	 Characteristics	of	services	rendered          services to elementary and secondary

 of exemplary community involvement. In
 order to earn Five Star school recognition,                                                             schools. The award is presented to the
 a school must show documentation that                         Golden School Award                       schools that meet the following criteria:
 it has achieved 100% of the established                       is given annually by the Florida
                                                               Department of Education to                    •	 The	sending	school	must	have	a	
 criteria in the categories of:                                                                                 school	volunteer	coordinator	who	
     •	 Business	partnerships	                      recognize public schools with exemplary
                                                    volunteer programs. Hours donated in                        will	provide	coordination	of	the	
     •	 Family	Involvement	                                                                                     program,	placement	of	students,	
     •	 Volunteerism                                all forms of volunteering (i.e., mentors,
                                                    tutors, advisors, and advocates) are to be                  orientation	and	training	for	the	
     •	 Student	Community	Service	                                                                              students,	and	student	and	program	
     •	 School	Advisory	Councils	                   included. A Golden School must meet the
                                                    following criteria:                                         evaluation.	
 Guidelines are available through the                   •	 Implement	staff	training	program	                 •	 The	receiving	school	must	have	a	
 district volunteer coordinator.                           on	volunteerism	in	which	a	                          volunteer	coordinator	who	will	
                                                           minimum	of	80%	of	the	school	staff	                  also	provide	coordination	of	the	
                                                           have	participated	during	the	school	                 program.	
 Outstanding School
                                                           year.	                                            •	 Student	volunteers	and	the	
        Volunteer Award is
                                                        •	 Designate	a	School	Volunteer	                        receiving	faculty	must	both	receive	
             presented annually to school
                                                           Coordinator	to	provide	leadership	                   orientation	and	training.		Student	
             volunteers who have shown
             outstanding dedication and                    for	the	school	volunteer	program.	                   volunteers	must	receive	continuous	
 commitment to quality education in                                                                             supervision.	
                                                        •	 Fulfill	a	total	number	of	hours	in	
 Florida. A student, adult, and senior                     volunteer	service	that	equals	twice	              •	 The	composite	student	volunteer	
 volunteer from each of the five Florida                   the	number	of	students	enrolled	in	                  hours	must	equal	at	least	one	half	
 regions is honored by the Commissioner                    the	school.		Volunteer	service	is	in	                the	total	number	of	students	in	the	
 during a luncheon at the statewide                        the	areas	that	support	instruction.	                 sending	school.

                           Award application forms are processed in each county by the school district volunteer
                            coordinator and are forwarded to the Bureau of Family and Community Outreach.