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					Basics of Hospitality Management International Work Programs

One good thing about hospitality management is that it can provide you easy access
to the international limelight. You could have the chance to travel and work virtually
almost anywhere in the world, as long as there is a need for the job. The industry’s
support for globalization is very much evident with the many working programs
available for you to take.

As long as you’re interested in working internationally, there is really no barrier for
you to enrol in one of these programs. However, you should not go enrolling in
whatever program you see posted on advertisements. There are still some
considerations for you to make before you get into any kind of training.

It is important to make these considerations so that you would know whether the
program you are eyeing for is in line with your personal career goals. Here are some
of them.

What Is It That You Want?

First off you should be able to establish your own career objectives or goals. You
should understand that there are different career paths that you can take in this kind
of industry. That is why you must check first the curriculum of the program you are
getting into whether they are in line with what you want to be doing in the future.

If your personal goal is to supervise a large hotel or have a senior management
position in a well-known company, you would have to look for a program that offer’s
a bachelor’s degree, since this is required for the kind of job that you want.

What Happens After The Program?

Next you have to consider the credibility of the Institution you are eyeing for. Is it
located in a tourist destination and does it have a strong representation for major
hotels? What resorts, hotels, and tourist attractions is your prospected program
drawn from? Are graduates from that institution hired by the leading employers in
the industry? Factors like these should be given some thought on.

What Are Their Credentials?

It is also important to know the credentials of the faculty whom will be training you in
the program. It’s also important for you to know their industry experience, so that you
can be sure that what they are teaching you are not just by the book but also based
from extensive experience on the field.

You would most likely encounter faculty in this field that have advanced degrees in
education, business, or other disciplines aside from hospitality and tourism. This is
quite normal as you can’t expect all faculties to be sole graduates of the study itself.
In fact, it is considered a plus if the faculty has a mix of academic achievement along
with management-level experience in business.
How About Accreditation?

You should also check out the accreditation of the program you are getting into. Is it
regionally accredited? By the term ‘regional accreditation’ this means being
accepted by accrediting bodies which serve 1of 6 geographic regions of the U.S. It is
the responsibility of each accrediting body to serve the majority of private and public
higher education institutions in whatever area they are assigned to. This kind of
accreditation is very important if you plan on completing a bachelor’s degree or
acquire some higher education.

However, there are also some other type of accreditation that can be helpful such as
professional accreditations. This kind of accreditation is what other institutions have.

Professional Hospitality Resources For Quick Job Hunting Results

The demand for hospitality workers is evident. However, the biggest mistake that
people in search for jobs in this kind of industry do is look in the wrong places. If you
have been looking for a position in this line of work, yet have had no successful
results until now, then you may be one of those that have looked in the wrong

Here are some of the best professional hospitality resources that you can try signing
up with or browsing so that you can have quick job hunting results.

Google Job Search

Google job search is one good way to find resources with job openings. You do
know that Google has a very effective search engine and the good thing is that this
also applies with their job search feature. You can expect that a lot of companies
have signed-up for this service. Thus, there is a high probability that you would find
whatever position it is that you are looking for. All you have to do is type it in, press
search and Google will do the rest for you.

Yahoo Hot Jobs

If Google ahs job search, it’s counterpart in Yahoo would be Hot Jobs. This feature is
much like Job Search. It is also a place where employers could post job openings.
You can also have your resume uploaded on your profile so that even employers
could view it without having you sending it to them. This is one way for you to get
discovered by a company, with less effort on your part.

Craigslist is also a popular job search resource on the Internet. A lot of employers
have been posting openings for different kinds of jobs in different industries here. All
you need to have would be some effort in browsing numerous ads.

However, the ads are categorized by industry anyway. Finding one that fits your
needs is quite easy. They also have a search box feature. All you need to do is type
in the specific position you are looking for and for sure there are numerous search
results waiting for you.

Company Web Sites

If you really want fast results with your job application, then why not try directly
searching in company Web sites? Although you may not find ads posted on their
main Web site, try searching for links leading to subpages in their site that mainly
tackles on hiring and job opportunities.

Most likely they would provide an email address of telephone number that you can
contact if ever you want to apply for a position. If not, you can try dropping by their
main office. If they think your are fit for their job opening, for sure you would hear
from them in no time!

Recruitment Agencies

Sometimes, companies prefer to hire from recruitment agencies, rather than directly
hire people to work from them. This is true if a company is in partner of a recruitment
agency. So, it is recommended that you get the help of recruitment agencies.
However, doing so would mean that you are going to have a contract with your
agency and not exactly your company.

So, if you think that the conditions set by your agency is workable then go ahead.
However, there is still more possibilities of getting advancements, perks and benefits
if you would be directly working with the company.

Best Sources For Hospitality Job Listings

Hospitality careers are in demand everywhere. As globalization continues to
develop, so does the industry of hospitality. This is why the demand for workers in
this field also evolved and has grown tremendously.

If you would want to look for a position in this kind of expertise, then the best bet you
have would be hospitality job listings. There are a number of sources in which you
can find such kind of listings. As a guide, here are some of them.
The Internet

The Internet is one good source to find job listings. There are basically two kinds of
job listings that you can choose from, if you’ll be searching via the World Wide Web.
First there is the generalized job listing and second there is the specialized job listing

The good thing about going online and searching for jobs is that you get to access
various sources. You also get to check out the companies first before you even go
and apply. Additionally, it has been a trend already that you can apply via the
Internet. All you have to do is send them your resume via email. They’ll contact you if
your resume passes or not.

This is a real time saver and money saver! You save both time and money by not
needing to go to the company’s office just to give your resume. At least, while you
wait for their response, you can have the liberty to browse other job offerings from
other companies.

Generalized Job Listing

The generalized ones are basically Web sites online that offer free classified ads for
different categories. Thus, not only could you find hospitality positions but also other
fields of work too like education, Internet based programs, health services and a lot

However, you don’t have to worry finding the position you like as if it were a needle
in a haystack. Web sites like these are most of the time organized by categories.
They also usually have search boxes, so all you have to do is type it in and you get
the results.

Nevertheless, this kind of source does not guarantee you that they would have what
need; unless if they are a popular Web site and a lot of employers have posted their
ads in the site.

Specialized Listings

These one would be Web sites that are specially made just for hospitality job
searching. Here you could be sure that all the employers posting their ads are really
inclined in the hospitality industry and are really looking for people who can work with
them in the industry. There is a bigger chance for you to find more offerings in this
kind of listing, compared to the general one.

Your News Paper

Although it may seem low-tech, the news paper is still a pretty good and reliable
choice. The classified ads section is also organized and all you have to do is look for
the category of Tourism/Hospitality. However, news paper is only great if you’re
looking for a local position around your area. If you want an international one, the
Internet is still the best way to go.
Companies And Recruitment Agencies

Sometimes companies themselves and recruitment agencies post openings; try
browsing through their Web site or visiting their office to see if they have something

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