Equipping GPs with the right patient discharge information at by uxx99201


                                                              Equipping GPs with the right
                                                              patient discharge information
                                                                     at the right time

                                                              What are the benefits?                                    What are the main features?

How does it work?
MedisecEDischarge allows the hospital to gather
all the information required to complete
comprehensive patient discharge notification
forms and discharge summaries during the
patient stay. Instant delivery keeps GPs fully up
                                                                                                                           – No dual keying, where data is available in PAS or

to speed with patient status and overcomes the

                                                                                                                        How does MedisecEDischarge
                                                              For the hospital:                                              elsewhere it is pre-filled

long delays often experienced between a patient

                                                                                                                        integrate with other products?
                                                                 – The system puts clinicians in charge of the             – The solution is independent of the PAS so as to

leaving a hospital and a GP receiving detailed
                                                                   content, but leaves the hospital with control of          protect investment

discharge notes from the consultant.
                                                                   the process
                                                                                                                           – XML based standards
                                                                 – Information is collected during the patient stay,
                                                                                                                           – User driven definition and maintenance
                                                                   avoiding the errors and backlogs associated with
                                                                   the usual last minute discharge process                 – Supports output in the form of data files or XML
                                                                 – The system builds on existing data and reporting
                                                                   to eliminate dual keying                                – Integrates with MedisecTRUST and MedisecNET
                                                                                                                             to enable electronic transmission to Primary
Discharge notification forms are usually written in           For the GP:
                                                                                                                             Care and other Health Agencies
haste on multi-layered carbon paper and contain only             – Electronic delivery gives GPs comprehensive and
the most basic information and often inaccuracies.                 complete information about their patients as they
The more detailed discharge summaries from the                     leave the hospital, not weeks after the event.
consultant often don’t arrive until weeks, and
sometimes even months, after the patient has been                – The system provides all the details GPs need for
discharged. It is often a case of too little too late, with        the patient’s medical record and for the GP
hospital doctors telling GPs what they think they should           contract                                             MedisecEDischarge is one component of an integrated
know, not what is agreed they should know.                       – The electronic documents are pre-tagged with         product range, designed to improve specific
                                                                   Read codes to help GPs and their staff to input      communications processes:
In contrast, the Medisec electronic template system
provides GPs with all the information they need to                 information into their practice computer systems        – MedisecTRUST (automatically generates clinical
provide high quality ongoing care for patients.                    more easily                                               correspondence in Microsoft Word for electronic
                                                              For the patient:                                               delivery to GP surgeries)
The system leads hospital clinicians quickly and
intuitively through mandatory information fields which           – A patient visiting his GP the day after leaving         – MedisecNET (allowing the hospital to send
are pre-agreed between GPs and the hospital, using                 hospital can be confident that all the most up-to-        electronic clinical correspondence directly to
drop down menus and compulsory boxes with pop up                   date information will be available to ensure              GP surgeries)
reminders that information is still missing.                       optimum after-care.                                     – MedisecEReferrals GP (allowing GPs to make
The electronic documents are then sent to the relevant                                                                       electronic referrals to the hospital)
GP via a secure electronic link the same day that a                                                                          MedisecEReferrals Social Services (allowing
patient leaves the hospital.                                                                                                 the hospital to make 24/7 electronic referrals
                                                                                                                             to social services)
                                                         What do our customers
                                                            say about using

Who uses MedisecEDischarge?
                                                          GPs                                                        Hospital consultants
                                                          “GPs will be delighted to receive the new Medisec          “Healthcare professionals and GPs need as much
Current MedisecEDischarge customers include               discharge forms. This should prompt other specialities     detailed information about patients as possible to offer
Central Manchester and Manchester University              to do the same.”                                           the best quality of care. We’ve developed the most
Children’s Hospitals, Central Manchester PCT and                                                                     comprehensive template possible to make sure that
South Manchester PCT.                                     Dr Alison Hutton, GP at Mount Road Surgery, Gorton         GPs get the right information; the Medisec software
                                                                                                                     then makes sure they get it in the right format and at
MedisecEDischarge is currently being used by              “The discharge notes which we get from the consultant      the right time.”
Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital to provide better     often don’t arrive until weeks, and sometimes even
levels of ongoing care for stroke patients. The system    months, after the patient has been discharged, and
uses a detailed stroke patient template developed         often it is a case of too little too late. The Medisec
jointly by consultants and GPs which becomes a live       electronic template system provides us with all the
document from the moment the patient is admitted to       information we need to enable us to provide high quality
hospital.                                                 ongoing care for our patients. It has given general
                                                          practice the opportunity to say what we need and to
The information includes a detailed diagnosis of the      ensure standards are consistently high.”
type and severity of stroke, the results of all tests
carried out during the admission, medication at the       Dr Helen Hosker, General Practitioner with Special
time of discharge, a description of the effects of the    Interest, Older People’s Service Development at
stroke in terms of disability, input from therapists,     Central Manchester PCT
details of follow up arrangements and investigations
and an overview of risk factors such as diabetes,
hypertension, dietary habits and general lifestyle.

                                                                                                                     Consultant Stroke Physician Dr Ganesh Subramanian,
                                                                                                                     Manchester Royal Infirmary Hospital

                                                          Dr Helen Hosker with the Medisec stroke discharge form

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