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									Chubb Mining
Industry Insurance
Creates Certainty
With a constantly increasing demand for mining materials and an ever-changing world, mining
operations are facing new challenges and new exposures to loss every day. Your company needs an
insurance program that can keep pace with the times.

Chubb has been insuring mining operations for more than 75 years, and we understand your industry's
unique exposures. That's one reason why we are the insurer of choice for many of the world's leading
mining companies, including 27 of the 30 mining companies listed on the TSX Global Gold Index and
36 of the 40 mining companies listed on the AMEX Gold Miners Index.

We insure more than 450 Canadian mining companies with operations throughout the world. We are a
top insurer for junior mining companies with exploration activities.

Our energy specialists can help you build a tailored insurance program that includes a specialized
package policy, umbrella and multinational protection, among other products. What's more, you can
count on Chubb for all your service needs. Our flexible insurance products are supported by
unparalleled loss control and claim services.


    •   Surface and underground operations
    •   Nonmetal
    •   Metal
    •   Mining processors
    •   Coal

With large capacity limits and specialized protection, Chubb's array of insurance products for the
mining industry reflects an in-depth knowledge of the risks your company faces.

Chubb's Package Approach

Chubb' hallmark package product features a modular format and an automatic blanket limit of up to
$250,000 for certain property extensions that allows you to spend your insurance dollars where you
need them most following a loss.

Consider these valuable features of Chubb's package product for the mining industry:
• All-risk property protection is provided for your property exposures, large or small, above or
    below ground.
    •   Processing buildings
    •   Crushers
    •   Conveyors
    •   Shops and offices
Chubb Mining
Industry Insurance
Creates Certainty
• Mining equipment, as well as newly acquired equipment, is automatically included.
  • Haul trucks
  • Drills and shovels
  • Continuous miners and other mining equipment
• Business income, contingent business income and extra expense insurance are available for
    surface and processing facilities. Our approach considers tonnage of minerals in determining the
    appropriate level of business income, making it easier to purchase the proper amount of
• Liability insurance provides protection for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and
    advertising injury. It includes general liability insurance for mining and processing, as well as newly
    acquired or formed organizations. Liability enhancements in our package policy specific to mining
    • Blasting
    • Contractual
    • Full underground cover

Round Out Your Insurance Program

Chubb also offers insurance protection for:
• Commercial Automobile - includes non-owned and hired cars
• Excess/Umbrella Liability - offers high limits to help protect against catastrophic liability, as well as:
  • Two insuring agreements:
     • Coverage A affords vertical continuity with your primary coverages
     • Coverage B closes many gaps in your primary liability program
  • No aggregate is imposed on unaggregated policies such as auto
  • Separate aggregate for products, Advertising Injury/Personal Injury and Coverage B apply
• Multinational - global extension to expand property and liability protection worldwide
• US and Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation
• Executive Protection Liability - includes Crime, Directors & Officers, Fiduciary, Employment
    Practices, Kidnap/Ransom and Extortion
• Surety - includes reclamation bonds
• Political Risk

Chubb uses its extensive network of wholly owned offices in 28 countries to provide insurance
products and services around the globe.

Whether you are exploring business opportunities in Australia or managing a mining operation in
Nevada, your Chubb underwriter can provide you with an integrated insurance program of locally
admitted and global insurance products to help avoid gaps in protection.
Chubb Mining
Industry Insurance
Creates Certainty
In addition, all Chubb domestic and international insurance products are supported by our global team of
claim and loss control representatives.

If you're looking for world class service, look no further. Chubb service is among the best in the business

Loss Control

Our goal is to reduce the probability of loss and minimize its severity should a loss occur. Chubb's global
network of loss control risk engineers has both the technical skills and industry-specific knowledge to offer
workable solutions to loss mitigation and disaster planning. These risk engineers can conduct on-site
assessments and assist in safety program planning for all types of mining.

The following is a sampling of services available:
• Hazard analyses of mining equipment exposures
• Consultation on fire protection issues, including mobile equipment
• Review of mine maps and permit packages to identify third-party liability exposures
• Technical assistance in minimizing liability exposures associated with visiting contractors
• Assist with enhancing quality of preventive maintenance program for machinery and equipment
• Completion of non-destructive testing (e.g., infrared scanning) for key equipment
• Technical guidance related to pollution liability issues


Chubb has earned a reputation for providing claim service with empathy in a prompt and fair manner. We
make it easy for you to report a loss. Through our global network of Chubb claim adjusters, we can
respond to a claim anywhere in the world. Our Multinational Claim Unit (MCU) was established to facilitate
the handling of multinational claims. Available via a toll-free number from anywhere in the world, MCU
professionals provide claim reporting and service 24/7 in more than 140 languages.


Consider the following scenarios in the context of your own company. Many of today's insurance
policies would not adequately protect a business from these types of losses.

When a fire erupted in a haul truck, the damage was complete. Not only was the $2.5 million truck with a
capacity of 360 tons totally destroyed, but its loss also caused decreased productivity and lost income for
the mining operation. Chubb's package policy paid to replace this expensive piece of equipment and the
mining operation's lost revenue. Furthermore, our loss control risk engineers worked with mining company
personnel, recommending enhancements to the fire protection systems on the replacement truck to
minimize the potential that a similar incident could occur.
Chubb Mining
Industry Insurance
Creates Certainty
Chubb's loss control risk engineers worked with a coal mine to help them develop better controls and
contracts. When the mine's equipment repair service contractor's vehicle ran off a hill at a surface coal
mine, the accident was serious and involved a fatality.

Having followed the recommendations made by Chubb's risk engineers, the coal mine operator had an
appropriate contract in place that held the operator harmless and listed the operator as an additional
insured on the repair service's general liability policy. With these controls in place, the claim was fully
absorbed by the equipment repair service contractor.

You can count on Chubb to be there when you have a loss. The member insurers of the Chubb Group of
Insurance Companies consistently earn high ratings from A.M. Best for financial stability and from
Standard & Poor's and Moody's for claim-paying ability.

Consider the advantages of Chubb's insurance products and services. Then talk to your broker about
creating the insurance program that is right for your company.

For additional information about Chubb Mining Industry Insurance, contact us at one of our
regional offices:

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