Make money on Twitter by sekedarmenulis

 This is the largest advertising network on Twitter. Benefits: effective, fast, easy and higher ROI. How to
make money with Revtwt? Just register and than you can post Cost Per Click (CPC) ads into your Twitter timeline.
When other users click on the ads you post, you get paid for each valid click. You can also earn a fixed fee by
posting Cost Per Thousand (CPT) followers ads into your Twitter timeline.

You need to have the minimum number of followers specified by the advertiser in order to post a CPT ad. How
much you can earn? Each CPC ad is different, currently ranging from $0.04 to $0.20 per valid click. Please note that
only valid clicks are paid and all clicks are audited. Are clicks from outside Twitter valid? If you have your Twitter
tweets integrated with your Facebook, MySpace or other social networks, FriendFeed or your own blogs, and your
tweets are automatically fed and displayed there, clicks on ads from these sites may be acceptable.

Future item: RevMail. will send you an email daily and you can copy and paste the ads into your
Twitter accounts. You must copy and paste the ads AS IS. To help you to make more money, will start
provide ads in RevMail that you can copy and paste to your Facebook, MySpace and personal blogs. Please make
sure you only do so with ads that are clearly labeled as allowing posting on Facebook, MySpace, and blogs. Great
referral program too: 20% Earnings FOR LIFE.

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