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									                 Insamlingsstiftelsen ECOC 2004

                          ECOC 2004 foundation

           Announcement of scholarships and grants
Researchers and PhD students of the Kista Photonics Research Centre (KPRC) are invited
to apply for scholarships of the ECOC 2004 foundation.

The ECOC 2004 funding is dedicated to:
    • visits abroad
    • visiting scientists to KPRC
    • “Blue-sky”, proof-of-principle research with strong promise of follow-on funding.

In the case of visits, the scholarships are intended to cover costs for travel, accommodation
and a daily allowance, the latter to be negotiated on a case by case basis. Typical time for the
scholarship is 1-3 months and typical amounts 50 – 75 kSEK/scholarship.
In the case of a research project, each grant will typically amount to 100-150 kSEK and the
project duration is expected to be of at most one year.
The indicative annual financing from the foundation amounts to 300-400 kSEK.

The application, max 3 A4 pages, should comprise project description, assessment of added
value for KPRC, as well as a budget. In the case of a visit, it is expected and assumed that
the hosting partner has given its agreement for the visit. In the case of a research activity, a
special emphasis should be put on the fact that no alternative seed financing is possible to

Not later than 3 months after the project is concluded, a scientific as well as financial report
shall be submitted to the ECOC 2004 foundation.

        Coming deadlines for application:
          • June 27, 2007
          • October 1, 2007
          • February 1, 2008
          • June 1, 2008

        Applications should be sent electronically to Eva Andersson:

The Board
ECOC 2004 Foundation

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