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                                                                      2      Seater
                                                          Eurocar Issue
                                                                 June, 2009

President’s Message
It doesn't seem possible that June is here already.
It has been a very busy Spring for the MG Car
Club, with the Spring Dustoff Run, Import Carlisle,
Norwich Car Show, and the start of the Cruisin'
season. I am still behind the power curve as far
as time management is concerned - deck staining,
grass mowing, and flower planting is taking a back
seat to MG driving. What's wrong with this

I was very fortunate this year at Import Carlisle     services, if for only for an hour or two. Also,
and came home with a new wiring harness, light        we need help collecting items for door prizes and
lenses, floor mats, and some other goodies for my     goodie bags. Please contact Rick Kunz or Sharon
MGA. I also waited until the Carlisle show to renew   Hartman to get more details.
my car magazine subscriptions in person and get       Speaking of Sharon Hartman, special thanks are
free T-shirts. Marty always gets excited when I       in order to Paul and Loie for hosting multiple tech
tell her that I am bringing home another shirt        sessions in May to help get Sharon's Midget back
(NOT!). These are usually relegated to the back       on the road after the gearbox went south last
of the closet for yard work or garage chores, but     Fall. Many club members volunteered their time to
I still cherish them. (Each to his own said the       help out and we had a good time and learned a lot.
farmer as he kissed the cow). This year I even        This is the spirit that makes our club one of the
came home with a coconut floor mat with a British     best car clubs in Central New York. Thanks, again,
flag on it to clean feet from the garage to the       to all who participated!
kitchen. Marty was really impressed!
                                                      Please check your activities calendars and the
I would like to welcome both our guests and mem-      bulletin board for events in June and July. Also,
bers to join us at the Eurocar Show on June 20th      reservation checks are due to Liz at the June
and 21st. A ton of hard work went into the plan-      meeting for the White Lake trip in September.
ning of this show and it should be even better than   And finally, it is not too late to host a new event
last year! Members-We are now nearing the execu-      this Summer. Please see one of the board mem-
tion phase and we need people to help out, espe-      bers if you have a great idea for an event and
cially for the Sunday car show. Please support the    would like to be the host. See you all at Eurocar!
club by signing up at the June membership meeting
at Barbagallo's. If you cannot attend this meeting,   Safety Fast,
please call a board member to volunteer your          Dave Winne           MG—Enjoy The Ride!
       The 2 Seater
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         Club Officers                      6/3 - Final Eurocar Meeting, 7:00pm, at the
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President:        Dave Winne
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V. Pres.:         Tom Lynch                 Join us for great food, great music and great classic cars! For
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Secretary:        Sue Beck
                  695-4596                  6/5 - Lake to Lake Ramble, Watkins Glen, Road
Treasurer:        Dan Burke                 rally
                                            and laps around both the old and new tracks -
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    Committee Chairs                        June 20 & 21
Activities:   Sharon Hartman
                                                     Slalom, Fun Run/Dinner & 2009 Eurocar
              572-0995                                   MG Car Club Event of the Year!
Regalia:      Loie Mechetti                          Joined by the Jaguar Association of CNY
              598-9187                       See website for details & registration. Volunteers needed.
Eurocar 2009: Rick Kunz 663-6452            Co-Chairs: Rick Kunz 663-6452,
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                                            procedures described herein should not be
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                                            ment and should never be attempted by any-
                                            one not experienced in the techniques in-


                                        (not just speeding)
                                           Submitted by Mike Mastracco

If $4 gas last year didn't convince you to trade in that big H2 or Suburban for a British sports car perhaps “Officer
Friendly” will. It seems that Hummer drivers get more traffic tickets than drivers of any other make of car. The
following data came from a survey conducted by ISO Quality Planning. This company helps insurers spot risks; or
in other words, it helps insurance companies spot us. Not sure if your car attracts more cops than a donut shop?
Check out the list to see if your ride is getting you unwanted attention. No red Ferrari's?

1. Hummer H2: People who love the Hummer H2 probably love its bold, imposing looks. Apparently, cops love
the H2 because it helps them meet their ticket quotas. Here's a tip: If you have an H2, maybe you shouldn't drive it
near the end of the month when traffic cops are scrambling to make their numbers. Maybe size does matter!
2. Scion tC: Seeing the tC on the most-ticketed list makes sense, given its popularity with young people. Its
sporty performance, which comes at a price that makes affording tickets easy, probably helps tempt some drivers
as well. Not here when it comes to size.
3. Scion xB: Like the Scion tC, the xB is aimed at younger drivers. Still, when you look at the xB's less-than-
stellar performance, it's safe to assume that all the tickets xB drivers are getting aren't moving violations. Moving
in the back seat maybe. If the cars-a-rock’n……..
4. Mercedes Benz CLK 63 AMG: If you're lucky enough to have a Mercedes AMG -- any AMG -- then a few
tickets are worth unleashing this luxurious beast. Besides, if you've got a Mercedes, you can probably afford a few
traffic citations.
5. Toyota Solara Coupe: Now, here's a surprise. The fifth most ticketed car is the Toyota Solara Coupe. Essen-
tially a two-door Camry, the Solara isn't known for road-thrashing performance. Maybe Solara drivers just get a
lot of parking tickets. Again, if the cars-a-rock’n…
6. Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG: The CLS63 AMG is another luxury performance car, so it's no shocker to see
its drivers among the most ticketed. The question is: With all that power, why aren't more CLS63 AMG drivers
outrunning the cops?
7. Scion xA: With the xA taking the seventh spot on the ten most ticketed cars list, Scion completes the traffic-
ticket hat trick. Toyota's upstart little brand has only come out with four models over its entire lifespan -- and three
of them will likely get you a date in traffic court.
8. Subaru Outback: Subaru owners have a reputation of wearing Birkenstock sandals and more or less being
yuppie grocery getters, however the Outback manages to prove that stereotype wrong by being one of the top ten
most ticketed cars. Apparently, the Outback is the car of choice for people who need to get to Whole Foods in a
hurry, and maybe park illegally once they're there.
9. Audi A4: Audi often finds itself in the shadows of Mercedes and BMW, but not when it comes to getting tick-
ets. The Audi A4 is the ninth most ticketed car in America.
10. Toyota Matrix: This Toyota Matrix is often credited for bringing SUV styling to small cars. Now it can also
be credited to bringing insurance rate increases to thousands of its owners.

Speaking of insurance companies, did anyone realize that GIECO has spent thousands of dollars purchasing radar
units for local police forces across the country? Spend money to make money GIECO says.

Next month the least ticked vehicles.

3567 Rt. 31

                                        By Rick Kunz

I bet you think I am going to write about Eurocar, well I am just going to remind you that it is
this month, and we when you get your car parked and cleaned up, feel free to stop by and see
if you can help out. We will let you, I promise. Now with that out of the way, I can get to our
Norwich run, and you guessed it, for the 5th Year in a row our Club had the most cars at the
show. I think that makes us a dynasty, not like a Dodge Dynasty, or a Ming Dynasty, more like
the NY Yankee’s or the SF 49ers, or Boston Celtics kind of Dynasty. As usual we started in
Cazenovia and headed out in the fog and haze of the early mornings’ questionable weather. It
wasn’t long before the clouds broke, the sun shone and my stomach was growling. We arrived
at the D & D Dinner in Sherburne for our 1st food stop. With 11 cars and a crowded parking
lot, we once again had good food, good service and separate checks. Then it was off again to
the show grounds, where once again, the MG Car Club Juggernaut made its presence known.
We ignored directions and all parked together in a show of strength. As some of the women
and some of the guys went off to shop for fleas, others of us passed out Eurocar hand bills and
even drank a beer! As the 3 o’clock hour rolled around we took our folding chairs and headed
to the stage for what we knew would be another triumph of shear overwhelming force. We
were pleasantly surprised when our strike force leader”Commander Paul Andrews” struck 1st
with a ‘Second in Class’, proving we were not just a powerhouse, but a well groomed power-
house! Our forces let out with a loud cheer and round of applause for our hero but we couldn’t
overlook the prize we were after. Then it was the moment of truth, did we succeed or fail?
There could be no other outcome as they announced for the 5th year in a row the MG Car Club
of CNY took the honors of being a force to reckon with. With the Bling in hand, we set off for
our next destination where our resolve would be strongly tested. The sleepy little college town
of Hamilton was our next stop to take on provisions before the final leg that would take us
home. It was a place we have been before, but it was not as friendly as we remembered it,
unlike D&D from the morning feast. There was only one server and he couldn’t quite figure
out how to get the hang of separate checks. Well after he asked a couple of us what we thought
of the service, he won’t ask that question again, we showed him how car people could handle
the math and bid him a fond see ya! We then strolled over, did a running repair on a ‘TD’ with
an ‘A’ part ,and then it was off to Ice Cream heaven to take the sting out of the unpleasantness
at the restaurant. I don’t know what it was, the Ice Cream or the people we were with, but you
know, May 24th at Norwich was great. Thanks Paul, can’t wait till next year.

     “BUCKET TRIP” 2008                                             This Arrowhead Inn, old but newly remodeled and charged
Part 2                                                              $44.02. I was selecting one story motels which allowed
          Submitted by: Bob Bunch                                   parking in front of the room I gassed up the Blakely ($4,09
                                                                    per gal), ate dinner in the cafe and was ready to go.
Starting out of Bemidji, heading southwest through dairy
                                                                    The next morning was an adventure in itself. I got up and
farm country toward Hwy 10, early the next morning, life
                                                                    started at 5:30am . . . But, the Blakely would not start. It
was good. About 11:30 am, I smelled rubber, I looked in the
rear view mirror and saw nothing but smoke. I quickly               had never…until now, failed to start. After trying for 1½
moved to the side of the road and stopped. I found that my          hrs, I gave up and went over to the dinner at the end of the
right rear tire had blown and was destroyed. I had never had        motel. Not knowing now what to do, I sit down next to old
so much as a flat tire on the Blakely with the original tires.      men playing cards. . . . It is now 7:00am. They kept play-
My spare tire had never been used. My jack had never been           ing, I ordered coffee. . . Having nothing else to do at that
used. Please remember, my donor car was a Pinto. The jack           time in the morning. I was very depressed, and stranded
was for a Pinto. The spare tire was a space saver from a sal-       in North Dakota, in the middle of the state (the middle of
vage yard. I had it in the trunk for 25yrs. Without having          nowhere).
used it all these years, and cramped for space, I had decided
to bring it at the last moment. I thought that because I had
all new tires and tubes, I wouldn’t need it.

My spare had an interference fit to (the drum). It was too
tight to bolt tight on the drum because . . . it just didn’t fit!
The center hole was a fraction off. I had trial fitted it about
25yrs before and noticed it was “tight” . I had taken a burr
and opened the center a bit, but with painting and etc. ne-
glected to check to make sure it would bolt up tight.

As result, I was stuck in dairy farm country, a long place
from anywhere. The shoulder of the road was soft fortu-
nately, so I was able to dig a hole and place the jack under
the frame. The Pinto jack was too tall for the Blakely.

Because the lug nuts that belonged to the wire wheels are           I had run the battery down until it would not turn over the
smaller that the spare wheel lug nut holes(another mistake)         engine………I struck up a conversation with the old men.
the spare would not bolt tight. I tightened the nuts “snug”         They listened to my problem while playing their card
because any tighter and they would go through the holes in          game. After about 15min. and my next cup of coffee, one
the rim. As a result, I had to travel into the nearest town         man spoke with the waitress to decide who they should call
(abt.15mi) at a crawl worrying about the wheeling wob-              to help me. Here we were in the middle of the coldest
bling. After getting to the next town and an auto parts             state in the union, and nobody was carrying jumpers. After
store, I bought nuts that would hold the tire tight to the          a while, some more employees showed up at the dinner,
drum. Interesting was that I had 4 sets of nuts at home.            and finely somebody showed up that said he had jumpers
                                                                    with him. That person then went out to his truck and
After making Fargo, North Dakota, and finding the Good-             brought them in.
year store, I found out that all Goodyear Stores are not the        The two old men, who had been enjoying playing with me
same. They did not have a matching tire like the tires I            all this time, finished their game. One of them said he had
had purchased in Oswego. This was a “franchise” store,              just sold the motel in which I was staying and he would
not a company owned store.                                          come along and see if we could start my car, which he had
                                                                    noticed earlier.
After a call to the Goodyear, Oswego company owned
                                                                    With the jumpers we attempted to start the Blakley. It
store, it was agreed that the store in Fargo would put on
                                                                    would not start. After grinding the starter again and again,
an equal tire and the Oswego store would make it good
                                                                    . . . it finally fired on one cylinder. Then, it fired again.
upon my return. It cost me $88. For a new tire.
                                                                    Then, it fired again, then again.
Moving on, out of Fargo at 4:45pm on Hwy 94 going                   Finally, the car started, about that time the mechanic drove
west, at 75-80mph I was thrilled at being able to drive fast        up. The old man who had taken the time to help me ex-
without having to watch over my shoulder. The speed                 plained to him that the car “started” and so the mechanic
limit is, after all, 75mph. I reached New Salem, North              waved goodbye and left.
Dakota, having traveled 1814mi from Oswego.                                             BUCKET TRIP Con’t on Page 8
BUCKET TRIP con’t from Page7
This part of my story is worth noting because I was for
the first time depending on people whom I had no con-
trol over. I was at the mercy of these North Dakota
people whom I had briefly became acquainted. They
are the kind of people which I would like to “ride alone
with”. North Dakota is a state that will stay in my
memory, as a state worth visiting again.

Leaving New Salem, I was so relieved. Still moving
west, I forgot that traveling at 75-80mph could have
an adverse effect on your gas mileage. The Blakely
has a trip odometer which gives me a ball-park reading
of miles traveled. When I built the car, calibration in-
structions for the gas tank gage was in German, which
is not my language, so as a result, I have always de-
pended on my odometer reading, set each time I fill the
tank. The gas gage has never been calibrated.

I was so happy. I traveled across North Dakota in joy,
just being on the road again. Two hours later, traveling
at about 80mph, I found myself out of gas in eastern
Montana, between Terry and Miles City. High speed
and being stupid was the cause of my new problem!! I
felt like I was again age 16.

In east Montana, stranded, along the road, 30mi to the
next town, (wearing my wide brim bush hat) I waited,
and waited . . . in the hot sun for somebody to come
along and help me. I called my brother, who lives in
Billings, Montana, to let him know that I was stranded
and would be along as soon as I figured out how I was
going to get there. He lived 150mi away to the west. I
was using my cell phone, which was in-and-out with
reception. Do you know that you can call 112 any-
where in the country and get an emergency operator to
help you? My sister-in-law told me.

Out of gas at 10:45am and found at 11:30am by the
Montana Highway Patrol. Contrary to what I might
think, the trooper explained that I was not the “first”
person he had found stranded out of gas, what could I

The trooper called and make arrangement for a service
vehicle from Miles City to come out and rescue me.
At $50. For the road call and $20. For the 5gal of gas,
I thought the service was fair, allowing. . .that the per-
son driving the Blakely was “stupid”.

      To Be Continued in Next Month’s Issue….

     “TAG” - The MGB Trailer                                                  Okay I know I’m over the edge. It just may be a bit much. But
                                                                           it’s either that or insulate the box for the ten cases of speckled
              Submitted by Wayne Owens                                     hen beer that will fit in the new deeper trunk…..ummmm Good
In a previous Two Seater issue, I decided to do a novelty project          time to think about installing a drain plug eh.
out of my 1975 MGB. Originally it was scheduled for a full resto-
                                                                              I kept the front portion of the bonnet/hood operating which
ration, until I found that the body was too far gone. So I scrapped
                                                                           will give a space for the sound equipment, etc. A pull latch is
that idea & parted the car, saving the engine & tranny for replace-
                                                                           accessible from the trunk to open the bonnet.
ment of My 72 motor & used the rear portion and front clip for this
project.                                                                      The rear suspension was removed and replaced with new
                                             The next step was to get      springs and a tube shock conversion kit. A trailer type axle is
                                          the thing in the air so I        installed as well as trailer style spindles and hubs. Then new
                                          could work on it. Sorry but      spacers were added to change from 4 on 4 to 4 on 4.5" for stan-
                                          bending down on these            dard MGB wheels to fit.
                                          little cars just isn’t in the
                                          cards for me anymore. So            Now the hardest part to this novelty endeavor was the marry-
                                          a frame work was made up         ing of the front portion to the rear portion. I must admit this took
                                          of light duty angle and on       some serious thought & time. This is where a mock-up photo
                                          wheels for ease of moving.                                                       that was to scale
                                                                                                                           came in handy.
                                                                                                                            The hitch has been
    Trailer Mock-Up                                                                                                        designed to be re-
                                                                                                                           movable from the
This made it much easier                                                                                                   trailer making it
to work on the body, chas-                                                                                                 cleaner and safer to
sis and the underside much                                                                                                 show. For Safety
more accessible. A mock-                                                                                                   reasons it needed to
up photo was created using                                                                                                 stand alone, so hid-
my 72 in order to grid the                                                                                                 den jack stands were
body & make a logical                                                                                                      installed under the
connection to the front                                                    boot floor to stabilize the rear end when parked. At the front
                                     Actual Trailer in Primer              receiver a stub piece is used along with the original MG jack.
    The trunk floor & gas tank were removed to provide for a much
                                                                              I converted it back to chrome bumpers front and rear to
deeper space. You’re probably wondering by now what I’m plan-
                                                                           match the MG pulling it. The trailer has been painted, with final
ning to haul around with this piece of Novelty MGB Junk. The plan
                                                                           assembly for Eurocar Show 2009.
calls for batteries to be installed over the axle in the location of the
original battery                                                           Closing Remark.
box with some                                                                 At least it doesn’t have to run…it won’t leak oil, tranny fluid,
modifications                                                              brake fluid etc. And I know that Lucas will not be part of the
to provide                                                                 party on this Novelty MGB Item.
room for three
    The extra
power is for a
custom built
sound system
and a kind of a
light show in-
volved as well.
Plus the trailer,
with its self                     Boot Back Panel
contained power
source does not
need to pull
power thru the
cars wiring
to operate the
lights. This was
accomplished                                                                                                             The Only Part Not
by installing                                                                                                            Used
                                              AUTO FINISHERS
                                             AUTO FINISHERS
        637 West Genesee Street                                                    125 Oneida Street
          Syracuse, NY 13204                          SUPPLY CO.                   Oneida, NY 13421
             315-471-5155                                                            315-361-4190
                             Dedicated to serving the car enthusiasts
                              as well as the professional body shop
              637 WEST GENESEE STREETall your automotive
                                     with                               125 ONEIDA STREET
                  Syracuse, NY 13204                  &           Oneida, NY 13421
                    315-471-5155        refinishing needs.         315-361-4190

              Dedicated to serving the car enthusiasts as well as the professional body shops with
                                     all of your automotive refinishing needs.

                                        Specializing in products including:

                                  Proud To Be Your Local PPG Distributor Since 1937.


       EUROCAR 2009                                        June Birthdays
    We need of items for prizes and
 goodie bags and it’s up to YOU, our valued          6/2  Jimmy Hearne, Jr (Web Master)
 club members, to ask for contributions at           6/4  Judy Falcone
 places you normally do business, or you can         6/5  Barb Levy
 contribute something of your own!                        Bill Stevenson
     Let’s make this the best Eurocar ever !!!       6/7 Art Helmold Jr
 And with your help, we will succeed!!!              6/9 Vic Russo
                                                     6/16 Mike Chetwin
                                                     6/25 Eric Howard
                                                          Fred Murphy
                                                     6/27 Sara Farchione

                                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL
                                                      HOPE IT'S A GREAT ONE!

Sylvan Beach Cruise Night
Our 3rd annual MG Car Club Cruise to
Sylvan Beach will be Thursday July 2nd
(rain date Thursday July 9th). We will
meet at the Nice ‘n Easy convenience/gas
location at the corner of Rt. 31 and South
Bay Rd. We will leave this Nice ‘n Easy at
5:00, driving East on Rt. 31 to Lakeport,
then Bridgeport then the corner of Rt. 31
& Rt. 13 to pick up other members who
would like to meet up with us on the way.
Anyone meeting at any of the above loca-
tions let me know, as we will travel to the
cruise as a group. ETA (estimated time of
arrival) Sylvan Beach will be 5:45. I can
be reached @ 263-6995 or
mauto@twcny.rr.com. If our CNY weather
is questionable that night call me or check
our web bulletin board.
Thanks, Mike Mastracco

MGCCCNY            Eurocar 09   Sponsored by the
P.O. Box 1666            MG Car Club of CNY
Cicero, NY 13039
                                  Special Eurocar Insert
                                              Ice Cream or Coffee/Donut Stops:
MG Car Club Tech Squad                        John Golas, Mike Mastracco, Bob Carbone,
If you need help or advice with some-         Paul Andrews, Ben & Jerry
thing, call somebody – we’re always will-
ing to give advice or a helping hand.         Interior, Including Seats, Carpeting, Dash
These guys (and gals) have specifically       etc.:
volunteered their time and expertise in       Tom & Deb Larkin, Kevin Deforest, Bob Car-
the various areas listed – they can help!     bone
Just ask Sharon Hartman!
                                              Parts, Parts Suppliers For Interior, Exterior,
                                              Body, Engine etc.:
Body & Frame Parts:
                                              Paul Andrews, Tom & Deb Larkin, John Golas,
Tom Larkin, Paul Andrews
                                              Rubber Components:
Brakes & Braking Systems:
                                              Bob Carbone, Paul Andrews
Paul Andrews, John Golas, Tom Larkin. Mike
                                              Tom Larkin, Paul Andrews, John Golas
Dennis Lagoe, John Golas, Mike Chetwin
                                              Preparation for Spring Start up, Winter Stor-
Cooling System:
                                              Dennis Lagoe, John Golas, Tom & Deb Larkin
John Golas, Paul Andrews, Dennis Lagoe,
Mike Chetwin
                                              Paul Andrews, Tom Larkin, John Golas, Mike
Detailing, Buffing, Paint Information etc.:
Deb-Tom Larkin
                                              Paul Andrews, John Golas, Dennis Lagoe
Paul Andrews, Dennis Lagoe, John Golas,
Dave Winne. Terri LaVergne – audio com-
                                              What to look for in purchasing an old car:
ponents & installation
                                              Tom Larkin, John Golas, Dennis Lagoe, Dave
Front End – Steering Components:
Paul Andrews, John Golas, Tom Larkin,
Dennis Lagoe
                                              Dave Winne or Dennis Lagoe will go along
                                              with you to check out a prospective purchase
General Upkeep, Tune-Up, Monthly Mainte-
                                              Tom Larkin owns/restored a MGB and MGTD
nance – Mike Chetwin
                                              Deb Larkin knowledgeable in upholstery
Yearly Maintenance:
Dennis Lagoe, Paul Andrews, John Golas

Glass Work:                                   *You can find anyone in our club who has
Tom Larkin, Mr. Clean                         replaced or repaired just about anything and
                                              everything having to do with an MG - Ed
                              Eurocar 2009 Sponsors Page                                        Special Eurocar Insert
Without Sponsors it is difficult to put on any show, let                    Mike helped us out a lot. He called his
alone a show like Eurocar. Not only do we have the best                     friends at NAPA Auto Parts and with his
members in the world, we have some of the best and most                     influence brought them on board also. So
generous sponsors in the world. This year we were able to                   remember “Get the Good Stuff” get NAPA.
obtain five Platinum Level Sponsors;                                        They are everywhere you are.
The 1st was Hagerty Classic Car Insurance. Thanks to           Last but no less important, is Bill Rapp’s Super Store,
Vinny Hollopeter, the local Hagerty                            located at 3449
agent who believes it to be a perfect fit                      Burnet Ave in
for Hagerty, the MG Car Club and
                                                               Syracuse, New
Eurocar. See Vinny at Eurocar and get a
quote on your classic, or give him a call at (315) 485-6320.   York. Rapp’s is where a lot of us got introduced to the
                                                               cars we love, and began our celebration of Eurocar. Be-
The next to join us at the top level was Drivers Village.
                                                               ing the preeminent Central New York MG Dealer, some
                  We ran into Mike Gould, whose beautiful
                                                               of us got our start there. Bill Rapp is one of the oldest
                  Jag GTP proto-type race car you see on
                                                               and most respected Dealers in the Syracuse area. The day
                  the Eurocar 2009 poster, at the Interna-
                                                               Terri and I stopped by with her 1971 MGB, which she
                  tional Auto Showcase last April at the
                                                               purchased there new, in 1971, and presented them with a
New York State Fairgrounds. We approached him the min-
                                                               picture forwarded to us by the Golas’s, Bruce and Jerry
ute we walked in the door and saw that car. He sent me an
                                                               were all over her car. We talked for quite a good long
e-mail with photo’s of his car and I noticed the e-mail ad-
                                                               time and you could see the memories coming back of
dress was driversvillage.com. So I of course asked him
                                                               days gone by, their youth, family, people, and the cars
what he thinks of Drivers Village getting involved. He took
                                                               that have passed through the doors over the years. Don’t
the info to corporate and the next thing you know I was
                                                               kid yourself, the passion is still there, they are still car
looking at a new 911 Porsche while I was waiting for the
                                                               guys. They still hold the link to British Motoring by being
check. Come and meet Mike and get a look at a real GTP
                                                               Syracuse’s Jaguar connection. However not everything
Prototype Racer along with some of the best new European
                                                               is in our control, just like the MG Brand, so goes the
Vehicles from VW, Porsche, BMW and Audi. Stop by and
                                                               brand that started it all for them when General Motors
see all the vehicles at Drivers Village in Cicero, give them
                                                               announced an end to the venerable Pontiac. Make sure
a call or check them out on the web at
                                                               you visit them on line, at www.billrapp.com or stop by
                                                               and check out one of the cornerstones of Syracuse’s auto-
We then stopped by to see Mike Orso at Nick Orso’s             motive history. And if nothing else drop them an e-mail, a
            Body Shop. Last year we dropped Terri’s            note just to say Thank You to Bruce, Jerry & the whole
            Toyota Celica GTS off in the fall to have it       Rapp family for their support of the Eurocar.

                                                               It takes support at all levels and we want to acknowledge
                                                               all of our sponsors. This year we welcome a new Gold
re-finished, not re-painted, a complete re-do. Needless to     Level Sponsor thanks to member Pete Sanborn, SAVES
say, it was done to a higher level than standard from the      Auto Body Supply. Peter has been buying all his refin-
factory. Can you say completely satisfied? We gave our         ishing supplies from SAVES Auto Body Supply, and if
sales pitch to Mike, knowing that everyone comes in with       you have seen early pictures of Pete’s Healey you know
their hand out, but with a positive feeling. By the time we    he has bought a lot of stuff, and raves about their knowl-
left, Orso’s was in, and in a big way. Orso’s state of the     edge, their service, and Pete said they’re just a bunch of
art collision center is located at 638 West Genesee Street,    good guys that know their stuff and are huge help to the
Syracuse NY 13204 on the web at www.nickorso.com or            do-it-yourself kind of guy. Saves Auto Body Supply is
call him at (315) 471-8521. Mike can also be heard on TK       located at 959 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse New York. Give
99 on the Gomez and Dave morning show featuring Liza           them a call at (315) 468
Chelenza between 8:30 and 9:00 am on Mondays. And              -2111 or on the web
don’t miss the “Classic Collision” contest, to win a detail-   at www.savesautobodysupply.com and thank them
ing package from Orso’s!                                       for supporting Eurocar and tell them ‘Pete sent me.’
                                                                                          Special Eurocar Insert
                                   Eurocar 2009 Sponsors
For years Franklin & Company Restorations has been a
part of Eurocar and this year is no different. They also        Gov-Equip Sales and Leasing is a Small Commercial
sponsor our Best in Show Award above and beyond their           and Municipal Lease Company
Gold Level donation. So visit them at 122 Plum Street in        started by Rick Kunz and Terri
Syracuse New York or give them a call at (315) 478-1103         LaVergne and deals in Vehicle and
if nothing more than to say Thank You.
                                                                Equipment leases for business and government. Check
                                                                them on the web at www.gov-equip.com or give them a
Paul Andrews of Andrews Technical Services is one of
                                                                call at (315) 299-4351
our most active club members and a big MG enthusiast.
Paul is a small business owner and our clubs’ MGA guru
                                                                Bruce Fehlman of Fehlman Brothers Auto Repair is
and not only has a fine collection of MG’s, he is just an all
around great guy. If you see Paul, thank him for his contin-    not only a member; he                         has a great
ued support.                                                    place to take your                            European Car
                                                                when it needs service.                        His knowl-
Roberts Appraisal Service has also been a long time             edgeable technicians                          know how to
sponsor of Eurocar and good friend of the MG Car Club.          make your Eurocar or family car run and drive like new.
Roberts is a locally owned and operated and has their finger    Bruce will host a tech Session at Eurocar this year.
on the local costs and values. Call Roberts Appraisal Ser-      Fehlman’s is a NAPA Authorized Service Center and is
vice today at (315) 492-1000 and see what they can do for       located just off James Street at 116 South Midler Ave in
you.                                                            the heart of Eastwood, Go see them on the web at
                                                                www.Fehlman.com or give them a call (315) 463-5888.
A long time Silver Level sponsor is A&P Auto Parts
located at 8572 Brewerton Road in Cicero New York. A&P          And I would also like to thank our Bronze Level sponsor
is a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association             brought to us by another club member Dick
                                                                Jeffers, the Porsche Club of Central NY.
and follows their standards and codes. Be Clean, Be Green,
                                                                Dick is a regular contributor to the “Two
Recycle! Call A&P for all of your Recycled parts needs at       Seater” and a wealth of knowledge. When
800-962-7222 and tell them that the MG Club of CNY told         you see Dick at the show, thank him for his
you to call.                                                    support.

This year we would like to mention three new Silver Level       Now for one last sponsor, Bob Carbone and Jimmy
Sponsors: Auto Appraisal Group (AAG), the NY Saab               Hearne, the Piano and Organ Center and North Coun-
Owners Association and Gov-Equip Sales and Leasing.             try Music have been behind the scenes long enough. Not
The NY Saab Owner Association                                   only this year has Bob graciously given us a place to meet
called me early on because they                                 and plan this year’s event, Jimmy bringing all the sound
heard about the show. After I told                              equipment, they got caught up in the moment and became
them what we had planned they asked if they could be one        official sponsors for the Hospitality area at the Craftsman
of the sponsors. These are car people and we look forward       Inn, the Official Hotel of Eurocar 2009.
to seeing them at the show. Make sure you go say hello and
                                                                With all the turmoil in the auto industry and the economy
Joe Cali is a club member, radio personality and an agent       in a state of disarray, I am overwhelmed by the support of
for “Auto Appraisal Group” (AAG)                      AAG is    all of this year’s sponsors and the enthusiasm of members
a Nationwide Appraisal Company that                   can       working to make this the greatest year ever.
appraise your car in New York, your                   boat in
Florida or your private jet in Vegas. By the way, if you         From the MG Car Club of Central New York
have a private jet in Vegas, call me about next year’s show     and the Jaguar Association of Central New York:
for sponsorship. Contact Joe at the show or call him at
                                                                We thank all the sponsors for everything they
(315) 345-5693. You can also listen to him on Oldies 1390
                                                                have done for us and encourage all of you to use
WFBL every other Saturday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.
                                                                the goods and services they provide.
Special Eurocar Insert

                      SBH (Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare
                      770 James Street
                      Ste 141
                      Syracuse, NY 13202

 The Syracuse Behavioral Healthcare programs have helped thousands of Central New
 York families struggling with alcohol and other drug addictions.
 They have been providing services to Central New Yorkers in various forms since 1920.
 They founded Central New York’s first community residence for alcoholism in 1959.
 Since then they have grown to become Central New York's most comprehensive provider
 of addiction treatment and rehabilitation services.
 In 2008 SBH served 3,261 individuals.

             Enable individualized services for children and adults with disabilities
                        1603 Court Street, Syracuse, NY 13208
                       phone: (315) 455-7591 TTY: (315) 455-1794

Since 1948, our mission has been to enable people with disabilities to participate fully in
all aspects of life. We provide assessment, training, therapy and support for nearly 2,000
children and adults with disabilities and their families annually.

Enable empowers people with disabilities to achieve their goals at home, school, work,
and play.

Enable, also known as the United Cerebral Palsy and Handicapped Children's Association
of Syracuse, Inc., is a member of the United Way of Greater Oswego County. We are also
an affiliate of Cerebral Palsy Associations of NYS. and a member of the Associations for
Persons in Supported Employment (APSE).

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