FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT Dear members of the World Federation of by Commonthread


									                   FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT

Dear members of the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section

Welcome It is with great pleasure that we in the Danish Deaf Youth Association (DDU)
welcome you to the very first children’s camp for the deaf in Denmark next year. The
camp will take place from Saturday July 29th to Saturday August 5th 2006 at
“Castberggård Folk High School of the Deaf.” Castberggård is situated in Jylland, a
peninsula in the western part of Denmark.

1st announcement – May 2005
-General information of the World Federation of the Deaf Children’s Camp 2006 (WFDCC
2006) inclusive date and place
-Theme and logo
-Information about visa and vaccination
-Information about price and donations for developing country participants
-Tentative program
-Names of the Danish Deaf Youth Organization (DDU)
-Names of the Camp Organizing Committee (COC)
-Names of the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section board (WFDYS)
-Contact information

2nd announcement – Autumn, October 2005
-Hello from DDU, COC, and WFDYS
-Specific prices for developing and developed countries
-Final program
-Travel information
-Location of the camp site
-Alcohol and drug policy
-Insurance and liability information
-Camp registration form
-Good facts about Denmark

3rd announcement – May 2006
-Names and countries of participants and leaders
-What to bring
-Tourist information

Theme and logo The logo is presented on the front page. Pernille Nellemann came with
the idea behind the logo which is created by the artist Hanna Orlof. Pernille and Hanna
are both deaf.
The background for the logo is that we want to show that children from the whole world
get together. As Denmark is hosting the camp and our national bird is the swan, we find
it related to add the swan to the logo. As cute details we have made the swan do some
sign to indicate that the camp is for deaf signing children.
The theme “Many Nations – One Dream” tells what we are – from many different nations
– and all have one dream. The dream may indicate many dreams, such as good future,
freedom, equal rights for the deaf as well as the hearing people etc.

Participants The camp will take place according to the rules/guidelines set by WFDYS.
From each WFDYS member country two deaf children and one deaf leader can
participate. The child must be between 10 to 12 years old at that time. One boy and one
girl are preferable. The leader must be between 18 to 30 years old. The leader must be
fluent in one sign language, be able to work in an international team with leaders from
other countries, must have primarily responsible for their campers, and must participate
in overall camp activities. During the camp the leaders will have some tasks.
Both the children and the leader must be deaf and use sign language. WFDYS and DDU
strongly encourage you to follow these rules! If someone does not respect the rules the
person will be asked to leave the camp at the moment!

Visa and vaccinations Some countries need visa and others do not. See the lists on the
last pages. But we encourage you to check it too. No vaccinations for any countries are
needed for entering Denmark.

Price and donations The Danish Deaf Youth Association works hard to rise money for the
camp to make the price pr person as low as possible. The fees are 250 Euro for
developing countries and 350 Euro for the remaining countries. We also do our best to
raise money to support the travel expenses for the developing countries. For all
countries we encourage you to seek some foundations in your home country for the

Tentative program A complete program will be added in the 2nd announcement but at
the moment we can disclose that: every day will have a theme such as Deaf History,
Creative Day, and so on. We will make excursion to some typical Danish destinations
such as our famous LEGOLAND Park and others. Surely – you will get lots of new exciting
Danish Deaf Youth Organization Board (DDU)
Pernille Nellemann
Heidi Nissen
Helena Jouhki (Chairperson)
Mette Bertelsen
Thomas Philip
DDU web:

Camp Organizing Committee (COC)
Alda Padeiro
Anne Hvid Karsten (Camp coordinator)
Heidi Nissen
Lars Knudsen
Thomas Philip
WFDCC web:

World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section (WFDYS)
Alda Padeiro - Portugal
Juan Angel de Gouveia - Venezuela
Juliette Dalle - Frankrig
Patrick Lazure - Canada
Therese Rollven - Sverige
Victoria Skorikova - New Zealand
Vivien Batory - Denmark (President of WFDYS)
WFDYS web:

Contact If you have any questions, you are very welcome to write, fax and mail us.

Address: Danske Døves Ungdomsforbund (Deaf Danish Youth Association)
          Snaregade 12, 1
          DK-1205 København K
Fax: +45 35 24 09 20
              Member countries of WFD who DO NEED visa to Denmark

Afghanistan                 Gambia                    Pakistan
Albania                     Georgia                   Peru
Algeria                     Ghana                     Philippines
Armenia                     Guinea, Republic of
Azerbaijan                                            Russia
                            India                     Rwanda
Bangladesh                  Indonesia
Belarus                     Iran                      Senegal
Belize                      Ivory Coast / Côte        Serbia-Montenegro
Benin                       d’Ivorie                  Sierra Leone
Bosnia-Herzegovina                                    South Africa
Botswana                    Kazakhstan, Republic of   Sri Lanka
Burkina Faso                Kenya                     Sudan
                            Kuwait                    Swaziland
Cameroon                                              Syria
China                       Lebanon
Colombia                    Lesotho                   Tajikistan
Congo, Democratic           Liberia                   Tanzania
Republic of                 Libya                     Thailand
Congo, Republic of                                    Togo
Cuba                        Macedonia                 Tunisia
                            Madagascar                Turkey
Dominican Republic          Malawi
                            Moldova                   Uganda
Ecuador                     Mongolia                  Ukraine
Eritrea                     Morocco                   Uzbekistan
Ethiopia                    Mozambique
Fiji Island                 Namibia                   Zimbabwe
           Member countries of WFD who DO NOT NEED visa to Denmark

Argentina                  Japan                    United Kingdom
Australia                                           United States of America
Austria                    Latvia                   Uruguay
Belgium                                             Venezuela
Bolivia                    Macau
Brazil                     Malaysia
Bulgaria                   Malta
Chile                      Netherlands
Costa Rica                 New Zealand
Croatia                    Nicaragua
Cyprus                     Norway
Czech Republic
                           Panama, Republic of
El Salvador                Paraguay
Estonia                    Poland
France                     Romania

Germany                    Singapore, Republic of
Greece                     Slovak, Republic
Guatemala                  Slovenia
                           South Korea
Hong Kong                  Spain
Hungary                    Sweden

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