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					                       The Echo
                                                                                                January 14, 2009
                                                                                               Vol. 45, Number 6

                              Parent Newsletter of Hickam Elementary School
                     Manzelman Circle • HAFB • Honolulu, Hawaii 96818 • Phone (808) 421-4148

                                                                   Hickam Has a New Principal!
               January/February                            We have great news for the new year! While we
Jan. 12                                                    were on break, Mr. John Erickson became
  Teacher Work Day, no school for students                 Hickam Elementary's interim principal. Then on
Jan. 13                                                    January 9, 2009, he was selected as our official
  Welcome back, students!                                  principal. Mr. Erickson comes to Hickam with a
Jan. 16                                                    wealth of experiences: he was Principal of Aiea
                                                           Elementary during the Fall semester; prior to
  PDD #3, no school for students
                                                           that he was a counselor, then Vice Principal at
Jan. 19
                                                           Pearl Harbor Elementary.
  Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday,
    no school for students                                 There will be opportunities to meet our new
Jan. 23                                                    principal throughout the school year at our
  Grade 2 Field Trip, Chinatown                            various school events or while he is out and
Jan. 26-30                                                 about on campus. Please welcome Mr. Erickson
                                                           to the Hickam Family!
  Red Ribbon Week
Jan. 26                                                             2009 School Uniform Policy
  SCC meeting, 2:30 pm, library
Jan. 27
  Radford Complex boys basketball tourney
Jan. 28
  2nd Qtr. report cards sent home                         Welcome back to school! We’d like to remind
Jan. 29                                                   families that as of January 13, 2009, our Uniform
  Radford Complex girls basketball tourney                Policy has been updated. Please make sure
Jan. 30                                                   your children wear:
  Spirit Day: Wear RED school t-shirt                       • School t-shirt (navy blue or red) with Aloha Print
Jan. 31                                                     front only (not older versions of HES t-shirt)
  Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band concert                  available in the front office for $8.00 for youth sizes
                                                            and $10.00 for adult sizes.
Feb. 3
                                                            • Tan (all shades) or navy blue walking shorts,
  NAEP testing, Grade 4 -- don’t forget to get              skorts, capris or pants. Absolutely no cargo pants
a good nights sleep and have a healthy                      (pants with many pockets)
breakfast!                                                  • Closed toe/heel shoes worn with socks
                                                          Not permitted during school hours:
   Leaving Hickam Elementary?                               • Headgear (scarves, caps, hats) and sunglasses
If you are planning to withdraw your child(ren)             • Hair dyes (permanent and temporary)
from Hickam Elementary School,                            (Uniform Waiver Forms are available in the office.
please let us know a minimum of five                      Forms will be approved/disapproved by the
school days prior, so that we may                         Administration on a case-by-case basis and must
prepare your child's records.                             be renewed each year.)
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               Cafeteria News                           School Attendance – Family Trips
Noise level in the cafeteria                          Trips and family vacations are
                                                      considered "time away" from the
            The volume of the noise being
                                                      classroom instruction.       Please
            generated by students is becoming
                                                      plan vacations to coincide with
           overwhelming for other students.
                                                      school recesses, if at all possible.
            Many have voiced their dislike of
                                                      In accordance with the DOE, this
            the noise level to our Administration.
                                                      is classified as "unexcused absences". Please
Although students are consistently reminded to
                                                      notify the Office in writing in advance when a
lower their voices as a courtesy to their fellow
                                                      trip is planned.      Also, please understand,
students, some continue to be quite vocal. We
                                                      teachers are not required to provide homework
now look to you, the parents and guardians, for
                                                      or make-up work for children on trips.
assistance. Please remind your children that
the same courtesy used at home should also                        Daily Attendance
be used at school with their fellow students.
                                                      If your child will be absent, please call our
Also, as parents and/or guardians, you may join       attendance line at 421-4148 ext. 224.       In
your child for lunch. Please see below for more                addition, if your child has an
information. We look forward to seeing you                      appointment, please provide a "back
take advantage of this opportunity. Mahalo!                    to school/class pass” from the
                                                                 provider.     This will ensure your
                                                                 child's tardy will be excused.
Lunch room visitors
In order to ensure that seating is
available for you on the day you                                      Bike Safety
will join your child for lunch, a                     Please continue to encourage your
reservation form must be                              children to abide by proper traffic
completed and returned to the                         and bike safety to ensure their safe
Office at least one week in                           arrival and departure from campus.
advance. Forms are available in the Office.           The heaviest congestion in front of
However, we will make every effort to ac-             our school is on Mon., Tue., Thur., Fri. from
commodate walk-ins for the day. Please come           7:25-7:45 am and from 2:20-2:40 pm, and on
to the office prior to going to the cafeteria.        Wed. from 7:25-7:45 am and 12:40-12:55 pm.
                                                      Thank you for your continued patience and
Due to limited space and the need to serve            understanding. Drive safely, Hickam.
students quickly, occasional visits are permitted
(frequent or regular lunchroom visits are not                       Cell Phone Policy
recommended).                                                      Cell phones are included in our list of
Toys enclosed in fast-food lunches are not                         contraband items for safety and
allowed in the cafeteria. They have become a                       security reasons. If your child does
source of distraction and conflict.                                bring a cell phone on campus and
                                                                   takes it out during the school day, it
In the cafeteria, parents will be seated with their                will be taken away and given to the
child at the designated table that is used by the     office. A parent will then need to come by the
child’s class, or on the picnic tables outdoors.      office to pick it up.
As a safety measure, siblings will not be able to     In the event of an emergency when you need to
join you and your child for lunch.                    contact your child during the school day, please
                                                      call the office at 421-4148 and the message will
                                                      be relayed to your child.
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  Loving Solutions Parent Workshop                   Implementation of Wellness Guidelines
            Radford Complex will be offering         As you are all probably aware, sedentary
             the Loving Solutions (Parent            lifestyles and the resulting health problems that
            Project Jr. ®) parent workshop, a        occur (obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.) have
            parent’s guide to raising strong-        been on the rise for some time. Schools, in and
            willed children, 5-10 years of age.      of themselves, may not be able to solve the
These series of workshops offer effective            problem, but will be doing their part to improve
prevention and intervention techniques to            student wellness. The state of
address issues such as temper tantrums, failing      Hawaii is mandating a series of
grades, and disrespectfulness. Seven units are       school wellness guidelines to help
covered over a period of six weeks which             raise student fitness levels. The
includes a special ADHD session.                     Wellness Committee at Hickam is
                                                     charged with phasing in these
The workshops will be held on Fridays,               guidelines over the next three years.
8:30-11:30 am, starting January 30, 2009,            Starting this month, the following will
through March 6, 2009. The first meeting will        be implemented:
be held at Pearl Harbor Kai Elementary School.
Free childcare is provided. The fee is $20 to        1. Periods of planned physical activity outside
cover the cost of the workbook. Payments are            PE class: short five-minute warm ups and
due on the first day of the workshop and                exercise routines will be broadcast to
receipts will be issued at that time.                   classrooms via closed-circuit TV.
                                                     2. Classes will be encouraged to provide
To receive a registration form, please contact          “healthy alternatives” to the usual fare for
Cheryl Sato, Complex Resource Teacher, no               activities such as parties. In other words,
later than January 21, 2009:                            there should be healthy alternatives for candy,
  phone: 421-4259                                       fast food, sugary foods, etc.
  email:                 3. Physical punishment such as running laps or
                                                        push-ups will be phased out.
         Visitors on Campus                          In a related matter, Grades 4-6 will also be
We welcome and encourage parents to be an            covering the run unit in PE this quarter. Students
active part of their children's education. We are    will learn and apply strategies for building up their
also concerned about minimizing disruptions to       aerobic fitness levels, culminating with a timed
the classes. Therefore, for the safety of our        mile run in March.
students and as required by State law, please        Again, schools alone won’t solve the sedentary
pick up a "Visitor's Pass" before going to the       lifestyle crisis, but Hickam Elementary will do its
classroom.                                           part to be part of the solution.
All visitors must report to the
office, sign in, and receive a
VISITOR PASS. Friends, relatives
and siblings are not allowed to                              Be Safe
attend classes unless prior
arrangements have been made                                  Be Respectful
with your child’s teacher and
administration authorization. They                           Be Responsible
also will receive a visitor's pass.

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  Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band                       Bakugan Battle Brawlers
    to perform on Hickam Base                        Action Figures: a No-No in School!
Hickam AFB will be hosting the USO/AFE              First, some background information: Bakugan
Gary Sinise and The Lt Dan Band at the              Battle Brawlers is a Japanese
Freedom Tower Mall on January 31, 2009. In          anime television series that
order to prepare for these events the following     debuted in Japan on TV Tokyo in
restrictions apply:                                 2007. The story centers on the
                                                    lives of creatures called Bakugan
    Jan. 29 - Feb. 1: Manzelman Circle will be      and the battle brawlers who wield
    closed from 8 am to 10 pm.                      them. In conjunction with the anime series,
    Jan. 31: 8th and 9th Street will be closed      Sega Toys and Spin Master released a strategic
    from Signer Blvd. to Julian Ave from 8          game, called Bakugan, using metal cards and
    am-11 pm.                                       magnetic spring-loaded miniature figures.
(On Saturday, January 10th, Fox News aired a        These action figures have also debuted on our
special report titled On the Road in Iraq with      campus at Hickam Elementary this past
Gary Sinise and the Lt. Dan Band. It included       semester. Although this craze has grown in
a video diary of Gary visiting the troops and a     popularity in our islands, it does stir a negative
segment of the Lt. Dan Band performing a            effect on our educational environment. Some
“tribute to the troops”.)                                       students have been seen playing
                                                                with them during class time and
                                                                other reports have these figures
                                                                being traded or even stolen from
                                                                their rightful owners.

                                                    We ask that students keep these toys at home.
                                                    Please discuss this with your children. Arigato!

                              Red Ribbon Week Activities
       Monday             Tuesday         Wednesday            Thursday              Friday
     January 26          January 27       January 28          January 29          January 30
  We’re kicking off    “Put A Cap On    Be proactive     It’s cool to “Shade   Let’s show our
  Red Ribbon week     Drugs” and show   and “Give        Out Drugs”.           school and drug-
  with a local        your spirit by    Drugs The        Students may wear     free spirit and
  theme, “Lei Off     wearing your      Slip”.           shades on this day.   “Wear Red
  Drugs”. Put on      favorite hat.     Students may                           Day”.
  either a lei or                       wear slippers                          Hickam students
  aloha attire or                       for today.                             and faculty are
  both!                                                                        encouraged to
                                                                               wear their Red
                                                                               Hickam t-shirt.

A flyer will be sent home with more information about the upcoming Red Ribbon Week events.

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