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									Second Announcement

                  Faroe Islands
                  Exploration Conference

                                  12 -13 September 2006
Faroe Islands Exploration Conference 2006


         The Faroe Islands Exploration Conference 2004 (FIEC04) was a big success with
         over 100 foreign professionals attending the conference from many different coun-
         tries, and presentations being given by representatives from several oil companies,
         contractors and research organisations that work on the Faroese Continental Shelf.

         This success prompted the decision to make it a biannual event. The second Faroe
         Islands Exploration Conference (FIEC06), which is organised by the Faroese Earth
         and Energy Directorate - Jarðfeingi, has been expanded and will take place in the
         capital of the Faroe Islands, Tórshavn on 12 and 13 September 2006.

         This conference is a must for anyone who has an interest in hydrocarbon explora-
         tion on the Faroese Continental Shelf, as demonstrated by the first conference where
         much new information was released to the public.

         It is also the place where you can meet other people who work in the area, and
         strengthen both professional and social relationships. In addition a spouse pro-
         gramme will be arranged with focus on Faroese nature, culture and arts.
Faroe Islands Exploration Conference 2006

                     Prospect fair

                     The Faroese Continental Shelf will be in its sixth year of exploration at the time of the
                     conference. There are presently some licenses with one oil company holding a 100% eq-
                     uity, which may be interested in divesting some of the risk. In addition there will always
                     be other licenses with available equity.

                     This process will be facilitated by a prospect fair where oil companies wanting to divest
                     are given an opportunity to market held licenses with a view to allowing new companies
                     to enter the license.

   Sindri 14 September

   Arrangements have been made with Sindri ( about a follow-on one day
   conference at the same locality as the Faroe Islands Exploration Conference. There is no
   added fee for attending the Sindri conference.

   The Sindri Group has funded a number of research projects on different topics since it
   was founded in 2001. These have been held confidential to date with the exception that
   some results have been presented at conferences or published in scientific journals.

   The aim of the Sindri Conference is to present the achievement of projects which are
   funded by the Sindri group. The presentations will be both as oral presentations and

                     This year’s conference dinner will be held on the evening of 13 September at Hotel Føroyar,
                     which is renowned for its tasteful menus and stylish surroundings. Please state on the registration
                     form if you wish to attend the dinner. The charge will be DKK 700.
Faroe Islands Exploration Conference 2006

     Technical programme

     The backbone of the Faroe Islands Exploration Conference is the presentations, both oral and
     posters. The oral presentations will be held in the main conference room at the Nordic house
     ( in Tórshavn. Poster presentations will be on display both days of the conference in
     the main entrance area where coffee and lunch will be served.

     The themes for this conference are based on the status of exploration on the Faroese Continental
     Shelf, where regional geology, sub basalt stratigraphy and hydrocarbon systems are relatively un-
     known for most of the area. These unknown factors are largely due to the difficulties of imaging
     beneath the flood basalts that cover the majority of the region.

     Exploration up to 2001 was singularly focussed on a stratigraphic play in one basin (Judd Basin).
     This has since been broadened to include a larger part of the Faroes Continental Shelf and other
     play types.

     The suggested topics are therefore

     •       Regional geology and tectonic development
     •       Presence, quality and maturity of source rock(s)
     •       Sub basalt imaging
     •       Sub basalt stratigraphy
     •       New and proven plays

     Other topics may also be included if they are relevant to the primary theme of the conference,
     which is “Hydrocarbon Exploration on the Faroese Continental Shelf ”.

     Keynote speakers will be invited to talk about key issues in relation to exploration on the Faroese
     Continental Shelf.

     A call for papers is accompanying this announcement, and can also be found on
Faroe Islands Exploration Conference 2006

    One-day Field Excursion:

                           Sedimentation in a Volcanic Setting

    Date: Monday, 11 September 2006
    Leader: Simon R. Passey, Faroese Earth and   Energy Directorate
    Fee: DKK 1,000 (includes transportation by   bus and lunch)

    One of the common misconceptions of Continental Flood Basalt provinces is that they are
    exclusively composed of basalt lava flows and minor pyroclastic deposits and the Faroe Is-
    lands Basalt Group is no exception. It is, however, well documented that there is a marked
    hiatus between the Beinisvørð and Malinstindur formations, represented by the coals and
    volcaniclastic units of the Prestfjall and Hvannhagi formations. However, little consider-
    ation is given to the numerous and increasingly conformable volcaniclastic units found
    throughout the remainder of the volcanic pile. This fieldtrip will go to a number of vol-
    caniclastic sequences of sedimentary origin and discuss their significance in terms of the
    processes that occur in volcanic terrains. Implications shall also be made on their regional
    importance and the likelihood of such sequences occurring within the basalt lava fields

                           Get social with an Icebreaker

                           To instil, hopefully, a good atmosphere for an open and lively discussion dur-
                           ing the conference, we invite you to an icebreaker arrangement taking place
                           at the Natural History Museum in Tórshavn on the evening of the 11 of
                           September. A short introduction to the museum and a brief introduction to
                           the long history of pilot whale killing on the Faroe Islands will be held by
                           Professor and Director of the Museum Dorete Bloch. At the arrangement a
                           light snack and cold drinks will be served.

     Meet a future employee at the students evening

     Even though still few, an increasing number of Faroese geoscience students are graduat-
     ing from universities around the world. To introduce the students to the international
     geological society, we have encouraged them to participate in a students evening taking
     place in the auditorium at the Nordic House on the 12 of September following the regular
     conference program.
     The students will introduce themselves, their project and research interests. After the ses-
     sion a reception will be arranged.
Faroe Islands Exploration Conference 2006


                                              Travel and accommodation
                                              Green Gate Incoming will on behalf of the Faroese Geologi-
                                              cal Survey handle the conference delegates’ requirements re-
                                              garding travel, accommodation etc. The registration form is
                                              available on the web page and shall be submitted to Green
                                              Gate Incoming Ltd from where you will receive confirma-
                                              tion of your booking within 24 hours.

                                              Prices for travel and accommodation are stated on the reg-
                                              istration form as they depend on place of departure and

                                              Filgth connections
                                              With direct flights from Denmark, Norway, Iceland and
                                              United Kingdom access to the Faroe Islands is convenient.
                                              Seats have been booked in connection with the conference
                                              on flights from Copenhagen on 10 September and from
                                              Copenhagen, Aberdeen and London Stansted on 11 Sep-
                                              tember 2006 with return flights on 14 or 15 September

                                              In addition Green Gate offer assistance if you wish to ex-
                                              tend your stay in the Faroes.

      Rooms have been booked at Hotel Hafnia and Hotel Tórshavn which are situated in the heart of
      Tórshavn close to the harbour and Tinganes, the old part of Tórshavn, and at Hotel Føroyar which is
      a modern hotel situated above the city centre featuring a splendid view over the city and the sea.

       Spouse programme

       FIEC 2006 offers a unique opportunity to visit the Faroe Islands and experience the Faro-
       ese nature and culture. There are a number of one-day tour options from the capital Tórs-
       havn to remote charming places where the visitor can experience the lifestyle of small
       villages and the dramatic Faroese nature.

       Tórshavn has a number of very interesting museums and sights to choose from, such as the
       Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Natural History and the National Museum.

       During recent years increasing focus has been turned on Faroese handicraft and design
       resulting in several small designers setting up shop in Tórshavn and also in the villages
       around the islands. There will be ample opportunity to visit some of these shops to pur-
       chase that special souvenir.
Faroe Islands Exploration Conference 2006

 Conference registration
 The conference fee is DKK 3,000 in-
 cluding coffee, lunch and the proceed-
 ings volume.
 Academia will upon presentation of
 valid documentation pay DKK 500.
 To qualify for the reduced conference
 fee, a copy of relevant ID must be sub-                       Cancellation fee
 mitted upon registration.
                                                               DKK 500 will be charged for all can-
 Registration after 11 June 2006 will
                                                               cellations prior to 1 August 2006.
 be charged with an extra fee of DKK
                                                               The conference fee cannot be re-
                                                               funded after this date. Substitutions
                                                               are welcome at any time but prior
                                                               notification will be appreciated.

               The cost is payable by bank transfer. If
               you prefer to pay by credit card please
               fax or mail your credit card details
               to Green Gate Incoming Ltd, fax no
               +298 35 05 21.                             Registration
                                                          To register for the conference go to
               For further information on registra-       the conference webpage
               tion, travel and accommodation please
               contact Greengate Incoming at tele-
               phone +298 35 05 20 or by email to
Faroe Islands Exploration Conference 2006

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