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									Need A New Sport To Get Into? Try Kan Jam
                                                      When your looking for a new sport to
                                                      get into that will keep you slim, fit,
                                                      happy and sociable it will not be an
                                                      easy task. There are a lot of sports
                                                      have been played for a long time and
                                                      are just a bit worn out and boring. But
                                                      what if I told you that there is a sport
                                                      that can be all of the above and also
                                                      be for all ages and abillities?

                                                       Welcome to the growing world of
Kan Jam. The kan jam game is the next fast paced disc throwing sport that has crashed
into our sprots world and gets everyone interactive and competitive. The aim of the game
is to score 21 points by getting the disc/frisbee to hit the kan on the opposite side to you
in any way to make points. Not forgetting the instant win where you have to aim your
disc into the front slot of the kan.

There are usually four people that are divided into two teams that try to score points or an
instant win. The scorer will have the help of their partner that can deflect the disc into the
kan to help with the points.To add to the ongoing support of this up and coming game,
many recreational kids programs are taking on this sport as part of their program as it's
great for the kids hand and eye co-ordination and team work too.

Kan jam is played anywhere where there is space to throw a frisbee. In your back yard or
down on the beach,You don't need to throw it far as you can have the two kans quite
close together for a quick game. Kan jam is a game that comprises of two kans with no
lid and a slot in the front top part of the kan and some frisbees. A lot of people like to buy
their own frisbees as they come in different colors and with this particular game, there are
many mini leages all over the US, so is a very upcoming game indeed.

                                                      Why is this game so popular at the
                                                      moment? Because the whole family
                                                      can play and can be taken anywhere
                                                      you want so you can take it down to
                                                      the beach and enjoy a day out with
                                                      your friends too. You can play in all
                                                      seasons as I have seen folks play in
                                                      the snow so in my book thats not a
                                                      bad game at all!

                                                      Try Kan Jam for your selves and see
                                                      how social you'll become with this
                                                      fun packed game.

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