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									 Pritchett School

 The Rusty Anchor
 JANUARY 2009                                                                                     VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

 Homecoming 2009                                                                          Rusty Anchor Staff

                                                                                         ♦ Zac

                                                                                         ♦ Trenton

                                                                                         ♦ Kayla

                                                                                         ♦ Kaili

                                                                                         ♦ Sara

                                                                                         ♦ Kyle

                                                                                         ♦ Alisha

                                                                                         ♦ Kerra

                                                                                         ♦ Christy

                                                                                         ♦ Mrs. Wait

2009 Homecoming Court: Junior candidate, Kaili; Freshman Candidates, Trenton
and Christina, Senior Candidates, Kyle and Kim; STUCO secretary, Kerra, and Spirit
Coordinator, Sara. Front Row: Assistants, Kieley, Wyatt, and Megan.

    Homecoming week               On Thursday it was      South Baca Patriot teams
kicked off on Tuesday        class theme day. Each        and coaches were pre-
                                                                                         Inside this issue:
January 20th with pa-        class got to pick what       sent for the activity. The
jama day. The school         they wanted to dress up      pep rally consisted of
was filled with both         like. We had lots of va-     many things. The ele-
                                                                                         Homecoming Clips 2
kids, and teachers look-     rieties, from cowboys to     mentary got to pop
ing comfortable in their     spies, beach bums, and       some      balloons     and
pajamas. During the day      rodeo clowns, to the         make their teachers do         Lady Patriot BB        3
the junior high and high     sports stars of tomor-       some crazy actions. We
school kids spent two        row.                         got to see our freshman
hours working on mak-                                     and sophomore boys as          Honor Roll             3
                                 Friday      everyone
ing spirit posters to line                                cheerleaders, and of
                             came dressed in their
both the hallways and
                             blue, black, and white,
                                                          course we had some             FFA News               4
the gym walls.                                            kind of a donut eating
                             for spirit day. Through-
                                                          contest,    along     with
    The halls were filled    out the day many peo-
                                                          speeches      from      the    Students of the        5
with camo and hunting        ple spent a great
orange on Wednesday,         amount of time and ef-
for hunting for a victory    fort to get everything            That nights festivities   4th & 5th Stories      6
day. Almost everyone         just right for that nights   started off with the JV
wore some type of cam-       festivities. At study hall   girls game. The Lady           2nd & 3rd Stories      8
ouflage of bright orange.    we had a school wide         Patriots came out look-
                             pep rally, even the          ing for a victory against
                                       THE RUSTY ANCHOR                                                                    Page 2

     Homecoming 2009 Continued

         Next is was the Junior        brated parents night here at    traditions    from  previous    Kyle and Christina were
     High boys turn to play. The       PHS. Each junior high and       years, both junior high and     crowned the 2009 Homecom-
     Patriots were fired up and        high school students name       high school students accom-     ing King and Queen. And
     ready fight for a victory. And    was announced and roses         panied with candles created     was then followed by many
     when the final buzzer blew        were given to their family.     a heart shape in the middle     pictures.
     the Patriots were on top, and                                     of the floor.                       It was then time to
                                           The Varsity Patriots then                                   boogie, at the dance. Kids in
     came out with the Victory.                                                                        both junior high and high
                                       had their turn to match up          The freshman homecom-
         The Varsity girls were        against the Demons. Both        ing candidates were Chris-      school, along with some
     next in line to play the lady     teams played great with the     tina, and Trenton. They were    from neighboring schools
                                                                                                       came out and had some fun.
     demons. Throughout the first      score staying close tell the    then followed by the junior
                                                                                                       The dance ended at mid-
     half the score stayed pretty      end. At the end of the fourth   candidate Kaili, and last but   night, and the only thing let
     close, with both teams work-      quarter the Patriots pulled     not least the senior candi-     to do was the clean up be-
     ing hard. But unfortunately       ahead with a final score of     dates, Kim and Kyle. Kerra      fore everyone could and get
     in the second half the de-        70-63 in the Patriots favor.    STUCO secretary, and Sara       some rest.
     mons gained the lead over                                         STUCO spirit coordinator,
                                            After the team members
     the patriots to claim a victory                                   were the escorts. The assis-
                                       shook hands and the crowd
     with a final score of 34 to 61.                                   tants this year were Kieley,
                                       settled down the gym lights
                                                                       Wyatt, and Megan, from the
         Before the Varsity boys       dimmed, as the Homecoming
                                                                       Kindergarten class.
     started their game we cele-       festivities began. Following




“Star Struck”
Page 3                                                                     VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

Lady Patriot Basketball
    The Lady Patriots started     end after a good fight. The      out strong and after a good
2009 off with a game against      Varsity then had their turn at   four quarters came up with
Swink. Our JV started the         the Bobcats. The girls           the victory.
night off, but fell short of a    worked hard, and even had
                                                                       The next weekend Vilas
victory. The Varsity girls then   Lauren Esquivel who had
                                                                   hosted the Wiley Panthers.
went out looking for a vic-       been out with an injury re-
                                                                   The girls came out looking
tory. They came out strong        turn to play. The Lady patri-
                                                                   for a win especially since this
and came out with a win.          ots were no match for Gra-
                                                                   game counted for district
The team was thin off to          nada and came out with the
                                                                   seeding. The score stayed
Holly for the first conference    win.
                                                                   tight with in the first half, but
came. The JV girls worked
                                      The Next weekend the         in the third quarter the pan-
hard but fell short in the end.
                                  team had both the Pritchett      thers ran off with a ten point
It was then the Varsity’s turn
                                  Homecoming, and the              lead. Coming into the fourth
to face off against the lady
                                  Campo Homecoming. First it       quarter the patriots were
wildcats. After a tough four
                                  was Pritchett’s turn to host     down by ten, but fought
quarters the patriots unfortu-
                                  the Des Moines Demons.           back to tie the game, and
nately came up short of the
                                  Both the JV and the Varsity      send it into overtime. In
victory in the end.
                                  worked hard but came up          overtime the Patriots were
    The next game was held        short of a victory in both       able to pull ahead and win
at Campo against the Gra-         games. The next day it was       the game by one point. The
nada lady bobcats. The JV         Campo’s turn to have a home      team then traveled to Man-
went up against the bobcats       game, against the Walsh Lady     zanola, were they came out
but ended up loosing in the       Eagles. The Varsity girls came   with another win. The team

Student Council
This month Student                and everything ready             working on raising
Council has been very             for homecoming week.             money for the Pritchett
busy. This month we               This homecoming is               Fire Department along
have been running                 going to be one of the           with the FFA Chapter.
around getting home-              best.
coming    decorations                    We are also

Honor Roll Students
      Junior High                       High School                       Cole Eskew
       Students                          Students                     Chance VanCampen
     Mathew Crane                      Christina Maes                    Zac Desselle
       Rhett Eskew                     Alyssa Rogers                    Kyle Burk
        Troy Fritz                     Trenton Turner
      Colton Butler                      Kerra Wait
    Lane Salzbrenner                   Christy Wheeler
   Preston VanCampen                    Caleb Yocam
      Shelby Darity                     Kayla Cornell
      John Fletcher                      Kaili Wait
                                        Sara Wheeler
                                       Kimberly Orosco
Pritchett FFA News

The Pritchett FFA took     hydraulic beds. It’s a
a trip to Denver for the   lengthy process but
National Western Stock     they test all their hy-
Show on Sunday Janu-       draulics before they are
ary 18th. We left from     shipped out of the shop.
the ag shop bright and     Then we got back in
early. We made it to       the vehicle and drove
Denver about noon and      across town to one of
got into the stock show    the biggest dairies in
about 12:30 and were       the nation, Johnson
released. We went and      Dairy in Greeley Colo-
looked at all the ani-     rado.
mals there went                   Johnson Dairy
through the Event Cen-     has two different build-
ter. Some of us stopped    ings. In one they have
in and watched the         a dual 40, which can
horse shows, and some      milk 80 cows at one
watched the little shows   time. Then in the other
throughout the Event       building they can milk
Center. Later on that      160 cows at one time.
night we went to the       This is one huge dairy.
PRCA rodeo in the          They said they had
Coliseum. The rodeo        close to 1500 cows
clown was one of the       there. Then we all
best parts of the rodeo.   packed up and headed
After the rodeo we         south for home. We all
drove to Greeley to our    enjoyed ourselves and
hotel.                     learned something new.
       We woke up the
next morning to go to
Harsh Hydraulics; this
company makes lift
beds for trucks. They
have 3 robot welders in
their shop and all the
cool machines you
could think of. They
build all the cylinders
and casings for their
Page 5                                                       VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

January Students of the Month

         Elementary Student of the                                      Middle School Student of the
                 Month                                                            Month
                 Baylee                                                           Fancy

                                       High School Student of the

Word of the Month
                                Word of the Month

                     Nosegay N. a small bunch of flowers

                               Damien: gay nose
                      Sara: something that smells good
                              Rhett: there gay???
                      Zac: like bengay but for your nose
                     Ms. Chelsey: infection in your nose
                   Mrs. Anderson: ticklish part of your nose
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What so you do to have fun on Christmas? Waiting for Christmas is like getting a shot so I woke up at 1:30 am. As a result I sat in
my bed waiting for lane. Lane usually wakes up at 10:00am so I was surprised to see Lane up at 1:30am. The next ten hours we
waited for family to come for dinner. We played ps2 until lunch. I explained bakugan to Aunt Becky. Then I sold popcorn to every-
one before we opened gifts. Then we opened gifts ripp. Therefore I can’t wait until the next Christmas.
                                                                                                                           By: Trace

Guess what I did over Christmas vacation? I went roller skating at a rink on Sunday after Christmas which was my first time. It was
hard at first, although it got easier by the end. It was a little loud in there with all the swishing and whooshing. It was fun but the
roller skates felt different, it felt like there was nothing on my feet. Also they had games at the rink; the first game was when the mu-
sic stopped you would freeze. The third game was the hokey poke game. Roller skating was as fun as basketball. Therefore that was
my favorite activity.
                                                                                                                                  By: Cody

What activity did you do over Christmas? Before Christmas I had a pellet gun fight with my cousins. I had never tried it before with
big pellet guns in my left, its sounded fun to me, so we started it near my grandma’s house. I was hiding behind a barrel, when stood
up to shoot one of my cousins. But right then a heard a bang! One of my cousins shot me in the shoulder; it hurt as bad as a wasp
sting. For these reasons it was the best Christmas ever.
                                                                                                                           By: Marcus

What did you do over Christmas break? My family and I went to Greeley before Christmas. When everybody was ready we opened
presents. All the kids started first which there ate only three of us. The kids have sat in the same spot for a long time. I received a
new Dryer horse that looked like it was real. It was as beautiful as a sunset. I also got a DS game, CD case, CD, coveralls, coat,
watch, and many other things I can’t think of. That night Bret and I went home with our cousin, Mollie. We just romped around for
an hour. Then the whole family drove to the Armadillo. Mollie and I had the same meal. Finally, we all finished eating, and we took
Mollie to go look at lights. All the lights were very delightful but one of them was the most marvelous of all. The house had all the
cartoon characters on the lawn and some of them played music. Therefore, I had a lot of fun, and I want to go back next year.
                                                                                                                              By: Bree Ann

How did you celebrate your New Year’s Eve? I had a good New Year’s Eve at my moms in Wyoming! My mom grandma and I had
a New Year’s Eve party. Some of my mom’s friends from Brush, Colorado, came up to Weatland, Wyoming, to see us. When they
got there we played Texas Hold’Em. It was as fun as playing at a beach. The game is played by having 2 cards and try to win. The
best cards I’ve had is a 9-10 those cards made me win. For drinks, I had cherry Shirly Temples. They were as good as ice cream. We
also played the Wii for something fun to do, however it did get boring after a while. We all played Mario Cart, Wii Sport. On Mario
Cart there were noises like “Errch”! “Beep Beep”! We had a competition on baseball with loud noises of “Wam”! “pow”! “Strike”! I
had a great New Year’s Eve!!!!!
                                                                                                                       By: Brooklyn

Guess what I did over Christmas vacation? I went roller skating at a rink on Sunday after Christmas which was my first time. It was
hard at first, although it got easier by the end. It was a little loud in there with all the swishing and whooshing. It was fun but the
roller skates felt different. It felt like there was nothing on my feet. Also they had games at the rink. The first game was the limbo
game. The second game was when the music stopped you would freeze. The third game was the hokey poke game. Roller skating
was as fun as basketball. Therefore that was my favorite activity.   By Cody

What do you like to do at Christmas? On Christmas morning we opened presents from family. The presents were as high as a little
giraffe. Next a friend called. Ring! Ring!, and wanted me to come over and play on her Wii with her. A Wii is what you motion with
your body. It was great. We also made a Mic which is a mini person on the Wii, that you make for your game player. You make the
body and everything else. Then, I went home and listened to my favrite band, the Jonas Brothers. I got lots of presents. I also had fun
opening gifts. Therefore, I had a super Christmas! By: Tailyn

What did you do for Christmas? I went to Granny’s house for a party on the Saturday after Christmas. As Granny’s house I played
tag on the bales. Before we started playing tag Micah got hurt. Dakota, Faith, Frankie, Matthew and I started to play. In the middle of
the game, Faith and Matthew ditched us. Frankie and I chased them down the road as fast as a rabbit but couldn't catch up. Meme
came to look for us. She caught up with us and the car horn went beep, beep. She told us to go back to the house. On the way back,
Matthew and Faith caught up so Frankie and I played dead in the middle of the road. When Matthew and Faith saw us Matthew
asked “is that Morgan and Frankie?” Then we popped up and started to laugh. Therefore, I had a great Christmas break.
                                                                                                           By: Morgan

What did you do for Christmas break? Most of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and I drove to my grandma’s house for New Year’s Eve.
First we all ate dinner which seemed as big as my horse! Then we all opened presents. We got presents such as lego, footballs, bas-
ketballs, books and so much more. We played with our toys and games for a long time until we got tired. Then we watched the call
drop in New York on T.V. For this reason we rang a bell-ding ding ding and made a lot of noise to bring in the new year. Finally we
played Pente, a board game, which we played for a very long time. Therefore I had a lot of fun New Year’s Eve.
                                                                                                           By: Brett

How was your New Year’s Eve? I had a very fun New Year’s Eve. I celebrated it at my house. The Halls and the Ellises cam. All of
the grown ups played board games while all of the kids played in the basement. We played with our big balls downstairs. All of us
would kick the balls at each other. We were as noisy as a herd of elephants coming. However we also played cops and robbers. Troy
Bowman, and I played Wii. All of us took turns boxing by grabbing the two controllers and acting like you are punching each other.
It was very fun. Since we were boxing we made a Mii. A Mii is a person that you make on the Wii. To make a Mii you pick all of the
body parts. After a while all of us got tired of playing boxing so we played bowling. Instead of having two controllers yo only have
one. You act like you are bowling in real life. We all got a few strikes and spares. Meanwhile all of the girls except Bay were out-
side. Later the girls came inside, and we celabrated. “Yea! Yea! Happy New Year!” Therefore we stayed up late and had a lot of fun.
                                                                                                              By: Bret
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        Winter is the best season of the year. I play in the snow; I make lots of snow houses. Snow is fun to
play in, I could make different things. I love playing in snow so much.        By Paige

         Winter is my very favorite time of year. Winter can be fun to build snowmen in the snow. You can
build a snowman with a big, medium, and a small snowball. Winter is fun for sledding too. You just get a sled
and a four wheeler and go out and sled and try to stay on the sled and try to stay on the sled around turns, win-
ter is fun for all my family! By Micah

        Winter is my favorite time of the year. I will build four snowmen. There will be a family of snowmen. I
will have a snowball fight. I can build a wall so I won’t get hurt, I love winter days a lot! By Jessica

        My favorite season of the year is winter! I like winter because you can have snowball fights with
friends and family! Before you start a snow ball fight you have to build a fort. You can also go sledding. But
you need a big hill covered in snow and a sled. That’s why winter is my favorite season of the year!
By Baylee

        Winter is my favorite season. I like sledding in the snow. I like sledding on devils hill by Springfield. I
like to have a snowball fight. I play with my mom, dad and brothers. They throw the balls hard. I like snow
and winter a lot!    By Dustin

     I think winter is a fun season. I like to play in the snow. I have snowball fights with my friends. The
snowmen have to have a hat, a nose, eyes, and a mouth winter is a nice season.           By Laura

        I hate winter because I have to do extra work at my house. I feed my cows cake. I do my chores. I have
to put on extra clothes. We feed them hay. I wear cover alls, gloves, hat, and boots. I don’t like winter at all!
By: Alisse
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Valentines Jokes and Riddles

What did the stamp say to the envelope?

What is a ram's favorite song?

What travels around the world but stays in one corner?

What does an envelope say when you lick it?

What happens when you fall in love with a French chef?

If your Aunt ran off to get married, what would you call her?

What is the difference between a girl who is sick of her boyfriend
and a sailor who falls into the ocean?

Knock Knock
who’s there?

Knock Knock
who’s there?
Page 10                                                          VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

•   What is your name?
ο   Fancy Mayo
ο   What grade are you in?
ο   6th Grade
ο   Do you have any siblings?
ο   Yes, a brother—Hutch
ο   Do you like Pritchett so far?
ο   Yes
ο   What’s your favorite color?
ο   Lime Green
ο   What’s your favorite food?
ο   Salad
ο   What’s your favorite thing to do?
ο   Hang out with Shelby & Christina
ο   What’s your favorite TV show?
ο   Secret Life of an American Teenager
ο   What’s your favorite cartoon character?
ο   Tom off of Tom & Jerry
ο   What’s your favorite drink?
ο   Sprite or Pepsi

                                              Which sport do you like the best?

                                              Soccer     2
                                                2               Football
                                         Volleyball               11                    Football
                                             8                                          Basketball

Page 11                         VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

          $ 2.50 Each
          $ 14.00 - 1/2 Dozen
          $ 27.50 - Dozen
          You Can Contact
          Junior Class or
          Mrs. Jessica
Page 12                                                        VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1

High School Boys Patriot Basketball
By: Trenton
   The high school boys      to Syracuse, KS to play     Baca Patriot boys. Both
basketball team did good     S yr acuse C hr ist ia n    teams played hard and
the last month. We trav-     Academy and got beat        South Baca came out on
eled to McClave on the       once again.                 top with a victory. The
thirteenth, and the jv               The homecom-        next game was at Syra-
and varsity both got beat.   ing games were great -      cuse where the JV and
We also traveled to          the varsity boys beat Des   Varsity both played. The
Holly the sixteenth. The     Moines. The boys held a     boys fought as hard as
jv got beat and the var-     game at Campo against       they could and both
sity gave the crowd a        Walsh on the twenty-        teams came up short of a
very good performance        fourth with a victory.      win. We are now prepar-
with a double over time      Then Syracuse Christian     ing for the upcoming
which ended with a dis-      came to Pritchett with a    games against Eads and
appointing loss of two       loss. Wiley was the next    Kim.
points. The jv boys went     opponent for the South

JH Boys Patriot Basketball
This year’s basketball       lost more than we won.  out to play, in the first
season was awesome. I                                half. I made new
                             By Mathew
was on the A team, and                               friends from all kinds
was a starter. My high-         The basketball sea- of schools that we
est points in a game         son was fun. Are played. We got third
were 21 points at            coaches were Mark place in the district
Pritchett. We had 2          Crane and Sebastian. tournament. We won
                             We lost a lot of games
games at Pritchett                                   are last game at home.
                             but, we won a lot too.
against Wiley and Des        We lost in close games          By Rhett
Moines, we beat them         that made us better in
both. The co-op was          the end. Springfield
fun this year I made a       were the toughest team
lot of new friends. I        we played, but never
think I learned a lot
                                    The bad times
this year on how to
                             were when we didn’t
play ball. I am hoping
                             have all are teammates.
to play ball next year.
                             Other bad times are
This was an awesome
                             when we didn’t come
season even though we
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     February Breakfast
     Sun        Mon          Tue                     Wed                      Thu                      Fri                  Sat
1          2          3                       4                        5                       6                       7
                      Cereal, Malt-o-meal,    Cereal, Scrambled        Cereal, Bagel, Cream    Cereal, French Toast
                      Toast, Peanut Butter,   Eggs, Toast, Sausage,    Cheese, Apple Sauce,    Sticks, Bacon, Fruit
                      Sausage, Peaches,       Peaches, Milk &          Milk & Juice            Cocktail, Milk &
                      Milk & Juice            Juice                                            Juice
8          9          10                      11                       12                      13                      14
                      Cereal, Oatmeal,        Cereal, Breakfast        Cereal, Biscuits &      Cereal, Long Johns,
                      Toast, Peanut Butter,   Burritos, Salsa, Pine-   Gravy, Strawberries,    Yogurt/Granola, Milk
                      Peaches, Milk & Juice   apple, Milk & Juice      Milk & Juice            & Juice
15         16         17                      18                       19                      20                      21
                      Cereal, Pancakes,       Cereal, Toast, Yogurt/   Cereal, English Muf-    Cereal, Scrambled
                      Ham Slices, Cheese      Granola, Milk &          fin, Sausage Pattie,    Eggs, Toast, Pears,
                      Chunks, Milk & Juice    Juice                    Tropical Fruit, Milk    Milk Juice
                                                                       & Juice
22         23         24                      25                       26                      27                      28
                      Cereal, Waffles, Ba-    Cereal, Toast, Yogurt/   Cereal, Breakfast       Cereal, Sausage, Bis-
                      con, Bananas, Milk &    Granola, Milk &          Burritos, Cheese        cuits, Cheese Chunks,
                      Juice                   Juice                    Sticks, Strawberries,   Pears, Milk & Juice
                                                                       Milk & Cheese
           February Lunches
     Sun         Mon           Tue                     Wed                     Thu                      Fri                 Sat
1           2          3                        4                       5                       6                      7
                       Chicken Nuggets, Mac     Lasagna, Salad, Gar-    Hot Dogs, Baked         Hamburger & Fixins,
                       & Cheese, Green          lic Toast, Pudding,     Beans, Chips, Fruit,    Ranch Fries, Jello &
                       Beans, Fruit, Milk or    Milk or Juice           milk & juice            Topping, Milk &
                       Juice.                                                                   Juice
8           9          10                       11                      12                      13                     14
                       Steak Fingers, Fries,    Tuna Casserole,         Stew & Crackers,        Ham Sandwich, With
                       Mixed Vegetables,        Salad, Corn, Fruit,     Cheese Chunks,          Fixins, Tator tots,
                       Fruit, Milk & Juice      Milk & Juice            Cookies, Fruit, Milk    Fruit, Milk & Juice
                                                                        & Juice
15          16         17                       18                      19                      20                     21
                       Sloppy Joes, Fries,      Super Nachos, Salad,    Chef Salad Bowls,       Corn Dogs, Nacho
                       Brownies, Cheese         Fruit, Milk & juice     Cottage Cheese, Pine-   Cheese with Chips,
                       Sticks, Fruit, Milk &                            apple, Milk & Juice     Green Beans, Fruit,
                       Juice                                                                    Milk & Juice
22          23         24                       25                      26                    27                       28
                       Turkey Salad Sand-       Ham & Beans, Corn       Pork Roast, Scalloped Chili Dogs, Fries,
                       wich, Chips, Carrots/    Bread, Tator tots,      Potatoes, Corn-on-the Fruit, Milk & Juice
                       Celery, Fruits, Milk &   Cheese Chunks, Fruit,   –cob Fruit, Milk &
                       Juice                    Milk & juice            Juice
                     February 2009
      Sun                 Mon                   Tue                   Wed                     Thu                  Fri                   Sat
1                   2                  3                        4                      5                    6                     7
                    HS Boys JV Tourney HS BB @ Syracuse         P/T Conferences Dis-   HS Boys JV Tourney   KB @ McClave 8:30
                    @ Campo/Pritchett  3:45 pm                  miss @ 2:30 pm         @ Vilas 3:00 pm      pm
                    3:00 pm
8                   9                     10                    11                     12                   13                    14
                    HS Girls JV Tourney                         District FFA Degree    HS BB w/Eads @       HS BB @ Kim 5:00      HSG @ Plainview
                    @ Campo/Pritchett                           Review @ Wiley 9:30    Pritchett 4:00 pm    pm                    4:00\
                    3:00 pm                                     am                                                                4-H Rec-Ball Tourney
15                  16                    17                    18                     19                   20                    21
National FFA Week                                               FFA Oyster Fry 6:00                         HS BB @ Springfield
Begins                                    HS BB @ Rolla, KS                                                 5:00 pm
                                                                Sports Pictures @
                                                                Vilas—1:30 pm
22                  23                    24                    25                     26                   27                    28
                                          District BB @ LCC     District FFA Leader-                        District BB @ LCC     District BB @LCC
                                          Wellness Center TBA   ship @ Springfield                          Wellness Center TBA   Wellness Center TBA
                                                                9:30 am
                 March 2009
     Sun        Mon         Tue                 Wed                     Thu                    Fri                   Sat
1          2          3                  4                     5                        6                     7
                                         Regional Science Fair                          End of 3rd Quarter    HS BB Regional
                                         District FFA Ag-                               HS BB Regional        Tournament—TBA
                                         Mechanics @ Pritch-                            Tournament—TBA
                                         ett—9:30 am
8          9          10                 11                       12                    13                    14
                                         District FFA Parli-      State BB Tournament   State BB Tournament   State BB Tournament
                                         pro/ Officer Election/
                                         Star Awards @ Wiley
                                         6:00 pm
15         16         17                 18                       19                    20                    21
                      No School—Spring
22         23         24                 25                       26                    27                    28
                      School Resumes                                                    JH Track @ Spring-    HS Track @ Lamar—
                      HS Track @ Yuma                                                   field—12:30 pm        9:00 am
29         30         31
                      HS Track @ Trib-
                      une—2:00 pm

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