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					                                Sacred Heart Primary School, Mildura
                               A Catholic School of the Sacred Heart Parish
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                                                                                                         OSHC Central
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  Dates: 2010
  Mon 22 – Seniors – Open Water          Dear School Families and Friends,
  Learning Experience,                   Greetings and welcome to this weeks news.
  Staff CPR Update – following           Thanks to everyone who ventured out for our first whole school picnic last
  school dismissal.                      Thursday evening. Thankfully the weather cooled slightly and provided for a
  Tues 23 – SPSSA tennis
  championships – Good Luck
                                         wonderful opportunity to catch up, reconnect and welcome new families to
  Fri 26 – Barramunga Assembly –         our school community. We hope this initiative grows yearly strengthening our
  note time change 12.45 pm              bonds, partnerships and communication. A hearty congratulations to all who
                                         organized and provided the BBQ. In a similar vien, thanks to everyone who
supported our P & F 2010 grape picking venture. Again a great opportunity to catch up while fundraising. Our thanks
to the Zalec’s for hosting us and Danielle Mazzini and Vince Muscatello for lunch and drinks organization.
Saturday evening was again another moment for great pride and pleasure for us as our staff, together with St Josephs
and St Paul’s being presented, commissioned and blessed for our ministeries in Catholic education for the coming
school year.
Information and interview sessions continue. We hope the two way communication being shared compliments the
learning, teaching and connecting that occurs throughout the course of the year. Today we celebrated as a whole
school, the beginning of Lent, with Ash Wednesday Mass. We now prepare, reflect and pray as we look forward to
Easter and the risen Lord.
Contrary to media reports Sacred Heart does not permit children bringing mobile phones to school. Exceptional
circumstance situations are considered on an individual basis with mobile phones being held, in these instances at the
school office.
A reminder about the role of our school crossing supervisor. These people are there to ensure the safety of those using
the crossing and behavior/actions of those around the crossing. Please ensure you are acting within the law as a fine in
the mail is not pleasant!
Tomorrow and Friday I look forward to gathering with regional principals to receive updates, reports and relevant
learnings that affect school operations. Monday (22), staff will be updating their CPR understandings and skills
immediately following school. Just a friendly reminder, that the office is officially open at 8.30am each morning.

God Bless,

Greg Lane

Ash Wednesday/Lent: Today is Ash Wednesday. This morning we attended a school/parish Mass. Ash Wednesday
marks the beginning of the Church’s season of Lent, a time of preparation leading up to Easter. Today we were
marked with a cross of ashes to remind us to live the way Jesus wants. Lent is a special time for ‘new beginnings’,
when God invites us to go without so that others may have a fair share. By doing this, we are working towards a fairer
world for all. It is about changing ourselves, trying to do good things and thinking more of others.
Coming home with today’s newsletter is a Caritas (The Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development)
Australia Project Compassion 2010 box. The theme this year is ‘Blueprint for a better world’ and is inspired by the
Millennium Development Goals. Also known as the MDGs, they are eight life-changing goals to halve world poverty
by 2015. With 1 billion people still living in extreme poverty, we must become aware of the sufferings of humanity,
and put our compassion and faith into action. All donations are tax deductible and will make a big change to people
living in poverty throughout the world.
“Through our Lenten journey, may we grow to become the goodness of God, by opening our hearts to the grace of
God’s own Spirit.” Many Thanks Chris
Education Maintenance Allowance – This is an allowance paid by the Government to assist families to meet the
education needs of your child/ren. To be eligible for this allowance you must hold a current Health Care card or
Pension card, which is valid as at the first day of Term 1 (27/01/2010). EMA claim forms are available from the
office; these must be returned to school no later than Friday 26th February. PLEASE NOTE NO LATE CLAIMS
WILL BE ACCEPTED. Conveyance Allowance – This allowance is paid to families who reside more than 4.8km
from school (one way) and attend their closest Catholic school. If you live closer to another Catholic school you will
not be eligible for this allowance. A new application form must be completed and returned to the school no later than

No report this week

Last Friday your child brought home a note asking parents to cover the children’s workbooks in clear contact over the
weekend and return them to school. Many thanks to those parents who have already done this ‘fun’ but ‘very
frustrating’ job!! If you have not had a chance to cover your child’s 5 books (4 big & 1 little) please organise to take
them home this weekend.
Our Prep Parent Information Meeting will be held on Monday 1st March at 6.30pm in Wahroonga. All parents are
encouraged to attend as we will be discussing lots of different things including ‘I Can/Share’ books, diary entries,
Show & Tell ideas and Class Captain voting procedures. We look forward to seeing as many parents as possible on
this night.
We are slowly getting our very special, new ‘playroom’ organised and everyone (both children and teachers!) are very
excited about the experiences and activities we will be able to do with this extra space. If you haven’t been in to visit
yet, come and look at the photo display taken of the children at the ‘Family Picnic’ down at JayCee Park last week.
Everyone who attended seemed to have a wonderful time playing and talking with their friends.
Thanks Miss Chris & Miss Katrina

We are looking forward to the Interviews with the parents of the Junior Unit children today and tomorrow. We hope
to find out lots of information that will assist us with planning activities that will be appropriate for the learning needs
and interests of the children. Thank you to those parents who laboured last weekend with covering books. If you were
unable to have them covered, the children still need to bring them to school as we work in them regularly each day.

Welcome to this weeks newsletter. A gentle reminder that we need all middle unit children to have all books covered
and equipment named before next week. Also a reminder to those parents who have interviews this week to come at
your allocated time and we will endeavour to keep to the timetable. Thank you to those parents who came last week, it
was great to catch up with you and get to know the children better.

Thank-you to all the parents who came along last night to our information session. We hope the information provided
was valuable. Today we had our speeches and voting for house and school captain positions. We intend at this stage to
announce the successful candidates at assembly next Friday, 26th February. Parents will be notified in advance.

Not long to go now. Tickets are on sale. Please call into the office and purchase your tickets. Cash or cheque
only (Cheques to be made out to the Sacred Heart Parents and Friends). It doesn’t matter whether you
need 2 tickets or 6 tickets. Please get in early to avoid disappointment. It is going to be a fantastic
Ladies, if you are looking for a formal gown for the evening, please call in to Q Central. Anyone
attending the Sacred Heart Crystal Ball will receive a 10% discount off their purchase.
Sponsors- your tickets are available. I will contact you shortly to arrange for payment.

Thank you
Vince Muscatello
On behalf of the Major Events Fundraising Committee
Signposts is for parents of children, adolescents and adults who have an intellectual disability. You learn positive ways
to manage difficult behavior before serious problems develop.
Anyone interested please find the details on the office noticeboard.

Welcome to our first ever Bakugan Club. We are very happy that its running. It will be on every day all Recess and
Lunch. We are asking for new members if you want to join please see Jack Perry near prep rooms or if you can'find
him you can meet him at Kyema. If you don'have Bakugan you can still be in the club and if you do have Bakugan
please bring them, but if not we will give you some to use. There are going to be tournaments on Thursdays and
Thank You
From Mat, Jai and Seth

Sacred Heart Playgroup has recommenced for 2010. If you have any children aged between 0 to 5 years old and
looking for a fun outing together you are most welcome to come and join us. Vacancies are available Wednesday
mornings from 9.30am to 11am. Any enquiries please phone Heather Penna on 50233853 or Louise Higgins on

Mildura Rural City Council has contacted the school to advise parents that enforcement officers will be visiting the
school over the next month to issue fines to offending drivers. Periodic visits will then follow to ensure compliance.

If you are aged 7 – 12 years and would like to play hockey, please check on the noticeboard in the office for
registration times.

Thur 25th February 2010
Ladies: Chelsea Diana, Tamara Copley, Jodie Stockman (e)
Men: Damien Darcy, Shane Noonan , 9.30pm Rob Harrison
(If unavailable to make your duty, please phone Jackie (0415703403)
Included with newsletter:
School Parking stickers
Caritas flyer
Caritas Project Compassion Box
Our Lenten Journey
Office notice board:
Signposts for building better behavior
Hook into Hockey

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