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					2   December 24, 2009                                                                                                2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                            

     B.H. Tharrington Primary School        Dear Santa                                     Dear Santa                                   Dear Santa Claus,                      like the color red? How's your pet rain             3.      a Ipod
        Mrs. Goins and Mrs.Jones            ACPTRA                                         I would like A DS, And Iags                  Please bring me                        dear? How much ice is there? I want a               4.      PSP
              Kindergarten                  THIS CHRISTNAS.                                LovE E Autumn                                Bow alorm                              DS & the game Styel Savvy and                       5.      a mp3 plarr
                                            Madison Mosley                                                                              DS                                     princesse dress. Love you.                          6.      Dsi with all of the games
     Dear Santa,                            Dear Santa                                     Dear Santa,                                  ICarly Pam                                  Love, Tahtiyana Mason                          7.      Junie B., First Grader Boss
     I want a BRb                           I would like a This Christmas                  I would likea van aL uBox, a Dog             Love,                                                                                  of Lunch
     Love                                   Tavian Jessup                                  Love                                         Hollie                                     Dear Santa,                                     Love,
     Tq2mino                                                                               Jess                                                                                    Could I rid on your sla to your nrth            Chelsi Bennett
                                            Dear Santa                                                                                  Dear Santa Claus,                      pole? Can I hav a PSP and a DSi and
     Dear Santa,                            I WOUL ike a APcWCWgtrgt                    Dear Santa,                                     Please bring me                        Xbox 360? How is rodof? How is the                  Dear Santa,
     I wanta drum                           this Christmas.                             I would LIke a DS, a IS Qim MRc a               ATrP TKM GAM                           uthr animals?                                       How is Rudolph? I wut to see you. I
     Love Hagen                             Brooks Sizemore                          PoP anD pie                                        Love,                                      Love, Jacob Robbins                         haf ben good. Thes is whht I wut for
                                                                                        Loev Devyn                                      Franklin                                                                               Christmas!
     Dear Santa,                            Emily BBi Narc Santa                                                                                                                   Dear Santa,                                     1.     Junie B., First Grader
     I want antDDSI                         Emily Sawyers                               Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa Claus,                          Is it cold at the north pole? I want a      Boo…and I MEAN IT!
     Love Lihpzee                                                                       I would like a FlaG, a drum, a blanket          Please bring me                        go-cort and a DS and a grate dikscovre              2.     a fone
                                            Dear Santa                               and train                                          a BK, a ds gFmydas and kmnt.           and rockband. Thank you.                            3.     a we
     Dear Santa,                             i would lcke a l I MMINM fopchrist-        love Reece                                      Love,                                      Love, Blake Fulk                                Love,
     I wanta cr.                         maas                                                                                           Eve Bodnar                                                                                 Aaron Sanchez
     Love Dillon                            aiMOMIMMNTOC                                Dear Santa,                                                                                  Dear Santa,
                                            Nazrel Bell                                 I would likeadog, anD a phone,               Dear Santa Claus,                               Can you bring me a thaing from the            Dear Santa,
     Dear.S Santa,                                                                   anDa DS, anD a cehMr, anDaSlepy                 Please bring me akrokET and an            nrth-pol? Can I have a PSP and a go-                Haow is your reindeer? I wot to see
     I want a Crs                           Dear Santa                               Bag.                                         rmEman                                       car and a pet lezred and Buck Huntr and         you Santa. Ive been good every day.
     Love Germaine                          I Drm BS                                    LovE Emilee                                  n                                         a little playhawse?                             Thise is wut I wot.
                                            Katrina Gainey                                                                           Love,                                           Love, William Mayfield                        1.      a Ipod
     Dear. sata                                                                          DeaR Santa                                  Yahir Cabrera                                                                                 2.      a fone
     I want a DoL                            B.H. Tharrington Primary School             I would Like D DS, BRB ca R, DnD                                                         Dear Santa,                                      3.      Junie B., First Grader
     Love Vicotoria                            Mrs. Shelton and Mrs.Judd             anIeoD                                           Dear Santa Claus,                           How are the elfs? I wish I could             Boo…and I MEAN IT!
                                                      Kindergarten                       Love, Anne                                   Please bring me a rmotcol Dino and       have a wii. I love you Santa. You are the           Love,
     Dear Sant,                                                                                                                   cras culin Books.                            best. xoxoxo                                        Erika Rodriguez
     I Want a SDRAS                         Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa                                   Love,                                       Love, Lynlee Dollyhite
     McLove                                 Chr                                          I would like a pupe, a for2aDS, aad          Morgan Hiatt                                                                                 Dear Santa,
     Michele                                For ChistmasI would like BenTinTa 4      brde Love Kylie                                                                               Dear Santa,                                     How are the elfs? How aer the
                                            Fishing Pool                                                                                B.H. Tharrington Primary School            Can I ride on your slaye win Christ-        randirs? I hav bin good all yir. I wil fix
     bear santa,                            Love William F.                             Dear Santa                                        Mrs. Creech and Mrs. Rowe            mas cums? And I want this for Christ-           kooks and milk for you. You are nis.
     I want a ps                                                                        I woutd like a BrBy, KAPR, a fon And                     Kindergarten                  mas - a DS and a DSi and a nrf gun and          This is wat I want.
     Love,                                  Dear Santo,                              Dog, Iremk, kan                                                                           a wii.                                              1.       redeo
     Noah                                   For Christmas I woulD like a trans-         Love Ellie                                      Dear Santa,                                Love, Isaac Washington                          2.       Junie B., First Grader
                                         fomtruck and a pokracket.                                                                      I WDLic a walkietalkie                                                                     3.       a swim to me pupe
     Dear Santa,                            Love Harley                                    Dear Santa                                   Love                                      Dear Santa,                                      Love,
     I want a trPLen                                                                       I would like A Ds, A Fags, and PuaPe         Ben Heath                                 How are the reindeer? I want a                   Haley Floyd
     Love                                    Dear Santa                                    mercedes                                                                            Borbe dol and mak-up and nekles and a
     Sofia                                   For Christmas I would like creys; and                                                      Dear Santa,                            dog and a pocitbok.                                 Dear Santa,
                                         two Book; pixol; biecar                        Dear Santa                                      I WoDLic a bicycle.                       Love, Jessica Wall                               Duw you lik choklat with kukes? I
     Dear Santa,                             love Janette                               I would like, a sef fon, Legos, aweue-          Love Maggie Robertson                                                                  luve Santa. I wuz gud today. This is wut
     I want a m p 3                                                                  ANd BurgruBidur.                                                                             Dear Santa,                                  I wunt.
     Love Mason                              Dear Santa,                                Love Brett                                      Dear Santa                                How is rodof? I want a PSP. I want               1.      Brbe
                                             I woul like a pocket rocket, apos                                                          I Trns                                 a DS. I love you.                                   2.      slip and slid
     Dear santa,                         transformertruck four wheeler                     Dear Sant a,                                 Braeden Cecil                             Love, Daniel Glidewell                           3.      kpdr
     I want a DIW                            Love,                                         I would like abik, a vido gam, and                                                                                                      Love,
     Love Kaence                             BrAby                                         love Nicholas Penn                         Crawling baby, Dear Santa, I Wood           Dear Santa,                                      Caitlyn Smith
                                                                                                                                  Like a Crawlibaby.                              Can I ride on your slaye plese? And
     Dear Santa                              Ders Zbntb                                    B.H. Tharrington Primary School            Love Jessica Sawyers                     can I have a PSP and a DSi and a DS                 Dear Santa,
     I want a HannaH                         For ChrisztmpsI woulblike a Borbibc-                     Olga Joyce                                                               and a Xbox and a Xbox360.                           Haow are your reindeer doing? Are
     Motahmtana Doll                     by, and a bikE.                                            Kindergarten                        Dear Santa                                Love, Harley Rankin                          you redy to take off? I wish I cen go to
     Love                                    Love,                                                                                      I Wood Lica GI Joe                                                                     the north pole. I have been good to my
     Grey                                    Emily                                         Dear Santa Claus,                            Love                                        Dear Santa,                                brother. This is wat I wat four Chrismas.
                                                                                           Please bring me                              Jackson Ferris                              Why do you eat so miney cookys?                1.      bokorgons
     Dear Santa                              Dear Santa,                                   a ihbakrdeon                                                                        Santa I want for Chrismis is Bity Baby              2.      casrmen
     Iwant a wii                             For Christmas I, would like a BarToy,         a nd a strobrestca                           Phone Deor Santa,                      stuff. And Hiye School Muoos cool stuf              3.      rmymen
     Love, William                       fourwheeler, Pixo and a, BarbieCar,               Has Babe dol mesra names                     I woo a Like Phone                     to. And fluffy bears. And a hol lot of stuff!       4.      creis
                                             Love Angalee,                                 Potato Hed                                   Love,                                       Love, Elizabeth Dorsett                        5.      creis with eye
     Dear. santa,                                                                          Love,                                        Jimena Rodriguez                                                                           6.      cubrtr games
     I wanta a scebod                        DeaR SaNta                                    Rachael Haynes                                                                          Dear Santa,                                     Love,
     Love Peter                              For CHRistmasI wouldi like fisHirg                                                         Dear Santa,                                Wiye do you eat so much cookys? I               Drew Robertson
                                         pole pixo fouR wHeeleR                            Dear Santa Claus,                            I Wood LIC SRat edoard                 want a wii and a rely saft bear and a rely
     Dear Santa,                             Love, Wade                                    Please bring me                              Martin Cooke                           sparkuly pokitbook and a rely saft cote. I          Dear Santa,
     I want a Moxgril                                                                      A CPr                                                                               love you Santa.                                     Do you like millek? I wish you wud
     Love Oliyia                             Der Santa                                     trmPLn                                       Dear Santa, ubodI I Wood mald On-          Love, Morgan Clifton                        come to my home. I hope you can go
                                             For Christmas I would like pixo, Bar-         Gutr                                   ado                                                                                          ovr my home. I have bin good. Here is
     Dear Santon,                        bar, and a doG,                                   uno crDS                                     Love,                                      Dear Santa,                                 whot I want.
     I wanta obb.                            Love                                          Love,                                        Lizbeth                                    How is rodofe? I want for Christmas             1.      Junie B. Jones book
     Love Emaill                             crystAl                                       Zuheilie                                                                            a polar express set. And James at Boul-             2.      cel fone
                                                                                                                                        Dear Santa,                            der mountain. And victor. And Kevin.                Love,
     Dear Santa,                            Dear santa                                   Dear Santa Claus,                              I WooD lIC                             And Breandham Docks. Merry Christ-                  Nazadia Bell
     I want a wii                           ForChristMasI wouldlikeb9sketball-           Please bring me A Trmpln and A ro-             Love                                   mas. Have a fun Christmas.
     Love,                               gool                                        Bot and A Car and BasBol Bat and Bol.              Caydence Murray                            Love, Adam Culler                              Dear Santa,
     Ethan                                  LoveLayne                                    Love,                                                                                                                                    What kind of cookes do you like?
                                                                                         Dale S Sandro-Raya                             Dear Santa,                                Dear Santa,                                 How are your reindeers? I have been
     Dear Santa,                            Dear Santa,                                                                                 I wood Like Sparking scootr                If I was a rele live prencess I wud         good thes year. This is wot I wont.
     I want at orr.                         For ChristMas I. would like. four              Dear Santa Claus,                            Love, Luke Leonard                     want to ride your slay to the north pole. I        1.       Junie B., First Grader One-
     Love TRAvis                         wheeler.                                          Please bring me                                                                     love the elfs. Thae make presnts. Wat           Man Band
                                            Love Matthew.                                  BASKETBUL GOL                                Dear Santa, BATMAN LaGo                do you make? I love Chrismis. I like to            2.       Junie B, First Grader Ship-
     Dear Santov                                                                           GRLaLRM                                      Love,                                  have a toy hause, a toy baby, a toy             Wrecked
     I wantaipot.                           Dear santa,                                    BiC                                          Nathan Martin                          maose, a brbe toy, a plaey hause, a                I love you.
     Love sara                              ForcristmasI Wouldl ike Pexo                   LUMPULEN                                                                            plane toy, and a play braselit.                    Love,
                                            Love                                           Love,                                        Dear Santa                                 Love, Amelia Boyer                             Keith Penn
     B.H. Tharrington Primary School        Macey                                          Eli Morrison                                 nostebL Jolpeses scudre bobbedoz
                 Mr. Taylor                                                                                                             LUV                                        Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,
              Kindergarten                   DearSantra                                    Dear Santa Claus,                            Libby Presnell                             How ar you doing Santa? How is                 Are your toys retiy? Howe is
                                             ForChristmasI would Iike Bike. . Bar-         Please bring me                                                                     Mis Clos? If you donte mined I wod like         Rudolph? Do you like chlocit milke?
                                         biecar, and a Barbiedoll. a                       a Hase and a Dol and a hat and a             Dear Santa,                            a transformer and the game Jack 3 and           You are cool. I have been a little notiy. I
     Dear                                                                            DS.
     SAntaIOWOULDL                           Love Dyswhnae                                                                              I Wood LK Barbie IWheele.              a car.                                          was good to day. This is what I want.
                                                                                           Love,                                        Natalie. Payne                             Love, Jacob Morgan                             1.      Junie B. Jones book
     Skylar Partia                           Dear Santa,                                   Catalina Estrada                                                                                                                       2.      Spung Bob DS game
                                             For Christmas I would like A Barbie                                                        Dear Santa,                                Dear Santa,                                    3.      Legos
     Dear Santa                          car And Pixo Barbie Doll                          Dear Santa Claus,                                                                                                                      4.      a Xbox 360
     IWouldLIKe a BE                         Love,                                         Please bring me                              I motorcmotycle                            Do you no what I wont for Crismis? I
     forckKrlstr                                                                                                                        Love,                                  want a Biskit dog for Crismis. I want a            Love,
                                             Celeste                                       tos, Kamofloj                                                                                                                          Amare Debnam
     Aspen Speaks                                                                          rom                                          Jacob Collins                          toy cat and a Brbe dol. Hey Santa, haw
                                             B.H. Tharrington Primary School               Love,                                                                               is Miss Clos? Haw is she feling - good r
     Dear santa                                                                                                                         Dear Santa,                            bad?                                                Dear Santa,
                                                    Rebekah Mosteller                      Caleb Gwyn                                                                                                                              What dus your reindeer eat? I have
     I would like a BH thischirstmas                  Kindergarten                                                                      I WOL Barbie Camper red                    Love, Dawn Beck
     Sydney Seagraves                                                                                                                   Love,                                                                                  bin a good boy. Here is what I want.
                                                                                          Dear Santa Claus,                                                                                                                        1.      Nitido DS
                                            Dear Santa                                    Please bring me A repugicp in lego            Emma Hawks                                 Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                                                   I wnt prsns and a Kmes tre. I wnt               2.      Spunge Bob vide game
     Dea Santa                              I would Likea DaLL haow, aI Po-          grllrm bebgun                                                                                                                                 3.      Junie B. Jones book
     I woud Chischris Booty              Dandfon.                                         Love,                                         Dear Santa, I wooD LC *(P.S.P.)        costooms like a wite skeltin or a spidr. I
                                                                                                                                        Brandon Osorne                         wnt a rbot. How r you?                              Love,
     Ashley Padilla                         Love Mackenzie                                Zeb Stroup                                                                                                                               Hunter Billings
                                                                                                                                                                                   Love, Caleb Marion
     Dear Sahta                             Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa Claus,                            Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                        I WooD Lac Transformers                    Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,
     I would like a Pomormtto               I would like, A FORDS, BAt, Love               Please bring me                                                                                                                          Do you know every kids name San-
     James Armbrister                       Gracie                                         WE, Gutr hero                                Angel Rivera                               How is Rudof? How r ol the rander?
                                                                                                                                                                               I want a DS, PSP, Xbox, and a bol.              ta? Do your reindeer fli ok? Is it cold at
                                                                                           Girl Alrm                                                                                                                           the north pole? I hav bin fentasckit this
     Dear Santa                             Dear Santa,                                    Love,                                        Dear Santa,                                Love, Mari Strickland
                                                                                                                                        I WooD LiC to the beach!                                                               yir. I want
     I would like a wad this Christmas      I would like a fan, aipod, a ndpupy            Joshua                                                                                                                                   1.      a DS
     Ethan Watson                           Weston                                                                                      Love America Alvarez                        B.H. Tharrington Primary School
                                                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Niston and Mrs. Johnson                   I luv Santa!
                                                                                         Dear Santa Claus,                                                                                                                          Luv,
     Dear Santa                             Dear Santa                                   Please bring me A cat Toy And A ds             B.H. Tharrington Primary School                        First Grade
                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Dawson and Mrs. Hiatt                                                                Brooklynn McAtee
     I would like a P this Christmas        I would like a ball mouce ing msher,     giruwlaf And A BALL.
     APCWCW9TR9T                         aNd DS                                          Love,                                                     First Grade                     Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
     Nicholas Isom                          LovE Will                                    Jennifer                                                                                  How many reindeer to you have?
                                                                                                                                       Dear Santa,                             I'm excited about Chrismas! I been good             How aer the ellfs? You aer cool! I
                                                                                                                                       How are the randears? Are thay          today! This is what I wood like.                have ben good. This is wat I wont for
                                                                                                                                  good? I want a PSP and sume DS                   1.       DS                                 Christmas.
                                                                                                                                  games and a dog and a playhaos and a             2.       a pictcher of you                      1.     a Xbox 360

     Tire & Automotive
                                                                                                                                  kitty that will be good.
                                                                                                                                       Love, Brooklyn Easter
                                                                                                                                      Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                      I want to eat cookie with milk and giv
                                                                                                                                  toys with you Santa. For me I want pre-
                                                                                                                                                                               Field Day
                                                                                                                                                                                            The Little Red Hen
                                                                                                                                                                                            Junie B. Jones is Captain

                                                                                                                                                                                   Saige Horton
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          a puppy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          a robot brothor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Mackinley Widener
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                  sesse Santa. A DSi, Hnna Mantna and              Dear Santa,                                      Do yor reindeer eat snowe? Do you

          Wishes You                                                                                                              Hnna Mantna grl bike, yo-yo, and a TV
                                                                                                                                  with pink.
                                                                                                                                      Love, Tanisha Rodriguez
                                                                                                                                                                                   Do your reindeer feel good? Im go-
                                                                                                                                                                               ing to poot out milk and cookies. I have
                                                                                                                                                                               ben good all year long. Hear is what I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               like choklt milk? Im going to put fod our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               for the reindeer. I wute to see you. I hav
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ben good this yir. I woud like these

                                                                                                                                                                               wont.                                           things for Christmas.
                                                                                                                                        Dear Santa,                                1.      a baby doll with a cairr                 1.      Junie B., First Grader
                                                                                                                                        What is in north-pole Santa? Do you        2.      a phone                             Cheater Pants

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    2.      DS                                   Dear Santu,                                  Dear Santa,                                     B.H. Tharrington Primary School                  Dear santa,                                  Dear Santa,
    Love,                                        How are you? This year I would lik a         I have been really good this year. For            Karen Hall and Debbie York                     please geme a psp                            I would like apup and a horsewep
    Luis Ratcliffe                           Big Dog Gams. Gutre Bikering                 Christmas I would like skateboard, wii,                        First Grade                           please gme a bicycle                     and a horse a babydol and a odpod and
                                                 Love Chaylyn                             and Bakugan, video games. Thank you                                                                  plese gme a cemes                        a peaer of shos and a swempool and a
    Dear Santa,                                                                           very much.                                         Dear Santa,                                       please gme a buc                         bathsot and I creon a rel lalptop and a
    Are you doing well? I love you. You         Dear Santa,                                   James                                          I have tried to be good all year. I want          love                                     sekfon a tooto
are very nice. I've been a bit naughty.         How are you? This year I would like                                                      to say thank you for all the things that              Denis Hernandez                              Love
Here is what I want for Crhistmas.           These Things a Baby aliv and Easy bac            Dear Santa,                                you gave me last year. And this year I                                                             Autum
    1.      Wii play                         and cat and Dog and ring and bere.               I have been really good this year. For     whil like a nontindo Ds and a nontindo               Dear Santa,
    2.      Junie B., First Grader Dumb         love Alexia                               Christmas I would like Ipod, white boot,       Ds game for my nontindo DS if I get one.             Please bring me a 2oo10                       Dear Santa,
Bunny                                                                                     camera and a Easy-bake oven with               A I whud like more casl men And more            Bobe.Please give me a now Ds. I have               I would like a wowey a live cube and
    3.      CD recorder                          Dear Santo,                              frosting pen. Thank you very much.             areme men ples And more ships plese             tried to be good all year.                     a alarm that will wack me up at seven a
    4.      Wii lego starwars                    I want a Presant sn clus is gun me       Love, Bailey                                       Love                                             Love,                                     cloce in the morning and a peney that
    Love,                                    merme doll maybehe gunt me a little                                                             Luke Robertson                                   Caitlin Jones                             movs for Chismas Thank you for every-
    Connor Lindsley                          dog.                                              Dear Santa,                                                                                                                              thing you done
                                                 Selena                                        I have been really good this year. For        Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                     love
   Dear Santa,                                   Deare Sant                               Christmas I would like phoneand I pod,             May I please have a gray hulk and a            I have trie to be good all year. I just         Emily Sher Jene Bateman
   Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! I                How are you today? This year I           wii and a rodot. Thank you very much.          green hulk that is the same sise as the         want under rmr shus!
have been a good boy. I want                 would like a SoSo pesJ moks gorols.               Love Ashley                               red Hulk. May I please also have a                 Love,                                          Dear Santa
   1.      a cool car                        prinssi and thefrog.s wiis. pla sety.                                                       wall.E computer game.                              Austin Eaton.                                  I would like for Christmas a puppy it
   2.      a new toy                             Love, Maggie                                 Dear Santa,                                    Love,                                          for Santa.                                  swim uderwater
   3.      computer                                                                           I have been really good this year. For         Reid Perry                                                                                    Love
   Love,                                         Dear Santa,                              Christmas I would like Nintendo DSi,                                                                 B.H. Tharrington Primary School             Emily J
   Austin Dutton                                 How are you? This yer I would like a     skateboard, I pod, and a Wii. Thank you           Dear Santa,                                         Leeann Kirby and Sheila Gwyn
                                             burkbag, bike, Dog, and shos.                Santa                                             I have tried to be good all year. I                           First Grade
    Dear Santa,                                  luv Eduardo                                  Love, Landen                               whish you can please get me a chewall. I                                                            B.H. Tharrington Primary School
    Do you have food for the reindeer? I                                                                                                 Love you. you are the best.                         Dear Santn,                                               Mrs. Bobbitt
love you Santa! I have bin good all this         Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa,                                   Love                                             I woutd like a Ds for Christmas. And                     Second Grade
yeer! This is what I want.                       How are you? This year I would like,         I have been really good this year. For        Jenny Cortes                                 a car and a Thansformers.
    1.      phone                            a Smaretbord and a Modrsicoce and a          Christmas I would like Ds, I pod grey and         I’m so excited it’s Christmas time               Love,                                          Dear Santa,
    2.      Junie B. Jones is not a          Play huse and a Rolrcostr.                   blue, brown boots and a camera.                again!                                              Corey                                          I want a phone, Mario game, Play
Crook                                            Love Jadyn                                   Thank you very much.                                                                                                                      Station2, and Lipstick. Could I have a
    3.      Wii games                                                                         Love                                            Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                computer? I want a Barbie game.
    4.      toy                                 Dear Santa,                                   Karla                                           I have tried to be good all year. I want       I would like a horsesadl wath a big
                                                                                                                                         to say thank you for the presents you                                                              Love, Brianna
    5.      stuff anumll                        How are you This year? I would like                                                                                                      grad for my big horse. I what a nif a dear
    6.      sprise                           Brbs.                                            Dear Santa,                                gave me last year. This year I hope you         I what a sadlorack for my ril hsal rol.
                                                                                                                                         will please bring me a DSi. I also would                                                            Dear Sant, I bin good and wod yuo
    Love,                                       Love                                          I have been really good this year. For                                                         Luv,                                       bing me trang even thomas trang I wod
    Redding Vaughn                              Jaqueline Zendejas                                                                       like a plate of cookies.
                                                                                          Christmas I would like a new skateboard             Love Abbi Jackson                              Bryson Anderson                            tak Aolg thomas Paly Seat thomas sall
                                                                                          and a Bakugan.                                                                                     Dear Santa,                                mill and a tak Aolg thomAs Paly Set raD
   Dear Santa,                                   Dear Sante                                   Thank you vevy much                           Dear Santa, I love you I hope that               I would like a desai for Christmas.        hs and I wod Lik to have a tak Aolg
   How are the elves? You are cool               How are you? This year I would like          love Hunter                                you bege a letino D.S Please u are the          And is Ms. Santa owe caey. I love Mrs.         thomas Paly Set thomas CoL Fach YoD
Santa. I have been good. This is what I      a toy Hal ers poter.                                                                        best and I want You to bege me Barbi            Santa and I love Ms. Santa. Thacks for         and a thomas Paly Set and a Pack Wok
want.                                            Love Carson                                  Dear Santa,                                   Love Katheryn Lachino                        everthack you did.                             of Hore and kevn the cran and addn trak.
   1.      Junie B. Jones Boo…and I                                                           I have been really good this year. For                                                         Love, Santa                                     Love, Austin
MEAN IT!                                        Dear Santa,                               Christmas I would like Bakugan, wolver-           Dear Santa,                                      name: Zariah Thompson
   2.      Xbox 360                             How are you this Year? I would like a     ine claws, I Pod, and DSi. thank you very         I have tried to be good all year I hope                                                         Dear Santa,
   3.      Nit at the Mzsem                  Chicken blast and a folwiler and a Big       much                                           you have a good year.                                Dear Sants,                                   I’ve been good. I really want a puppy
   Love,                                     buck Hunter pro and a Pelit Gun.                 Love Aidan                                    Love                                              I would like for christmas. A moder-      that needs a home.
   Noah Arnder                                  Love, Luke Kirkman                                                                          Tony Lor                                     sidl wiff four wills. And a fandamit. PS           Love,
                                                                                              Dear Santa,                                                                                Think you for the pranits                          Jaelyn
    B.H. Tharrington Primary School             Dear Santa,                                   I have been really good this year. For         Dear Sante,                                      Love,
    Mrs. Niland and Mrs. Easter                 How Are You? This year I like a Toy       Christmas I would kike a Nitendo De,               I have tried to be good all year. I              Cameron Moore                                 Dear Santa, I have ben BHTharring-
    First Grade                              ThaT is a Blaster ThaT lights.               Phone Baklgon games.                           please want a Ds game. love constence                                                          ton good. I wanta english saddle. A
                                                Love, Juan                                    thank you. Love, Logan B                   Carico                                                Dear Santa,                              horse show hoter. And a lug wip. A all
    Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                                                                I would like for Christmas. Zoozoo       about horses DS game. I want raindeer
    Can I have a Doll. Can I have a              Dear Santa,                                 Dear Santa, and                                  Dear Santa, I have tried to be good        pet                                            eres for Bella. I want raindeer Bells for
Turkey. Can I have a Inga.                       Hoiw are you this year? I wold like a       I have been really good This year.          all year. cen yuo bring me PSP.                       Love                                     Tiger. A want a lingreen ipod. I want a sin
    By, Cynthia                              Blue Bike, a easy bake ovne. I hope you      For Christmas I would like bike, Wii                Luf,                                             William                                  to hage on my door that seads if you like
                                             have room in your sleigh.                    Bakugan                                             Luis Tena                                                                                 Horses you can come in.
    Dear Santa,                                  Love,                                       Than you vevy much                                                                             Dear Santa,                                     Love, Ashtyn
    How are you doen in the North Pol?           Michaela Vargas                             Love,                                           Dear Santa,                                    I would like for Christmas. A ulive
I wot a Play Stachen 2. Than I wot 2                                                         Bryson                                          I have tried to be good all year can        puppy. And I would take rsposubelde.                Dear c, I have ben good Will you
games. Then I wot a Xbox.                        Dear Sant,                                                                              you bagme a wii ples and a ifon ples and        And I would clane her up. And I would          brang me a psp and a babby pitbull. plus
    Sayeed                                       Haw are you? This year I would like          Dear Santa,                                a camyra ples and a gintorples                  bey happy Theake you for averythag             I wont a forweeler and ice age3dvd. Sin-
                                             to have new ball and a new shose.                I have been really good this year. For         Love, Jazmin Barker                         you do.                                        sirly Donithan ps. have a happy chris-
     Dear Santa,                                 Love, Stephanie                          Christmas I would like boots a phone               I (heart) u!                                   Love,                                       mas.
     I have been great this year. I would                                                 Barbie dolls and a skate game. Thank                                                              Avery
like a DS game and a Coyte Pup and a            Dear Santa,                               you very much                                      Dear Santa,                                                                                    Dear Santa,
Kalander. Thank you Santa!                      How are you this year? I would like a         Love Nazonika Bell                             I hope you have a good year. please             Dear Santa                                     I want a car from Pimp My Ride with
     Love, Kaylan                            backcugon and alot uf it and a video                                                        please a 4 wheeler. and cookies.                    I woutd like for Christmas. Dsi Coutd      a pool in the trunk and I want a Michael
                                             gam for my gam sestim. Thank you.                Dear Santa I have been really good             Love Nahthanial Alexander                   I see ples                                     Jackson CD and a DJ Hero Jay-Z vs.
   Dear Santa,                                  Love, Joshua Tineco                       this year. for Christmas I would like                                                              Love,                                      Eimim and. a Mario and Sonic at the
   I wot a Xbox 360. Can your ders tac                                                    wolverine claws.                                   Dear Santa,                                     Daniel                                     Olympic winter games. and a puppy that
you to mi home? Are you feling good?             Dear Santa,                                  love Mason                                     I have e tried to be good all year. I           I will gave you cuoes! Thack you for       dosn’t have a home Pepa Res. Love:
   Luv, Jonathan                                 How are you? This year I would like                                                     Love But Please can You Bane a DS in a          the grat stufv you do. Hav a grat day.         Antwan
                                             A dog and a wii and Shoes and a Spake            Dear Santa,                                Bre hocme
    Dear Santa,                              skoter and 4 dogs. Love,                         I have been really good this year. for         Love Bethany Galloway                           Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa, I hope that you can get
    I have bene very good this yere.             Ahlaysia Murphy                          Christmas I would like. Wii wolverine                                                              I would like for Chrismtas. A zoozoo       me everything. Oh Santa I hope you
Maye I have a Pony Gerege. And maye                                                       claws phone Nintendo DS, Ipod and                 Dear Santa,                                  pets.                                          have a great day P.S. have a great day. I
I have a Necles. And maye I have a fle-                                                   Bakugon video games Love Justin                   I have tried to Be good all year.                Love,                                      want a guard dog patrol robot.
ing Pony.                                        Dear Santa
                                                 How are you? This year I would Like                                                        thag yon fon tos last yiru. But wud              Emma Grass Baker                              FROM Skylar
    Love yore fred, Ella                                                                      Dear Santa,                                yon gif me a psp. luva Caleb Ryan                   Loves Santa
                                             a psp and a vidogame, and a CD player,           I have been really good this year. For
    Dear Santa,                              and a scatbord and 8 books of Junie B.                                                                                                                                                         Dear Santa, I want a bildr baer wiht
                                                                                          Christmas I would like a littlest pet shop        Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,                                close and a puppy anda danse you no
    I wud like a Brbe and how is yow         Jones and 12 bakuguns.                       play set, Nintendo DS and an Ipod.                I have tried to be good all year. Can            I would like for Chrismtas. Is a girl on
rander?                                          Love Carlos                                                                                                                                                                            that thanig that you put on the flore that
                                                                                              Thank you very much Love, Hailey.          you please bring me a Baugon set and a          a brown horse. Thank you Santa for all         Sings. I want a wii and I want a bike to
    Kendall Draughn                                                                                                                      DS. I like your reindeer. I love you.           you done for me                                and a labtop and my sistr wants a
                                                  Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa,                                  Love Auston Barr                                 Love                                       birbedoll’s Jasmine. And my brhtr wants
   Dear Santa,                                    How are you? This year I would like          I have been really good this year. For                                                        Sabrina
   can you please brange me aLaptop                                                                                                                                                                                                     some cars casr. Love Sanabria!!
                                             a firetruck and a policecar and a Dog        Christmas I would like a Barbie Dolls, Lit-        Dear Santa,
and some close please                        and a cat and a can and a jumprop and a      tlest Pet Shop play set, robot, white              I tried to be good all year. I want to         Dear Santa,
   Love, Mason                                                                            boots,                                         say thank you for the toys that you gave           I would like dritbkie and a psep and a          Dear Mr. SanTa I been very very
                                             gitar.                                                                                                                                                                                     good and here’s What I wan’t for Christ-
                                                  love, Lee                                    Thank you very much.                      me. Can you please give me D.S. gams.           mosiclsl and a ds.
     Dear Santa,                                                                               Love, Nicole                                  Love                                           Love,                                       mas A Surf’s Up Video Game
     Can I have some Bankugons and                                                                                                           Annmarie Bedsaul                               Kristopher                                  $1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,
can I have a bunch of Bankugons? San-            B.H. Tharrington Primary School                                                                                                                                                        0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0                  and
                                                    Ms. Martin and Mrs. Joyce                 Dear Santa,
ta, how about your raindeer?                                                                  I have been really good this year. For         Dear santa i have tried to be good all           Dear Santa,                               2,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
     Your Frinend, Bryson                                   First Grade                   Christma I would like a skate board, and       year will you bring me a PuPPY and a                 I wod like to have a nuther toee          ,0,0,0, and 3,0,0, Dollor’s and 1000 Rock
                                                                                          Ipod, wii, Nintendo DSi, Bakugan. thank        techr theings to Play with sum that thing I     brnee for Christmas lees Santa thakyoo         and Roll music and 9000 video Games.
    Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa,                              you very much                                  Love You santa! Love Habeth ortega!             for evvreethag that you doow but I                 Paiton
    I wod licke a Bid Bar Uoonicorn dras         I have been really good this year. For       Love Tilden!                                                                               oradee hav the thage that max difrit col-
for my uoonicorn and a macupe kit. And       Christmas I would like Easy-Bake oven                                                           Dear Santa,                                 ors.                                               Dear Santa,
a Piloo Pet. I will make you sum cocese.     with Frosting pen, phone, pink camera            Dear Santa,                                    I wish sha Please’I wish a puppy                 Love                                          I’ve been very good and I want a
    Love, Emileigh                           and white boot’s. Thakn you Santa                I have been really good this year. for         I wish a PSPDS                                   Kaitlyn                                   barbie camping doll and van and a I
                                             Clause.                                      christmas I would like skateboard Baku-            wheeler                                                                                    want Wii and DSi and a goose bump
     Dear Santa,                                 Love Olivia                              gan                                                Erick Escutia                                   Dear Santa,                                game and a barbie dream house with
     I wont a compuder. And for my ses-                                                       psp love Logan H                               biccycle                                        I would like for Christmas a psp. And      barbieies in it. Then I want a chuner for
ter a bike. Hao is Rudof? In the norf pol        Dear Santa,                                                                                                                             I what it and a blue box and with plkead-      my       D.Si.      Then      I    want
ther is snow.                                    I have been really good this year. For        Dear Sana, I have been really good this       Dear Santa,                                 ots Thak you for the presans. And I have       1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00
     Love, Carmen                            Christmas I would like computer anb          year. For christmas I would like DSi, phone,       I have tried to be good all year.           some pie!!                                     0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00
                                             Bakugan. thank Santa Love                    wii Easy-bake oven with frosting per           Please bring me a barbi and a DS.                   Love                                       0,000,000,000,000
   Dear Santa,                                   trinity                                       Love, Alayla                                  Love, India Leftwich                            Qaran and Ms. Kribe                            Haley
   I have been good I wat a T.Rex and
a Hot Wes cars and a Mostr and a box of
   Love, Jose
    Dear Santa,
    Cent I get a dog. Cen I get toys.
    From, Derek
    Dear Santa,
    I have bin vere good. I wot a Sprk
Skotr and a book it is cod The Nite Befur
    Love, Peyton
    Dear Santa,
    Santa how is mrs. klas. I am good
today. Can I have a Hot Will Car colr
    Love, Bella and Michael
   Dear Santa,
   I wt a rofol dol. How iz the randers?
and I wot a bgogon. I love you Santa
and I wot a lot.
   Love, Juwelz
   Dear Santa,
   How is Rufolf dowing? I wot a dog
and a ben 10 toy his name is Dmenhed.
   Love, Nahiem
    Dear Santa,
    I plese wot a sprk skotr and a lego
set and a prnt fr mi bruthr.
    From, Steven
    Dear Santa,
    I wuse good verde da. I hab not
benn bd. Plese kan I hav 2 litl dogs 2
cats 2 hrses tat r big.
    Love, Victoria
   Dear Santa,
   I wot a plastethen and a Deas and a
Pesp and somen mune.
   From, Rene
   Dear Santa,
   I want a scouder and a scat borde
and a splashtashetosh.
   By, Cesar
    B.H. Tharrington Primary School
      Jill Holder and Anna Hursts
               First Grade
    Dear Mr. C,
    How are This year? I would like a
psp. I would like a farm with animals. I
would like a xbox 360. I would like a
Power Rangers move. I would like a
    love, Holden Poindexter
   Dear Santu,
   How are u? I wld like a cr, a fiyrtruc,
and tran.
   luv, Nazaviah Bell
4   December 24, 2009                                                                                                             2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                                               
   Dear Santa,                                         Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                               Books and any thig els you want to give             Dear santa                                                                    Dear Santa,
   I want a paper that is blue and wite.               I don’t wont a prasit For christmas I           I want a PSP for Christmas. I will        me love Jared Easter                                For christmas I would like a dog just                                         I want supr mario brthrs
And a kittin that none can hert. And a            lrate have wut I woted momy christmas I         leave you some milk and cookies to eat.                                                       like Bohe had part lab and he was to                                               Love,
dog like Drope.                                   hop you hav a gud day I hop you hapey.          Tell Rudolph I said hey.                           Dear Santa,                                years old. He was biger than the mom.                                              Tyler Ramey
   Love, Maria Have a safe ride                        Sincerely,                                      Love,                                         I have ben good and bad. I want a          He was black. I will leave you cookies
                                                       Selena                                          Julio                                     ps3 for my and you can give me some-           and milk. I want lots of presents.                                                Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa, I want a psp for Crismist                                                                                                        thige you want.                                     Love Chase Pruett                                                            (Pictures of what he wants, such as
and a DS too and I want a Ipood too and               Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                     Love,                                                                                                                   a truck).
a tuchfoon too and a playstashin2 34                  I want to ask you this year. I want a          I wii give you some milke and                   Gary De La Cruz                                Dear Santa                                                                    Love,
and 56,789 and 10.                                happy Christmas I hope you have a               cookes. I have been good. Please bring                                                            I would like a toy for chrimas and a                                          Matthew Smith
    Devyn                                         good christmas to. Can you give my              me a x box 360 . I want a dsi and a wii             Dear santa,                               bike and a puppy because I have been a
                                                  mom a nackules and a braslit. Marry             and and a dirt bike poster.                         I have ben good this year. I want a       good Boy and I love you Santa and have                                           Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa, I have been good this             Christmas Santa. I Bileve you.                     Love,                                       Amarican girl dool namd Elizabeth. san-        a good good good Christmas.                                                      I wonta bisc J. I wot a counz. I wot
year. I would like a peace sign build-a-              Sincerely,                                     Johnathon                                   ta I want a ipod tuch and a ituns gift card.       Love Evan Kruper                                                         abrb.
bear, a gray and white kitten, a dog that             Eley                                                                                       I want a nintindoe dsi game. And I wold            Dear Santa                                                                    I wota pisozpdg.
plugs in to your Ipod touch and it dances                                                              Dear Santa Claus,                         like a ice creme maker. I wold like a cup          I would like to have some DVD’s and                                          Love,
to the toons, a sing it, and a wii. Thank               Dear Santa,                                    I’ve ben good boy I hope you bring        cake maker.                                    CD’s makeup and a puppy because I                                                Isabella Jewell Lindsay
you Santa! How do your reindeer fly? I                  All I won’t for Christmas is a cd plaer   me a globe & the movie Santa budies. I              Love Emma Hall                            have been a good girl this year and I am                                         Dear Santa,
Love you, Santa! (heart) (peace sign)             and a bunny! can you send mony. for my          will give you cookies and milk. me and                                                        giving you Brownies and cookies and                                              I wood lke a dinosr wit a remot and it
Love Cydney                                       family becase we are tring to pay for a         my sister will give the reindeer reindeer          Dear Santa,                                milk this year. and I want a Bunny.                                          can love teeth to pic 4 stuf.
                                                                                                  food. PS. say hello to Rudolph for me.             Ive been very good at school this              Love Emerald Cain                                                            Love,
    Dear Santa, Im been good. for                 trip.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          James Atkins
                                                        Sincerely,                                     Love,                                     year. So I want a movie thats call Ben 10
Chars I wuts a tushfon andIwtu it to be                                                                Evan                                      Alien swarm movie and I would want real           Dear Santa,
pink and a PSP and IPud.                                Reece                                                                                    drums and a celphone and a poster of              for Christmas I would like a electric                                         Dear Santa,
    Love Abbe                                                                                          Dear Santa,                               Harry potter and the Half blood prince.        Scooter and a charger for my cell phone                                          I Lp2 tanta 205 PlPunt American St-
                                                      Dear Santa,                                      I have very good this year! Please        love Luis Hernandez                               Love Aubree Arnder                                                        colo night left bive.
   Dear Mr. C. I wat a X box 360 and a                This year my mom said sence Santa           bring me a dog and a bunny for Christ-                                                                                                                                         Love,
D.S. and a p.s.2                                  doesn’t get presents we should give him         mas!I will leave you 18 cookies and                 Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa                                                                   Cyana Chambers
   Love Damian                                    a present. I love you santa.                    homeade lemonade!!! Please say hello                I have been a good boy that year I            I have been a good boy this year. So
                                                      Sincerely,                                  to the Raindeer                                want constrccon Devestator and a lego          I would like a Go-Cart, B-B-Gun, a horse                                           Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                       Love Dante                                       Love                                      Starwars republec attack shop and the          and a camra for Cristmas                                                           I wil be nis to irbt
    I’ve been the best I can. I want a                                                                 Katherine                                 Star wars the clone wars dual achon                Love, Baylor Brinkley                                                          I like yoo Santa
D.S. I. a IPhone, a pug dog, and a                    Dear Santa,                                                                                ligtsaber and voegerclass Iornhide and                                                                                            I bin nis
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00                  for Christmas I want to Give Chritran           Dear Santa                                 maxis dagonid please.                               Dear Santa,                                                                   I wut to my brthr
0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000000              one of my presesnt so Give him my best              I have been so good this year.                  Love Dawson Depetris                           I would like a x-Box 360 and a DSI                                            I wut a brb grl
,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,             presesnt to him                                 Please bring me a little mommy. that can                                                      with a BAKUGAN Game and 40 dollars                                                 and I wut lot at Tos
000,000,000,000,000,000, dollars! I                   Sincerely,                                  walk and talk and I will give you some               Dear Santa,                              so I can get a New BAKUGAN!!!!!                                                    Love,
hope you have a safe trip around the                  Isaiah                                      cookies and milk.                                    I wuld lick a Blackbarye. A DS. A             Love,                                                                         Nydia Cabrera
world.                                                                                                Love,                                      Ipod. A snow glob. A roudixcyob. A pare             Kasmas Boutis
    Love, Meredith Marian                            Dear Santa,                                      Liyah                                      of ererings. A toy horse. A glob. My uon                                                                                          Dear Santa,
                                                     what I wont for christmes is a Halo3                                                        littl relle cupyuter. A pickcher of you. A         Dear Santa,                                                                    I WTA mtrct.
     Dear Santa,                                  sparten helment and the costum.                     Dear Santa,                                play house. A Boll. A littl Fack Rowbot.           I want for Christmas A bick, baby                                              Love,
     I want a touch phone with I-pod mix             Sincerely,                                       I have been good. Please bring me a        plese                                          alive, puppy in my pocket, lunchbox                                                Jimmy Rosales
like Cydney’s. I want a PSP2, DS, and a              Makaden                                      laptop, phone,and a puppy. I will leave              Love Anna Wolfe                          pocket hook, chole lot of hroh
pimped-out car. I want to jam! I want                                                             you some cookies and some milk. I hope                                                            Love, Charity Dixon                                                            Dear Santa,
some mexican cds.                                      Dear Santa,                                you like it.                                       Dear Santa,                                                                                                                   I wta toy.
     Love,                                                                                            Love,                                          I have been very good this year. I              Dear, Santa                                                                   Love,
                                                       I have bin amazing this yere. I wood                                                                                                                                                                                        Alfonso Bautista
     Rorlontee Leake                              like a gK skatbord and a snuge and a                Mckenzie                                   would like a American doll for christmas            I have been a good girl so can you
                                                  box of boQgons. Niy Pis. A cave maker                                                          and a Biuld a bear dog, a stuffed bear,        give me a DSI for Chistmas. There will
    Dear Santa,                                                                                       Dear Santa,                                some earrings, some new croyns, a              be a cup of colffy and some cookieys on                                            Dear Santa,
    I have been very good. I share alot           for my mom and dad. A ney smort bord                                                                                                                                                                                             I have bin good)
                                                  for Moser and I want to have bob baile              Please brang me a x box and a              baby alive, some shool activedy stuff,         the table waitting for you. Wen I go to
with others. I would really want the                                                              game for it. I have been so good this          some pecks os, a santa bear, some pen-         bed Santa will be here and there will be a                                         I wit a pan frcrt
peace and hugs build-a-bear. I want the           big.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             foncresis
                                                       Sincerely,                                 year. I will leave some cookies and a          cles, some pens, and whatever you wont         letter on the table beside your cookieys
american girl doll Julie too. I want a                                                            glass of water.                                to get me. Love                                     Love, Alaya Quesenberry                                                       Love,
brown nd white kitten with clothes. Also I             Daniel                                                                                        Kenzie Hodges                                                                                                                 Tye Needham
want a ipod touch. Last I want a totally                                                              Kaleb                                                                                          Dear Santa
me make-up set. Thank you Santa! San-                 Dear Santa,                                                                                    Dear santa,                                     I have been a good girl for Christmas                                         Dear Santa,
ta how does your reindeer fly? I love U               A now footdall. and a reH big boks of           Dear Santa,                                    I have been good All year. for chris-      so for Christmas can I have a DS and a                                             Jnbc
Santa! (heart) (peace sign)                       foot dall Kards.                                    I have been good. Please bring me a        mas I want sponge bobs truth or squre          lot of Books and Clothing.                                                         Love,
    Love Alisha                                       Sincerely,                                  nintendo ds and a globe and a laptop           nintendo ds. and I would Also like A Nin-           love Cierra Gwyn                                                              Jaden Golding
                                                      love Bob                                    and a cell phone and a puppy. I’ll bring       tendo Dsi. And I would like a pair of 3D
     Dear Santa, I have been really good                                                          you cookies and a glass of white milk          Glass’s.                                          Dear Santa                                                                      Debr Sbntjb
this year. I wnt a baby beagle for christ-           Dear Santa,                                  and I’ll give the raindeer some food to.           Love Evan Burcham                             want I for Christmas a litop and yoke                                           RRsRh
mas + I want a DSI too and I really want             I allways belive in you I have been              Love,                                                                                     an another thing is if I get a yoke bing                                           Cbbenvskyren
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00              good this yuer for you and I hop I get              Nautica                                        Dear Santa                                 some close for Dog TV                                                              Toboin
0,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,00              some paestens.                                                                                     I have bin vere good this year for            Love Hannah Judd                                                                Love,
0,000. Thank you!                                    Sincerely,                                       Dear Santa,                                crismas I want a new sparkskooter and a                                                                                           Skyler McMichael
     Macy                                            Macey                                            I will gif you sum milk and cookes.        DS and a skatebord and that’s all Santa.           Dear Santa
                                                                                                  santa i will like a laptop and and a x box         Love Robert Lopez                              I have been a good girl this year. So                                          Dear Sanj
     B.H. Tharrington Primary School                  Dear Santa.                                 360 and a gote cart have i been a good                                                        for Christmas can you bring me a wii and                                           Iambng IrabBbandaySL
                Mrs. Moser                            I allways Believe in some because in        boy.til my sister and my brother i love            Dear Santa,                                26 Dollars and a Electric Scooter for                                              Love,
              Second Grade                        Christmas Moring I see presants.                them.                                              I have been good. I would like a art       Christmas. I will bake you some home-                                              Chloe Rozier
                                                      Sincerely,                                      Love                                       set, a bike, a moive and a game. Love          made cookies and put some cold milk on
   Dear Santa,                                        Bryan                                           Rommie.                                    Briana Teter                                   my Fireplace for you. We knokw you                                                 Dear Santa,
   I whant a book ok I whant the book                                                                                                                                                           work hard at Christmas Eve and your                                                IgIilletohfoclAkson
about Let’s PEEK in santa’a sack and a                Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa                                  Reindeers does too. Thank you Santa                                                Love,
Pegbiek and BHT is the goodest school I               I want a tellascope for Christmas be-           I have been good. Please bring me a           I Have ben very Good This year. I               Love Speak Kalice                                                              Daniel Villdsenor
had for a day and a day.                          cause I want to Look at the stars dose          bunny Rabbitt. I will leave you some           wolhed like a psp Go a DSi a laptop a
   Destiny                                        up. I want a bell off your raindeers collar.    white milk and cookies. I will give you        psp Tech Dack a drit bike 5pa notebook            Dear Santa,                                                                      Cedar Ridge Elementary School
                                                  Can you give me a box turtle for my                                                            a myspace a skate brod.                           I have been a wonderful girl this                                                         Mrs. Sutphin
                                                  mom? What kind of cookies do you                reindeers reindeer food. Please bring me                                                                                                                                                   Kindergarten
     Dear Santa,                                                                                  a laptop.                                         by Cameron Wright                           year. Santa please bring me an electric
     Please, can me and my sister Bryce           Like?                                                                                                                                         scooter this year. I would like pink, blue,
                                                      Merry Christmas                                 Love,                                                                                                                                                                        Dear Snata,
have some clothes from Old Navy? I                                                                    Sarah M.                                       Dear santa,                                Green, or red please.
would like Project runway cardboard                   Sincerely,                                                                                     I have been good at school work. I            Love,                                                                           Please bring me a muffin maker.
dolls/fashion and chapter and reserch                 Sam                                                                                                                                          Chloe Cave                                                                      Love, Callie
                                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                would like a dirt bike for crismis. And then
books. Bryce (my sister) would like 2 oth-                                                            I have been good please bring me a         I would like a bike. And a dsi. And I want
er barbie dolls. Can my mommy and                      B.H. Tharrington Primary School                                                                                                              Dear Santa,                                                                    Dear Santa,
                                                                 Mrs. McCraw                      playstation3 and some psp games. I will        a ufc ring. And a wont a psp. Love Jae-                                                                                           Please bring me a black four wheel-
daddy some clothes, gift cards from fin-                                                          leave you some homemade cookies and                                                               I Have been a good boy this year.
ish line.                                                       Second Grade                                                                     don Hill.                                                                                                                   er.
                                                                                                  a glass of milk I hope you like it. Can you                                                   For Christmas I would like a DS and the                                            Love, Memphis
     Sincerley,                                                                                   say hello to rudolph for me?                                                                  PokeMon Planm DS game. And a lnfr-
     Kennedy                                          Dear Santa,                                                                                    Dear Santa,
                                                                                                      Love,                                          I whont a pokit rokit for Chirismiss       nap LVX box.                                                                       Dear Santa,
                                                      I would like to have the movie “The                                                                                                           Love Sam Sawyers
                                                  Christmas Carol.” I will leave you milk             Logan                                      and a Loge star wars set and a be bed                                                                                             Please bring me a muffin maker.
     Dear Santa,
     I wish you can give me a xbox so I can       and cookies or something to warm you                                                           gun for Chirismis. then I whant a knigh                                                                                           Love, Brenna
                                                                                                       Dear Santa                                with a saw and Last but lest I whont the           Dear Santa
let my brothers and my sisters play it. I wish    up. I want a laptop and a ds game.                                                                                                                I have been a good boy this yeawr
for a little game that it gos whith the x box a       Love,                                            I have been good. please bring me a       Loge saga for playsashone2.                                                                                                      Dear Santa,
                                                                                                  cell phone, and puppies I will leave you                                                      so for chrismas I would like a go-cart for                                        Please bring me a pillow pet with
maryle and laygy pleacs. Thank you!                   Cayden                                                                                         Love Colby Baker                           christmas and I would like a trants former
     Sincerely,                                                                                   some cookies and some milk. I hope you                                                                                                                                     writing on it.
                                                                                                  love it.                                                                                      and I would want for chistmas is a pack                                           Love, Aiden
     Eric                                             Dear Santa                                                                                     Dear Santa,                                of yogoe card
                                                      Please bring me a dsi for chrismas               Love,
                                                                                                       Kala                                          I have been kinda good this year.              Love Alex Gainey
    Dear Santa,                                   and a xbox 360 for chrismas too a kerli-                                                       Can you get me a plain skat board. and                                                                                            Dear Santa,
    May I have a pink guitar with a flower        na basketball for chrismas I want a wii for                                                    you can get me what ever you want to                                                                                              Please bring me a dragon play set.
                                                                                                       Dear Santa,                                                                                  Dear Santa                                                                     Love, Matthew
on the coner. I want a DS I. I want a I pod       chrismas I want a duke cup for chrismas                                                        give me for christmas.                             I have been a good boy this year I
touch just like my Brothers. I want a tooth           Love                                             I want a nintendo ds., mario ans son-
                                                                                                  ic at the olimpic games. I want mario and          love Liam Overby                           would like a Laptop and a selfon a new                                           Dear Santa,
bruch that spens I want a huge doll                   Sarah G.                                                                                                                                  fooball a nerf gun that has hundred boo-
house and a truck that haves a pool and                                                           sonic at the winter olimpic games. I want                                                                                                                                      Please bring me a slot car track with
                                                                                                  the play-doh magic swirl ice cream mak-             Dear santa,                               lets a letrek skooter a new skat bord a                                      cars.
a tv. I want a psp and the game that I                Dear Santa,                                                                                                                               woodn bow an arow.
love to play at my cousis                             I have been so good Can you please          er and play-doh segety maker and play-              I have ben a good girl this year. I                                                                                        Love, Trevor
                                                                                                  doh hamburger maker. I want Docter             would like a sootcase that has makeup              Love Jacob Hicks
    Sincerely                                     give me a iphone and a laptop and a nin-
    Meredith                                      tendo dsi. please give my momy somet-           dreadful drinking lab. I will give you white   in it. I would Also like a laptop and a                                                                                           Dear Santa,
                                                                                                  milk and cookies.                              wabkin that is a Rwowo. And a DS and a              Dear Santa,
                                                  ing she likes the most And . please give                                                                                                           for Christmas I wont a go cart a                                              Please bring me a unicorn pillow pet.
     Dear Santa,                                  me a bell too And. the bestest thing I               Love,                                     real camro. I would Also like There baby-                                                                                         Love, Mattie
                                                  ever had please? And . please give me a              Anette                                    dolls and a new cichin for my room.            XBox a lighten mcleen Video game the
     I want to ask you if one of your rain-                                                                                                                                                     Skerest Move ov all and a PlaySteshen2
deer is called comet I want a toy of him. I       new bike too? And. tell rodof. And I will                                                           love Taylor Jester                                                                                                           Dear Santa,
                                                  give you some cookies And a glass of                Dear Santa,                                                                               a reselen Move a trampelen a Bicke a
even want a another raindeer toy which                                                                                                                                                          drt bicke                                                                          Please bring me a leap frog.
is called dancer.                                 milk too.                                           I have been good this year! Please              Dear Santa,
                                                                                                  bring me a laptop and a puppy and a                                                                Love Kelby Key                                                                Love, Melanie
     Sincerely,                                       your friand                                                                                     I will be good to my family and we
     Patricia                                         Aubrey Brooke Denson                        bunny. Plaese say hello to the Raindeer        will be waiting for you Santa we love your
                                                                                                  for me.                                                                                           Dear Santa,                                                                    Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                 moves and we love you we love your                 I have been a great girl this year. I                                          Please bring me a Brat baby doll.
    Dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa,                                     Love,                                      raindeers the are so cute like dogs we
                                                                                                      Tiffany                                                                                   would like Katie Kazoo books. Then I                                               Love, Alyce
    I want the same clothes like you and              I Have been good . .please bring me                                                        love December and I want a baries and          would like Junie B. Jones book. Then I
my familys too. And some of presents to           a Nintendo ds and a bike and I will make                                                       a big house and stuff like we hive in are      would like a laptop. Then I would love to                                          Dear Santa,
my family and me to.                              you some cookes and millk.                           B.H. Tharrington Primary School
                                                                                                           Mrs. Pike and Mrs. Foltz              house and close and shoes, prers,              have some paint. Then I would like a                                               Please bring me a big fire truck.
    Sincerely,                                        Love,                                                                                      bresles, necklace, money, coins, wolet.        great great Chrismas!                                                              Love, Nicolas
    Linda                                             Angel                                                     Second Grade
                                                                                                                                                      Love, Ximena Hernandez                        Love, Katie McDuffie
                                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                                                  Dear Santa,
                                                                                                      I have not bin vary good this yiru. I           B.H. Tharrington Primary School                  Cedar Ridge Elementary School                                               Please bring me a blue four wheeler.
         God Bless Your Home                                                                      niya clows. Gins shrs pans and Jakit’s I
                                                                                                  dowt kare wath you gite me I do want
                                                                                                  toys plis
                                                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Bond
                                                                                                                                                               Second Grade
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mrs. Calloway
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Love, Kendall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dear Santa,
                                                                                                      Love,                                         dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa,                                                                  Please bring me a make up case.
         This Holiday Season                                                                          Alissa Webster                                If I am seek I would think you If you
                                                                                                                                                 gave me a staft mouse and Santa were
                                                                                                                                                                                                      I wotabisc
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Love, Bailee
                                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                evey you are your sleel my special friend            Enoc                                                                      Dear Santa,
                                                                                                      I have been very good this year. I         ever. Santa you are a special freiend                                                                                          Please bring me a Transformer
                                                                                                  would like legos and helocopter. I would       whoso neaver stop dowing Chistmas.                   Dear Santa,                                                            game.
                                                                                                  also like to have a kite and a ball. Also         Love Javaun Ryon                                  I wood like a wii I love tousocht oc.                                     Love, Logan
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Love Madadlynb Edwards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                                                  Please bring me a horse.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      I eiieDi. Sat kr - N* $$$$$$$120 Tas.                                        Love, Carley
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Love,                                                                        Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Jose Lachino                                                                 Please bring me a baby doll.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                                                  Love, Destiny
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Love,                                                                        Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                      THE PERFECT GIFT!                                                               Camila Flores                                                                Please bring me a brother.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Love, Kendall
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                     AIRMONT                                                                          Tah Kah Dah Do
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Love,                                                                        Please bring me a bicycle.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Love, Cameron
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                                                                                                                                                                   2162 SPRINGS RD., MT. AIRY • 786-9244                                                                                                            2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                             December 24, 2009 5
       Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                                      Thank you!                                      Love,                                          Dear Santa, I would like to know why             Mary Christmas Santa!
       Please bring me a doll house.             I have been a good girl for Christ-              Austin Walls                                    Delaney                                    do you live in the North pole. I would like          And thank you for the stuff last year.
       Love, Victoria                         mas. I want a swim dog.                                                                                                                        a DSi because They are fun. I want a fur             Your friend, Caden Felts
                                                 Love                                             Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa                                 real friend that is a Parrot becaus I’ve
       Dear Santa,                               Katie Golding                                    For Christmas this year, I would like           For, Crimes, I, will, Lik, a pla houese,   been very good.                                        Dear Santa, I like the knife yuo gave
       Please bring me a doll.                                                               a SkateBoard and a PsP and play Sta-             a jeweley box, a wii and sind with are             I want my sister to have a pink dress        me last yare. Is the reindeer doing good?
       Love, Madison                              Dear Santa,                                tion. I would like a I phone. And I will like    family                                         with sparkles because she’s nice.                Is the elves wrcking hard? Is the North
                                                  I love Santa because he brings me          a I pod. I will like a car that has a control.       Love                                           Love Kalie                                   Pole doing good this yare? Is rodof nose
        Cedar Ridge Elementary School         presents when I am a good boy. I wannt         And I would like a NiNtendo Game Boy.                Ana                                                                                         still red? I will leve you cookies.
                   Mrs. Wall                  a new video game.                              And I would like a new scooter and Bike                                                             love. Alexis.                                      Levi Bunker
                 Kindergarten                     love                                       and a NiNtendo D.S.                                 Dear Santa.                                     Dear Santa I would like a barbie doll
                                                  Alex Smith                                      Thank you!                                     I wot a ipod and a cam makr and a           because all my dolls disaper and a baby              Dear Santa, thank you for the bicy-
    Dear Santa,                                                                                   Daniel Cortes                               Mox gol.                                       alive. Why do have a big place to live in        cle. Can I have Rudolh’s bell? How is
    I have been nis. Please bring me a            Dear Santa,                                                                                    Love                                        and why do you live so far? and I will be        comet? Is it cold at the North Pole? can I
Star Wars.                                        I have been good Santa. I want a              Dear Santa,                                      Hailey                                      a good girl always and I would like a di-        have a big deer? Is the elves being
    Love, JJ                                  nintendods and a math game. My sister             For Christmas this year, I would like                                                        man rang please.                                 good?
                                              has been good too.                             A wii, and a PSP. And a Play station and              Cedar Ridge Elementary School                                                                  Chandler Ayers
    Dear Santa,                                   Love                                       a DSI. Backoogon all of them. Please.                           Mr. Jarrell                         Dear Santa, I really want you to bring
    I have been a good boy. Please                Taylor Vernon                                 Thank you!                                                 Second Grade                      a DSi because my sister Amy has a DS                  Dear Santa,
bring me a transformer.                                                                         Jessica Shelnutt                                                                             and I don’t. Also I would love for you to             I hope you will tell God that I hope
    Love, Darin                                   Dear Santa,                                                                                     1 Dear Santa, I would like A ..... Nen-    bring my mom a puppy because mine                that he will take the war away, because I
    Dear Santa,                                   I have been a good girl. I went a real        Dear Santa,                                   tendo D.S with A Inchanted game to go          died and I miss my dog. I really hope you        don’t want the Army to get hurt.
    I habe been god. Please bring me a        horse.                                            For Christmas this year, I would like         with it please and 2 a Babyalive Woopsie       can bring it because I help my mom with               America please don’t get hurt.
dog                                               love                                       Soccer balls and decorations for my              doo 3 and a littleist pet shop set with all    pick clothes.                                         Fighting dos not solve violence.
    Love, Madison                                 McKensie Bare                              scooter and bike. and Beebee gun                 the pets and a home for them please 4              Love you best buddy, Anna                         What I want for Christmas is an art
                                                  Dear Santa,                                   Thank you!                                    Bendaroos, 5 Pixo and chixos, 6 the Bar-                                                        set.
    Dear Santa,                                   I been a good girl i love santa and i         Courtney Thomas                               bie camper, 7 the Barbie hotel                      Cedar Ridge Elementary School                    Love,
    I have been good. Please bring me a       love ms santa i what a nintendo ds.               Plesa ritu back Santa Canta                       from your freind Bailey                            Mrs. Iroler and Mrs. Riley                    Precious Barker
prns drs.                                         Love                                          PS and did my mommy see you                                                                                Second Grade
    Love, Cayley                                  Jade Flippin                                  marry Christmas marry                              Dear Sanat                                                                                     Dear Santa,
                                                                                                Dear Santa,                                        Can you get me a rodt teacher                   Dear Santa,                                    Thank you for my SpongBob game
    Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                  For Christmas this year, I would like         pleaes and a cat please can the cat be               I am glad what you brot me last yere.      That you brouht me last year. This
    I habe been a good boy. Please                 I I’m being good santa. What I want       A new bick and I Want a new Pajamas I            black? and a dog too please. A newdree         I hape Dasher and Prance Are safe. I             Christmas I would like a intindo Ds. I
bring me a gn.                                for christmas wootd be a Nintendo DSI          Want a new Moxie Girl                            too.                                           hope you will bring me a wee. I am goon          hope your rein deer are doing great.
    Love, Brady                                    from                                         Thank you!                                         from carigon                              to leve you kokes and milk. I wood like              Love,
                                                   Kelli Atkins                                 Haylee Dycus                                       Deer Santu                                you to get me a racs car. christmas is               Roy Collins
    Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                    Wiy do you live in the nothpoll. I want   one of my favrit haladays. from your                  Cedar Ridge Elementary School
    I habe been a good boe. Please                Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                   a slled so I can sllid down snowy              frend,                                                           Mrs. Brintle
bring me a for welr.                              I Love you. Here is what i want Ben-          For Christmas this year, I would like         mawens and baesball stuff becowes I’v                Luke Ramey                                               Second Grade
    Love, Caleb                               deroos i-carly movie and I pod.                Dear Santa I want a computer and I               held’t mom and dad.                                  Dear Santa,
                                                  from                                       Would like so me cloths some Hannah                   from, Dylan                                     How are you and the raindeer and               Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                   Emily Smith                                Montana and same IcroH and true Jack-                 Frind                                     the elevs and Mrs. Claus doing. Thanks               My name is Camillia Stewart
    I have been soopr. Please bring me                                                       son and a Barbies and some Art things                                                           for the toyes you gave me last Chrismas.             How are you and Miss Claus doing?
a hanstr trl.                                    Dear Santa,                                 and same writing things                              Dear Santa.                                I wan’t a D.S. game and a wee, Baby                  We mihgt have some cookes for yue
    Love, Marissa                                I have been a good boy. I Wont a we.           Thank you!                                        can me and my cusn have a tce plin.        doll. I wish you a very merry Chrimas. I         and we mihg have some carrets for your
                                              And I Wont a ninendo ds.                          Madison Stookman                                  my cunsn want a xdox366                    will leave you a cup of milk and a plate of      randeer.
    Dear Santa,                                  love                                                                                             I want a lost of doll cogns. efen a big    cookies.                                             I really want a real camera.
    I have been god. Please bring me a           Gavin Puckett                                  Dear Santa,                                   ones i want them. green and red and                  Your friend Jada Lowe                          I have bean good.
laptop.                                                                                         For Christmas this year, I would like         blue boll gogon and brown. And a den                                                                Thank you Santa
    Love, Natalie                                 Dear Santa,                                a scakeboard, a castle with a babydall           and grago please Santa. thank you the               Dear Santa,                                     Love
                                                  I have been a good girl. I want a wii      and a DES with a horse Game and a                sam cuir                                            How are you these days? Thank you                         Camillia
     Dear Santa,                              for Christmas.                                 cheerleading Game and a dog Game                     from Jo                                    for all you gave me last year. I will tell you                             Stewart
     I have been good. Please bring me a          Love                                       and a lot of Books and a play kitchen.                                                          what I won’t this year? I want a Easy
doll.                                             Bellamy Galyean                               Thank you!                                        Dear Santa,                                bake a dryerase board. I hope you can                Dear Santa
     Love, Taylor                                                                               love Jaden Harrold                                For christmas I would like from you        make shure my family is safe. I will leave           My name is Bella.
                                                   Cedar Ridge Elementary School                                                              to breeg me the place were and cin get         you cookies and milk. Elle Sutphin                   1. I want a baby.
   Dear Santa,                                      Mrs. Mears and Mrs. Bunker                     Cedar Ridge Elementary School              bernt and lego star wars 1 and some                                                                 2. I want a baby chihuahua.
   I have been god. Please bring me a                       First Grade                                     Mrs. Hodges                       thing with boba fet and a darth vader               Dear Santa,                                     3. I want a baby cat.
bab pup.                                                                                                    First Grade                       storm trooper ship exseped the ship                 Can you take care of my mom and                 4. I want a baby turtle.
   Love, Natasha                                  Dear Santa,                                                                                 comes with a lego storm trooper. Love          my dad an my sister. I wish I had a wii an           5. I want a baby butterfly.
                                                  For Christmas this year, I would like           Dear Santa,                                 Mason Litteral                                 games for it. I want games for my ds. I              6. I want a ball.
    Dear Santa,                               A gun With the Chains A SKate Board                 I wot a tran and a niw PSP.                                                                hope your reindeers are haven a good                 7. I want chocolates.
    I have been ged. Please bring me a        and Bind Uroo and A neW bike and More               Love                                            Dear ... Santa                             time playn in the toys. I want a book                8. I want candy canes.
robt.                                         A real gun With BeBeS with Metal I Love             John                                            I would love to have a picture of you.     about Christmas. I will leave some cook-             9. I want a Barbies.
    Love, Trevor                              Christmas                                                                                       Because my dad’s came out of its case.         ies for you mary Christmas.                          10. I want a dog.
                                                  Thank you!                                     Dear Santa                                   Guess what I have been a good girl this             from Ashley Elias.                              My name is Bella
    Dear Santa,                                   Logan Cheek                                    For crismuc i won a dog, a postr uv a        year. Santa why do you live so far away?
    I have been gd. Please bring me a                                                        horce, and close.                                How is the raindeer? How is your elfs?            Dear Santa,                                        Dear Santa,
tcrbel dol.                                        Dear Santa,                                   Love Ethan.                                  Are they good elfs?                               How are you and Mrs. Claus? Is De-                 My name is Cameron Hodges. I’m
    Love, Brooke                                   For Christmas this year, I would like                                                          Love                                       cember your favert holiday? For Christ-          sorry for dis obeaying my pearnt’s. will
                                              BEBE Gun skateBoard Jet Pack Bakua                 Dear Sonta,                                               your                              mas I won’t a wii, and pixos, and a D.S          you bring me a psp and some chevrolet
   Dear Santa,                                oh rollers kates Electric Guitar Playsta-          I What a Hente mtn Bag, a makeup                                     friend                 game it is called petz hamsters. Thank           toy trucks with trailer hitches. Is Rodaugh
   I have been sopr. Please bring me a        tion                                           Hente mtn, Hente mtn tosse, a Hismus-                                                 Tess      you for brning my sleeping bag.                  and the other rain deer ok? and trailers
Bndros.                                            Thank you!                                too tosse too to Hav a Hente mtn and             Ramey                                             your frind                                    with the trucks please.
   Love, Kasden                                    Blake McCormick?                          Hismustoo I Wot all uvv thos tosse!                                                                Gracie Snow                                        from Cameron Hodges
                                                                                                 Love,                                            Dear Santa
    Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                    Giselda                                          I would like a Xbox 360 becase I                Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
    I have been a nice. Please bring me           For Christmas this year, I would like I                                                     help my mom cook.                                   I want you to get Emaly someting.               My name is Devin. I will leave some
a horsethat walks.                            want a Sled and a real motorcycle and a             Dear Santa,                                     I would like a lego star wars video        How is Mrs. Claus? I want to thank you           coces and milk. I have ben good. Can I
    Love, Samual                              set of Zoo legos                                    I Wete Rex me spet Dx                       game.                                          for last December toys. How is Rudolph?          have a Speed racer Game and video.
                                                  Thank you!                                      WWe sae dane                                    I would like to know wny you have a        I want a wii and DS thats all I want. Make       How is rodof? and your rainders? how
   Dear Santa,                                    Kaymen Hodges                                   Jone snu sane bade.                         slay?                                          the war away. your frand                         are you? and ms Clos?
   I have been grat. Please bring me a                                                                                                            I would try to be a good boy.                   Adriana Sky Hawks                               to santa,
hemsr.                                           Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa                                       your buddy Cesar                                Merry Christmas                                 From Devin
   Love, Micah                                   For Christmas this year, I would like I         I would like a flat screen t.v, a razor
                                              want a remote control airplane I flies. I      pocket rocket, nintindods, mario bros ds,            Dear Santa, I would like a Baby Alive           Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
       Dear Santa,                            want a pair of socks. and a pair of Santa      wii sports resort, mario bros wii, for my        becase I help my mom clean the house                Thank you for the Polar Express set             My name is Magaly Sanchez. How
       I have been gd. Please bring me a      Claus pajamas.                                 grama’s leg to get better and for a good         sometimes. why do you wear red and             and the bell off your sleigh. This year I        are you? Hows Rudof? Hows Mrs.
rbt.                                             Thank you!                                  time with my family.                             white why do you gife presents on chris-       want a play projector and a cunputer and         Claus? Hows the Elfs. I’ve bein good to-
       Love, Ben                                 Taylor Galyean                                  Love                                         mas and I hope mrs. close and you have         I will leve you some cookies.                    day. The cookies are going to be beside
                                                                                                 Garyn Bender                                 a good chrismas and a happ new year.                P.S Merey Christmas.                        the Christmas tree. Are the elfs bein
   Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                    love Estefania                                  Love. Logan Haynes                          good? Is Rudof bein good I want a baby
   I have been good, Please bring me               For Christmas this year, I would like I        Dear santa,                                                                                                                                 alive. My cousin April want’s a baby alive
rme toy.                                      would like a Play kitchen Set and Mox               I wud licke a arupane, nintindoes, a            Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                  too. My baby cousin want’s a baby Dora.
   Love, Aaron                                Gril I would like a Play house and a Dog       flat screen Tv and a PSP.                            For Christmas I would like a Ninten-           How are you and Mrs. Claus and                   Love Magaly Sanchez
                                              to go with xhat and a cat to go with that           Love Levi                                   do dsi or a Nintenod ds. I would like a        Rudolph and how are the elves. I bet
   Dear Santa,                                and a Barbie cap and a Barbie Doll I                                                            Nintendo dsi or a Nintendo ds because I        your elves are very busy. Do they work               Dear Santa,
   I have been a god boe. Please bring        Love You Santa and a wii.                          Dear Santa,                                  have been good and because I have              on our toys everday. I hope you and your             My name is Ellie Gallimore. How is
me a woh.                                          Thank you!                                    I wot a buney for Crems, a x box, a          been wanting one. Is your Favorit color        family and all of the reindeer have a Mer-       Miss. Claus and how are you and the
   Love, Blake                                     Annsley Puckett                           pupey, Crems Crerowe, a citen and a              red and why do you live in the North           ry Cristmas. May I have a gentle cat in          rain deer speken of deer how is Dasher,
                                                                                             borbey.                                          Pole? And for Christmas I would like but-      my stoking. My I have a D.S for Christ-          rodolf I Love them deer. I will leav the
    Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                    Love                                         terscootch                                     mas. Thank you for my present last year.         cookies on the tabol. I want the ICarly re-
    I have been gd. Please bring me a             For Christmas this year, I would like          Kacey                                            Love, Megan Davis                          P.S I will leave you cookes and milk and         mot an doll an micrpone, A trupit, A rell
bg do.                                        a skateboard and a sandBox and a go                                                                                                            one cracker. Your friend, Kirsten Vaughn.        horse, A wisol. Love, Ellie
    Love, April                               cart Anda 4-wheeler Anda PSP.                      Dear, Santa                                      Dear Santa can you give me a co-                                                                I Love You Santa!
                                                  Thank you!                                     What I want for Crismas is a dog,            muter sens I helped my mom take care               Dear Santa, I want a Barbie Doll and
   Dear Santa,                                    Kaitlyn Todd                               cat, rinedare, golfcart, new show, hous,         of my little baby sister and I also help my    a coloring book and a Polar Express                   Dear Santa
   I have been ury gd. Please bring me                                                       fox, car, a grat time with my famaly, new        mom wash my little sisters botles. can         book and how is Ms. Claus doing? And                  My name is Nathan Gwyn. I will
a wkn hrse.                                      Dear Santa,                                 clas, Ds.                                        you give me a tila skop.                       how is the raindeer? I have bewen good           leave my door unloched. I will leave cok-
   Love, Sophia                                  For Christmas this year, I would like I         to: Santa Clos                                   love Jimmy                                 this year my sister has too. Thanks for          ies and milk on the bar. Be carful on your
                                              would like a puppy for Christmas.                  Love, Julie                                                                                 the toys you brote last year. P.S. I will        way. This year I would like a some BB’s
        Cedar Ridge Elementary School            Thank you!                                                                                       Dear santa, How is the North pole it       leave you milk + cookies. Your friend,           and pellets and one of them little paint-
                 Treva Smith                     Emily Sutphin                                  Dear Santa                                    is good down here. I would like to have a          Hayden Hull                                  ball gun the one for kids
                 First Grade                                                                    I woud like a pink golfcrt and a art set      pear of shoes I have been good I have                                                                from your friend
                                                 Dear Santa,                                 and. I woud like a julremaker.                   helped my mom work arund the house. I              Dear Santa me and my sister were                  Nathan
    Dear Santa,                                  For Christmas this year, I would like I        Love                                          need some new pants becaus I am out            good. I wish for a nintendo. DS for christ-
    I have been a good girl this year.        want a gun and I want a helicopter and I          Natalie                                       growing the rest of my pants. I need           mas and a wii for christmas too and a                Dear santa my name is Kai
What I want for Chrismas is a tree house      want a car                                                                                      some shirts I would like some nike shirts.     logtop too. I gusse the noth Pole is good        Reynolds. How are you. How is miss
and a nintendods and a wii. or a book or         Thank you!                                       Dear Santa,                                     Your buddy Chase.                          out their Santa. your friend                     clause? Be carefule going down the
two thank you Santa.                             Mason Kinder                                     All I want for Crismis is a hors.                                                              Benjamin Vera                                chimey. I want a Xbox 360 and some
    love                                                                                          Love,                                            Dear Santa,                                                                                new shoes and a new shirt and new
    Santana Wilson                               Dear Santa,                                      Magen                                            for christmas I would like a DSI or a         Dear Santa,                                  pants.
                                                 For Christmas this year, I would like                                                        DS. Becuse I can take pirutch of my self.          How is your reindeer? Thank’s for                frome Kai
   Dear Santa,                                Leggos Stufft animals a toy Box books               Dear Santa,                                 I can take pirutch of other peopl to. why      last years toys. What I really want for
   I have ben a go grl. How are the rein-     some suitcases for a vacation                       Of kmis I wot is a kms lton. I is wot i a   do you live in the Nouth Pole? why do          Christmas is to have a good time with                 Dear Santa,
deers? i want a lap top for christmas            Thank you!                                  kisrt                                            you so many raindeer. Is or favile coler       my family. My special wish is that every-             My name is Macey Edwards. Santa
   love                                          Landon Wright                                    Love,                                       red.                                           one knows that christmas is about Jesus          wen you come tack your time. I have ben
   Hailey Childress                                                                               Mason                                            Love, Brianna Pack                        Chirst that’s my wish. I’ll put you a plate      good this year. I am sorry from hiting my
                                                  Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                of milk and cookies out.                         Brother and my dad. this is wute I won’t
    Dear Santa,                                   For Christmas this year, I would like I         Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                    from your firend                             for crismas this year I won’t a chory doll
    I have been a good boy car train Nin-     would like to have a hat I want a toy Bab-          I wot for Chrastmas pupy.                       I would like a DS for Christmas. be-           Colt Westmoreland                            and a rolling thing for my hamster 2 ples.
tendo-DS End the games MP-E                   by Doll I want a dress I want a toy deer I          I wot for Chrastmas brbey doll.             casue I thing they are fun. I want every-                                                       Be cefull wen you are on the roof. How
crayons.                                      want a toy dog I want toy cat I wanta toy           I wot for CHrastmas jury and a jury         thing that my mom needs for the baby               Dear Santa,                                  mrs. claus? How are you? How is rood-
    Love                                      cow                                            dx                                               that my mom is haveing. of cors my                 Thank you for giveing me a toy               of? How is the elfs and the other rain-
    William Gonzalez                              Thank you!                                      Love Jordan                                 comeing baby sister. Why do you ware a         horse and some cloths. How is Mrs.               deer?
                                                  Kaylee Akers                                                                                hat? Is Rudoftherednoseraindeer real?          Claus and the reindeers? I will leave you             Love: Macey Edwards
     Dear Santa,                                                                                 Dear Santa,                                  Do you give good pepole presents? You          some cookies and some milk. I want a                  to: Santa
     I love you. Can you bring me a mu-            Dear Santa,                                   For Chrismus I wan’t a flat screen tv,       know what? I geuss I would like to get         Hannah Montana toy. I hope your fine
sicmaker and more stuff. And a ipob just           For Christmas this year, I would like I   a beebee gun, a Hannah montane geep,             some baby toys for my comming soon             with Mrs. Claus and the reindeers.                    Dear Santa,
like my Nina and a kitten and a baby          want a compufer and a doll and a little        a babydoll and a Hannah montana psp.             baby sister.                                       love                                              My name is Olivia Mauldin. I have
horse with a fence and a little pup.          Dogs and a biKe and a toys box and a lit-          Love                                             from: Lizbeth                                  Vanessa Arellano                             been good this year. yOu need to be
     Love                                     tle hame and a gameboy and a and a                 Cassidy.                                                                                                                                     careful on the roof. I really want a
     Abby Needham                             Smartboard.                                                                                          Dear Santa,                                  To Santa, from Brianna                        Alexzander doall and a nitidods. They
                                                   Thank you!                                    Dear Santa                                        I would like a ds because theres             Dear Santa,                                   will be food for you on the chimey and
    Dear Santa,                                    Elicet Figeroa                                For Chrismhs I want A Biocl, and a           nothing to do at my house, also I would           Thank you for the clothes last year.          food for yaur Rain deer. in the font.
    Santa Claus how ora you down how                                                         gam cod Biocl, Hiros and a gam cod               like a zhu-zhu pet because I can play             How is Rudolph the raindeer?                       Thank you
orn your reindeer. I what a Nintendo DS           Dear Santa,                                soros woos balfut 2.                             with my little sisters and I would like high      Can I have Dashers bell?                           Love
and a motorcycle and four-wheeler and             For Christmas this year, I would like          Love                                         tops because I been a good girl.                  How is the elfs?                                   Olivia Mauldin
a scooter that you sit on.                    a They Bakionce and all The nerfs and I            Gavin                                             Santa has your faviote color always          How is Mrs. Claus?
                                              want to have a motorcyle and I wot to                                                           been red?                                         My special wish is that my papa                   Dear Santa,
       Love                                   have a Big Dog and I wot to have a Pil-             Dear Santa                                       from your buddy,                          works hard and he needs a job.                       My name is Samantha Childress
       Leia Johnson                           low Pet and I wot to have a Pillow Pet              For cismis I wat ha PSP and a we.                Melody                                       For Christmas I want a horse toy set.             how or the ranideer?
                                                  Thank you!                                      Love                                                                                          Love, Brianna Cave                                how have you been?
    Dear Santa,                                   Caleb Doss                                      Trae                                             Dear Santa for Christmas I want a                                                              I have been a good girl
    I have been a good boy. I want for                                                                                                        Nitindo ds and to games Mreyo and                  Dear Santa. This year I want three               please be careful coming down the
Christmas a I-pod. I want a game for             Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                  Ligey Basrs inside story and Lego Indan        toies. It dosne’t matter what I get. Is the      chimney
Nintendo wii. I want a game for Xbox of          For Christmas this year, I would like           I wold like fome crismea a doll a            Gonse 2. I want a Ntindo DS becalls it is      reindeer and Mrs. Claus ok? Will you                 you’re cookies or on the cofe tolpe
soccer. I want three books of snaks. I        A sKateboard Gatorgolf and wackamol            crayola book a book, a pisol, a fack cat, a      fun to play on. One question haw do the        stop the war and hunger? How is it up                how is miss claus doing?
want a computer. I want a easel. I want       and A NErF sword Toy calculator.               baby doll, a cool famliy.                        raindere fliy?                                 there in the North pole? I got a 1000                I wunt bopit
some crayola. I want I want a Sanla              Thank you!                                      Love                                              from                                      questions to ask. I wish I can come and              I wunt a dire that you put the code in
                                                 Jacob Lowe                                      Emily                                             Andrew                                    see you.                                             I wunt a pet prert
men.                                             I <3 U Santa and I want to Thank                                                                                                                Love Alexis Wilson                               I wunt to go to the beth again
    from                                      You for The Towys                                 Dear Santa, I would like a wii, nufe-             from clay to santa                                                                              I wunt three christmas book’s
    Jonathan Flores                                                                          gun, games and cante.                                1. Chewing gum because I like to                Dear Santa,                                     I wunt a new bike
                                                 Dear Santa,                                    Love,                                         chew gum.                                           How is Rudolph doing and thank you              I wunt a big cupcake makcer 25
   Dear Santa,                                   For Christmas this year, I would like          Carson                                            2. A toy truck so I can put some of        for the note from Rudolph and you.               biger.
   I have been a good boy and I Wolt a i      PSP TReX iei055 DSi F150 TV Wii The                                                             my little cars on the back of the truck.            Pleas ask for the war to stop and can
Pod.                                          Fmhs A sister                                     Dear Santa,                                       3. Bendroos to right Clays bedroom         I have a Game?                                         Dear Santa,
   fum                                           Thank you!                                     What I want for Crismas is a toy              on my bedroom door.                                 Nathan Worrell                                    My name is Alex Rosales. how are
   Justin Lowe                                   Zach Bryant                                 modercyikl, a car, a good time with my               4. Morio cars DS game so I can bet                                                          you dowing. I wot a a babe turtle. how is
                                                                                             family and a ps.p.                               the athor caritars.                                 Dear Stnta, Thank you for my 20 dol-        mis santa, dowing. I am sore for hiteing.
   Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                    love Mckinley                                                                                lars. How is Mrs. claus? I Love christmas        m siste an my bruthes. I hope you don’t
   I love you. i have bin a good boy. I          For Christmas this year, I would like I                                                          Dear Santa                                 and I will give you some cookies and a           foll off your raindeer.
wont Devis tater for Chritmas.                want a smart board. I want a stuffto Play          Dear Santa,                                      from: Travis                               cup of malk. And can you bring me a wii?               from Alex Rosales
   love                                       School with. I want a calendar.                    I will wan’t for Chistmus a baby doll,           1. I wode lick a stufet randear to         Thank you Satnta.
   Ryan Hawks                                    Thank you!                                  a terry bear.                                    sleep wish.                                         Lincy Rodriguez                                 Dear Santa,
                                                 Clozy Brannock                                  Love,                                            2. I wode lick a D.S. for craveling.                                                            My name is Alicia Burcham.
       Dear Santa,                                                                               Samantha                                         3. A fake mous had. can you mack               Dear Santa,                                      How have you ben?
       I want a nintedo nds. for Christmas.       Dear Santa,                                                                                 me won pleaes wil you.                             How are the Elves doing? I’m very ex-            How is Mrs. Claus ben?
       from                                       For Christmas this year, I would like          Dear Santa, for crimis I wat a ril baey,         4. and a gese who game                     cited to see you agin. For Christmas, I              I have ben a good girl
       Jacob Poole                            a go-cart.                                     a new big modre cikle.                               5. Sponge Bob game                         would like a wii. My hole family wants one!          I don’t have ine bother or stsir.
6   December 24, 2009                                                                                                            2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                        
    How are the randeer ben.                       Dear Santa,                                  house, DSI, a camra, mp3. and the red                Dear Santa,                                    a cell cuch skrim, and a laptop, and a            johncene and mini rex mestereio. I want
    Be careful comeing down the chim-              Can I have a trampoline. Can I also          dress nana wants. look on my table                   How are you? I hope Rudolph is get-            good wii. Santa the other times you didnt         a sterio.
ney.                                            have a pillow pet and DS games please.              Leah                                         ting ready for the big night!! I have been         sint me any thang Sant plese brang me                 Signed Mikey Akers
    I left cookies by the chimiey.              Santa can I have a spark scowter please                                                          really good this year and would love a             Somting this time. I forgot to tell you for a
    I want bop it.                              and a laptop and a phone. My brother                 Dear Santa,                                 paint ball gun for Christmas.                      psp, and a chiwawa. Santa pleses show                 Dear Santa,
    I want pop in stil cabcpatch                wants a scowter to. Can I please have a              How is roodoff. what I want for Chist-          Sincerely,                                     me some pechtures of Shasha sint them                 How are you doing Santa Clous I
    I want a hannah Montana watch.              dimend neckless for my mama.                    mas is a wii, sell phone, and a DSi. I also          Tre Gates                                      to a box in the prisnts please. What San-         want a dirtbike and a gatkart for chistmas
    I want a wii game.                             Love, Hannah Moxley                          want a lot of clothes. And a game for my                                                            ta I thank I mate be home or Mexico or            but I want the gotkart red and blue and
    I want a christmas book.                                                                    wii and dsi.Love,                                     Dear Santa,                                   sisters howes. Santa ples come or I wont          tho dirtbike Green and black and I want a
    From Alicia To Santa                             Dear Santa,                                     Madison Carson                                   is Pudolph Read to deliver pearsnt            be happy Santa I have never sene you              toy matercicle that is blue red green and
                                                     Can I have a Bumble bee helmet                                                              for the night. for crismes I want three            but give me youre phone please and a              yellow and then I want a big folwiler that
    Dear Santa                                  and blaster pleas. Can I also have con-              Dear Santa,                                 packs of little pet shope one for my two           pecture of you pleace. And I will give you        is black and a DS and I want a pase-
    My name is Kendal Niston. How are           nect 4 x 4 game pleas. Can I have Back-              Is it really cold at the north pole?        sitter and one for me and I want it just           my phone and pecture. Ad a 4 willor               tracet and I want 99 toy cars and I want a
you doing? Is miss Claus ok? I’m sorrey         ogan video game for wii please. I hope          Santa how are your deer doing, espe-             like K mart pleas and one bed for my bog                Signed Noelia Hernandez                      big blue teddy bear and I want 42 mon-
for what I have done. Wach out for my           I’ve been good this year. Thank you San-        cially rootoff the rain deer. brang some-        and some coth pleas because he is al-                                                                ster trucks. The end
dog Rockxie. I might bake cookies. I            ta.                                             thing good. I thank your smart man               ways cold please and pexces sols and                    Dear Santa,                                      Signed Donavon Greene
think I will bye carretes. I would like a            Love, Brady Hatcher                        come on down my house its fun. you               bean want bean roow and three brazts                    I want a Xbox 360 and Baguns and
bunny. And that Barbie doll on TV.                                                              thank you could bring me something like          and Spre slader and algial golf. and a             any games for xbox360 and a terem                     Dear Santa,
    From: Kendal                                    Dear Santa,                                 a dirtbike I hope you have a great Christ-       Latop.                                             pliene and how are the riandeers and                  How are you doing at the pole How
                                                    Are the raindeer doing well? I’ve           mas.                                                  Sincerely Lesly Salarzar                      evils oh I forgot something elos a DS and         is miss claus doing at the pole How are
      Dear Santa,                               thought of some things on my list. Will              Ho Ho Ho                                                                                       any game for it.                                  the raindeer doing at the pole, can I have
      My name is Julie Ochoa. I have            you bring my mama an Angel? Will you                 Merry Christmas                                 Dear Santa,                                         Signed Vincent Hernandez                     a soccer ball, a bear that sing, a
been good this year. i sorry for the mean       bring me D Rex? The elvs need to start                                                               Hello Santa I hopp you are filling well                                                          comepter, a baby bunkbed for 3, a twin
things I said to my sister. I’m sorry for all   working. I will lay out cookies and milk.          Dear Santa,                                   is Rodolph filling fin is Miss. Cles filling fin       Dear Santa,                                   stroller for baby bolls, a paint gun, and
the mean thing I did so if I’m on the naty          Love, Chase Wright                             How is Mrs. Clase                             I Have den good I wont a shof toy dragin               For christmas I would like a toy ner-         some DS games like icarly, mario, pet.
list can I be on the good list please. how                                                         has she been good.                            and a tin dow de es Hav a malre cismes             sory and a dsi games and a style lab and          fashion, baby fashion, a shot gun
is Miss Claus, and Roodoff. Be carful on            Dear Santa,                                    could you please give my family the               for George                                     germi sheperd. That is white and a the-               Signed Brianna Arnold
the roof I’s medle I think I don’t no.              For Christmas I would like an Amer-         best Christmas.                                                                                     ater in my room.
      Julie Ochoa                               ian girl doll named Julie and some ex-             I would like a laptop and a wii. thank             Dear Santa                                        Signed Evann Shelnutt                            Dear Santa,
      I (heart) you santa claus.                eres. I hope I have been good. Can I            you Hunter Burrell                                    I want a mocintroll air plane and a                                                                Santa I want a dirt bike for cristmas,
                                                also have a Barbie. Can the elfs make                                                            new bike. I want a new pair of shose and               Dear Santa,                                   and a helmet to golve. fox hat, goggles
    Dear Santa, my name is Maggie Up-           inenthing plastick? Thank you                       Dear Santa,                                  I want a new bascet ball. I want a puppy.              I wish for a DS, compter games,               to
church I what a DS and a bump bed and               Love, Ashley Hunsucker                          How is mirs. Claws? Is Rudof is he           I a new Book bag.                                  make up, 300 ruber bardes, and ther                  Signed Levi Johnson
a let frog and a bell tc I dont no if we are                                                    ready. I want a D.S. and a radeo and                  Your frind Rilee                              clothes and shoes, baby alive, barbe
going to make cooies if we do I will put             Dear Santa,                                necles and a psp games for the psp and                                                              hoes, barbe limozin, printer, a box of pa-            Dear Santa,
them on the stov haue is roodoff haue is             I like to have a toy like you same as      the D.S. like up, golf, cars, littes pet shop        Dear Santa,                                    per, clothes, shoes, jerie, books, pen-               I would like a new pair of glasses, a
missis santa and haue are.                      you. I like to have little’s pet shope toy. I   Hanue Montena and I want a getur and                 Hello Santa! How are you? How is               sies, craons, colring book, Hannah Mon-           nintedo wii, a spongebob video game,
    Love Maggie                                 like to have baby a live. I like I have I       some molocerss and I wish that my dog            you wife? I hope Rudolph is geting ready           tana the move and her CD’s esey bake,             and a spider man video game too. I also
    Dear Santa,                                 Carle toy. I like to have cooker toy. I like    rocky could come back.                           to bright the sky. How are your elfs. I            braz’s High school musical 3 move and             want “Merry Madagascar” The DVD and
    my name is Bryanna Nicole Chaney.           to have croloy.                                     Love, Wendy                                  have been really good this year and I              CD more DS games, my t.v., clip on erar-          “Spngebob’s Truth or Square” The video
I have been good this year. How are all              Love, Perla Betancourt                                                                      woud love a littlest pet shop a pritty cat. I      ings a ta 8t touh scren.                          game also a “Spider_man” movie.
of yall. This is what I want this year. A                                                            Dear Santa,                                 hope you have a good trip on crismas                   Signed Jennifer Vera                              Signed Gabriel
mp3 player. A cute toy baby. A stuft ani-          Dear Santa,                                       How is Mrs. Clouse? How is Rood             night.
mals. please thanks. Love Bryanna                  I want a bike. I hope I get a Nintendo       off? Santa if you will I whant an iPod. And          Love                                               Dear Santa,                                         Cedar Ridge Elementary School
Chaney                                          DS. I wish I had PS3. I would like to have      a X Box 360 with 19 games. But most of               Dayra Casas                                        I wish for excavator, bobcat skid-                               Mrs. Banks
                                                a PSP iwth games.                               all I whant to move Back with my Dady.                                                              steer, attchems, logging skider, and a                             Fourth Grade
     Dear Santa,                                   Love, Daniel Soriano                         And a sell phone so I can text my Dady.               Dear Santa,                                   gayder, ipod nano. Santa I will leave                 Dear Santa,
     my name is Madison Ayers. Im sorry                                                              Sensearly                                        Hello Santa! How are you? I hope              cookies out for you. Santa I’h been nice              I am going to lay out some cookies
for being mean to my brother. i wont a             Dear Santa,                                       Jagger                                      Rudolph is getting ready for the Big               for you. We have a cimne. You can                 and milk for you and I will lay out some
horse lamp and a stofed animal hores.              I want a ipod for Christmas. Can I get                                                        night!! I have been really good this year          come down that way. How are your eles             corn for reindeer. So I hope you and your
and a big black horse. I wont pinck bost        some minutts put on my fone for Christ-             Dear Santa,                                  and would love a                                   doing in the shop. How is Mrs. clows do-          reindeers like it.
and dall with littla wigh stof that shaks.      mas? Santa are you coming this year?                How are the raindeers and how are                 1. tow bearll BeBee for Christmas. 2.         ing and the family and all the raindeer               Love,
with a hores in it an i wont a DSi and          Santa you shore are nice for bringing           you. for Christmas i wan’t is a bike that’s      A x box360 3. A will 4. a Laptop 5. A car          doing. Has anybody been sick. How is it               Mason Bullock
spogbob. Ds game. I wont boos from              everybody these presents.                       Hannah montana bike. Or some shoes               coltion 6. A Bed 7. A radieo 8. A game-            going at the northpool. And a Juff Burten
justic with balls on them blue harts pinck         Love, Colton Spurlin                         that are tenshoes pink ones. could you           cube 9. Pig Pog set 10. A capgun 11. 2             racecar.                                              Dear Santa,
harts and yellow harts. a hors and a born                                                       pleacce bring me that or a neeckles for          giine pigs 12. some Hats.                              Signed Isaiah Shupe                               I know that you are busy so I will get
together. the cookie are being on the              Dear Santa,                                  my mom how does northpole look. And                   Sincerely                                                                                       to the point. My I please have these
table. how is comitt and Mrs. claus and            I would like some Nintendo games.            how are your Elves. or the wii thank you              Andrew                                            Dear Santa,                                   things? A DSi, and a CD player, and a
daser and precerto                              And I would like some video games. I                Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!!!                                                                        How are you doing up there at the             laptop, and you can bring anything else
     Love Madison.                              would like lots of candy! I would like              Sencertly,                                        Dear Santa!                                   North pole. Santa can I have a toy mon-           you want to and that is all. Thank you
                                                some toys for my dogs.                              Alicia Morales                                    How are you? I hope Rudolph is get-           key. I want a guritar. I want a paint Ball        very much. Good-bye.
    Dear Santa                                     Merry Christmas Santa!                                                                        ting ready for the big night!! I have been         gun. I want more playdoy like last year. I            Love,
    My name is Lee Bunker i have den               Love, Jasmine Murray                            Dear Santa,                                   really good this year and would love a lit-        want a DS so much Santa. I want a Dog                 Cora Stanley
good. how is Miss Claus. be ceful kum-                                                             Is it cold in the north                       tlest pet shop DS. game for cistmas.               Game with it. I want a lot of tandy Bears
ing donw the chimney. how is Rubof. be              Dear Santa,                                    are you read for chrisismus. I want a              Merry Cistmas                                     Signed Addison Breeze Hull                        Dear Santa,
ceful on the roof. I wat a Pittsdurg steelr         I like you. You are nice. I am you’re       Thransformes 2 the move and a baku-                   Sincerely,                                                                                          I hope you’re having a good day at
helme sut and pas i wont a hethey bay.          frend on Christmas! I like a rocket.            gau.                                                  Laken Williams                                     Dear Santa,                                  the North pole. Oh, and Santa, can you
    To santa                                        Love, Terry Spencer                            Love                                                                                                  How are you doing? These are the             bring me one Star Wars toy, a PS2, and
    from Lee                                                                                       Andy                                             Dear Santa                                      things I want for Christmas. A 19 inch            Lego power miners? Thank you.
                                                    Dear Santa,                                                                                     How are you Santa I hope that Ms.               flatscreen tv and some 410 shells a bas-              Love,
    Dear Santo,                                     Can I have a doonbuge? Can I have              Dear Santa,                                   Cloues is all right what I want for christ-        ketball goal for my room and a ball for it.           Hilario Lopez
    my name is Cole Sutphin. I’m sorry I        a puppy? I would like too airsoft’s pleas. I       How cold is it at the North Pole?             mas a PS3.                                         Can I have some drawing books and
didn’t lisn to my parrin’s. I’m doing want I    would like a bow too. Can I have a game         When Christmas comes would you bring                Thank You Santa                                 pencils. Can I have a video game. You                 Dear Santa,
do every year but the big Santa is on the       called wii reaist? Can I have a pack of         me a laptop and a few poket knives                  I now you will Brang it Santa                   don’t have to buy me all of this just 1 or 4          How are your reindeer doing? How
back prorch be sure to look on the              wort heads?                                        from Ethan Shumate                               Your frend John                                 things. Thank you for getting me all              is Mrs. Clause doing? I want some lego
prorch.                                             Love, Scott Shore                                                                                                                               these gifts for the last few years. Thank         Bionicles, Lego Space Police, and Lego
    I want a fourrealer,                                                                           Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,                                     you Santa.                                        powerminers, and a wii. My sister wants
    I wont some tar Heels tickts,                    Dear Santa,                                   Want I want for chimers is a nDS                 Hi Santa! How are you? Can I have                    Signed Chase Hewitt                          a wii and a doll. Thank you very much.
    I wont a tar Heels santa,                        Please can I have a fullweeler? Can        and a miiprscok and a dog a blak one             a DSi and a wii for christmas?                                                                           Love,
    I wont a new nife,                          I have a transformer game for psp? Can          Merry chimers P.S I will feed hour rain-            Sincerly,                                           Dear Santa,                                       Bailey Galyean
    I wont a rampy,                             I please have a mareo for psp? Oh, can i        deer it will be on porch in a bag. Ethan E          Caleb LeFevre                                       My name is Giovanna Baena - Her-
    I wont a bowling set,                       have some skewky toys for my dogs.                                                                                                                  nandez. how are the Dears. On christ-                 Dear Santa,
    I wont a PSP,                                    Love, Burt Wallace                             Dear Santa,                                        Dear Santa                                   mas could you get me a BaBy alive,                    How are the reindeer and Mrs.
    I wont a WII.                                                                                   How is the efs doing how is miss                   Hello Santa How are you? I hope              shoes, DS, psp, a stuffed animal, and             Clause doing? I want lego space police,
                                                     Cedar Ridge Elementary School              claues doing how are you i want a camer          Rudolph is getting ready for the big night!        toys. Does it matter what kind of cookies         lego Bionicles, lego powerminers, a wii,
    My name is Chance Darrh.                                   Ms. Swift                        and a viode camer i hope you have a              I have been really good this yar and               and milk I leave for you. I hope the evles        and an xbox 360. My sister wants a met-
    Dear Santa how is misclaus and the                        Third Grade                       marry crismas and a happy new year               would love a strike fishing game for my            are working hard for chrismas.                    al detector, and a wii. Thank you very
rain dear                                                                                           snselel michael sutphin                      will for christmas                                     Signed Giovanna Baena                         much.
    I want a little fullweller                        Dear. Santa is Ms. Clause ready for                                                              to. santa                                                                                          Love,
                                                Christmas is she looking ford to that               Dear Santa,                                        from. Luke                                      Dear Santa,                                        Brandan Shur
    Dear Santa                                  night when we all should be asleep and I            How is mis claues dowing. I wish for                                                               I have been good this year. What I
    my name is Luke Robertson.                  hope the older elf is being a good helper       a real laptop for Crismis and a ipod that i          Dear Santa,                                    want for Christmas is a dry erase board               Dear Santa,
    I want some more games for my DS            if you will and can I would like a skate-       can tuch and a psp and a DS.                         Hello Santa! How are you? I hope               and an MP4 Player or an IPod. I want                  I would like to have an xbox 360 or
and some more games for my play                 bord and a new biycicle because my tire             Love,                                        Rudolph is getting ready for a big night!! I       some baby doll clothes and a diper bag            an ipod touch. I would like a dirt bike or a
stashien 2. The cookies are on the tabrl.       is flat pluse I would also like a real lap-         Briana                                       have been really good this year and I              and a carrier. I want some clothes and            lap top. I would like a DSi. But I mostly
Be rilley carefol on the ruffe bon’t fol        top and a glass doll and any thing that as                                                       would love a playstation2 game for                 some Nike Shox.                                   want an lap top. I would like to add
bowne. now is robof? How is mis Claus.          something to do with Indians me and my              Dear Santa,                                  Christmas.                                            Signed Tori Vandall                            something for my sister. She wants Bar-
    Fome Luke Robertson                         mom are a big fan of them I hope I’m not            how is comet? can I please have a                Love,                                                                                            bie dolls. Thank you, Santa.
                                                being to selfish and greedy by asking for       p.s.3? can I have another BB gun? can I              Dalton Arnder                                       Dear Santa,                                      Love,
      Cedar Ridge Elementary School             all this.                                       have another wii?                                                                                        I want a robot horse, and a Fur real             Hank Ward
       Mrs. Bunting and Mrs. Hewitt                   Hailey Wilson                                 Senserly,                                        Dear Santa,                                    fiend, and a fulreal fiend, and fur real
              Second Grade                            P.S I hope you like the coockies and          Jacob Lowe                                       Hello Santa! How are You? I hope               friend, and a will fit. I want 9 horses be-           Dear Santa,
                                                milk and about the bike I hope it dose not                                                       Rudolph is getting Ready for the Big               cause three up at my dads and 6 up at                 How are you and the reindeer? Do
    Dear Santa,                                 make my nana & papa up set because                   Dear Santa,                                 night!! I have been really good this year          my moms my brother olny wants 4 hors-             you have any new reindeer? For Christ-
    I want you to bring all of my cousins       the one I got with the flat tire they got it         how are the elves how are the rain-         and would love a phone for christmas.              es.                                               mas I want a sewing machine, some
from Mexico because my sister wishes            for me for Easter as you should know al-        deer are they ready for Christmas are                Sincerely DJ Smith                                  Signed Mercedes Mundy                        black boots, and a hairdryer that is pink.
to bring them to America.                       ready. And just 1 more thig can I have an       you ready for Christmas this year I want                                                                                                                  Thank you and merry Christmas.
    Love,                                       art gallory set once agin I hope I’m not        roller skates, eletric skooter, and a hel-           Dear Santa,                                         Dear Santa,                                      Love,
    Abril Sanchez                               being greedy                                    ment I hope you have a good Christmas.               Hello Santa! How are you? I hope                    I wish for DS, remot helakapter,                 Riley Snow
                                                                                                     Thank you Santa.                            Rudolph is getting ready for the big               gokart, sellphon, more playstachun2
     Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                       Anna Burcham                                night!! I have been really good this year          games, labtap cloths, humer, wagon, for                Cedar Ridge Elementary School
     Can I please have a doll with two             I want a America Girl doll. and A cel                                                         and would love a real four wheeler and a           my brother. a trin that goes relly fast rain-                   Mrs. Luffman
dogs and a car. Have I been good this           phone. and American Girl clothes. So I               Dear Santa,                                 real wii, real play stashin 3, cell phone,         deer, remot roket, remot boat, wach, spy                        Fourth Grade
year? Will you please bring me a Barbie         hope I’am not on the noty list well bye.             Is it really cold at the Northpole? is it   BeBe gun for christmas.                            gir, drums,
doll. Can I please have the DS game                Love,                                        windy? I would like a notebook that has              sincerely, Love                                     Signed Andrew Walls                              Dear Santa,
carnival game. I love you and the rein-            Cassidy                                      my name on it and a magic pen a speical              Jasmine England                                                                                      I have been good this year. I have
deer very much and Mrs. Claus. Will you                                                         doll that has glitter on it                                                                              Dear Santa,                                  done all my chores. I want a wii and a
also bring me a pillow pet. I really love            Dear Santa,                                     I hope you have a Merry Christmas!               Dear Santa,                                        I want a 2xbox360, with the game             DSi. I know it is not much this year but it
you and elves.                                       How is Mrs. Clause!? Do you have                Love, Citlally Chaire                            How are you? I hope Rudolph is get-           call of duty world at war, call of duty mod-      is ok.
     Love, Madison Victoria Allen               all your raindeer ready!? I will leave you                                                       ting ready for the dig night!!!                    en warfare 2, live for dead 2. psp, wii,              Love, Jada
                                                some great nicely warmed cookies! I                  Cedar Ridge Elementary School                    I have been relly good this year and          trempiene, ps3, gamecube. new house,
     Dear Santa,                                would like a bike or scotor this Christ-                      Sarah Nixon                        love a DS for christmas.                           new car. BB guns, toys, nerf guns, a                  Dear Santa,
     Can I have a doll house pleas and          mas! I will leave the raindeer eather a                       Third Grade                             Love Hayley Martin                            poodle, new tv, another wii, ps2, call of             I have been a good girl this year. I
can I have some dolls to pleas? I wont a        carrot or raindeer food! I hope they like it!                                                                                                       duty moden warefare 243 bolt action ri-           have done everything my parents and
ball pleas? Can I get a baby doll and a         I have a lot of tree’s but were cuting them        Dear Santa,                                       Dear Snta,                                     fle, 30-30 rifle 30-06 rifle 357 magum.           teachers asked me to do. Could you
Barbie doll pleas! I love you.                  down! Have a very great joy-ful Christ-            Hi Santa! Is Rudolph ready to fly? I              Hello Santa! How are you? I hope                    Signed Tony Brown                            bring me some wii games and that would
     Love, Patricia Smith                       mas!                                            hope Rudolph is ready to fly! I have been        Rudolph is getting ready for the big night                                                           be all?
                                                     Love,                                      good this year and would love a DSi for          I have been really good this year and                   Dear Santa,                                      Your friend,
    Dear Santa,                                      Addison Oakley!                            Chistmas.                                        would lowe a dirt bike crochrocket and                  My name is Haleigh Ashea Meredith.               Shaylee Tilley
    Could I have a bike Santa. Would                                                               Love,                                         Plan B for christmas                               Santa what i relly won’t is some clouthes
you please get me some makeup Santa.                 Dear Santa,                                   Amelia Gullatt                                    Donnie Robertson                               because I relly do need Them and I                    Dear Santa,
Santa could I please have some candy                 How is Mrs. lus. Can I have a xbox                                                                                                             hardlee have even have enny. and I                    I have been a very good girl this
Santa. Please bring me an Nintendo ds           Game The rarm, Game a toy gun a                     Dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa,                                   won’t a puppy because I love Them so              year. I have done all that my parents,
please santa. Santa I will leave you            track, a hat, mast cowboy boots a ball, a           Hello Santa! How are you?                         How are you? I hope Rudolph is get-           much because thay are spaschil with               grandparents and teachers told me to
some cookies and some milk for you              toy rougsreze.                                      I hope Rudolph is getting ready for          ting ready for a big night!! I have been re-       love. and if you can I have relly won’ted a       do. I know that I may not get as much as
Santa.                                               form Isaac                                 the big night!!                                  ally good this year and would love a DS            gotcart and on every brithday I have or           usual. After alot of hard thinking I have
    Love, Caitlin Brannock                                                                          I have been really good this year and        for Christmas.                                     every Chrismas I have won’ted a gotcart           picked a few things I want the most. I
                                                    Dear Santa,                                 would love a camera for Christmas.                    Love:                                         so if you can thats what I won’t for chris-       would like to have a Wii fit, bike and a tel-
    Dear Santa,                                     How is Miss Clause? Is roodoff                  Love                                              Esmeralda Camacho                             mas.                                              escope. I would be so happy if I found
    Please bring me a video game.               ready for the big night? Can I have some            Lizbeth - H                                                                                          Signed Haleigh Meredith                      those things under my tree on Christmas
Please bring me a puppy girl dog?               more baby stuff? Can I have a wii? And                                                               Dear Santa,                                                                                      morning.
Please bring me a bicycle? My Mom               the best Chritsmas? I hope you have a               Dear Santa,                                      I hope Rudolph is getting ready for                 Dear Santa,                                      Your friend,
wants a plant full of flowers. My Dad           good Chritsmas Santa!!! Can I have a                Hello Santa! How are you? How is             the big night. I’ve been really good this               I won’t a touch screen blake berry               Patyn Barker
wants a car.                                    DS. Dog game?                                   your wife? I hope Rudolph is getting             year and I would love DC stuff and a B-B           cell phone. And a tank that tells you what
    Love, Jordyn Johnson                            Love,                                       ready for Christmas. All I want for Christ-      gun.                                               the other people are saying in other                   Dear Santa,
                                                    Macayla Brickell                            mas is a bike A puppy, a pony. I want a              From: Landon Montgomery                        rooms. And a xbox360 with some games                   I have been a good boy this year. I
   Dear Santa,                                                                                  toy puppy. His name is jo-jo. I hope you                                                            with it. And some really nice cars and a          have picked out a few this that I really
   I would like a new ball. Santa what                Dear Santa,                               have a good night. I wish that we can                 Dear Santa,                                   track for my cars to drive on. And some           want the most. I would like to have tick-
do you want for Christmas. Mir. Claus                 how is miss class dowing and how is                                                             Hello Santa! How are you? How is              wii games only if i get a wii if i don’t, don’t   ets to Greenboro or Charlotte, NC, World
what do you what for Christmas? Santa           roodoff. how are you. got the slae ready        see your, deer to on the 25. I wish I can        your wife? I hope Rudolph is getting               bring the games. If you can bring me a            Wrestling Entertainment, I also want my
my sister would like a wakbord.                 how it the elfs. I will have my house lite      see your wife.                                   ready for the big night!!! It’s going to be        DSI with some games to play on it. And            dad to be safe in Iraq.
   Love, Cole Richardson                        up for you. And I hope you have a good              Love                                         great! I have been really good this year           some black and white nike shoes with                   Your friend,
                                                flit. What I want for Crimass is a XBox             Madison “Skib” Trevino                       and would love a littlest Pet Shop For             some shoxs on the back of them.                        Will Felts
    Dear Santa,                                 360 and a goood Crimass and a wii.                                                               Christmas. I want this Christmas to be                  Love to all
    Can I have a Xbox 360? Santa what                 form:                                          Dear Santa,                                 the best Christmas ever. The kind of lit-               Love Tyler Wilson                                  Dear Santa,
do you want for Christmas. Santa do you               Nathaniel                                      Hello Santa! How are you? I’m get-          tlest pet shop is the Cozy Care Adoption                                                                   I have been a good boy this year. I
want milk and cookies. Santa can you                                                            ting ready for Chrismas. I really want a         Senter or the Daycare Senter. I want my                 Dear Santa,                                  have done all that my parents, grandpar-
make Mrs. Bunting and Mrs. Hewitt my                Dear Santa,                                 monkey or some peguin stuff and my               brother to be able to be with us so we                  I want a deerstand for cristmas and I        ents and teachers have told me to do. I
techer again. Santa you are the best                How are you? How is Mrs. Clause?            friends to sit with me too!!                     can all be together. I want my mom,                want a xbox360 could I have camro and             know that I may not get All I ask for. After
man in the hole wide world. Thank you           How are your raindeer are they being                 Love,                                       papa, brothers and sisters to be all to-           a shotgun and I brant a psp for cristmas I        a lot of thinking I have picked just a few
Santa. Say hy to the elfs and the rein-         good? I want a iPod for Chirstmas. And a             Abby Embry                                  gether this year. Have a great Christmas!          wana a motorcycle for cristmas and I              things I really waant the most. I would
deer for me.                                    xbox 360 for Chirstmas. And a DSI for                                                                 Love,                                         want for cristmas I wana camofolt cloths          like to have a few video games for my
    Love, Mason Boles                           Chirstmas.                                          Dear Santa,                                       Caitlinn Vadie McBride                        for Christmas to hunt I wish everybody            Xbox360, Gears of war, Call of duty,
                                                    From. Leslie                                    Hello Santa. How are you? I hope                                                                cristmas is a happy cristmas. and I want          mardern warfare 2. I would be so happy
    Dear Santa,                                     Thank you Santa have a nice Chirst-         Rudolph is getting ready for he big night!!            Cedar Ridge Elementary School                heclips for cristmas.                             if I found these things under my tree on
    Can you get the teachers something          mas                                             I have been really Good this year and                          Tina Edwards                              Signed Blake Smith                           Christmas morning. It would also be
please? Could you get something for my              Merry Chirstmas                             would Love a Rhino for cristmas.                                Third Grade                                                                           wonderful if we could have world peace
parents please? I would like a new                                                                  Love Michael and Don and Steph                                                                      Dear Santa,                                   too.
game. Could you get my sisters some-                Dear Santa,                                 and Bryanna that’s ALL                               Dear Santa,                                        I wish you could pobabley get me a                  Your friend,
thing please? Could you please bring my             I hope your ready for the big trip. I                                                            I was a good little girl I want for            pocket Rocket, DS, Tronsformers 2, re-                  Hunter Crouse
cousins something? Could your bring my          would like a D.S.I, A bike with gears, a                                                         Christmas is a phone, a Doll baby, baby            mote cantruoll are hog. Areelane, go
classmates something please? Could              Bionicle, an aqurim, a remoat control car,         Dear Santa                                    Doll house, a easy bake, some new                  cart, dart bike, vedeow games.                         Dear Santa,
you bring a green dog house for Mrs.            and a wii DS (or DSI) game. have a                 Hello how is it in the north poll? i          shoes, and a psp, a pink bookbag, 7 new                Signed Camron Heck                                 I have been a good girl. I have done
Bunting please?                                 good a good Cristmas. P.S. I will leave         been really good for Christmas i hoep            pants, some ear rings, some pink                                                                     all the things my parents and adults who
    Love, Benji Edwards                         you cookies. From Luke Holder.                  you are watching me I want for Christ-           gloves, a new coat, some nails, and a                 Dear Santa,                                    are trustful told me todo, like cleaning my
                                                                                                mas a collecion of kiss albums a Duck            pink hat.                                             I want a psp, I want a skateboard. I           room, doing the food, and helping with
     Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                 hunter game a Big Buck hunter game a                 Signed Shateka Floyd                           want a mp3 player. I want a game cube. I          very hard things with my dad. I just want
     What is your favorite color? I want a          is Rudolph ready? What do you do in         NC tarheels foot ball a x box 360 a                                                                 want some Gormities, I want a TarHell-            a few things if you don’t mind. What I
doll. Do you like pilgrims? What do you         the summer? How are you? What I want            kawusacx Dirt Bike and a pet genypig                 Dear Santa,                                    basketball. I want same nike shox. I want         want is: a cellphone that you can text on,
like to eat?                                    for Christmas is an art set jewlery, a San-     and a Nerf tv game                                   I hope you are good and youre                  Game cube vidio Games. I want a deck              a DSI, a Laptop, and a poster of New-
     Love, Rose Alexis Stewart                  ta Clause glass, a zou zou pet and its             love Jordan Ayers                             elfes? Santa for christmas I want a mp4,           of pockimon cards. I want a mini                  moon or Twilight. I would so happy if you                                                                                                                2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                           December 24, 2009 7
gave those to me.                                   Dear Santa,                                  you I am sure. For Christmas there are a            Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
    P.S. About the laptop, I want it to be a        Are you getting ready for chrismas. If       few things I would like to have. I need a           I watn a DSI and a baby doll for                How are you how is you’r wife and               I wan’t an wii for chritmas. and a
Dell Laptop and the color black, please.        not what are you doing. well this year           Nintendo D.S gameboy so I don’t bug             christmas a lot of staff I am Going to be       how are you’r rander’s I have Beging            nelie pinter for chritmas anelie pinter is
    “Thank you”!                                what I want for Chrismas is:                     my brother. I need the Christmas Carol          Happy. My sister go to get a computer           good I wont a (DSi) and a cupter. My            you Put you’r nelie in it and it pints out
    Your friend,                                    Nintendo Ds                                  movie for my Mom. I need a Monopoly             and my mama getting perfume and my              sesten won’t a thrapig and a DS. to, I          you can put you’r Picture in it. and I wan’t
    Love,                                           Cell Phone                                   gameboard to bond with my brother. I            dad wants clothes I Love Y fom Delia            and my sest wont cios happy cresa               an Par of Snow blots for chritmas.
    Alexsandra Butcher                              Laptop                                       don’t mind if I don’t get exactly what I                                                            love,                                           Love, Brittany
                                                    Baby doll stuff                              want because I know there are people                Dear Santa,                                     Leyna
     Dear Santa,                                    And more I can’t tell you all of it so       out there who won’t get anything for                I want lagose the game rescyoy.                                                                 Dear Santa,
     I have been a good girl this year. I       Love you so much                                 Christmas.                                      Sqod bid bersader. And my uone. Christ-             Dear Santa,                                     I want a footba in a xbx 306 in I want
have got all a’s on my report card. I really        Love,                                            Your friend                                 mas. tree. And a cichin that is a toys sae.         how’s your raindeer Santa. you wan-         a xbox in a plastin.
don’t want much for Christmas. This is all          Alexis Akers                                     Jada Arnder                                 And a toy lif savr They must be big not to      na know what I want for chistmas some               Love Faustino
I want: a doll, Some more clothes, Twi-                                                                                                          big. Macke thim medume. And i dneild            clothesand, shoes. I want my family to
light movies, and For a little candy.                  Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                for d. Rovre ene drum hot woils to. Stor        get together. And I want a drum set. and            Dear Santa,
Please write back to me and have a Mer-                How are you doing? I’m doing fine.             I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing        ws livsvrs. And a toys bebeb Gun                a football.                                         I wanta 4 welr a sise blad amy nife
ry Christmas, Santa. One more thing if          I’ve been pretty good this year! Please I        well. This time of year is very busy for            I am a good boy                                 Love,                                       that I am going to save at the age of 7
you can. I would like for my Aunt, Jenny        would like:                                      you I’m sure. For Chistmas, there are a             Gavin                                           Alexis h.                                   and use at the age of 9. And a play
Mimm, to come for Chrismas. Thank                      - A super mario wii game                  few things I would like to have. I need a                                                                                                       sashen 2 and 3.
you.                                                   - Nintendo DS                             Nintendo I for entertainment. Also, I              Der Sat                                           Dear Santa,                                    sincerely, Nolan
     Your friend,                                      - Style savie DS game                     would like an iPod to help me stay out of          I wot a wii gam a DSi a hamstrd                   You are nice And I would like a Ds
     Olivia Sadlik-Peralta                             - Mad gab board game                      trouble. Also Santa, I would like an alarm      mareo pate wii gam.                             please and a pney ana puppy and haw                  Dear Santa,
     PS: What are your favorite cookies?               Thanks alot Santa. Talk To you later.     clock to help with telling time. Thank you         Isaac Boles                                  is the rainbars haw are you Santa and                I would like a walk and giggle baby
                                                I’ll leave out cookies.                          for all the gifts you give the world.                                                           haw are Your wife Santa                         doll. crawling baby doll, Game Boy.
    Dear Santa,                                        Katherine Parsons                              Love,                                          Dear Santa,                                      Love                                       chixoes, Nail Polish set. BiG doll. house.
    I was good this year and my sister so                                                             Dixie Fulk                                     I want a DS. I want a bike. Santa I              Esther D.                                  DSi (Pink). Fureal car. laptop (Pink) Sin-
I was wondering if I could have a PSP                Cedar Ridge Elementary School                                                               hope you bring a lot of presents. I cant                                                        cerely, Grace
and a drink back pack and just a little                      Mrs. Johnson                            Dear Santa,                                 wait until I get my toys. I cant wait untill        Dear Santa,
something for my mom and dad. My                              Fourth Grade                           How are the reindeer doing? This            Christmas. I love you Santa. I hope you             I want a book to read ivry day howe                Copeland Elementary School
mom wants a boxer and my dad wants a                                                             time of year is very busy for you I am          have a Merry Christmas love Kiara               are your randres or they fonde how is                        Charity Shelton
new computer and I was hoping you                    Dear Santa,                                 sure. For Christmas, there are a few            Brewington.                                     your nayf haw or yuor ilrs I howe. yuor                      Second Grade
could get my sister a new laptop.                    I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing         things I like to have. I would like a Mind                                                      good.
    to: Santa                                   well. This time of year is very busy for         Flex to test my mind. Also, I would like a           Dear Santa                                     Love                                             Dear Santa,
    frome: Ryan                                 you I am sure. For Christmas, there are          guitar to play songs. Thankk you for all             I want a BB gun and a ventriloquist            Adrian M.                                        I have bin good may I plesse have
    PS. Could You get a huge bone for           a few things I would like to have. I would       the gifts you give to the world.                doll and a lot of toys so I can play with                                                       this Toy may I Plesse I wont D,S and A
both my dogs? Thanks!                           like a lot of Bionicles because they are             Your friend,                                them all day long                                  Dear Santa,                                  wii to and A niJ soLrd to and a wotcey
                                                fun to play with. Also, I would like a Ely           Adrianna Stillwagon                              your friend Daniel Atkins                     I would like this year a DS a Dsi a          toLcy to and a S9i car to and sPiy benoc
    Dear Santa,                                 Manning jersey because he is the best                                                                                                            puppy Boxr a motorcycle a bird for my           eLrs to and A D’si to and A PoKit Rocit to!
    I’ve been a good boy. Can you gift          player in the NFL. Thank you for reading              Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa                                  moma latop a robot to be in a Band a                 Josiah
me a psp and a xbox 360 and a soccer            my letter.                                            I hope you are doing okay. How are             I want a Barbiedol and. a Musketeer         house o football a brother.
2010? Can I have a Meixecan hat and a                Your friend,                                the Reindeers doing this year. There are        dol. and a littlest pet shop. and a Barbie         Love                                             Dear Santa,
Playstation 3.                                       Reece Westmoreland                          a few things I want for Christmas I would       and camper. and a horse and a little dol.          Carlos G.                                        yeb i D Love. I ben good can you
    From Jonathan Cardaso                                                                        like to have. I want the New Moon movie             I Love you            Carrie                                                                gev me thr des calr of the des the car
                                                      Dear Santa,                                because I like watching movies for enter-                                                           Dear Santa,                                 Red pink And blue in two tedhere And
    Dear Santa,                                       I hope you and Rudolf are doing            tainment. Also, I want a Miley Cyrus Cd             Dear Santa.                                     the stre wopthe clanwrs blastr and          tow rel duck ubd two facks Pobe
    I have been a good girl this year.          well. This time of year is busy for you I’m      because when I get bored I like to listen           I want a spider-man toy and a. d-s          35 Nref ol the Nerf Guns. an fluwilr that           Think You Santa!
How are you and the reindeer? I would           sure. For Christmas, there are a few             to music. I also want Christmas to be a         and a jenejrbreadman and a. calendar            his two guns that shuehs snobuls. an
like a few new wii games and some               things I would like to have. I need some         happy new year for my family.                   and a wattrgun and a. christmas hat and         hulmrlife and my own hurse tez you for ol           Dear Santa,
more clothes and CDs like Hannah Mon-           new tenni shoes because mine are                      Love,                                      a spider-man car. and a treotrmap and a.        you have dund Dad and Mom!                          I’m so sory for not doing my home-
tana I would also like a new DVD like UP,       falling apart. I would like a new because             Jasey Jarrell                              hotwillsbithat toy and a yo-yo and a.               Love Kolton Q.                              work. But could you please bring me a
a pack of jelly bracelets and a little bit of   mine is too little for me. I would like a                                                        wethr calendar.                                                                                 Nintando DSI and a Barbiedoll and a
candy.                                          Adrian Peterson football jersey. Thank                Dear Santa                                     Angel I love you                                Dear Santa,                                 cumputer please thank you
    Sincerely,                                  you for all of the gifts you give to the              I hope you had a good year. Is your                                                            Hawhaveyoub irehawhas you wife                  Love,
    Kaci Wiles                                  world.                                           family and are the reindeer okay. This              Dear santa I want the game of can-          bine and ure rander. I want a DS and a              Abi. M
                                                      Your friend,                               year for Christmas there are a few things       dyland and a dees. for Christmas. I want        book of Junie B. Jones! I want the
    Dear Santa,                                       Lexy Mickey                                I would like to have. I need a Brett Farve      a Barbie girl. I want some book and a           Hannhmotan the move for we ill and all              Dear Santa,
    I have been as good as I can this                                                            vickings jersey because I don’t have            bike and a computer.                            of the griil we ill games and mary-cate             Love, Ashley H. And I would Laik a
year. Well, I know how it’s been a hard             Dear Santa,                                  one. Also would like a Nike basketball so           Your fiend Lizeth                           and aslemoves and Hanhmontanmors                D.S.i game but I do have a nufe muney
year and I know that not as many pres-              I hope and you and Mrs. Claus are            I can get better at basketball. One more                                                        laptop and as alf on.                           cand you ples get it for me. And if you get
ents will be given out but that’s okay with     doing good. This time of year is busy I          thing the new gam DJ Hero. Thanks for               Dear Santa bear for Christmas. Also             Jasmine C.                                  that for me I do not wht entey thag ense.
me. These are just a few presents I want        am sure. For Christmas there are a few           all you do.                                     I want a barbie for Christmas. Also I want                                                      Ecksf for a DS game but I do not no the
this year: spy gear, sketch pad, and a          things I would like. I would like a new               Your friend                                a bike for Cristmas. I hope you hav a                  Copeland Elementary School               name of it.
new C.D. player with a new holder. Don’t        ropping saddle and a hackamore. Also I                Austin Swartz                              great day. I Love You Santa                                    Mrs. Akers
worry! I remember what Christmas is all         would like a new 300 X Honda four                                                                    Elizabeth Antunez                                        Second Grade                           Dear Santa,
about! It’s about Jesus. It’s when he was       wheeler. Also I would like the new movie             Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                     Love Eduardo Q cat you beg a taen-
born. Oh, and have a good Christmas!            Alvan and the Chpmunks the squiekeal.                I hope you had a good Thanksgiv-                   Copeland Elementary School                  Dear Santa,                                  siey and my brudst to. ilikeyou. and my
    Your friend,                                    Your friend                                  ing. Will you let me ride on the sleigh. I                    Mrs. Osborne                         I want a DS for Christmas in I want          fmily to like to.
    Hannah Maria Button                             Hunter Johnson                               hope you have a Merry Christmas one                          Second Grade                       some boat for christmas.
                                                    Thanks and have a merry Christmas            more present I want a game for my                                                                  love Candy Antunez                               Dear Santa,
     Dear Santa,                                                                                 brother Kendall hes been wanting a                 Dear Santa,                                                                                      I have been gooD. I want a Bfr ink
     I have been a good girl this year. I            Dear Santa,                                 spongbob game. thank you.                          I want a drtbickenand a new bicke. I             Dear Santa,                                 Doll Pleas and The Blanket ThaT haves
have been doing things to help Pa,                   Is Rudolf in front of the sleigh? Is            yours truly                                 want sume new blue shoes. Cude I                    rac car                                     sleves anD somthing cute anD Pleas
Granny, Heather and Jake like they              Prancer, Coment, Donner, Cupid Blincin,              Caleb Brooks Hodges                         have a Xbox360. What cind of cokes                  Hot Wils                                    give me a BarBie suit case to put my
asked me too. I am not asking for much.         Dasher, Dancer, Vixen, and Mrs. Claus                                                            wueld you like?                                     i Wot a tretae                              cloth in Thank you.
I have thought all year about this. I would     O.K? Is Buddy a real elf? If you could                  Copeland Elementary School                  Kyle L.                                          Caleb                                           Love haley
like a lap-top and Mario-Kart for the wii.      please get me a PS3. Assasin’s Creed2                         Candy Mooney
Santa, I would like you to help me with         for my PS3 because Coley can not play                          First Grade                           Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,
something. I owuld like you to get Harley       it unless I say so.                                                                                  I won a Wii and a DS and I won a                dear Santo claus                                 I’v ben good Santa well you pleas
and Hoss, my dogs, a big bone if it’s not            Love,                                           Dear Santa,                                 deskand a cat and a Khit and a                      Hawor you I wont a dol and a tedey          get me a big stuft dog and Pleas get me
too much trouble.                                    Brandon Tyler Noonkester                        I have been very good This year.            brdeyandtebeybBer and winter glass              ber and a cupyor and sum Books                  lot’s of candy cans and lot’s of DS
     Thanks so much.                                                                             Every day I feem my dog and my cat. I           and I want a smart bord.                            From Evelin to Santa Claus                  Game’s and Pleas get me a toy Ball is
     Love, Hayley                                   Dear Santa,                                  take my dog out. Everyday I make my                 Love                                            Love to you                                 that to much to ask for Santa thank you
                                                    I hope your business is going well. I        bad. How are your reindeerrs Santa can              Aaliyah                                                                                     Santa.
    Dear Santa,                                 had a great Christmas last year. There           you give my Barbie doll and if you can                                                              Dear Santa,                                      Love,
    I want a wii for christmas and to go        are a couple things I would like to have. I      give me a toy cat.                                  Dear Santa,                                     can I have a bike, a new bookbage,               Jordan Q
with that Rockband. I want a dirtbike and       need a wii for entertainment. Also, I                Merry Christmas                                 How are you. I’ve been verey go this        and I also want My family to have a won-
a fourwheeler plus I want then to be a          would like to have an iPod to listen to              Jordan                                      year. This year for christmas I wode like       derful Christmas. I asked for a bike be-            Dear Santa,
ninday. Plus, I want some Holister              some music. Thanks for doing what you                                                            a horse snowgloeb and a whale snow-             cause when I went babysitting I use to              if I Be good or Bad at scools and at
clothes, Abercrombie, and Airpolstel            do every Christmas.                                  Dear Sant                                   gloed too. And a ND si too. Be safe on          take my bike but then some mean girs            Luch Bceie you I wat a DiLc and ane Diti
clothes.                                            Your friend,                                     I have been good veryday good I             your trip.                                      took it. I also want a new car for My MoM       lur And a Pukt and and BeiLu and
    Your friend,                                    Kyle Casstevens                              love You I want an XB300 Please                     Love,                                       because she crashed in a asidint and            Younies.
    Skyler Upchurch                                                                                  Love                                            Peyton A.M.                                 she has to borrow a car.                            Love Lupita E
                                                    Dear Santa,                                      Eduardo                                                                                         from: Lizbeth Marmolejo
    Dear Santa,                                     I hope you had a great Thanksgiv-                                                                Dear Santa,                                                                                     Dear Santa,
    I have been a good boy this year. I         ing. I might question you alot, but don’t           Dear Santa                                       For crsmes I will want a dess. I am               Dear Santa,                                   I have Been good this year. But
have done all that my parents and               let me. How are you? Are you and your               I have been very good this year.             being so good and I Love You. You are                 I want You to brening me a toy. it is a   sometime I am not that good I am very
grandparents and teachers have told me          family working hard? Can you give me a           Everyday I dor my homeworke I want a            so nice and swtee. how is your mother.          little bed. and it foldes. and it is in war-    sorry santa! Santa this is what I want for
to do.                                          Merry Christmas this year and a new              psp please                                      your are petrry and coot. how is your           mark. and I rilly blev in You Santa. and I      christmas A DSi and A puppy and some
    I have decided that I would like an         house so my parents will stop fighting?             Love,                                        Family how is your frame. Love                  wont You to brening me a hores. the cind        games for my DS.i Plese and my hole
xbox 360 with Halo 1, 2, and 3 for Christ-      Could you bring me a D.S. portpel                   Jason                                            Anaye. M                                    that rocks. it goes back and forth. and I       entaer famliy wants a wii Plese than you
mas and a cell phone and the white al-          game? Also could you igve my sister                                                                                                              wont You to breing me a ruberduck with          santa
bum of the Beatles.                             what she wants? Could you also give me               Dear Sata                                       Dear Santa,                                 a wheel. and a soft be                              Love
    Your friend,                                a simple little blue go-cart? Thank you for          I have been very good this year.                Scofe Doo fame and DS books in P3                 Sincerly, Emily Cazarez                       Tess H
    Jared Tickle                                reading my letter                                Everyday I feed my dog. I want a DSI be         player Ben 10 game Hot Wheels Motor-
    P.S. Could you manage to help out               From your friend,                            side how are your reindeer Are they             cle basketball.                                     Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
my mom and dad with bills?                          Emily Puckett                                good? I hope that you have a happy de-              Love                                            I what a tedowe D.S. I what a Labra-            I had bend good this year. Can you
                                                                                                 cember.                                             Mason Q.                                    bor retrier I what stanbarbbreb. I what a       plaic give me this. A big notbook and
    Dear Santa,                                     Dear Sata,                                       Love                                                                                        smote bod.                                      new crayolas and paiet and marckes
    I have been a good boy this year. I             I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing              Fortino Galan                                   Dear Santa,                                     Thank you                                   and pincos pawch or bex and sicrs and
helped my mom and dad. I want a Wii,            well. This time of year is very busy for                                                             haw are you do wing hal is yore wif             Katlin                                      pincos and darwing book and give and a
osme games, some candy, and some                you I am sure. For Christmas there are a             Dear Santa                                  halisyour Rinedir if a hav Bin god to you I                                                     big bag.
money. If you bring this stuff to me, thank     few things I would like to have. I need a            I have been good. I all was do my           wod Lik a to hors I that movs and a toy               Dear Santa,                                   Love,
you. You are the best.                          psp for entertainment. I need a dirt bike        home work. I clean my roorup. I put all         baer and a toy dog and dol toy horndand               What I Want for chrismas is four              Marlemy N,
    Your friend,                                for Christmas because thay are cool.             the Plates on the table. I sweep the floor.     I Wii Giv toy mild coc                          things one is a Bike and my second is a
    Ethan Oakley                                Thank you for all of the gifts you give to       I want a baby doll for Christmas.                   Love                                        little pug dog and candy for my sack and.           Dear Santa,
                                                the world.                                           Love,                                           Deac                                              thak you Kevin                                I have been good this year. Please
    Dear Santa,                                     Your Friend,                                     Lakeh                                                                                                                                       can I have a zuh zuh pet Squiggles and
    I have been a good girl this year. I            Justin Johnson                                                                                   Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                  my own carriy and bed for my zuh zuh
would like a bike, a picture of Montana, a                                                           Dear Sonta Pleess                               I want a DS. And a labtop.                     I realy nead A puppy A box of red            pet. I want a webkinz I think I’ll get a
pair of boots, a poster from Twilight for           Dear Santa,                                      I have been very good this year. I              Love Austin T.                              and white candy canes A new D.S game            snake webkinz. littleist pet shop co hu-
my teacher, Mrs. Luffman, and for my                I hope you and the deer are ok. This         wontolds, a totdog a toxcat and a picture                                                       and a dry erase bord.                           scie snake aligader.
dogs puppies to be born on Christmas. I         time of year is very busy for you I am           of your reindeer.                                   Dear Santa,                                    sincerely Dixie                                  Love, Victoria W
would be so happy if I found those things       sure. For Christmas, there are a few                 Love                                            DS and DS game boy Drumsow
under my tree on Christmas morning. It          things I would like to have. I need a ps2            Gisselle                                    playstashe Bewar of the dogs Redy for               Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
would also be wonderful if we could have        because I won’t bother my brother.                                                               Breakfast Home Playmates Star Wars                  I wood like a ipod and a xBox and               I have been a good girl this year. So I
world peace.                                    Thank you for all the gifts.                         Dear Santa,                                 toys, and cowboy hat                            DSi and a Little house for my Dog and           can have presnts from you. Will you give
    Your friend,                                    Love,                                            I have been good this year I feed my            Love,                                       toy far my BaBy Brother and a little toy        me these things please? A DSI and a
    Olivia Alene Cockerham                          Baldemar Betancurt                           cat every day I went a cat fer dsvismis             Peyton G.                                   gingerbred maN and a Komputer and a             baby sitting game to go with it. Two more
                                                                                                     Conner                                                                                      toy condekan and a wii and some toy             things a Baby Alive with extra dipers.
     Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                     Dear Santa,                                 guns                                            And Quick Gems. Please give me these
     I have been a good boy this year. I             I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing             Dear Santa,                                     I hope you like your cocies. What I             Love: Santa                                 things. Thank you. By the way you Rock!
have done what everybody has told me            well. This time of year is very busy for             This is What I want for Christ-             won’t For cristmas Is a Buny RaBBit are             from: Carlos                                    Love, Mamie S.
what to do this year and I did it. Since I      you I am sure. For Christmas, there are          masaKittenAnd a Maxx girds. Also I want         a one and and hores Jhat are real and a             thank you
have been good can I get a pocket rock-         a few things I would like to have. I need a      a wii I got lots of cookies for you santa       hamster a real one.                                                                                Dear Santa,
et and a game for my playstation 2? I           new fourwheeler because my old one                   Your pal,                                       Love                                            Dear Santa,                                    I have ben good This year.
want a Ds and a trick bike, a red and sil-      would not work. Also, I would like a                 Nouria Edwards                                  Kennedy B.                                      I would like a dsi and a game called           Can I Plese have a PSP and a inti-
ver one. I hope you can get this for me         scooter to entertain me so people will not                                                                                                       Kingdom hearts 358 days. and The                dods Plese Thank you. Can I Please
this year. If you do I will give you some       tell me to stop aggravating them.                    Dear Santa                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                  Have A gorebox Please. Can I have a
chocolate chip cookies and milk or                   Your friend Gabby Boles                         I have been verey good can I have a            how are you and how is yuor wif and          game Final fantasy 12. Love Christian           basckitball and a football. Mery Christ-
Mountain Dew. I will get some carrots for                                                        guitar and a Ipod and a DSI. I will Lev         yuor Randree To. I wont a 45 moter. And         butner                                          mas!
your reindeer. I saw where they were                Dear Santa,                                  gogi bow are your rarders                       a Nuw bike. a Toy rel road Tran That                                                               Love Cheyanne H.
digging in my driveway.                             I hope you and your family are doing             Love                                        woud go arond my fler.                              Dear Santa,
     Your friend,                               very will. This itme of year is very busy            Sam                                            Love                                             I want a DSI and borbeys and cloes              Dear Santa,
     Christopher Galyean                        for you I am sure. For Christmas, there                                                             Trenton S.                                   for christmas. Pleas But I raley want a             I’m going to Better next year. OK her
                                                are a few things I would like to have. A             Dear Santa                                                                                  Good christmas Thank you.                       is what I want For chrismas. star wars le-
     Dear Santa,                                PlayStation 3 because I all ready he the             I want a transormer men and a New                Dear Santa,                                    Love Kerri King                             gos Miner Legos Ben ten Legos. Mars
     I have been a good boy this year. I        Play Station land 2 if I get the PlayStation     power ranger that turns into a shark. I              howle are youand yourn rianbearand                                                         Misson Legos At Lantis Legos. SPonge
have done all that I have been told to do.      3 I will have them all. I would also like to     love you Santa,                                 be cafe and for my prezit I want a DS              Dear Santa,                                  BoB Legos Castle Legos Space Police
Since this has been a difficult year for me     have a few games for the Play Station 3              Adam                                        anda Playstashen 2 and a Robots dust               I would like a iPoD, DSi, laptoB,            Legos City Legos and Nerf Guns.
and for everybody else I know that I            so when I get it I can plug it in and start to                                                   like this one beware of the Dog and bre-        game Boy, P.S.P.                                    Love
won’t get everything I ask for. After a lot     play it. Thank you for all the presents that         Dear Sant’a                                 ing a ring a necies and breing a robots            Thank you. from Emma nuelle                      Dillon C.
of thinking I have picked some things           you give to me.                                      I have been a very good boy this            forisosborn. and breing a prezit formis os
that I really want for Christmas. I want to         Your friend,                                 year. Every day I share my toys. Oh by          bon sun prezit is a xbox360.                         Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,
get Madit Warfart2 and a dirt bike hel-             Summer Bowman                                teh way how are your deer doing? ax                  Love,                                           I want Lego city and DSi and Batte-            Hello I have ben good cinda. I have
met, a M4 Caladert Musheng gun, a Ma-                                                            box.                                                  David L.                                  sihP and a Game of MoNoPLY and                  alot I wan’t This is what I wan’t A drum.
sit loter, 20 gach shotgun, a x BoxX360             I hope you are ready for Christmas.              Christopher                                                                                 SkiPBO and computer carset, and uno,            realy a wii. And a black fishing Pole. A
12 mathe XxBoxX360 and XxBoxX360                This time is very busy for you I am sure.                                                            Dear Santa,                                 and trincrac and a suff animal and foot-        biger bicicle. A dog for my brother. and
Live crad and a 4,000 miskrof crad fo my        For Christmas this year, there are a few            I have been very good this year.                 How are you how is youer rain deer          ball and a Move and 50$ and 85 cents            most of all adout five hens Please Thank
XboxX360 and a 22 rifle that and a nerf         few things I would like to have. I wold like     Everyday I make my deb. I clean my              for crismis I want a D.S and games for          and highlights Book January                     you
long shot. That’s what I want for Christ-       to have a PSP because almost every               room. I help my dad To feed the dog. I          my xexbooks 360. I hope you be cerafoll              from Joseph                                    From
mas morning.                                    body I know has one. I would like Nike           want a bear.                                    on youer fllit.                                                                                     Dan S.
     Your friend,                               cleats because I might tryout for soccer.           Love                                             love,                                           Dear Santa,
     Kenneth Wills                                  Your friend,                                    Michelle                                         Allison K.                                      can I have a compouter and a bunny             Dear Santa,
                                                    Allen Perez                                                                                                                                  a Ginny pig a hamster. and a bird a                I Been beid
     Dear Santa,                                                                                     Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                 hores a Pony a real Panda a muncky my              I well give you a nutr chanca cne I
     Once again it’s that time of year. It           Dear Santa,                                     I have been very good this year                 How is your raindear’s I hope you be        own GoLD fish and a DS Game.                    have a PSP Please
turned out great last year all thanks to             I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing         every day I feed my puppy, my dog, my           safe on your cherip. I want a DS And a              Love Kaori Aguilar                             Love
you. This year I just wanna see my fami-        well. This time of year is very busy for         cat                                             cheraplen. I want a will and a full willer. I                                                      Oscar S.
ly. So, would you make another miracle,         you I am sure. For Christmas, there are              I wont old ril puppy, a barbiedoll a dll-   want a labtop ho how is your wif. mysis-             Dear Santa,
just for me and let me see my family.           a few things I would like to have. I would       house.                                          ter want’s a DS And a cherdPle to And a              I want a footBall and a PSP and                 Dear Santa,
     Sincerely,                                 like a drum set so I can learn how to play           Cassidy Snow                                DS. I want a DS ot.                             gameBoy and MP 3 and Ipood and a                     I ben god. I whot a DS and a Ben 10
     Christopher Smith                          the drums. I would also like a new bike                                                              Love,                                       wrestlers of a stocaj. and a Boak of            game and a football for and a getorheroy
                                                because mine is getting too small. My                   Copeland Elementary School                   Emily H.                                    wrestlers what they do. and a four welr         game for the Xbox360 and a latuAded2
     Cedar Ridge Elementary School              mom needs some new pots and pans.                             Mrs. Whitaker                                                                      dirt bike and plsasb 3 and 2 and a laptop       for the Xbox360 and a now Sadrdu and
              Mrs. McHone                       Merry Christmsa to you and Mrs. Claus                          First Grade                             Dear Santa,                               and wie and a fone really Thaky Love Jo-        a culeg travul cuet a now sute and a
              Fourth Grade                      and all the reindeer.                                                                                  I want too know How you are doying        nior                                            rmotrud car and a nutrud arupaun.
                                                     your friend,                                    Dear Santa                                  and everyone eltsand I want a comput-                                                                Love
   Dear                                              Jenny Pierce                                    I wanto dsi and a lote of toys and          er’s wills playstashan, Knife, Remokin               Dear Santa,                                     Taylor M
   santa please can I have a eletrek                                                             cande canes. I want the alvina and the          trolllitets Football, another colering set           I want a raido Please and three CD’s
scooter, trick track, starwars, do you              Dear Santa,                                  chipmunks two movie                             exsert with transformer sonit.                  I also want a pare of snow Boot’s for              Dear Santa,
dogs preacsts?                                      I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing              I (heart) U santa                                 Love,                                     chritmas. I would also want a wie.                 I hav beb GooD pse grev me SBP
   love Caleb Isaacs                            well. This time of year is very busy for             Esperanza                                         Joseeh R.                                      thank you Graciand                         Bob Tustren and soe A DOO the metr Bs
8   December 24, 2009                                                                                                            2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                  

toe mev anD some cbdt of nse rt and the            Dear Santa,                                    DVD Player. Plus a Brand new Basket-          Banesy Capcakes i fegat 3 Thegs 1. I                Dear Santa,                                chrstmas Santa en yor redrsto
lou perspur me trlt the ansa mome dostn            Thank you for My coor bes cresmos              ball. And a new football. And a Brand         what a snowday 2. a Prsc 3. a cell phone            How is the reindeer and elves? I                 Dear Santa i wot tos en thes tha I
is hehle tlt                                   I want a PSP end a socorball end I want            new PaintBall Gun think                       santa its almost here                           hope there fine. For christmas I want a        wont I wont a so gam I wot grth thol g
    Love                                       a PuPY.                                                 Zeke                                        Love                                         touch screen phone with a blue case.           gost te new gam en gost the gam4 en
    Devi B                                         Love                                                                                            Marissa Roman                                And I want a nintindo DSi and a blue           stowrs the clowrs for tego en i wot
                                                   Javier                                               Copeland Elementary School                                                              case. Finally I want food and homes for        elctoma mi brodr wonts grththor new
    Dear Santa,                                                                                                Mrs. Jessup                             Copeland Elementary School               the homeless.                                  gam en miy sestr wont pape Dos er the
    I have ben Good all My life. May i             Dear Santa,                                                 Third Grade                                   Mrs. Johnson                           Love,                                      wer you may fot en my mom a new wos-
plese have a laptop and can it come with           thank you for my toys last year I                                                                          Third Grade                           Taylor Brady                               rr mon en my bad a pope
some sim Games And can you Get me a            Love them I hope you have a good                       Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                    Santa tay au for thes ples we sont
doll brown bear and a drumset and a            chrisTmas how are you and The eLfs                     Thanks for the gifts you gave me last          Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                the theys tat we woas we won a kelr Dog
footBall and a toycar and a toy traen and      doind I riley won’t a bertbicke.                   year. This year I wont a phone for Christ-         I had a long year waiting for Christ-          Hows the elves? I sure hope there          I lik the Kelr Dogs en I wont et
a toy boat and a toy duck                          Love                                           mas and I wont a wii for Christmas to         mas again and now it’s finally coming!          doing good. I would like a i-phone, with a           Juan Montera
    Love, Junior r.                                Jordan Timuthy Dudley                          and a yellow lap top for Christmas and i      Santa I want to tell you about my life this     pink & light-blue sparkly case for it and I
                                                                                                  wont a puppy for Christmas. So Santa          year: I’m going to Mexico December 12           would like food, clothes and a house for           Dear santa,
     Dear Santa, I’m sorry I was a little                                                         how is Mrs. Santa? I wont a now Game          2009 with my Uncle Hetor and my Anut            the homeless. I would also like a Kinder-          Hey santa how has it goin. I have
bad. I want a wii ruomot and the toy gun           Dear Santa,                                    for my Game boy my favorite holiday is        Erica! How exciting! Now let me tell you        garden set for my little sister and two        been doing good this year. A mater of
at biglots.                                        Tahnk You for my Prasints from Last            Christmas be safe win you give present.       about things I know about Mexico: They          dora books with a fluffy pink and blu          fact I have been very good this year so I
     Love Caleb D.                             dard haw are the als dowing Pias dring                 Love,                                     have posadas and festas, pinatas,               sparkly pointer.                               need some presents.
                                               me a ds and a lodtop and makup for my                  Mickie Dudley                             dances, parades and Christmas Cerimo-               Your friend Cici                               This year I would like a, x box with
       Copeland Elementary School              mom and for my dad compyor and far                                                               nis. Let me tell you about what I would                                                        controler. Madden 2010 nfl the video
              Mrs. Adams                       my little dayde brother a little bear.                 Dear Santa,                               aprchate from you like gifts. My sister            Dear Santa,                                 game. A pack of football cards. A new
             Second Grade                          Love                                               Thank you for the presants you gave       would like a Dora movie called “Sky                How is rudolph? Is his wife did she         baseball and bat and that is all. It anit to
                                                   Danein                                         me last year. This year I want an i-pod,      Rainbow” and the 5 assorted princess            have a baby? what I want for is to get my      much is it I hope not.
    Dear Santa,                                                                                   DS, PSP, wii, a pink and white Four           dolls. Also she would like the movie            mom out of det. And I want a barbie                Thank you santa for all the toys. It is
    thank you for my bicycle from last             Dear Santa,                                    wheeler, a touch screen, cell phone, an a     called “Santa Buddies.” For me I would          house. Can you give mrs. Johnson a             everything I wanted. I hope next chirt-
year. how are you doing up in the North            thank you For my Present you Brote             Laptop, an a baby alive, an a real tea set,   like the 3-story dollhouse with elevator        bowcay of roses that say you are the           mas will be as good as this one. Thank
pole. Santa Could you bring me a DS            me last year. but now I don’t have it. how         an a little house for me and that’s all I     and the 120-pc art set. Also a purple ipod      best teacher.                                  you for the toys and merry CHIRTMAS!
and a GameBoy Please.                          are the ElF’s doing Mr. Santa. How is the          want for Christmas.                           with a purple case. Finllay a purple gui-          Love,                                           sincerely, Austin Hazelwood
    love, Victor                               wethe at the North Pole Mr. Boss. Mr.                  do your rain deer have magic? yes         tar. My mom would like a new telephone.            Savannah
                                               Boss tell the ElF’s I am so happy they             or no_____                                    Finllay my dad would like a horse collec-                                                          Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                work with you there are shore a lot oF                 what kind of cookies you want for         tion. That’s all till next year.                   Dear Santa,                                     How are you Santa. How is the ren-
    Thank you for my toy car. I hope           helPer. Santa I will wont. a Bear a D.S.           Christmas? Chocklate chip cookies or               Merry Christmas!                              Hi I can’t what to see you. how’s           dar. I wot to see in rill lif.
your ok over ther. I want you to bring my      Baby alive.                                        gingerbread cookies? __________                    Teresa Vazquez                             Rudolph? What I would like for Christ-             I want a laptop I allso want a Barbee
Dog and puppy a coat. I hope you bring             love:                                              with milk which one Pick Please                                                           mas is a Laptop, some games for it to.         Doll Haus. I want Chrele n tendods.
me some toy’s at least 2 of them. Thy              Yulisa Antunes                                     Is Mrs. Santa sweet? ________ yes             Dear Santa,                                    I would also Like a DSi, some PS2               Thank you so much Plees giv me
are leafeon and aspeon. Thats all only 2.                                                         or no                                             Can you make me a pink guitar!!!            Games please a PS3, a wii, 4 wheller           my theings I want Thank You
Take care.                                         Dear Santa,                                        Love,                                     Santa. And can you give the homeless            mime, some toys for the poor people                Sincerely
    Love                                           thank you formy my Peters last. Yerd               Kelsey Eve Bowman                         and the pore people a house and some            and a good christmas.                              Maggie Hodge
    Marvin Hernandez                           I hope its bowing GooD. up ther can You                                                          food. And give my mom and dad a good               Sincerely Your Best Frind,
                                               Please Braee. me a new Game for MY.                    Dear Santa,                               crissmis. Because I love them as much.             Mikey Grubb                                      Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                DSi Pleas tell the eLes. I saib HiYe ellon             har ror yuw duwe thes Christmas.          And I want it to snow a deep snow and I                                                             Hi anta how are you I have been
    t.hank you for my mouse trap game.         sowe. new socs your the Best. Sent your            haw ror uow dori yis Christmas and gev        want to get my mom and dad a hug and                Dear Santa, i’ve noticed I had been        good this year I hope your deers or ok
how are your dowing up there. I love                                                              my a iuvfon and a rarirf and a iuvPd and      kiss on the cheek.                              good every Chrismas and I have only            and I hope your work is ok and if north
                                               very very nice. al so Get my sister more           a cot and a x dox Pis. wot kad uv kukis.          Danyelle Gregory                            twelve things. I hope your elves work          pole is ok to and I’ll decarate my house
your raindear. could you give me a cage        perets form
bingo game.                                                                                           fum,                                                                                      hard and on my list. Before I say what I       with lights and sat you up.
    Love,                                          Kenny Snider                                       Jonathan Garmon                                Dear Santa,                                want for Chrismas I want to tell you I only         Santa I want for crismas a wii and a
    Marie Hernendez                                                                                                                                  How is Mrs. Claus? is Mrs. Claus           know the twelvth one and it is the PS3,        flate screan for my family and a pare of
                                                      Copeland Elementary School                      Dear Santa,                               finding you a enough food? Santa this is        but that is for my brother and thats all I     shoes for me and dad.
    Dear Santa,                                               Mrs. White                              Thanks for the gifts you have gave        what I want for dobson. I want for dob-         wont to say. That is all.                           Santa thank you for comeing and
    tank you for The Presints That you                       Third Grade                          me. this year I want a DS for Christmas       son is more homes and more food,                    from,                                      giveing us prasents I really like my wii.
give me last year are you do wige ok and                                                          and a game to go with it. And a Indiana       schools too. For me now. I want a DS                CJ Bridgeman                                    Sinerely, Areli Urquiza
santa can you Bring me a Presints I wont            Dear Santa, I want a wii for christ-          Jones 2 Play Stastanne game. And a            Game and to meet you. I want a Ameri-
a NiNtinow DSi Plesa you are nice to           mas. a flat screen t.v. . a i-phone. a Nin-        lago Starwars Bad guy spaship. I am go        can Girl doll and one that looks like me.            Dear Santa, I went to the North Pole          Dear Santa,
KiDS every doby loves you santa we             tendo DS. a pair of 6,000. a brand new             to make you a speshel kind of cookey’s.            love,                                      and I also see Dasher, Dancer, Vivn, and           How are you doing this year? How
won’t prasints for are family Thay Bin         pair of roller skates. a millon $. a privit jet.   How dose your raindeer fly?                        Beth                                       Blitzen. and rudolph. Then I saw you and       are the raindeer and Elvs doing to?
good to day I have are a good Pirints we       a privit Mcdonalds. a croch Rocket. a                  from,                                                                                     the elvs Packing the toys, then I went             Geas what I want for cistmas this
love Them I love you santa and I won’t a       privit Rocket. I wish I had no home work               Alex Hege                                     Dear Santa.                                 back to my house. When I got home, I           year. I want a gokart that can hold a deer
pappy tank you santa you rock. Love,           for ever. I wish I had a party. a 100 $. no                                                          How is blitzen? tell him I said hey. I      srote the things I want in a piece of paper    and a tow man deer stand and a bow
and My BaBy sister.                            teacher. I want some movies. the game                  Dear Santa,                               hope you are ready to deliver a lot of          and I chose a book of music that have          and a deekoi that looks just like a deer
    Linda G. Aviles                            gost Rider. a p.s.p. the game call of duty             Thanks for the gifts you gave me last     prezents. I want one of your elfs and I         different songs of Christems then I wont       and some new deer hunting cloths and
                                               6. ps.3. game boy game box colore a                year. I liked the gloves. I Like how they     want my grandma a clown. I hope that is         a game of Lego Batman for my wii, then I       some centaway spray and deer corn and
    Dear Santa,                                Robot that lisens.                                 were soft from the inside. and this year      not too much. Hope you have a good              want a Big Box of Bakugan so I can Bat-        mostly safty straps for my deer stand.
    Thank you for all the prasent’s yove            Alex Beck                                     for Christmas I want a PlayStashon 2.         Chrismas. Sincerely,                            tle with them. also, I wont two guns for           Thank you so much for all the stuf
braly for me can you please gave me a                                                                 Love                                          Richard Hunley                              my wii. Then I want clothes, then pants        that I asked for!
Fachen cAGiN’Alex doll Pets narserey a              Dear Santa                                        Alejandro Ojeda                                                                           then shoes for those who dont celebrate            from Gabriel.
Dsi cit is a game cklose a baby alave Lo            I want Xbox360. and a mp3 Player                                                                 Dear Santa.                                cchristmas.
loe my cudeling kety a Zolo calender a         and a intenow will and DSI a flat screen               Dear Santa,                                    How are your Deers? I hope there ok             Armando Sonato                                Dear Santa,
sale fore my very ore caputer weth way-        tv. Ice-cream machiens. a crismas tree                 Thanks for the gifts you gave me last     so they could come To my house on                                                                  how are you is ruddoff doing ok is
ers and a 3D player and a ate a like pup-      cend to you to mexico. playstain3 my               year. This year I would like a wii and a      christmas. Can you please say Hi to the.            Dear Santa,                                mics Cloles doing ok to. is ererye being
py.                                            own school. and for my mom and dad to              lock for my door and a new game for my        Elve’s for me. oh and Mrs. claus. What I            How is Rudolph? I hope his nose is         ok i will like Gamaboy DS PSP SDX kis
    Love,                                      be happy. and for the whole school to go           Nintiendo it’s called Fashion Desiner         want for chrismas is a motor schooter,          shining and bright so you can see. I want      Bow iPod gams.
    Brooke Quesinberry                                                                            midn flex to and I got u chocolate chip       some new pink slippers, New lamp, a             a atv for christmas. And I want a Present          thak you Santa. tais for enerby
                                               with me to mexico. but that is no posepil.         cookies.                                      clock new bed spread, villte. and some          for my sister a digncamrow for my sister           Sincerely
                                               and thing I really want is for crismais is             Love,                                     stuff that you think I will like. Mary chris-   But my atv I want the speed 5 miles an             Jordan
     Dear Santa,                               for evrybody to have the spirt of crismas
     Thank you for my toy trorter and tl-                                                             Lela Shinault                             mas Santa. Oh don’t forget that the poor        hour. Sincerely,
nalor that you broght me last year! Can        and for teaher to be a letr niecal                                                               need presents too Santa.                            Mackenzie Eads                                Dear Santa,
you braght me a pocket rocket Santa                 From Bryan                                        Dear Santa,                                    Love Hannah                                                                                  How are you is the raindears ok. me
plese Santa and can You braght me a                 to Santa                                          I whoud like for you to give me a                                                              Dear Santa,                               and my brothers have been good.
d.s.. I love you Santa!                                                                           PSP, A phone, A Ipode, and a electric             Dear Santa.                                      May I have a JetPack and some Jet-           So how are the elves working.
     Love,                                         Dear Santa I want a chin strap and             guitar. what kind of cookies whoud you            Hey Rudolph! Santa, for people that         Pack shoes, a little motorsickle, a lot of        So can you make me a ds and can
     Maisen Holt                               11 football cards and a gant cookie and            like?                                         are poor can you give them a good chris-        robots, some big some small, and some          you give me some games to go with it.
                                               rc helocopter and a xbox 360 maden NfL                 Love,                                     mas? and can I have a scooter that is al-       robots that look like a dragon and acts           Can I have a PSP. and a standard
   Dear Santa,                                 10 and to spend crismas with my family.                Samuel Wall                               most evrything and a touchscreen IPod.          like a dragon and some robots that look        podle.
   Tank you for my pransts I want a                Dylan                                                                                            sincerely                                   like a iguana and acts like a iguana. from        Thank you and have a grate chis-
pupy and soem clothes for my pupy and                                                                 Dear Sata,                                    Bryson                                      your friend: Joshua neuen. P.S. I want to      mas
a BaBy dole                                        Dear Santa, I what a D.S and I will                Will you please get me. A wii and a                                                       ride in your sled and go to your work-            Sincerely,
   Love Illeans                                thing you and I thing you are reol and I           new bike and some woodden blocks. A                Dear Santa,                                shop pleas.                                       Emily
                                               want a Bost to Play ontsind at sown fols.          pet dog that is a pit bull.                        How is your elves? I hope they are
    Dear Santa,                                    Love: Kimberly                                     Thank you for the stuff last year.        working hard. This is what I want for               Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,
    Thank you for my raindeer you gave                                                                Love                                      christmas — a computer and my family                I want a XBox 360. But How is                  Hey How are you. I’m happy its al-
me. I love him. Could you please get me             Dear Santa, for Christmas I will want             Tanner Stevenson                          to be happy and I want a pair of boots          Rudolph doing and the other Reindeer           most Christmas! I’ve been real good!
a puppy and a elf toy. IS it busy up in the    a Nintendo D.S., i-phone and a guitar. I                                                         with a heel on the bottom of them and I         donig and the elves doing? I wish I had            I want a lap top, and star wars toys. I
north Pole. I hope it is.                      will want an easy Bake, Moxie girls. I will             Dear Santa,Thanks for the gifts that     want them to be blue with green star’s.         every power in the world please and a          also want a DS. Will you please get me
    Love,                                      want a Fation disiner. I will want an teck-        you gave last year. This year I whant a       Santa, you are the best. Christmas is my        DS and the video games like these.             some wii games. You can get me some
    Haley Mosley                               ets to new moon, a Lap-top. I hope you             new ds and a iPod and a Bukugun game          favorite holiday ever. After Christmas in       Pockemon and I want the cat game and           books.
                                               get me all I want but if you can’t that all-       for the ds and alsow I whant BBs for my       january or February I am probably going         the Dogs game these are the games I                Thank you! Merry Christmas! Thank
   Dear Santa,                                 right.                                             BB gun for Christmas.                         to move. My teacher does not want me            want for my XBox360. these are the             you for reading my letters.
   Thank you for my pransts. I want a               Love Elizabeth Perez                               Love,                                    to move I don’t either but too bad, we          ones I want the most — holowland                   Sincerly,
puppy and I want it will be girl for Christ-                                                           Carson Smith                             have to move. But I love school and             Halow 1 and Halow 2 and Halow 3                    Logan Banks
mas and with a hr abun and I want it rule.                                                                                                      Christmas, but mom’s are mom’s and              please and be smarter than anyone in
                                                   Dear Santa I always wanted a x-box,               Dear Santa,                                when they say something you better do it        the world except you santa and god and              Dear Santa,
   Love                                        play station, a vist to wasiting oc tihs year
   Fabby                                                                                             Thanks for the gifts you gave me last      or they will get mad. and I hope you like       Jesus.                                              Hillo Santa how are you? How are
                                               i’m going to soth carlina and haveing              year. I want an I Phone for christmas.        cookies and milk. Want me to tell you               Adam Spainhour                             the rader are they rede to fly. How is
                                               christmas.                                         and a xbox36 to for christmas.                more I want for Christmas? Okay, I want                                                        miss Claus? How is the Elf’s.
     Dear Santa,                                   your Pal
     Thank you for my presents Last Year                                                             Love,                                      lcothes shoe’s, bike, a huge bear, camre,            Dear Santa,                                    Santa I want a lot of stuf! I want black
and I am very smart and in Chrismas I              Zach                                              Marc                                       binder with two stacks of paper and a                What I want for Christmas is a            flat shus. I want jrlre like braslis, rens and
Want a Soccer Boll ThaT Say’s Mexaco                                                                                                            notebook, and pen’s, and my friends and         “Nintindo d.s.” or the game “Miny ninja’s”     nekls to. I want piek belu and perpl. I
on The Soccer Boll and I want a IPoT                Dear Santa, I wold really like a go-               Dear Santa,                              everything of Hannah Montana — even             for the PS2 or the game cube.                  want shers and jenes.
ThaT was Red and I want a teryBear for         cart for christmas. And i wold like a doll              Thanks for the mp3. This year i want     the wig please.                                      thank you for all the Presets from last        Thank you Santa and Miss Clous.
my little Kusand named Aaron and my lit-       house for my barbies. I wold like a rube           a karaoke, cell phone, Laptop, wii, twi-           Love,                                      year.                                          Thank you everone in the werk shop.
tle sister want’s a doll. and my Brothor       to. And i wold like so other stuf                  light diears, Bloody Christmas, new                Brianna Vernon                                  your freind Dakota Emmerling                   Sincerely,
want’s a Dell.                                      to from Maddie.                               moon, i Poud, and video games and one                                                                                                             Savana
     Love                                                                                         more thing zuzu pets and mind flex. My            Dear Santa,                                        Copeland Elementary School
     Erick Cruz Morales                            Dear Santa, what I want for christ-            sims kigdom, goosebumps, avion                    How are the elves? I hope they are                        Tina Howlett                         Dear Santa,
                                               mas is a the new P.S.P and a game for it           makupkit, my pool, tramplean, my sims         helping you Santa. Can you give my                            Third Grade                          How are you doing in the northpole
    Dear Santa,                                I abety have a x-box 360 and a i-phone             and fashion disiner. Thank you for read-      brother a transformer and a drum. For                                                          Santa? How are the elves doing? Are
    Thank you for my besn for me have          so plase. I wont a game for the x-box              ing my letter                                 my mom can you give her a ring. How is              Dear Santa,                                the reindeer fine?
the wor dos i wot for CHRIStMAS iS             360. Love Orlando                                       Love,                                    mrs. clause doing is she good. Can you              How are you I hope you enjoy Chris-            I would want a zhu zhu pet for Christ-
Bogcgdn in Goosbun in mony lot of                                                                      Hope, Mintory, Gentory                   give my baby brother candy. I hope you          mas. I guess your riandeers are good. I        mas. I also want a stuffed teddy bear. I
mony in of toys in a pappys tot of pappys           Dear Santa, I waet a x-box 360 and                                                          had a good summer in summer. I went to          hope you enjoy my cookies that we are          also want a pop the pig game.
in PSP in XboX 360 in PS3 in hurse             a widescreen. t.v and a playstation and a               Dear Santa                               the beach did you go. I would like a ipod,      going to give you.                                 Thank you I hope you have a merry
LOVSanta                                       wii Sincerely troy                                      Thanks for the presents you give me      computer, foot ball. A truck for my brother         I want, you to give me a littel small      Christmas!
    Jorge Patiño                                                                                  last year. and now I wan’t a new pair of      and a angel for my brother. Give me a           clock and a toy wich evy kind. I want              Sincerely,
                                                   Dear Santa, What I whant for Christ-           shoes and a new stickers and new              game of the X box 360. Have a good              some shoes size 12. and I want a jacket            Melina
    Dear Santa,                                mas I whant a redio and some makeup a              makeup and new hair bow and new               Christmas!                                      size 6 large.
    Thank you for the baby alive from          stroler a Laptop a Barbie car a Pet Shop           dress and a stuff animal. and I’m make-           Sincerely,                                      Thank you for all the presents that             Dear Santa,
last year. Could you please give me a          toy a kichen set a guitar a CD Player with         ing you cookie’s with milk I hope you like        Nayely Rojas Cortes                         you are going to give me. I well enjoy              Hi! My name is Tara. How are you
yadder yadder yadder, a fake cat, a book       head Phones and CD’s some Doll                     it                                                                                            them very much. I promise my mom that          this year? I’m good. How are the rien-
and a movie.                                                                                           Love Alexis                                  Dear Santa,                                 I want a clock. i hope you have a very         deer?
                                               Clothes and a Moxie girls the new moon                                                               I hope you are doing good! I went on        Happy Chrismas day an eat my cookies.               What I relly want for Christmas is,
    Love,                                      movie candy Land Bourd game a smart
    Kamya Rose                                                                                        Dear Santa,                      and one of your elves                 Sincerely,                                 DS game catz 2, snow boots size 7 1/2,
                                               Bourd a new game for the XBox and a                    This year for Christmas Game DS           said I failed. How is vixen? I would like           Maria                                      frosty and a moose from build-a-bear,
                                               nother HoreBi Harry Book some colored              color Red and 6 Bakugans and 6 card           for Christmas is for the homeless to be                                                        stuffed monkey, DS game imagne cloths
     Dear Santa,                               smencils a Big Poster that you can coler
     tank you for the prasant that you brot                                                       the Bakugan and xbox.                         fed! And for the animals to NOT be treat-           Dear Santa,                                maker, bike seat cover, Hannah Motana
                                               a Stocking full of candy                               Love,                                     ed bad! I would allso like my famly a               How are you today Santa. I am              doll, a Junie B. Jones Book, ipod, Han-
me last time. haw are you in the north             Love,                                                                                                                                                                                       nah Montana CD with the poster, color-
poll. and haw are your elfs. cauld you                                                                Modesto                                   good and healthy Chrismas and I                 sending a letter to you santa.
                                                   Daisy Flinchum                                                                               whould like a will game called Madden               I hope you give me a DS, laptop, hol-      ing books, crayons, C64 pack with a
bring me a big big big nerf gun and a car                                                                                                                                                                                                      sarpener, flower seeds (pink roses), doll
that base a ronchroler. and a big foot                                                                 Dear Santa,                              10.                                             hop, Baby DOll, Docter stuff, marit Book,
                                                    Dear Santa, I wuld Love a wii for                  Thanks for all presents from last            love,                                       Hannah Montan stuff, Hannah Montan             cloths, adn the wii fit.
ball. And thin I wont a big big big tady bar   christmas. And if you cold may I have a i-         year. This is what I whant for Christams,         Alea Doby                                   conser tickets, Jones Bother tickets to,            Thank so much. Please bring ever-
and a big rabat that gives me the thing I      phone. And I wuld Love to have a guitar.           an Xbox 360, dsI, PS3, iPod touch, Le-                                                        make up kits. Hannah Montans outfits. I        thing on my list. Tell everyone I said Mer-
say.                                           And if you cold may I have a DS.. And I’d          gos, Lego Rock band and band hero                 Dear Santa,                                 thank you and I hope you have a safe           ry Christmas and Happy New Year!
     love                                      like to have a xbox 360. And a Spong-              and a new Star Wars game and a skate              I’ve been wondering about                   Crismise Santa.                                     Tara
     Tony Cortes                               Bod move for my sister. And Pet rabet or           Board. Do you want choloete-chip cook-        Rudalph? Doing OK. and do you like                  Sincerely
                                               a Hamster. And a trip to Sandeago.                 ies this year and milk.                       choclat milk? Anyway, I’d like guitar he-           Hannah Fletcher                                Dear Santa,
     Dear Santa,                                    Love: Haily                                        Love,                                    roe, wrestling toys, pirate toys, police                                                           Hey santa how are you the elfs and
     Thank you for my camra from last                                                                  Caleb Money                              game like action gifures, video games,              Dear Santa,                                rudulf the red nose raindeer. I was just
year. How have you had a good year?                                                                                                             and for people who dont have home to                Hey how are you I hope you are             wondering how is everybody. I am a
                                                    Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                                                                good boy.
For christmas I would like a guitar and             for Christmas i want a Mp3 and a                  Dear Santa,                               have the best christmas ever.                   good I’ve been good I hope your Eevs
dids game. A bird webkinz. A hat and a                                                                Thanks for the gifts you gave me last         Sincerely,                                  are good to.                                       I want a ntendo dsi and the mario
                                               bingo game. A visit to hawaii and a baby                                                                                                                                                        and the lugie bowsers inside story nten-
girl robot that can be my friend and talk.     doll to carry and a treat for Mrs. White. A        year. This year for Christmas is a Xbox           Caleb O.                                        this year I wont a ScatBourd and a
One dress and a Voice recorder. A Can                                                             and Bakugan and pokemon cards and a                                                           Wipy Kid Book.                                 dods game.
                                               thing for my momo that she works alot                                                                                                                                                               Thanks santa I’ll ask my parents if I
you bring me a taler swift cd. and a book      and a baby doll of a docter. A baby doll           laptop and a mp3 player and a wii oh             Dear Santa,                                      thank you for last years prasit I like     can put some milk and cookies for you if
about cool stuff.                              for my sister is has being nice to me              yeah Marry Christmas!                            How is Rudolph? Can I see him?               my DS I play it every Day now I play my        I can’t Im sorry I will do my best to not
     Love,                                     everyday and one more thing. I want col-               love Eric Soriano                         Speaking of Rudolph, how is all the             pokemon game                                   say anything mean to anyone.
     Mylah Brettl                              ored Smencies and i want a DS with a                                                             Reindeer? Can you do some things for                sincerely,                                     sincerely Alex Urquiza
                                                                                                      Dear Santa                                me? Will you find homes for the orfons.             Austin Lopez
                                               game about dressing up doll and a pack                 Thank you for all the toys you brang      Oh, and heres what I want — a XBox
    Dear Santa,                                of makeup for my sister and me and                                                                                                                                                                  Dear Santa,
    Thank you for My Brats merry chris-                                                           me last year. For these Christmas I want      360 and a Dirt-Bike.                                Dear Santa,                                    hi Santa how are you doing I hope
                                               that’s all                                         you to bring me a Nintendo DS and a              Merry Christmas                                  Hey Santa are you busy for all the
mas santa, I wish you. could give me a              Love,                                                                                                                                                                                      you have a good crismas.
new collectorn of the High school Mucico                                                          Nintendo DSI too and Barbie Stuff. Do            Loves to all,                                kids? What are you doing? Hey are you              I rely wont some DS games for my
                                                    Jennifer Torres                               you want some cookies and some hot               Dougie Hill                                  okay. I’m just making sure.
that is. all I want all that Thanks You For                                                                                                                                                                                                    ds. And mabe some Playstatshon
a good life                                                                                       coco?                                                                                             I want alot of stuff like a bounch of      games and maybe sum candy
                                                   Dear Santa, I hope you have a won-                 Love,                                         Dear Santa,                                 barbies. I like Moxie Girls and car. I like        think you for cuming and all the
    love Yasmin Hernandez                      derfull Christmas. you would think I                   Aralely Contreras                             How many elves do you have? Is it           the cake maker cookie maker the Easy           towys and I kant wate for all the ofther
                                               would whant a lot of toys but NO! the                                                            near 100. I want a puppy for Christmas          Bake!!!                                        crismases to come.
   Dear Santa,                                 most important is to keep my familly to-              Dear Santa,                                Oh can you say Hay for me to Mrs.                   Thank you for every Christmas I’ve
   Thank you For my presents Santa?                                                                                                                                                                                                                Sincerely
                                               gether. for my mom the eclipse book. for              Thanks for the gifts you gave me last      Claus and can you give my mom a                 had they where the most fun thing I’ve             Caleb
you are a Nice guy too? I hope you give        my dad a widescreen tv. for me a grand-            year. This year I want a xbox game,           brand new house?                                ever had in my life. I Love you thank you
me some presheNts for me this year?            thou-thouto game and a x-box 360.                  game cube game and a new red bicycle              Sincerely,                                  very much                                           Dear Santa,
how can the, wandeer’s can Fly? I Like             Love, Alex.                                    and some pokemon cards                            Dulce Armenta                                   Sincerely,                                      How are you today Santa? me and
You santa                                                                                            Merry Christmas.                                                                               Kylee                                      my brothers have bine good. I know that
   Love,                                            Dear Santa. May I have a real guitar.            love,                                          Dear Santa,                                                                                if you be bad you will not get presents.
   Alex Robbins                                Plus some Extra guitar string. so if it               Alex Burns                                     How is Rudolph? Is his nose still               Dear Santa, hall are you Santa how              I wanted to tell you the things that I
                                               Break’s I will have another. And a PS3.                                                          red? I only want a lot of things. I want        are yor rendors I hop you wod hav a god        want you to get. I want a bike, PSP,
   Dear Santa,                                 So I can finaly Be able to listen to my               Dear Santa,                                PSP, PS2 or 3, a Nerf C5-35 and a XBox          merry Christmas day en hol es robof I          XBox 360, and a lot more things.
   Thank You for my XBox I wante a             Sound track DVD. and my new video                     Thanks for the gifs you gave me last       360. And a XBox, PSI, Wii, Game Boy.            hop that robof es find en the alrs rendrs           Tank you for coming evry year just to
PSP from you Thank you.                        games. Becouse my old games Broke.                 year. This year I what a new house for        My favorite riandeer is comet.                  to en my famle es good end me to en we         give the good kids presents.
   Love                                        and a I-Phone a i-Pod touch and a Big              me. and a DSi and a Lap Top. and a cat.           Sincerely,                                  wot preset I wel asck you wot I wot en mi           Sincerely
   Landon Lopes                                flat screen t.v. to go in my room and a            Santa what do you what? Cookies                   Colby Jackson                               rodr to en mi sestr and mi famle to merry           Hunter Kiger                                                                                                              2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                             December 24, 2009 9

      Dear Santa,                             your awesome.                                      Dear Santa,                                    and selena wants fairy boots.                         Dear Santa,                                made you cookies and I got milk for you.
      How are you cause I am doing good.         Love                                            I like your toy.                                  Love                                               How have you been this year ples           When you come to my house. How is
How is the deer. See you on Chriemaes.           Mariela Trejo                                   Will you bring me a school toy. Love,             Monica                                        ced I have a GiJow, uDtaker toy and a           mises clasws ah. Santa is berd growing.
      I want a doll, baby alive, wii and                                                     Joy Tilley                                                                                          spibect and a tripolH toy and a now fot-        Are you takeing care of mises claws well
games for my DS. I want a dollhouse,                    Dobson Elementary School                                                                    Dear santa I Love you. will you give         ball This is my last toy I whot a rasdam        are you tell me yes or no?
will, games. A big thing I want a realcat.                   Kristi Branch                      Dear Santa,                                     me a PSP ples I am giving you a treat I          Game 2010 Love Kamren.                              Merry Christmas,
      I hope you come and eat the cook-                      Kindergarten                       I like yor w biw. Will you bring me             am giving your reindeers. a trott will you                                                           Desiree Luffman
ies. Thank you for the gifts.                                                                bybh and a car.                                    give me psp games ples                                Dear Santa,
      Sincerely                                      Dear Santa                                 Love, Carter Snow                                   Love                                              be cerfle eating cookies. I wold like          Dear santa
      Oceana                                         I want a and a ald Lowe                                                                        Cobin                                        glow in the derk fish with a fish take, a           How are you doing santa? You are
                                                     Jacob Cave                                   Dear Santa,                                                                                    snow glob, amerken doll acssrees and a          the best you give us toys bikes you have
    Dear Santa,                                                                                   I love you Santa. Will you bring me a              Dear Santa,                                 live doll for Christmas. Love, Brooke           a lot of toys. You are not min to nobody
    How are you and Mrs. claws and the               Bearey SANTA                            bull dog? I want a bicycle. I will give you             This year for Christmas I would like a                                                      the best toy is Goos pumps. Brang a toy
elevs and the raindeer I’ve try’ed to be             I Wants a car house                     cookies and milk. Love, Blake Edwards              game. it is mowyow and Sonek at the                   Dear Santa,                                of a basketball. He likes basketball he
my best this year.                                   Jodecy Diaz                                                                                elfthgame wenr game. Santa I will lef a               how have you been this year? For           wants a ball. My both siters likes bike
    I want a guiter and a baby Alive and                                                            Dear Santa,                                 pichr for you and cookies. I have been a         crismis I want a twilite move Please and        one is 4 weels and one two weels.
a webkiz and one more thing a crayon                 Dear santa a outfit I wot a bike.              I I (heart) u you, will you brinG me        good doy. this year I will lef some mik for      a makeup table and some Hanna Man-                  Love
maker.                                               Esmeralda Castillo-Pena                 cat,                                               you reindeers. Have a mery Christmas!            ntana Stuf for crismis hie school My-               Brian Avila
    Thank you for all the stuff you                                                                 Love, Deandra Stanley                       Do you like green.                               ooscool Stuf to a lot of stuf and braz and
bringed me I love the toys I can’t want to       Dear santa martn atturns wats bat-                                                                  love,                                       a live dol to to Santa Love Morgan                  Dear Santa
see you you next year Santa claws tell        mar artarn sinnntoaj and coat                            Dobson Elementary School                      Jossiell                                                                                        How are you? How is Miss Claw. Are
evryone I siad hey We’ll bye.                    Landon Branch                                                Amy Holt                                                                                Dear Santa,                                the elves duing good. Santa is your berd
    Sincerely, Olivia Lane                                                                                   First Grade                           Dear Santa,                                        Can I Ples have a Buck to red Santa        grow up? Are the elves duing good?
                                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                   This year for Christmas I want a four-        ine Buck Santa Haw arn the reindeer I           What wood you do if it was clouy in
    Dear Santa,                                      I want a car and a nbarrelorcycle            Dear Santa, I like your toys. I want a        weelr and a toy truck. I will lev some           like the Priss this You Gav me I like the       Crismish. I wood like frosy the snow
    Hi Santa                                         Suelena Limon                           robot for my toy. I like your rain deers.          cookies for yor. Do yor like green?. I love      mickrway!!!                                     man. He is withe an soft. The scorv is
    how are you doing I hope you are                                                         You are a great Santa. I like you Santa. I         Santa. I have been a good good good                   Love Alexis.                               pink. The hat is red. I wood lik a real
doing good                                        Dear Santa and a bike.                     like the slade.                                    boy this year.                                                                                   camro. It is pink.
    on her is wot I wont a dooll hose and         I want a Barbie camper a Love                   From, Diego                                      love                                              Dear Santa,                                     Love
a tea set and a lovolemp and a cat.           Aliyah Pickett                                                                                       Thomas                                            I wih I had a pet dog that will do a            Paloma Garcia Serrano
    thank you.                                                                                  Dear Santa I want a wii for crismes                                                              trek an a care an a fish an Ravet and a             PS How is Rudof?
    Rebecca Haynes                                Dear Santa,.                               and a wii game. And a Natendo ds. And                   Dear santa This yeoir I been a good         coolr Book. love Javier
                                                  I want a bike. a and and a. and a          a wopsedg doll.                                    grile. But santa ples can you breg some                                                              Dear Santa,
       Dobson Elementary School               bracelet                                          From Amelia                                     presents ples. But when you do you mek               Dear Santa,                                     How are you? I am a good girl. I clen
             Misti Bartley                        Love. Ms. Kayla Hodges                                                                        my hrt sopr happey                                   I wudr haw wus you dowig this weck.         my room. Is the Noth Pool cold? i want
            Kindergarten                                                                        Dear Santa I want a Cat and for my                   Love                                        I poot up the cresms tree. and we left the      tea cup with Food. I want that a lot. Can
                                                 Dear Santa                                  mom. I goivgn to give a dog to Mrs. Holt                Yadira                                      cookess and milc I wot a scat Bod and I         you give one plese. Thank you Santa.
    Dear Santa                                   I want a Karina wants a mermaid.            and I goivgn to give a Cat. and I live you                                                          wot a ras car and a puppe. luve Roberto             Love,
    I am Naomi. I like your hat. I have       and a lip gloss.                               Santa. and I live your red nos rane Deas.              Dear Santa,                                                                                      Areli Jimenez
been nice. Could you bring me a Doro             Love Karina Gonzalez                           From, Angelica                                      I won’t a doll house and a Barie and              Dear Santa,                                    ps I will give you cookies and milk.
spinner.                                                                                                                                        a stufft kitten and a stufft dog. I will leave        How have you been this year? Are
    Love,                                            Dear Santa,                                 Dear Santa, can woow ples bring me             you some cooikes and milk and some               you going to sleep and Thank you so                 Dear Santa claus How are you I am
    Naomi Soriano                                    I want a Barbie camper and a dog        a dog for cresmus.? Can woow ples                  carrots for your reindeer.                       much for the piano don’t eat alot of cook-      find don’t worry I am Find ___ I almost
                                                     Love Daphne Romero                      bring me a rubot I like your deurs. Can                Love,                                        ies and milk Are you gana be so Fat I           waiting for chiramas I want a doll and
   Dear Santa!                                                                               woow bring me a crowwo.                                Chelsey                                      want you go give me a little nendindo.          weenpoo bear and entendo Des. and for
   I am Andres! I like your car I have               Dear Santa,                                 from Brenden Pack                                                                               Merry Christmas Santa Thank you For             my brother he want a car spider meboy.
been cool could you bring me a truck?                I wat a DS                                                                                     Dear Santa,                                  alot of toys Love Rut.                          my sister want a doll and meek mouse
   Love                                              wants and a                                  Dear Santa, I like your hat I wot a lit-          This year I would like a new d.s. I                                                          bear I Love you
   Andres Guerra                                     and a lptop                             tke dog. I like your Dears santa if you            would love it. I would like a big net                 Dear Santa,                                    Happy chiiramas
                                                     Love Kevin Tucker                       have a gerat Dears they can fly you well           traplen. I have two cwastns for you.                  Haw have you been, this year I wont            Estela Alvarez
   Dear Santa                                                                                like your Dears you well be nis I Lvoe             What do Your radre eat? des Rudof get            a Gocar and a madrsikule aso I wont a               ps bring something for mr. faler and
   I am Jairo. I like your. presnts. I have          Dear Santa,                             you Dear Santa                                     to be frst avre time?                            ike to and a skudr and a trappleen Love         semser
been cool could you bring mea bike?                  I wat a horse. a srawman                     From Jacqueline                                   Love                                         Cesar
   Love                                              evoL Maggie Sowards                                                                            Carlie                                                                                           Dear Santa,
   Jairo Palacios                                                                                Dear Santa,                                                                                             Dobson Elementary School                    I’m a good boy. My ree-portcart is
                                                     Dear Sarta                                  I wat pisles and a calringbook and                 Dear Santa,                                               Renee Fowler                       good.
   Dear Santa,                                       I want a mons and a deer.               crayous with macrs for crismus.                        This year for Christmas I woud like a                     Second Grade                           How are you. Are you being getting
   I am Cal. I like your hat! I have been            Yahir Rodriguez                             From Peggy Prevette                            be-be gun. And a 4-wilr and a new Nife I                                                         the toys. I wll have five wishes. One is
good Could you bring me a gt?                                                                                                                   have cweshrn for you. Wot are rindeers                Dear Santa,                                have a good day. My best wish wll be a
   Love,                                             Dear Santa                                   Dear Santa, can i have a mothr dog            names.?                                               How are you?                               gocart. But my best world you have a
   Cal Hemric                                        I want a remote. control car            for crismus. Or a mothr cat. Can I have a              Love,                                             Hope your elves make password              good day. I want toys everywhere. Wen
                                                     phd                                     noow bike a noow book. Can i have a                    Chase                                        journals. It is where you half to say you       world you get the aleas readeud. This is
   Dear Santa,                                       Anthony Escobar                         noow room. A noow red ball and a yellow                                                             password, the cover opens. Secrit light.        my best hordodday.
   I am Ellen. I like your tos. I have                                                       ball a pink ball a purple ball a pet frog two         Dear Santa                                    A pocecontrol jet. you can see it on qvc. I         Love,
been good oy yir! Could you bring me a I             Dear Santa,                             frogs a toy car a toy doll and a stoufd               This Year I Wan t a Pair of CowboY            will really apreseate it alot. Tell the elve        Erik Chavez
Pad? I Love you!                                     I want a laptop and a DS                dog. And a stoufd cat. A stoufd frog.              boots for Christmas                              Merry Chrismas, Miss Clauss, The rain-
   Love                                              Love Abigail Hale                            From Abigail Dickson                             Love                                          deer. An Rootoff if he is real but I will al-        Dear Santa
   Ellen Bryant                                                                                                                                    Billy                                         ways belive in you an Raindeer, Rootoff.             I hope you have a good trip I hope
                                                     Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa, I like your renbior, I like                                                        I promus!!!                                     you bine careful
    Dear Santa,                                      I want a chu chu train and a and a      ribof. I want a dog, andt I want a rivfgun, I          Dear Zantachristnaz                               From,                                           This Chrishmas I want a baby alive It
    I am Mattie. I like your toes! I habe     DS                                             like your bior. I wirot I holt a cat. I love you       Thiz year for I would like a rifle                Elizabeth Brown                            has dipers and a botol and a towel with it.
been soper. Coult you bring me a toe                 Noah Krusinski                          santa. and I wont a toy cor. I ritle want at           Love.                                             P.S. I will leave corttes for the Rain-    I also want a toy moncey that is brown
Cat! I Love you.                                                                             oor. I hope I get it. I love your slare. I love        Mannie                                       deer, Milk an brounes for you.                  and white. monney
    love                                             Dear Santa,                             you, if I get a cat. I will norm bet cat. I like                                                         Merry Chrismas.                                 Love,
    Madeline Beck                                    I Want a hot Wheels car and and a       you Santa.                                            Dear santa, This year for christmas I                                                              Lashae Collins
                                              DS                                                  From Austin                                   would like a new set of the Littliest Pet             Dear Santa,                                     P.S. I Love you Santa.
     Dear Santa,                                     Love Diego Guerrero                                                                        Shop. I need them for my collection. I                How are you? I hop that your douing
     I am Austin. I like your Sac. I have                                                       Dear Santa,                                     have been a good gir.                            good, and Santa I mad 4 ands on my                   Dear Santa,
been wonder ful! Could you bring me a                Dear Santa                                 I want a DES! and a Book! and a                    Lov                                           oport card. What I really wont is a Laptop           How has it been? I hope it’s great.
gitr? Could you bring me a Fish!                     I want a BtM Dbce rior                  Baby Doll and a puppy and a horse and I               Nayzeth                                       and mind gtrol and a what I wont most of        So do you like ginger breanmen? I
     Love                                            David Rodriguez                         want to see you.                                                                                    all DSi and one of zed’s lecrik gtar. thats     might. You have a lot of workers. Santa, I
     Austin Cave                                                                                from Ximena                                         Dear santa, I wud like you get me            what I wont for Crismis.                        want a shiny blue Nintindo D.S. with a
                                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                ten pot-bol-guns. I have been gud-buy?                Merry Christmas,                           charger. How about some games with it?
   Dear Santa,                                       I want a touch ipod and a Bakagaua          Dear Santa I want a DS. I love you.                Love                                              Dylan Toney                                Maybe barbie books. Have I been kno-
   I am Yoselin. I like your prasats. I              luv Jett Dockery                        you rea cool. your hat is cool. I like you.            Tyler V.                                          p.s. I Love Christmas.                     ty? I hope not.
have been grat. Can you bring me a dol?                                                      you rea good. can you get a DS For me?                                                                                                                   Your friend,
Love                                             Dear Santa.                                 you rea big. your hat is red. you rea pret-                Dobson Elementary School                      Dear Santa,                                     Angel Gillispie
   Yoselin Trejo-Garcia                          I wnt. a Barbie. camper. and and a          ty.                                                             Laura Whitaker                           How are you. You are a good man.                P.S. A lot of other stuff too.
                                              Barbie                                             From Kevin Grande                                             First Grade                            I’ve have a question for you can
    Dear Santa,                                  Luv Natalie Garcia Correa                                                                                                                       elves die yes or no? And I wouls want a              Dear Santa,
    I am Brandon. I like your presits. I                                                         Dear Santa, I wuite a little krie and, I            Dear Santa,                                 wii it is white and come with a game in-             How are you. I’m fine. Is Roodoff
have been god. Can you bring me a                       Dobson Elementary School             waite a toy baby. And I like your redear,               have the reindeers been nice to             side. I would also want a P.S.P. that           fine? How is Mrs. Claus? Santa I’ve real-
hilmit and a blastr.                                    Mrs. Fowler and Ms. Moser            and I wuite two fish’s. And I wuite three          roodof? How are you doing? You mite              comes with a game inside in it. A rain-         ly been wanting a real puppy! I want a
    love                                                       Kindergarten                  brd’s. And I wuite a little horse.                 wot take a nap. I wot lots uv toys. I hope       deer that is fake and is brown. I also          black lab with a pink nose. I would lilke
    Brandon Burks                                                                                Frome. Cassandra                               you don’t get a belee ake. I will leev you       want a new bay doll for me that is called       the movie Up. The movie Up is really
                                                     Dear Santa                                                                                 lot’s uv coocks and germ’x. love Abby.           baby alive it is a girl that does not have      funny! I would like a hamster that looks
     Dear Santa,                                     Will you bying me a dinosaur?                  Dear Santa                                                                                   hair. It is also what I want and it is          like a oreo!
     I am Bradley. I like your rander! I             Love Austin Haynes                             I want a toy and a dog                          Dear Santa,                                  earingades.                                          Your friend,
have been sopr! Could you bring me a                                                                Frp, Bradon Isaacs                              How are you Santa. and Mis Koss.                  Love,                                           Ciera Antwine
gitr? I think you r cool                           Dear Santa,                                                                                      How is ritdof.                                    your friend Michelle Maldanodo                  PS. Merry Chismis.
     love                                          LIOu                                          Hiu Santa raf uay Good. Uar reu is                 Can I have a liv dog Sanb                         P.S I also want a baby doll for my two
     Bradley Davis                                 Will you bring me a prnos dihoshos        Good. I like rof red reof. do uay like My              Love Whitney.                                sisters.                                             Dear santa claus,
                                              irrprois                                       reof. I can have a besl I like raoy sof. I                                                                                                               How are you?
   Dear Santa,                                     I like wor slow                           am Good day. I can eat wetual. I can like              Dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa,                                     Santa I’ve really whated a baby a
   I am Joanna. I like your deer. I have           Love,                                     uay becs uay raf Good I No iem people                  How have you been this year. Are                  You are so nice. I want a bike             live. it as a pink breas on it. its body is
been nice Could you bring me a car?                Katelyn Patterson                         Do like uay. I am weuet to tau theay. I            the reindeer be haveing? Thank you so            bcuase there cool and awsome. there so          pech. the leps are red. her nels on her
   Lov                                                                                       see uay at kamt. I uet a bes.                      much for the cras. I wish you bring me a         fast. you are lovley cuse you bring toys        hends are purpule. the nels on the feet
   Joanna Arroyo                                     Dear Santa.                                 From Johnny Garcia                             DS. I will leave you some cookies and            and stuff to play with. you are doing a         are pink.
                                                     I like Santa. Will you bring me a car                                                      milk Enjoy                                       great job making toys santa. I like you              Love,
     Dear santa,                                     Love Wesley Whitaker                           Dear Santa, I want to have a dog toy.           Love Jose                                    santa cuase you like us.                             Bailie Krusinski
     I am Remington. I like your bots! I                                                            from Alejandra                                                                                    Love
have been good. Could you bring mea               Dear Santa,                                                                                       Dear Santa,                                       Brandon Garcia                                  Dear Santa.
sligshot? you r grat!                             Will you bring me a microphone to               Dear Santa                                        how is mrs. close Do Wehing? I                    P.S. I want a bow and aroww.                    How are you? are you doing good. I
     Love                                     sing in?                                            I like your der. thau Oru preteu. an I        whont a DS and a Bell and a te Set. and                                                          will give you cookies and melk. How is
     Remington Embry                              Love,                                      like your berd. I Wot a Snuge. I like Your         a cat that meyaws. Love Chloe                         Dear Santa,                                Mrs. Clos doing.
                                                  Natalie Perez-Sepulveda                    Elrs.                                                                                                    How are you? I’ve got a question for            Love John Lowry
   Dear Santa,                                                                                    from Megan                                        Dear Santa,                                  you. Can Elve’s die. Answer:
   I am Jasmine. I like your toes. I have        Dear Santa,                                                                                        How are you are The reindeers be-                 Does your sleigh fly by Christmas              Dear Santa,
been good! Could you bring me musc               Will you bring me a monster truck? I            Dear Santa                                     hefing i wot a scudur i wot a fone an a          spirit.                                             How are you? Is Rodoff nose stilt
mushn? I cnt wat!                             want a motorcycle toy.                             I wat a x-man kios and I wat a pool I          loptop. an noe mon                                    I’ve really wanted a Laptop or a           glueing? Are you ready? I’m doing fin.
   love,                                         Love,                                       wat you to Boo ing my me lqat man                      Love holly.                                  Computer. Either one is fine. Could it be       I’m not fliping my card. I have good
   Jasmine Narehood                              Bryan Pedraza                                   From Alex                                                                                       real please. One time I got a fake one. I       grads. I really want the High School mu-
                                                                                                                                                     Dear Santa,                                 wasn’t really happy. But I was thankful         cais Talor doll. She has short black hair
   Dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa                                        Dobson Elementary School                      How have you been this year? Don’t          for what I got.                                 and a purple skirt and short, purple tie.
   I am Hannah. I like Your Toe. I habe              will you brinG me a mene four wir                        Ms. Jones                         eat to much cookies or yol get a tumiac?              P.S. Have a very merry Christmas.          Her shoe is dark purple.
been nice! Could You bring mea. bike.                Lovu Colby Mitchell                                     First Grade                        Be careful climbing on all those roofs                Love,                                          love,
   love.                                                                                                                                        they are verey hiy? Thank you for what                Isaac Ring                                     Brooklyn Lester
   Hannah Curiel                                     Dear Santa                                  Dear Santa,                                    you gave me last year like that begbag? I                                                            P.S. Happy Chrisems
                                                     I like uor red jacT                         This year for Christmas I would like           tried to be nis? How are the efs doing. I             Dear Santa,
     Dear Santa,                                     I wo to Brm a trains a motorcles        some new shoes and toys. I have been               wish I had a pet cat an a Ds game an a                How are you? I’m doing fine. You               Dear Santa I hop you have a gret
     I am Reece. I Like your sled. I have            Love, Andres Gonzales                   a good girl this year. Do you have the             bike with a horn. love Laney                     can bring me lots of candy and toys. I          year happy Chrismsa Santa I hop you be
been good. Could you bring me atruck? I                                                      surprise ready? I will leave some cookies                                                           can’t wait for you to come. I have been         carefull. shine boats shine jusy leps
cint wat!                                            Dear Santa,                             and milk. Hop you have a good Merry                    Dear Santa,                                  wanting a wii. I want a phone. How is           plese buy I love you a frind Estela and
     Love                                            Will you bring me GatR                  Christmas!                                             I went a ball. and a toy star. and toy       rodof with the red nose. How did you like       Alex’s and Brayden and Brookly.
     Reece Hanson                                    Love,                                       Love,                                          car and a book. How are your reindeer.           my house. I hope you send me another                Love,
                                                     Kennedy Smith                               Jessica                                        be careful with the reindeer. Love Junior        letter. So I can know how yoll are doing. I         Tamia Duncan
      Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                                                                will put water and chocklate chip cookies
      I am Narayan. I like your der. I have          Dear Santa                                   Dear Santa, This year I want new                  Dear Santa,                                  and some milk. I hope you give me them                 Dobson Elementary School
been cool. Could you bring me a motur-               Will you bring me a hoscep am a for     toys and a new big jacket. I have been a               How have the reindeers been? have            thaings. And I want lots of candy. Is Mrs.                  Mrs. McKeaver
sikl.                                         wlr.                                           good girl. Can you briag some toys and             they been men to roodalff how is Misis           Claus alright. I thaink the world about                     Second Grade
      Love,                                      a calpirl. Love, Mariana Ramos-Mal-         a jackets. I will leave some milk for you to       Cloos and Santa can you bring me the             you. And I also want a cemre to. Crist-
      Narayan Blakely                         donado                                         drink. I want the toys to be a baby doll           zoo zoo pets and can you brig my sistr to        mas is comeing soon. I hope it will snow            Dear Santa,
                                                                                             hose with bottle. Santa do you have food           and Thak you for the stuf of last year           on Cristmas to. But I hope it’s not to fog-         Hello! My name is Nolan and I live in
      Dear Santa,                                                                            for the reindeer to eat?                           Love Ashley                                      gy for you.                                     dobson. Me and my family have already
                                                 Dear Santa I like You. Will you bring
      I am Shayla. I like your toys. I have   me I will a Caterpillar. I like You Santa.          Loveg                                                                                               P.S. See you soon!                         made our Christmas list. How are youyr
been good. Can you bring me a dog. A                                                              Erica                                             Dear Santa,                                       Merry Chistmas,                            elfs doing? How are your reindeer?
                                                 Love Kendall White.                                                                                How have you bee this year? are the
little not a big dog.                                                                                                                                                                                 Alexis Wiles                               Thank you for th enintendo DS you got
      Love,                                                                                      Dear Sant I want to come the snow              reindeer - behaving eat your cookins                                                             me last year. I would love to have a lap-
      Shayla Talavera                            Dear Santa,                                 and I want to play in the snow I want a            Santa I wont for Christmas a big pink                Dear Santa,                                 top, games for the wii and DS and a Dirt
                                                 I love monster trucks. It is big. Will      toy four me and I want a spidER-man I              dog, a si she with a fans and a little pink          How are you doing and Miss Santa            Rocket 500 hundred. How is Mrs.
     Dear Santa,                              you bring me a monster rally truck? I like     want gee soteand four you I to geve                care. Love Cynthia                               Claws, good or bad because I can’t see          Clause. Have a happy Merry Christmas!
     I am Cannon! I like your bird! I have    monster truck tractor. Love, Carson            cookies and milk.                                                                                   you and Miss Santa Claws to.                        Love,
been cool! Could you bring mea slg sot!       White                                              love, Arturo                                       Dear Santa,                                      Can you get me a duit bike ples get             Nolan McMillen
ilov you!                                                                                                                                           How have you been you are so                 me a duit bike and a hemet to.
     Love                                            Dear Santa.                                  Dear sant, I wish you can you bring a         nice? I gas you are tiyr are the reindeer            I hope you have a happy year giving             Dear Santa,
     Cannon Gates                                    I like I when a twods                   dall. Can you what went. I want a van              behaving are tiyr to. I want a little dog        out toyes.                                          Hello! My name is Noah. I’m in 2nd
                                                     Love,                                   and sum dall. in the van. Santa, you or            and for alot of toys and a dody dog Love             Happy Christmas,                            grade at Dobson Elementary School.
    Dear Santa,                                      Maggie Parker                           the bist in good.                                  Samantha                                             Brayden Craddock                            How are you doing? I hope you have a
    I am Jordy. I like your swetr. I have                                                         Love,                                             Dear Santa                                                                                   good Christmas. All I want for Christmas
been cool! Could you bring me a drum              Dear Santa,                                     Evelin                                            wre The elvs doing good re They                  Dear Santa                                  is a Xbox 360 and for my wii to wirk. if
ples.                                             I like you Santa. Will you bring me a                                                         macking Toy can I Plees have a gigow                 How are you doing? I am doing fine.         you can. How are the reindeer and Miss
    Love,                                     bicycle?                                           Dear Santa I want a video game. A              and a huncke hans and a hedue for it             I want some Backegous They lock lick            Clals? I hope eveyone has a merry
    Jordy Avila                                   Love, Neri Bueno                           video game writ soldiers and a canchro             plees and spang Bob sqar Pans The vid-           some Balls. I want all of them. Thank           Chistmas.
                                                                                             and a Foke gun I am liveing food for your          ow Game and a ald resl valliy I gat You          you.                                                Merry Christmas Santa Love,
    Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                raen-diers and you to.                             cookies and milk                                     Merry Christmas,                                Noah Lowe
    I am Marco. I like your Brd. I habe.          I will leave you cookies. Will you             Love Eddy.                                         from Zackary                                     Bryan Salgado
been good. could you bring me a Blastr?       bring me a toy dinosaur. I want numbers                                                                                                                                                                Dear Santa,
I cant wat!                                   to count.                                           Dear Santa, This yar for Christms I                Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa                                     Hello! Santa how are you doing?
    Luv                                           Love, Armando Contreras-Estudillo          would like one set of lagos that has Luk                tell the uvr randeer to step piking              How are you? Are the elves doing           Please can you give me a puppy for
    Marco Salazar Estrada                                                                    and the Enprrue in it please and I would           whth ruudef. do not get a Beley ake from         good? What I wan’t is a mini bike And           Christmas. My name is Emily Orellana. I
                                                                                             like a baddol ship with four people in it. I       the cuokes. tank you fur the spitr-man           some bacgoukans. And some an electrc            go to school at Dobson in the U.S.A.
   Dear Santa                                    Dear Santa,                                 would like a little box of three people in it                                                       guitar with red flames would be fine. And       Can you please give me a Laptop. I want
                                                 I will give you cookies and milk. Will                                                         laptop from last year. i wud like a drum
   I am Luis I like your PREseNTs. I                                                         too.                                               set this year                                    a intindowe D.S. Love Auston to Santa           to know about Mrs. Clos? Are you ok in
have been good. Could you bring. me           you bring me cookies?                               Love                                               love miles                                       Love,                                      North Pool? I would Love a popcorn min-
some cars.                                       Love,                                            Tyler R                                                                                             Auston Deluca                              sheny.
   Love.                                         Anna Hardin                                                                                        Dear Santa,                                                                                      Have a supper Christmas Santa!!!
   Luis Cazares Aguilar                                                                          Dear santa I want a DS and a Dog                   It’s been a gaet year. I esen the                Dear Stanta                                     Merry Christmas. Love,
                                                   Dear Santa,                               toy selena wants a bog loo. santa selena           move did you. Can I have the move now                How are you? I hope you are doing               Emily Orellana
   Dear Santa,                                     I love you Santa. WIll you bring me a     wants a-DS too we what-clothes and                 mon, and the move twilit ples and a              good are the Efl adout don with the
   I am Mariela. I like your sled. I have     Kitty? I have been good. Love, Leslie          sandle shoes selena too I want a dres              porabbel dvd player thank you                    prest? How are the raindeer doing                   Daer Santa,
been smart! Coulb you bring my a tpot?        Gabriel-DeLeon                                 selena wants dres too and fairiy bods                  Love Abigail                                 good? Ya I was going to tell you that I             Hi Iam Whitney. Have you had a
10   December 24, 2009                                                                                                           2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                    
good day? I am 7 years old. Is Mrs. Clas           Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                   What I would like is a Blue DSI with a         Christmas is here agin. I what a brats                 Dear Santa,
doing ok? For Chrismis. I want a dsi it is         my name is Joshue I I’m in 2nd                  I want a surprise on Crishamas and            littes pet shop game to go with it. When       boll. And some close. And a puppye. And                How are you doing I hope you are
a ds but it has a camre! thack you. Love,      graD. I you in a thor aler. I I’m doueing      I’d like to have a bike. On CrishamasI             we lose a dog would you get us one.            a snow glode. And a smart bor. And               filling Good. How is Ms. Colws and the
Whitney Wood                                   good my school in koud Dobson Ele-             would like to get a dog and toys. I wish I         May I have a art set and please bring a        some babye close. I thak Christmas is            evl’s. I hope this year will be the best. I
                                               mentary. For Chrismas I wout a Xbox            could have a MP3 player.                           note pad with it but most of all please get    the best hladay in the wold. I Love you.         would like a Hanna Montana psp and
    Dear Santa,                                We rev hadlow and a toy turkey and a                Love,                                         some toies for our pets.                            Merry Christmas,                            some red combers and a real puppy
    How are you doing Santa my name            stouve dianseoup Santa and I wout a ni-             Isaac M.                                           thanks for all youve don                       Amelia                                            Love Stephanie Arevalo
is Ehtan. Is mrs clash doing good and          boue weve coucer.                                                                                      your little girl Madison gins                                                                    p.s. have a grate christmas
staying warm. I f you would pluse get me           Love,                                          Dear Santa,                                         ps I left some choicesis on the tadle.        Dear Santa,
a wii and webkin’s that are a bull bog             Joshue DeSantiago                              I would like it if you would leve me                                                              Hello Santa I can’t belive that it is             Dear Santa,
Jack Rusle and a striped snake. Is your                                                       something big. Would you plese get me                  Dear Santa,                                Christmas again. Hey santa Thes are                   How are you doing. Can you get me
raindeer doing fine. Is you elevs hard at              Dobson Elementary School               an X-Box 360 and a laptop? Could you                   I was a great boy this year in my          some thing I want for Christmas a nerf           this, if you can, I want a psp and the
work. have a Jole crims is.                                  Gina Fowler                      also get me some games for them.                   class room. I help my frieans spell            blaster and a lap top Have a good day            game Grand theft Auto Sanandres and
    Love,                                                   Second Grade                          Your friend,                                   words. I was a great cizeaezen I was re-           Happy Holidays,                              Grand theft Auto China town wars.
    Ethan Bryant                                                                                  Joseph                                         cly cans. I had a great day in school. I           Josiah                                            Your friend Jesus Martinez
                                                  Dear Santa,                                                                                    was nice to my sister. I need new shoes,
    Dear Santa,                                   How are you doing? I wold like ot                Dear Santa,                                   allso a cloths. I would a wantadsi. I was          Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa
    Hi! My name is Joah. I’m in 2 grade.       have a PSP for christmas and a Baku-                First I want a surpris, plese! Santa          nice to my dogs. I am git 8 in marh I Love         Hello Santa I can’t believe that it is           I Have Been good. I am doing good
For Chrismas I want a horse doll tigher        gan. I would also like an X-box 360 and        can I have a Country Girl doll and the             my teachers. I will leave cookey and           Christmas! I just want to know if you            in school. I want for Chirstams please is
Ice dress and a toy turkey. I know how         gmaes fo rmy PSP. I want Raw vs                cloes for it. I would also like three snow-        mike                                           have a game boy because I want one.              a Nentindo Wii trampleing and a G-i-Joe
biszy you are this year so good luke this      Smackdown too. Merry Christmas!                globes. I want Intinto games. They are                 Love, Joe Hernandez                        Santa you have a lot of toys. Santa I            movie and a DV player. and I want a As-
year so happy Chrismas.                           Your friend,                                fun. I want a dignal camera also and a                                                            lisen to my teacher.                             tro Boy game for wii Raw vs Smack
    Love,                                         Brian                                       laptop. We will leve some milk and cook-               Dear Santa,                                    Merry Christmas,                             Down Game for wii
    Joah Hinton                                                                               ies. Merry Crismas!                                    I had learn to count money and read            Juleidy                                          Love Tristin
                                                   Dear Santa,                                     Love,                                         a lot in school. This year I would like to
    Dear Santa,                                    I hope you can bring me four middle             Gracie                                        have a terry bear and a frog. I’m really            Dear Santa Clauss                                Dear Santa,
    How are you doing? My name is              Bakugans. I want to know if you will bring                                                        nice to my teachers and I love Mrs.                 Mrs Johnson                                      I have been good. How have you
Taylor Snow. I go to school at Dobson El-      me a video game fo Bakugan and a                       Dobson Elementary School                   Fallaw and Mrs. Felts. Christmas is the             Hellos Sainta I cant believe that it is     been. This is what I whant for chistmas,
ementary. Me and my family are going to        book, it’s called Hot Wheels Wild Rides,                     Mrs. Fallaw                          best holiday in the world. I like to have a    christwas I want a bike a big truck with         please if you have time. I would please
amke a Crestmas letters. Me and my             and a X-Box. W want a video game of                         Second Grade                          marble jar and a compter. I’m so glad          big rims a big ball x-min book spondebob         like a bike, and a Nintendoe. Thank you
sister want a tea set for Cristmas. Me         Lightning Maquin. Thank you.                                                                      that you come in Christmas because you         book t.v. spongebob toy, spiderman               so much.
and my family ar epreping for Cristmas.            Your friend,                                   Deer Santa,                                    have big long berad. My favorite sport is      games and a tree wheelbike                            Love
Have a merry cristmas santa!!                      Jesus                                          I am doing good in school. I’m lren-           base ball but I got long hair. Santa I will         Merry christmas santa clolus                     Sara Moss
    Love,                                                                                     ing to ckat mony. I Thank seced gradeis            leave some cookies and milk nd tell ro-             Austin
    Taylor                                         Dear Santa,                                The best grade evrey. In five days I’m             rafe Hey.                                                                                          Dear Santa,
                                                   I hope you are doing well. I wod like if   going to garet wolf loge. I am going to get            Love, Anay Gomez                                Dear Santa,                                    How are you and the elves doing If
    Dear Santa,                                you could breang me a X-box 360 and            glassess. I woud like to have a dag and                                                                Hello Santa I can’t believe that I can      you can make me these toys, I want a
    Hallow Santa how are you doing and         some games for it. I wod like a skate          a wil and car games. a xbox360 and I                   Dear Santa,                                say hello to you. I wanta dragin and a           psp, a bike and a flip trick Tell Mis Mrs.
how is Mrs Clos doing? For Chrismas I          bord, and a play stashun for Christmas.        woud liketo have a remotcontrollcar.                   I’m Hollee. I’m 7 years old. I’ve been     stuff dog too.                                   Clause Hi. will you eat my cookies
wold plese have a nintendo ds and some             Your friend,                                   Love Stratton Poindexter                       a good girl. Because I let everybody play           Merry cristmass.                               Your friend
games for nintendo ds and a laaptop,               Nick                                                                                          with me. I’ve been getting very good                Jaiden                                         Jeffrey
Junie B Jones books and a picter of u                                                              Dear Santa,                                   grades. I would like to have a DSi. I
and games. Are u rady for chrismas? I             Dear Santa,                                      I have worked on money. My class              would like to have a sleky. I would love to         Dear Santa Claus,                               Dear Santa
wish u have a merry chrismas with Mrs             Are you feeling well? I would like a        had a shoe box for kids needed for crish-          have a bunk bed. I’ll leave you and your            Hello Santa Claus I can’t believe that          thank you for getting me stuff the
Clos.                                          DSI for Chismas. I would like to have a        mas I have becom a good boy. I have                raindeer some food.                            it is time for christmas. I want a really        past years you are a true friend. You
    love,                                      game for it. I will have some cookies for      claen my room. I have the best techers                 love, Hallee Stanley. Thank you.           baby A christmas, shirt and a spogebob           have never not got me a present before
    Anahy Aguilar                              you and milk. I think you would like my        in the wold I want vide games I want a                                                            game’s                                           and I hope it dosn’t start now. Every year
                                               house.                                         Buzz Lite Year. and alets go fishing                  Dear Santa                                       Merry Christmas,                            you bring me wonderful presents they
     Dear Santa,                                  Your friend,                                game                                                  Iv been a good boy Iv Larned aLot in             Jazzy                                       are the best I have ever goten. What I
     I am a verey good Boy and I want             Cara                                             love, Artemio Torres                          shcooL I wont a xBox360 and a Lego I                                                            want for chrismas please is a Labtop.
some football cards a laptop a conchow                                                                                                           ndana Jons game and a DSi. and Ill leav            Dear Santa,                                      Love always Brandon Martin
car of a masting and will you get me 2             Dear Santa,                                    Dear, Santa                                    you milk and cookeis                               Hello Santa I can’t wait until I see
more I want some wwe raw mens and a                How are you? I was wondering if you            I have ben a good boy I have did a                Love DJ Haynes                              you again. I want everything that a                   Dear Santa,
will have a verey merey chrismes. Will         can bring me and my sister 1 laptop            lot aruund The house. My freands and                                                              teacher haves. I want a goat car and a                I have been a good little girl this year.
you have a good Chirsmes.                      each? If you can’t you can surprise us or      teacher are the best in the hole whid                  Dear Santa,                                laptop.                                          How are you. I hope you have not been
     Love,                                     bring us a camra. We will leave cookies        world. I whote some wii gamse like                     I am being a great girl this year in my        Merry Christmas,                             mean to the sweet elf’s this year. Santa
     Victor Gonzalez                           and milk.                                      coldenody world at war. I want the game            class room. I have done all of my work. I          Daisy                                        this what I have wanted my Whole life is
                                                   Merry Christmas,                           sistum that Alex has. I will leav pop and          have followed the diretion that my teach-                                                       a ipod please! please! please!
    Dear Santa,                                    Maddie                                     cookys.                                            ers have gave me. I have very great                Dear Santa Claus,                                 Your friend, Hannah Mitchell
    Hi! My name Riley. I love shcool. I                                                           love, Isaiah Martin                            teachers. There names ar Mrs. Fallaw               Hello Santa Can you make BregHe
am so exitced about Chrismas. How are              Dear Santa,                                                                                   and Mrs. Felts. They are very great I love     some new baby toy’s. Can you make me                 Dear Santa,
you doing! I know you are tired so you             I would like a cupul of games for              Dear Santa,                                    my teacher’s very very much. I want a          Bories and a Barie house and a puppy.                I’ve been good this year. How are
need to get some rest so you can take          games for the PSP please. I would like a           I have been a good boy. I have to              nintendo DSi. I will be surprized when             Love You,                                    you Mrs. Clause? You’re nice to me
prenets to peoples house. For Chrismas         laptop please. Also I’d like surprises. If     good teachers and Mrs. Felts and Mrs.              you bring me a new bicicle. I want the             Lauren                                       every year and this year I want it to be
I want a zoozoopet and a inptrheeplayer        possible, I ‘d love a digital camrua.          Fallaw. I have been learning how to re-            woopsie do baby doll to. I want one of                                                          the best. Because this year me and my
and a New tedddy bear and a New Bar-               From,                                      groop and do mony. I want a laptop and             those play moveable cat’s and a little              Dear Santa,                                 brothers and sisters are you to bring us a
bie doll. Have a merry Chrissmas.                  Payton                                     spike jr. I would like a playstashon 2 and         play puppy. A snuggie to. I will have your          Hello Santa here is a list of what I        Wii. Will you please bring it to us. There’s
    Your friend,                                                                              treo more legos and a robot that will do           milk and cookie’s ready for you.               want for Christmas. A laptop, netindo            something else I want for Christmas. I
    Riley Stanley                                 Dear Santa,                                 my home work and say hi to rotoph for                  Love Abigail Johnson                       d.s., dress, lipgloss, phone, drow, hihills,     also want the kids that don’t have much
                                                  How are you doing? I would like to          me. I will leve you brownys and milk and                                                          and Hannah Montana tickets.                      have a really good Christmas.
    Dear Santa,                                know if you could send me a toy Hannah         cookis.                                                 Dear Santa,                                    Merry Christmas,                                Sincerely,
    How is Mrs. Clous doing do you             Montana gitar. Could you get me an                 love Reed Mogan                                     I being to warking hard for Mrs.               Haley                                           Mattie-Grace Snow
have a dog and can you tlel teh Elfs Hi        easy bake oven? I hope you have a                                                                 fallaw. Then I wark on math. I only miss
please. Thank you. I whush I had a bull        good Christmas.                                    Dear Santa,                                    one. I am haveing a great day. And I am             Dear Santa Claus,                               Dear Santa,
rideing game. I whush I had two pukes of          Love,                                           I have moovd to a noow school. I               7 years old how are you. Santa I am go-             Hello Santa I can’t believe that it is          How are you doing? Santa could you
Benoclers. and I whuch I had a horse.             Savannah                                    been a good boy and I made noow                    ing to life you cookies and mike and we        time already to tell you what I want. So         get me these things please... a psp and
and have a me air e cismsu                                                                    frends. My family we had workd and                 have the best game boy.                        here is what I want is a gatare that’s rill.     a Smackdown vs. Raw game for my
    Love,                                           Dear Santa,                               worked hard. I love this school. I Love                 My best tearcher in the whole life is     So I can take lessons. I really want it or a     psp, A brand new camera, and a laptop.
    Rodrigo Trejo                                   I wood like a fagrenel kit and I would    two grat teechers I want to have a nin-            Mrs fallaw and Mrs Felts I love them be-       wii. But if yo uget me something different           Sincerley,
                                               like sum tindow ds games. Thank you for        tendow ds and cetrot reemotairplay and             cause they are my beat tearchs in the          that’s ok. I don’t mind. I just want some-           Ricardo Gonzalez
     Dear Santa,                               everything Santa.                              a buzz liteyer. Love Daniel F. Valenzuela          whole life to me. I want to see you Santa      thing. I hope you get the sley ready.
     My name is Diego Chavez and San-               Love,                                                                                        but I can not see you because I am a                Merry christmas.                                 Dear Santa
ta I ont lsx thenings. a majkat dag. I won-         Hannah                                        Dear Santa,                                    Sleeping I wantc a game boy.                        Sara                                             How are you? You know, you should
ta warnt slind.                                                                                   I been good gril at shool and my                    Love, Cesar Arreola Rocha                                                                  have a present for your wife. I will fix you
     Love,                                         Dear Santa,                                frand is good wed me you or nas weln                                                                  Dear Santa,                                  fresh cookies (if my mommy with help).
     Diego Chavez                                  How are you doing? I would like a          the peepl Mrs. Felts and Mrs. fallaw they              Dear Santas,                                   Hello Sata I can’t believe that is it        Sonta, will you put my present near the
                                               big special present. I want to bring every-    or a wrat I want a brarde I wat the ctos to            I been good this year. I helped my         chrisnmes! I want a toy cowboy and a             fire place, I am used to that if you plese
    Dear Santa,                                one some job. Can I have a picture of          I want chocolate. for Mrs. flts and I wat a        mom at takeing care of a baby, and give-       toy trock and a toy tiger and a toy tran         and if you do thank you. So far, all I rilly
    How are you ,the reindeers and elvs        you? I will leave brownies for you. Tell       frog for Mrs. fallaw she lkes.                     ing food to her. I been good at school. I      and a toy spider man and a toy scooBy-           wont is a DS and The rabbit go home
doing? My name is Brynaa Hope Davis.           everyone Merry Christmas! You have a               Ivett Ramirez                                  wish for a doll and some close, shose          Doo and a spider man book and a Scoo-            and the rest, just what a nine year old
For Crismes I would like a DSI please!         great hoiday.                                                                                     too. I will give you cookes and some           By DOO BOOK and a storms book                    would want, plese
My birthday is comeing soon on Decem-              Love,                                           Dear Santa,                                   milk.                                              Merry Christmas,                                  Sincerly, Joshua Cave
ber 16th. I am 7 years old. I would like a         Erykah                                          I been a good girl. My sister is learing          love, Leticia Cristobal thank you.             James
password.                                                                                     to talk inglesh she can say my name in                                                                                                                  Dear Santa
    Am I on the good list?                        Dear Santa,                                 inglesh. I brout some box tops to help                  Dear Santa                                    Dear Santa Claus                                  How are you doing at the workshop.
    Love,                                         How are you doing? For Chismas I            kids in need. I love reading. I have the                I’ev been a good girl This year I’ev          Hello Santa I am glad to rite to you         And this is what I want please a wii,
    Bryana Davis                               want mony. I don’t care wate cfine. I          best teachers in the hole wid world I wold         made alot of friends this year. I’ev got the   gain. Santa can I have thes stuf for             shirts, jeans, parFume, play staition 2,
                                               would like some toys. It doesn’t mader         like to have a scooter. I wished I had a           best techers in the world I love Mrs.          christmas I want a bady sister. A dall and       DSi, psp, xbox360, Games for Game-
    Dear Santa,                                wate cine. I will lev you some milck and       DS. I wold I wold like a big bear I wold           Fallaw and Mrs. Felst. I hope you bring        a dady dall and a bady ball. Few books           boy, shoes, play station3, taytruck with a
    Hello Santa! My name is Melissa.           cooks. Happy Chismas Ev Santa!                 like to have a coupter I wold like a ear-          Mrs. Felst some cholchlet and bring Mrs.       to read and cal klater. Stof to play tech-       control and some dolls.
Are you ready for Christmus. I go to dob-         Love,                                       ings                                               Fallaw a pet frog. All I want eveybody to      ers. Stof to pnant and a computer. A big              Juan Careas Rocha Alvarez
son Elementary school. I wonder what              Audrey                                           Love                                          have the best christmas ever.                  nices black dog and it to not bit. Some
are you going to bring me. I love to have                                                          Citlaly Almazan                                    I will make lots of cookies and water     dog stof. Some Doctres stof to play with.            Dear Santa,
a brat and a box of make0up. And I will            Dear Santa,                                     I will live you some cookies and milk         for the raindeer.                              I cup kacke mushing.                                 If you have time to build these toys it
love to have a loptop and a wii.l I wish I         I wod like a dere hunting game, a b-b      Santa                                                   Love, Autumn Embry.                           See you soun.                                well be fine wath me. I well still love you
can see you but I am going to asleep. I        gun and a drte bike. I wish I could have a          Dear Santa,                                                                                      Lizet                                        and I am a good boy. I want wrestlers
wish you have a good Chrismus day.             for wiler, a Wii resorts game and a kitten.         I been a good glir. I need a par of                 Dear Sana                                                                                 and a new bicycle.
    Love                                       Plese! I would also like fishing rods and a    Books. you are The Beist I Love you and                  I’m Kaylee Aline pozo I am a good            Dear Santa Claus,                                your friend
    Melissa Pineda                             X_Box 360.                                     Mrs fallaw and Mrs Felts. I Love my                gril. I am learing how to cowt maey it is a        Hellow Santa I am so glad you are                Erick Salgato
                                                   I love you!                                teach I waita DS.                                  little Bit hard. I am 7 yeas old! I want a     not sick. I wood like a toy aireplan and a
    Dear Santa,                                    Mason                                           Jove, Jazmine WebstEr                         DS. you are the Best. give my Techres          toy car.                                               Dear Santa Claus
    Hi! I am Olivia. I Live in Dobson. I am                                                                                                      someting too plese they have Been                  Merry Christmas and Thank you.                     I wornder how your doing. If you say
in 2nd grade. I hope you bring me pres-             Dear Santa,                                    Dear Sentu,                                   good so good. and I tant so fageinels. I           Christian                                    your feeling good so am I but if you say
ents. I hope you are ready for chirsmas.            I would like for you to bring me a             I am getting redy to have a little            will give you some cookces. I tant a sle-                                                       your feeling bad I feel sorry for you. So
Have a Merry Chrismas!!!                       Rocky the Robot truck. I you give a pupy,      bruother in February my mom don’t                  cy. and I wunt a new doll. and I want 9            Dear Santa claus,                            I’m going to tell you some stuff I want for
    Love                                       I will be so happy!                            know want his name is going to be yet. I           bre uslit I want Love a Phone whih some            Hello Santa I can’t belive that it is        christmas but if you don’t have time to
    Olivia Whitaker                                 Your friend,                              am geting redy to tern 8 in June 20th. I           makeup. marble jar. whih a mukey on it.        christmas! I Love christmas but I just           give me stuff it’s fine because I know you
                                                    Blake                                     love math and mony. I love my teachers             and I waat a Book. and I want some ear         wanted to tell you if you cood bring me a        wanted to. So here we go. 1. a bike
     Dear Santa,                                                                              one love frot and one love choclet. I love         ring. gloB. a now Bike.                        baby doll with it’s own things and can           pelase 2. a wii please 3. you to come to
     Im glad that it is Cristmus. I hope you       Dear Santa,                                frog and choclet and giny pigs. I would                  Love: Kaylee                             you bring me a taddy Bear with it’s cloth        my house please. Thats the end of my
are bringing me some presents. My                  F How are you doing? or Chrishmas,         like to have a Ipod. I would like to a unti-                                                      or and a candy. Thank you Santa for              list. But I have a cuple more questions.
name is Arleen Reyes lorragu. I want for       I will want a laptop, a DS and some            dods and and Tinker Bell TV and a pet                      Dobson Elementary School               bring toys for kids. Thank you for every         How is you raindeer. I hope They are
cristams a nitondo DS. I now you are           books. I also would like for Chrishmas a       frog.                                                           Sarah Johnson                     thing. Have a great christmas this year          fine. I don’t have much time now but Just
ubsy. You have alot of work to do. We          Play stiton too.                                    I will leve you some cookies and milk                      Second Grade                      and next year.                                   one more queston, If you go to my house
love you Merry Cristmas.                           Love,                                      and leve the roineders some ceres.                                                                    Merry christmas                              Juse get me one preasnt.
     Love,                                         Saul                                            Love, Danelia Salgado                              Dear Santa,                                   YadiRa                                             Love,
     Arleen Reyes                                                                                                                                     Hello Santa I can’t believe it is all                                                            Kirsten DeJesus
                                                    Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                   most christmas again and I wont two               Dear, Santa Claus,                                  P.S. Have a nice chirstmas
     Dear Santa,                                    I wold like a dejedl cemre. I would            I have been a good girl this year. I          new pairs of hie hill’s a pillow pet 5 girl       Hellow Santa my name is jordin I
     Hi! I wont a toy train. How are you       also like some baby clos for my Amrcan         uene rolled a pice of pape for thes girl. I        doll’s and 5 boy doll’s with clo’se and my     hope you are ok I want a toy tractor whith               Dobson Elementary School
doing Santa! I am very good. Can you           girl baby and for my big Amrcan baby.          have the best techers in the word. I wish          own cnpwteer with no baderes and a             asemi that halls it and I want a reamote                    Stephanie Wilkins
vefe me a toy. I wish i saw you. I wish             Love,                                     I had a Intnedow DSi and a Intnedow                green ds with two game’s and to have 4         control hummer.                                                Third Grade
you brot me a pet. If you bring me a pet I          Jordyn                                    DS. I owuld love to have a toy cat and             baby pupes.                                       Love you Santa,
will levf you some cookies. I will be hap-                                                    dog that looks ruel and walks, eate, licks,             See you later,                               Jordin                                            Dear Santa,
py.                                                Dear Santa,                                play. I would likea toy hores with food                 Lynda                                                                                          I am remembering last year. I had so
     Love,                                         How are you doing? If you can, bring       and water and statul and it walks, eats,                                                              Dear Santa Claus                             much fun with the toys that you got me
     Jonathan Lara                             me a Nitendo DSI and a bike. Can you           licks. I lile lile want a techers alfit. could I        Dear Santa Claus,                             Hello Santa Claus. I can’t believe           and I am stell useing the dry urse bord.
                                               bring something to my mom and dad?             plese have a blac bard and wite bord. I                 Hellow Santa, how are you? Well           that it is time for christrmas the are think I   How are your elfs this year? I hope they
     Dear Santa,                                   Love,                                      want a pet frog and cuser. I wel wel wan-          here are some things I want for Christ-        want for christrmas hot wheel and a bike         are being good. Please git the cookies if
     Hi! I am Alasha. we are going to give         Isaac S.                                   ta jone Bouthr postr. Tell the ranedeer I          mas. I want a chrampolin, a ipod, a Bar-       and a Ipop anda pupey and sipder-man             you come to my house this year and if
you some milk and cookies for christ-                                                         have a plat of ceris.                              bie doll with everything to play, a teddy      toy and books and go-car and game for            you can get this I woulb like some barbie
mas. I would like a Hanne montana good             Dear Santa,                                     Love, katelyn crabb                           bear, a baby doll that does everything         my PS3.                                          doll if you can. Some other things is I
toy for Christmas and a I bod and afon             I will like to see you an person, but I                                                       like a real baby and brand new heelis.             I love,                                      woulb like some art work stuff and some
     happy mearry christmas.                   can’t. I wold please like a PSP Goand a             Dear Santa,                                        Merry Christmas,                              Brandon                                      markers and some school stuff if u can
     Love,                                     card for $50.00 for my I-Pod Touch. Hap-            I am a good girl                                   Jenifer                                                                                    well goodluck Santa claus.
     Alasha Martin                             py Merry Christmas.                                 I have been lerning Money I would                                                                Dear big red,                                    Love, Chloe Brown
                                                   Your friend,                               like to have a toy baby dog that barcks,               Dear Santa,                                    Hello Santa I can’t bliyve that it is
      Dear Santa,                                  Axel                                       walk, eats I would love to have a baby                 Hello Santa I can’t belive that you        Crismis agin I like christmas and I your            Dear Santa,
      Hi! Santa how are you doing. I hope                                                     doll that talks, eats and falows do-               are going to bring presents agan I want a      pransis and are The best santain the                It me Kevin in Dobson please I wate
you are relaxed and rety for Christmas, I         Dear Santa,                                 rachshans                                          gameboy, puppy, and shoes.                     werd and I Love you. I want armeyepeol-          my socser shirt
would like a play station 3 and a game            I don’t want anything for me. I want             love Lizeth Rodriguez                             Thank you,                                 ple and I want a monntcuncrd car and a
for it if you could bring one. Hhave a mar-    something for my mom for Christmas.                                                                   Maria                                      jepe and a showgld that is dubdflle.                 Dear Santa,
ry christmas                                   Could you bring her like some veary,               Dear Santa,                                                                                       Mery Crismis                                     I hope you have a great time in the
      Love                                     veary, special things like a braclet for her       I have been a good boy I helped                    Dear Santa,                                    Corbin                                       North pole and delivering presents. I
      Lane Rutledge                            and stuff like that.                           Daniel when he was sad. I have been                    Hi Santa I won’t a bike and a hami-                                                         Hope this will be the best Christmas
                                                  Your friend,                                elarning to regrupe and learn how to               tand a par of mittetn 5/6 size and spons               Dobson Elementary School                 ever! This year I would like something
     Dear Santa,                                  Essence                                     count money. I gust turned 8. I would like         BOB pillows, Spons BOB Cover, Spons                         Allie Woodring                      special like a visit from my grandma I’ve
     hi I live in Dobson and My teacher is                                                    a DSI. Can you please get me a puppy. I            BOB posters Spons BOB toys, Spons                            Third Grade                        never even seen her before. And I’d like
the Best techer. I ever had and I wuoll            Dear Santa,                                would like a Guatur and a yo yo. I will            BOB floates. A Patrick toy and a sponge                                                         another special thing like a D.S or some-
like orba my and a dog but suffing bears           I hope you feel better. I want you to      leave you lots of cookies and milk                 bob rake.                                           Dear Santa,                                 thing. I hope you have a great time!
so I wont be scard.                            give me a viulen with it’s bow. I love it          love: Tanner Boone                                 Merry Christmas,                                how are you and your elfs, raindeer,            Sincerely
     Lave,                                     when you give me some preisns. I love                                                                 Casey                                      Mrs. Cluase? Good I hope. I was wond-                Jamie
     Gaby Leandro Antanez                      you!                                               Dear Santa Clalze                                                                             ing if I could get a will mp3player, and the
                                                   Your friend,                                   My teachers are the greatest teach-                Dear Santa,                                movie New moon for Christmas, but if                  Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                    Tori                                       ers in the world I wish I can have teach-              For christmas I want a car hart coat,      you can’t get the mp3player and the will I            Hey it’s me your friend Ivan. I was
    My name is Stephen. How are you                                                           ers just like them. I think it’s alsome to         leather gloves, foot ball cards and a tool     just won’t the movie New Moon.                   gioing to ask you if you may please dring
doing? Me or your helpers might of told           Dear Santa,                                 have teachers that are cool. I what a for          box                                                 your,                                       me an Ipod thats it thanks. Oh by the
you what I wanted for Christmas. I would          I want you to bring me cloths and           wheeler, aminnie puppy, apool and a                    Thank you,                                      friend,                                     way please give some stuff for the poor
like something like K-nexbutit has to          shoes. I will leave you some milk and          minnie cat too. for chrisma                            Ben                                             Olivia lorene Phillips                      people. If you don’t have enough of mon-
have batteries and a samtar. Have a            cookies. Enjoy! Happy Merry Christmas!             love                                                                                               PS. There is cookies on the table!          ey for my stuff. Just give it to poor peo-
Merry Chistmas!!!                                 Your Friend,                                    Tammy                                              Dear. Mr claus                                                                              ple.
    Love,                                         Vanessa                                                                                            Hello santa I can’t believe that it is          Dear Santa,                                      Thank you,
    Stephenn Sanders                                                                              Dear Santa,                                    christmus! This year I want A real puppy.           How are you doing this year. I bet               Ivan Caro
                                                   Dear Santa,                                    I’m doing very well in school. Were            A race car. A x-men toy. A new shirt. A        you are a very very buisy man this year.
    Dear Santa,                                    How are you doing? I wold like to          doing frackshons and money. It’s fun go-           spongeBob christmas, movie and a mer-          If you have time this christmas can you               Dear Santa
    Hi! I live in Dobson. I’m so happy that    have a Wii for Chrismas. I wold like to        ing to speshoulteys. I have two great              ry Madagascar movie. A big wall-e toy.         pleas get me a psp, a new game for my                 you may remeber me long list gix but
you are coming. I’m 7 years old and I am       have ten games for my Wii like wreslling,      teachers one loves frogs and One loves                 Thank you                                  playstayn2, a new scatbord. And a wii.           I wont a, world globe and indina Jonse 2
in second grade. I wont you to bring me        Raw Vs. Smack Down ECW 2010. Have              choclet, I’m haveing a great time at dop-              Andy                                       Tell Miss claus, the elves, raindeer’s and       the ivincher contin yous for a psp
a laptap and that’s all.                       a good Chrismas.                               son it’s my first year I’m getting reddy to                                                       pinguins to have a great christmas. Love
    Love,                                          Merry Chrismas,                            be 8! I think my brether, and my sister                Dear Santa,                                to all E bin Gillispie                               Dear Santa
    Diana Rangel                                   Clemente                                   are doing great in 5th and 4th grade.                  Hello Santa I can’t believe that it is          P.S. I also wont a spy kit too!                 it is Jessica Spear and i was NOT on                                                                                                                2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                             December 24, 2009 11
your noddy list. And last year you got me      How long is your beard I hope you come                 I hope you like them, because there         tions you would make me happy and the                 Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa
a Doll and money and cookies. But this         to my house.                                      chocolate chip!                                  other people who wanted a gift. I know                I want a purple PSP. I want it be-              I alway wanted a Easy Bake cake for
year can i have a Pool or trampoline and           Sincerely,                                         And I also wanted to know if                you only give gifts to poeple who are not         cause I like to play video games. I want a      Chrisma I wanted it so bad so. I could
a pack of bubble gum and a yo-yo and a             Jared Guillen                                 Rudoulph got a cold from flying in the           noty. But so you will know I am not noty. I       Lap top. I want a mario game for my DS.         play with my sister kitchen so the cake
laptop or camra or a book or a biycicle.           P.S. I hope you will bring me the Wii         cold all chritmas.                               know you are going to be busy but I hope          I want a game for my DS because I love          can be abirthday cake and will have
                                               and three games.                                       And anyways, have you been need-            you give me those gifts and you would             those games. I hope you have a great            someone to be the birthday kid.
    Dear Santa                                                                                   ing a bigger sized coat because I’ll set         make me so happy. I’ll try to get some-           Cristmas. And I hope you enjoy the                  Love Karina Amador
    Remember me your Santa girl I wish               Dear Santa,                                 out a new coat for you with the cookies if       thing powerful for your raindeer. I forgot to     cookies with milk. Thank you for my stuff.
for a purple Hannah Montanna scooter.                How are the reindeer what kind of           you need one.                                    tell you that I wanted nails too.                 Merry Cristmas Hoo. Hoo. Hoo.                        Dear Santa
And please git me a intindo des. And           reindeer food do they eat and how are                  And also with those cookies I’ll give             Sincerly:                                       Love,                                            This year I have been good. But this
some games for the Wii and some                the elves. How old are you is Mrs. Santa          you a carrot becuase you should be on a                Jaylynn Cabrera Hernandez                       Joana Hernandez                             year I want a wii, another breathing baby
cloth’s, socks, undewear                       feel good. I hode you don’t get the flew.         diet sir.                                                                                                                                          doll, I want some lotion, a blanket with a
    Love                                       Could you bring me and my brother                      Also, just one thing I want, is a spy           Dear Sata I am a good boy I wont                   Dear Santa,                                picture of all my dogs which are Buster,
    your Santa girl                            brandon and my little brothe Edwan a              gear toy. and my sister, she want’s a            four Christmas I a beebee goan                         I want a pair of shoes. I want that be-    wendy and sparky, a whatch with my
    Jordan                                     car the drive on, snow, not deep water            straberry-shortcake doll.                            Have a nice christmas                         cause I begin doing my homework. I              dog Buster on it, and last but not least
    Merry Chirstmus Santa                      and fly up to 6 feet on a rip and a little spy         Sincerely                                       love Brody Johnson                            want to go to Mexico because my family          some intindo games oh and before I for-
                                               car that has a camar and something the                 Tristin Ellard                                                                                is in Mexico and to see my grandmas             get I want a dog pocketbook. I will leave
     Dear Santa                                lits s hear and see and all the Magic tree                                                             Dear Santa Claus                              and my grandpa.                                 some cookie’s to.
     I would to have a pink laptop. I would    house book to me becaus my little broth-               Dear, Santa                                     I’ll tell my cousin Maria to leave out             Diana                                           Love, Sarah Fulk
also like to have net for my trampoline to     ers can’t read yet.                                    How are you doing this year. I will         some warm milk and cookies for you
I would also like to have some more                  Your friend,                                leave you some cookies out on the tab-           leave my presents at my cousin’s house                 Dear santa,                                     Dear Santa
games for my Nintendo DS I would also                Kenneth Mendoza                             ble. What kind of cookies would you like.        come througt the dack door. I won’t be                 I want a bike a P.S.P. a bog and                For christmas I want to pass the
like to have will                                                                                I will leave you some carrots for the rein-      here I’ll be at Mexico for Christmas I will       close. I want P.S.P. because I get bord at      eogs. I want a Ipod touch. I always want-
     Love Hailie                                   Dear Santa,                                   deer. How old are you? How many elves            miss you alot. Say hi to Roodof the red           home because at home I bo not have              ed to have a real big pool. I want all of
                                                   Is Mrs. Claus doing good?                     do you have? How is Miss Claus. How              nose raindeer. Bring me a Nintendo                noting to play. I wan a bike because I can      the Diary of the Wimpy Kid. I want to go
    Dear Santa                                     Is rudolph going to go with you?              does the reindeer give my Mama some              D.S., a flat screen t.v., a puppy, a guiny        riad it outside we it is sun. I want a bog      to 5th grade when I pass 4th. Me and my
    I hope I am in the good list. plece            Do you just get one suit or a lot?            dark chocolate. And my dad some hunt-            pig, a hamster, a kitten, a parrto that           because I can play with it and wlack it. I      sister want our own room. Me and my
bring me a ps3 and a pupy plece can                How old are you?                              ing stuff. And I what forget my brother          talks, a bookbag that hang to the side, a         want close because I bid not have a lot         sister want our dog spot to come back
you bring me thows things pleces and               I am going to leave cookies for you?          lots of candy I just hope you do not get         cheer leader uniform.                             of close. I want game for my P.SP like          home. So how are your raindeer doing? I
more thigs.                                        I am going to leave food for the rein-        the flu. I have been a good little girl              Love your friend,                             care and gaunes and bickes. I want a            wil bring you a glass of milk and cookies.
    from Daniel Orozco                         deer?                                                  Your friend,                                    Esmeralda Lara                                forwalker for a child because can ride it. I         Love, Michelle
                                                   How do you now the kidds are good                  Jenna Simpson                                                                                 want a wwe raw game for a P.SP. game
     Dear Santa                                or bad?                                                PS: Stay healthy                                  Dear santa I want a psp and a dsi for       of wwe Raw. I want a mounater gter car              Dear Santa
     I hope you give me If you can the             How do the reindeer fly?                                                                       chrismas and I hope I’m on the smarty             like a toy like big car toy for a 9 year old        I want an nindeo DS for chrismas
stuff on my last note. I wish you a happy          How are the elves doing?                          Dear Santa,                                  list and I want a laptop.                         chaild.                                         and also so games for it. I would like the
christmas and a happy new year.                    Ca you bring my little sister a play-             How is Mrs. Claus doing ok?                        from yor friend Alex Bautista                    I want it pleace                           Furreal Friends, big dog, hourse, and
     Thank you, from your friend, Jesus        houres                                                Are you going to bring rudolph with                                                                 Santa.                                     cat. I would like a cell phone but daddy
Lovaton                                            Wiche elf is your favorite.                   you?                                                  Dear, Santa                                       Gevardo Castillo                           says I can’t have one till I start to drive.
                                                   Dose Mrs. Claus have a red and                    How old are you?                                  Please get me a fer real fread cat its                                                       Hope you have a good year because I
    Dear Santa,                                white suite?                                          How many elves do you got?                   name is Lulu. I want it for Christmas. I will         Dear Santa,                                 love chrismas it is my favorite time of the
    Pleas help the hunge with me.                  Can you bring me clothes?                         How do your reindeer fly?                    be a good girl. You are so sweet and                  I hope you have a a merry Christ-           year. And I would never want to miss it
Please can you hep me save the hunger              Is it really cold there?                          I owuld like some wii games.                 joyfel. I love you and you’r reindeers I be-      mas. I’ve been good this year and made          because it is when baby jesus came to
with me. we can make a differnts to other          Love,                                             And would you bring by cat some              live that you are real. I like you’r cloth’s it   A honor role in school. I’d like to get an      us in earth.
people.                                            Rachelle Recinos                              toys?                                            is red and white and thats mean’s giving          INtendo DS for Christmas.                           love
    Sincerely,                                                                                       How do you no if the kids or bad or          joy and love. And have a Merry Christ-                Sarah Marion                                    Savannah Grace Blackburn
    Sheyenne Bailey                                 Dear Santa                                   good?                                            mas!
                                                    How are you doing and how is                     Your cookies well be on the table.                Love: Erika                                          Dobson Elementary School                     Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                Rudolph doing. How many suits do you                  Love, Morgan Johnson                                                                                       Christal Freeman                         Merry Christmas! This year I want a
    You mite remaber me. will you pliece       have I’m going to try and feed the rein-                                                               Dear,                                                      Fourth Grade                       laptop, some overhead bulbs and a big-
get me a gaspowerd go cart. Aand will          deer is rudolph comeing with you. How                 Dear Santa,                                      Sata Claus.                                                                                   ger bike. I also want some little smelly
you pliece get me wrock band for the wii.      old are you. I can’t wate till chiristmas. I’ll       How are your reindeer, Mrs. Claus,               I want a Hess truck for Christmas. I              Dear Santa,                                 stickors and markers. I would like some
    your friend                                try to go to sleep. I hope you have a very        and you doing? All of my family are doing        want a Rockband 2 game for PlaySta-                   I like Christmas. I like i tbecause it is   new DS and Wii games. Well thats all I
    Dawson                                     good chiristms                                    great. Thank you for all the presents that       tion2 no drum. I were like my size bike,          when my whole family gets together.             want hope you get my milk and cookies.
                                                    Sincerely                                    you brought my family last year! We              two stakebords.                                   Ande we gett to pen prenstws. This year              *Merry Christmas!
     Dear Santa,                                    Daniel Miller                                loved them. I would like a Littlest Pet              love,                                         I want my dog a dog friende that he can              Sydney Heath
     How is Rudolph doing and how are                                                            Shop Digital Planner, some spa factory               Isaac Jarrett Semones.                        play with. For my mom a whole load of
you doing? I don’t have a chimney. I                Dear Santa,                                  aromatherapy and a So Chic Salon. Do                                                               new lock and locks. For my dad a new                 Dear Santa
would be pleased to get a D.S., Babiez              Are you nd Mrs. Claus ok? For                you like being Santa? Did you have to go             Dear Santa Claus I will live you              truck and a whole week of free fishing               I want a nintindo D.S.i. and spore
game and fashion Design game. (both            Christmas can you help my mom? Can                to school to become Santa? I love 3rd            cockse and milk on the table for you I            and a new fishing pole. But the big big         hero. And I want a bionacol scorpio. And
for D.S.)                                      you make Chris stop fighting with her. I          Grade! My teachers Mrs. Arrington and            want a DS eye my mom dad and big                  thing I want is it to snow on Christmas.        a gormiti lava mountain set. Plus I want a
     sincerely,                                want you to give Scarlett, Kevin, Tiffany         Mrs. Kidd are great!                             brother will give half of moany and you               From your friend,                           transformor Devastator set. And if you
     your best friend                          and me presents. I’ve been wanting a                  Love,                                        the rist. Plces! if I get a strat A in school         T.J.                                        bring me some of this stuff I will give you
     Jasmine Toney                             cell phone. Can you please bring me a                 Sydney McKeaver                              can you plces! Love to Santa Claus                                                                lot’s and lots of cookies.
     P.S. I want every one to have a mag-      cellphone. Are the raindeer healthy? I                                                                 from Valeria Moreno Pena                          Dear, Santa,                                     Love Andrew White. p.s. I have bin
nificent Christmas!                            hope you don’t get the flu? I think where             Dear Santa,                                                                                        this year for Christmas I would like a      good.
                                               put out some cookies. How many elfs do                Is miss Claus doing fine? I wonder                Dear Santa I want a dsi and remote           laptop, and a Nintendo DS I wither of
    Dear Santa,                                you have? I hope the snow don’t melt.             how many suits do you have? Has your             care and I hope I have ben put on good            those would work. I think it’s nice of you          Dear Santa
    Did you remember me? It is me Adri-        How long is your beard? Is Rudolph                beard grown any? I bet the reindeer are          list and I hope the rain dear have ben            to spend Chrismas hleping others. I’m               how are you felling today? I would
ana Landaverde. You brought me the             coming with you? I Love you because               ready to fly for the carrots ant the chil-       good Because I have a treat for them              wondering what kind of cookies do you           love to have a barbie dream house, and
Nintendo DS. I like it. Please can I have I    you leave us presents!                            dren. I hope you don’t get the swine flu.        and it will give them energiy to go all au-       like? You know anything would be nice           a easy bake oven, a nekless, a new bar-
pod?                                                Sincerly,                                    Would you get my dog a ruby red                  roud the world have my cousin ben put             for Chrismas but some kids don’t ap-            bie doll, a new DS game, and last but not
    Thank you!                                      Love                                         sweater. How many elves do you have?             on good list Right dack                           preshiate what you give them I wish you         least a baby alive doll.
    Adriana Landaverde                              Allison Tucker                               I bet your elves are working hard. Your               your freind Caydon Rogers                    a happ Thanksgiving and Happy Chris-                P.S. I will leave alot of cookies
                                                                                                 the best. Watch the kids closely.                                                                  mas.                                                love to all
    Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                       P.S. Cookies and milk are in my                   Dear Santa Claus                                 Love,                                           Haley Hudson
    Remember, Christ mas Eve is com-               Will you bring Rudolph. how do the            hands.                                                I want nine one one gear and I want              Erika
ing next month and I have tried to be          reindeer fly. how old are you Santa. I                Sincerely your friend,                       first day kit and I want police gear and                                                               Dear Santa
good. Please give me a new pair of bal-        hope you like my cookies cud you dring                Keira Branch                                 vehicles and I want firefighter gera and               Dear Santa,                                     I love chrismas morning when i wake
let slippers. I also would like a leotard      me a psp game cld Star wars the batl-                                                              vehicles. And I want basketball and soc-               Christmas is one of my fairote holi-       up to all the presents, and this is what I
and skirt. Can you fill my stocking with       frount and Ligo Star Wars.                             Dear Santa Claus,                           cerballs and a kickball and a football and        days. For Christmas I would like for the        want this year: Air soft snipin, shotgun,
small, desirable presents? I promis to             Love T.J. Atkins                                   How are you good do you have a              I want rear police gear for me.                   world to be a better community. Helping         pistol with pistol holder, and 6,000 bucket
leave you chocolate chip cookies and                                                             work shop because I want to go there                  from Jason Childress                         others and getting along well with others       of air soft amo
milk. Maybe also som nice, warm coco.               Dear Santa,                                  How many do you have reindeers do                     to Santa Claus                               is a great suggestion or choice for me. I            sincily forrest Antiwine
see you soon!                                       Are you going to Bring Rudolph the           you have a beard do your reindeer can                                                              have one thing abou tme is that I like to
    Sincerely,                                 Red nose Reindeer this year? How is               fly how do you do them do you have a                Kaylee Wells                                   be treated the way they want to be treat-            Dear Santa
    Rebecca kreh                               miss claus this year? How many elves              wife if you are sick do your wife have to           Dear Santa Claus I what for Christ-            ed. Oh! and my wish is that to get free              Thanks for all the stuff you have
                                               and Reindeer do you got? I hoep you               do all the job can you or her to bring           mas bady aily dot have har. In some fuzz          tickets to go to a justin Biebers concert       gave me! This year I want... The Haunt-
     Dear Santa,                               can bring me and my siter transfofmers            some thing fun for our familys I want to         anmen to clet. I real what a kitten a             and spend time together and knowing             ing in Connecticut, Twilight movie,
     I hope I am not on the naughty list.      this year? I hope you don’t get the flu or        ask do you have elf and a red sleg is            simes kitten for my mother she loves              him a little better, and to get to take 3       Twilght books, a Twilight Team Edward
But what I realy realy want is a trampo-       cold that way you can get chistmas to us          your job is it hard do your life is it good do   simes kitten.                                     friend with me!                                 shirt. I loved the movie Twilight. And if
line and a pool!                               this year we love you so much.                    you have a good list                                Love Kaylee                                         Sincerly,                                  you don’t mind sine Babysiter club
     Love                                           Love,                                             your friend                                                                                        Nelda Ruiz                                 books.
     Quin Nassar                                    Katelynn Shinault                                 Ivan Padilla Rayo                               Dear Santa Claus.                                                                                  Thanks!
                                                                                                                                                      I want a bike and a lopto twith inttni.           Dear Santa,                                      Love,
    Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                          Dobson Elementary School                     And I wont my sistr Mara Escobedo                 I think it is nice to give prese4nts to          Bailey Weddle
    I haven’t been naughty this year. I             How are you and Mrs. Claus I hope                           Ms. Peters                        to have a new safon so she will call my           every good kid. Is it true that bad kids get
have been nice. Please give me some            you are doing good. I know Jemey are                            Third Grade                        mom wer is she at and a new car so she            coal? If it is I don’t want to be bad even          Dear Santa
presents. I bet that the North Pole is very    new baby doy is going to have alot of                                                              can drive                                         though I’m not. Do you come to every-               What I want for Christmas is a Nin-
cold. I wish that I could visit you there.     stuff. But are dog coco dose not have                  Dear Santa Claus                                Dear Santa claus. can you bring me            body in the United States or the World?         tendo d.s why I want a nintendo for be-
How many elves do you have? My sister          enghe toys. Could you dring her some                   What I want for Christmas is a little       a will and games. and can you brig my                 Do parents help you? If they do then        cause I want to be able to do something
has been nice too.                             please. I wonder your elfs can me con-            cute cat from buider bear workshop and           brudr Michil Escobedo a DSi and one for           you don’t do everything. Is it hard oing        everyday insead of having to make up
    Thank you                                  puter plese stay healthy for christmas            a little present for my Dad like a cute          me to and for my sistr mara.                      your job? I bet it is. I would be a pleasure    things to do like on a nintendo you can
    Angelina Patel                             night. Can you bring my sister some new           neckleace that has my picture and my                 And my dad can you dring hem a                to meet you and the elves.                      do anything you want to do you can play
                                               ear rings please. Can you bring us all a          mom’s and my little brother’s picture too        safn so he can take and a plasma tvs for              Do elves have pointy ears? Cause            with dogs on there but you have to have
     Dear Santa                                pillow pets please.                               and a pretty neckleace for my mom too            my dad. and new car so he well drive              on T.V. they do. They sound nice I won-         the game in the nintendo Santa if you
     can you get me a ps3 and a game                Love,                                        and a Diego thing that’s on tv for my little     and my mom you can bring her new car              der how they can help. My faviote part of       can get this to me I will be very thankful
for ds.                                             Lindsey                                      Bother.                                          so she can drive.                                 your job is flying reindeer. My faviote is          Sincerly
     Thomas Uriostegu                               your firind                                       Your friend                                     Your friend                                   Rudolph. I wish I can help you in the               Leticia Celine Villasenor
                                                    P.S. We will get you something to eat             Zoraida Palacios Aguilar                        love Sara Escobedo                            north pole.
        Dobson Elementary School                                                                                                                                                                        Love,                                            Dear Santa
            Jackie Arrington                        Dear Santa,                                       Carlos G.                                       Dear Santa                                        Emma                                             I think ive been a very good girl this
              Third Grade                           How is your reindeer? I hope Mrs.                 SANTA CLAUS                                     I hope I’ve been good enough for                  P.S. I have been good.                      year. Ive been moving alot and I hope i’ll
                                               Claus the elves the reindeer and mostly                yo te pido para nabidad que me              you to bring me gifts this year. What I               P.S.S. Tell Rudolph and the reindeer        get lots of presints this year. We are
    Dear Santa,                                you don’t get the flu! What kind of cook-         traigas unos jugetes solo que puedas             want for Christmas is a littlest pet shop         plus the elves I said hello.                    haveing a christmas paty at my uncle os-
    How are you? I’m so happy that it is       ies do you like? Just so you know I’ve            traerlos si no puedes no inporta pero por        adopton center, i Carly D.S game, guess                                                           car’s house. He just moved there. I don’t
Christmas! I hope you going to bring me        been very good. For Christmas I would             si acaso esto es los jugetes de jalguile         who, twister, a Barbie camper, a Barbie               Dear Santa,                                 want much for christmas. I have already
something. How old are you? I will leave       like a Girl gorment station.                      los carros                                       nurse and maby some surpises! if I been               This Christmas is going to be the           made a christmas list of every toy I want.
you some cookies and milk. How does                 LOVE,                                             un pley portatil y bacugans solo que        good enough.                                      best Christmas ever becaus I feal like I        like I said I don’t want much. I would real-
your reindeers fly are their magic? Do              Emma Claire Burton                           puedas sino solo los cattos                          Love,                                         had a great start in the begning of the         ly want to have panda and hippe things.
you have a lot of beard? I’m worried that                                                             gracias                                         Nicole White                                  year. It’s amost Christmas oly a few            Do what you can.
you might get sick. I want you to bring            Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                      weeks from today. Christmas I thikn is               Love,
my mom, dad, my brothers, me some-                 Is Rudolph comeing with you? and I                 Dear, Santa Claus                              Dear Santa                                     the best holiday in the year.                        Rebecca
thing. Do you have a Christmas tree. I         wondred how many suits do you have?                    I you to give this presen to m yfriend         I want a 6 week old Border Collie                  From : Juan R.
hope you are healthy. Please bring me a        Is miss claus doing fine? Maybe I will let        Lupita and her sister. I want Lupita to get      and have a merry Cristmas                                                                              Dear Santa...
bike. I hope you do not eat a lot of junk      food for the rainbeer. How old are you?,          a barbie girl and her sister to get the dora        Love Matthew Collins                                Dear Santa,                                     I have been wanting the colest
food. How many reindeers do you have?          how do your rainbeer fly, what is the             that dances on her tipy toes. Know this is                                                              I want for christmas is wreasling          things. What I have dreamed of having is
Have a HAPPY MERRY CHRISTMAS!                  name of your rainbeer. Do you like                what I want I want polly pockets with a                  Dobson Elementary School                  toys, madel cars, and candy. I also want        a DS so do you think with that I could
    Sincerely,                                 chocolate? Can you Bring me a DES for             car and her closet, and clothing, and                       Nicole Hazelwood                       H;- lighters, a new book bag and a com-         have Mario and Luigies Bowsers inside
    Evelyn Aguirre Sanchez                     me, my bother please. ARe you helpful?            every it comes with. I also want make up.                      Third Grade                         puter.                                          story. And could I have Madden 10 for
                                               What time do you wake up? Is my bother            i want blocks that Fernanda has. Also I                                                                 But most of all I want a Wii.              the Wii. Thankyou that would just make
     Dear Santa,                               doing well, good? How many kids do you            want a wii and a gameboy and it games                Dear Santa,                                        Sincerely, Devin Wilmoth                   my day on christmas. I know that I may
     Is Rudolph coming. How is miss            go and give gift? Were do you but your            for the gameboy and I want a giant car               I want a Xbox 360 and grand thaft                                                             have been mean to my brother cheating
Claus. How old are you. How miny elves         rainbeer. Does it take alot of work feed-         thats just my size. and arbies like the fan-     ato Vice city stories and lego star wars 1            Dear Santa,                                 and stuff but I realley want to appoligise
do you have. How do your reindeer fly.         ing your rainbeer?                                cy ones. And I want that nail printer. and I     on it and two controlers. I want it be-               here are a few things I would like for      to him for cheating on the video game.
What if you get the flu. What is you fa-           Love                                          think I might let you eat som cookieis for       cause I think ther so cool and my dad             christmas an ntindo DS and a game for                SInserly Carter Graham
vorite elf. Whet if the ice melts and you          Migdolia Mena A.                              you and your raindeer so you will get            Andrew wants one. Santa thank you for             the ntindo DS I would also like a few col-
cant bring christmas. How many suits do                                                          hungry thru the way. I want to get Josefi-       ever Christmas prasent in my life. Have           ring books and crayons.                              Dear Santa...
you have.                                           Dear Santa,                                  na the doll and Sombrita and for my              a mery christmas.                                                                                      I want a dirt bike and a xbox 360
     Sincerely Connor Mccann                                                                     mama I want her to get a box of choco-               Thank you,                                        Your friend,                                anda soccer ball and a psp. I haved soc-
                                                    I will make you cookies and get car-                                                                                                                Makaylah
                                               rots for the reindeer. I’m gessing that           late but not filled stuff just normal, and I         Ethan Pihnix                                                                                  cer a lot and when I grow up I want to be
     Dear Santa,                               Rudolph is coming with you. I would like          want a new computer but I want it to be                                                                                                            in the Army and I will be a Army Leater. I
     I’m going to try and put out milk and                                                       like the that I have at home. And thank               Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                  want to be a soccer player. I like to play
                                               anything you give me. Because I don’t                                                                                                                   What I want for Christmas is: a niten-
cookies for you and food for the reindeer.     have anything paticular for Christmas             you for all yor support.                              I would like a Nintendo DS. I would                                                          soccer a lot with my dad and he is good
How old are you? Are all your reindeer                                                                Love,                                       like it because I think it will be fun to play.   do DS I, and as esay Bake oven. and a           at goaly and sometimes I score on him
                                               this year. How many elves and reindeer                                                                                                               game for my Nitendo Dsi.
the same age? I really really really want      do you have? I’ve been wondring how                    Anayeli Villa                               I would also like a Wii game called                                                               at I and him laugh because the ball
a playsation 3. Who is your favorite elf? I    old you are lately? I hope you don’t get                                                           “Mario.” I would like a collar for my cat.           Sinceraly,                                   sometimes hits him in the head. I just
hope you don’t get sick or else Mrs.           sick and not be able to do Christmas. Are              Dear Santa, I know that you are go-         one that will stay on her when she goes              Chloe Simmons                                love chrismas bercause it’s the best time
Claus or an elf will haff to deliver Christ-   you and Mrs. Claus all right. My mom              ing to be really busy the night before           outside.                                                                                          of the year
mas. Does Rudolph really have a red            and dad and brother probely want what-            Christmas & your reindeer, so I’m leav-               Love,                                                Dobson Elementary School                     Love..
light on his nose? I’m going to try and        ever they get too. Will you please bring          ing you cookies & milk & for your rein-               Callie Edmonds                                             Lori Beasley                           Emesto Caro
leave out my letter for you to see.            my dod a bone or a chew toy or a pig’s            deer, carrots. Alright now heres what I               P.S. Can you squease in a chew toy                        Fourth Grade
     Love,                                     ear (a type of bone she likes.) What is           want for Christmas. I want a Nintendo            and a U.N.C. sweater for my cat. Her                                                                  Dear Santa
     Sy Kidd                                   your favorit elf. Thanks and have a good          DSi, Kaitlyn from the BFC club, a barbie         name is Sunny!                                        Dear Santa                                      I would like a new wii game. Also I’ve
                                               night on Christmas!                               nail printer, a doll house where barbie’s                                                              For Christmas I want an i-pod-touch.        been really good these past few weeks. I
     Dear Santa,                                    Love,                                        can fit, pompoms & games for the nin-               Dear Santa I desirve to have a wii             Maybe a computer,and a last thing a             would also like a nintindo DS eye with a
     How are you how many suits do you              Taylor Rae Cochran                           tendo Dsi.                                       because I would spend time with my                pink Hello-Kitty carpet.                        game (just one game). You are a great
have one or more than one. how old are                                                                your friend Ashley Camacho                  family. And I deirve a psp because if I get           Love,                                       person.
you. _____ I hope you have a good                   Dear Santa,                                       Ps: I (heart) christmas.                    board in the car.                                     Alondra Delgado                                 Ricardo Bartolo
Christiams _____ how mane elves do                  How are you, Mrs. Claus, the rein-                                                               from Jeremiah
you have _____ how do your reindeers           deer. Do you have more thn one suit. I                Faith White                                                                                         Dear Santa                                     Dear Santa
fly ______. I hope you dont’ have a flu do     am going to leave out chocklate chip                  Dear,                                            Dear Santa the things I want for                   This year for Christmas I would like a         I would like a bick and sum boots. I
you have a mom. _______ can you get a                                                                Santa Claus                                  christmas are a wii becouse I like to Play        pink ipod touch and a little HannahMon-         have been good and made good grads
dichrolcamrol. _______ tell me what is         cookies for you. Is Rudolph coming with               For Christmas I’d like a whoope              on my ants and it is fun. I would like to                                                         on my work. thak you for braing my
                                               you. How old are you. Hey do you have                                                                                                                tana watch. I want a pocket book, a blan-
your real name _______. do you like to                                                           cooshin. I’d also like a Rockband wii set,       have a Animorphs book because them                ket, a pillow with my do Odie on them.          prents in the past.
seend prasins.                                 any children. How do the reindeer fly. Is         a skateboard and I’d also like a set of          books are good and like to read them.                                                                 From Richard Hodges
     Sincerely Christian beverly               your sleagh red. Did you bring Abarham            CD’s of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and                Joseph Sawyers                                But most importantly I want my whole in-
                                               Lincon toy, or book. Hope you don’t get           Lady GaGa.                                                                                         tire family to have a MERRY CHRIST-                 Dear Santa
     Dear, Santa                               sick. Can you bring me calender mys-                  I’d like a few wrapped presents that             Dear Santa, I want a electrec gtare           MAS! I PROMISE from the bottam of my                How are you? Are you ready for
     I would levae you some Hey for the        tryes books. What month were you born             you made and I don’t know what they              for crismas because I want to joyn a              heart to the top that I WILL be good next       Christmas? I was wondering if you could
dear. How is Mrs. Claus and Rudolph            in. Is it true you were born on another           are. I’d like Designer Dress D.S. game           band and I want a four weeler so I can            year. And last I want some more ninten-         give me a few things for Christmas? If
the red nose reindeer? Where do you            planet. I was wondring if you could bring         and some artsy oil pastels. I’d also like        go drive in the feld.                             do games, 3 of them.                            you can I want some of the things I am
live? How much people do you have on           my sister blake puppy doll with no wite           guess who extra.                                     Thank you!!!                                       Love, Savannah Key                         going to list. Please get me a P.S.P. Also
the naughty list? How old are you? And I       because we lost one of our dog’s this                 Sincery,                                         Jonathan                                                                                      I want some more Game Cube video
would leave you some cookies and milk.         year. Do you like scooby-doo cause I do.              Faith                                                                                              Dear Santa                                  games I also want a playstation 3 with
How many Elves do you got? How do              Thank you for all you do.                                                                              Dear Santa, I want a ntendo Ds id for             I liked gifts that you gave me last         wireless controllers. Please give me
the reindeer fly? I hope you don’t get the          Your friend,                                     Dear Santa. I know you are real. I           chrismas and a puppy.                             year.I’m looking to get a new phone be-         these thing Santa Claus. P.S. I will give
flu. Have you been good lately? I hope              John Hicks                                   been hopeing for christmas you would                 I wnat a puppy to play with it.               cause I have been wanting that for year. I      you fifty cookies
you come too my house on Christmas. I                                                            give poeple what they wanted. So if you              I wnat a Ntendo DS id to play with.           got a plactic one last year. I hope you get         From Luis
will leave my Christmus tree in my                Dear Santa,                                    would give me a gifts it would be a Ninte-           I disrvet for being a good reader.            this letter because I am going to leave
house. Could you bring me a Wii and               How are you today? I’m going to get            do DsI, Laptop or the baribie nail printer.          I wish you have a merry chrismas.             you cookies and milk agian.                         Dear Santa,
tree games. Have you been healthy?             you a load of cookies!                            So if you would give me a gift of these op-          Merlin Avila                                      From: Dylan Bonham                              Merry Christmas! This year I would
12   December 24, 2009                                                                                                      2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                 
like a laptop computer. I know it’s asking       had a good year, and how are your elves          Dear Santa,                           Gunn, latop Bzcu.                                have behaved at school. How are the             well. How are your Reindeer? are they
for a lot, but I’ve been really good! I hope     doing. Did Mrs. Claus and you goon               For Christmas I want...                  Codi                                          reindeer? Did the reindeer be good? For         behavining? for Chistm I would like to
you’re hungry because I’ll leave you             summer vacation. For Chrismas I really           1. Dorbap                                                                              Christmas I would like a ballerina cos-         have puppies in my pocket. I will like
some milk and cookies! I’d get really tired      would like a Nentindo DS i, Or if not can I      2. Dobb                                   Dear Santa,                                  tume, bellerina slippers, anld o bollreina      anything you Bring me. appreciate you
if I were you! Traveling the world in one        please get a ipod touch Your the best            3. Brbe on Ehozotez                       I loveyou. For Christmas I want Snof         Barbie. I would also like some purple           considering these Ideas. Thank you. I
night! Happy Holidays!                           and thanks alot for all you do. you do           from, Jaltnn Barger                   of Fot                                           and pink bedroom slippers, an art easet         will leave some cookies and milk.
     Keep Bring Presents,                        good work and hope you have a good                                                         Edwin                                        and a crayola crayon maker. I hooe you                Love Paige Nichols
     Love, Hannah Beasley                        Chrismas too. When you come by my                Dear Santa,                                                                            heve a good trip on Christmos Eve I will
                                                 house on Chrismas come hungry be-                For Christmas I want...                   Dear Santa,                                  leave you some milk and cookies and I             My CARD FOR SANTA CLOUS
    Dear Santa,                                  cause I’m going to have cookies for you          1. DrB                                    For Christmas I want a nukrakr.              hope the be good.                                 Race car game shoes MERRY
    This Chrismas I want a IPod touch!           and carrots for you reindeer. P.S. hop           2. kam                                    and a doll.                                      your friend,                                CHRISTMAS
And I know I’ve already sent you a letter        you can get down my chemndy this year.           3. Dok                                    For christmas.                                   Emily Keith                                   Justin Dominguez
on North! Thank you for send-               Love,                                        from, Blaine Crouse                       Love Heather.
ing me a letter back! So Santa how are               Celeste                                                                                                                                 Dear Santa                                      I like to play with Santa and ta kell to
your raindeer? Has Roughdough been                                                                Dear Santa,                              Dear Santa,                                       I have been good this year How are          Santa then I go to bed at niat and I hred
doing much lately? This year I will give              Dear Santa Claus,                           For Christmas I want...                  I love you. For Christmas I want I            you? I hope your feeling well. How are          the raderd. then at mronen I find preses.
you lots of chocolate chip cookies!                   How have you and Mrs. Claus been            1. Dog                                waht a MastsheG.                                 your Reindeer Are they behaving. For                unknown author
    Your friend,                                 doing? Did you have a good summer?               2. tenR                                  Love                                          Christmas I would like to have a cater pil-
    Cassie White!                                There’s some stuff i’ve been wanting for         3. Dohs.                                 Jameka                                        lar Excivtor and a Big Buck Hunter pro               Dear Santa
                                                 chiristmas. I like music so i’ve been            from, Cailee Ayers                                                                     plugn plas TV game and a Bench and                   I have not been on my best behavior
    Dear Santa                                   wanting a microphone, maby a C.D and                                                      Dear sata I love you. For Christmas I         weight Lifting set I will like anything you     but I have been really trying to do better.
    I a lot of video games and a football        a kareocy machine. I hope I get every-           Dear Santa,                           want a Dersa                                     bring me. I appreciate you considering          How are you? I hope you felling well? How
to play with when I get bored and I want         thing I asked for.                               For Christmas I want...                  Love Kelly                                    these Thank you. I will leave you some          are your riendeer. Are they behaving? For
my own cars that I will share with my                 Thank you,                                  1. Sabod                                                                               cookies and milk                                Chritmas I would like a drag are with a
brothers and I want a soccer ball all by              Love Gabriella                              2. Nepd                                   Dear Santa,                                      Love Levi Easter                            aacc motor. I hope you have a good trip on
my self and Then I want a lot of books so                                                         3. Hamit                                  Fod Christmas I want a Bisides                                                               Chritmas Eve. I will leave you some cook-
I can read when I go to bed and I want              Dear Santa,                                   from, Polyten Fonville                    Love Kimbrly                                    Dear Santa                                   ies and milk I hope they be good
my color paper to my self with craons to            How was your year. Well mine was                                                                                                        I have been good this year. How are               Love
color on my paper and I am going to be           good. What I want is some books, a wii           Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                                  you? are feeling well. How are your rein-            Mackenzie Yoder
nice.                                            game. I want a big stuffed animal. Plus I        For Christmas I want...                   I love you. For Christmas I want an          deer? Are they behaving? For Christmas
    to Santa from. Eric                          want nintindo games, giftcard to wal-            1. Dias                               alien source watch.                              I would Baby Alve doll clothes/and a                    Franklin Elementary School
                                                 mart. I want a trampoline. I will lay out        2. CielaD                                 Love,                                        watch. I will liki anything you bing me. I                      Mrs. Howlett
        Dobson Elementary School                 cookies and milk. I want a big wheeled           3. BoRDoW                                 Lathan                                       appreciate you considering these ideas.                         First Grade
             Angela Goins                        Scooter. I hope you have fun.                    from, Colleen Patten                                                                   Thank you. I will leave you some cookies
             Fourth Grade                           Love Ellie Kidd                                                                         Dear Santols                                 and milk.                                            Dear Santa,
                                                                                                  Dear Santa,                               I love you                                      Love                                              I have tried to be a good boy this
      Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                 For Christmas I want...                   For Christmas want a Deciw                      Lakien Vernon                                year. I have tried to help my mom. I have
      I wonder how you are doing and if               How are you doing this year. This is        1. Gamo                                   Love                                                                                         tried to be good a school. I am trying to
you are okay? Santa Clause I really want         what I want for Christmas. I want only           2. BGdmorokon                             Macie                                             Dear Santa                                 help my friends. I want to have a picture
to have a photo of you again, and for my         two things this year. i want the new Nerf        3. cat dog                                                                                  I have been good this year How are         of you and your reindeeru. I want a Ni-
little sister Marcli I want a ball for her to    gun and the second one is a DS. Are the          from, Jai Gonzaiez                        Dear Santa,                                  you? I hope you are feeting well. How           tendo-DS. I want a pet bnerabte. I will
play with, and for my mom some ear-              elves doing okay. If they are then tell                                                    I love you. For Christmas I want a           are year reindeer? Are they behaving?           leave out some cookies and milk.
ings, also for my dad I want some                them I said Hey and Have a Happy                 Dear Santa,                           Car.                                             For Christmas I would like to have a pink            Signed
clothes and shoes, and the last thing I          Christmas. And when you come to my               For Christmas I want...                   Love,                                        bike. I would also like to have I would              Mason Melton
want is something for my little sister           house I will leave cookies on the table          1. Bmtr                                   Michelle                                     also like Twinkle toe shoes and a piano.
Yoselin a mobile for her crib.                   with milk and leave some for the Evles.          2. Iwad                                                                                Thak you. I wilk leave you mill and cook-           Dear Santa,
      Sincerely,                                 Because they might get mad and they              3. m2fi                                   Dear Santa,                                  lies                                                I have tried to be a good girl this
      Guadalupe Rios                             will think that I don’t like them. Love,         from, Adan Gonzalez                       For Christma I want a BoBciPr.                    Love Halle Utt                             year. I clean my Dog. I mop the floor. I
                                                 Have a Happy Christmas!                                                                    Love, Mollie                                                                                 wash the dishes. I would like to have
     Dear Santa Claus,                                Sincerely,                                  Dear Santa,                                                                                Dear Santa,                                 Maxe Girls. I would like to have a wizard
     How are you, Mrs. Clause and the                 Thank you,                                  For Christmas I want...                  Der Santa                                         I have been good this year How are          of waverly place. I want a icarley micro-
reindeer doing? What I really would like              Hernan Garcia-Hernandez                     1. ber                                   I love you For Christmas I want a             you? I hope your well How ar your rein-         phone Ther will be Chochte Chip cookes
to have is a nintendo DSi. tell Mrs.                                                              2. bot                                Teac.                                            deer are they behaving for Chrtimis I           and milk.
Clause and the reindeer Happy New                    Dear Santa,                                  3. cat                                   Love,                                         wold like a Bicycle thats pink with a baskt         Signed
Year. What kind of cookies do you like?              I think my brother needs cole and            from, Haley Jessar                       Noah                                          and a doll and dollhouse toy car pink a             Madison Murphy
Please give my family the best Christ-           switches but that is your choice. Okay                                                                                                  star tats red with sparkles
mas ever. I also would like some games           that was rude but true. If you do not mind       Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                                      Love                                              Dear Santa,
like iStyle Savvy, and things that you can       I would like it to be that for him and what      For Christmas I want...                   I love you. For Christmas I awnt a big           Makayla Bixon                                     I have tried to be a good little boy this
make on the DS. me and my family want            ever he wants and more. If you want to           1. BrbeDOL                            green dinosaur.                                                                                  year. I’ve helpted my momy tend to my
some wii games also. I hope you get a            give me something make it the best               2. Copcakemakr                            Love,                                             Dear Santa,                                sisters. I have not got i trouble at school.
lot of cookies and have a good year!             Christmas ever. P.S. love the beard              3. We bkin                                Kaven                                             I have not been on my best be hav-         I Help my mom clear my howse. I would
     Sincerely,                                      Sincerely                                    from, Jacey Ward                                                                       ior, but I have been really trying to do bet-   like a DSI and a dirt bike. I will leave you
     Haley Newman                                    Mason Wood                                                                                 Franklin Elementary School               ter How are you? I hope you are feeling         some cookies and milk with a letter
                                                                                                  Dear Santa,                                         Katherine Neal                     well. How are your reindeer? Are they           telling you that I love you.
    Dear Santa                                       Dear Santa,                                  For Christmas I want...                              Kindergarten                      behaving? For Christmas I would like to               Signed,
    I hope you and the reindeer are o.k. I           How was you Summer this year?                1. cat                                                                                 have Bakugan and a Nerf Blaster and                   Coby Sawyers
hope you can bring me a pony and pup-            What I really want this year is a Nintendo       2. Dog                                    Deer San:                                    superman. I would like anything you
py. Hope you have a good flying. Are all         D.S. and A Basket Ball and Goal and me           3. Pat                                    I bin god thes yiR. I wud like to PRes       breng me. I appreciate you considering               Dear Santa,
the reindeer ready to fly? Have fun flying       brand new Jewerly and clothes. What              from, Cadence Lawson                  get a medieval Castl a HALo wARS                 these ideas. Thank you. I will leave you             I have tried to be a good boy this
here and hope you eat the milk and               kind of cookies do you like? Tell the rain-                                            Bloks and a windflex. Dogc, Colton               some cookies and milk.                          year. I have tried to not get my card
cookies we are going to make for you.            deer I love there sound when you come               Franklin Elementary School                                                               Love Marc Hicks                            flipped at scool. I have tried to not get in
P.S. Do you like choclocte chip cookies              Sincerley,                                               Tanya Key                     Deer San:                                                                                    trouble by jump on my bed. I help my
see ya soon                                          Myeshia                                                Kindergarten                    I have bein goo I hoP You Kan Kum I               Dear Santa,                                sistr do her chores. I want you to bring
    love from                                                                                                                           wot a telsge and spigeer.                             I hove not been on my best Behavior        me a DSI with racecar and dirtbike
    Caitlin Hurt                                     Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                              Caleb                                        but I have been really trying to do better      game. I will leave you some good yum-
                                                     I wounder how your summer has                 How are you doing? Are your rein-                                                     fo chistmas I would like to have a robot        my cookies and some milk.
    Dear Santa Claus                             been. Did you go to Hawii. I want a           deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have        De’er Sank,                                   army tonk and nerf Blaster I will like any-          Signed
    How has your year been and I want            brand new DSi, coler white. football for      been a good boy this year. Would you        I have bin good. I wub like OtMiPrim          thing you bring appreciate you consder-              Dillan Lambert
to thank you for all that you give me. I         DS. lolipop lab top. transformer toy and      please send me a transformer mega        Loweuey LMow Dinow                               ing these ideas thaht you I will leave you
would like to be able to get a Ipod tush         bakngan for wii. psp                          power bot and a DS with games?              Austin                                        some cookies and millk                                Dear Santa,
and have a great year                                Thank you very much                           Your friend,                                                                               love Evan Marion                                 I have tried to be a good girl this year
    love Desiree Shockley                            Bryce.                                        Jamal King                               Dir Sant:                                                                                    because I love my sisters and my dog
    to Santa                                                                                                                                I hav Bin grd. I wlt Yoo to go to Mi              Dera Santa                                 and cat, I have helped Blaze clean her
                                                     Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                          hats i wlt Moostadr Strwls Lagos Nerf                 I have been good this year. How are        room. For Christmas I like a D.s. I and a
    Dear Santa,                                      I would Love a N.D.S.i, iPod, Lap-            How are you doing? Are your rein-    Dubt listavrs.                                   you I hope you are feeling well. How are        liltte Chistmas tree. I also would like
    How has your year been?? Mine has            top, pistol, shot gun, Buzooko, rifle + pie   deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have         Ethan                                        your reindeer? A ar they behaving? For          Baby Alive and more shoes. I will leave
been good. And this is what I want some              sincerly Ed                               been a good boy this year. Would you                                                      christrmas I woud like to have btrawberry       you some cookies, crackers, and milk.
skinny jeans, teacher stuff like name                                                          please send me a bow and arrow case         Deer Santa:                                   shortajce cafe Ez bak oven Brats dolls I              Signed,
tags and stuff like that. I also want t-shirts        Dear Santa,                              and a drum set.                             I have deen Vaer Vaer good. I hope            will like anything you some cookies and               Whitney Espinosa
and hoodies from Areo-postole and A&F,                I wanta a laptop, and maybe some             Your friend,                         you Cum to my haws. I wont a Dora Doll           milk
and converses pink size 3. I want D.S.           clothes. In return I will give you some           Dylan O’Neil                         and a Dora Doll haws.                                 Love Madison Easter                            Dear Santa,
games like cooking moma 3, imange                cookies and some milk. Maybe get a lit-                                                   Carrigan                                                                                          I have tried to be a good girl this year
fashoin designer new york and fashoin            tle something for my parents. I would             Dear Santa,                                                                                Dear Santa,                                because I have tuk ker of my baby
designer world tour, also imange hair            also like some earrings, baby alive, baby         How are you doing? Are your rein-        Deer Sandt:                                       I have not been on my best behav-          sistes. I help my mom clean up her
staylist. I also want the wii game cars.         stuff and, the whole set of the Campfire      deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have         I have bee in goode. I hop you can           iors but I have not been really trying to do    room. I have been good at School. for
That’s about it Santa. P.S. I’m going to         Weenies. Also for you to bless eveny kid      been a good boy this year. Would you     Bring me a kmeo and babee uliii I so             better. How sre you? I hope you are feel-       christmas I will like a Nintendo DS. and I
leave you and your raindeer food.                that is less fortunate.                       please send me Transformers Constuc-     wud like a paluer wheels coer. thak you          ing well. How are your reindeer? Are            would like a computer. I would also like a
    Love,                                             Sincerely,                               tion Devastatar and transformers Mega        Madelyn                                      they behaving? For Christrmas I would           toy named wally alive. So I can play
    Natalee Jones                                     Abigail Lambert                          Power bots?                                                                               like to have a dijlcerm. Oreme men and          school.
                                                                                                   Your Friend,                             Deer Sant:                                   a orme tak. I will like any thing you bring         Signed
     Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa Claus,                              Timmy Haymore                            I bin god thes yer. I wood like to ples      me. I appreciate you considering these              Julissa Cortes
     I hope you hade a good chrismas.               How was your summer how is mrs.                                                     get a pyramid, a MegBloks Jep, and a             ideas. Thank you. I will leave y ou some
you should be going giving kids presen-          Claus Santa I What a Ipod and a wii and           Dear Santa,                          Kingcastle. A wen Dog to. Kandon                 cookies and milk.                                   Dear Santa,
sts. but you are allredy. how can you do         a xbox 360 for I can play. I Want a I             How are you doing? Are your rein-                                                          Love, Ean Burcham                              I have tried to be a good boy This
all off that in one night. you should be         phone.                                        deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have          Drer Santu:                                                                                 year. I have helped my mam be clening.
sleepy how can you go all over the world            thank you                                  been a good girl this year. Would you         I have bin gud. I wish you can brag             Dear Santa, How are you? I hop you          I have helped my dad by listening to my
you are cool and when you are done you              Richard                                    please send me an easy bake oven and     me dollz, dollhaws and a lePe Frog leep-         are feelino well How are your reindeer          dad. This year I want a toy ship and a toy
nede to go to sleep in your bed and get                                                        a candy ring maker?                      zter and a brBee Blg dollhaws I like San-        Are they behaving? For Christmas I              dinosaur. I will leave you out some
somting to eat and Drink                              Dear St. Nick,                               Your friend,                         tu. Breana                                       would like a Toy of GI Joe and Some             chochate cookies and milk for you.
     tahnk you                                        How are the elves and oh, tell Mrs.          Carissa Love                                                                          Cars and a game for my D.S. I will like             Signed
     Javier                                      Claus hi. Please could I get an ipod,                                                     Deer Santa                                    anything you bring my. I appreciate you             Noah King
                                                 smartboard, apron, gel nails, sticks like         Dear Santa,                             I want a Bouncr Back Rascr for                considering these ideas. Thank you I will
    Dear Santa,                                  Mrs. Goins, leg warmers, a boyfriend, an          How are you doing? Are your rein-    Chrust. I hav ben good. I luf you!               leave you some cookies and milk.                    Dear Santa,
    How was your summer. I hope you              airliner, and a new bike (green and blue).    deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have        Timothy                                           Love                                            I have tried to be a good girl. I have
are ready for chatemes. I’m redly to so I        Has everybody been good this year? I          been a good boy this year. Would you                                                          Enrique Sanchez                             my mom a dad becuse I love them I
was hopeing that you can give me a toy.          hope you have a great year and Merry          please send me lego city and operation       Deer Seento:                                                                                 work hard in school. I help wash the
    Love. Hernan Jimenez                         Christmas! Mrs. Claus is an awesome           spongebob squarepants game.                  I ben good and I wut a Prnces Casl                 Dear Santa,                               dishes with my mom I want a Littest Pet
                                                 Lady! Merry Christmas!                            Anthony Long                         and a Muskal Taable and My ferst Toy                   I have been good this year How are        shops. a DS and some games. I will
    Dear Santa,                                       In Christ,                                                                        Sat. Let it be Pink. I Lov yu! Janna             you? I hop are feeling well How are your        leave you some cookies and some milk.
    How was your summer. Hope the                     Holly Nicole Lewis                            Dear Santa,                                                                          reindeer? Are they behavig? For C I                 Signed
elves been working. Thank you for giving                                                            How are you doing? Are your rein-      Deer Santu:                                   would like to have a Spiderman video                Emily Brown
me presents for the past 9 years. This                  Franklin Elementary School             deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have        I Have ben good. I wil like a Kawum           Game with a basket and a Remote Con-
year I want a pc laptop and the whole                       Shannon Southard                   been a good boy this year. Would you     and Moxle GiRlz Make up. Ples get me a           trol Dune Buggy. I would also love t get a          Dear Santa,
collection of pokemon cards. I’ve beeh                         Kindergarten                    please send me toy cars and imagina-     Barbie Pet Care station. I luv yue so            Shoes                                               I lave tried to be a good girl this year.
good this year like you said on the letter                                                     tion classic train round house?          Much Daddy! Alyssa                                     Love                                      I help my mom wash dishes I take up for
you left me last christmas. I’m good with            Dear Santa,                                    Your Friend,                                                                               Hayden Burkhart                           my sister. I would like to have a bike, toy
my parent’s and studie’s with my brother             For Christmas I want...                        Bryan Bowman                           Der Santu:                                          Dear Santa,                               dog, a desk and candy. I will leave you
not so much. Thank you for everything.               1. BeR                                                                                I ben good and nice. I wont a Handy                 I have been good this year. How are       snock.
p.s Tell Roudouph I said Hi!                         2. Bike                                       Dear Santa,                          Manny Fix-it Motuersicl and Mick Magecl          you? I hope you are feeling well. How               Signed,
    Love Elvis                                       3. Dogb                                       How are you doing? Are your rein-    Choo-Choo. Thanc you.                            are your reindeer? Are They behaving?               Kimberlee Tate
                                                     from, Little Alycya                       deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have        Madison                                       For Christmas I would like to have a
    Dear Santa Claus                                                                           been a good girl this year. Would you                                                     sNuggie I rile wot to Front teeth a tent            Dear Santa,
    happy new year and how is Mrs.                   Dear Santa,                               please send tunes for my i-pod and           Deer Calltu:                                 and Churth Shoes and a play Station 2. I            I have tried to be a good girl this
Claus? Something I want for the new                  For Christmas I want...                   some cute clothes?                           I am gud. I hop yoo can brag me a            will like anything you bring me. I appree-      year. I help wash the dishes. I help my
year is a bordgame like Sorry, Monopely              1. Drenrao                                    Your Friend,                         prnsas brbee and a Haer buttee shop              ciate you considering these ideas Thank         mom clean the kitchen and I help my
or Life. What I realy wan’t is a Nitindo             2. Bdoha                                      Peyton Marvin                        and a pet shop. I luv, Kaylee                    you I will leave you some cookies and           mom clean the van. I would like for you
gameing system with the system with                  3. DabAcdrz                                                                                                                         milke.                                          to bring me some gliter nails. Snowcome
the sonchroller that you have to do it               from, Nathan Griffith                         Dear Santa,                              Deer Santu                                         Love, Cainan                              Maker. I also want a Movie Mash. I will
your self is the World’s bigiest Loser. But                                                        How are you doing? Are your rein-        I am gud. I hop you can brag me a                                                            lave Some cookies and Milk.
most of all I want snow.                             Dear Santa,                               deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have     imagine batman cave and rmoot kntrool                Dear Santa,                                     Signed,
    Sincerely                                                                                  been a good boy this year. Would you     kor and spidrman tranzformr gams. Luf                How are you? I hope you are feeling             Anna Gammons
                                                     For Christmas I want...
    Aaron Billings                                   1. BirsaprsOs                             please bring me a Thomas and Friends     Arron                                            well. I well like anything you bring me.
                                                                                               racing down the rails set and a CARS                                                      appreciat you considering these ideas.               Dear Santa,
                                                     2. Do D.                                                                                                                                                                                 I have tried to be a good girl this
     Dear Santa,                                     3. BiF.                                   Mack carry case?                            Deer Sata:                                    Thank you. I will Leave some cookies
     Have you been since I have saw you                                                            Your Friend,                            I Hoop you can breg me the twen               and milk.                                       year. I have helped mom clean the living
                                                     from, Bryson O’Neal                                                                                                                                                                 roow. I wash dishes for my mom. I would
two weeks ago. I have made my Chris-                                                               Allen France                         Dools.                                               Love Britney Holder
mas list already. I want a lime green four                                                                                                 Ashlyn                                                                                        like to have a sooter. I would like to have
                                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                                                         a dirtbike. Can I also have a D.S.I. There
wheeler Thats the main thing. Theres a               For Christmas I want...                       Dear Santa,                                                                               Dear Santa,
couple of more stuff to. But if I write that                                                       How are you doing? Are your rein-        Deer Santa:                                      I have not been On my behavior but          will be chocolate cookies table in the liv-
                                                     1. BBe                                                                                                                                                                              ing room for you.
stuff down it might take a little bit.               2. Cat                                    deer ready for Christmas Eve? I have         I have bin good and I hop you ckum           I have been really trying to do Better
     P.S. there will be a surprise for you.                                                    been a good boy this year. Would you     to My haos and I hop you bren me a vdo           How are you? I hope you are feeling                  Signed
                                                     3. PSS                                                                                                                                                                                   Kadie Fulk
     Love,                                           from, Madison Creed                       please send me a wii and a drum set?     gam and a KuKMommy game.                         well. How are your reindeer? Are thay
     Eli Williams                                                                                  Your Friend,                             Isabella                                     behaving for Christmas I woud like to
                                                                                                   Rashad Burges                                                                         have Baby Alive Santa Buddies (movie)               Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,                                                                             Deer Santu:                                 Jewlery mack-up phone                               I have tried to e a good girl this year. I
    How was your summer, I hoe you                   For Christmas I want...                         Franklin Elementary School              I hav bin gud. plez brag me a brbe              Love Kelsey Freeman                         help my mom by throwing my baby
had a good day. I bet Chrismas is going              1. Wright                                              Glenda Parker               dol. I ned a kmputr. I luf yu.                                                                   brothers diaper away. I get the phone for
to be a big day. And on chrismas I layd              2. Dedrsdnt                                            Kindergarten                     Jessica                                           Dear Santa                                my mom. I draw pictures for my mom. I
out some cookie’s oh and wile I’m at it              3. PSe                                                                                                                                    I have been good this year How are        Want a teddy bear pleuse. I Want a doll. I
                                                     from, Sheldon Wright                                                                                                                                                                want a new bock. I want a make up box.
may I pleas have a ipod, and a bigger ni-                                                         Dear Santa,                               Der Saut:                                    you? I hope your are feeling well. How              Signed
tendo case and can I pleas have nitendo              Dear Santa,                                  I love you and For Chriistmas Fn I        I wad like a DrtBik and a wenr Dog. I        are yaer reindeer? For Christmas I                  Valerie Harris
game’s. and hat is all, by the way love                                                        want a Nrf Gon. Alexander                hiv Bin gud.                                     would like to have Webkinz and Hot
the suit.                                            For Christmas I want...                                                                Dakota                                       Wheels wiz a rdofoz DvD Thank you. I
                                                     1. Brben                                                                                                                                                                                 Dear Santa,
    Sincerly love, Amber                                                                           Dear Santa,                                                                           will leave you some cookies and Milk.                I have tried to be a good boy this
    thank you, Santa                                 2. Ber’t                                      I love you. For Christmas I want a           Franklin Elementary School                     Love
                                                     3. Cat                                                                                                                                                                              year because I helped my brother. I help
    Amber Celest Moser                                                                         icere Fat                                               Mrs. Duncan                             Gavin Gray                                my Dad. I play with my friends. could you
                                                     from, Anahy Rincon                            Love, Breanna                                        First Grade                                                                      get me a Aractnyna. toy for Christmas. a
     Dear Santa....                                                                                                                                                                           Dear Santa,                                crastl play set With all the figures. Could
     .......I love you, because you bring            Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa,                               Dear Santa,                                       I have been good this year. How are        you get me a Crunch figure and Coco I
me great presents every year and I want              For Christmas I want...                      I love you For Christmas I want a         I have been good this year. how are          you? I hope you are feeling well. How           Will leave you cookies and Milk.
to thank you for that. Santa I would really          1. Atrizo                                 PBa.                                     you? I hope you are feeling well. haw are        are your reindeer? Are they behaving?                Signed
like a celphone. Because if I ever got lost          2. BOBkCD                                    Love,                                 your reindeer? Are they behaving for             For Christmas I would like to have Drum-             Gabe Smith
i could call my mom. Santa I would like to           3. WNFasgV                                   Cameron                               christma I would like to trampoline for the      set for my wii. Remote cont truck. I will
have my on laptop. So I could do reserch             from, Kevin Ramienez                                                               wholer omily. erector sets. five nerf guns       like anything you bring me. I appre ciate           Dear Santa,
for home work. Oh, and thank you for                                                               Dear Santa,                          with 20 nerf bullets. real red dirt bike. five   you considering these ideas. Thank you.             I have tried to be a good girl this
eating my cookies.                                   Dear Santa,                                   I love you. For Christmas I want a   nerf Swords.                                     I will leave you some cookies and milk.         year. I help my mom set the table. I have
     Thank you,                                      For Christmas I want...                   FKr.                                         Love                                              Love,                                      helped clean up my brother’s room I
     Ashley Gail Worley                              1. Do l                                       Love Carson                              Matthew Gillespie                                 Ty Montgomery                              want a puppy. I want a camputer, I want
                                                     2. Ber                                                                                                                                                                              new clothes.
     Dear Santa,                                     3. Dog                                       Dear Santa.                               Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa                                      your friend,
     How have you been doing have you,               from Lizzett Dam Roz-R                       I love you. For Christmas I want a        I have been very eood this year. I               How are you? I hope you are feeling             Caroline Mills                                                                                                          2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                         December 24, 2009 13
    Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa,                                    Dear santa                                 can dall and the movie Wisards of                    Dear Santa,
    I have tried to be a good boy this             I have been a little naughty this year       May I have a new PSP Can I have a              I have been very good this year. I         Wavarly Place the movie and Hannah                   For chrismsa I want a Amecengirl-
year. Because I helped my mom fix the          But I am trying to Be good. Could you        trehrbox.                                      have done my chores, I have listend to         Montana the movie and the movie Annie           dall. it wod be nice to get some clowse.
car. I helped my mom mow the yand. I           please Bring me Nintendo D.S. will               Love Alex Garcia                           my tacher and done a lot of fun stuf. I        the little orfin and a book of Junie b.         with a huscky. and a ginepiga to. with
want come Hot Wheels and a Gyver Toy.          Games. harmonica case T.V.                                                                  would like a trasformr and a huse and to       Jones and the four things I want are a          som books. and I want bathroom body
There will be some cookies and milk left           Signed                                      Dear Santa,                                 have a ride with Santa claus on his slai       dressup set and balett outfits and the cat      stufA. Merry chrismas to you and Mrs.
out for you. ako I want a Batman.                  Connor Nichols                              May I have a TV and a new bek.              and I think him for giving me a ride on his    and the hat the real people one and a           closs.
    your friend,                                                                            Can i hav a now tratomr. I wot a now pol.      slae soy hello to rudeoff.                     baby sistter.                                        Sincerely Madison
    Tanner Woods                                   Dear Santa,                                 Love                                            Your poll,                                     Merry christmas
                                                   I have been good. could you please          Tyler Dixon                                     Christian Coldren                              Love                                            Dear Santa,
     Dear Santa,                               bring me a Doll house Bis Bike, Tinker                                                                                                         Ellie McHone                                    Merry christmas to you and Mes
     I have tried to be a good boy this        Bell House, and my Mom a Job.                       Franklin Elementary School                   Dear Santa,                                                                               claus. I wath a drtbick and a xbox 360.
year. I have helped my mom clean the.              Signed                                             Traci Gwyn-Dawkins                        I have Ben good To my gramow I                Dear Santa I want a car. and a map          and a intendoW ds and sam. rasiemmen
car. I helped my mom Clean the dishes. I           Jasmine Sechrist                                        First Grade                     hav help my gramw cook Thankgivig              Player with batteries. I want a intindo         and a rmot in crolcar and. a tory erplan
helped my mom Clean up the house.                                                                                                          dinir. I would like a dirt Bick and a new      D.S. I with DS game. and a track set with       weth a mot.
Could you bring me a D.S., xBox, and a                Franklin Elementary School                Dear Santa,                                cles. I would also like a mew Bule Bick. I     batteries. I want a big set of tools.               sincerely
skate board. I will leave out some cook-                       Mrs. Huff                        For Christmas I want...                    wownt a new focwn. I howp you haev a               Love Cody Butcher                               Alex
ies and milk for you.                                         First Grade                       1. DS                                      saf trip to my howe.                               <3
     Signed                                                                                     2. Pet                                          your pel,                                                                                     Dear Santa,
     Axel Rosas                                     Dear Santa,                                 3. Bourbie                                      Will Glass                                   Dear Santa I wont same Kors bekus                I want Sprayza. And go paint. And
                                                    May I have a new real pupy and a            from, Isary Perez                                                                         They are fun to play with I wont a RaJe-        Crazart. And a little for willer for me. And
       Franklin Elementary School              wii? Also a purse for my mom. A shirt for                                                        Dear Santa,                               ow so I Ken lisito it I wont a Dog BeKus        a tree house. Merry Christmas to you
           Sharon Strickland                   my dad. Playstashine and a wii with              Dear Santa,                                     I have been good this year. I have        Thay are Kult and I wot a labtop                and Mrs. Claus.
               First Grade                     game. Also a PSP for me. And a baby              For Christmas I want...                    listened to my teacher. I want a wii could        love,                                            Sincerely
                                               dall. And a real dimi. Please give nanny a       1. race cor                                I have wii sports for a game. I really want       Noah Brown                                       Cayla Tate
     Dear Santa,                               bed for the pupy and a ner car. Please           2. Pokeymon                                a cooking mama game for my nintindo
     I have been riley good this year.         give me a new phone also a computer, A           3. Transformer                             DS. Have a very safe trip. Say hey to               Dear Santa. I wont a dirt bike and a           Dear Santa,
Could I have a Hannah Montana sedey            new pair of hiyhhills and a DS and a             from, Brady Haynes                         Mrs. Claus and the raindeer.                   helthey family. I wont a Laptop. I won’t a          I want a four wheeler for Christmas
to lisin to? Could I have a Big imp3 Plar      Hannahmontana table                                                                              Your friend,                              wii and a D.S. and a gocart. I wont a foot-     and a psp with games too and some
and a I Pod? PS I will live the randifs rod.        Love Alex Horton                            Dear Santa,                                     Olivia Danielle Jones                     Ball. and a four wheeler and a motorci-         cars. And the game grand thef plse.
     Signed                                                                                     For Christmas I want...                                                                   cell. XBox 360. And a happy Christmas               Sincerly Brandon Jones
     Jocelyn Long                                  Dear Santa,                                  1. car                                         Dear Santa,                                and and a great life.                               Merry chirstmas santa and ms claus
                                                   May I have a new phone? could you            2. PSP                                         I have been really good this year I             Love David Holder
    Dear Santa,                                give my brother a bowinero? Could I also         3. DS                                      have helped my mom with the baby. I                 Merry Christmas                               Dear Santa,
    I’ve been redally good this year. May      have a PSP. Can you give my baby sis-            from Mark Hines                            feed the baby with his bottle. Then I lay                                                         Merry Christmoto you and Mrs.
I have a sewing machine? Can I have            ter or brother some baby some cloes                                                         the baby down on his pellow. He is a               Dear Santa,                                 Claus. I hop you hade a grat yir Be Cif
three manneauin sand ShuShu pets? I                                                             Dear Santa,                                very cute baby. I would like a barbie              Mereey Christmas I love you alot For        cuming dan hir. I will be looking for 2 to
want Sorry Sliders and Dagoply.                and some baby toys. Will you bring my            For Christmas I want...                    house with a dad barbie and mom and            christmas I Want a Wii game and some            have your vist at my has
    PS. Me and my brother ushuly throw         dad a new wolfpack shrt that is red.             1. barbie                                  kids. Then I would like a Jonas Brothers       real make up to put on my sister when              Sincerely
carots on the roof for the raindeer and        Could you give my mommy a watch.                 2. comptuter                               earrings. I would like to see my dad one       she is an sleep I’d also like a tall Barble        Morgan Brown
milk and cookies for Santa.                        Love,                                        3. barbie clethes                          day. I would like to see the Next Hannah       Doll and some lip gloss That’s all for now
    Signed                                         Eryn O’Neal                                  from, Isabel                               montana cansrt. Say Hello to mrs clues         I hope you have a Mereey chistmas.                  Dear Santa,
    Emily Jones                                                                                                                            and the elvs.                                      Love                                            Merry Christmas Santa. I hope I am
                                                  Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                    your pal,                                      Madison                                     on the good list so I can get presets from
     Dear Santa,                                  May I have a new DS gam, stufted              For Christmas I want...                        Ronna Speaks                                                                               you ow and thanks
     I have been good this year Could          animal, and a cellphone Please bring my          1. DS                                                                                        Dear Santa, I want a Sonic and the               Love
you bring me a ipod, and American girl         mom a new car. May I have a real puppy           2. Barbie                                      Dear Santa,                                Dark night game. Then i wan’t a Nerf gun            Zoe Greene.
doll, laptop, pet shops, and a BarBie          and a DS.                                        3. clothes                                     I have been really good this year I        and a nerf football. Then i wan’t a toy Jet.
camper?                                           Love,                                         from, Geona Jenkins                        have made good grads in school. I have            Merry Christmas,                                  Dear Santa,
     P.S. I Will geve you cookie                  Bryson                                                                                   been paying good atchan in class. I have          Jordan Gomez                                      I hope you are doing fine merry
     Signed                                                                                     Dear Santa,                                learned a lot this year. Me and my broth-                                                      Chirstmas. I can not what untel I get all
     Lexie Berrier                                  Dear Santa,                                 For Christmas I want...                    er both want a wii fit to share this year.         Dear Santa how do you do? is every          my stuuf I am so exciting and I hope you
                                                    May I have the alven and the chip-          1. raecars                                 How are your elfs santa? Will you pleas        toy being made? how is Mrs. Santa do-           and The reaindeer and elves are dling
    Dear Santa,                                munks the scKwecwls d vdv. Could I gev           2. drcgoncastle                            say high. Tell mrs. claus I said high. Have    ing? you have made’s lot’s and lot’s of         fine and has Mrs. claus bing to make gin-
    I have been rel good. Could you            my mom a new PSP. And my Dad a new               3. balloons                                a safe trip.                                   toy’s So i’m going to put cookie’s out and      gerbread-man. And I hope you and Mrs.
Bring me a NerF Gun, wii Four wheler           selfon. And MocKse girls and a new wii           from, Junior                                   from your frind                            milk for-you. and the three toy’s I want is     Claus are doing so fine. Merry Chirstmas
Skateboard and a cowboy hat.                   for the family. Also a play stashen. And a                                                      Jacee Busick                               a new bike and two captin-under pant            and I hope you have a safe trip. It would
    Signed                                     new micerphone for the play stashen. I’d         Dear Santa,                                                                               book’s and bakagan. is all the raindear         be so nice to get a DS.I, I would like to
    Hunter George                              like a tv. Asoa a Kitten. And a bear!            For Christmas I want...                         Dear Santa,                               good? and do you make a tree for                get a lot of Jeans and if I get that Ds,I, I
                                                    Love,                                       1. DS                                           I have been good this year. I have        Christmas? i’ll make you a seat and it will     would like this faishon Desinor and I
    Dear Santa,                                     Chasity McGirt                              2. sKateboard                              listened to my mom. I have washed the          be nice for you we all will make you a          would like some. Book to read for school
    I have been a little naughty This                                                           3. redcamera                               dishes. I have wached the boys too. I          card Merry Christmas.                           and I hope to see ou on chirstmas eve!
year But I am trying to be good Could              Dear Santa,                                  from, Troy Thomas                          would like some ds games. I would like a           Garrett                                          sincerely
you Please bring me A Make-up Doll                 May I have a new PSP? Will you                                                          toy or real pony. I would like a wii car                                                            Mia Simmons
Baley Doll Bed Mine Bike Double                ples guv my mom a reng. May I have a             Dear Santa,                                game. I would like a pot of gold. I would           Dear Santa, I’am so happy that you
Stroller and a Trampoline                      new Demstadoder toy? May I have a                For Christmas I want...                    like a snow whhite movie. Have a safe          are coming. I would like a PS2 and a big            Dear Santa,
    Signed                                     new playsashin three game? and may I             1. WII                                     trip flying to my house. Tell the raindeer     flat scrin tv. I would also like a big barbie       Merry Christmas Santa and Mrs.
    Taylor Beauregand                          have Octamis prime? and may I have               2. Barbie                                  and Mrs. Claus hi for me. Thank you!           house because I would like to play with         Claus I hope you have lots of rest this
                                               bumblbe the ckmerwo kinde                        3. castle                                  Merry Cristmas!                                my dolls in it and I would like a real live     year. Hope Rudolph and the other rain-
    Dear Santa,                                    Love,                                        from, Tiara                                     your friend,                              puppy for Christmas because it is cute. I       deers and the elves are doing ok! Hope
    I’m trying to control my tiper. Plese          Isaiah Bracey                                                                                Brianna Bobbitt                           would also like a playplace at my house         the raindeers are reday for Christmas. I
forgive me. Thank you for forgiveing me.                                                        Dear Santa,                                                                               because you can bowns on it. I would            hope you have a safe trip. It would be
Thank you. I know you live in Alska. But           Dear Santa,                                  For Christmas I want...                        Dear Santa,                                also like a bop it game because it is realy     nice to get a ipod. I would like a laptop.
plese dring me and my sister Lilly, I will         May I have a babedoll. And dont fget         1. DS                                          I have been really good this year I        fun and I would like moon sand to. Thats        Getting a scooter would be nice because
Leve you a snck and the rinedeer. your         get my mom a new shirt pants a ring and          2. kite                                    have listennded to my teacher I have           all I would like moon sand to. Thats all I      it would be nice to ride when it is hot. I
welcom, Santa I want doodoodoll baku-          Sherre a hat                                     3. balloon                                 done my homework to day I would like a         want for Christmas Santa!                       would like a dsi. Hope I would like ninten-
gans moneys woopy couhion’ Pok’e-                  Love                                         from Jayden Sawyers                        Doll and a cell phone I hope you have a             Merry Christmas,                           do games and wii games too. Hope I see
mons and a world map Gasyas. ps.                   Adrian Tate                                                                             safe trip. say hello to mrs. claus for me.          Love Diana Garcia                          you on Christmas eve! You are the best
    Signed                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                    From Ashanti Sawyers                            P.S. Ho Ho Ho                              Santa! I would like a snuggie from kmart.
    James K. Jessup                                Dear Santa,                                  For Christmas I want...                                                                        With Love                                  It would be nice to get a candy maker for
                                                   May I have a new camra, a new                1. PixL                                        Dear Santa,                                     Always <3                                  Christmas because I like candy. I will
    Dear Santa,                                computer. And could I have a yo-yo,              2. Santaclase                                  I have been really good this year. I                                                       leave you milk and cookies. Merry
    I have been a little mean this year.       Basketall shoes? And may I have a kite           3. Zebra                                   have a good grad on my reaprot card. I             Dear Santa,                                 Christmas Santa!
But I am truing to be good. Could you          a playstayshen. could I have a yo-yo, a          from, Abigail Jenkins                      would like a vase of Roses for my mom              I’am so happy you are coming to my              Sincerely,
please bring me a Ipod Barbie laptop wii       phone. And could you give my sister a                                                       and some boots and a gift card for boots       house this year and for Christmas I                 Kalie Mabe
Hanna Montana doll money and doll              Nintendo DS. could you give my brother           Dear Santa,                                for my Dad and anything my techers             would like a DvD player because I can
houes.                                         a red yo-yo. And could you give my               For Christmas I want...                    want and a dsi and a some new highills         watch it were ever I go and I would like to         Dear Santa,
    Signed                                     momy a new camra. And Gi-joe pag-                1. cattle tran                             and a bell fome your slay. Thats is all. I     have a mini laptop also it would be hap-            I hope you had a good year. I hope
    Madison Hernandez                          mas.                                             2. metol                                   hope you have a safe thrip and have a          py if I could have moon sand if that ok         the elves in the work shop are doing
                                                   Love,                                        3. camP site                               merry chrismis.                                and one more thing a flat shcrin tv but         good. Did you get a lot of rest this year?
    Dear Santa,                                    Nathan Flinchum                              from, Lukcus                                   Love                                       not big gust a little one and I will live you   Are you getting the reindeer ready for
    I have been a little naugty this year                                                                                                      Kayleigh Snow                              some cookies and some raindeer food I           Christmas. Has Mrs. Clause been doing
But Iam trying to be good. Could you                Dear Santa,                                 Dear Santa,                                                                               hope you like the cookies.                      good. It would be nice to get a computer
please bring me Gassy Gas and a Gam                 May I have a selfon? Can you biy my         For Christmas I want...                         Dear Santa,                                   Merry Christmas,                            a DS a Trampoline. I would like purses
Boy X Box 360 and will and Super moio          baby new clos? Also a Cheplen. And a             1. DS                                           I have been a little good this year. I        Love Dixie Johnson                          and Baby Dolls. Getting DS games
Bruther toy Ray Man GamBoy? ps I Well          psp. And a prent for my mom. Also a dert         2. shoes                                   have been lisning to my teacher and do-                                                        would be nice because they are fun. I
Give you coes and melk and a DS                bik. And a present for my dad.                   3. tea time                                ing what I’m suppost to in class. But my            Dear Santa, for Christmas, I want a        would like something for my family would
    Signed                                          Love,                                       from, Yakeline Gomes                       sistter and I have been in fights alot but I   wii becasue I can play wii fit Next I want a    you get my brother cars please. Have a
    Shawn Hatch                                     Evan Bryant                                                                            would still like some toys lots of them. I     DS, becasue you can play games like             merry Christms.
                                                                                                Dear Santa,                                would like a my e pet, and, a flash drive,     baby games Then I want a High School                Sincerely
    Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                  For Christmas I want...                    a new pair of fuzzy crocs, a Hanna Mon-        Musical bord. becasue I can play games.             Spreeanne
    I am a little note But plese get me a          May I have a new mP3 Playr? Ples             1. Pet Cat                                 tana camra, a carbord cut out of Hanna              Merry Christmas,
ds a Bike sum pet’shop[s a Bardie a car        can I have new PSP? Can my sistr have            2. Slippers                                Montana, and one of the slegh bells.                love Kloie                                    Dear Santa,
cd pdayer a Eating dall p.s. I wanta lot of    a new cooking pot? My dad want for               3. coloring book                           Santa can you say hello to Mrs. Claus                                                             Merry Christmas to you and Mrs.
pet shops p.s. I want a ds game to             chrisems a new gote cort. My mom                 from, Hailey Perrey                        and the raindear and all the elfs for me           Dear Santa,                                 Claus. I would like a Dsi and a go cart a
    Signed                                                                                                                                 please and thank you.                              For Chirstams I would love a Get of         PSP and some more games for my Dsi
    Chera Lee Sexton                           wants a pet dog?                                 Dear Santa,                                     Your pal,                                 chicksos. I realy think they look cool. The     and my psp and my playstayshin3. I
                                                   Love,                                        For Christmas I want...                         Sophia Mae Lowe                           second thing I want for Chrismas is a           hope I’m on the good list.
    Dear Santa,                                    Trevor Stevens                               1. DS                                                                                     blue ipod so I can lisin to music. I would         Sincerely,
    I have been a little naughty this year                                                      2. Wee                                          Dear Santa,                               also like a big furry idog so I can watch it       Hunter Peele
but I am trying to be good. DS I obrbkagr         Dear Santa,                                   3. Ilitte-Pet-cat                               I have been good this year. I have        dance. I would like a nentindo DSI so I
Ipod Laptop and 25 Junie B Jones?                 May I have a new fone and a Kite.             from, Emma vernch                          lisined to my mom, dad and teacher. I          can dicide what I want to do. I would also           Dear Santa,
    P.S.                                       Can I have a PSP like my bothr. Can I                                                       have done my chores I have done all the        love some clothes and shoes so I can                 Merry Christmas Santa are the elfs
    Signed Ariel Hooker                        have a dimon. I well like a tramplen and         Dear Santa,                                work I can. I have been bad a few time         look pretty.                                    ok. And is the work shop ok. I hope you’ll
                                               can I have a treshre box.                        For Christmas I want...                    but I have been trying as hard as I can. I         Merry Christmas                             give my brother some presents too. I
     Dear Santa,                                  Love,                                         1. Spike                                   would like a new barbie house and a                Kaylee Arrington                            hope you come on the 25th. It would be
     I have been a good girl this year. But       Lizbhet Hernandez                             2. Santa Clause                            dasiner set that you can sew cloths with                                                       nice if I got some new video games. And
please brem me Bracelet nikless and                                                             3. Star wars                               amd ten twilihgt posters and six new bar-           Dear Santa,                                a gutar. Getting a nerf gun would be nice
rings candy. Nikless name bike and A DS             Dear Santa,                                 from, Sam Bensor                           bies and a new bed and will you make                i want a Labtop and a wii game and         becuse I have ben good all year. I would
i pink. Baby Doll capr. Hair-stael-Mirrow           May I have a new computer and a                                                        sure your raindeer get my snack that I         a Bublebee Helmet and a Bumblebee               like Lego In dea and Jonses 2. I’ll see
     P.S Love Sand and Love Azeneth            wii, a white Selon, a new hat, a dres,           Dear Santa,                                am going to put out and a smart bord           fist and an Altimas Prime (the Big Giant        you on Christmas santa.
     Signed                                    new hills, a picher of my Ganma, a toy           For Christmas I want...                    and a docter play set and santa I would        One.) I would really appreciate these                Sincerely
     Azeneth Espinosa                          Elifint, and a prel ring,                        1. Wiin                                    like to thank you for all you have done        gifts.                                               Spencer
                                                    Love,                                       2. race                                    and 100 new books and a good crismis                Merry Christmas.
     Dear Santa,                                    Kaylie Paul                                 3. video                                   anyway                                              Love,                                           Dear Santa,
     noow for mach bax Rore Plteg for-              Dear Santa,                                 from, Marcus Church                             your pal                                       Brandon Holley                                  I walt a Shot Gun and a salamander
doode spice jr. xmen clols. Noot Sharp I            May I have a new computer? Also                                                             Lauren Danner                                  Dear Santa,                                gril Santo made me cokks you are the
will giv you 13 cooces and milc ym dede        oo May I have a new realtone, a bean-            Dear Santa,                                                                                    If you’re coming to my house this          best sant and Mis. Santa and a xBox
has al tt lebrown                              bag. Ple se will you get My Nene a ring?         For Christmas I want...                         Dear Santa,                               year I would like a remote control car          360.
     Signed                                    Also May youget My Popa a new Watch.             1. MegDPrime                                    I was really good this year. I did my     with lasers. I’d also like a punching bag            Colten Sechirst
     Camron                                         Love,                                       2. Dragon                                  chores like clean my room. I listen to my      and some Hot Wheels cars. Some crys-
                                                    Haylee Thomas                               3. cars                                    teacher and parents every day. I want a        tal Bakugans and the Bakugan arm                     Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                                                                 from, Keaton                               self phone for Chrismas. I also want sun       things would also be nice. If possible I’d           Merry Christmas Sant, I hope you
    I have been a I hove dina good year           Dear Santa,                                                                              glasses for Chrismas. Do you ever get          like to have a skateboard and a BenTen          and Mrs. Klows are doing good today. I
But om If yin gio be good cowd you plese          May I have a PSP? Can you get my              Dear Santa,                                tired when your done with Chrismas?            watch. I would really appreciate these          hope you go to my house on Christmas
bring me dirt biek Thahs For mers Zero         mom a niw sefon? Can you get dad a               For Christmas I want..                     say hello to Mrs. claus for me. Merry          gifts if you think I deserve them. Merry        eve. And bring lots of presents to my
gravit year hot WHeels seeke                   boock? Can you get bruthr a niw drt bick.        1. Moplayer                                Chrismas Santa.                                Christmas, Santa.                               family. My Anuts to and casens and
    Signed                                        Love,                                         2. Barbie                                       Your friend,                                   Love,                                      frined and other people from my family.
    Tik Ian Childress                             Kendall Bouldin                               3. Castle                                       Nolan Flincham                                 Jason Wheeler                              Mrs. klows I hope you ar making cook-
                                                                                                from, Rubis Peaks                               P.S Does raindeer really fly and do                                                       ies.
     Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa,                                                                              you have magic?                                    Dear Santa, I want a elmo doll. Then             Sincereiy Bryan G.
     I have been a little naughty this year.      May I have a selfone? I want some                Franklin Elementary School                                                             I want a mp3 player. And I want a Xbox
But I am trying to be good coud you            games to play? also my sister wants a                       Mrs. Rector                           Dear Santa,                              360. Next I want a lot of art suplise. last I        Dear Santa,
please bring me a football and tee. And a      babydoll? Could my mom have a car?                         Second Grade                           I have been really good this year. I     want a littlest pet shop toy. Finaly I want          Merry Christmas to you and mrs.
t.v. Aad a wwe wrestling ring and              My dady wants a nuw truc? Will you git                                                      have listened to my teacher. I have done       a very Merry christmas.                         claus. Santa i hope you are doing good.
wrestlers. And cowboy boots. Can you           me a xbox360? Wood you git me a ps2?              Dear Santa,                               my chores at home. I would like a wii              Love                                        well Santa I don’t no how are you doing
give me a game boy-blue too?                      Love,                                          I have been really good this year. I      with a wii fit balance board I would also          McKenzie Ramos.                             tell me how are you doing leave a not
     Signed                                       Tye Smith                                 have mayed good graides this year. And         like a Baby boll. I hope you have a safe                                                       Santa I want a real Laptop. cooking ki-
     Luke Wagoner                                                                           have listened to the teacher this year.        trip. say hello to Mrs. claus for me.                  Franklin Elementary School              chine to make cup cakes and cake.
                                                   Dear Santa,                              And I won’t a Pitbull. I won’t a shout gun.          Your pal,                                                 Ms. Kirby                      Strawberry Short cake house. psp, DSI a
     Dear Santa,                                   May I have a new Playdow set?            I won’t a new Bowen airo. I won’t a more             Iliana Salvedra                                         Second Grade                     Bratz girls doll. PSP go a picture of you
     I been good This year I love you san-     Colud I alsow have a new Book? May I         fish. more food. more money. more ani-                                                                                                        and your raindeers
ta for Christmas I wood like too hay a DS-     have a new Ordoment for my mom?              mals.                                              Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                      sincerely Daisy.
I and I want a hors and woot a Playsta-        Colud I alsow have a new PSP game for             Your, pal                                     I have been good I have helped peo-            Merry Christmas Santa and Mrs.
tion 3 and a wii and clothes/shoes and         my brother? May I have a new Shert for            Isaiah Gammons                            ple and maked friends. I want a stuffed        Claus! I hope to see you on Christmas                  Franklin Elementary School
Toys and one moow Thag I woot topet            my dad? Colud I have a new Doll for my                                                      Bear and a xbox 360 and a skateboard I         eve. My nana has been good to bring                          Sheila McHone
roodof and a I-pod and a latop?                sister? May I have a new Princess toy?            Dear santa,                               want flams on it and a tape that is hunter     her some thing too. I would want a com-                       Second Grade
     P.S. love santa love Tori                 Collud I alsow have a new Doll? May I             I have ben a very grate lisiner. I have   dan and a basketball and I want stripes.       puter for Christmas. I was hoping for a
     Signed                                    have a new tiny Fary toy? Colud I have a     ben god. I have ben following Darect-              Travis                                     scooter. a new helment to with the scoot-          Dear Santa,
     Tori Bowman                               new Junei B. Jone Book?                      shins. I have ben nice to everybody. I                                                        er. I hope you okay santa and Mrs.                 Can I have a Dsi because I ben
                                                   Love,                                    want american girl doll for crismas. I              Dear Santa,                               Claus. Merry Christmas rudolph. Merry           good thes year and I went a good
    Dear Santa,                                    Madison McCraw                           want a litle yorkie for krismas. I want             I have been really good this year. I      Christmas raindeers.                            games. Can I get a will to. Can I have a
    I pramise I will be a good boy. Please                                                  some lilys. I want a tinker bell wig. I want   have beed heping my mother cook. I                 Sincerely,                                  henstr in a cag to sens I can tak cer of a
bring me this toys. 1. A work Sop. 2. A big                                                 a ty. I want a par of earings. I want a rill   have good graz in my rept kod. I would             Tori Phillips                               dog youer friend Kaulin Smith
Trailer. 3. A Lightning McQueen cars. 4.           Dear Santa,                              horse. I want close. I want some hair          like a geddor. I would like my family to be
A videos game Play Station 5. A big train.         May I have a mp3 player. Culd my         bows. I want a syling makeup set. I want       happy. I would like a dog. I would like a          Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
Tank you Santa                                 sister have a new telfon and culd my         a mos age for crismas.                         baby sitter and a baby buther. I would             Merry Christmas to you, Mrs Claws               I want a pear of Hanna Montna
    I Love you                                 mom have a beter day. Can you buy my              I love you Santa                          like a baby doll creb. I would like a par of   and Rudoph and the other raindeer are           pants because not much of my pants fit
    Signed                                     dad a gocorte and my nanny som                    your pall Kailey Maree Lewis              hi hill shes make them boots and make it       doing OK. Getting a pet turtle would be         me. I want the Hanna Montana moive I
    Steve Rodriguez                            muney. Can I have a baby doll that is                                                       black boots. I would like a nother taler       graet. I would shar like a new cancroler        have been good this year. I want a Jeff
                                               calld baby aliv. Love,                           Dear Santa,                                sweth doll. I would like a weg like taler      for my X-Box. I hope the toy fatore is still    Gordon card bord modle for Mrs. Wed-
    Dear Santa,                                    Kaytlyn Davis                                I had been good this year. I did all my    swith haer.                                    running                                         dle. I want a Hanna Montana card bord
    I have been a little naughty this year                                                  school work. I would like three High                your pal, Marissa Smith                       your pal                                    modle I have been good.
but I am trying to be good. Could you              Dear Santa,                              School musicl consert tickits and three                                                           Carson Roberts.                                 Love Dana Robbins,
please bring me presets. I would like a            May I have a Kasl. Can I hav a red-      Jonas Brothers consert tickits. I would               Franklin Elementary School
dinosaur Book Bone-8 Super Morio               skd tShrt For my dad. I would like a plas-   like to go to disney word some day I                        Miranda Payne                         Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
Brothers game Bakugok game and All 5           tashen. May I have a Kbwl. May I have a      hope you like my snacks that I set out for                   Second Grade                         For Chirstmas I want a game called              I wish for a wii because my mom and
pieces of Exodin                               marke. Can I have a np3 Playr? May I         you. say hi to the mrs. clus for me. Thank                                                    DJ Hero For xbox 360 and a game                 dad can’t afored one and I can play it
    P.S I we’ll leev you Milk and cookie       have a sPIdrman ball.                        you.                                              Dear Santa,                                 called Spongbobs truth or square For            with my family. I wish for Bakugan video
    Signed                                         Love,                                        your buddy,                                   I would like three baby pigs and            xbox 360 to and clowse to and Helese to         game wii and truth or sqare video game
    Evan Barnard                                   Isaac McMilli                                Leslie                                     makeup and a modrsicle and a Ameri-                sincerely Elijah                            for wii. I wish for truth or sqare movie.
14   December 24, 2009                                                                                                             2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                   
Becasue My mom and dad can’t buy                 Hardy get rid of Atimers bow are your            yumey cookesi.                                  a second control for the wii, 2 games for            Dear Santa,                                 raindeer, wii games, two tickets to the
that stuff right now. A puppy. Maireo cart       randers and plese give my teachers pe-              Love Matthew Allen                           the psp, 3 games for the wii, a cumpuiter,           I have been a good gril this year I         hannah montan conseort and the dorse-
wii game I can’t buy it.                         nent butter balls and plese tell mrs wed-                                                        a DS, all transformer’s toys.                    would like a Camera, cat and Wii game           dorths.
     tell your wife i said hey and the           dle that I Love Her. plese tell her that,            Dear Santa                                      My nam is kevin.                             and Bike, Guitar Hero, fur-real Friend              Sincerely,
randire. and the Elfs.                           miss my papa smith James hardy plese                 I have been a good girl. I want a toys          Sincerly                                     and Friend, trip with Santa, puppy, Rein-           Savannah Starkey
     to: Santa                                   plese tell mrs. weddle she loves Jeff gor-       and game and the one I real want is for             Kevin. H,                                    deer/food, Movies, Ds game, webkink,
     Love Caleb I saia hall                      den. I (heart) you so much your friend           us to have a big snow.                              p.s Would you eat meat or cookies            snow, Laptop, Doll house and No Home                Dear santa,
                                                 Hettie Vitoria Freed Love you(heart)!                Sincerely your, Natalie Eaton               or veghtebles or all toghether.                  wore No Read Math, Pogo Stick and a                 I have be a good Boy this year. for
    Dearsanta,                                                                                                                                                                                     PlayStation for my Dad and NO work for          christmas I would like to hae Michael
    I want a wiiwithnewsuper Mario Bros             Dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa                                      Dear Santa,                                  my Dad and I lik Hannah Montan Musit            Jackson’s thriller and off the wall CD’s
wiigame. I was bod and good IWan-                   I have been missing you. For Christ-              I would like you to get me a weting             Hi Santa! My name is Tristan Goins!          and I wot to see Hannah Montan, I wich I        and the Black-suited spider-man action
taDrexyouknowwhycauseyoucan                      mas I would like a DS.I and some DS.I            ring like The ones on TV I would also like      I am excited for christmas eve! So, I’m          wus in 4 grad. and I wich you a good            figure and the new three days Grace al-
granrdthetrex.                                   games. I would like some shirts and              a Jone ceanto                                   gonna write a list of stuff I want for christ-   Christmas by.                                   Bum lets start now. I have Been good in
    Love Juan                                    some pants because I am growing. I                   Love your friend Shawn Qarker               mas. (tell the rainder I said hi!)                   Sinerely,                                   your life because I want to get these.
                                                 would like a Jeff Gordon bike.                                                                       1. Wii                                           Tianna Carter                                   Sincerely,
    Dear Santa                                      Your Friend,                                     Dear Santa,                                      2. DSI                                                                                           Christopher Woodward
    I want a PuPPy Becaks I Like PuP-               Katie                                            I would like a moxie girl doll and a             3. PS3                                           Dear Santa,
Py’s. and brig penut buter bolts for my                                                           DS-game tinker bell, HSM 3 senior year.             4. Laptop                                        I have a good girl this year. For               Dear Santa,
teachers H of thim. and duse rooboff                 Dear Santa,                                     Love,                                            5. Grand teft auto 3                         Christmas I would like to have a DSi Tay-           I have been a goo dboy this year.
have arednose. can you mack it sowe.                 Is what I would like for Christmas is           Samone Tunstalle                                 6. trampoline                                lor Swift CD, horse, puppy, cat, XBox           For Christmas I want a dsi wii pogo stick
    Love Rachel. W                               some moon snad. Because I know I                                                                     7. To be smarter                             360, Trip with santa, Reindeer food for         touch screen phone ds games a pocket-
                                                 would like it so much. So would you                  Dear Santa,                                     8. MP4 mini player                           your Reindeers, more WebKinz, iPhone,           rocket and a screatures and a t-rex.
    Dear Santa                                   please get it for me and if you do thank             All that I want is to have a huge               9. Now 32 (CD.)                              iPod touch, DS games. I Know that this              sincerely
    I weont a spugdod game for PSP.              you. Also I would like a cabage patch girl       trapolen for Crismas.                               10. Midnight Club Losangelous (for           is a whole lot to ask for but thats what I          Morgan Gwynn
and a air hoge and 5 race tikis and hiles        and I want her to have blonde hair and               Love, Kevin Hernandes                       X-box 360.)                                      want form you. I just want to ask you if            P.S. place bring all the thangs I want
with red tirs. I have bin Good.                  three Hannah Montanna outfits.                                                                       Well thats the stuff I want for Christ-      you and Mrs. claws are yall doing good. I       for Chrismas.
    (Your fniend)                                    Love,                                           Dear Santa,                                  mas!                                             hope I have been a good girl in your life
    Name Ethan.                                      Chloe Easter                                    Dear Santa I want a 4 willer and a               Love,                                        because I want to get these things but I             Dear Santa,
                                                                                                  Lapptop and a gocart and a brazies dolls            Tristan                                      hope I do.                                           I have been a good boy this year I no
   Dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa,                                     Love                                                                                              Sincerely,                                  that this a lot to ask for but I really want
   I want a ipod for Christmas why be-               I wot a batmt toy. I haf ben good. I            Eva Martinez                                    Dear Santo                                        Stephanie Simpson                           this stuff. So this is my frist on my list is
cause there cool and you can see videos          wot a nentodo.                                                                                      Can you give my dog a boy fiend.                                                              an DSi, wii with wii games, Laptop,
and here songs. I’ve been a good boy. I              love Raul                                         Dear Santa,                                And 3 and 2 wimpy kid books.                          Dear Santa,                                iphone Touch, camera, Boppet, Michael
want a hollywood star.                                                                                 I want a Moxie girl doll Laptop and           Can I have a monkey for crismes.                   I have been a good girl this year. For     Jackson’ Thriller CD, Bike, Guitar Hero
   Love, Jacob Daniel Smith                              Franklin Elementary School               doll. and a fashion doll to work with with         Santa can I have a Prawit your slef           Christmas I would like a webkinz I will         Guitar Hero games, a Trip with you when
                                                                 Mrs. Tucker                      my own clothes.                                 book Diary book.                                 take good care of it. I would like a fur-real   yo go back to the north pole, and a Rein-
    Dear Santa,                                                  Third Grade                           Sincerely your,                               Can I have a Clone blaster.                   friend it would be my best friend. Can I        deer to keep at my house, a white puppy
    I would like to have a New pack to                                                                 Damia Duncan                                  Can I have a rex helmet.                      have a puppy I would love to have one. I        with kindy brownesh and kindey
have a New pack of hotwheel because I               Dear Santa,                                                                                      rood of a Star wars liet and visen            know this is alot to ask for but can I have     blackesh and I want it to be a boxer and
got a realy old pack of hotwheel and I              All I want for Christmas is a bell from               Franklin Elementary School              saver.                                           a Laptop I would use it all the time. I         it a girl, a lot of snow. and no school Nev-
want a wii an a game with it an I want a         one of your rain deer. Mario and Luege                        Jennifer Collins                      PS I Love you Santa                           hope you have a great Cristamas.                er you are a good Santa bey-bey ho ho
New psp game to an I want a new                  DS game that lets you race by running                            Third Grade                        Can I have a 100 dollers                           Sincerely,                                 ho ho ho
wrestler.                                        and swimming.                                                                                       Blaine                                             Hannah Murray                                   Sincerely,
    Love Noah Rodriquez                             Your Friend,                                       Dear Santa Clause,                                                                                                                               Rayquan Brown
                                                    Kameron Walker                                     I really want a pupy that dose not             Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,
     Dear Santa,                                                                                  grow and I want a Ipod and a phone to               My name is Ethan Brown and I have                I been a good boy this year. What I                 Franklin Elementary School
     I would like to have a candy mushin’              Dear Santa,                                call friends and my mom and bother I            ben good and I wont a wii, and a mocin-          want for Christmas is a XBox 360 and                            Karen Pruitt
because I like candy.                                  I have been a nice girl would you          been good this year and please Santa            tro erplan, and a gowcort, and a bebe            some games with it and a screature and                          Third Grade
     I woud like a puppy because I riler         please give me a laptop, makeup, and             make it snow and I want a ice cream             gun, and a sord.                                 a pockt-rocket and a pogo stick and a
like play.                                       little mommy. Tell mrs. claus and the            maker from your’s truly                             Love                                         ipod touch and some Gakugon traps and               Dear Santa Claus,
     I woud rile like a prite doll with a pup-   elves I said Merry christmas.                         Keyanna                                        Ethan B                                      a Guitar Hero game. And a puppy and a               What I wan’t for christmas is YuGioh
py.                                                    love,                                           ps get mom some earrings                                                                    bike                                            cards for me and my borther and a DSi
     I would like for it to snow on crimis             Emily Salgado                                                                                  Dear Santa,                                      Sincerely,                                  and a ipod thouch and a Xbox 360 and a
day.                                                                                                  Santa,                                          I have been good all year long her               Brandon Saavedra                            mp3 player and a Laptop that is red and
     I was very good at school.                      Dear santa                                       I only want two things for christmas it     are sum things I want for Chrimis.                   P.S. how are you doing.                     a YuGioh Game for my Ninteno ds and a
     I rile love my teacher.                         For Christmas I want a cellphone for         is a puppy. I can give it all my leftover           1. DSi                                                                                       book of YuGioh that shows all the cards I
     And have a meary crismis.                   christmas and a bell off one of your             food and everything. I also want a new              2. games for a DSi                               Dear Santa                                  Love mom and dad
     love Courtney                               deers.                                           game for my DS. The game is pokemon                 3. a bike                                        I have been exzalant. I whould like to          Love
                                                     love,                                        dimond. But mostly the puppy.                       4. Spy gear                                  have a black suided iron man, D-rex,                Ulises Garcia
    Dear Santa,                                      your friend,                                     Kevin g                                         Love,                                        Boppet, Screature, wii and wii games,
    I whot a puppy for cresmes and a                 sinserally,                                                                                      Logan                                        Bakugon, Bakugon cards, Internet,                   Dear Santa,
pant boll gun and a oprat game I whot a              William Roberts                                  Dear Santa,                                                                                  Pocket-Rocket, more homework, books,                How are you and your wire doing?
hart dress for cresmes I whhot a Tendo                                                                My name is Khloe Smith                          Dear Santa,                                  Iphone, Iphone camera, Chritmas orna-           can you please make sure my mom is ok
ds arpenk tendo s. I whot bady bollI                  Dear santa                                      I would love a laptop, a new black              my name is Robert Tuttle. I wont             ment, a trip with santa, black suted spi-       during the baby being borning and one
whont 5 tekes to the Kelepeker pelker in              I have been helping out at home. I          dress, a barbie doll house, a xbox 360, a       plastoshon network. a computter. a x             derman, dishes, pakemon cards, and a            more little thing make sure the baby is
consrt and rid in her lemozen.                   was wondering if you could bring me a            school desk in my room, a tv, a fairy           box 360. a ntidds. a nicketfane for plas-        new pupy.                                       helthely please. One more thing can you
    Your friend Name Jade Conner                 laptop forchristmas and a pair of peace          house, a play car, a fairy play set, a lot of   tashon netwunck. a plastoshon 2 Resu-                Sincerely,                                  make sure you biring alot of baby close.
                                                 sign boots that would be woudiful. I             new books, a math book, a map of the            dent evil 4 the game. a trapulen. trans-             Travis Watts                                    Love, Hannah Terrell
    Dear Santa,                                  would also like a pocketbook that looks          world, a rocking chair, a lot of cool toys, a   porter 3. wii fit. psp weights wwe smak-
    I want a DaDy Dog Papey Dog I like           like a bookbag. I would also a phone and         hair criper, a hair flatener, a dsi, and fake   dawn vs Row 2009.                                     Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa Chaus,
DoG be Fas Bacan name hime fasbol I              a Ipod. I would really love you to bring         nails.                                                                                                I have been exelent this year have             Could you bring Breanna Pritt one
love Santa, Do Gave his doG SaMedog-             me All the things.                                   Yours turly                                    Dear Santa                                    you been good or has Mrs Clause been            thing that she really really wants ps you
areMendoGthat have to eat fooD and                    Sincerely,                                      Khloe Smith                                    this chirstmas I wont                         good. I don’t know if you can do this or        get her the puppy that she wanted and I’ll
thathave to Give CK Wodrwandthathave                  Cassady Lambert                                                                                a xBox Play Staione 3                         not but can you get me an ipod touch            get her something else. And I hope you
DaDDyDog and You haveto takeaGood                                                                     Dear Santa,                                    Santa Buddes                                  and o yea can I have internet on that. I        can give very kid that is hungy somthing.
care a goobyou namehinenamessanta                    Dear Santa,                                      My name is Breanna Pruitt I wold like          DSI                                           also want a Guitar hero 5 that you can          Can you bring Mrs. Pritt a red car. Give
    Kevin                                            I want you to get me a wii and some          a pupy and a noutdo i and gordear game             game is wizerds of waverly place              plug into your Wii. I want mario cart for       Hannah a dog and Jay a Chapter book.
                                                 games for my psp. And I want new                 and seet-16 and a forweeler and a palk          DSI, DS                                          my Wii and fasion desierner game for            And for Noah a puppy too. for me a littest
    Dear Santa,                                  clothes.                                         hat that ses gonder I have been good so            BasketBall game DSI, DS                       my DS. hope you can get me all of this          petshop and a littest pet and one more
    can you have your elvs make a stok-              your friend,                                 I want last than Santa a cumpter Sarry             devstater tranformer                          stuff.                                          thing a bike thats blue.
ing for my cat Hank and fill it with kitten          Andrew Reece                                 tes is my last tag a Wii. and I hope you           GI Jeo game, Toy                                   Sincerely,                                     Your friend, Jacey
treats because I think he would like that.                                                        can being me tes                                   rc hoctoer                                         Sydni Coalson
                                                                                                      Love,                                          Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw                                                                Dear Santa,
Also I would like some dreses. Size 10-               Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                                                                       How are you doing? I hope you, Mrs.
12 because I don’t have any.                          I want a go cart for for chrismas. And          Breanna Pruitt                                 all 4 twlight Books                                  Dear Santa,
                                                                                                      PS. hope you like my cooies                    all magic tree House Books                           I have been a good boy this year But     Claus and the elfs are doing fine. This
    Thank you!                                   I also want snow for Chrismas too. And I                                                                                                                                                          Christmas I would like to think of other
    Love: Emma Nicole Crouch                     also want the king kong move for Chris-                                                             love                                          I’ll try to be beter than good. For Christ-
                                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                    Levi Rorrer                                   mas I would like to have an Xbox 360            people before me. I would like you to
                                                 mas too. And the thing I want the most is                                                                                                                                                         bring my grandma a new house be-
    Dear Santa,                                  for every one to have a great Chrismas.              I want bordgames, legos, toys, r.c.                                                          and the lightning maquen game the new
                                                                                                  car, r.c. jet. your my best friend in the            Dear Santa,                                 one for DS and the bakugan pac and a            cause she lives in a traler and she would
    Santa haw is Mis. Clos and how is            And I also hope you have a great Chris-                                                                                                                                                           love to have one. One thing I wuld like
rodof. Wall taleme wimyou know.for this-         mas to.                                          whole world! thank you for the gifts. also I         I want a real baby pig, a glass doll, A     pokemon game for Ds. I know that this is
                                                                                                  have been good. I Promis.                       Fairy tail book, a Wii, a horse, puppy,          to much stuf but can you please give me         this Christmas is a digital camera. Anoth-
Christmas I wud like a box uv dukia ba-               Love your friend                                                                                                                                                                             er thing is a Laptop because my brother
tres. and sumL.P.S. Tangs. and sum                    Sincerely, Noah Holder                          Sincerly                                    new T.V., little’s pet shop, ipod.               the XBox 360.
                                                                                                      trent                                            I hop I’m not on the notey list.                   Sincerely,                               and my dad have one and I would like
dolls.som Stufdanimals. that is all. and I                                                                                                                                                                                                         one really badly. I would like a puppy this
have bin note and nic.                               Dear santa,                                                                                       Love,                                              Anthony Bueno
                                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                      Taylor                                                                                      Christmas also. They are really cute and
    Too Santa                                        I would like a green AtV fourwheeler                                                                                                                                                          soft. One thing I want you to send Mrs.
    love Rebecca Kay CAhall                      for christmas that has losts of speed.               Santa I have been very good and I                P.S. I hop you like my milk and cook-           Dear Santa,
                                                                                                  would like it very much if you got me. A        ies.                                                 I have been a good girl this year. I        Pruitt is a red sports car because she
                                                 And if you can add in a blac helmet with                                                                                                                                                          has always wanted one. One last thing I
    Dear Santa,                                  glasses. And a metal basket in the bock          laptop, a password-jornle, a camra. and I                                                        hope you and Mrs. Claus have a great
                                                                                                  would like it very much if you could make             Dear Santa cluse and His Raindeer                                                          want for Christmas is a DSi and a few
    I wote a mene, laptop that is black          that is black.                                                                                                                                    Christmas. This is going to be hard to          basketballs also an Ipod Touch. Thank
and bendros and a draw glae bord and a               Love,                                        my family have a great Chrismas.                      This christmas I wont a pircker of         ask you but all I want for Christmas is a
                                                                                                      Love                                        Santa cluse and His raindeer and I wont                                                          you!
Flat sgren TV for the leven room.                    Marshall Martin                                                                                                                               DSi and DSi games and a IPod Touch                   Love,
    Love                                                                                              Tori Sawyers                                a DSI and a XBox and a playstaion 3              and Fur-real friend and a puppy and a
                                                                                                                                                  and some uko cards and some Poke’-                                                                    Callie Willard
    Youer frid                                      Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                    Touch Screen Phone and also I want a
    Tyler C.                                        For christmas I want a great year                 Dear Santa,                                 mon cards and some Backucan thrre                Laptop and a camera and a Webkinz
                                                                                                      My name is Candace Powell, and I            chipmunks name Aliven, Simmon, th-                                                                   Dear Santa Claus,
                                                 and a game I Love you. I wish I can see                                                                                                           and I would like a MP3 player and a Wii/            How many elves do you have
    Dear Santa,                                  you. And ride your rain deer.                    love Christmas. I would like a couple           oder and Alivens cloths are red and Sim-         and Wii games for a DSi and a bike and
                                                                                                  games for my D.S.I, like monster jam,           mon, Blue cloths and thoder Geerm                                                                probally 2,000? The first thing is I want
    I like to see you at my School to see           Your friend, Blake Ramirez                                                                                                                     a doll house for a barbie. Thats all I want     kids in Africa to have as much food as
everbody as my class and can I h ave a                                                            and Sims 2. I would also like a new Duke        cloths and I wont a wii and Santa and his        for Christmas. And also I will put out
                                                                                                  blue bike, and I want it to say Duke on it.     raindeer I have Been good and I wont a                                                           possibe! The first I want is Maxus-Dragi-
toy at crhistmas at my class plise and. I            Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                   some milk and choclate chip cookies.            noid, Bakuganlet. The Bakugan Video
love you. And my toy is Jeffgordon.                  All I want for christmas is a ipod,          I would also like a picture of you and the      pircker of you and your raindeer and we          Merry Christmas.
                                                                                                  raindeer! 1 more thing you don’t have to        will leaf a cup of milk and cokkies for you                                                      Game and Nerf N Strike a nintento Dsi
    Jessica                                      clothes, shoes, and a hannah montana                                                                                                                  Sincerely,                                  and Left 4 Dead 2. Then I want Dairy of a
                                                 eletric guitar like the one on main street.      bring everything.                               and for your raindeer we will put out okt-           Brittany Espinosa
                                                                                                      Very Truly, yours,                          mill and green gleiter for the raindeers to                                                      Wimpy kid. Clothes.
     Dear Santa,                                 If you can’t find one than thats okay. I                                                                                                                                                              your friend,
     I wish that I hand borbees. and a           hope you have a merry christmas.                     Candace Dannielle Powell!                   eat and I wont a pircker of you and your             Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                  raindeer                                                                                             Grayson Chappell
baby Doll. intendodes. and I wish that I             SIncerely,                                                                                                                                        I have been a good boy this year.
will see Mr.s Dillman. Brats stuFF.                  Madison Bayer                                     Dear: Santa,                                     MARRY christmas Santa, Raindeer!           For Christmas I wont some DS games
                                                                                                       I wan’t to tell you a few things that I          love                                                                                            Dear Santa Claus,
     From Yasmin                                                                                                                                                                                   and a Laptop computer and a Iphone                   How are you? is Mrs. Claus is fine?
     to santa                                        Dear Santa, to santa From Ryan               wan’t for Christams. I would like you to              Levi Rorrer                                and Yu’ge’oh cards and Pokemon cards
                                                                                                  try to get me a laptop a LPSO if my                                                                                                              How are the Elvesp Santa I want is a
                                                 Smith.                                                                                                                                            and 3 packs of bakugon and bakugon              DSI and a clud house and will you give
     Dear Santa,                                     the few things I want for crismse is a       couisn don’t get me one and I wan’t a                   Franklin Elementary School               cards and a cat and a dog.
                                                                                                  four.weeler if you get me one will you put                    Sharon Marion                                                                      Mrs. Pruitt a spourt’s car and can I have
     There are six things I want for Chris-      howse, Big four weeler, Soda Big dirt                                                                                                                 Sincerely                                   a Hannah Montanhanh beach House
mas. First, I want D-rex. Then I want the        bike, big three weeler.                          it out side. I’ve been trying to be good for                    Third Grade                          Ethan Hicks
                                                                                                  Chirstams.. I wuld olso like a D.S.I and a                                                                                                       and a big doll that look’s like me and tall
movie bionacol the legend reborn.They                Your friend, Ryan Smith                      cuple of games like Nintodo Dogs, Cook-             Dear Santa,                                                                                  like me and a maid and littlest pet shop
are so cool! I also want a teloscope.                                                                                                                                                                  Dear Santa,                                 and a paint set and Wii and DS Game
Then I want a teloscope. Then I want the              Dear Santa,                                 ing mama. We will put cookies and lots              I have been a good girl yer. Santa for           Have you been a verey good boy
                                                                                                  of milk outl for you and all of your rain-      christmas I would want a wii game iPod                                                           and Wii Games please please.
leapster game digging for dinosaur’s.                 for christmas I would like a wii game                                                                                                        This day I hop you don’t mind ef I ask a fll         your friend
They are siencex. Then I want a toy ro-          2 flat screen tvs a remote control car rab-      deer I thank you have 8 raindeer.               comuter Phone camera Doll house Bike             stuf for christmas. I wunt a Dsi, Doll
                                                                                                       Love you                                   Movies DSi and playstation 3 and I no                                                                 Erica M.
bot dog and its toy robot owner. Your            bids go home the video game a laptop                                                                                                              house, a hores Toy, puppy and my pock-
fried, Matthew Garner Jarrell.                   and a camera please amy I have these                  Sincerely yours                            that all this give a lot in I no that you work   et and Dsi games, Trip with santa, a pup-
                                                                                                       Jenna Leftwich                             hard to get or do all this stuff in I hope                                                           Dear: Santa How ar you? Bette Brig
                                                 things                                                                                                                                            py.                                             My car. and Bette Brig My car.
   (Dear Santa)                                       love,                                                                                       that you have a great christmas in I like            Sincerely,
                                                                                                      Dear Santa Clause,                          wen’t it chrismas I like wen you come to                                                             Justine Cochran
   I want a little baby alive with dipers.            Coy Montgomery                                                                                                                                   Erika Almaraz                                   Bette send this Back
                                                                                                      This year for Chrismas I want a dog,        my house in put the stuff that I want in I           Dear santa,
and a will with games. and a crayon                                                               a new ipod, a fourwelling hellment cloth-       hope that it snow have a great day. Mer-                                                             Dear Santa
maker. and a real cell phone. and I relly           Dear santa                                                                                                                                         I have not been that good lateleay              for christmas I wot a PSP game and
                                                                                                  ings, new tentashows, some Chrismas             ry chrismas Santa.                               but, I’m triying to chinge into a good par-
want a baby blanket and I want a baby               can I have a dirt dike i’ll be cerful. I’ll   ordaments, a smartbord, by the way the              Sincerely,                                                                                   I wut a fore Wlee and I wut a wii and $20
dog and you are the sweets thang ever            be good. I will do my work. Can I get a                                                                                                           son this year. I want three things for          and a wii fit and the Nraf game and a
                                                                                                  dog I want it to be a girl and a great              Elizeth Lopez M.                             christmas. I want a Bakugon video game
and I wish you to make my granlla pat            psp to. Thats all I want. I will make            dane, and a fish, that is all I want for                                                                                                         Hemet for my fore wlee. and a DSi and a
                                                                                                                                                                                                   for a gameboy avance and a Yu’ge’oh             iPod tuch and a tuch phone and the Dsi
                                                                                                  Chrismas, Santa. And I almost forgot do             Dear Santa,                                  video game for a game boy avance and
                                                                                                  you like chocolate milk or regerler milk.           I have been preaty good thsi year for                                                        Blalk and a xBox 360 and a Lotop tuch
                                                                                                                                                                                                   a Pok’eman video game for a game boy                Tanke you,
                                                                                                      Love,                                       Chritmas i want a pocket rocket a poke-          avance that is all I want for christmas. I
                                                                                                      Faith Danielle Gravley                      mon d.s game and wii some pokemon                                                                    Jose Rincon
                                                                                                                                                                                                   hope you have a good christmas. I also
                                                                                                                                                  cards and 2 last wishes it would snow            hope I get them three things for christ-
                                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                 and to have a happy Christmas                                                                         Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   mas.                                                 How are you doing? This year for
                                                                                                      I would like to have a psp, a wii, a dirt       sincerly                                         sincerely,
                                                                                                  bike, a puppy that doesn’t grow that big,           Jacob Lawson                                                                                 Christmas I would like an electric scoot-
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Jesse Wayne Lawson                          er. I would really like a camara., a iCarly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   wii game and a pair of high heel boots
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Dear Santa,                                and some clothes. I would like some
                                                                                                                                                                                                        I have been a verry good girl how          new jewlry, maybe one or two basket-
                                                                                                                                                                                                   have you and miss cluse been. So can            balls. But the #1 thing I want is world
                                                                                                                                                                                                   you try to get me these thangs like a           peace. But I have one more thing I want
                                                                                                                                                                                                   boppet, laptop, webkinz, Pogo stick, a          is a iPod touch.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   trip with santa, a picture of rudof, a book          Your friend
                                                                                                                                                                                                   that help you how to draw horses and                 Karsyn Tucker

                                                                                                                        and a Happy New Year!
     We appreciate your business
                                                                                                                   Thank you for your business
        in 2009 & look forward                                                                                      in 2009... we look forward
                                                                                                                      to serving you in 2010
     to serving your vehicle needs
                in 2010.
                                                                                                                       If you need a dollar, give Mullins a hollar!
                                                                                                                                                                                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS
                                                                                                                                                                                                       May Peace be your gift at Christmas
                                                                                                                                                                                                        and your blessing all year through!
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16    December 24, 2009                                                                                                      2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                  
is new tennie shoes because my old                 Dear Santa For christmas like a bat-        Dear santa claus,                                Dear Santa,
ones are all ripped up by the inside but        men kavu and a I have been good this           I ben gud this weck santa. I whit to             I’ve been a good boy this year. I               Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santo Claus
by the outside they look normal. So I so I      year                                        gev you this letr Santa I whvt a musda-         would like a cellPhone this year so I can           I have been a good girl this year.              I have been so good. I want a X Box
need some. The ones I want are expen-              From Chad                                grem mltcantil for crms                         play with it.                                   Check your nice list. This year I want a        360 this year. I want a fourwiller for
sive. Their nike ones. The look so cool                                                        mere cresms santo claus.                         Love Bradley Phillips                       Brat cocston for Crimis and a laptop.           christmas. What kind of cookies do you
They are different colors. They are black,           Dear Santa                                from Kaleb                                       Dear Santa,                                     Love,                                       won’t on Christmas?
pink, and gray.                                      For Christmas I would like akmr and                                                        I’ve been a good girl this year. I want         Emily                                           Love
    Love,                                       at the hapbats                                   Dear Santa Claus,                          a dollhaoos for Christmus. How are your             I will lev you sum coces and milk for           Grant Snow
    Michelle                                         Alexis                                      I hve been good to my mom and              reindeer doowing?                               you
                                                                                            dad. For chrimis I want a puppy and a               Love Kayla Goins                                                                                Dear Santa Claus,
       Dear Mr. Santa,                                Flat Rock Elementary School           wii. What I would do with these toys is                                                              Dear Santa,                                    How are you and the raindeer? I re-
       I’ve been a good girl this year and                     Mrs. King                    play with them.                                     Dear Santa,                                      I have been a good boy this year. I        aly hope the raindeer are ready to fly.
there’s one thing I want more than any-                       Kindergarten                       Love                                           I have tired rite hrde to lrne at school.   want the raglere big stoft Ruodofpl that        This Year I would like to have a spy kit.
thing, and that is a Wii sport. I really need                                                    Jordan                                     Please breng a chramplen and a flot so          was in the cranmushen, Mario and Lui-           Also I would like to have the new Trans-
the game system so that I won’t be like a           Der Santa                                    Dear Santa Claus                           whin it is sommre. I want 2 swiming             gi’s Bowser insiede story, a Wii, and the       formers Revge of the fallen. I will be wait-
tater and so nothing all day long. That             I have bn a good boy. For Christmas          I have been good to my brothr. I           dogs. Plese!                                    new Mario Game.                                 ing on Chistmas morning.
Wii will keep me out of my ma’s hair. Me        I wud like a trnsfrmr namd Otims Prim.      wote legos and a play stashine three. I             Love Carley Freeman                              Love,                                          Merry Chistmas,
and my sister will get along just fine with         Love Cody                               would blid a badl ship.                                                                              Joshua                                         Brandon
this system. I’ll really take care of it and                                                     Love,                                           Dear Santa,
it’ll be kept “healthy” so please bring it to      Der Santa Claus,                              Carson                                          I want a Brbe vetnrn. I like it becallsu       Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa claus,
me because I know how nice you are. I              I have bn a good grl. For Christmas, I                                                   it has a dog. I want a Pole Pokuti bote.            I have been a good boy this year.                Is it snowing at the North Pole? I
know how you are you’re so fast and             wud like a DS and gams for it.                  Dear Santa,                                 Santa, I hav been good.                         Check your nice list. This year I want a        been good. I will like a easy Bake overin.
you’re the nicest man on earth so if you           Love Aadisyn                                 I want a DSI for Chirismas. Becos I              Love, Holli Phillips                       toy helacopter. My sister wants a pink          I will aso like a Ds and psp. Last thing I
can do me one little favor because I                                                        have been good to my cosin. I would                                                             presct with a doll init.                        Will like is candy in my stocking.
know you’re so nice that you bring the             Der Santa Claus                          play my favrit baby game.                           Dear Santa,                                     Love,                                            Love,
Wii for me.                                        I have bn a good grl. For Christmas I        love,                                           Ive been a good boy. I want you to              Benjamin                                         Abby Padgett
       Love,                                    wud like sum PitshoP tos                        Sydney                                      bring me a DS and a skateboarding
       Kaylen Hawks                                Love Miranda                                                                             game.                                                Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa Claus,
                                                                                                Dear Santa Claus,                               Love,                                            I have been a good bay. Are you                How are you doin to day? Are the
    Dear Santa,                                    Der santa Claus,                             I want Moxie girls and a pack of                Bryce Ward                                  good? Roudofpl is my faverit I like cook-       elfes busy? Are you redy for this year? I
    I really want some big mats for                I have bn a good grl. For Christmas I    diymin’s and a santa Claus dall for Crist-                                                      ies too Santa. I would like a toy gun.          have been so good. I wold like a pink
Christmas. If you get me those mats I           wud like some jelre.                        mas Merry Cristmas santa Claus,                     Dear Santa,                                      Love,                                      four wheeler with a purple helmet
could practice my backtucks and back-              Love Nia                                     Love                                            How do you mack the toys? I want a               Issac H.                                       Love,
hand springs and entertain every one. I                                                         Chya,                                                                                                                                           Grace McMillian
                                                                                                                                            laptop and clothes and nou shos for
know you’ll get me those cause you are              Der Santa Claus,                            Dear santa,                                 Christmas.                                         Dear Santa,
so sweet, smart and nice. I know you will           I have bn a good boy. For Christmas                                                         from Alex Torres                               How are you Santa? Are you doing                 Dear Santa Claus,
because I would if I was you.                                                                   I bin a gud boy. I want a ds and a                                                                                                              For christmases I want a dirtbick
                                                I wud like a DSI and wii.                   xbox360 and spiy geer and a reemote                                                             good this year? I want you to buy me a
    Love, Chloe Key                                 love Kamdyn                                                                                 Dear Santa Claus                            cumeputer and a toy hillcoper. I will leave     bick. Can I Please have a Pluppy for
                                                                                            crchrole car som coz a lab top a bran                                                                                                           christmas? Can I have a dirt bick with a
                                                                                            new grandtheftotowe game.                           I’ve been a good boy this year. I           you a presit.
     Dear Santa                                    Der Santa,                                                                               hope you bring me lots of presents. I              Love,                                        moter2. Can I have a DS and a DS Go?
                                                                                                love,                                                                                                                                       Love,
     I realy need a new play statian 2 be-         I have bn a good grl. For Christmas I        Josh                                        want a laptop with internet, ps3, DSi and          Kayleb Q.
case mine wont work right and my little         wud like a robot.                                                                           a new bike.                                                                                         Camron Smith
brother is always takeing over my wii and          Love Alicia                                  Dear Santa,                                     From: LeShawn Blake Phillips                      Dear Santa,
I am always bored and if I had a new                                                                                                                                                              I have been a good grn. I want a ton.         Dear Santa Claus,
                                                                                                I thenk I desrv these presinz beckz I                                                                                                           Is it very cold there I hope that I could
play station 2 I might could keep my               Der Santa,                               bin good. I want a skatbord and Hot                 Dear Santa Claus,                           It is a Bre I Love you Santa.
brother okupied so then I would be able            I have bn a good grl. For Christmas I                                                        I’ve been a good boy this year. I                 cooies and milk.                          come to the nothpol. I wnat a four-wheel-
                                                                                            whells track. I wont a foot ball and rolor                                                                                                      er and a dirt bicke. And a psp for Chist-
to play my wii.                                 wud like sum Pit Shop tos.                  bladse.                                         hope you give me lots fo presents. I raill            Love,
     Love: Chris                                   Love Nadine                                                                              woulb like a Rc car and a unuthrRc car                Shyanne G.                                mas.
                                                                                                love                                                                                                                                            Love Michael
                                                                                                Malachi                                     for me and my dad to race each other.
        Flat Rock Elementary School                 Der Santa Claus,                                                                        Frome, William Perdue.                               Dear Santa,
                 Mrs. Marley                        I have bn a goood boy. For christmas                                                                                                         How are you Santa? Are you doing              Dear Santa
                                                                                                Dear Santa Claus,                                                                                                                              Do you got any ice cream?
                Kindergarten                    I wud like a litchasg cor.                      I bin good to my mom and my dad                 Dear Santa,                                 good? I have been a good girl this year. I
                                                    luv Braxton                                                                                 I want some new shoes and some              want a tv in my room. I want a cumeput-         Can I have I big yellow motcantrol robot?
                                                                                            and I bin good to bruther to. I want a dsi                                                                                                      Can I have PS2? and a girl chowawa?
     Dear Santa For Christmas I would                                                       and a dinset and a baby alive and a             new fake neles. They are going to be hot        er for my room too.
like a shoos and a pas I have been very            Der Santa,                                                                               pink. I have been a good girl. Love Jessy            Love                                       Wolfy needs a friend.
                                                                                            stooset and a techerset to. Have a hap-                                                                                                            Love,
good this year.                                    I have bn a good grl. For Christmas I    py hlolday to.                                  Burkhart                                             Emma
     From Emma                                  want a brbie van and huluhoop.                                                                                                                                                                 Kaleb Tate
                                                   Love Katelyn                                 Jaden                                          Dear Santa                                       Dear Sata,
     Dear Santa                                                                                                                                I’ve chrid to be good. Did I do good             I have been a good boy this yea.                 Dear Sanata Claus,
     for christmas I would like a mdsbrk            Der Santa,                                                                              unuf to get a presint? I wont a big             Check your nice list. This yea I w hat a             I want a dirt bike and a hot pink skate
                                                                                                Dear santntaclaus                                                                                                                           bord. I want a nife for christmas and a
and a cpydur. I havne been very good                I have ben a good boy. For christmas        I wita ds for crismis andthayou             Deivustatr and Ironhid.                         toy horse.
this year                                       I wud like a nw trnirmr.                                                                       From,                                            Love,                                       car.
                                                                                            forgeving me adsbcos I allwas won ads                                                                                                                Love,
     From Anthony Brown                             louv Michael                            And I wood play and play.                          Zach Rodgers.                                    Austin H.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Christian Brendle
   Dear Santa                                       Der Santa Claus,                            Jadiss                                          Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
   For christmas I would like a smad                I have bn a good boy. For Christmas                                                         I’ve chrid to be a good girl. For               I’v been a good girl this year. Check           Dear Santa Claus,
and a monstertuc. I have been very              I wud like a SPDRMN TOE.                                                                    Christmas I wont lots of books and a            your nice list. I want a laptop and a case          Is it snowing in the North pole? I was
                                                                                               Dear Santa                                                                                                                                   so good this year. I want a PlayStation3
good this year                                      lov Alexis                                 I bin nice to my bulrmy sistr an my          game for my DS. I wont the game Hanna           for Christmas. I want a phone too. I will
   From Camron                                                                                                                              Montana.                                        leave you four cookies and one cup of           with a game. I want a black laptop.
                                                                                            mom. I want a tak dak with a lalr and a                                                                                                         That’s what I want for christmas. I might
                                                   Der Santa C                              peSpe ana car witha kntrw an a xbox                 Love,                                       milk Is Mrs. Clase still working on the
      Dear Santa                                                                                                                                Maggie Cockerham                            scarf? Is the rainbeers still outside? Are      not have a chistmas tree but I want
                                                   I have bn a good grl. For Christmas I    Three sexd.                                                                                                                                     some presents.
      For chistmas I would like a rak and a     wud like a Toe Pone                            Love,                                                                                        you still Hoing?
fej                                                                                                                                              Dear Santa,                                    Love,                                           I will wait for you on Christmas eve!
                                                   love Alexandria                             Martin                                                                                                                                           your friend,
      have been very good this year                                                                                                              I’ve been and good boy this year. I            Kaley D.
      From Alex                                                                                                                             hope you breing me lots of presents. I re-          ‘HOHOHO’                                        Miguel Paredes
                                                   Der Santa                                    Dear Sants Clause
                                                   I have bn a good grl. For Christmas, I       I hov bin a gud boy. I wont a sprk          ally would like Moreo and Sonik at the              ‘Meery Christmas’                                Dear Santa Claus,
    Dear Santa,                                 wud like a toe Dolfn and sm guwlr.          skutr. I wont to ride in.                       Olipit Wintr gams with a wii.
    For christmas I would like a het and                                                                                                                                                        Dear Santa,                                      Is it snowing at the North pole? I
                                                   luv Vilma                                    love,                                            from,                                                                                      hope Rudolph is ready to ly the slay. This
a eucah I have been very good                                                                   Jahaud                                           Jalon Goad                                     I have been a great boy. Check your
    From Danielle                                                                                                                                                                           nice list. I want a fourwiller. I also want a   year I have been so exited. I would like
                                                   Der Santa                                    P.S. Happy Holidays!                                                                                                                        the new Mario game. I also want a black
                                                   I have ben a good boy. For Christ-                                                           Dear Santa                                  Scod Doo videgame. I will leave you             fourwheeler. I will need a blak helmet
     Dear Santa                                 mas I wud like a TransFor meguTron.             Dear Santa Claus,                               I want Star Wars Battle Frant and           cookies and milk.
     For Christmast I would like o bst dis                                                                                                                                                                                                  too. I would love to have a hot scoter too.
                                                   luv Nathan                                   I wate a hotwelse. I bieen a good           Cloudy with the Chance of Metballs                  Love,                                       I will see you on Christmas eve.
and a Ben 10 clok. have been very good                                                      boy. I bieen good at Flat Rock. I had a         gamesfor myds. Anda Dsi and a psp-                  Christopher P.
this year                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Khalil Duncan
                                                   Der Santa Claus,                         good day. I will like it The best car is from   forChrismas.
     Luis                                          I have bn a good grl. For Christmas, I   Santa Claus.                                        from Adam Parker                                Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa claus
                                                wud like a bik and a boerbe Hals.               from                                                                                            I have been a good boy. How do you             I wont a HIGH School Musical and I
     Dear Sonta. For Christmas I would             love Brianna                                 Yahir                                           Dear Santa,                                 get in peolps haoase? Do you geve pe-           wnat a barbie. I also want a Hannah
like a pusk truk I have been goood                                                                                                              For Cristmas I want a DSi and I want        olpe lots of toys? I love toys. Can we play     Montana doll.
     From Blaise                                   Der Santa Claus                              Dear Santa Claus,                           a Wii. I want a little laPtoP that has a car    with the toys when you bruging the toys?           Love,
                                                   I have ben a good boy For Christ-            I bine a good girl to my mommy this         Chrgrr that you can talk it ever where you          Love,                                          Joanna
   Dear Santa                                   mas I wud like a Nintbo DS anD a Moreo      yer. I want a wii and a dird and my own         go. The color I want is Purple.                     Johntae
   For chstmas I would like a rabit and         gam anD a Bik.                              comepudr and dimens.                                Love Darius Walker                                                                              Dear Santa Claus, I want have a
a wolf. I have been very good.                     lov Christian                                Mery Cresmes.                                                                                    Dear Santa,                                blue for wheelr for Christmas and I want
   From Edan                                                                                    Love,                                              Flat Rock Elementary School                   I have beena good girl this year.          a skatebrd and a Drkbike tdallgold. Chrit-
                                                    Der Santa                                   Maddie                                                     Mr. Edmonds                      Check your nice list. This year I want a        mas is fun
    Dear Santa,                                     I have bn a good boy. For Christmas                                                                     First Grade                     lot of toys.                                        Kara Richards
    For Chrtstmas I wuld like a truck and       I wud like a Sdrn Bmn and a Nkdbl I Hla.        Dear Santa Claus,                                                                                Love,
a car I have been very good this year               Loves David                                 I ben a good boy. I want a DS and a               Dear Santa,                                    Brand W.                                       Dear Santa Claus,
    Frem Tobby                                                                              drtbike and a fourwillr to ride at home.              I have been a good boy this year and                                                          Ihope Rudolph is ready to fly!
                                                      Flat Rock Elementary School               Love,                                       I want a new chopper bike. a new Lap-               Dear Santa,                                     I hope I can get 2 pair of black boots.
   Dear Santa.                                                  Mrs. Hall                       Aaron                                       top, a new camra, and a new phone. I                I have been a good boy this year.
   For christmas I would like gof and a                                                                                                                                                                                                     I hope I can get a make up kit. I hope I
                                                               First Grade                                                                  will levu four cookies foryou.                  This year I want 1000 bucks for Christ-         can get some julery. Also, I would like to
up game. I have been very good this                                                                Flat Rock Elementary School                    Love,                                     mans, and a lot of books. I want some
year.                                                                                                                                             Willian W.                                toys for Christmans.                            have a little teddy bear. I hope I can get a
                                                   Dear Santa Claus,                                        Mrs. Taylor                                                                                                                     markorbord with some markers please.
   From Alison                                                                                              First Grade                                                                         Love,
                                                   I Think I’ve been nice. I want a Dora                                                                                                                                                        Merry Christmas
                                                                                                                                               Dear Santa,                                      Austin B.
    Dear Sata                                   Ds game, Dora blanket, play house, zoo                                                                                                                                                          Love, Chelsea Torres-Thomes
                                                                                                Dear Santa,                                    I have been a good girl this year.
    For Christmas I would like a dol and        zoo pet. Phenias and Ferb cd, Sponge            I have been a good boy thisyear for         Check your nice list. This year I want a               Flat Rock Elementary School
a dog. I have been very good.                   Bob square pants Ds game.                   Chris tmas I would like to have a foot ball     cqot pupe, a stowos litsavr, and a Bore                       Mrs. Draughon                         Dear Santa Claus,
    From Jadyn                                     From,                                    bike and aD. S.                                 campr. I will see you nest year.                              Second Grade                          Is Rudolph ready to fly to my home?
                                                   Lacy                                         I Love You                                     Luve                                                                                         Mister Santa Claus I been good. Mister
   Dear Santa,                                                                                  Zackary                                        Megan A.                                         Dear Santa Claus,                           Santa Clas. I wold like a laptop and a wii
   For Christmas I would like a pupe               Dear Santu Clus,                                                                                                                             Is your rain deer doing good at fly-        with the new game of the New Super
and a kitdy. I have been very good this            grtings santu claus, I whant am are          Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                 ing? If they aint you will have to fix them     mario brother wii game. What cookes
year.                                           ogamps and dirt bike and a moxy grls,           I have been a good boy this year.               I have been a good gril this year. I        before cristmas. This year I have been          wold you you like this year?
   From Alyssa                                  and dimiume.                                For Christmas I would like to have a D.         want this big brabehous. Its a toy and a        so good. For Cristmas. I want a PSP and             Merry Christmas,
                                                   Love,                                    Sgame. Please be safe on your trip.             baybe dall I will leave you cookeys and a       a Wii with Shon Whtie and Tony Holke. I             Pedro Ramirez
    Dear Santa                                     courtney                                     Ilove you                                   glas for meilk                                  want a skate board too!
    For Christmas I would like dolr and a                                                       Devin                                           Love,                                           Merry Christmas,                                 Dear Santa Claus,
pink crx. have beene very good this year.                                                                                                                                                       Devonte Wright                                   Is Frosty doing alright? Is Rudolph
    From Mary                                      Dear Santo Claus,                                                                            Kailey
                                                   I want a bike.                                Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                ready to glide though the night sky? This
                                                                                                 I’ll try to be good everyday the rest of                                                         Dear Santa Claus, I wont a Barby for      year will you get me a DSI and games
   Dear Santa                                      I want a nealae.                         the schooltime. Be sure to bring me a               Dear Sauta,                                 Christmas and I wont a Luch box. and I
                                                   I want a book.                                                                               I have been a good girl this year.                                                          for it? I would also like a IPod that plays
   For Christmas I would like a Bat ho                                                      brand new train track set. How have you                                                         want a Dog. I want a baby and I wont a          music, movies, and takes pictures. I
and a aheE                                         I have bine a good girl.                 been? Are the reindeer ready for the big        Chcck your nice list. I wote a laptop sum       little dog. I donot mornt a big dog. and I
                                                   Love,                                                                                    costoms. I will leve you sum cooke and a                                                        would like a cellphone from Verizon that
   have been very good this year                                                            night? Hope you have a safe trip. I’ll be                                                       mornt a beeese and I and I mornt it             is blue and a quater a year. I would like a
   Bethel                                          Kassidy                                  sure to leave you some milk and cook-           glas of melke.                                        Merry Christmas                           Porsh with keys. I want a puppy pug too!
                                                                                            ies.                                                Melody M.                                         Ashley Broome                             I will see you on christmas eve (if I stay
                                                                                                 Love, aiden scott wilson                                                                                                                   up late.)
                                                                                                                                                Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa Claus,                               Merry Christmas
        Merry Christmas from Acme Stone Company                                                Dear Santa Claus,                                I have been a good boy this year.                Is it snowing orer ther?                        Sydni Smith
                                                                                               I’ve been a good girl this year. I hope      Check your nice list this year I wanta row           I woud like a brown pupy for Christ-
            THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS                                                     you bring me lots of presents. I really         bit for Crismis also I want arakit for          mas! I would like a pink forewheller. A             Dear Santa Clause,
         639 W. Pine St. (Hwy. 89) Mount Airy • 336-786-4259                                would like a DS Game, a new lap Top             Crismis.                                        baby dall for christmas. And a crib. How            Are you and your raindeer ok? What
                                                                                            and a sell pone.                                    Love,                                       is roodoff doing good                           kind of cookies do you want? This year
                                                                                               Love. Katherine Hooker                           Jesse W.                                         Love Haley Odum                            I’ve been so good. I would like a tran-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            pole. If you can’t get that will you give me
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            a laptop? I’ll wait for you on Christmas
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            eve. Love always
      Give the Hottest Gift of the Season!                                                                                                                                                                                                      Morgan Wilson

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                                                                                                          336.835.3607                                    Located in Main Oak Emporium                                                              789-3939                                                                                                               2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                          December 24, 2009 17
       Flat Rock Elementary School              my sister Brianna Voland a Junior Drag-                Dear Santa,                             good and Bad and I wont a DSi.                  earring’s and my Dad wan’ts some                gos the big pack that is the same.
       Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Vernon               ster top. Love, Your. friend Blake Benge               How is life in the North Pole? For         Love your friend                             clothes. I hope you have a verry verry             Your friend,
              Second Grade                                                                        Christmas, Please bring me a gift I would       Ernest                                       merry Chrismas                                     Christian
                                                     Dear Santa,                                  like to have a electric scooter and Please                                                       your friend
     Dear Santa Claus                                How is life at the North Pole? Have          remember a child who needs a gift.               Dear Santa,                                     Kertis                                          Dear Santa,
     I would like a trampoline, a playsta-      you ben doing well. For Christmas                 Thank you for sharing with everyone              I have a brother. Can I get a ipod                                                              How are you? Can I stay up and
tion 2, and a DSi please. Thank you San-        please bring me a gift I would like a             How many elves are in the North Pole?        toach? Can you stop the wars and let                 Dear santa,                                watch you? When it’s not Christmas do
ta.                                             stuffed puppy. that would be really cool. I       how many rain deer’s.                        army come home? Can you give the                     How is miss Clause? How are the            you sleep? I’m turning 9 yrs. old. I go to
     Your friend,                               think that if you give me that gift I will like        Love                                    homless a home for the holbays?                 elves? There are a few things I would           school at Flat Rock. Her’s a few things I
     Angel Garcia                               you for ever. Dose Rudolph really guide                Destiny Gurley                              Love,                                       like for Christmas. I would like a snow-        want Barbies, D.S., and a gumball ma-
                                                your way on fogy nights? What dose the                                                             Daniel                                      cone maker. Since I am eight I would like       chine. My mom would want a vacation.
   I would like to have some blak drums         raindeer eat?Dose Mrs. Claus help stuff                 Dear Santa,                                                                            some crafting things. If you will give my       Don’t forget the soldiers.
and toy horses and a green texing cell-         the sack. I will have some cookies and                  How is life in the North Pole? For         Dear Santa,                                 mom somthing, can you give her hap-                 Your Friend,
phone for christmas please. Love                milke waiting for you. I hope that you like       Christmas please bring me a gift. I would        How are you and Mrs. Clause do-             pines. I hope you have a safe Christmas.            Ashleigh
   Loren Edwards                                the food and drink. My name is Breanne            like to have a scooter for Christmas.        ing? Hope your doing fine I wonmer how               your friend
                                                Shelton and I’m in 2nd grad.                      Please remember me and all the chil-         you and your elfs get along? I’m not get-            Tillian                                        Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa Claus,                                Love,                                        dren at Christmas. My name is Danielle       ting along with my brother so I need two                                                            How are you and the elves and the
    I would like to have a nintendo                  Breanne Shelton                              Alexis Bowman. I am in second grade. I       nintento DS because so we can get                   Dear Santa,                                 reindeer? Is it cold up at the North Pole?
please. I would also want a Maxie girl                                                            am eight years old. How is Mrs. Claus        along and cause we really want one and              How is everybody at the North Pole?         Is Mrs. Claus going to fix you a big Sup-
please. I would love to have a password              Dear Santa,                                  doing? Does Mrs. Claus help you put          Santa please help the poor. I bet their         How are you doing? Can I see you? I             per before you leave on your big trip? I
journal                                              How is life in the North Pole? For           toys into the sack? Do you and the elves     very hungry and maybe even cold. And            am 9 years old. I love to learn a lot. I love   am 9 years old and I love to watch christ-
    Love Melissa Mendoza                        Christmas please bring me a gift. I would         cooperate good together? How is your         help the orphans find a home.                   to read, right and work hard. Can you           mas movies I have been a good boy. I
                                                like to have a Barbie. And please rember          reindeer doing? Does Rudolph’s nose              Love                                        pleas make me a psp and some book to            am in the third Grade I go to school at
     Dear Santa Claus,                          a child who needs a gift. Thank you for           still glow like it always does? How are          Aliyah J. Eads                              read at home. One more thing. Can you           Flat Rock Elementary School. What I
     I would like a laptop and a real Cell-     sharing with everyone. I am 8 years old, I        the elves doing?                                                                             pleas make my mom a necklace.                   would like for christamas I would like is a
Phone an Xbox 360 a PSP a Pet rabbit.           am in the 2nd gread my name is Devan                    Love,                                      Dear Santa,                                     Your Friend,                                puppy, my sister would like some toys
And also whould you get me a zoo zoo            Jayde Odum. If I have any cookies and                   Danielle Bowman                            Could I have a P.S.P? I have both-              Jonathan                                    and my brother, mom dad would like cell
pet set and a new trampoline thank you          milk I will leave some out. How is Mrs.                 P.S. Merry Christmas                   ered my sister once or twice. But I’ve                                                          Plones.
     Your freind                                Claus? Is it coold in the North Pole? Do                Ho! Ho! Ho!                            been prety good this year. I’ve done my              Dear Santa,                                    your friend,
     Brady                                      your elves help you get ready to visit? Do                                                     choirs cleaned my room and Macy’s too.               How is the weather there at the north          Devin
     ps get mom forks and dad an army           you like to visit? Your frind Devan Odum              Dear Santa                               And Santa how is your Hellth. I was just        pole? How is your wife mrs. clause?
shirt thank you.                                                                                      How is life in the North Pole? Please    wondering? And please give the U.S              Does your sleigh go really fast? How did            Dear Santa,
                                                      Dear Santa, How is life in the North        remember me and all the children. My         Forces more amunishon.                          the elvs make toys? Is your wife going to           How are the reindeer today doing to-
    Dear Santa Claus,                           Pole? For Chismas, Please bring me a              name is Tiffany Chase, and I am in the           Love,                                       make you a big, big supper before you           day, Santa? How is Mrs. Claus doing,
    I would like a pink Laptop and Moxie        gift. I would like to have some playstation       secod grade. I would like a stuffed dog.         Grant                                       go oh the big trip? Do I get a boy too?         and is she keeping you fat? How are the
Girls and a pass word for Christmas             2 games for Christmas. And, please re-            Is Rudolph’s nose really red? How is                                                         Anywa I will leave you a whole bunch of         elves doing, are they doing good work?
please.                                         member a child who needs a gift. Thank            Mrs. Claus in the North Pole? Is she             Dear Santa.                                 cookies on Christmas Eve. All I want is a       Do you like the milk and cookies? I am 8
    your friend                                 you for sharing with everyone. Please             helping you? I’m living you some cookies         One thing I want you to know about          happy family. I Hope you have a happy           years old. I am going to turn 9 in January,
    Ashley Soto                                 bring me my presents please! I like your          and mike. Love                               me is that I help my sister get her cheese      Christmas. merry christmas. Love your           the 8th. I am in third grade at Flat Rock
                                                deer named Rudolph! I love you Santa                  Tiffany Chase                            + crackers and her gumies. Santa the            friend                                          Elementary School. I have worked very
    Dear Santa Claus                            for bring me presents! I hope you bring               Your friend.                             NUMBER ONE thing on my list is IS A                  William                                    hard this year. There are a few things I
    I would love a GoCart, a Four wheel-        me my presents. I love you! Is Rudolph’s              I love you very much.                    DSI! Santa how old is Rudolph the red                                                           want for Christmas the game Modern
er, helmet, and some clothes, plus one          nose really red? I’m happy Santa!                                                              nose reindeer? This year I feed friends              Dear santa,                                war fare 2. The other thing I would like is
more thing please a trampoline. Plus a                Love                                            Dear Santa,                              feeding friend and one thing I really want           How are you? I have been thiking           Modern war fare. Will you get my brother
big pool, and a laptop. Thank you. your               Dashaun                                         HOw is life in the North Pole? for       you to do is ee ifyou can help the or-          how many stops do you make in one               undisputed these games will be on xbox
good girl                                                                                         Christmas please bring me a gift for         phans this year!                                night? I would like you to wake me up so        360. Hope you all have a merry Christ-
    Dalsia Brown                                    Dear Sanata                                   Christmas I would like like to have docter       Love your friend                            I can see you. My school is at flat Rock. i     mas.
                                                    How is life on the North Pole. Please         materials for Christmas. My name is Tara         Camden                                      will turn 9 in August the 6th, 2010. Last           Your friend,
    Dear Santa Claus                            remember me and all of the children at            Richards and I am in 2nd Grade. How is                                                       year you gave me a puppy and she is                 Trevelle
    I want a DS and green cell phone            christmas. My name is Bryson I am in              the elves and raindeers? Do you like the           Dear Santa,                               spoiled. I have Mom, Dad, Breanna and
that I can text on I want a DSI one thing I     the Second Grade. I’m seven years old.            North Pole? I seen a movie about you               I want you to know that I like to help    Lacy. I have the nicest teacher in the                 Flat Rock Elementary School
would like the most is a Baby puppy.            How are Rudolph and other reindeer?               went to go down to Carolina with Charly      animals. If I could only have on present I      world named Mrs. Parker I have a few                            Mrs. Long
Please Thank you                                Merry Christmas Bryson Lawson                     because he got in trouble at school. I       would like a CD player. If I wanted to ask      things I would like for Christmas. A DS                        Third Grade
    Your Friend                                                                                   Loved that movie and Cardes and              Santa anything I would ask him If he            game Desig your own jewelry. I would
    Taylor Burkhart                                 Dear Santa Claus,                             Brarnd was two good elevs in the movie.      would help the orphans to find a good           like some clothes. A your voice diary.              Dear Santa,
                                                    HOw is life in the North pole? Please         What kind of toys are you makeing in the     home. If I wanted to ask Santa about his        please do not forget my Mama and                    For christmas mostly what I want is
    Dear Santa claus                            remember me and all of the children at            North Pole? Bring some toys for my sis-      life I would ask him how many elfs are at       Dady. See you at Christmas                      for my famiy to be happy again. Christ-
    I would like a three wheeler and a          christmas. My name Haley Stevens and              ter cheyenne and Kara will like a labtop     the north pole.                                      your friend,                               mas is my favorite day because that is
redl Sponge all redl Please.                    I am in the second grade. Is Rudolph’s            and some couple of books to read at                Love,                                          Kristin                                    the day Jesus was born. Do you like
    love                                        nose relly red? Dose Mrs. Claus help              home if we get bord at home. I will keep           Lexis                                                                                     your job? What is your favorite part
    Eli Bolen                                   you stuff your bag? Do you like your              some cookies and some milk out for you.                                                           Dear Santa,                                about your job? Christmas reminds me
                                                elves? What I want for christmas is a             Love Tara Richards.                                Daer Santa,                                    How are you doing? How many                of Christ because Christmas has the
     Dear Santa Claus,                          D.S. laptop, babie doll. I am going to                                                               I’ve been good. I taking care of my       presents do you make? What kind of              word Christ in it. I (heart) Christmas!
     I would like a dirt bike please, I would   leave you some cookies and mike. Love                 Dear Santa Claus                         little Grther and cousin and my dog. One        cookies do you like? How fast does your             Love, Summer
like a bike please, I would like a motorcy-     Haley Stevens                                         How is life in the Noth Pole? Pleas      thing I want is an Nintendo DS. Do you          reindeer go? I am eight years old. I go to
cle please, your friend Will Roberson               I love you Merry Christas!                    remeber me and all of the children as        have a car and a wife and some reindeer         Flat Rock Elementary School. I haved                Dear Santa,
                                                                                                  well. My name is Paolo Scotto di Perta       and a presents. I donate food for feeding       tried my best this year. I would like a few         I can’t wait till Christmas and I al-
    Dear Sanata Claus                               Dear Santa,                                   and I am in the second grade. I want a       friends.                                        things for Christmas. I would like a psp        ready have my Christmas decorations
    I would like. to have some. new toys            How is life in the North Pole? For            toy. Thank for you everything I will be            Sincerely                                 and a Haveox hely a remotecar that is           up. Me and my little sister knows what
Pleas. for chrismas. your freand.               Christmas Plse bring me a gift. And               good. I want a race car. From you. I will          Omar                                      all. My mom wants a cameray                     we wan’t for Christmas. I wan’t junie B.
    Jacob.                                      plese rem a chid who needs a gift. Thank          leave you. Cook and milk. Your frend,                                                             Your Friend                                jones books, I also want the jonas broth-
                                                you for sharing with everyone. My nane            Paolo Scotto di Perta.                           Dear Santa,                                      T.J. Burnett                               er’s Nintindo DS game. My sister want’s
    Dear Santa Claus,                           is Shane. P. I’m 8 years old How are the                                                           Could I have a lime green labtop? I                                                         new shoes play-doe and a Nintindo DS.
    I would like to have new clothes and        reindeer. How do you tell if Rudof is sick.           Dear Santa,                              help feed the freinds feeding freinds Do-           Dear Santa                                      Love,
shoe for Christmas and a scooter                I might wake up on you Merry Chisms.                  HOw is life in the North Pole? I want    nation. How do you know if we been                  How is the weather? Is Rudolph                  Kennadi Nester
please.                                             Love, Shane Pittman                           a Pock rocket, nitend DS, 10,00000 and       noghty or nice? When my family gets             ready for the big trip? I am 8 years old.
    Love,                                                                                         gold. If am going to have a christmar tree   sick I hlep them get better.                    My favrite subjecct is reading. Have you             Dear Santa,
    Faith                                                                                         it will be up. I will see you inside my          Love                                        ever read a Junie b Jones book? How                  I want a Buzz lightyear and a wodey.
                                                    Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                                                                I also wont a PS2. Ooo and a wii. I also
                                                    How is life in the North Pole? For            house.                                           Alyssa                                      did you become Santa? I am going to tell        want animal crossing. Say do you have
    Dear Santa Claus                            Christmas please bring me a gift. I want              Love                                                                                     you some things that I want for Christ-
    I would like a diortbike Hammet                                                                   Lakeland                                     Dear Santa,                                 mas. I want a hockey table, pool table          any BiBi Guns. I want one I also like a
                                                a Bakugan set. My name is Blake King                                                                                                                                                           walkie talkie set. Say hi to the Elfs and
pleace and that will be all Love                and I am in the second grade. How are                                                              I want you to know that I like helping      and for my dad an Xbox.
    Andrew Queen.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mrs. Claus. Have a happy, Jolyy Christ-
                                                the elves? How are the reindeer and                    Dear Santa                              others! What I want for Christmas is a              Don’t forget — your friend,                 mas. Would you also say hay to coment.
                                                how is Mrs. Claus? I am 7 years old. Im                How is life in wt the North Pole for    ipod thats all I want. I would like to know         Abigail                                          Love Brandon Sumner
     Dear Santa Claus,                          going to leave you some milk and some             christmas I would like a bike thank you      what you favorite kind of cookie is? Also
     I would like to have a fur real friend     cookies. Who is your favorite reindeer?           fur sharing with eveauone How Hope to        could you give the needy people a good               Dear Santa Claus,
Kitty. Also I will like a Hello Kitty bag and                                                                                                                                                                                                      Dear Santa,
                                                Make sure to give me my presents and              see you again next                           Christmas and give the clothes to wear!              How are you doing in the North                 I would like a gocart and a Buba I
a pink Hannah Montana guitar with glitter       my 2 brothers BRandon and Brady and                    Your Friend                                 You Friend,                                 Pole? Are you and your reindeers ready
on it please                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   statue to go in my room and a okaman
                                                my sister Kandace. I will have a Christ-               Brianna Wise                                Meredith                                    for your trip? Does Rudolph have a shiny        one to. Also icarly micorphone. Can I
     Love, Kimbely                              mas tree so you can lay my presents.                                                                                                           red nose? My name is Leslie. I’m in third       have some Christmas cloths or Pants?
                                                P.S. bring my parents something                         Flat Rock Elementary School                Dear Santa,                                 grad and I’m 8 year’s old. My favorite          Can I have Blanket that has soccer balls
   Dear Santa Claus                                 Your Friend,                                                Mrs. Hoosier                       If I could only have one thing it would     book is Judy Moody. My favorite Subject
   I would like Batmen toys, Lego Indi-                                                                                                                                                                                                        on it? Can I have sticks and school stuff
                                                    Blake King                                                  Third Grade                    be a nail salon set. I sometimes clean          is Math. I here are a few things I would        and a DSi? I also want a fourwheeler or
ana Jones, Lego Batmen, a guitair,                                                                                                             the house and I say nice things to peole        like for Christmas. I would like two Barbi-
Avatar toys, and a set of toy clubs.                                                                                                                                                                                                           another dirtbike Pleas.
                                                     Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,                              who say nice things back. If I may ask          es and a little bear for Christmas. I hope          Love Hanna Hiatt
   Love Corbin                                       How are you doing in the North                   I’ve been helping others I havent got    what kind of cookies do you like the            you have a Merry Christmas.
                                                pole? I want a ps3 and a Lap top and I            into any fights this year so far! I al so    most? If I could help the needy people I             your friend,                                    Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa Claus,                           also want a Gold fish and a toy reciler. I        wold like it if you would give all the or-   would build a house, give them food and              Leslie
    I want Max and Ruby videos. I want                                                                                                                                                                                                              I will like to have a stuff Monkey. I’m
                                                am in second grade. I am seven years              phans and the homeles a home and             clothes.                                                                                        wondering if your reindeers and you elfs
Indiana Jones wip please. Love                  old. My name is Saul Rico                         mony! Ho I all most forgot hows Blitson          Sincerely,                                      Dear Santa Claus,
    Britney Shelton.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           are doing good. The best reindeer of
                                                     Love, Saul                                   and Rudolph too. And am I on the notghy          Shakira Phillips                                How are you and is Mrs. Claus all-          mine is randolph. I would like to have a
                                                     I hope you have a Merry Christmas            and nice liss ps. Rudlph is the bes                                                          right? Do you like reading all kinds of         wii with the game rockband. I would like
    Dear Santa Claus                                                                                  love.                                         Dear Santa,                                books? My favorite books are Arthur
    I would like to have a Baribe house                                                                                                                                                                                                        to have a new ds with the game Mon-
                                                     Dear Santa,                                      Tyler                                         I love Christmas and all the presents      books. I am 8 years old and go to Flat          keys. I hope you are gonna like my cook-
please. I want a pink sweater please and             How is life in the North Pole? For                                                        you give me. The toy that I really want is      Rock Elementary School. I work very
a scooter please for Christmas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                ies. I make you on christmas eve.
                                                Christmas please bring me a gift. I would             Dear Santa,                              a Bakugan arena. Do you like my cook-           hard evryday. Could yo bring me a bike               Love,
    Love, Kirsten Bowman                                                                              I Love Christmas! I want a cooking       ies that I baked for you? Santa can you         and a DSi. My sister would like a iPOD. I
    thank you for everything.                   like to have a wii. Make sure you get                                                                                                                                                               Dylan Richards
                                                every child. Be carful gowing from house          my Ds game. do you have a Mrs. Claus?        give homes, food and water to poor peo-         hope you have a Merry Christmas and
                                                to house. Be sure to get a few children in        to get Then presents and a home a            ple. Please I really want to help poor          have a good trip.                                   Dear Santa,
     Dear Santa Claus,                                                                            Clothes.                                     people.                                             Your Friend Walter
     I would like to have gold rhinos           need of shelter. Tell Mrs. Clause I said hi.                                                                                                                                                       I want new shoes. I want new
                                                Also tell Rudolph and all the other rain-             Sincerely                                     Sincerely,                                                                                 clothes I want toys I want new bookbag
shees. I would like a playstion3. I would                                                             Love                                          Jayden Arnder                                  Dear Santa,
like a xbox 360. Please. Santa                  deer I said hi. I will leave you a glass of                                                                                                                                                    a new pencil a new eraser I want a new
                                                milk. I live on Mc Bride road and it’s the            Jasmine                                                                                      How are the elves in the North Pole?        coat.
     Love                                                                                                                                             Flat Rock Elementary School              Did you like my milk and cookies, draw-
     Tanner Church                              sacond house. I am seven years old and                                                                                                                                                             Love Jasmin
                                                in the sacond grade and my name is                     Dear Santa,                                            Mrs. Parker                      ings I left you? I’m in third grade my
                                                Maranda. Tell the eleves to don’t stop                 I love Christmas and all the presents                  Third Grade                      teacher is Mrs. Parker I go to school at            Dear Santa,
    dear santuz,                                                                                  you give people. The most thing I want                                                       Flat Rock Elementary School. I’ve
    I your fiend. Want Hannah Montan            making presents. Don’t forget to give my                                                                                                                                                           For christmas I want a intendo Dsi
                                                                                                  for Christmas is a cooking mama game             Dear Santa,                                 worked hard all year long. Could you            and some games for it too. Also a laptop
pleaze.                                         mom and dad somthing.                             for a DS. Do you like my cookies I put out       How is the weather in the north             please bring me a baby bunny, Frosty
    Love, Britney                                    Your friend,                                                                                                                                                                              and a camera. I would also lik some
    Your Friend                                                                                   for you on Christmas. Can you give poor      Pole? How are you and Mrs. Claus and            the Snowman and Rudolph the red nose            gameboy games and a wii game. Could
                                                     Maranda                                      people food for Christmas. I also want       the elves making the toys? I am 9 year          reindeer from Build A Bear work shop. I         I have some bild a bear bears and bun-
     Dear Santa Claus,                                                                            some stuffed penguins                        old and I go to Flat Rock Elementary            hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!                nys and dogs too in pritty cloce too?
                                                     Dear Santa,                                       Love                                    school and I like to Read alot! The school          Love,
     I would like ta Barbie house and I will         How is life in the North pole? For                                                                                                                                                            Love,
like a tram poline and I will like to have a                                                           Makara Hickman                          I go is the Best! I like going to this school       Brandon T.                                      Grace
                                                chistmas, please bring me a gift. I would                                                      so much! I would like few things. I want a
Bratz please                                    like to have a toy diousar and all of the             Dear Santa,                              Book, so I can Read and a Hello Kitty               Dear Santa,
     Love,                                      childeren at christmas. My name is Dilan                                                                                                                                                            Dear Santa,
     Autom                                                                                            I Love Christmas! I want a cooking       Game and a cake maker and can you                   How do the cookies taste when you                How is your raindeer My favrite
                                                Hernandez and I’m in the second grade.            mama DS game. I want to know how is          bring my brother some cars to play with         eat them? What are you going to give
     thank                                      I’m eight years old how are your rein-                                                                                                                                                         names of your rain deer is blitseen. What
                                                                                                  Mrs. Claus? Will you give the people that    and I hope you have a great christmas!          the bad kids? How is Rudolph and the            I really wan’t for christmas is a Knife and
                                                deer, Is rudolbn’s nose really red?               does not have homes, homes for Christ-           your friend,                                othe reindeer doing? I am 9 years old I
     dear santa claus,                               Your friend Dilan Hernandez                  mas. I also want a big pool for my family.       Lisbet                                      am in Third Grade. I like to do Science in      a case for it. I wan’t some legos to.
     I would like a wii please and I would                                                        I want a reindeer please.                                                                    class. I am at Flat Rock Elementary                  love William Sprinkle
like a xbox 360 please and I would like a
Play Statoin 3.                                      Dear Santa Clous,                                Love                                         Dear Santa,                                 School. Dragons rock! There’s somthing
                                                     Ho’s life in the North Pole? For                 Chloe Key                                    How are you and your family and             I want it is Legos the big pack that I saw           Dear Santa,
     Cameron                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I want a Dsi siy gieie, a laptop and a
                                                Christmas please bring me a gift or two. I                                                     raindeer? I Love Chrismas! I want a re-         at WalMort and I want to give my baby
                                                would like a toy dinosor, some seeds,                 Dear Santa.                              motecontrol Mustag, miny pool talbe and         brother it is a bear stuffed animal and my      good. Chistmas and the ba lins dord for
       Flat Rock Elementary School                                                                                                                                                                                                             will and for. You to have a good Chist-
               Mrs. Danley                      and a zoo zoo pet. My name is Tyler                   I want a psp for chrismas. I’ve Been     ipoD. my mom want’s some Butterfly              big brother I want to give it is some Le-
              Second Grade                      Reeves and I’m seven years old and I
                                                might leave cookies and milk for you. Do
    Dear Santa,                                 the elves help you pack toys and other
    How is life in the North pole? Please       stuff? What do my mom and dad want                  During The Christmas Season more than ever, Our
rember me and all of the children at            for Christmas? What do my friends want              Thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our
christmas. My name is Blake Benge and           for Christmas? Do you know addition?
I am in the sescond grade. I wont a Ju-         Your friend,                                        Progress possible.
nior Dragster for christmas. Please bring            Tyler Reeves                                                   And In This Spirit We Say,
                                                                                                                           Simply But Sincerely                                                              Hope Your Holiday
 During this Holiday Season, we would like to
  express our gratitude to those who have made our
 progress possible.
                                                                                                                                   Thank You
                                                                                                                              And Best Wishes To You
                                                                                                                                        Your Family For
                                                                                                                                           A Very
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Suits You
                                                                                                                                           Merry Christmas!
 It is in this spirit                                                                                                                                                                                         We’re putting
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 on our
  we say . . .                                                                                                                                                                                                holiday best
                                                                                                                                                             and a Healthy &
                                                                                                                                                                Prosperous                                       to say,
                                                                                                                                                                New Year                                       “Merry
                                                                                                                                                                                                             and many
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18   December 24, 2009                                                                                                         2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                   
mas. P.S do you very git a cool.               working hard. My favorite raindeer is cu-       25th 2009. I love hot chocolate                    Dear Santa,                                 want is a wii game called wii sport resort,     for my family. Can I have a new bike.
   your friend Sheldon Marshall                pid. I want a new scooter and Shawn                 Love Hanne                                     I was good this year. I would want 5        its awesome. one more thing is a $50.00             Love Your Friend
                                               White snowboarding road trip.                                                                  things on Chrismas. I want a brand new          itunes card. That’s all, well almost all,           Jordan
    Dear. Santa,                                   To: Santa                                        Dear Santa Claus,                         game and a skateboard because my is             there’s alot more. I will have cookies for
    I am wondering if you and your Elves           From: Jacob Dodd                                 I really want to come to the North        broke and a D.S because I don’t have            you on Christmas let Rodof lead your                 Dear Santa.
are doing well this year? Santa I’am                                                           Pole. Tell the Elves and Mrs. Claus that I     one and a p.s.p. with games and a brand         slay.                                                What I want is a computer. What I’d
Hapen that Rudohlf nose is still shining           Dear Santa                                  said hey. Rudolph is my favorite rein-         new wresler.                                         Love,                                      like for my family is happyness. What I’d
bring. Well now I am goning to tell you            I wish I could come to your house,          deer. will you Please send us some                 Love,                                            Piper Draughon                             like for the world is Love. What I want is a
Santa and your elves what I wan’t For          my favorite reindeer is rudolph! I hope         snow this year. I am probably going to             Jesus Valadez                                    P.S. Santa your the Best!                  bed for my dag My dag wants a toy to.
Christmas now I want a mogoose bike, a         you think I am a strong and a good boy. I       put out reindeer food this year. Please            P.S - Tell Ruddoff hello for me please                                                           Form Edith
movie’s Giff Card, also a baskitball and a     think I am. I hope you come to my               send me some chixos and pixas. I relly                                                             Dear Santa,                                      to Santa.
Guatiar to play with my papa.                  house. Here’s my list of stuff.                 want some clothes and shoes and some               Dear Santa,                                     I have bin a very good girl this year. I
    love,                                          I wont a ds and a nerf gun all diary of     more Chrismas toe socks. I want anoth-             I just wanted to know how the rain-         hop you have a great Christmas. Sae hi              Dear Santa,
    Haley France                               a wimpy kid boorgun Play Staution3              er soccer ball. I want the American Girl       deer, elv’s, and you are doing. I have          to Mrs. Clos and the raindeer and the               I hope you have a happy jolly Christ-
                                                   Thank you!                                  doll her name is Rebecca. See you De-          nody and good this year.                        lase for me. I will give you cookies and        mas. May i have a new D.S. game, a
    Dear Santa,                                    Love, Paul!                                 cember 25th                                        First I want a coputer game becasue         milk I will lave it bie the tree.               new wii game. new clothes, some coug
    I want a Nintendo DS. I yes that my                                                             Love                                      I have no computer games at home. I                 I oley want a latll I want a laptop so I    boot’s, a baby puppy. and a happy jooly
baby brother wants a transformer toy. My           Dear Santa, by Tallin Gates                      Haley                                     also want Transformers 9 Autobot and            can’t fite with my broter. I want shoes         Christmas. I want you God, Jesus, and
mom wants a big necklace. I hope your              I have been good year. I have been                                                         Deceptigon. It would be nice if I could         cuse I oley have two pall of shoes. a DS        my parents, cusin’s ant’s, uncles grand-
doing well.                                    waiting for you Sience last year. For               Dear Santa, I have been very good          have a puppy. And new pants size 8.             so I wot wach tv no more. I want grly           parent’s, and My broather and everone
    Your friend                                christmas I have been thinking about            this year. This is what I want for Chris-      And once more thing, I want ming                cuse I have a lat bit                           else to have a happy jolly Christmas.
    Laura Pena                                 getting a psp. And getting some more wii        mas. I wont a x-box 360 a Play station         wreslers                                            Love,                                           Love,
                                               games. Like 2009 baseball allstars. Just        three, a trampolin some games for my x-            Love,                                           Elizabeth Carreal                               Olivia Boyles
    Dear Santa,                                baseball games and some playstation 2           box 360 a electronocol scooter I wont              Freri Rodriguez                                                                                 THANK YOU
    For christmas I want a Xbox360, a          games like football 2010 NFL. And               some games for my playstation three, a                                                             Dear Santa,                                     VERy Much
PS3, and a 4 wheeler motorcycle. I hope        100,000 dollars in cash too. So this is         laptop I hope it has internet on it I hope          Dear Santa,                                    I want to let you know I will tell you
your buying our toys at the sky. I am so       what I want. Can’t wait to see you. And         you can bring a billion of Diary of a               I’ve bin very good this year. This year    what I want for christmus. I want a wii, I            Dear Santa,
nervous for this Christmas I want my           can you give a kiss to your wife for me         Wimpy Kid, just don’t bring me a red           I want $20.00. I also want a gamecube.          want a wii so I could play games on it. I             I would like to have an American Girl
presents real bad. I hope you had been         thanks. See you on christmas by.                one. I wont a Ds for me my cousin my           And I want Rainbow legos. Last I want a         also want an xBox and a T.V. with a dvd         doll please and also some head bands.,
good and smart now. Now After Christ-              Tallin                                      sisters a new baby brother, 8 controllers,     pet turtle.                                     player so I could watch movies on it and I      little bows plus a few ribbons for my hair
mas I want it to snow. Now we are ready                                                        and a bup bed this is the game I won’t for          I hope you have a great year Santa.        want a DS and a psp too.                        please. And for my family will you make it
to open up our presents.                            Dear Santa,                                my x-box 360 Transformser revenge of           My family loves you. I’ll get the cookies           I want those five items cause they          snow about 10 inches or more and
    Your friend, Miguel                             Hi Santa how is Mrs. Claus? My fa-         the Fallen. and DS for to DS                   for you.                                        are fun things to have. So I could have         please for the world peace, love, and
                                               vorite reindeer is rudolph, is his nose still       See you December 25,                            I hope the weather won’t stop you.         something fun to do. I also have nothing        happines. PS. some clothes for the
    Dear Santa,                                red? Can I come to the north pole? I                Tybius                                          Love,                                      to do at home. I need a xbox cause my           American girl doll.
    I just want to tell you what I whant for   would an icarly Ds game and a gameboy                                                               Scout Hughes                               baby brother hogs the other one at                    Love your pal,
Christmas I whant a wii so I could have        game for DS and a DS and the Hannah                 Dear Santa,                                                                                home. I can’t wait until cristmas.                    Meredith Cox
something to do at home cause i’m al-          Montana movie game for my momas?                    I have been very good. Will you                Dear Santa,                                     Love,
ways bored at home. I also want a XBos         Can’t wait to see you December 25!              please get me these things? Most of all            I think I have been good. My mom                Caleb Willaism.                                 Dear Santa,
for Christmas and a Nintendo D.S. to.          Thanks Santa                                    SCORPIO!!! He is a bioncle. I also really      and dad haven’t told me. I really, really,                                                          What I want is a PSP, DS and a lap-
You know why I want them is cause I                 Sincerely Stormee Williams                 want a computer. A laptop would be realy       really tried. I have been nice to my class-           J. J. Jones Intermediate School           top What I’d like for my family is for my
have nothing to do at the house. I also                                                        nice will you get me a phone? I want a         mates, and students. Some people are,                          Debbie McKee                     mom to get through these 28 days of col-
want a gameboy and a XBox360 and a                  Dear Santa,                                DSI. I want the DS game of TRANS-              and some are not.                                               Third Grade                     lege and my dad to make the meat Dept.
bike.                                               How are you this Christmas? Well I         FORMERS REVENG OF THE FAllEN.                      What I really want is a TV or radio.                                                        a-good place. For the world is everyone
    Love caleb Williams                        hope your good! Your gonna be full of               Kolten Drummond                            Because it helps to dance and they both            Dear Santa Claus,                            to have $10.00 for a meal so they can
    p.s. I can’t wait until Christmas! I       treast when you come to my house. Tell              Thank you                                  have music. Next I want a Hello Kitty,             I hope you have had a wonderful              survive.
can’t wait to see what I get.                  Mrs. Claus that I said hello! And please                                                       dressed up as a lamb or panda.                  year. I’d like a DSI, a computer, DS and            Your Friend
                                               give your reindeer an extra carrot, and              J. J. Jones Intermediate School               I hope you have a very Merry Christ-        DSI games, a stereo with some countrie-             Mason J.
     Dear Santa, How are you? I would          tell them it’s from me. I’ve been really                       Mrs. Martin                     mas. Be safe while you are up there. Tell       songs and some Hannah Montanna
like a wii and 2 games super mario Bro.        good this year and I mde A-B honor roll                        Third Grade                     Rudolf his nose looks cool. No more             CD’s. I would like love all around my                Dear Santa,
and sports resort. My brother wants a          in school. And heres some stuff I de-                                                          making fun of Rudolf.                           family this Christmas!                               I am getting preatyon math. And I am
game boy with a mario game. Can you            serve                                                Dear Santa,                                   Sincerly,                                      Love your good girl,                         tring to get good in reading. I will like to
bring me a real par of glasses. Mom                 n For you to have a good holiday                Just to let you know I am being hon-          Gabrielle                                      Allie Leonard                                have a wii for me and my family. I like to
wants a trastcan for a new home.                    n Tales of fourth grade nothing by         est I have NOT been the BEST this year.            Dear Santa                                     Merry Cristimas!                             have a Zhu Zhu pets. And I will like a oth-
     P.S. bring me a vaperiver. will you       Judy Blume                                           There is not a lot of things I want one       I been a good boy. Can you help all                                                         er neckles for my cousin Jazmine.
bring a colp of twilight books. Love: Kei-          n Bouncy Balls                             thing I want is a DSI. Another thing I want    The people in the world. Can you bring a            Dear Santa,                                      Love, Karen
ley Cropps                                          n The Jonas Nintendo DS game.              is a PSP. I would also like a new pair of      PSP, DSI, food, gameboy, close. I need              Please can you make my wish come
                                                    n Baby clothes                             slipers. I do also want a goldon retriver      a PSP because I don’t have one. And I           true on Chrismas Eve. My wish is that if              J. J. Jones Intermediate School
     Dear Santa,                                    n A bitty baby doll (blonde hair).         (at my dad’s). I hope to get everything I      need a DSi because I don’t have a DSi. I        you could give me and my family what                            Jamie Smith
     I wount a build a bear work shop,              n A microscope                             want thanks.                                   need food to eat and I need gameboy             we need on Chrismas. Please can you                             Third Grade
intindo DSi, Wii, Duke flipflops shose              n Fashion kit were you design your              Love                                      because mine got wet and does not               give por people food, cloths and other
cleats Duke scurf Dukelong sleve shirt a       own styles                                           Sydney Nicole Clifton                     work.                                           things they need. Santa also please help             Dear Santa,
Duke chere leading outfit, a batan, I               Sincerely                                       PS - Hope you do not get tired deliv-         Love,                                       por people around the world.                         I think last years presents were
wount that green motor cycle I saw at               Carly Grace Sheets                         ering presents                                     Sebastian Renteria                              Love Marc                                   thoughtful. They were pretty nice. If you
trackter sapley a littleist pet shap hasue,                                                                                                                                                                                                   going to my house I’m making cookies
my little pony set, a set of Books and             Dear, Santa How is Mrs. Claus? Tell             Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                 with your face on them. They will be pret-
Hanna montana movise                           rodolph He is my favorite. I relly want to          I was nice to my sister and I want             I would like to say thank you soooo             I wish that you would bring some            ty round but small. For christmas I want
     Love                                      come see you But when you come to               you to bring me Uno cards because              much for all the past Christma’s. I have        snow this year. This is what I want for         an art set with glitter, construction paper,
     Samantha                                  see me I relly want an IPod touch and a         when my cusens came they brought it            not been good all year!! If you still care to   Christmas I want a DS game a new                crayons, and markers.
                                               pink north face fuzzy jacket I would relly      but I had fun but she lives in Chicago         give me some things for Chrismas.               moive and a new spy set. This is what I              I hope I get presents becaue I’ve not
      J. J. Jones Intermediate School          love to Have black ugg-s and that is all I      and they lost them.                                Hear’s my list....I want these little       want for my family a happy Christmas.           been naughty but nice.
                 Ms. Powell                    want this year! thank’s Santa See you               And I want you to bring me a laptop        hamster toys called ZuZu pets. the rea-             your best friend                                 Love,
                Third Grade                    December 25 2009                                because I have to learn how to use it be-      son I want this is because my mom won’t             Alex                                             Brooklyn Manlery
                                                   love Emma Ratcliff                          cause I have never touch one before or         let me have a real one! I also want a                                                                Dear Sana,
    Dear Santa Claus,                                                                          play.                                          camra. (It does not matter what kind it is).       Dear Santa,
    Tell Mrs. Claus that I said hi. Tell the       Dear Santa I think the elves have               Love,                                          The reason I want a camra is be-               I would like a D.S.I for Christmas.               Thank you for the Wii last year I like it
elves that they worked hard to make our        been working hard to make all the pres-             Maria Secundino                            cause it looks fun!! Don’t forget to feed all   And for my family I would like happy            alot. Thank you for the WWE money in
favorite toys. My favorite reindeer is         ents. All the things I won’t is a mine mo-                                                     the animals that don’t get enogh food.          days. What I’d like for the would is food       the bank action figure match and the
rudolph the red nose reindeer. I wish I        torcycle, and a Laptop, a wii, The Diary            Dear Santa,                                    Fly safe,                                   pants and, shirts.                              new green bike two years ago I liked
can come to North Pole with you. I like it     of a Wimpy Kid do-it-yourself book, a               All I want for christmas is only five          Maggie Beal                                    Thank you Santa                              them alot.
when it snow. I would like what you have       swimming pool, a Spark Scooter, ninety          things. I want a phone and a football and                                                         Love Jesus L.                                     This year I want a playstation 3.
to give to me in your bag. I would like to     dollers, and a touch ipod. That is all I        a brand new shoes and a Basketball and             Dear Santa,                                                                                      Love,
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dear Santa,                                     Dillan Montgomery
share hot chocolate and some delicouis         want Marry Christmas                            I wish I had a PSP game for my PSP. I              I just want to say I have been good. I
cookies for you. I would like to see the           Sincerely Alex Valverde                     do not have one and I want them things.        want to say what I want for Christmas is             I would like is a psp games bakugun
                                                                                                                                                                                              and a TV. For my family I would like love           Dear Santa,
presents that you gave me under the                                                            But I had one game for my PSP but My           a mini laptop and another Hannah Mon-                                                               Thank you for every thing that you
tree.                                               Dear Santa,                                Moms boyfriend broke it. My Mom said           tana movie I dont have to pay for. I also       and care. For the world I would like no
                                                                                                                                                                                              fight by the army and hope people don’t         have given me. I would like a iphone and
    Love                                            I’ve been Good This year. And when         she will buy me one PSP Charger of My          want a christmas cd and aradio.                                                                 to See you. I would like a dsi. I wont a
    Katherlyn Yang                             you get this letter Tell the elves and Mrs.     PSP it was dead for a month. Santa I               Thank you if you get them for me. If        starve                                          new super cool bike I love you santa.
                                               Clause I said Hi. I want an inflatables         wonder how your raindeer are doing and         you always have milk and cookies.                    Your friend                                    Love
    Dear Santa I have been a good boy          Florida State football field goal. I also       your Elfs are doing to. I hope your Elfs       Thank you Santa my friend                            Nabyant Wagner                                 XzaBier C. Jones
this year. For christmas I would like a        want a Laptop. And a nike football. Also        get makeing thoes itemes.                          Your friend,
PS3, four wheeler, nerf long shot, ping        a florida state football Jersey and Florida         Love,                                          Kellee Cowart                                     Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,
pong table, snow board, a shot gun and         State Football pants. both with pads. I             Armando Estrada                                                                                  What I want for Christmas is a puppy          Thank you for all the gifts that you
robk band I deserve a ping pong table for      want a college football game. I want A                                                             Dear Santa,                                 for with a coller. What I’d want for my         have brot me in my life. When are you
my lexile levels I gained.                     package of a Geronimo Stilton books.                 Dear Santa,                                   Hi Santa how are the reindeer and           family is a great Christmas with my fami-       coming to Cross Creek country club?
    Marry christmass.                          And a florida state football helmet.                 I just want to tel you I’ve been very     Mrs. Clase. I think I have been good this       ly. I would like a funny Christmas with a       Whenever you can I really want to see
    Luke Welch                                      Sencerly,                                  good but not to good! I want a sell pheon      year but it is up to you.                       holiday cheer and get all the stuf I            your reindeer while you are at Cross
                                                    your true elf                              because sometimes I need to call when              The thing I realy want this year is         wished for. I hope I get to see my famliy       Creek. How do you fly all over the world
     Dear Santa,                                    Hunter Eaton                               I’m in a sleepover.                            trane’s frum the trane shop and all of the      own Christmas.                                  in one night? This is what I really want
     Tell Mrs. Claus I said hay and tell the                                                        And a memory card so I can save           usrys to it, because it is elechit. I want to         Love                                      the lego star wars aat blue one with 407
elves they are working hard and my fa-             Dear Santa, tell Mrs Claus I said hey       my games in PS3. Until I get a PS3 and I       have the Do-it-your-self book so I can                Madison Inman                             pieces.
vorite raindeer is rudolph. I would like to    and tell the elves I said they were hard at     need a PS3 so I don’t need a memory            have the collechen.                                                                                 your friend,
visit you would you like to visit me. you      work and my favorite reindeer is rudolph        card. And I allso need a xBox 360 so the           This year I hope you like my cookes I           Dear Santa Claus,                               Samuel Nester
can bring me please a go cart (Black hel-      and here are some things I want for             controlles are wireles. And a dog that         make for you. They will be a ginger                 Please can I have a dog and a PS3
met), stickers that say 19, Legos, tele-       christmas.                                      bose’nt have fur. And a PSP. And a DSI.        bread boy.                                      for Christmas. I want my family to have              Dear Santa,
scope, All diary of a wimpy kid, Back Nerf         a mini labtop, an American girl, a bit-          Love, Jack Layno                              P.S. my sister will want a lap-top!!        happyness for Christmas. I want the                  I would like to meat you but you
gun that aims, Wake Forest Book Bag,           ty baby diper bag, an ipod touch, an                                                               Sennsrly                                    world to have happyness.                        would proddly not give me no toys. Will
football chair smooth Flat screen Pan-         iphone, a fasion scooter, a air hocey               Dear Santa,                                    Quinn Walker                                    your bud,                                   you give me a train set and a eletered
thers football helmet, Snow, Blow up           table, and a smart board. thanks santa              Hi. I have been good this year.                                                                Gayzern                                     dog. Will you give me pictier of you San-
Football goal, All spy gear so I can spy       see you December 25th                               I would like a Laptop and a puppy.             Dear Santa,                                                                                 ta. I want a exbox360 and a play stason
on my parents.                                     Sincerely Abby Mosteller!                   Because my couin has one and it is fun             I’ve been nice. I want a D-Rex it is a         Dear Santa,                                  3 and a Wii2. Will you give my mom
     Love you be very careful please                                                           to play with them. I want a Laptop be-         cool toy because it has a remote bone.             what i want is a psp. and a wii for my       some gurey. Will you by my dad some
     Love                                           Dear Santa tell Mrs. Claus I said Hi       cause you can hear muice. I also want a        And I want a big big tv because my tv is        family. and love and peace for the world.       tools for work. Will you by my brother a
     Baylee                                    and the elves have been working hard            new bike.                                      small. I want an xbox 360 for my tv be-            your boy                                     batholder.
     P.S. I will Leave you cookies and         and I really want this stuff. I want a long         I realy want you to bring me a Lap-        cause my brother’s play it all the time. I         Robert                                            Wyatt Taylor Anderson
milk do you want me to leave the rein-         shot Nerf gun, A DSI with a lot of cool         top. You are so nice to everybody. I will      want a new rope. do you remember the
deer carrots                                   games like football 2008-2009, and I            leav cookies and milk. Thank you for all       rope you got me? I want snow to come                Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa Claus,
                                               want Rock Band for Wii, And Guitar hero         you done.                                      on christmas day                                    I would like to have a small puppy I             I wish I can have a little puppey
    Dear Santa,                                World with drums, a guitar, and a                   Love,                                          your’e fan,                                 want it to be a Lab but inside. I would         please get me a reing mich Please San-
    on our spelling bee I had to spell cu-     michrphone, and DJ hero, and                        Ashley Maldonado                               Nate Clawson                                aslo lik a dritbike. I would like the poor to   ta I will be good if you get me the puppey
pid anyway I want DJ hero turn table and       1,00000$, And a miney laptop that is car-                                                          P.S. - I’m moving to a new house            have money, sketer and food. Would you          and the reing mach and lot of snow
madden 2010. for my PSP. Tell Mrs.             olina blu A skatebord and cool clothes, a           Dear Santa,                                                                                please make it snow 10 inchs!                   please ill be good and when it snow I will
Claus I said hey.                              rist band with spikes on it, Make that two          How are you and your reindeer do-               Dear Santa,                                    your good boy                               play in the snow on my sled an I will have
    Sincerly                                   of them and the DSI is need’s to be car-        ing? I hope Rudough is ready for Christ-            Hi Santa, how are you, well I hope             Mason Corn                                  fun on christmas day by.
    Ian Golding                                olina blue, And a electric scooter. Pleas       mas. For Chistmas I just want a few            for bringing me and my frindly friends                                                               love Cassie
                                               bring Me these things.                          things. Here’s what I want an Maxus            toys. I wanted to tellyou that I have been           Dear Santa,
   DEAR SANTA I WOULD LIKE THIS                     Sincerely                                  Dragonoid, Mario and Sonic at the              good most of the time. I will be prepared            What I would like for Christmas is a          Dear Santa,
FOR CRISTMAS. THE RED DAIRY OF                      Christian Manray                           Olympic Winter Games for Wii, Mario            for your reindeer and you of corse.             ZuZu pet it’s town. car and bed. A would           I want a pink DS with the game and
A WIMPY KID, A PLAY STATION 3, A                                                               Kart Wii, a baku mat. and alot of Baku-             This is what I would like for Christ-      like is a new born Shizu, bed, stoller, and     a easy cooking thing for Christmas.
BUNK BED, AND A WORLD GEOLOGI-                     Dear Santa, tell Mrs. Claus I said          gon.                                           mas is a DS game it is called Nintindo          toys for it. A camera, Dsi a video camera.      Thank you Santa becaue the suffed that
COL MAP. SEE YOU LATER. THANKS                 hey I would relly like to come to the North         I’ve also been very good this year. I      dogs goldin retriver. The reason I want a       A lot of pet shops. A real baby bed,            you did get me last year and tell the rein-
SANTA                                          pole. My favorite raindeer is rudolph. I        realy hope you will eat and drink the milk     DS game is because my mom might buy             swing. changer and a baby doll that             deers I said Merry Christmas.
   Jacob Andrew Connolly                       hope the elves made alot of toys for            and cookies I get you and feed the rien-       me a DSi for Christmas they cost 165$.          looked like me when I was little and does          Love,
                                               everybody. I would like a new polkordot-        deer the food I give them also. I hop you      Another thing is a new microphone, mine         everything a real baby does. A wowie               Mercedes Hughes
   Dear Santa, I have been good this           ed blanket a new puffy pillow, and a lot of     have a great Christmas                         wont work anymore. Another thing is a           alive big cheetah and a I phone. I hope
year. I hope I get some present. Tell Mrs.     presents. I wish to see you and the                 Love,                                      new book named Rodrick rules, I don’t           everybody has a Merry Christmas.                     Dear Santa,
Claus hey for me. Tell the elves they are      whole North Pole. See you December                  Perry Wagoner                              have that one, something else I would                Your old friend,                                If you come to my house can you
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sierra Golding                             bring Rudolph the red nose reindeer.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Was that you in the living room last year?
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dear Santa,                                  I think that was you in the living room be-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 For Christmas I want a PSP plees             cause the lights was on in the living
                                                                                                                                                                                              and a toy phon and something for my             room. Have fun Santa. I love you.
                                                                                                                                                                                              family for Christmes                                 love,
                                                                                                     May peace                                                                                   From you’r best frind
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dear santa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Tyler Sheets
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   I saw a picture of you. I think you
                                                                                                                                                                                                 I wold like a Army set with a remote
                                                                                                   reign in your hearts                                                                       controle also. A wii and a psp.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Your buddy
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dear Santa,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              need to go on a diet. If you don’t you will
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              not fit through my chimney. How is it up
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              there I bet cold. Well this is what I want
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              this year. A baby sister.
                                                                                                   and love shine                                                                                Please can I have some new shoes
                                                                                                                                                                                              and a PSP please. Can I have a new wii               Luis Osorno

                                                                                                                                                                                               TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS
                                                                                                     on your path this                                                                           AT CHRISTMAS
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                from all of us for a very
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Merry Christmas and a
                                                  • James Arnold, M.D.
                                                 • Druery DeVore, M.D.
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                                                        Mount Airy
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          789-3864                                                                                                                  2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                              December 24, 2009 19
     Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa                                   Do you have fun going to different hous-               Dear Santa                                       P.S. I love you santa.                            Dear Santa
     This is jsut what I wont for for crist-         I am a really good child and I think I       es and different places? Also, what                    I would like to know how you are do-             Love Brooklyn.                                    I am Jo Alisha Snow. I hope I’ve
mas. I want an ipod, a new cell phone           deserve a good treat. All the chear you           would you like for Christmas?                     ing? I would like a playstaion 3 and wii. I                                                        been good this year so I can get lots and
some twist pins thats all I can thank of        bring to our family. I want for Chrismas is          Your friend,                                   wont flags for flag football. I would like a           Dear Santa,                                 lots of present. For Christmas I want an
rite now. does Mrs. claus help you              a dirt bike, mind flex, Playstashen2                 Shakeema Bell                                  case fore cd’s and movies. I would like a              I would like to have Madden 10 10           ipod, touch screen phone, $3,000, and
thanks for the toys you got me last year.            thank you santa                                                                                lego city. I wont a panthers jersey. I wont       for Wii, I also would like to have different     last but not least Tyler Hansbrough to
Is your faviorat color red or white?                 PS write back free chooes at my                   Dear Santa,                                  a dirt bike also a four wheeler.                  sport jerseys. I would like lots of money        teach me how to play basketball and get
     Love, Taylor                               house and a rarst for your deer.                       I am writing to let you know what I               Love                                         so my family can go on vacation alot             better! When it is Christmas I want it to
     ho ho ho                                        thank you santa.                             would like for Christmas. I would like                 Ethan Gallimore.                             more, and I want season passes for               be the best day ever for my whole family!
                                                     xo,                                          some new clothes for Christmas, my dad                                                              duke basketball, and I want NBA Live 10          Santa if I have been notty well I will fix
     Dear Santa,                                     love                                         say’s I nead some clothes. I would like               Dear Santa                                    for playstation 2. I would like a cellphone,     that so I can get presents!
     For Christmas I would like A cupcake            Bryce                                        for you to help my cousins Grandma to                 I wish I could get my dog back                and some clothes, and I want a dirt bike.             Love, Jo Snow
maker, cakemaker, wii with wii games                                                              live. I would like very very much for you         though he maybe dead. I want a PS3. I             I would also like to get Guitar Hero’s for
and the bord game trouble and what I re-            Dear Santa,                                   to help my teacher’s dog that she found           wish my school had more playground                the playstation 2, and I want the school            Dear Santa,
ally want it to snow.                               Thank you for the presents form last          on the road this morning. I would like you        equipment. last but not least I wish I had        to have more playground equipment.                  I won’t a bee bee gun, socks, under-
     Sincerely,                                 winter, they were fun. I was nice this year       to help the dog survive. My teacher is            less home work.                                   And I wish everybody had a home.                 waie, and alot more.
     Zagnah                                     and I wahT to ask for a copule of pres-           crying over the dog because she feels                 your friend,                                       Love,                                          Love,
                                                ents. I want a new DSI, a new bed-                bad. I would like to have Polly Pocket                Joseph                                             Clay                                           Johnny Dollyhigh
    Dear Santa!                                 spread, a box of Legos, a Lamp, and 2             toys for Christmas. I would like a mini
    I want a DSSa fon,I vidogame. mar-          tickets for snow tubbing. I have wanted           laptop.                                                Dear Santa,                                      Dear, Santa                                     Dear Santa,
ioand sonic and the olympicgames!               these presents for a Long time.                        P.S. Do you like cookies?                         I wanted to know how you are doing,              For Christmas I would like A Rine-              Santa, how are you feeling? Can
    halo agrat cristmis Santa                       Your Freind,                                       Yours truly,                                 I think good but I don’t know for sure!           Stone I pod touch case, and a mini lap-          you please give me a dog collar and a
    from Ben Snow                                   Samuel                                             Leah Wolfe                                   Anyway hows roudolph with his nose,               top with a case. I would Also like Cell-         dog. I would also like a golf cart and
                                                                                                                                                    good probably but I want to tell you what         phone with a slid key bord, A GO cart,           some money.
    Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa                                                                                      I want here is what I want. I want five           Guitar hero for the wii I Also wish that            Love,
    I would Like some candy, Captain                Dear Santa I have been good to my                   Dear Santa,                                 things but before I tell you what I want Im       Mrs. Ayers get’s what ever she want’s for           Jackson Herth
Underpants books, a couple of football          family and friends and my teacher to. So                I am writing to see how life is going       going to ask you two questions well here          Christmas.
jerseys, a soccer goal, and a little bit of     can you bring me a DS and a DSi. And a            on in the north, and to let you know what         I go! Number one is it really your parents            from,                                           Dear Santa,
money. I wish you a Merry Christmas!            note book to and thahk you. for all those         I want for christmas. Here’s what I want,         that give you the presents? Now number                Megan F. MacDonald!                             Please bring me a moreh set and a
    Sincerely,                                  things you are going to bring to me               A 4-10 shotgun, a nice metal detector,            two? how did roudolph get his red nose?                                                            PS2 please I love you
    Owen Perkins                                    XO,                                           and a new I-pod NANO. So anyway how               Now here is what I want I want a phone                Dear Santa                                      love,
                                                    Love                                          is life going on in the North pole? How           with minutes on it and my favorite songs              I would like to get a new dirtbike or a         Ben Jarrell
    Dear Santa,                                     Brisel                                        are the raindeer? Is Rudolphe’s now still         on it and I want a DS and I want a ipod           psp slider and NCAA for xbox 360. Also
    I wish I still hade my Hannah Mon-                                                            glowing? How is Mrs. Claus doing? By              with head phones and I want a mini lap-           a go kart and a lot of games on my psp                Dear Santa,
tana dance pads. I need a bike but if you            Dear Santa,                                  the way how old is she? Besides how old           top and last but not least a cat that don’t       slider and new shoes and a wii and a                  I can’t wait for you to visit my house
don’t have it that’s okay because I still            I haved been good at my classroom            are you? If you can answer these ques-            scratch.                                          ps3 and a lot of Xdox 360 games and              on Christmas I want a samsung Impres-
have a great Santa And one more thing I         and wonderful. And the most fovirite              tions please put the answers in my                     from your friend                             ps3 games a for my mom to get a ring             sion cell phone. A lap desk, candy, and
need a Wi.                                      thing is a D.S and, Legoes, and a little t.v.     stocking. By the way whats the rain-                   Rosa Espinoza                                and my dad to get a street bike and my           gift cards. I promise you I will not give
    love                                        I whont that becase I never had my own            deer’s Favorite Food, and how do you                                                                sister to get a dirt dike.                       you milk and cookies cause I know you
    Shai                                        t.v and had never had a D.S and Legoes            get Food? How big is your factory?                     Dear Santa,                                      LOVe                                         are so FAT from eating cookies.
                                                by my own self                                          P.S. Tell the raindeer I’ll have a treat.        I would <3 for you to suport my fami-            Trevor                                            love, Sadie Brooks
     Dear Santa                                      XO,                                                Your’s truly,                               ly with good presents this Chrismas
     Thank you for christmas last year. I            Daniel                                             Eli Stroup                                  like....some money for me to save and                  Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
am eight years old. How old how old are                                                                                                             and a few surprizes. For my sister she                 I whould for my family to have a                You give me everything I wanted last
you? Is it very cold at the north pole? Do          Dear Santa,                                        Dear Santa,                                  would <3 to get a new Deigo movie or              compter, wii. And Love for me to have a          year but this year I can not make up my
you actually go down the chimney?                   I won’t a pere of black rianbowes for              I am writing to let you know what I          any thing Deigo you can LOL if you need           D.S.I. Laptop, dog, a big swimming pool,         mind. But I think I might want a purple
Does your reindeer actually fly. How            Christmas please. I wont a peanow                 would like for Chrismas. I want a wii and         to. Next is my mom she would <3 some              money, bike, screen TV in my room and            Nentendo D.S I and the Imagine School
meny elves do you have. I want a bike           please for DCrismas please: I have been           Super Mario bro wii and Mario and Sonic           good effort from others at work, or any           the Living room. Santa I wish that I could       Teacher game, also the game Imagine
for christmas                                   avery nice girl thise year. I Love my             at the olimpic winter games wii and Son-          thing to help. Then for my dad, to get bet-       meet troy, and have a dool. I wish that I        docter. Most likely I want every game
                                                perins and brithers and teach. I Love my          ic and the Silver rings wii and a bagogan         ter with his back and a new job if possi-         get to meet you Santa and. your Elf’s            “IN” WalMart. I will also like to have sme
   Dear Santa,                                  family. I Love the Holiaday of Cristmas.          gulit and for my dad 100 days off from            ble.                                              and ride with you. And I wish that my            blue and yellow D.C’s (shoes)
   For Chastmas I want flicktricks. And         you are so nice I do my homework and I            baseball, football and teaching and for                Thanks,                                      family and grandma to live for christmas.            But I Have The Right To Change My
how can you make your reindeers fly.            Lesonc to wout the teacher says and I all         mom a new phone. I want wii and wii                    Taylor Hauser                                I wish that my mom get a new car.                Mind!
What day was you born on. And when is           so say thank you and your welkum and              games and a bagugan gulit bease that is                                                                  Trul,                                           Love,
your brithday.                                  you are so nice and you are milk and              what I want, I want my dad to have 100                Dear Santa,                                        Asherah                                         LaNae Penn
   love Maurice                                 cookes at my house                                days off because that what he wants and               I have been a VERY good girl this                  P.S. I wish my grandm well!
                                                    Catherine Smith                               I want my mom to have a new phone                 year! I would enjoy getting a present this                                                              Dear Santa,
      J. J. Jones Intermediate School                                                             beause thate what she wants!                      year. I want a ripstick. Somebody told                Dear Santa,                                       I have been good. I want a Steve
            Tarona Hollingsworth                   Dear Santa,                                         p.s. What milk do like                       me they had tye-dye ripsticks, I want one             I would like to have lots of stuffed An-     Smith jersey. I want a Chipper Jones Jer-
                Third Grade                        I’v Been a good boy This year I help                Your friend,                                 of those or just a pink one. There are            imals, a mini laptop with a carring case,        sey. I want a S.C. pelicans jersey, That’s
                                                my mom do dishes. If i’m in The good list              Taylor Hodges                                many other kids in the world who need a           and to help the homeless for Christmas           all.
    For Christmas I would like 2 foot           Then I want a SkaTbord becaus I don’t                                                               present more than I do. Have a Happy              and to help people and schools for                    love, Chandler Gammons
wodden Eiffel Tower. I would also like          have enough money to buy iT. If you can                Dear Santa,                                  Holiday!                                          Christmas, Santa. thank you
Inkheart the movie. I am in 3rd grade. I        buy it Thank you                                       I am writing to let you know what I              Love,                                             Sincerly                                          Dear Santa,
am 8 1/2 years old. My best subjects are           Love,                                          would like for Christmas. I am collecting             Elizabeth Marion                                  Emily Parker                                      I can’t wait until you visit my house
math and spelling. I alway follow my               Ethan                                          breakable dolls and I only have a few so                                                                                                             for Christmas this year! I always get very
teachers orders.                                   P.S write back                                 I really want some more. I want this kind              Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,                                  excited when you come! But what I really
    From,                                                                                         of DS game named Animal Crossing so I                  I have been a good girl this year. I             I want a wii and Bukgan the game             wanted you to bring me: a wii, some
    Margaret                                        Dear Santa                                    can play it with my sisters that have the         hope if you can bring me a puppy, a               forDs and some Bukgan and a lot of DS            chocolate, candy, a Hannah Montana
                                                    I have ben a good boy and I want a            game and I would like to have a DSi to. I         baby one. I will also like a smart board in       games and some winter clothes. I want it         PSP with a game for Nintendo DS
    Dear Santa,                                 scerecer and I want a bocugntlet and              want a art set so I can make crafts for my        my room or in my living room. If you like         to snow a lot and some toy cars and a            games, and the game called: Slpashy
    I’ve been an awesome kid. I want a          bocogon toys and a showbord I have                friends and family.                               my grades this year they are B, A, B, A           PSP slider and maio and Liuy Browsers            the Whale. I also will make you some
TV. I need a TV because my dad is al-           wnted it so bad.                                       PS. Do you like cookies and milk or          for this year in fourth grade. I would also       inside story the game                            warm cookies and some milk when you
ways watching something. So I can’t                 Love,                                         hot chocolate and tell the raindeers that I       like some clothes for me. I would also                Love                                         visit me. I hope what I wanted you to
watch anything. I also will like a bow and          Gaven                                         said hey.                                         wish if you santa to get poor people                  Holden Huff                                  bring me isn’t a lot of trouble.
arrow because I want something fun to                                                                  Yours truly,                                 something healthy also for my dads                                                                      Love,
do. I really, really, really, really, want a        Dear Santa,                                        Casey Estes                                  grandmother to take care of her and my                  J. J. Jones Intermediate School                 Sierra Best
DSI because I want to compare the DSI               I been a good boy a good boy this                                                               family to. Take care of my dad and pro-                           Mrs. Bledsoe
to the DS. P.S. bring me lot’s of candy         year I have been helping my dad I want                 Dear Santa,                                  tect him I would also like a wii and                              Fourth Grade                          Dear Santa,
and toys.                                       a DS because it’s so inspense a batman                 I am wrighting to let you what I would       games with it. I hope if you can bring me                                                               I wuold like anithing for Cristmas. It
    Sincerely,                                  toy because my dad can’t buy one for              like for Christmas. i would like a scooter. I     I send you a kisses and hugs                           Dear Santa,                                 duse not mater because I’m thankful for
    Philip                                      me I want a game broad                            need some cloths for my man dool and a                 Love                                              I want a white puppy for christmas. I       what ever I get. It always is fun I have to
                                                    love,                                         psp and some gams fore my psp. I                       Diana Maldonado                              want a Phone and some clothes. espe-             share it with my littel sister and big one
     Dear Santa,                                    Benjamin                                      would like a poster of the jones brothers                                                           cially jeans. A smart Board would be             to. But I get my share of it anyway.
     I think shod get something because                                                           and a mini laptop                                      Dear Santa                                   good for me also.                                     Love,
I’ve bena a good boy because. I LisaLing              J. J. Jones Intermediate School                  Love,                                             I want a playstation 3 and some                   I Love You!                                      Jessica Kirkpatrick
to my prants I do my homeworke ever-                            Pam Mitchell                           Lahyla Pilson                                games. I want my family to have a wii a                Fallon Cook
day. plaes give me some thing.                                  Third Grade                            P.S. Can I have a picture of all the         wii fit and some games. I want a razor                                                                 Dear Santa,
     Love,                                                                                        randeers?                                         Pocket Rocket. My family wants anew                   Dear Santa,                                      I would like a Micheal Turner, Ray
     Alex.t                                         Dear Santa,                                                                                     camaro and ford mustang. I wish my qu-                I don’t know what I want yet, be-            Lewis, Reggie Wayne, Ed Reed, Brian
                                                    I am writing to let you know whout I               Dear Santa,                                  sion had a car to ride in.                        sides, it’s to early in the eyar to be writing   Westbrook, Brandon Jacobs, Frank
     Dear, Santa                                would like for Christmas. I would like a               I am writing to let you know what I               Your friend,                                 you a letter anyway. Next month I’ll give        Gore, Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald,
     I will like a smartboard and a Laptop      xbox 360 game that is called Mini Ninjas.         want for Christmas. I want money, safty,               Jesse Bowman                                 you a new note that says what present I          Emmitt Smith jersey. Also, Madden
and a scooter and a smart board be-             For me and my brother, a nother xbox              acat, guitar, a shelter, and a good race                                                            want so who cares what present you will          NFL10 and a LG slide phone and some
cause I Listen to my teacher and about          360 game called, Alone in the Dark. I             year in 2010, an wii ganogo with my wii                Dear Santa,                                  send me. I care what present I send you.         boxers and shirts, jeans and shorts from
my homwork I do it good and I recpect           would also like to have a T.V. for my bed-        game, a camo backpack for hunting, a                   I would like madden 10 for xbox 360,         Your present is at the bottom of the             bercrombie. Also Hollister and a PSP
my parnets I say thank you sometimes.           room and a Nintendo DS. I have been               fake gun, fishing rod, an Ipod speacker,          a trampoline, some clothes, new shoes,            page.                                            slide. Also a Mac laptop.
And I will want a phone and a guitar I will     very good and hope you will be able to            operation spongebob, battleship the               a big wide flat screen tv, a pittsburg steel-         youre friend,                                    Love, Ryan Graham
also want a wii with the new mario game         bring some of these things.                       game, mini laptop with carring case, a            ers bed set, a book called go long by two             J. Grant Perry
And a touch screen with ear phones to               Your friend,                                  set of skates. Is it possible that you can        professinal football players tiki and                 Your present is a leash for Rudolf.              Dear Santa,
listens to music.                                   Austin Knott                                  bring me a suprise toy too. I also want           Ronde Barber, get a better play ground,                                                                I bon’t what that much just a little bit
     XOXO,                                                                                        psp, toby keith music, keny chesty mu-            a binder full of baseball basketball and              Dear Santa,                                  mayber just a wii and some games. I
     Fatima                                          Dear Santa,                                  sic. How is miss Claws doing? I am do-            football cards, get to trade in my reguler            For christmas i want an Iphone 3G,           wish everyday was Chrismas. I miss that
                                                     I am writing to let you know what I          ing well. Do you still like cookies? How          xbox 360 for a xbox 360 unbron, a foot-           side Kick, New clothes, yellow convers-          Chrismas only comes 1 time a year. I will
    Dear Santa,                                 would like for Christmas. I want a mini           old are you? How old is miss. claws?              ball with the whole and coachs.                   es, My string to be fixed on my violin,          hang up some socks so you can come
    I have been a wonderful girl for            motorcycle and a DSi with Gaitar Hero             How big is your factorie? Do you eat to                Love                                         And a family to spend time with. Santa i         and put something n there. Have a nice
Christmas I would like a gold braselet          and an IPhone Touch. I would also like            many cookies? Have you ever got a stu-                 Nicolas Rodriguez                            have questions? Why do you live in the           rest of the year.
and a D.S.I because you can take pic-           for you to keep my cousin, Carlos, safe.          machace?                                                                                            snow? Why are you fat. for christmas i               Love
tures with it, also a book of diry of a         He is in the Air Force. My aunt is sick and            Sincerely,                                        Dear Santa                                   want every thing on this list every thing.           Katie lyons
wimpy Kid dog days and a touch screen           I would also like for her to be well!                  Hannah Chilton                                    I would like a Pocket Rocket, and a          Now if you can get it for me i will be hap-
phone.                                               Sincerely,                                                                                     New dirtRlc track racer. I would Like a           py. SO Get It For Me!!! please                       Dear Santa,
    Thank you                                        Jeremiah Rosser                                  Dear Santa,                                   New giJoe and a trampoline. and Lego                  Love,                                            I have been good. I want a I phone
    XOXO                                                                                              I am writing to let you know what I           city and a PSP Slider. I wish for health              Kaniah Robinson                              and some candy, and headphones, and
    your freind                                     I am writing to let you know what I           would like for Christmas. Five things I           form y family and my neghibors.                                                                    peace bracelets, and much omre I just
    Carolina                                    would like for Christmas. Is a DSi, some          need are cloths, shoes, and for my                     Love Conor                                       Dear, Santa,                                 can’t think of it.
                                                intendo games, a Clock, a wii, to help the        Grandpa to be safe from his surgery and                                                                 I would like football, baseball, bas-            Love, Destiny Vaughn
     Dear Santa,                                hungry, a ipod, a laptop gutair hero a            for me to be safe from dangers. Here are              Dear Santa,                                   ketball cards and pages to put them in.
     I would like a d.s. or a d.s.i. I am a     wide sceerm tv.                                   five things I want. A flatscreen T.V, a               I wish for a new house because my             Also I would like a Ed Reed jeresy and                Dear Santa,
good little girl at home i don’t know at            p.s. Do you like cookies and milk?            Xbox 360, A cellphone, play station 3             house house is old. I wish I get a game-          Dan Marino jeresy and a Ray Lewis                     I would like a a psp, a pug, wii, mind
school. I would like to let my whole entire         Your friend,                                  and a gocart                                      boy and I want a fishing game with my             jeresy, Micheal Turner jeresy, Joe Mon-          Flex, PS3, a new house, nintendo Ds
school to have a good year. Also i would            Taja                                              ps. What list am I on the naughty or          gameboy advance. I wish for a nintendo            tana jeresy, Micheal Jordan jeresy, Bran-        with pokemon games, a phone, laptop a
like to have a cats game, a christmas                                                             nice.                                             and a zelda game with it and a PSP                don Jacobs jeresy, Chris Johnson jeresy,         blue and white one, dog toys for my dog,
game, a dogs game, and a horse game.                 Dear Santa,                                      Your Friend                                   game. I wish for a big lego set with some         Matt Forte jeresy, Frank Gore jeresy, De-        a flat net tv, more friends, more books,
     Sincerly,                                       I am writing to let you know what I              Carson Driggers                               toy army and I wish for a pirate set. I wish      sean Jackson jeresy, Adrian Peterson             more toys, Nerf guns, star wars toys,
     Sarah                                      would like for Christmas. I would like an                                                           my mom to get a job to do.                        jeresy. Also the New Red and Black new           more cloths, new shoes, smart board, Ps
     P.S. XOXO                                  eletric skooter and a another gocart and               Dear Santa,                                      Love                                          Lebron James shoes.                              2, Halo 3, ODST, a dirtbike, more poke-
                                                at sagesport I wan’t that carolina football            I am wrighting to Let you know what I            Allen Yang                                        Love,                                        mon cards, a Tar Heel hat, a pokemon
    Dear Santa,                                 nike one and a psp with games. I would            would like for christmas. I would like a                                                                Tanner Jackson                               bed, pokemon covers, a new shirt, some
    I’v been a good boy this year. I’v          like for you to make my nana feel alot            sewing machine I would also like a new                Dear Santa,                                                                                    pokemon, gloves, a big big back yard, a
been doing good in school. I’v been             beter and make my papa be safe. I wan’t           phone for I can text. also a four wheeler.            I want for my family to get back to-              Dear Santa,                                  gloe in the dark shirt and shoes, big
helping my mom around the house. I              a bb gun with two bags of bullets and a           The next thing I want is a swiss army             gether for Christmas. That is my only                 I would like a psp, football baseball        room, nd a lovly christmas year.
hwork hard in school. What I want for           shot gun with bullets so I can kill the fox. I    knife for skinig deer The last thing I want       wish. I hope my wish comes true. If it            basketball cards, a pool table, legos,                From: Darius Nicholson
christmas is a electric guitar with amp         would like a mini laptop with a case I            is a riffle to hunt with.                         does I will be the happiest girl in the           basketball goat, FAT Heads, posters je-
because I like to play guitar.                  want some Aeripostal close and a smart-                p.s what does your reindeers eat.            wold. If it don’t I will be the saddist girl in   serys, a sign that said on it NO Girls al-           Dear Santa,
    p.s write back                              board and a white board. That people                   Love                                         the world. my other wishes it that I get a        low, dirt bike, wretlers, LeBroN shorts,             I wish i would get A’s every year, and
    your friend,                                that do have drunk parents should have                 Abby McBride                                 phone. I wan’t a computer. I want a big-          MJ jesery, sheos, abercmbie stuff, Hol-          a Bike, motercicle, Lab top, 5 grand. If I
    Alex                                        un drunk parents and parents that beet                                                              ger tV And to see my dad on christmas.            ster stuff, phone/Blackberry, touch              did have all that, I would Be very happy. I
                                                there kids all the time they should not                Dear Santa,                                  And for my mom to get better.                     screen. Love, Andrew Isom                        would do any thing. I would be more
    Dear Santa                                  have that kind of parents and give peo-                I am writing to let you know what I              Your friend,                                                                                   helpful, be nicer to others.
    Dear santo I want a notebook be-            ple that don’t have food give them food           would like for Chirstmas. I would like a              Cassidy Bonds                                     Dear Santa,                                      Love Brandord Simmons
cause I want to know how to write in Cur-       please santa and peole that don’t have            dirtbike, some shoes, and a football.                                                                   How are you? im good I want. A lap-
sive. I also want a DSI because I want to       houses please give them house.                    How big is your toy factory? How many                 Dear santa                                    to, move back to lowgap, and a cool                   J. J. Jones Intermediate School
share it with my sisters and take pictures           PS. how much do you weigh how                elves work for you? Do you like Rice                  I would like my family to have a won-         room, and to see. My dad and get him                           Gina Tompkins
of us. My last thing I want a laptop for I      are you please reseave my letter and re-          Krispy Treats.                                    derful year! I would like all of this wrold to    home will you get me them if you dont                           Fourth Grade
can type and sent E-mails to my friends.        ply back and put it in my stocking.                    Your friend,                                 have a wonderful year, and I would ask            mind well thank you.
Like Brisel and Coralina                             Your friend,                                      Cory Dutton                                  you to give present to everbody in the                Love,                                            Dear Santa,
    XOXO,                                            Will Cox                                                                                       world. I would like each person to get the            Hannah Mayes                                     What I would like a cover for phone,
    Anahi                                            Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,                                   presant that they wish for.                                                                        toys for my bunny, two bean bag chairs,
    Dear Santa,                                      I am writing to let you know what I              I want a real four wheeler for Christ-            from Guadalupe                                     Dear Santa,                                 some cool lights, and can you try to get
    For Christmas I would like a DSI or a       would like for Chrismas. I would like a Ds        mas. I want some clothes to wear to ride              P.S. I wish that this could come true.             For my families Christmas: My mom           me a baby kitten if you can thank you so
DS, Some games for it and a drum set. I         and I would also like Ds games like fash-         my four wheeler. I want some John Deer                                                              wants money to pay for alot of things. My        much.
would like a DSI or a DS because i have         ion desiner and jewelry deginer and vet           toys also.                                            Dear Santa,                                   dad whats a mp3 player. I want a wide                And for my mom and dad can you
always wanted on since I was seven. I           games I also would like puppy in my                   Thanks                                            I want a lap top. I want a dSI + A cell-      screen TV, a dirt bike, a 4 wheeler, a wii,      get my mom a wooden frame, box of
would like some games for it because I          pocket. I would also like a ipod and a                Paul Noah                                     phone that flips over. My mom is going to         a new ps2 and ps3 plus a psp and all of          candy and a picture that says “Love
wouldn’t be able to play the DS or DSI if I     ipod toch which is a phone. I need you to                                                           get me a fourweeler. I wish I was in Ms.          the games of the world. My cousin whats          you.” And for my dad a box of candy too
                                                keep my dad safe and give close and                   Dear Santa,                                   Bledsoe classroom.                                all of the Hulk toys some Batman toys. I         and a picture that says “Work is not hard”
didn’t have any games. I would like                                                                   I want a Pocket Rocket, bickler Jack-
drums because I think they would be             shoes and food to homeless people so                                                                    Joan                                          what a Laptop with inernet, all of the ac-       and it has a picture that is a sleeping
                                                they will survive. Tell your reindeer that I      et, and spiderman Games for Chrimst-                                                                tion and funny movies, some rubis jewel          bard.
cool to play. Please think about it. These      love them!!!!!!!!!!!                              mas.                                                  Dear Santa,                                   and gold, Hotel, comptny and finally and             Sincerely,
are some of the things I really want.                P.S. Do you like cookies and milk.               Thanks                                            For Christmas I would lke world               not least I want to have a ZOO.                      Kayla Hicks
Some reasons why I deserve it is be-                 Your friend,                                     T.C. Ceaser                                   peace and For hunger to Stop. I would                  Love
cause I listen to my teacher wich gets               Cheyenne Allen                                                                                 also like for everyone to have a home                  Nathan Lugo-Hernandez                            Dear Santa,
me good grades. I take, care of my pets.                                                                J. J. Jones Intermediate School             and their bills to go down and for people                                                               I would like to have a air hog air-
Listen to my parents, do the right things, I       Dear Santa,                                                     Mrs. Ayers                       to aford more and to get what they want               Dear Santa,                                  place, cause it takes of the ground
always get good grades, and their more             I am writing to let you know what I                            Fourth Grade                      for Christmas. As for me: (1) My Ninten-              Hello my name is Anselmo Salazar. I          swirling up and then when you push this
good things about me. I thank you for the       want for Chrismas. I would like a Wii, wii                                                          do Back (2) A Dog (Small) (3) Away to             would really, really, really, really want a      button it turns into something like like a
presents you will get me. Happy Holi-           games, and a Dsi, PSP, Pocket Rocket,                  Dear Santa,                                  help stop global Warming                          Nintendo DS, a pokemon game called               jet and I think that’s cool.
days!                                           PSE, PS2, PS1, I-Pod nano, laPToP.                     I have been a VERY good girl this                Scicirly,                                     “Pokemon Emerald version. and a poke-                 And I also like to have this one other
    XOXOXO,                                     Baku. gauntlet taylor swift.                      year. So I would enjoy getting a present              Bethany McCormack                             mon game called, Pokemon Firered or              type of airplane it is one yard long and it
    Olivia                                         Your friend,                                   this year. I would LOVE to have a new                                                               leaf green version for a gameboy ad-             has a reel moter in like a reel airplane. It
                                                   Noetic Mattoy                                  bedroom suit, but even just a little some-            Dear Santa,                                   vance.                                           takes reel gas. I just like to have that.
     Dear Santa,                                                                                  thing would be okay because I know                    I have been making A’s and B’s I                  love,                                             I want some new golf clubs and I
     I have been a good girl this year. I re-       Dear Santa,                                   there are other kids in the world that            even made AB honor roll. I would like a               Anselmo                                      would like to have a titules golf club.
ally want a real puppy can it be a chai-            I am writing to let you know what I           need stuff more than I do. But just to get        four wheeler, a dragon poster, a minie                                                                  And I want to have a fox hat that has
wawa and some dog clothes a Laptop, a           would like for Christmas. I would like a          something that would show me that you             dragon stave, a new I Pod, a bear paw                Dear Santa,                                   a flat top on it.
DS a c chalk board alsoew the two kittys        laptop so while my sister is in Charlotte I       appreciate my behavior this year. Happy           magnent, some villge people for my                   Are you freezing to death up there?                And I owuld want to have a dirt bike
at Petsenc something for my mom and             can still talk to her! I want a Wii for Christ-   Holiday.                                          teachers little school house, a ca-               How old are you? Where are you from?             or a for wheeler cause my relative has
my dad. XOXOXO.                                 mas so I can have stuff to do after                    Thank you so much!                           malfloge bull dog magnent for my sister,          Where did you go to college? Where is            one and I think that them things are cool.
     XOXOXO,                                    school. I would also like for a “special               Josie Shelton                                heathcare for my grawma, some dragon              Buddy the tall elf? do you you drive in               I have been wanting a treehouse
     Love,                                      loved one” to be healthy again! I’m curi-              Ps. Please keep my family and                stikers for my cousin and I would like a          your sled?                                       and in the tree house I would like to have
     Katelyn                                    ous, what kind of cookies do you like?            friends SAFE!                                     ice cream maker please.                              Love, Caleb                                   a TV in it that would be so cool.
20   December 24, 2009                                                                                                           2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                 
     And one more thing a                            Dear Santa,                                baby clothes for her baby. If you could          also like things to go in my room be-          reindeer. I want Dasher and a baby                  Dear Santa,
                                                     I would like a DS with Pural, versen       give us that stuff I would be so happy.          cause we are redoing my room.                  horse.                                              I have been a good boy. I would like
     Dear Santa,                                 and I won’t a ALasken safry game and               This Christmas I hope I get a lot of             My sister has also been good this              Sincerely                                  for you to bring me a sled.
     I want                                      Call Dotey game and a bow and arow to.         presents and have a great Christmas              year. She has gave hugs to people if she           Lauren Phillips                                 Love,
     1. Foot Ball golbes                         I won’t a pant ball gun. I won’t a mini dirt   with my family and friends. I wish my dad        hurt them on axident.                                                                              Noah Norman
     2. $20, Transformer toy.                    bike. I won’t my own computer with inter-      would stay here a little bit longer so he            This year for Christmas I think she            Dear Santa,
     3. G.i. goe little action Figures           net/a laptop                                   could have Christmas with us.                    would like anything that has Dora or The           I’ve Been a good boy this year, But            Dear Santa,
     4. The new transformer move                     Sincerly will                                  Sensribly Julio Contreras                    Princesses on it. She would also like any      I’m not going to ask for toys. This year           I have been a good boy. I want a toy
     5. and a raceing go cart                                                                                                                    color of finger nail polish and twin shirts    I’m asking for a good year in School. I        soldier and a Transformer.
     6. a pant Ball gun.                             Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                  that her and I could wear.                     know it is close to christmas and that             Love,
     Sincerely,                                      I would like for christmas a puppy it          I have been very good in school I                My brother has also been a good            means you get lot’s of toys and stuff but I        Wes Youngquist
     your firend                                 would mean a lot if I got a puppy for          have made new friends and I have made            this year. He has used kind words like         want to give instead of take because
     Rebel                                       christmas. I would like a ipod touch with      honor roll at Jones Intermediate!!!!!!!!         yes mam and no mam.                            thats the right thing to do, but if you have       Dear Santa,
                                                 my favorite songs and games on it. I               For Chistmas this year I would like a            For Christmas this year I think he         the time I would like wii fit.                     I am a good boy. Can you please
    Dear Santa,                                  owuld like a cell phone.                       Chris Paul jersey, Dirt Nowitzkie jersey,        would like any hunting or fishing game             Sincerely,                                 bring me a guitar?
    I want a labtop, a Dairy, a cell, a tv,          I would like for my dad that he will get   Brett Farve jersey from the vikings, Larry       for the wii or DS. He might would like             Simon Cawley                                   Love,
gamecube games, new clothes and a                a job soon and that on christmas I will get    Fitzgerald jersey, and a handwarmer.                                                                                                               Ethan Swaim
mountain bike.                                   to speand lots of time will my family and          I think my brother would like a psp, A       some camo clothes or any animal                      Dear Santa,
    My famly needs Dishes, towels and            they will get what thay want for christ-       Ladinian Tomlison jersey, a nike Football        books.                                               Maybe you can bring clothes to peo-         Dear Santa,
a new house.                                     mas.                                           visor, a handwarmer                                  Love,                                      ple in the war. I’ve been very good and           I want a Grinch and a doll. I also
    My big sister Amber needs clothes,               I would like when spring comes that            Sincerly: Chance                                 Madeline Mayfield                          all. I want for Christmas. Is a laptop and     want a doll carrier, a baby crib, a bottle,
hair bows, sheets, paper, new pillows            people will stop liring and start helping                                                                                                      a scoter and clothes for winter and to         some paper to write on and some magic
and a tv.                                        the earth we can save animals that live in         Dear Santa,                                        Dear Santa,                              have a good christmas.                         markers.
    My mom needs shoes, a bed, some              the water by pinking up trast around the           I am a girl name Cornelia Pegues.                  I have been really good this year. I           Sincerely,                                  Love,
money and a tv.                                  beach. that is what I want for christmas.      I’m having a good school year. This is           have been helping my mom clean the                   Kiera Hatcher                               Zoie Simpson
    Sincerely,                                       Love,                                      my first year at J. J. Jones School. I’m         living room, my room and my bathroom.
    Katie                                            Rebecca                                    having a fun year so far. I have a borther,      Also every night I help my sister read her         Dear, Santa,                                  Dear Santa,
                                                                                                Mom, dad,. And the all love me. My fami-         book. I would really like for some children        I have been really good this year. I          I want you to bring me a blue bicycle
     Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa, how are you doing. I          ly have a lot of wishes. First my mom will       and adults to notice that Christmas is not     would like a game called Clue, and for         and a cat that says “meow” and a game.
     Lilly whant’s a new dog bed. Tonks          hope you are doing good Santa these            want to win a million of dollars, and live in    really all the cool toys and yummy treats.     my family to be happy.                            Love,
whant’s a bone. Libby whant’s an electic         are some things I would like to have a         her dream house. My dad will like to             It’s really the birth of jesus.                    thank you,                                    Jasmine Jones
getar. Caitlin whant’s a pare of Scate’s.        nintinedo ds I and a PSP and a wish for        have a better life as in Jobs and family.              For Christmas I owuld really like my         Ashton Sutphin
Mom whunt’s a new dress. Dad want’s a            no shcool for a year and a bb jun. and a       My borther will like a xbox 306. The thing       very own Nintendo D.S. and a puppy. I                                                             Dear Santa,
bran new Sute. I whant a bunch of                bowe and arowe                                 that I want is a little dog and to live in my    would like all my family to be okay. Also             Millennium Charter Academy                  Please bring me a baby doll house
thing’s pease. don’t fall a sleep so hear I           your rriend                               dream house.                                     my dad would like his very own truck. My                      Ms. Vaughan                     for my baby dolls. Give me Christmas
go I want a part in a play, some new                  Adam                                          Love Cornelia Pegue                          mom owuld like a brand new kitchen. I                        Second Grade                     presents with ribbons.
hightops, a new dress, a little pink moter            PS                                            ps what do you what for christmas.           would really appreciate it.                                                                       Love,
scooter, and a vidiew camra. Don’t forget             write                                     And I go to J. J. Jones.                               Sincerly,                                    Dear Santa,                                    Ashlynn Byrd
my little house Just so that you know I               back                                                                                             Jolissa Rodriguez                            Thank you for giving me gifts for
will all ways beleav in you.                                                                        Dear Santa,                                                                                 Christmas. One question I would like to              Dear Santa,
     Love                                            Dear Santa,                                    I have been very very good. So                    Dear Santa,                               ask you is ... how meny cookies do you               I would like a Bat Cave with all of the
        your                                         For my family I would like cars and        could you do me a faver and get me psp                I have been good this year. This          eat on Christmas night. How do you git         little parts.
          friend,                                shoes. What I would like is a getor and a      and a play stasion3                              summer I have been good because I’ve           down chimnies!                                       Love,
                Bailey                           book set with book marks with my name              Love,                                        helped my family clean up some stuff               Love, Angel Hawks                                Colby Callaway
                                                 on thim.                                           Timothy                                      and help do some chores. This year I
     Dear Santa,                                     your friend                                    Purdy                                        want an xbox, basket ball game, playsta-            Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,
     canyougetme aplaystation 3 and                  Alexis                                                                                      tion 3 and a caralino panthers chair. I             Thanks for all the gifts you gave me          I love God. I love Christmas. I love
some yugioh cards and anintendo DS                                                                  Dear Santa                                   want my little sister to have an american      last year. This year I want a new bike for     going swimming. I want a game and
and a psp and a Laptop and a flat screen              J. J. Jones Intermediate School               I have been very good this. I have           girl doll and a god, and my big sister the     Christmas and poke’mon cards. i have           presents.
tvanda MP3 Player and a real Desert ea-                       Brandy Robertson                  been nice to friends and family. I helped        samething. I want my dad and mom to            tried to be good this year.                        Love,
gle gun and a bb pistol and a$million dol-                      Fourth Grade                    clean our yard also.                             have the best christmas ever.                       Dylan Vernon                                  Andrew Danley
lars in real cash. a real forwiller with turbo                                                      For Christmas this year I would like a            I hope it snows so we can go down
chip no. 3 inside. and a bow witha pack              Dear Santa,                                laptop, cell phone, ipod touch, vr, whoop-       my big hill at my old house and have a             Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,
of arrows with a mini carwith a turbo chip           I have been very good this year like       sie doo baby doll and the barbie three           snow ball fight to. I hope I get lots of           I want a moxie girls and a trumpet             I want a shiny new red sled.
no.3 Leveled with a mini helicopter witha        help her whith my sister or brother our do     story dream house.                               presents SO I hope It is the best christ-      and DS games and barbies and mindflex              Love,
mini tank and a AK47attached to the mini         some chores of the house.                          My little brother would like construc-       mas ever. I am going to dress up like a        a skooter littest petshops and a flute pap-        Andrew Myers
tank and auindowon the mini tank so I                What i would like for christmas is a       tion devastator the bakugon to make the          hippy.                                         erones and pixes a webkin a stuff cat
can shoot the AK47.                              soccer ball a football and a bike.             ultamate drgonoid.                                    love, Zach hall.                          and a thing were you staff the stuff ani-         Dear Santa,
     your friend                                     My Brother want’s a bike and a                 My mom would like a red con-                                                                mal and stuff animals clothes and for it to       I want a Barbie laptop and I want a
     Tyler                                       game and he has been good.                     vertable.                                             J. J. Jones Intermediate School           snow and a bell a toy flower and a toy         baby doll, and a sticker pack. Thank you
                                                     frome Jesus Luna to. Santa                     My dad would like a table saw.                               M. Phillips                    dog.                                           Santa.
     Dear Santa,                                                                                    My dog would like a new aqua bone,                          Fourth Grade                        Alayna Smith                                  Love,
     My name is Everett. I would like a              Dear Santa,                                a new sweater and, ear muffs.                                                                                                                     Abigail Garza
Laptop, gokart, money, miny nijas for wii,           I have been realy good this year. I            Love,                                            Dear Santa.                                     Dear Santa,
madden10 for wii, MLB baseball2K20.              have helped out around the house. I’ve             Amy Depetris                                     I want you to bring me lots of toys             I would like some pgs and a robe. I           Dear Santa,
     My dog would like a new bucket, a           cleaned my room and Been good at                                                                like trucks, video games and board             would also like a bathset. I would also lik        I want a kitten, puppies, a doll house,
frisby, and a NC state bandana. My sis-          school.                                             Dear Santa,                                 games.                                         some eawrrings. I hope that Dasher and         a swing set because mine broke down, a
ter Sheridan wants a new cell phone, a               For Christmas I wold like to have 3             I have been very good this year. Last           Thanks.                                    Dancer and Prancer and Vixen and               teddy bear, a dress-up box, a Barbie,
cat, and a new hair dryer. My mom                thing’s a Ipod, Pink electrig guitar, and      weekend I helped my mom clean this                   Dakota Merwin                              Comet and Cupid and Donner and                 and a new ink pen.
needs a new car, money, and a new                some stuff 4 my Fish.                          house.                                                                                          Blitzen are feeling well. I will leav some         Thank you Santa,
ipod. My dad would like a new TV for his             My Little Sister would like a easy              For Christmas this year I would like a          Dear Santa Cluase how are you              food for your raindeer. But the most in-           Lakken Cline
bedroom, somemore cycling jerseys,               bake oven a Brat Doll, and a new toy           nintindo DS and I would like liv girls and       doying. I just hopeying your elves are         portant present I want is a mac! I would
and some more cycling socks. Thats it.           computer                                       a trampoline. I would also like a cell           making toys. I am just wondering your          like some candy in my stoking! I would             Dear Santa,
     Love,                                           My Little Brother would like a Bum-        phone.                                           renider are fien to. I can’t wait for you to   also want some movies. Please get me               I want a few motorcycle clothes,
     Everett Littleton                           ble Bee Mask, some new stuff 4 his Liz-             My little brother would like a train set.   go on your seil. I wonder ruDulth will         everything I want pretty please Santa          Transformers, a belt, and a computer
                                                 zard and alot more Mach Box Cars               My mama would like a cook weare set.             guide your seil on crithmas eve.               Merry Christmas to all and a good              game. Thank you for a Happy Christ-
    Dear Santa,                                      My Mom would like one thing A new          My dad would like a Monator                          Hiatt Nester                               night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                          mas.
    My name is Ian Holder and these are          Microwave                                           Love Kaylee                                                                                     Jenna Overfelt                                Love,
some things I would like for Christmas. I            My DaD wants a new prince of persa                                                               Dear Santa,                                                                                  Spencer LeClair
would like a dirtbike, wii, money, madden        game                                                Dear Santa,                                      I have been good this year a I want a          Dear Santa,
10 ps2 game, and NCAA 10 ps2 footbal                 Love, Alaira Floy                               I have been good this year I helped         live hamster, T.V., LPS game - but not              I would want an American gifl doll. I             Mountain Park Elementary
game and all that.                                                                              watch my sisters Kaveri and Kerstyn, for         the winter one, a small white board with       would want daddy to be home from Iraq.                       School
    My mom and dad need a                             Dear Santa,                               christmas this year I would like a ipod          markers, a D.S. game - Style Lab, and          I would want a laptop, swimming baby                        Mrs. Wilmoth
dustsweeper, flat screen TV, and there is             I have been very good this year. This     touch screen or a trampoline. My little          Kaola Bear Webkinz                             doll, a wig, new shoes. By the way how                      Kindergarten
alot of other’s that they need and Logan         summer I helped my mom do lots of              sister Kerstyn would like a polly pocket              Sincerely,                                are your reindeer.
my brother, really wand a Ipod touch. I          chores. I’ve respected others and I use        mall set and my littlest sister Kaveri                Maya Hicks                                     your friend                                   Dear Santa,
don’t think he needs one cause it cost           good manners and I help my mom with            owuld like a baby doll, my mom would                                                                 Cara Marshall                                 Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus?
like $200. But my brother thinks he              my baby sister. I’m responsible of my          like some shot glases, my Dd would like              Dear, Santa                                                                               I have been a very good boy. I would like
needs one. Well that’s it!                       stuff and work hard at school. For christ-     some cd’s and my dog carmen would                    I think I have been a good boy this             Dear Santa,                               Lightening McQueen car and a T. Rex. I
    Love,                                        mas this year I would like a puppy and a       like some bones. my cat would like some          year. Here’s what I want, it’s not much             Thank you for making Christmas            want a dinosaur creature.
    Ian Holder                                   laptop and a MP3 player.                       toys please.                                     though. I want an elecric scooter and a        and the presents the best thing ever!              Merry Christmas,
                                                      My sister wants a smartboard and               Love,                                       zero gravity micro. I also want this to be     Thank you for all of the presents and              Dante Watson
    Dear Santa,                                  some rabbits. My mom wants a big                    Kora ledezma                                a great schoolyear.                            gifts. Thank you for bringing all the joy of
    I would like to have a Playstation 3         kitchen and my dad wants a big house                                                                Sincerely,                                 holiday spirit!                                    Dear Santa,
for me, my friends, and my family. I             and a cool car. My brother wants a DS              Dear Santa                                       Chance Galyean                                  Love,                                         Hello! How are you an Mrs. Claus? I
would also like a Xbox 360. I would like a       and a wii and a playstation 360.                   I have been very good this year I                                                                Olivia Malone                             have been a good girl. I would like a Nin-
new football. Also I would like a new                 Love. Ana Contreras                       have done my homework every day.                     Dear Santa,                                                                               tendo DS. I wot a Barbay. I wot a Mickey
baseball bat. Also I would like a ping-                                                             I have helped my friends with work               I think I have been a good boy this           Dear Santa,                                 Mouse.
pong table. I also want an Ipod touch. I              Dear Santa                                and if you don’t mind I owuld like thes          year. Some of the things I want are a             I would like A New Bike, A New DS               I love
also want an Itunes giftcard.                         I have been very goodt his year. I        things for Christmas                             newbass guitar amp and a Rick Riordan          game, A robat, Let all family’s have A             Natalee
    I want my Mom to have new cooking            have helped my Brothers and sisters do             Me and my family want a wii balents          book. I would also like you to watch over      good Christmas.
pots\pans. I also want my dad to have a          thir homework. But also I thank that peo-      board for our wii.                               my grandfather and give him a wonderful           Logan                                           Dear Santa,
new lawnmower. I want my brother to              ple should know that christmas is not all          My dad would like new shoes and a            Christmas.                                                                                        Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus?
have a Itunes giftcard.                          about the Toys and candy and that it is        new T-shirt.                                         Sincerely,                                    Dear Santa,                                 I have been good boy. I would like a Star
    I wish that the war in Iraq was over         when Jesus as Born and that this is the            My mom would like some shoes that                Kelsey Carlisle                               I want a xbox 360. From you. And            Wars set and a transformer. I also would
and that we could settle our differences         reason why we have christmas and this          dount hurt her feet.                                                                            some games. Hope you have a good               Nintendo DS.
and beliefs so we could all be friends.          year I would like a ribstick for christmas         I would like a horse and every thing             Dear Santa                                 year. Merry Christmas                              Merry Christmas
    Sincerely,                                   and for me have a good christmas               that comes with it.                                  I would like for my dog to be ok. I will      By Connor Hobernicht.                           Love,
    Robert Brown                                      love Chris Butera                             I would like a ipod shuffel so I can lis-    want for Christmas a dirtbike and some                                                            Joseph Snow
                                                                                                ten to it all the time I whant.                  Abercrombie clothes. For Christmas I will           Dear Santa,
    Dare Santa,                                       Dear Santa                                    Love, Audrenna                               ask two of my friends to come over my               I would like a D.S. with cooking              Dear Santa,
    I want aPSP DSi new bike new foot-                Hi I been good this year I have been                                                       house. I will like if it snows for Chritmas    mama, and pets game. I would like lit-             Hello! How is Rudolph doing? How
Ball a Base ball Bat a Bave sdk afooB            nice to my cousins I have been doing               Dear Santa,                                  so I can ride my four-wheller in the snow      tlest pets and a music game for my wii.        is Mrs. Santa? I have been good this
Beadll Grave a Punch ing bag ant a stev          good in school this year.                          I have been a very good girl this            Sincerely Taylor Duncan                             Thank you,                                year. I want a 4 wheeler and a Nintendo
smitt jeisy a Bretofave jesy                          For christmas I would like a knight       year. I would like to have a real dog not a                                                          With all my love                          DS and a dragon.
    stragers need fodd water sheter              costume, mice that fight each other with       stufed dog like I get every year.                     Dear Santa,                                    Breanna Hill                                  Love,
frends oys and famly wold ned a beter            kung fu. A video game called call of duty          And santa can you get my two sis-                 This Christmas all I want is some                                                            Brian Villegas
place fent rottoall toys                         modern war fare 2. A personal army suit,       ters a kitten for christmas. And my mom          D.S games and some Expo markers for                  Dear Santa,
    your frenb Brett                             a yoda suit for my dog Sandy and a taco        well I want to get ehr a neckless she re-        my whiteboard. Other than that all I want            I love you because you always bring          Dear Santa,
                                                 suit for my dog poco!                          aly wants but we don’t have enough               is for my family to spend alot of time to-     me toys. I have always bleavied in you.            Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus?
   Dear Santa, I want a psp hoalo 5 for               and a kung fu monk suit thats red.        money. And my nanny wants dolphin                gether!                                        This year I would like a phone for christ-     I have been a good boy. I would like a
xbox 360, Mymom and dad want some                My Grandma would like a with my pic-           neckless to go with her dolphin earrings.             Sincerely                                 mas. I don’t know what you look like? So       Nintendo DS and a football game and a
money                                            ture on it.                                    And my daddy wants a forwheeler he                    Hailey Billings                           I jut colored. I just want to ask a question   GI Joe toy.
   your freind                                        Love Tyler Keck                           don’t have the enough money.                                                                    would you Please get me a skatebard.               Thank you
   Tyrone                                                                                           Love,                                           Dear Santa,                                       Syler Belbin                                 Karson Crouse
                                                      Dear Santa,                                   Laken                                           For Chrismas I want an Ipod touch
     Dear Santa,                                      I have been good this year. like tak-                                                      And the world to be a much better place             Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,
     I would realy like if you would bring       ing the trash out and feeding my dog.              Dear Santa,                                  and A blackberry phone.                             My name is Alysha Barnes. I am 7               Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus?
me a brand new laptop. So that when I                 For christmas this year I would like. A       I have been very good this year.                Love                                        years old. I want a American girl doll. I      I have been a good girl this year. I want a
am trying to right my homeword on the            basketball goal, a wnner dog, a cnodle, a          I help out with my baby sister and I            Cassie                                      want my mom to get a fabulous job. Do          fish tank, a stuffed tiger, and a horse doc-
computer I am not being stoped be-               ipod touch, and a Ninto D.S.                   help give her a bath.                                                                           not forget my baby brother. I want a           tor.
cause my mom is on it. Santa I realy                  My sisters woudl like some baby               For Christmas this year I would Like             Dear Santa,                                dress. I hope you have a great christmas            Love,
need new clothes to because everyday I           dolls, a and some clore, and some              an ipod, a playstation, a cellphone, a               For Christmas I want the game Mo-          to. I want my dad and grandma to get                Cassidy Wood
were my first week of school clothes             sholes.                                        new pair of shoes size 3.                        nopoly. I want a big, long, soft Brown pil-    something like a new wallet and a new
which I realy hate.                                   My mom would like some books,                 My mom would Like a necklace and             low. I want a lava lamp. I especially          shoes. I want a barie doll and a car I             Dear Santa,
     Santa my mom realy need a vaca-             and some make up, and some shose.              a pair of earings.                               whant a white bord to whrite on. I want a      want a laptop. I want a ds game and a              Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus?
tion and have know why to get her one                 And my dad would like some moves,             My little sister would like a new outfit.    new bedspread                                  wii game.                                      I have been a good girl. I would like a
and I love to see my mom happy and               and a xbox 360.                                    My step-dad would like bunch of toy              Love, Rebekah Gwyn                              Love,                                     Barbie Elisa Princess oven bake. I want
sometimes it makes me want to cry                     Love, Harrison Morris                     cars. I hope you have a good christmas.                                                              Alysha Barnes                             a Barbie shop too.
when she is sad so please Santa help                                                            You Rock. I am a very nice person. Hav-              Dear Santa,                                                                                   Love,
her out.                                             Dear Santa,                                ing all that would make me happy.                    This year for Christmas I would like a         Dear Santa,                                    Casey Key
     My brother is realy wanting a wii for           I have been very good this year. I             Love, Faith Draughn                          Ipod Touch and my Uncle and my                     I want an Ipod for Christmas. I would
his room and he has been asking seens            have helped My Mom clean up the                                                                 Grandpa to get well soon and My other          also like some new clothes. I think it             Dear Santa,
march 2009 and he realy want one.                house this summer cause it was messy               Dear Santa,                                  Uncle and his wife to have a baby.             would be cute if I got some clothes for            Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus?
     your friend,                                cause my brother is eleven months old              How do you get around the world in               Thanks bunches,                            my dog. I will leave you some milk and         I have been a good boy this year. I want
     Tiana                                       and holds on to the wall and gets stuff        on night? For christmas I want a four-               Tara Beck                                  cookies. Thank you.                            a Marocart and XBoxs big dlt, Ntendods.
                                                 and throws it on the Floor. For christmas      wheeler and a nother boxer because we                                                               Skela Amsberry                                 Merry Christmas,
    Dear santa,                                  I would really like an ipod or a dog. And I    lost Duke this year. Can you juggle or               Dear Santa
                                                 think that my mom would like stuff for the     not? And I have been a good girl. I am               This Christmas I want a game called             Dear Santa,                                   Owen Lundgren
    What I would like for cirsmist is a
shaht of drums and some ds. games or             kitchen like cups and plates.                  nine now I’m glad because I am the forth         The Grudge Recall and I want People                 What I want for Christmas is the
                                                     And my sister would relaly like a          grade and I have Mrs. Robertson she is           who are starving have a place to live and      American Girl Doll named Mia and the               Dear Santa,
some wil games like my sims Aegint or                                                                                                                                                                                                              Hello! How are you and Mrs. Claus?
Mario Kart. I would like a cat to.               iphone cause she always begging my             really nice.                                     food. That is all I wont.                      Mia pajamas and Mia’s accessories, the
                                                 dad for one. And my dad would just like            Sinncerly, Hannah Forrest                        From, Austin Duncan                        Dance team spirit set, the 2-in-1 Beach        I have been a good girl. I would like a
    And for my family I would like for you                                                                                                                                                                                                     Barbie. I want a Nintendo DS.
to pleas give my mom a atou matic                clothes. And the last one in my house is                                                                                                       outfit, the Beach chair and bag, the Hon-          Thank you,
mosoucer and for my dad a spend boat             my baby brother david likes big toys that           Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa I don’t need much but I        ey pet set and the Honey puppy paja-
                                                 makes noise. That what my family                    I have been very good this year. Just       would like the new Dairy Wimpy Kid. It         mas Santa I would also like a snake lit-           Amy Childress
and for my sister a a new tv and for my          wants.                                         yesterday I helped my uncle plant new            would mean a lot to me if you could get        tlest Pet shop, the Jungle Hangout, the
dog a small coat. And for all the world              Julian                                     grass. I Also helped my mom cook din-            me a flat screen t.v. for Christmas. And       Stylin Pets Runway, the bear with the              Dear Santa,
peac and no more wars and quite!                                                                ner.                                             let me have a good Christmas.                  honey on its paw, the calerpiller, the mop         Hello! how is Rudolph? I want a big
    love,                                            Dear Santa,                                     For Christmas I would want a puppy,              Love                                      dog, the bee, the beaver, the camal            spider gumball. I want a desk with a light
    Jessica Smith                                    I have been very good this year and I      a puppy in my pocket set, more Nintedo                Cole Inman                                     Haley                                     and a 4 wheeler. I want a G.I. Joe and
                                                 have been helping my Aunt Trisha deal          d.s games and a Nintedo I would                                                                                                          Marine stuff.
      Dera Santa,                                with my Aunt Audrea and my dad and             also like a monopoly game set.                       Dear Santa,                                        Mountain Park Elementary                   Thank you,
      I want a backugawn and a PSP and I         my mom are helping to.                              My mom would like some peach and                I would like for it to snow so I can                     School                               Ronnie Hartzog III
want a wii and a new bike. and some                  What I want for christmas is a nother      quiet also she would to have the D.Jhero         make snow angels. I would like for                          Mrs. Sprinkle
                                                 toy sniper Rifle because my other one          on playsation. My brother wants some             Christmas a puppy for my friend be-                         Kindergarten                         Dear Santa,
toys and a ping-pong table and a pool                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hello! How are you? I have been a
table. And I need a astro boy toy a $5.00        broke because I shot it to much. I al-         skinney jeans like the New boys. We all-         cause hers got run over. I feel sorry for
                                                 sowant a sword with acase to hold it in.       so want a playsation3.                           her. I am so so happy about Christmas. I          Dear Santa,                                 good girl. I want a Barbie wash and a
gift card and need boxing glove and                                                                                                                                                                                                            Koosh ball. A Mickey Mouse and a dog.
some lebron clothes.l And our family                 Also a nerf blasterset. My parents              Love Tatyana Long                           hope I will have a good time. What I              I want a video game and a dirt bike. I
                                                 would like anew ring and my brother                                                             would like for Christmas is a new book-        would like a toy game with a toy gun.             Love,
needs money more food and stuff to                                                                                                                                                                                                                Nancy Espino
clean up with. And need a flordia Gator          would like anew computer and I also                 Dear Santa,                                 bag and some shoes also some Aber-                Love,
                                                 want a Aion account.                                I have been good this year. I have          crombie clothes. My family is going to            Josh Freeman
jersey tim te bow. And I want to be a wide           love,                                      listend really good in class made friends        have a celebration.                                                                               Dear Santa,
reciver in the NFL and a SG in NBA.l                 Hunter                                     with people I did not know last year in              Love,                                          Dear Santa,                                    How are your reindeer and Rudu-
Then my family needs a lawn mower                                                               third grade, and made straight A’s on my             Isis Thompson                                  I have been a good boy. I would like       loph? Is the weather cold? I have been a
and a mop and oxi cleaner. And the                    Dear Santa,                               report card.                                                                                    you to bring me Mind Flex and the              very good boy. I want a police motorcy-
world can have good people and buefu-                 I have been good this year because             For christmas this year I would like a          Dear Santa,                                Spongebob game where you feed him              cle that you charge, a toy weedeater, a
ful flowers. Then Stranders can be good          this summer I helped my mom do work            blue or pink bike because my bike is get-            I am thankful for all the things you       Crabby patties. I would also like another      Buzzlightyear, and firefighter helmet.
to people and have good houses.                  around the house and take care of her          ting to small for me now. I would also like      have gave me for Christmas. What I             kitchen.                                       That’s all.
      Sincerely,                                 baby. For Christmas I would like to have       clothes from my favorite stores in Hanes         want for Christmas is a puppy and a kit-           From,                                          Merry Christmas,
      Ryan                                       a playstation3 and my mom would like           Mall Justice and Hibbit Sports. I owuld          ten. I also want a guitar and one of your          Devin Holsclaw                                 Kyle Dodson                                                                                                           2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                         December 24, 2009 21
   Dear Santa, (Ho Ho)                            Dear Santa Claus                           zuu zuu pet. Mary Christmas.                       Dear Santa,                                   Sincerly,                                        Dear Santa,
   Hi! How is Rudolph? I have been a              I want a guitar far Christmas. I hav to       Love,                                           How are you? Are your raindeers do-           Jamie                                            I’ve been good this year. I rilly want a
good boy. I want Frisbees, beach balls,        do my homework.                                  Madison                                     ing. How cold is it in the North Pole.                                                         DSI. I want a Barbie Blam Doll not a lime
and presents.                                     Sincerely,                                                                                What I want for christmas is. A WWE               Dear Santa,                                  one. not a chery one. I wnat a cottn can-
   Love,                                          Logan                                           Dear Santa,                               game, a army uniform, a DS Nascar                 I really, really want Wii sports resort      dy one. I thalt aoubt haveing a digin cam-
   Ethan Higgins                                                                                  How are you? for Christmas I would        game, uno cards game, ipod with songs.        with wii motion plus for Chirstmas.              ra so I want one. I would like haveing my
                                                  Dear Santa Claus,                          like a rabbit and a DS and a hamster.              by santa!                                     Love,                                        own phone. I want to know how you are
         Mountain Park Elementary                 I Want a DSi and a Wii. I hade been        Also clothes row bot tow a fircar a scoot-         Sincerely: Matt                               Lora                                         doing?
               School                          gude in class.                                er santa ckostoom, and a football.                 Ho-Ho-Ho                                                                                       Your friend,
              Linda Shores                        Sincerely,                                      Love,                                                                                        Dear Santa,                                     Olivia Grace Marion
               First Grade                        David.                                          Ethan                                         Dear Santa,                                    for christmsa I would like an iPod
                                                                                                                                                How are you Santa how is your deer.       shuffle (4th generation) kit and an ipod             Dear Santa,
     Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa Claus,                              Dear Santa,                               I wend like a Xbox 360 for cresmessy          speaker                                              I’ve been good all year. I want night
     My name is Mariela.                           I want a red Nintendo DS. Also a mo-           How are the raneder? For Christmas        and I want a big mokithuk from toysRS. I           P.S. The iPod Needs to be stainless         xejen pleas. Can I have a DSI. Can I
     I have been a good girl can you bring     torcycle and a Monster truck game. I Put      I want a hamster also a nintendo DS a          wanta PSP too Santa.                          stell and speaker, black. The Kit Needs          ples have a new wil game. How is Mrs.
me                                             my bickle in the House because my             robot toy clothes and curs that cangcol-           Love Kobin                                to be silver or black,                           Clous?
    One or two of your dells because I         mom told me.                                  ors with water, and a horse with all of it’s                                                      Tyler Fitzgerald                                Your friend,
like you so much because you give                  Sincerely,                                stuf.                                              Dear Santa,                                                                                    Will Hiatt
everybody presents to all my family.               Eric                                           Love,                                         I want a wii and a touch ipod if that’s       Dear Santa,
    Love Mariela                                                                                  Ernesto                                   not alot of money to use. Then I want a           I want 1,000,000,000 dollors, own                Dear Santa,
                                                  Dear Santa Claus,                                                                         minaiture puppy. And DS games. I hope         the school and a new not stupid brother.             I’ve been good all year. I want a DSI.
   Dear Santa,                                    I want a Dsixl and a laptop My mom              Dear Santa,                               you have a good time passing presents             Me                                           I would love to have mary yo go yo Kos.
   My name is Jose                             doesnt lat me get on her computer at               How are you? For Christmas I would        out. And I hope your list of noddey or            Julia Shores                                 Can I have a dog? Can I have a dog?
   I like your toys.                           home. You are my Best Friend.                 like a DS and a robot tow and a firecar        nice is just nice because you can give                                                         Can I have a pock it rocK it? HOw do
   I have been. a good boy. I would like          Sincerely,                                 and a hamster. Happy Christmas Santa!          them prestents.                                    Dear Santa, I want a 270 Remington          your efs bild all your toys to dliver?
a SPider Man toy.                                 Dillon                                          Love,                                         Love, Hannah Marie Williams               Rifle and Call of Dutey 3 PS2 game.                  Your friend,
   sincerely, Jose.                                                                               Benjamin                                                                                     Noah Weaver                                     Austin Reeves
                                                   Dear Santa Claus,                                                                            Dear Santa,
      Dear Santa,                                  I want books. I help my mom.                 Dear Santa,                                     Is your workshop up and running?              Dear Santa, Please bring lots of toys           Dear Santa,
      My name is kaylyn. I have been so            Sincerely,                                   I love are you? Wat I want for Christ-      How is your elfs and raindeer? For            for children. But what I wnat for Chirst-           I’ve have been good this year. I wont
good in school even at home well ... just          Randa                                     mas is a printes and internet. I would like    Christmas I would like a Ds game, a wii       mas is a wii, Nentendo DS. and cloths.           a pupy, a smrtbode, a star wars bed,
sometimes. I will allway be good                                                             a hamster and a cage. I would like a           game, a ipod, some Hank the Cowdog            kids love toy and other things.                  books, WWe caje mach with Jone cene
whereerer I go. I want a jewelry Box for           Dear Santa Claus,                         baby kitten. I wid like a baby rabbit.         books 41 and 35. Also may I have a                thank you                                    and Mate Hrdey. a duck named pewpen,
Christmous. Whith a necklace in it, a bra-         I want a twin doll with cloths and the       Sinceley,                                   computer game that can work on our                Love,                                        a gum mshen. can you have my dad to
clit in it, ring in it, a wach in it. My mom   three muskateers dolls. I have been              Vanessa                                     computer? Is it warm at the North pole in         Julia Espino                                 come bake how is Rodof?
sade he will mabe hd mack a new t.v.           good becase i want to get these toys that                                                    the Summer? How many kids homes                                                                   Love,
and vcr. and we all wanta toy pony for         iv ask you for christmas.                         Dear Santa,                                you have to go to?                                     Shoals Elementary School                   Alex Gonzalez
Christmas. Merry Christmas.                        Sincerely,                                    I want a LEGO indiana Jones play               Sincerely,                                                Mrs. Angel
      love kaylyn                                  Ashley                                                                                       Ashlyn Nicole Park                                       Kindergarten                          Dear Santa,
      I hope get here well.                                                                  set. A LEGO space polic playset. A val-            Merry Christmas!
                                                                                             cano Ilind video game playstasin 2. A                                                                                                             I been good this yera. I want a xbox
                                                   Dear Santa Claus                          New Transformers Bumblebee. And a                                                                Der Seda                                     360. I would Like a Dsi. A gitar hereo.
     Dear Santa,                                   I want a motorcycl                                                                           Dear Santa,                                   I like evethg for ch istmas I m a gud        The best thig will get is a playstysas-
     My name is Christine. I have been a                                                     palystshin 2 lego batman vedogame.                 I would like these toys for Christmas.                                                     tashan 3. The Last Thig I want is a Skat-
                                                   le for chstmas.                           And last but not lest the transfomers                                                        be. git me a beg mostr trc. I Luv you.
good girl this year. I want some toy               Sincerely,                                                                               A ipod and a wii and a Labtap and a flat          Hunter Terrell                               boad. Santa tell Rud of the Raindeer I
horse’s eve a mp3 player even a .........                                                    track set!                                     scren tv for my room and a salfon and a                                                        saw his Movie.
                                                   Mark                                          From,
cell phone. I love you Santa, Santa do                                                                                                      hutting game for my wii and my DS.               Dir Sata,                                         Your friend,
you knon how much I love you very very                                                           Adam                                           Sincerely, Kyle Freed                                                                          Caleb Mykel
                                                       Mountain Park Elementary                                                                                                              I wot a DSi for Christmas And a dog
very verry very very,                                         School                                                                                                                      And cat. I wot a lito Blakit Habaey Day
     love Christine.                                                                             Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                  Dear Santa,
                                                            Tamara Martin                        How are you and Mrs. Clues? For                                                          Sata
                                                           Second Grade                                                                          I would like a new bycicle, a baby          Love Blanca Rosa                                 I’ve been good this year. I want a DS
    Dear Santa,                                                                              Christmas I would like a littest pet shop      alive that craps, a socore ball net & lots                                                     des. I allsow want a baabie camper. I rile
    My name is Payton UricK. I want a                                                        and a hamster. Also a jounal, rabbit, Nin-     of books to read - A millon. How are you                                                       want a Wii. I rile rile want a new babie
                                                   Dear Santa,                               tendo DS game, some clothes, a puppy,                                                           Dear Santa
safe pelletgun that has bullets. I want a          You are the best. I want a new toy. I                                                    doing in the north pole. How many peo-           My nam is Jeseph Grezmak I hop u              haws. How are you bowing?
Pocket rocket and a Nintendo Ds I.                                                           a TV, to put in my room, a fairy take          ple is on your naughty list. I hope I am                                                          Your friend,
                                               have been good all year. I will leve cook-    book. MErry Christmas!                                                                       hav a hape Christmas. Merry Chrismas.
    Thank you,                                 ies and milk for you.                                                                        not because I want lots more presants I          Joseph                                           Emily Elsibeth Marion
    Payton                                                                                       Love,                                      just can’t think of them right now. I love
                                                   love Luke Shore                               Bailey White                               you Santa with all my heart.                                                                           Shoals Elementary School
   Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,                                                                                  your the Best                                     Shoals Elementary School                             Jan Epperson
   My name is Garrett. I lwantl Tracko                                                           Dear Santa,                                     Love Jenna your friend forever                                                                           First Grade
                                                    Please bring me a camo bear and              How are you and how are the elves                                                                       Amber Baker
and a modr Sickel. Santa, I hope you           one for my baby sistr. I have been good                                                                                                                    First Grade
have a safe trip.                                                                            doing? I would like a Nintido DS and I              Dear Santa,                                                                                   My name is Lander and I have tried
                                               all year. You’r the best.                     want a hamster. Get a computer that has
   Love,                                            Love Humoer Toniemiec                                                                        How are you doing in your work                Dear Santa,                                 to be good all year. I am in first grade at
   Garrett                                                                                   evering. Have a good day.                      shop in the north pole? This is you bud-                                                       Shoals. My teachers are Mrs. Epperson
                                                                                                 Love,                                                                                         I’ve been a good this year. I rilly rilly
                                                    Dear Santa,                                                                             dy Savannah in 3rd Grade that goes to         want a DSI. I would love it to have a Am-        and Mrs. Bryant. I hoave made good
     Dear Santa,                                                                                 Clay                                       Mountain Park School. so Santa how is                                                          grades this year. I try to do a good job on
                                                    I have been good all year. I want a                                                                                                   icin Girl Baby. I would love it if you couuld
     My name is Kylie. I Wish I had a lost     ds for carismis, and my causn Jordin he                                                      all of your raindeer expesaly rouldolph       get me some fake ginfr neails. I would           my work. This year I would like a Wii
of toys. I I had a house robe And a Pair of                                                          Mountain Park Elementary               the red nose raindeer? Sant i’m going to                                                       NBA Basketball Maddon 09 or 10 and a
                                               is 4 years old. He wons a trasfer robot is                  School                                                                         love it if your elvs could get me a Smart
bedroom shoes too.                             is red and bute for carismis. please get                                                     tell you what I want for Christmas. OK I      bord. It would be wondrful i fyou could          Nintendo DS. I would dwant the Wii Bas-
     Kylie                                                                                                 Mrs. Riggs                       want a skateBord, wii a fourwheeler or a                                                       ketball game because I played some-
                                               Spencer a new bett for carismis.                            Third Grade                                                                    get me my own phon.I would like it if you
                                                    Love, Jaelyn Leclair                                                                    Dirtbike that’s all byebye Santa              could get me a camra. could you gete             thing like that and its a good game. I
    Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                  Love: Savannah                           me a case for the DSI? Could you get             would want the Nintendo DS because it
    My nam Isaac Noor. I Wish For a                                                               Dear Santa,                                                                                                                              sounds a good game to play. At home,
                                                   Dear Santa,                                    I would like only a few presents. I do                                                  me a lap top that is pink. How are you
Pistl nerf gun I hive helPing my fomily.           I hope you like my cookies + milk.                                                           Dear Santa,                               doing? could you check on roodof?                sometimes I help my parents do chores.
    Luve                                                                                     belive in you. All I want is a doll and a          I would like a DS and games for it. I                                                      I have also thought of others too. When
                                               Bring my bruther a new set of transform-      ball. I want just one more thing a stuffed                                                        Your friend,
    Isaac                                      ers too.                                                                                     would like one of these mp3 or a ipod. I           Tynlee Gayle Jones                          people fall down or get hurt I help them
                                                                                             reindeer that looks like Rudoulf. How are      would like a pool for the summur. I wish                                                       up. That is all. Merry Christmas!
                                                   love Daniel Shores                        you and Mrs. Claus? Are any of the
    Dear Santa,                                                                                                                             that you would get me a laptop and a wii.        Dear Santa,                                       Your friend,
    My name is Jessica. I have been a                                                        Reindeer sick? Are your reindeer and           TV for in my room. I need a CD and                                                                 Landon Smith
                                                   Dear Santa,                               sleigh ready to go? I Love you Santa                                                            I really want some more cars. I want
very good girl. I love you                         I have been good all year. You’r the                                                     CDs. I want a inside Dog. I want a TV in      some pokemon cards. I like some
    Santa Nlaus I want a horse I will be                                                          Love,                                     my room that works. I would like my on                                                              Dear Santa,
                                               bast. Please bring me a camo bear and              your friend Amy Hinson                                                                  games to.
good girl. I want a horse. I love Sata         a real rocking roll guitar for christmas                                                     room. How are the eavels? How are you            Your friend,                                       I will git presents
    I Love JessicA.                            and a wii.                                                                                   Santa?                                           Jonathan Bowman                                    I Like presents we Like tor.wes. we
                                                                                                 Dear Santa,                                                                                                                               like crismise
                                                   Love Bitty Lee Elmore                         How are you going Santa is it going
     Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                 Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                      we have Fun
     My name is Hawss Phoenix                                                                well For chistmas I want 2 Games For                I want a wii from you. I also want 2                                                           Thake you Shatule
                                                  Dear Santa,                                my PSP a skate Board a PSP cover to                                                               I’ve been good all year. I wood love a
Roberts.                                          I want a silver necklace with dimem-                                                      games they are puppy racing and Amari-        drum set for Chrismas. I want a barbe                 Mary Chrismas
     I have been a very good Boy this                                                        aNd I waNt a call oF duty Poster aNd a         can idol with the micerphon. And I also                                                             Your friend,
                                               ons all over it. I need barbie close.         army Game formy xBox                                                                         doll parck with a dog. I wood really really
year. I want A toy big truck it betr be a      Thanks Santa. Your the best!                                                                 want a vido camra. Please tell me is it       love a pegte doll.                                    Luke
freightliner.                                                                                    Sincerely                                  ever gets hot at the north Pole. I love
                                                  love Ashten Proffit                            Love                                                                                          P.S.-How is Fred the elf?
                                                                                                                                            cristmis so much. I Love the snow to play          Your friend,                                    Dear Santa,
   Dear Santa,                                                                                   Your Friend                                in.                                                                                                My name is Amber I’ve been geeting
                                                   Dear Santa,                                   Isaiah Boner                                                                                  Hadley Tucker
   My name is Dustin.                              I want a Dimond neclace and a But-                                                            Love Jodie Potter                                                                         check’s. But other than that I’ve been
   I have been a very good boy this            terscouch pony. I want a maching di-                                                                                                           Dear Santa,                                  good I think. I love you! Saint Nicholas!!
year.                                                                                            Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                                                               very much!!! Yahhh!!! I can’t wait for
                                               mond ring for my Mom and a teapot with            How are you? Is it true that the older                                                       I’ve have been good this year. I want
   I want a snowglobe and a toy car.           snowmen on it. I want a furry coat for my                                                         My name is Dylan. I would Love to        a goodtar. I wish I can have a nerf gun. I       Chistmas!!! I’m in first grade. I want a
   Love,                                                                                     you get the less stuff you get? For Christ-    see you are so cool. wout I wont fore                                                          Carolinoa Blue t’shirt and a Hannah
                                               sister and a talking stuffed animal.          mas I will take anything. I really want a                                                    real wish I had a pepe gun. I want to get
   Dustin                                          love, samantha Dunn                                                                      cristmis is a Drit Bick so bad and a          a DSI. I hope I get a 88 bed. How is             Montanna t’shirt.
                                                                                             bookbag, Wii system and game. Also a           playstachin2. I would Love to see your                                                             Your friend,
                                                                                             pair of boots lik my dads. Can I have                                                        Rudolph.
    Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                                                             reindeer and your evs so bad will you             Your friend,                                     Amber Wilder
    My name is Dawson. I have been a                                                         proof you’re real? P.S. (Please write          see me sum time. I Love you Santa. Is it
                                                    I thank you your the best. Thank you     back. Can you get something for my par-                                                          Jeremy Gibson
good boy this year. Can you bring me a         for the presants. I want a tractor pulling                                                   Cold wear you live it is cold were I Live.                                                         Dear Santa,
game of chess. I want a 50 dirt bike.                                                        ents too?)                                          by Dylan                                                                                      I want a tranplen and a play car. I will
                                               wii game.                                         Love,                                                                                         Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas Santa. I hope you get               love charlie branch                                                                                                                        I’ve been good this year. I wath a lot      play with my toy that you gave me. the
this letter. I want a gun for Christmas.                                                         Mackenzie                                      Dear Santa,                                                                                toys that you give me.
                                                                                                                                                                                          of trys. Can you get my a wesKin? saota
Have a safe trip.                                  Dear Santa,                                                                                  I want a Baby Alive I realy whant it so   will you get me a bell of or yrw slay? I will        Love Santa
    Love Dawson.                                                                                 Dear Santa,                                badliy, Barbie Princess, for Real friends                                                          Your friend,
                                                   I hope you bring my mommy a rige              I want a Wii for Chirstmas. I want a                                                     Love for a spast ship? Will you get me
                                               and you bring me a rige to. If you bring                                                     Tuggin’ pup, Littlest pet shop Get Better-    sume DS games. Will you Prt sume                     Andrea Palmer
    Dear Santa,                                                                              smackdown Vs. Raw on Nitendo. I want           Centes, Barbie Bech Party Doll with
                                               me a rige, I well be happy and bring my       a playstation 3. I want a pellet gun most                                                    Kedey in my soKin.
    My name is Kalie Mabe I want a zoo-        brother a nakles.                                                                            Bike, Hot wheels 10 Pack, Crayola Color            Your friend,                                     Dear Santa,
zoo pet for Chrsitmas I am really trying to                                                  of all. How are the reindeer doing (es-        Wonder Clitter Coloring set, Mega Bloks                                                             My name is Colton I have been nice
                                                   Love, Alexus Swaim                        pacilly Ruldoph). How are the elves.                                                              Connor Lane
do better.                                                                                                                                  100-Piece Tub, Fisher-PriceZ-2-3 Light-                                                        this year. I go to Shoals. I been helping
                                                                                             How are you and Mrs. Claus.                    s’n Sounds boll, Play-Doh meat Makin                                                           my dad I clean his truck and helpt hem
                                                     Dear Santa,                                 Sincerly your friend, Ken                                                                    Dear Santa,
         Mountain Park Elementary                    I will make you some cookes and                                                        kinchen, Play Skooll Busy Boll Choo               I’ve been good this year. I want a           hunt. I don my work. I would lke a green
               School                          milk. I want a for rale fiaro grat and it’s                                                  Choo                                          weather chrt. I would Love to have Chatr         mach ine skate boold and a big set of
              Mrs. Godinez                                                                        Dear: Santa I whant a Mario game              Love, Jaquel Loa Biuiz                                                                     drums becaus every boy in my family
                                               aeik is as loge as my daddy. It’s body to     on Xbox 360, a Lego game on xbox 360,                                                        book’s. I’d like ot have shool sufe. I relly
               First Grade                     be big enufe for me to sit on and I wnat                                                                                                   want a D.s.I. I wood like to have a dask. I      has one.
                                                                                             a wii and a game to go with it I whant a            Dear Santa,                                                                                    Your friend,
                                               it’s legs to move. I want to walk on it’s     plugin and play on tv and a dirt bike.                                                       super wanta baby Aive. How do you no
   Dear Santa Claus,                           legs.                                                                                             I would like cloe Yasmin Jade and        evrebody?                                             Colten Allen
   How do reindeer fly? I want a pink                                                        have a good crismis. how is the weather        Sasha s the ice skating Bratz and I
                                                     P.S love, Leah Brand                    at the north pole.                                                                               Your friend,
DSI. Thank you!                                                                                                                             would like them as the Bratz cowGirls             Roy Beth Kiser                                   Dear Santa,
   Sincerely,                                                                                     Love Brandon Esparza                      and a for real friends wolf and for real                                                           I have been mean sometimes and I
                                                   Dear Santa,
   ALycia                                          I have been good all year. I want a                                                      friends cat and a pet cleanic with only            Dear Santa,                                 have been good sometimes I want for
                                                                                                 Dear Santa,                                cats and dogs and the Barbie nail stiyler.                                                     Cristmas is 900millionzillion dollar’s and I
                                               candy machine and I want a cup cake               I want madden10 for my playstaion,                                                            I’ve been good all year. I would like
    Dear Santa Claus,                          machine. I will leve cookes and milk for                                                          age: 8                                   to have a pink pootel webkinz. I would           want is a DS. My name is Donovan. My
    I wot hotwheel and a truk and I wot                                                      mario cart wii for my wii, a laptop. Is rod-        Love Carrie Elmore                                                                        teacher’s name’s are Mrs. Epperson and
                                               you. What is the rdindere calor? P.S.         ofes nose still shining. Do you like the                                                     love to have the game called Pets Nur-
ds and. olut of car and toy                    thank you                                                                                                                                  shrey. What I want most is the game              Mrs. Bryant they are very very very very
    Sincerely,                                                                               snow up there. Is your raindeer doing                  Mountain Park Elementary                                                               good teacher’s.
                                                   Love Jodi Childress                       good! Do they like there food. Do you like                                                   called Style Saveive. Iwas allsow waant
    Jesus boy                                                                                                                                             School                          a elf. I wont him to meet me on the florw.           Your friend,
                                                                                             your food. How big is your sleigh.                           Jane Smith                                                                           Donovan
                                                       Mountain Park Elementary                  Sincerely:                                                                               I was wornding how you were doing? I
    Dear Santa claus,                                        School                                                                                       Fifth Grade
    How do raindeer fly? I want a green                                                          Levi Rippey                                                                              was allsow wornging how is miss cloos?
                                                             Ms. Beasley                                                                                                                       Your friend,                                    Dear Santa,
Dsixl for christmas.                                       Second Grade                                                                          Dear Santa, for Christmas I would                                                             My name is Allyson on my teachers
    Sincerely,                                                                                    Dear Santa,                               like a Ipod touch and a nintendo DS                Chloe Sloop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           names is Mrs. Epperson and Mrs.
    Dockery                                                                                       I want some my little pony stuff. two     game also some jewelry and SHOES!                                                              Bryant they are the best teache in the
                                                   Dear Santa,                               my little pet dogs’. I want a candy can’. I    SHOES! and tell your elfs to work really           Dear Santa,
                                                   How are the raindeer? For Christ-         want a goody bag. I wan’t a big hug from                                                          I’ve been good this year. I want a          wrod nad I love them a lot I will nevr for-
   Dear Santa Claus,                           mas I would like a baby kitten, a baby                                                       hard because everybody loves toys!!                                                            get them foyr chtismas
   I ben good today i wat a moxigirl                                                         my best of all family. I want stuff I need          From,                                    prolitroldit for Crismis. For crismis I want
                                               puppy and ned for both of them and x          to, and alot of warm fuzzy stuff. How are                                                    want a has. I would reley like to fliy for           Your friend,
head. A i wot a SPonge BoB oPeration.          box 360, a diary and a horse. A tee pee                                                           LaShae Cockerham                                                                              Allyson
And the cupcake maker.                                                                       you doing up at the north pol. Will you             P.S - Love the santa suit!               crismis. Santa can I ples have a babe
   Sincerely                                   and a pencial sharpenar and clothes for       anser my prayr let my mom get some                                                           sistr for crismis. How is Mis Clos doing.
   Cassidy                                     the kitten and a raindeer also the littles    money $375 please!                                  Dear. Santa                                   Your friend,                                    Dear Santa,
                                               pet shop set.                                      Love Brittany                                  I don’t want Nothing for Christmas            Austin Vernon                                   My name Joe Mell Bass. I go to
   Dear Santa Claus,                               Love,                                                                                    but I do want stuff for my Dog. I would                                                        Shoals School. I have bee good and
   I Want four Christmas. a Hannah                 Grace                                         Dear Santa,                                like toy’s, chouths, bones, and a bed so it        Dear Santa,                                 bad. Your Eves Mack Toys. I wot for
Montana doll. I am a Good girl because I                                                         What I want for christmas is football      could go to sleep. While I could be happy          I’ve been good this yaer. I rely want a     Christmas Hot Wheels and Tikdit. I like
hove being listening to my teacher.                 Dear Santa,                              plaer. I want bud and willaen Rany moss        that is all I want for my puppy.              DS fpr cjors,a amd Jamm <pmmama                  Santa.
   Sincerely                                        How are your eles? For Chrismas I        Dess Bess and Lawson and a pack of                  Love                                     cpitj,p;/ O wamt a MR3 playr. For chirs-             Your friend,
   Olivia                                      want a DS and A game for my playsta-          football crad. dad I have oAe caitnien are          Donna Gonzalez                           ma I want a nobook to color pish on.                 Joe Mell
                                               tion 3. Also a movie and some clese.          you reizd hut I sellre beveie in you                                                         Clab for mmy tV. A pillow in my room. A
   Dear Santa Claus,                                Sincerly,                                    Sincerely                                     Dear Santa. I want a nice warm coat        fol bood in my rom. A des for my room               Dear Santa,
   I wot a drte bike.                               Jacob                                        Casan Lawson                               and shoes and thats all I want for chist-     that I can cul on. I want some Fools. I will        I do My Work. I help PeoPle that
   and a fourwelr. I have been a good                                                                                                       mas.                                          like an I pod. Some icarly pes. Some DS          doesnt No what to do. I want a dSi with
boy because I have been good                        Dear Santa,                                   Dear Santa,                                  from: Shelly                               games.                                           gams.
   Sincerely,                                       How are you? For Christmas I would            I wont to see my baby siter her              Merry Chistmas                                  Your friend,                                   Your friend,
   C.J.                                        like a dory and a pichure of you. And for     Name is Sarafaft She looks like me and                                                            Jenna Southern                                 Kimberlee
                                               my sister a baby kiten and for my mom         I’v have bin a way from her for too yere’s         Dear Santa,
     Dear Santa Claus,                         somethig special. and somethig special        I gust won’t to see my siter for criseme I         I want an Xbox 360 and call od duty           Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
     I Want a Thomas toy and his name          for my dad Mery Christmas.                    wiht I will see my sitre For crismes.          modern warfare 2. That will make my               I’ve been good this year. I wote a              My name is Levi I go to school at
going to be the little Hinnuey and The lit-         Love,                                                                                   christmas great!                              skatboard and a flyboxa. I wote a mod-           Shoals. I’m in first grade I have been a
tle Bortnfn                                         Soraide                                       Dear Santa,                                   sincerely, Robbie                         resikle and a forwillr. I would like a           good boy and my teachess Mrs. Bryant
     Sincerely                                                                                    How are you? Do you have a shop?                                                        Scoobe boo moove. and Pokemon                    and Epperson and Wlland a psp.
     Elijah                                        Dear Santa,                               I will like a Nintendo Ds and mp3. I will so       Dear Santa                                cards. How are you?
                                                   I love you. I want a DS, rabbit, new                                                                                                                                                       Your friend,
                                                                                             bad to get puppes. And pictace of you              I whan’t a bandJo.                            Your friend,                                    Levi
   Dear Santa Claus,                           bike and the hot wheels color changer. I      santa. can you get my mp3 muise of                 Joe
                                               love rain deer. Can you get me a painting                                                                                                      Billy E. Hazlwood
   I want a DS, a make up toy, a toy                                                         HigH shcool muise. And High shcoole                                                                                                               Dear Santa,
dog, and a doll house, fake keys, toy van      of them? PS bring the coolest toy ever        muise potses. what are you doing at               Dear Santa,
                                               and a computer printer for my family.         north pole?                                                                                      Dear Santa,                                      My name is Lauren I have been a
and a teddy bear.                                                                                                                              I really, really want a nintendo DS            I’ve have been good this year. I want        very good girl I go to shoals and you
   Megan                                           Love,                                          Love, Jessica Nava                        and a mp3 or a Ipod
                                                   Alex M.                                                                                     Sincerly,                                  a noff gun. And I want a Pokit Rokit             come form the North Pole. Aad I am form
    Dear Santa,                                                                                   Dear Santa,                                  Your friend                                Skood. I wlod like to have a Wii and a           the United States I would like a million
    I want a PSP for Christmas. What              Dear Santa,                                     How are you? For Christmas I would           Anayeli Loa                                dSI.                                             dollars and a stuffed elf.
kind of cookies do you like?                      How are the raindeer? For Christ-          like a laptop and an ipod touch and I                                                            Your friend,                                     Your friend,
    Sincerely,                                 mas I would like a puppy. I would like        would love it if you would bring me a              Dear Santa, I want 400 dollars And a          Blake Everhart                                   Lauren
    James                                      some paper. I would like a hamster.           Let’s Ride Silver Buckel Stables. P.S. I       S and w magnum, and avatar action fig-
                                                  Love,                                      will leave Cookies and Milk in the living      ures.                                             Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,
   Dear Santa Claus,                              Savannah                                   room for you. P.S.S. I will leave some-            Randall                                       I’ve been good this year. I rele not GI          You are my friend. You have eight
   I wot a nintindoe and I wot a toy scat-                                                   thing for the reandeer.                                                                      Joe Achen I wish I had a skatdord. fegrs.        reindeer the one in front is name
bode rap. I wot a toy scatbode. I wot the         Dear Santa Claws,                               Sincerely,                                    Dear Santa,                               I wot a nintendo DSi I do wot the sponge         Rudolph. his nose is red. Santa I want a
game lheat 4 playeer moreo for christmas.         How’s everything? For Christmas I               Sarah Elizabeth Southard                      I want to get a new dog and a new         bob move. How are you doweing?                   skate board and a dike also.
   sincerely,                                  would like Ms. Beasley to get somthig. I           P.S. I want a bell from your slegih       laptop and the quickest plane flight to           Your friend,                                     Your friend,
   Abbott                                      wold like a horse printies and another        Please.                                        Alaska                                            Carson Simmons                                   Jesse Whitaker
22   December 24, 2009                                                                                                            2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                    
    Dear Santa,                                      I deserve a present because I clean         merry christmas and I Love You Santa I          you to get some toys for my dog too?                 Dear Santa, This year I would like a        How are you? How’s Mrs. Claus? Is she
    My name is kinlee. I go to school at         up. I want a barbie.                            like toys I will Give You milk and cookies      Get him toys that are hard becuse he            wii if you would be so kind to take the          still making you cookies? Are they good
Shoals. I am in first grade, I have been a           Courtney Brown                              and I Love rudolf and cupid and doner           has hard teeth that are sharp too? I what       time to get everything I want that would         or not good? Are the reindeer doing
good girl and my teachers name is Mrs.                                                           and blittzen and dasher and Prancer and         This a cat, DJ for Xbox 360, some drum          be so kind of you to do that for me as you       good are they ready to fly the sleigh on
Epperson and Mrs. Bryant. I want a D.S.              Dear Santa,                                 dancer and comey and vixen I want               for Xbox, some plan drums                       know I want a will I would also like a few       christmas Eve? Is rudolphs nose still
I because I like the games I want a wii              How is the eafs and Ruddolf? How is         moive girls and I want barbe girls and I             B.F.F.,                                    webkinz. Some candy more like alout of           shining bright? Here is a few things that I
because I like the games also.                   the weather? It is code here. Is it code        want a PuPPY.                                        Grace Cook                                 candy som nintoe games like pet nursy I          want for christmas. I would like a ipod
    Your friend,                                 their? Santa I wot toys I wot a Slay with            Your friend,                                                                               would really love that game and some             touch with some country songs on it. I
    Kinlee                                       randdrr. I wat a psp. I wot a Sodn. I help           Olivia Radford                                  Dear Santa,                                dairy of a wimpy kind books. I have a few        also would like a game for every on of
                                                 man and Dad clen. I mac my bed up.                                                                   Can you plese get me a webkinz             quietches what do you in the north pole?         my video games. I would like a wii. I
    Dear Santa,                                      Your friend,                                    Dear Santa,                                 and webkinz clohs. A wii rock band for          Waht do you want to eat at night you are         owuld also like a DS and a laptop. That
    My name is Carly. I go to Shoals.                Luke                                            How are you boing. Is mis clos ho           wii. A new nerf gun to and thats it for the     probably tired of the same old cookies.          is all I want for christmas. How are the
You Came form the North Carolina. I                                                              kay. Is all the elves ho kay. Is or Preste      toys.                                           So how about pizza. Pizza it is.                 Elfs doing? I hope their doing ok or you
have been a good girl and all I want for              Dear Santa,                                going gub. Is or reindeer ho kay. I hop              Makeserwr, you get everyone that                love                                        might not get the give anybody stuff for
Christmas is my two frun teth. My tech-               how are you doin? Do you have lot          that you have a god orip. I’m lam milk a        dosn’t have toy ok. I will leave you milk            Sarah Mann                                  christmas because you don’t have a
ers names are Mrs. Epperson 8 mrs.               of cool toys? Is mrs. claws cook you            cookies                                         and cookies. Make shore you don’t                                                                anything.
Bryant. they are Cool and fun We all like        some good cokis? Is Rudolph good and                Your friend,                                mess my friends house.                              Dear Santa,                                        Sincerely
them they are the Best te4cher in teh            hetey? Have the elves been doin lots of             Hailey Flynn.                                    Also don’t get a tomyak from eating            I would like Bendaroos and Chrissa                 Nicholas
holle school. We Love Santa.                     work? do you have lots of snow in the                                                           all thime cookies. Don’t nock down noth-        the American Girl Doll. Als I would like
    Your friend,                                 north pole? Do you have your crimas                  Dear Santa,                                ing ok. I hope you have a mary Christ-          some chapter books like the Julie Series.             Christmas List
    Carly Bullington                             lights up? Do you have lot of letd. I want           I whs whtin tone how is the nirt I hop     mas.                                            How are your reindeer? How many elves                 Dear Santa Caes I want a dirtbike
                                                 a moiv cold santa buds. I desr it because       you have sof chrepon Be efh I Will. givi             Love,                                      do you have? What is your house made             bike. And a black camaro with red stripe.
    Dear Santa,                                  I have been helping my mom.                     you cookies an milk. I wot for christmas             Natalie Zachman                            of? Do you have a stall for your rein-           And a DS Chat get. And some heelis
    I have been a good boy. My name is                Your friend,                               the moxe Girls wet the hern an the                                                              deer? Whitch reindeer flys in the front?         And a xbox360 with a racing game. And
Cameron. I go to shool-s. I take out th               Carson                                     Hnam A tan. Game that gam nintren an                Dear Santa,                                 This is what I’m going to leave for you:         a psp with a racing Game. And a sall
etrash and clean my room. I’m going to                                                           th to nse one it you. git me ow lithe               I’m going to set out browneis this          three cookies, milk and carrots for all the      frieg.
help my school donate food. I want new               Dear Santa,                                      Your friend,                               year. What I would like for christmas is a      reindeer.                                             Love Joshua Crump
basketball and for Mr. Riggs to like Duke!           How dose your deer fly? How are                  Lorin                                      Nentedo Ds, a spongob case for it, and a            Love,
    Your friend,                                 you doweing? are the evels warcking                                                             spongbob Nentedo Ds game. P.S. I love               Lili Mae Craven                                   Dear Santa,
    Cameron Knox                                 hared for you? Do you brush the deers               Dear Santa,                                 with a capital I love spongebob square                                                                How are you and mrs. clause doing.
                                                 her? Are the deer heley? Are the deer               Merry ChristMas Santa Clause I              pants. Do you? I also love Hannamonta,              Dear santa,                                  I was wondering if you can bring me the
    Dear Santa,                                  being a good listener? I have been a            Hope You have a grat day and bring              Sonny with a chance and the Jones                   I love cristmas! I am very very              movie new moon I really like it. I hope I’v
    I have ben a good boy this year. I go        good listener to my mom. I want a DS            presents then put them under the Christ-        brothers. P.P.S. can I have a camra to? I       exsided. I am putting cristmas stuff and         been good. Also I really want a laptop,
to Shoals School. I want a DSI and a             and a game.                                     Mas tree an then theirs cookies and Milk        promise to leave a thank you note for           decrashens evrey where. Have I been              and one of those electric balls, and I real-
back you. Gone to I will be at home for              Your friend,                                after your finish with Cookies an Milk an       evrey thing you do. Oh and one more             Natey or nice? The most importent thing          ly really want a kitty-cat. Also can I have
Christmas.                                           Mason                                       bring me Marla DA                               thing please wake me up I relly want to         I want for cristmas is a bible and a key-        a painting kit I Love to draw and paint. I’ll
    Your friend,                                                                                     Your friend,                                meet you. I’m the door that’s clsosed in        bord. I have been thinging about you. I          make you a drawing for you, and mrs.
    Kendall Ray White                                 Dear Santa,                                    Brandon Butner                              the hall.                                       have a sprise for you on cristmas night.         clause one too. I hope you like them, and
                                                      How are you feeling? I wonder if                                                               Love,                                       Bye.                                             let my mom, dad and brother have a
         Shoals Elementary School                your sleigh has a shiny new coat of red                 Shoals Elementary School                    Leah Brooke Hayes                               Love,                                        good Christmas.
              Cristi Arington                    paint. Is the weater cold and breezy? I                         Mrs. Cox                                                                            Elizabeth Jane Carson                             Love
                First Grade                      hope your elves are working hard. Are                        Second Grade                           Dear Santa, I do not no if we will              p.s can you please give my mom,                   Krystal Young
                                                 your reindeer practicing to fly? I deserve                                                      cook kukes. I hop we will cook kukes.           Dad and brother some stuff.                           P.S.
     Dear Santa,                                 a present because I take care of my                 Dear Santa,                                 Santa, are you going to bening the                                                                    Bring my brother an I-Pod touch! he
     I desrve a presnet because I listend        guinea pigs. I would like some hex bugs             I wonder what you will be doing for         peznts yes — or no —. Or you reily san-              Dear Santa, I can not wait untill it is     really want one thank you! Have a good
to my sund school teacher. is every              for christmas.                                  Christmas eve. I will problby leave you         ta, be becozo I do not yes— or no—. I           Caeismies. I am So excited. I want to no         Christmas
bodey helthe? How is the rindeer and is-              Your friend,                               some cokies and milk. But if you don’t          hop you bening me semy pezns                    if I can have a elif. I wount to no hall
peshle rood-olff? How is the weather?                 Anna Windsor                               behave I will not leave you any cokies              Chris Davis Heay                            ruodoff is. I hope you have a good cor-               Dear Santa,
Are you reale magic? How are you and                                                             and milk.                                                                                       mas. I will put raindear food out. I waish I          Santa you are the best in the whole
Mrs. claus? You are awesome I am go-                  Dear Santa,                                    Love                                            Dear Santa,                                 could meat you. hall has masclase been.          wide world. For chistmas I relly want the
ing to give you                                       Huow have you ben? Are your ran-               AJ Key                                          This christmas I wish you could bring       I wash Carmas came all the time. I can           light up brush that light’s up what color it
     Your friend,                                dere practicing for the big trip? I bet you                                                     me a dsi and so me highhills and a new          not wath till Sown comes. I Will Salid and       is. I also want a D.S. please. I love you
     Isaac Wade Riggs                            have a lot of presins aretey. Is mrs. claus         Dear Santa, how are your ran deer.          bike and a new skotter. I will bring you        make Sown men. can I ples have the               Santa. How is Mrs. Claus doing? I hope
                                                 dowing well. I probley will leve you sum        Can you give me a D.S 2 of them please          cookies and milk and some water for             Sauf i ased my pres for. I Will bake same        she is great. How are you, the elves, and
    Dear Santa,                                  cockeys on the cofey table. you beter put       and a x box 3 bo. I want a Elf that macks       your reindeer are they nice or bad tell me      cast for you. I Will gave you Same make.         the reindeer doing? I hope yall are won-
    your elves are new and nice. santa           a lot of majic on the slay bacus it is gow-     stof sand the stof for Him. How are you         santa? are they really nice or bad. I                Love Katelyn Eastridge                      derful. If my baby brother does not get
brings presents to kids. the rain deer are       ing to be a big trip.                           are you doing good. I want a cach rocket        would give people food that don’t have                                                           the whole collection of the Yo-Gabba-
nice. Santa brings some toys to nice                  Your friend,                               and a lot of other stof                         food and somethng to drink and my                     Dear Santa,                                Gabba dolls please get him one that he
boys and nice girls too. Santa is nice to             Sawyer                                         Love Quincy Smith                           dance matt that is High School Musical I              how old are you and how old is Mis.        is not getting. My little sister Summer
kids. I have cookies for you. Can I have a                                                                                                       and my ICarly moive and a coat and              Clauss? What do you do when one of               likes Tinker bell. Thers’s a hint of what
trak set? Can I have a bakugan toy? Can               I think you are so cool bacus you can           Dear Santa                                 some shoes. My tree is beautful and it          the elfs are sick? Do you ever feed the          she likes. My little sister Jessie likes
I have a dog?                                    travl the hol weld in one day. I want on a           This Christmas I wich that the peple       has a angle on top of my tree and a             animals up there? What tools do the elfs         things that light up. I love you so much.
    Your friend,                                 flyer will you cum down the chimney bu-         in the army come home this christas             necklace.                                       use? By the way for Christmas if you get         My thing I realy want is a D.S.. One more
    Ann                                          cus that wuold be an flyen.I deserv a                Love Sarah ann Bolinger                        Hugs and kisses                             a chance, I want a hamster, bunny, a ele-        thing I want is the wii.
                                                 soso pet becus I have ben lisinig to my              PS millk and cookies and a cerit for           Caroline Reid                               phant littlest pet shop, a prffum that me             Love,
    Dear Santa,                                  thecher.                                        rodof on the taboll.                                                                            and my family likes ‘cause they don’t like            Kaly Parkes
    I want a four wheeler. Are your elves             love                                            Ho                                              Dear Santa,                                nothien, and just a litte thingie like a light
lazy? I want a dirt bike to. I help mom               Sawyer                                          Ho                                              I hope you’ve had a good year. For         to help me read at night. How do you                 Dear Santa Clause,
and dad. Haw cold is it down there? I                                                                 Merry Christmas                            Christmas I want Madden lo wii. I also          know where everyones house is. Who                   First I’m going to tell you what I want
have to clean up my room. Is Ruddolph                Are the reindeers eating good. Hall                                                         want Santa buddies, NCAA Basketball lo          bilt your slae? I will give you a lot of cook-   for Christmas I want a wii a bed spread,
big? Is he nice?                                 are the cookes and milke gom good at                Dear Santa, how is your raindeer.           wii. The Borad game that looks cool is          ies. Santa what will you give Mrs. Cluass        a binbag, a baby alive, a book shelf, a
    Your friend,                                 evre onws hows are they good.                   Can you give me a 100 dorllors for christ-      monopoly city. And a big book that has          for Chirstmas? Do you go in space to get         selphone, a laptop, a house Phone, a
    Elijah                                                                                       mas. Santa I am goies to make I hope a          sports stuf that you can color in it. Please    from place to place? Just to give you a          computer in my room, a Ipod, a mP3
                                                         Shoals Elementary School                gingrbrad coky for christmas. Santa can         give kids something that don’t have any-        little laugh I emailed Morgan saying “Ho         Player, a stocking full of candy, a real life
     Dear Santa,                                              Sherry Jessup                      you make me a snowman that lukes like           thing! Also please let some of the sol-         ho ho Morgan Chirstmas.” I think Jesus           puppy and a scooter. Next I’m going to
     How is the weather doing over ther?                        First Grade                      you and can I have some of your cloes.          diers be able to see their family for christ-   wants to thank you for what you do for           ask you qoustions how do you fly? An-
are you feeting the deer’s well? Is Mrs.                                                         xo xo xo xo. I love christmas so very           mas. Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa!                         him! Does Rodofghs nose really gloe              swer l how do you know all of the rain-
Claus makeing you good cookes? are                   Dear Santa,                                 much santa.                                          Your Friend                                and shine to brghten up the dark? What           deer and can you name them all? An-
the elves working good for you. are the              I ant a tadeBer and I want a Baslit             Love,                                            Landon Barnes                              color is your slea? Well so sort I mean so       swer l how is coner dixon prancer blin-
deer’s flying well. How are you santa            and I want I carly and I want movie girls           Ally McCraw                                                                                 long                                             cen rodof comet cubid dancer and doner
claus. I want a wii for christmas. thak you      and I want Barbie girls and I Love You                                                              Dear Santa,                                       Allie Celeste Bruner                       Answer l I here you have a deer in train-
for you bkdg me what I want.                     Santa and I Love christmas and I want a             Dear, Santa                                     For Christmas I whant an Bff his                                                             ing whats his name never mind I’m just
     Your friend,                                PuPPy and I want hanna montana it is                This is Alexis for Christmas I whnt a       Name is Noah Barr in my mom in Dad.                 Dear Santa.                                  wondering if you are real? Answer l
     Ernesto                                     so fun haw is she doowinG I Love                baby dall and roller skats. And rell hihiles.   For my peznts I wot ant on DS in coyed              are elvs rill. Do they work had like us          Love. Macie
                                                 radeers.                                        For the ones that are poor give them            in my stoking then I want Noah to tranta        at School. her are five thangs tat i wont I
    Dear Santa,                                      Your friend,                                love and some toys santa. And for the           a cat_sn_then I wat ant an cellfon.             want a gun. A pedl tractor. I aso want a             Dear Santa,
    IS the reindeer doing good? Is the               Olivia                                      ones that are poor give them some food              Jonathan Ellison                            TV. I want a APPlAcnn hemit. IS ranis rill.          I hop I been a good boy, and my
reindeer healthy? I mak my bed and I                                                             even thow we are donateing food for the                                                         Wut do you lik                                   siesitis to. If I have been, and my siesitis I
wot a sell fod. Does Mrs. Clorus bok you              Dear Santa,                                poor.                                                 Dear Santa,                                   Love Harrison Parks                          want a wii for me, and my family and a
cokes? Are the good? I bet that are                   You are the best Santa, in the world,          love,                                             for christmas I want a pogo sticki fan                                                     PSP, and Game’s, and movies for it, and
good. My mom boks my cakes. Does                 I love you really really the best you give          Alexis.                                     xbox 360 and a skill crane. I also want a            Dear Santa,                                 a PS3, and stapdad, and my rille dad,
your reindeer help you? What do you              presehts to people. I really really like                                                        dsi, a goldfish and one of my teeth.                 Helo Santa how are you doing? I             and I want the bast christm’s avere.
reed your reindeer?                              christmas I wen’t you to ge me some big             Dear santa, I loved the presant that        Please help the people that do not get a        have ben a good girl this year. For Crhis-           Love,
    Your friend,                                 car’s and little car’s too. I love you really   you gave to me last year. You make me           lot of stuff for christmas. I wonder what it    mast I want a doll. I Think you are very             Anthony Audmes Castilla
    Fernando                                     much I hope that I could see your rain          smile every christmas morning. I was            is like at the north pole.                      nice I hope you get to go to my house.
                                                 deer and see you too. I will give you           waching amgashow movers santa came                    Your friend,                              Santa how many cookies do you eat?                    Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                  cookies and milk also. I will always love       there and he losh his ho ho ho, it was like           Ryan Presnell                             Even though me and Reed fuss at each                  I want an ipod nano for Christmas. I
    ar the dears duwg a grat gob! I geve         you I believe you Santa                         this hee hee hee. and in there ware                                                             other I still love Reed. I also want a bow-      am very exited about Christmas! I al-
food for The Dear! are the evse supre-                Your friend,                               house in the book at the north pol you                  Shoals Elementary School                inairow to. I love you santa P.S. It is go-      ready put up my Christmas tree. How
supre god! mrs craus gavs me cuces! I                 Tristan                                    were laughing ho ho ho. and your belly                      Cynthia Hauser                      ing to be my birthday next week I’ll be a        are your raindeer? I love the story of
wrok setoclos slad! I like cetoclos! The                                                         was shaking.                                                 Second Grade                       disney world Next week.                          Rudolph the red nosed raindeer. I also
Dear leseing to seto close! I luve ruthof            Dear Santa,                                     Love                                                                                             Your friend                                 want just a plain white book were you
hose! I like I am a good boy!                        I just wanted to say Merry Christmas            Jayla Cropps                                    Dear Santa                                       Abby                                        can write in it and make your own book.
    Your friend,                                 to you you are cool and awesome you                 xo xo                                           How old are you and Mrs. clause?                                                             Every Christmas eve I go to a church
    Jose                                         are a grat gi. How is Mrs. Clause going                                                         Whats your real name and Mr.s clauses                 Dear Santa                                 and talk about the night christ was born.
                                                 with the milk and cookies. How are the              Dear Santa,                                 real name? How do you make your rain-                 for Chrismas I want a barbie dream         And then get exited because you will
     Dear Santa,                                 rein deers.                                         I want a Tv and highhills to were for       deer talk?? Is there any such thing as a        house. Next I want is a eletric pink scoot-      come. I like how each Christmas you
     Hows mrs claus dowing? Hows the                 Your friend,                                chourch I want black like last time. And I      bobanoa snow man? How old is your               er. Then I want a blue ipod from walmart.        give me a candy cane next to my bed
environment? I wundr howas rodof? Are                Montana Rodgers.                            want a hannhamotn drees that is pink.           raindeer? How do you make them fly?             Next I want is a cupcake baby at sam’s.          and in my stocking! How warm does it
the elvs wrking hard. hows the work                                                              love Sienna M.                                  What collor ane you? What collor is Mrs         Next I want a elf. How are the randeer I         get in summer at the North Pole? Have a
shop. Wiy I dzrvd a prez ent becos I help            Dear Santa,                                     But I’m want a lot of drees that is         clause? Is Mrs clause magic to? Why do          forgot there names I just know one it is         wonderful Christmas!
pot in cresmus odmens on. Is the snow                how are you are duweying today              black, pink, blue, and whit. I want a Per       they have pointy ears? Is the elves             roudolf the red nose randeer. How are                 Love,
likeing wut i wunt for cresmus. is a tv and      how is RudolF how is Dasher how is Vix-         of Rell highhills Santa Ho Ho Ho. love Si-      maried? Where do you keep your rain-            the elfs are they working hard Yes or no?             Elizabeth Porter
d.rex have                                       en how is comet how is Dancer how is            enna. pace out.                                 deer? Do the elves sleep? Do they get to        Is it cold there? How are you are you very
     Your friend,                                prancer? New I wote a now game for                                                              have snack lunch dinner supper desert?          very cold? Are the elfs working very hard.            Dear Santa,
     Colby Needham                               Miy Dsi I wote Mario rasn game and the               Dear Santa,                                What do they have to drink. What do             I’m going to lay out cookies at Chrismas              I hope I am not going to ask for to
                                                 nur game is pokemon.                                 I want a wii game it is mato and           they have to eat. What does the raindeer        eve. Then I would poor milk in a glass.          much I want a icell some skates but I
    Dear Santa,                                      Your friend,                                sonike I will leave you cookes and a            eat. What do they have to drink. Oh and               Love,                                      wont the skates to be indoor and out-
    I wot a bobe for cresmes. Is the elvs            Ethan Casstevens                            clase of milk if you want you can came in       by away I like your beerd.                            Grace Kiser                                door. And a Cd and demi sings. And all
helpg weth the randeers? At al dus the                                                           the frit door. Waht are you doing for chist-        Jeremy Micah Swanson                                                                         the sipy kid book. Oh all so a bunny or a
randeer fli? At al is the wethr? u make              Dear Santa,                                 mas, Santa, if thir is Chine that if mising                                                         Dear Santa,                                  turtle. And some hair stuff and makeup
good toys. I like rodof. it is cud her I tuk n       Hey Best Santa does Mrs. Santa Stil         chistmas, Life there prizintes for them              Dear Santa,                                    for cristmas I wood like the Dog             and a new purse. but I want a big purse.
ket of my dog for my mom and dad. I wot          mackes cookies and milk for Santa in            p.s. ho ho ho Elijah Guy                             For Christmas I want a Bff or a Bfc        Bisket a taDy Bear a BarBie Dall hous            All so a good bump movie. So how are
a sen dres for cremes I wot a dres up            thes wiatchs in Chrsmas Day and The                                                             Doll. I want Mrs. and Mr. Moose beld-           one of those withe things with lots of little    the reindeer? What’s all the reindeers
dres to                                          Rain deers going Good Becos I like                  Dear Santa,                                 abear. Eneway how is Rodoff and                 animals in it and a roaBot friend. What          names? Oh one more thing can I get
    Your friend,                                 Deerrs When its Winter Day. I want a DS             This is what I whant for Christmas, I       Praswer and all the other raindeer? How         Do You Do if some pepol Do not have a            some purfume?
    Matti Wall                                   with a wii and a Back Pack                      whant my rare drago, a bakugon trap, a          do you get to all the houses in one night?      chimnie. how Dos Your elves make the                  Love,
                                                     Your friend,                                baku goal arenu, a bakugotlet, a baku           How are the elfs? What kind of cookies          toys. how Do your RainDear Fly. this                  Lauren Niedzwiecki
    Dear Santa,                                      Estefan Cervantes                           loncher that’s red, a bakugon video             do you want? I hope you have a good             year I will leve you some milk an cookies.
    Are your elevs lazey today? Is it cold                                                       game for my DS, and a will.                     christmas! Oh and one more thang I              Pleas rite Bake Your friend                          Dear Santa Claus,
up at the north pole? I wode like a new              Dear Santa,                                     love,                                       want a snow glob with you and your                  Gragie Naylor                                    I would like a new xbox360 with
bike and a rordote to. I have bem good               I just wanted to say. Merry Christ-             Noah Barr                                   work shop in it. What kind of milk do you                                                        some video games for it. I would like a
to my dad and mom. I help them cook              mas. how are. the reindeers. I know are             P.S. I’ll leave you milk and cookes         like. Pleas write back.                             Dear anta how do you make your               Julius Pepper Carolina panthers jersey. I
evrey day. Then I help my dad wash the           Dasher can Saindmas. how are. I want                                                                 from,                                      deer fly. how do you Get all the presents        want a new webkinz. What I would like is
car to. Thak you santa claus for the toys.       sprr-sor                                            Dear Santa,                                      Anna Kate Badgett                          in the world Get to the houses in one
                                                                                                                                                                                                 night. do you ever get in trouble. is the        a brand new football tee that is orange.
    Your friend,                                     Your friend,                                    I really won’t a wii. Fribee is doing                                                                                                        Harry potter order of the pheonix the
    Nic                                              William Smith                               great and I am to. I won’t you to give              Dear Santa,                                 norht pole really cold. What I want for
                                                                                                                                                                                                 christmas is a Star Wars car a Star Wars         video game and the book. I want a new
                                                                                                 peace and love to the people in the or-             Hello Santa how are you? Can you                                                             soccer ball. I want smackdown vs Raw
   Dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa,                                 may some prants becouse they brobley            get me some stuff o.k. I want a tran-           ship a Yugio deck a truth or square DS
   Are the elve makein lots of toys?                 bler sat i wot to NOW bow do you            do not get Christmas with there faimly          palean leave it outside. bow in arrow with      game a asoko action figure.                      2010 for xbox360.
How are the reindeers flying and how is          rander fit in toe ar I wod like to see them I   and franiends. I allso won’t Snta bubbies.      arrows and a drumline drum and black                love                                             Merry Christmas,
mrs claus makein good choklat coke.              wot too see tam of Chrismas i wat a             All of the other Childern need some             two the game! Please don’t work the                 Devin Simmons                                    Love,
How is she mooke in good milke too.              NOW saGWOr saorm For son leb gam.               prants and love and pecae. My Chirs-            elves to hard! I might put out some cook-                                                            Michael Fain
How is Rudolff shinin red.                           Your friend,                                mas tree is up and going and it has ordo-       ies for you! Let me see you and your                Dear santa
   Your friend,                                      Alex                                        mants and lhgits on it and its butful and       raindeers. Bye santa claws.                         do you Raindeer Like Apples? and I               Dear Santa,
   Riley Hopkins                                                                                 nice I miss you and Mrs. Clous how is               Love,                                       Would Like a play Station three and a                I can’t wait until Christmas. I think
                                                     Dear Santa,                                 she doing? I bet the Eelfs are working              Elijah Dunn                                 transformers Reavage of the fallen Ni-           christmas is a good holiday because
    Dear Santa,                                      Hav SAntas i hope y. will hav a guD.        very hard. Your are a very good Snata                                                           tendo game and a Wii and a bell from             christmas gives kids toys that don’t have
    How are you Doing? has mrs. claus            Dau i hope u r. Doweg ok tu i hope u r          and won’t to take a very good good nap              Dear Santa,                                 your sliegh                                      any, or much. What are your favorite kind
been cooking you cookes? are they                not cik i. wut u to kum. i hope u r. doeg       becouse you are a tired Santa so you                How are the rain deer. duss roodphs             Peter LeRoy Kulsziski                        of cookies, chocolate chip, or oatmeal? I
yummey? Is it cool in the Noth pole?             rele Fin. But i hot to u AsRekret i wut. my     shoud get to take a nap and dirk Hot            nose shine. When is Mis clouss bithday.                                                          wanta xbox360, a gamecube, a playsta-
have the elves been Doing a lot of work          mom BAK. i Ne u can not. DOU it                 Co,Co, and a snak also I said hi to Mrs.        When is yours. When is the rain deer. Do            Dear., santa.,                               tion3, a PSP, a Nerf football, and a new
                                                                                                                                                                                                     If I see you will you brig me to the
on the toys? The resin I Desrv toys is be-           Your friend,                                Clous and the elf’s                             you ever feed the animals. How is the           north Pole? And can I see your rader             computer.
cas I haev been feeding my Dog Shato                 Lucas Zajdel                                    Ho,Ho,Ho                                    clues. When one elve gets sick what do          conit co thas oll I can reimber And I like           Love,
and giving her water.                                                                                Gracie pruitt                               you do. For Crismist I would like a digdul      you and am I on the noty list? Will in way.          Jordan Childress
    Your friend,                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                 camra. There is one more thing that I           I wait 7-1 Max Dalgg ined sit. and it is
    Alli Grace                                       haw are you To day I hoop that you              Dear Santa,                                 want. I want a forty-Three carlina footdall     boyg with six traps and one breggind                 Dear Santa Clase,
                                                 have a good christmas I hoop you have               I will Live milk and cookies on my          jersy Plase. How old is roodph. Im I on         and thats wait a 7-1 Daggined sit. Then I            I want this thing for Christmas, a talk-
    Dear Santa,                                  a good thrip. I Wold like a DS..                brothers dresser. I want a xbox 360 a           the nody list or the good list.                 wait is 7-1 Helos sit. Helos is Daggind          ing baby Alive, Braz doll, bike Magic tree
    How is Mrs. Claus? Are the elves do-             Your friend,                                four wheel bike a doodle pro a dsi a 3d             Love Raymind Boaz                           hech in mey and its the same tige but the        house books, Paint, Paint brush, Paper,
ing good makeing toys? Are you good                  Karsoh Rawley                               Jones mowe I evem want a animale                                                                traps are balls like the necml bakcy gone        Marker, crayons, Play complete, solar
and healthy? Is Rudolph and the oter                                                             named themdere and my two front teeth.               Dear Santa,                                and I rely wait a DS and the bockgen DS          system book, soccer ball, earring, flow-
reindeer helping you santa? Is the                   Dear Santa,                                     BFF                                              thank you for bringing my toys you         game. A ygo-cards with the oiGit firy            ers, a cat, gold earring, lip gross, doll
weather cold? Is the toys good? Is Mrs.              I just wanted to say merry christmas.           Name Zach Ladd                              are so nice I wil what a Micky Mouse            Daien on the tin.                                head, PSP, touch Phone, shoes, Michal
claus bakeing you some yummy and                 How are the raindeer? I know that Dash-                                                         Club house and a toy Rodoff and Frosty              Love, Justin Flynn                           Jakeson CD, beYoune CD, dum dum
tastey cocies do they taste good santa?          er can be a little problem. How is it daliv-         Dear Santa,                                the snow man. Santa how are the elfs                                                             loolpop, Play Doug, a bulid a workshop
    Your friend,                                 er presints? For christmas i want a x box            I hope you make it to my house.            doing? and how are you doing is it really           Dear Santa, this is wnat I want for
    Courtney                                     360 pleas.                                           P.S. I wante, a wii & a poket, roket.      really could? and I will leae you a cook-                                                        bear, blue dress, lava lap, comb, brush
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Chrimass! I relye want a Amracan Grile               Love, Mallina
                                                     Your friend,                                My Dad likes wiis to, so would my Mom.          ies to eat and milk.                            doll for Chrimass. and a leaf for Chria-
     Dear Santa,                                     Reif Joshua                                      I hope I get lot’s of cool thing’s for          Love                                       mas. pluse I want pekososs to for
     How are you dowing? How is                                                                  Christmas. What kind of cookies do you               Nicolas Rodriguez                          Chraiss I no you are a really good toy               Dear Santa,
Rudolph dowing to day? Wat is the                   Dear Santa,                                  like, I hope you like Orieos becaus that is                                                     maker and you’r leafs and you and you’r              How are your raindeer. Is roodoff’s
wethere like at the nooth pole? I bet that          I just wanted to say Merry Christmas         the kind I have                                     Dear Santa I want the trake thut is         leavs are nice and alsome.                       nose still lit. What is your favorite Kind of
It is verey verey cood. The nooth pole           How are Rudolf and vixen and dancer                  Ho, Ho, HO,                                sipen and fix thomes. Thes is wate I rile           love you’r fraind                            cookies. I would like these things from
saws verey cool. How is mis clos? Are            and Mrs. Clause and the elves and                    Love,                                      wut I wut a dret bike. can I get a tarl wilr.       Kiersten Mullis                              you. A trampolion, basketball jerseys,
you hllthey? What is It like at the nooth-       wpid? and I want ten Playstatn                       Carter                                     Santa can you cole us onour sele xohe                                                            football jerseys, soccor jerseys, nike and
pole! I hope you are haveing a good day.            Your friend,                                                                                 numb? Can you get me a new bike. can                   Shoals Elementary School                  underarmer clothes, carolina basketball,
I wat a babey dall whith maching clos like          Jalen Wiatt                                     Dear Santa,                                  you get me a fut ball get me a toy car.                        Bryanna Baker                     cellphone, Celtic’s basketball tickets,
me. because I am a good giril                                                                       For Christmas I want some toys for           We will put out sume cookes.                                    Third Grade                      Cavalier’s basketball tickets, Cowboys
     Your friend,                                    Dear Santa,                                 baby Jone becuse he doesn’t have                    Your frend                                      Dear Santa,                                  football tickets, massage chair, sorry slid-
     Autumn Marie Phillips                           happy christmas I just wanted to say        much becase he is a baby. And I want                Glenn                                           Hey! it’s me again Nicholas Shaffher.        ers board game, running gloves, 8 golf                                                                                                             2009 Holiday Greetings                                                                                                          December 24, 2009 23
clubs with bag, balls, and ties, laptop, flat   this yer. I hope you eta the coceyse I put     player skipps words. I would like Ntin-            Dear santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                 a Play station 2. I want a Dinosaur video
screen tv. I hope you can get me all            out for you. and i will Leve crne for the      dods with a horses game. I would also              I have been very very very good this            I want a DS and a brand new bicy-           game and Spike the dinosaur toy. I have
these things for christmas. I can’t wait!       rane deer this yer.                            like more leap frog games. I would like to     year. For Chrismas I would like a zum          cle. I want a toy choo-choo train that has       been very good.
    your friend Eli Riggs                            Mikey                                     have some reindeer food this year so I         where and a sigeger golden retrever we-        a track with it too.                                 Love,
                                                                                               can feed the reindeer next year but I will     bkinz! And I would really really really like        I like you, Santa!                              Gabriel Melton
     Sear Santa Claus,                               Dear Santa,                               if it is good 1st. Thank you for all the       a camera with a camcorder in it! And a              Love,
     I can’t wait until Christmas because            how are you doing. I hope mrs santa       great stuff you have gave me.                  toy baby and it comes with a bottle and             Chloe Brindle                                   Dear Santa,
all of the snow and Hot coco and all of         is not fixing to much cookies for you be-            Love,                                    clothes with it thank you very much!                                                                I want a real pony with a brush. I
the christmas lights and all of the christ-     cuase you still have to ocme to our                  Sydney                                       Yours Truly,                                  Dear Santa,                                   want a headband that makes your hair
mas spirit. I will tell you what I want for     house and other houses. how are your                                                              Isabella Rodriguez                            I want clothes and toys and a book-           wavy and pretty. Can I have some sun-
christmas I want the Harry potter and the       elfs doing are they staning out of truble.         Dear Santa,                                                                               bag.                                             glasses too?
Half blood prince playstation2 the game         Is all your rainderr ok and staying out of         I want a PSP, PSP Games Race-o-                Dear santa                                    Love,                                             Love,
and that’s what I want from you. So San-        truble. p.s I would lik to have a D.S.i        Rama Star Wars The Clone Wars. Now                 I have been very good this year for           Myhealing Creed                                   Dezarae Steele
ta claus I want to ask you one more thing            Love: Haley Moser                         32 CD, X BOX 360, Books, Flatscreen            Christmas I would an I-pod touch mano
what is your favorite kind of cookie?                                                          TV. Snuggie. I Pod Nano and last I want        and a new playstahor and a DS and a                Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
chocolete chip or oatmeal? you just let              To: Santa Claus By: Stephanie             Mind Flex. How is Prancer and the other        snake. I can’t wait to “alast” see.                I want a DS and a Mario game for                I want a Strawberry Shortcake
me know. Merry Christmas?                            Dear Santa,                               Reindeer doing?                                    yours truly,                               my DS. I want a little motorcycle that           house and car. I want a Strawberry
     Love,                                           how are you and mrs. Claus doing?             Love,                                          Ajay Martin                                cranks up. I want 100 monies. That's all!        Shortcake, Dinner with a Friend doll. I
     Zan Sandlin                                How are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer,                   Austin                                                                                        I love you, Santa!                           want the Farmer pets with eggs too. I
                                                Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Dononr, and Blit-                                                            Dear Santa,                                    Love,                                        have been a good girl.
    Dear Santa,                                 son doing? I hope all of you are doing              Dear Santa,                                   Can I have 12 bakugan and a mini               Dakota McCraw                                   Love,
    I would like to have a sckatbord a fox      real great at the north pole! What kind of          I would like a regler DS Becase it is     laptop and Tarp bakugan                                                                            Cherokee Guynn
hat Pok’e mon cards a harry potter              cookies and milk do you like? Because          Cool. and for My Mouther want’s a Jackit           from Tom Niguyell                               Dear Santa,
books a lime green trick bike and a neck-       me and my family are wanting to know           and my dad want’s a Mea’ak string Be-                                                              I want a racecar and a rocket. I want            Dear Santa,
less with my name on it and suprises.           so we can make the cookies that you like       case Bear keep’s wrpin the mealdle                  Dear Santa Clause,                        a truck and school and a bus and family               I want a Transformer bumblebee
    love, Alyssa Cox                            for Christmas!                                 string and my brother whants a DSi. and             I have been very good this year. For      and friends and teachers and slushies            and a Transformer that changes into a
                                                     Santa Clause, what I want for christ-     thinke you                                     Christmas I would like to have a new           and ice cream and turkey and choo-               truck. I want a Transformer that changes
     Dear Santa,                                mas is a nintendo dsi, easy bake oven,              Love, Christopher                         xbox. I can’t what to “almost” see you. I      choo train and blue.                             into a truck too!
     I want a braided phiten red and black      wii, rockband and a bunch more!                                                               might be able to make you cookies. How              Thank you!                                       Love,
neklace. Another thing I would like is a             P.S. I will send you my christmas list        Dear Santa,                                is your raindeer doing? I hope their doing          Love,                                            David Scales
teague Wake Forest basketball Game              soon!                                              I would like gutar hero Some DSI           great. How is your elfs? I hope their do-           Mason Belton
shrit. The other thing I would like is some          Merry Christmas!                          video games. money a bunny rabbit              ing great                                                                                           Dear Santa,
paint balls for my paint ball gun. Also I                                                      from the flea shop. $12. A tony hawk                Your’s truly                                  Dear Santa,                                      I want a Strawberry Shortcake Bar-
would like a New york Ginats game shirt             Dear Santa,                                skateboard. Some animal video games                 Drake Reif                                    I want toys and a toy gun.                   bie doll. I want a brush for my hair and a
number ten, Eli manning. That is all I              How is mis, clas doing and haw are         like sim animals. Skooter, Basketball,                                                            I like you.                                  car that I can push and drive. I want
want.                                           u and are u senet and are u ready for          Christmas ornaments a Pet monkey.                   Dear Santa,                                   Love,                                        some activities to color too. I have been
     Love,                                      chrimes and how are your raindeer do-          And a football                                      I have been very good this year. For          Tyler Guynn                                  very good this year.
     Eli Bullington                             ing and can u want for chrimes i can’t             Santa’s not real!                          Christmas I would like to have 3 we-                                                                Love,
                                                want for chrimes and the hole paint of             Love,                                      bkinz, Ripley’s 2010, and New drum                  Dear Santa,                                     Alexis Sumner
        Shoals Elementary School                chrimes is geting all of the prans and the         Jackson allen                              sticks. I can’t wait till Christmas.                I want a pair of shoes and a Game
               Amy Snow                         other one that i Love abant chriames is                                                            From,                                     Boy and a dress and a necklace and                   Dear Santa,
               Third Grade                      that i Love chriams and what i want for             Dear Santa,                                    Ryan Wagoner                              markers and a thing that makes your hair             I want a little baby doll that wants
                                                chriames is a well and a well fit.                  I want a gauiatar and a wii and a                                                        different colors.                                something to eat. I want a baby doll that
    Dear Santa,                                     Kristin                                    D.Si wihte and a Snow dog rell but that            Dear Santa,                                     Love,                                       walks and has a house. I want pink sun-
    Hey santa when do you come to my                                                           has blue eyes and little and I am going to         I have been very good this year. For            Ashely Davis                                glasses too. Dear Santa I love you! My
house I have always wondered? How is                Dear Santa,                                call her Alhsey. Thank you Santa!              Christmas I would like a toy For my cat                                                         teacher says I have been good.
mrs. claus has she gave you abt of cook-            Santa how many evles do you                     Love,                                     (Paws). I would like some cand (Sour               Dear Santa,                                      Love,
ies? I hope rudolph’s red nose dont burn        have? how are the rain deer? How is                 Alexandria Feuith Reavis                  Patch Kids) I wil leave you some cheese            I want a horse and a princess crown.             Brooke Arthur
out! I am really glad you come and give         mrs. cluse doing? Is mrs. cluse macke                                                         cubes, cookies and some milk. Have a               Love,
me presents here are some things I              you cookies? Are the evles makeing                 Dear Santa,                                good time delivering gifts!                        Ocean Davis                                       Dear Santa,
would like to have!                             toys? I would like Beatles Rock Band               I wont a DSi for Chrismas and I                Your Friend,                                                                                     I want a toy truck that can pick some-
    1. A ping pong table with 5 paddles         and Base ball cards                            would like a toy DirtBike Santa Claus              Claire                                        Dear Santa,                                   thing up. I want a dinosaur toy and a
and 10 balls                                        Jason                                      how are you and Mrs. Claus I am hoping                                                           I want a Cinderella dress and a               monster truck. I want a toy remote con-
    2. A nintindo dsi with pokemon plat-                                                       we leave some good cookies and some                Dear Santa,                                necklace and a crown and earrings and            trol airplane also. I have been good this
inum                                                Dear Santa                                 milk for ou and I am gowing to find some           I have been very nice this year. For       a Cinderella castle and a horse with a           year!
    3. 30 bakugan balls                             what are you doing. I was wondering        rian Deer food.                                Christmas I would like to have a razor         pumpkin on it and a unicorn stick that                Love,
    FROM: Cameron                               could you get me a                                 Love, Logan Mendoza                        scooter. They are so much fun to ride I        you can ride on and a pony.                           Jeremiah Ashburn
                                                    1 bean bag chire                                                                          want one terribly. I also want an Ipod            Love,
    Dear Santa,                                     2 diary of a wipy kid last straw.              Dear Santa,                                docking station to put my new Ipod in. I          Kaylie Ashburn                                     Dear Santa,
    How are you dowoing Santa.                      3 haills                                       for chismas I would like wii and a         can’t wait to calmostl see you!                                                                      I want a real rabbit I can play with. I
    Is rontof dowing Is he olwok to day.            4 cross                                    Ntendow. D.S. i and a casse for my                 Yours truly                                    Dear Santa,                                  want some Barbie dolls and Strawberry
    Is the Ellvs workeing hrad.                     5 D.S.i                                    Ntendow, I owuld also like a Porkypine             Abby Key                                       I want a DS, a baby, a Lighting Mc-          Shortcake dolls. I want some coloring
    I am dowing good.                               Sincerly: Brooke Holt                      and and a bed and a stack of carerots for          P.S. Have a very merry Christmas           Queen Bed, a baby stroller and a guitar          books and crayons too. Mrs. Porter says
    You are verey net to.                                                                      him. but santa I have somthing I wont to                                                      with different colors and princess flip-         I've been good this year.
    Is gemou olwok                                   Dear Santa,                               say, is you’r ranider doing ok I love              Dear Santa,                                flops and Lighting McQueen slippers                   Love,
    Can I have a motrsickl.                          how are you, and the raindeer do-         dancer and prancer thay are so cool hop            I have been very good this year. For       and a Lighting McQueen costume. I                     Brooke Arthur
    Cody                                        ing? I hope you are fine and how’s Mrs.        you reseve my letter.                          Christmas I would like to have a karate        want one of them birthday things that
                                                Claus doing with you? I hope you can               Love,                                      mat and a mini laptop. I can’t wait to “al-    you blow in and a balloon and that's all.             Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                 make it to my house. What are you do-              Katelyn Sisk                               most” see you!                                     Thank you and I love you!                         I want a transformer with lasers and
    How is your raindeer doing. Do you          ing. Here are some things I want.                                                                 From,                                          Love,                                        a bumblebee. I want another Trans-
have a dog. Do you have eney anmils.                 1 a happy family                              Dear Santa,                                    Nolan                                          Jayda Utt                                    former that shoots from his arms and a
How do you get in all the housese. Well              2 ds                                          I want a blue Snuggie, a pee wee                                                                                                           Transformer that does cool things. Bring
you send me a picture of, elfs, raindeer,            3 dsi                                     football, sports bedding, a Philles flat           Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                  my momma a candy heart to make her
you, mrs. clues, your workshop. I rellay             4 diary of a wimpy kid (red)              cap, a nice baseball bat, a humongus               I have Been very good this year. For           I want a Thomas play set and differ-         feel better.
whant to now is am I am on the good list             5 PSP                                     basket of candy, a Chase Utley Philles         christmas I would like to have a IPod, a       ent car play sets and the Doctor car off of           Love,
or bad list. Can I plese have tess 4 things          6 PS3                                     Jersey, a sports necklace, a athletic          MP4 Player, a piano, a Iphone, a laptop        Lighting McQueen 2.                                   Garrett Keller
a competer and a phone and guese how                 7 have a good 2 weeks off at school       sweat suit, a big bag of baseballs, and        and a Alex russo costume. I would like to          Love,
exta and a DSI.                                      8 a good christmas day and eve            last but not least a sports wallet. Hope       have a touch Phone too! I can’t wait till          William Pios                                     Dear Santa,
    Sincney,                                         9 a good church day after christmas       you get my letter!!                            Christmas.                                                                                          I want a Vet outfit and some animals
    Alyssa McHone                                    10 wii                                        Merry Christmas!                               your’s truly                                   Dear Santa,                                  to go with it. I want a baby doll that walks
                                                     11 wii fit                                    Love,                                          Alana McKenzie Crutchfield                     I want trains. I like you, Santa!            and crawls and eats. I want some Pet
    Dear Santa,                                      12 wii sports resort                          Seth Keener                                                                                   Love,                                        Shop toys too. I have been very good.
    How are the raindeer doing? How is               Sincerly,                                                                                    Dear Santa,                                    Tyler McMillian                                  Love, Summer Boyd
Mrs. Claus and the elves? How many                   Shane                                         Dear Santa,                                    I been good this year. I hope I get
evles do you have? How are you doing                                                               I wut a laptop. I wut a DSi to. I wut a    some presents. I have some in my head             Dear Santa,                                       Dear Santa,
your self? This is what I would like for            Dear Santa,                                webkinz and a zumbute. and maybe a             and im going to tell you. Pop and swap            I want a toy robot, a toy car, and                I want a remote control car that can
Christmas. I would like a DSI, a WII, a             Santa how are you? how are the rain        dog. I may wut a camru. tack good caer         Barbie doll. Or maby some build a bear         some books. I want a toy train and a toy         hear and see everything in a room. I
computer for my room and a baby alive.          deer       how is miss clause    are           of mis. clos.                                  winter clothes. I would like a another Taler   man and some blocks and a toy pet.               want 5 Transformers that you put a card
    Jordan                                      you sick how are the elvs? from Dou-               Love,                                      Swift cd. I cant wait to “almost” see you.     That's all!                                      down and you can add cards and it
                                                glas                                               Alex Wall                                      love,                                         Love,                                         transform into an animal with scary at-
    Dear Santa                                                                                                                                    Kate                                          Hayden Sawyers                                tachments.
    How do you fly the slay? is it like a           Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,                                                                                                                                   Love,
plane? How dose the elfs macke toys?                I would like to know how are the rain-          What I Want for chrismas Galaxy              Dear Santa,                                                St. Paul School                       Sheldon Leonard
How is the raindear? How is mrs. clous?         deer are doing. 1 Santa may i please           force transformers cybertrom optimus              I have been good This year. can I                            Jamie Cain
are the elfs being good? How manny              have a dirt bike How is Mrs. Klause do-        Prime, transfarmers cybertron Megatron,        have a magebox and AVP Toys an xbox                            Kindergarten                         Dear Santa,
people are on the good list?                    ing. Santa how are you doing. Santa            transformers devastator, super mario 64        360 remov? cant wait to see you.                                                                    I want a Battle gun game and a
    Wishlist                                    what are the elfs up to this year. Santa 2     for ds pokemon pearl, pokemon mystery             Love you santa                                 Dear Santa:                                   Pokemon game. I want a Game boy
    1 DS                                        can i have a dogeball. 3 4 santa can i         doungen exploers of darknees PS how’s             Love your son                                  I want an IPOD and a real horse.              with some games and some toy cars.
    2 to move in to m new house.                have a ds game.                                roudoulgh                                                                                     Thank you, Madison Berrier                           Love,
    3 as much Littlest pet shop as pos-             Wyatt Zaidel                                    Love,                                         Dear Santa,                                                                                     Clarence Lavin
able                                                                                                Jack Magardci                                 I have been a good girl this year. For         Dear Santa:
    4 a puppy                                           Shoals Elementary School                                                              Christmas I would like a horse neclace,            I want an IPOD and a Nintendo DS                 Dear Santa,
    5 a new tv Box                                           Mrs. Ashburn’s                        Dear Santa,                                and a hamster, a laPtoP, little horse, a       with game. Thank you, Ryan McCraw                    I want Nintendo DS with some
    6 a Hpapy famly                                            Third Grade                         This is what I want for christmas I        good Christmas, and For everybody to                                                            games. I want a toy puppy and a real
    7 a gift                                                                                   would like Football, golfs. And a visor alot   have a good Christmas.                             Dear Santa:                                  calendar.
    8 some mony for my famly                         Dear Santa,                               of Football cards to. Then I want Lego             Your’s Truly,                                  I want a stuffed animal cat and                  Love,
    9 something that has dimens                      I want a PSP, 22 Rifle, DS, Rabbit        Rockband on my playstaion2 and I also              Emily Wall                                 horse. Thank you, Abigail Haynes                     Gretchen Sechrist
    10 a famly feast                            pellets, steel blad nife, a puppy, 4 wheel-    want Madden 10. And that is all I’ll for
    11 a best frind                             er, TV, X Box 360 computer!                    chrismas and I hope you get letter from             Dear Santa,                                  Dear Santa,                                                  St. Paul School
    12 for me to have a good time                    Love,                                     Me. Cause I now your guiess this chrst-             I have been very good this year. Can         I want a trampoline, toy 4-wheeler                              Mrs. Hiatt
    13 Leapster 2                                    Jacob freeman                             mas.                                           I just say you are very nice for bringing      and a Wally and Star Wars Video game.                             First Grade
                                                                                                   Love,                                      toy’s. Can you please bring me a puppy?        Thank you, Bailey Vaughn
     Dear Santa                                     Dear Santa,                                    Gunnar Jones                               It would mean evry thag to me and can I                                                              Dear Santa,
     I wont to Get is only 3 theings a xbox         A bike the color is blue. A toy car. A                                                    have an Ipod? I have never had an Ipod.           Dear Santa,                                        I wish my sistar gots a car. Can you
360. a game cade call of Duty wouldat           DVD for me. A DSi the color is blue. I’m           Dear Santa,                                Thank you for all the things you have             I want a v-smile game and the movie           brang me a trampulen. I have been a
war on zomibe mode and the last theing          doing good family is good too. Our family          Hrs wute I wont for crismise. I wont       done for me and I love the things you          UP. Thank you, Maggie Terry                      good girl this yaru. And brang my dog
is a comeputer and how are you duwing           is doing good too. I said Hi.                  oho video game. and a wevu and9 now            brought to me. They are awesome!                                                                Pete a bed, and my dog Elvis a tenes
and win chresmis is over have a vacace-             Love, Briana Aguilar                       lavlamp. and a skat bord. and a no pupe             love Jessica Clayton                          Dear Santa,                                  ball and bring GG back home.
sen                                                                                            and maksrou hise bokse hasearue                                                                   I want a bicycle and a vacuum clean-              Love,
     the Eand                                       Dear Santa,                                hole’s. and a houe DS. Thank you San-              Dear Santa                                 er to vacuum my room. Thank you,                      Brianna Dalton
     Dusty Poindexter                               How is Mrs. Claus doing are the rain       ta.                                                I Been a very good Boy This year.          Brent Jones
                                                deer okay. What I would like for Christ-           Love,                                      Santa may I have MlB Power Pros 2010                                                                 Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                 mas is Zhu Zhu pets and Barbie rolla-              Joshua McCann                              game PS2 and a Termaine Dye STriPed               Dear Santa,                                        I have ben a gud studet thes yeer. I
    It’s almost christmas agin! Do you          coster resort, a Barbie mermad, a Car-                                                        Black + White Shite? And Guitair Hero,            I want a real horse. Thank you, Jor-          will leav you milke and cookes. Ples
just a slay to travle? Do you have a            navl DS game and Pet shop’s and a DS               Dear Santa,                                Aero Smith wii, and a IPhone and an            dan Hearl                                        brig my cusen a dog. Can you brig me a
mcaen to make presents? Do you get a            case, and a CD radio and that is all San-          What I want for christmas is. A laptop     MP4. And An AlBert PolJulS Sweater                                                              monster truk. Happy Christmas.
tumyake from all those kockes? For              ta have a Merry Christmas.                     so I can go on the internet. A watch so I      and an Bill Hall Jersey Brewers. I can’t          Dear Santa,                                        Love,
christmas I would like a lEGO kasle set,            Love,                                      can tell the time. So brand new pair of        wait to “see you almost”!                         I want a Barbie doll, heart box, and a             Cameron Willis
a psp with intrnet and the game Nowa                Joelle Sech                                boots size three. An mp3 player. An mini           Your’s truly,                              new game system. Thank you, Megan
had. When is your brithday, is the grinth                                                      pool talbe for me to put in my room. A             Gage Hall                                  Guynn                                                 Dear Santa,
real. O yhea I almost forgot did you git             Dear Satna,                               chalk board to practice math with. More                                                                                                             Can I plessy have a BMX bike. Can
those tex meseges froum those teina-                 How is Mrs. Claus is She helping the      nitndo ds games. Judy Moody books the                         St. Paul School                     Dear Santa,                                  I plessy have a trampuoln.
gres?                                           Elfs. My sister very happy that you are        whole collection please. A tea set. More                      Talisha Lawson                      I want three tanks, toy soldiers and a            Love,
    from,                                       comeing to are house. Do you have nine         baby dolls blanket for my baby.                                Kindergarten                   tank carrier. Thank you, Trey Bowman                  Brett Easter
    Jett                                        raindeer or eight. But there six thing I           Love,
                                                want for christmas and that is Joy and             Carrie Hazelwood                               Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                      Dear Santa,
    Dear Santa,                                 pillow Pet and a Good day and a ball                                                              I want you to bring me a big huge              I want a Nintendo DS, Barbie,                    I had benn a good girl this year. Ples
    How are the reindeer doing? How             Goosebumps movies and a good christ-                   Shoals Elementary School               whiteboard. I want you to bring me a           videogames and clothes. Thank you,               bring me a DS and a fone and a cumpy-
are you doing? How is Mrs. Claus do-            mas.                                                           Ms. Jones                      Barbie Jamming Jeep, and I want a Bar-         Savannah Marshall                                oowter. Ples bring my brothr a DS to
ing? How are the elves doing? How                    Love,                                                    Third Grade                     bie house. I want you to bring me a                                                             and a chapter book to.
many elves do you have? How many                     Lexy Scott                                                                               Chronicles of Narnia book, a fake                  Dear Santa,                                      Love,
presents have you made already. I want                                                             Dear Santa                                 teacher set, and play high heel shoes.             I want a trampoline, breakable table,            Kimmy Salisbury
to have the new psp that look like a tex-           Dear Santa,                                    I have been very good this year,               Merry Christmas Santa Claus!               PSP, and a real pet fish. Thank you, Al-
ting phone. My favorite present is to               I want a blue snuggie, 3 silly strings -   but...been treated bad this year. And I            Love,                                      ston Jones                                            Dear Santa,
have the best Christmas in my life.             cans, a sling-shot magnetics, some             want a Monplay city for Chrismas, but              Madison Conner                                                                                   I wote a pritti cat and bring her a sis-
    A.J. Wilson                                 baseball, basketball or football cards. My     there is more. can I have a Webkins. fox.                                                        Dear Santa,                                   ter girl dog.
                                                one last thing I want a real live dog a        I can’t wait for Chrismas! hey Santa I for-                                                      I want a Nintendo DS with games                    Love,
     Dear Santa,                                chuwawa, and a little bungy jump like at       got the Littlest petshop Adopin center              Dear Santa,                               and toys. Thank you, Christopher Luna                 William Shinault
     How are you doing? Is Mrs. Clause          the malls. How are you too. I’ll leaving           Love,                                           I want a sled that sleighs down the
alright? Have there been peoplew being          you some chaclate chip cookies and milk            Caitlin                                    hill. I want a book too. I want to tell you        Dear Santa,                                     Dear Santa,
naughty? Do you have parties after              plus your reindeer some water on the                                                          that I like you, and you are very nice and         I want a Nintendo DS, IPOD and a                I wud lik to hav a PSP and a DS,
Chrismas? Has Mrs. Clause been mak-             roof.                                              Dear Santa,                                that's it.                                     toy motorcycle. Thank you, Isaiah Ed-            new toy car, a TV, a VCR, a new scooter,
ing cookies? Do you go through my door              Love, Colby Guy                                I have been a little bad and good               Love,                                     wards                                            and a new trampoline.
or my chimney? How tall are the elfs? Is                                                       This year. For Christmas I would like zin           Lillian Estep                                                                                 Love,
somthing with the workshop? How many                 Dear Santa,                               Bakugan Pack and The scooter with                                                                 Dear Santa,                                     Tommy Harrell
people belive in santa? Is it hard to now            I hope you are ready for your big trip.   Three wells and You twist to go and a               Dear Santa,                                   I want a dirt bike. Thank you, Devin
what other people want for Chrismas?            I want some candy, a drum set for the          teck deck with a wheel in side of it p.s. I         I want Zoo Zoo Pets and a pretend         Christian                                           Dear Santa,
How many people write letters to you?           wii. ds games like horse games, Some                                                          doctor set. Can I have a fake teacher set                                                          I have been good I wish that I cold
How old are you? Do you have any hair?          cloths for my builned a bear. thank you        can’t wait in tell christmas day! and                                                             Dear Santa,                                  see you. Plese can I hava vet set.
                                                                                               Thank you For The XboX 360 last year.          too? I want Pet Shops, and I think that is
The only thing I want for Chrismas is a         santa hope you have a good trip.                                                              all.                                               I want a pet dog, toy tractor-trailer, bi-      Love,
drum set and a guitar                                Love,                                         yours truly                                                                               cycle, and a 4-wheeler. Thank you,                  Jozy Combs
                                                                                                   Jessy Wade Norman                               Merry Christmas!
     From,                                           Abigail Brooke Martin                                                                         Love,                                     Brice Lindsay
     Katarina Sechrist                                                                                                                             Karlee Lewis                                                                                     Dear Santa,
                                                    Dear Santa,                                    Dear Santa,                                                                                  Dear Santa,                                         I have bina good boy this yir. I wot a
    Dear Santa,                                     how are you doing this year? I hope            I have been very good this year. I                                                           I want a Nintendo DS and game.                Tresformr becsusae mine is to littll and a
                                                                                               think for christmas I wold like MY ony             Dear Santa,
    I want to know if the movie is the          you are doing good this year because I                                                            I want a real light brown puppy. I         Thank you, Daniel Humphries                      air hok becsusze mine dos not wrcks. I
same at the north pole. How is reendeer         am. This is what I want a hannah Mon-          comPuter and a XboX 360 and a game                                                                                                             will lev you cookze.
                                                                                               called call of duty wold at war on Zomble      want a puppy tee shirt for my puppy to
are they good. Can I have a laptop, spy         tana bike, And I also want a DS too. I                                                        keep it warm. I want a doggie cage and                        St. Paul School                         Love,
gear that you can hear and see, monster         wonder how is Rulpodh, Comet and the           Mode. I can’t wait to almost. See You          a puppy bed. I want Pokemon Cards. I                            Mrs. Porter                           Zeke Webb
vs Alien’s movie, wii, DSi, and d-Rex.          other raindeers doing? I really hope