WHO DO YOU KNOW by fjwuxn


									                             WHO DO YOU KNOW?

Your names list. It’s often called your blueprint for success. Have you ever seen an
architect build something without drawing a blueprint? Of course not! The same goes for
building your business. The first thing to do is to WRITE IT DOWN! Don’t try to keep
the names in your head. Learn to identify those who have dreams and are either already
working to making those dreams come true or are hungry, ready, and willing to do so.
Secondly, DON’T PREJUDGE ANYONE!!! No matter what someone’s profession,
income, how busy you might think someone is, or how far away someone may live, write
down their name. Don’t Count Any Body OUT! And don’t assume you know certain
people so well that you can determine that they won’t be interested.

One of the easiest ways to think of names is by occupation and categories. Look in
Profiles of Success, and the Yellow Pages for Ideas. Think of old friends. Look in old
yearbooks, your kid’s school directories, your church directory, wedding invitation lists,
or scroll through the list of names in forwarded emails. Think of the places you eat and
shop, or anywhere else you do business or socialize. Brainstorm with your spouse or
significant other and have them create a list of their own – you will be surprised at the
difference in your lists! Keep your list with you at all times. Your list will continue to
grow as you meet new people.

If your list doesn’t include at least 100 names, you are pre-screening and should consult
your Business Support Team for help with other techniques. This brochure includes some
memory joggers that should get you off to a great start. Don’t forget - WRITE THE


                                 People you know who…..

    are very ambitious                              want to be in their own business
    want to make more money                         are still in search of the right career
    want to have more time with their               are forced to seek better employment
     families                                        are in a job beneath their capabilities
    are stymied in a family-owned                   are unhappy with their current job
     business                                         situation
    are looking for opportunity                     are in management positions
    were passed up for a recent                     are looking for secure financial
     promotion                                        futures
    travel a great deal
                                Warm Market Resources

     Address Book*                                  Professionals
     Christmas / Hanukkah List*                     Work Associates (Past – Present)*
     Friends & Neighbors (Past – Present)           School / College Friends
     Relatives Church Acquaintances*                Out of State Contracts
     Organizations, Teams & Clubs*                  International Contacts

                                     Who Is Your…..

     Accountant / CPA                               Mentor
     Architect                                      Minister / Chaplain
     Attorney / Lawyer                              Mortgage Broker
     Banker                                         Pharmacist
     Builder                                        Physician
     Chiropractor                                   Obstetrician
     Delivery Persons                               Optometrist
     Financial Planner                              Stock / Bond Broker
     Insurance Agent                                Veterinarian.

                                 Who Sold You Your…..

Air Conditioner                               House
Airplane                                      Jewelry
Alarm System                                  Kitchen Appliances
Automobile                                    Luggage
Bicycle / Motorcycle                          Musical Instruments
Boat                                          Office Equipment / Supplies
Camper / Motor Home                           Pets / Supplies
Cellular Phone                                Clothing
Computer                                      Tack
Fence                                         Tires
Floor Covering                                Trailer
Glasses / Contacts                            TV / Stereo
Hobby                                         Vacuum Cleaner
Horses                                        Vitamins
Sports Equipment                              Wedding Gowns / Tux
                            People You Know Who Are A/An…..

Actor/Actress                                 Butchers
Actuary                                       Buyer
Administrator                                 Cable Repair
Advertising                                   Technician
Aerobics / Fitness Instructor                 Candy Salesman
Aerospace Engineer                            Car Dealer
Air Traffic Controller                        Car Pool
Aircraft Mechanic                             Carpenter
Anesthesiologist                              Carpet / Tile Installer
Anthropologist                                Cashier
Antique Dealer                                Caterer
Apartment Landlord                            Cement Mason
Appliance Repairman                           Chauffeur
Appraiser                                     Chef
Architect                                     Chemist
Armed Forces                                  Child Care Provider
Art Dealer                                    Choreographer
Art Instructor                                Civil Engineer
Artist                                        Claims Adjuster / Examiner
Astronomer                                    Clerk
Attorney                                      Coach
Auctioneer                                    Collectors – Coins and etc.
Audiologist                                   College Professor
Auditor                                       Comptroller
Author                                        Computer Operator
Automobile Assembler                          Computer Programmer
Automobile                                    Computer Systems Analyst
Body Repairer                                 Conservationist
Automobile Painter                            Construction Worker
Baby-Sitters (Parents)                        Consultant
Baker                                         Contractor
Banker                                        Controller
Barber                                        Housekeeper
Bartender                                     Importer / Exporter
Baseball Umpire                               Industrial Worker
Best Man / Ushers                             Designer / Engineer
Biologists                                    Inspector,
Biomedical Technician                         Instructor
Bookbinder                                    Insurance Adjuster
Bookkeeper                                    Interior Decorator/Designer
Bookstore Owner                               Interpreter / Translator
Brewery Rep                                   Investigator
Brick Mason                                   Judge
Broadcaster                                   Lab Technician
Broker                                        Land Surveyor / Planner
Building Inspector                            Landscaper
Bus Drivers                                   Leasing Agent
Business Owners                               Legal Secretary
Librarian                      Fireman
Lifeguard                      Fisherman
Swim Instructor                Flight Attendant
Limousine Driver               Florist
Lithographer                   Food Service Worker
Loan Officer                   Foster Parents
Locksmith                      Fraternity Brothers
Machinery Operator             Friends
Machinist                      Fund-Raiser
Maid of Honor / Bridesmaids    Funeral Director
Management Consultant          Furniture Upholsterer
Contractor                     Gardner
Controller                     Geologist
Cook                           Glass Repairman
Copywriter                     Golf Course Pro
Correction Officer             Government Employee
Cosmetologist                  Graphic Designer
Counselor                      Grocer
Courier / Messenger            Guard
Court Reporter                 Guidance Counselor
Credit / Collection Agent      Gunsmith
Credit Union Employee          Hairdresser
Custodian / Janitor            Health Club
Customs Agent                  Historian
Dairy Farmer                   Homemaker
Dancer / Dance Instructor      Hospital Employee
Dental Hygienist               Hotel Manager / Employee
Dental Lab Technician          Housekeeper
Designer                       Importer / Exporter
Dietitian                      Industrial Designer / Engineer
Dishwasher                     Inspector
Disc Jockey                    Instructor
Distributor                    Insurance Adjuster
Doctor / Physician             Interior Decorator / Designer
Draftsman / CAD                Interpreter / Translator
Driving Instructor             Investigator
Economist                      Judge
Editor                         Lab Technician
Educator                       Land Surveyor / Planner
Electrician Technician         Landscaper
Electrical Engineer            Leasing Agent
Electrician                    Legal Secretary
Emergency Medical Technician   Librarian
Engineer                       Lifeguard
Engraver                       Swim Instructor
Entertainer                    Limousine Driver
Estimator                      Lithographer
Exterminator                   Loan Officer
Factory Worker                 Locksmith
Farmer                         Machinery Operator
Fashion Designer               Machinist
File Clerk                     Maid of Honor / Bridesmaids
Management Consultant          Respiratory Therapist
Manufacturer                   Restaurant Owner
Market Researcher              Retailer
Marketer                       Retirees
Martial Arts Instructor        Roofer
Mechanic                       Salesperson
Mechanical Engineer            Sanitation Worker
Medical Technician             School Board Member
Meteorologist                  Scout Leader
Motel owner / Operator         Seamstress / Tailor
Mover                          Secretary
Museum Curator / Employee      Shoe Repairman
Music Teacher                  Singer
Musician                       Sociologist
Newspaper Pressman             Social Worker
Notary Public                  Sorority Sisters
Nuclear Engineer               Speech Therapists
Nurse                          Statistician
Occupational Therapist         Steamfitter
Office Machine Repairman       Store Clerks & Managers
Office Manager                 Students
Painter                        Surgeons
Parts Manager                  Surveyor
Pawnbroker                     Talent Agent
Personnel Manager              Tax Professional
Petroleum Engineer             Teacher
Photographer                   Technician
Physical Therapist             Telemarketer
Pilot                          Telephone Repairman
Pipe Fitter                    Telephone Operator
Plant Foreman                  Tennis Instructor
Plumber                        Therapist
Podiatrist                     Trainer
Policeman                      Transportation
Policewoman                    Travel Agent
Postal Employee                Truck Driver
Printer                        Tutor
Production Manager             TV & Appliance Repair
Professional Athlete           TV & Radio Announcer
Psychiatrist                   TV& Radio Producer
Psychologist                   Underwriter
PTA President & Members        Upholsterer
Public Relations Specialists   Vender
Purchasing Agent               Waitress / Waiter
Race Car Driver                Warehouse Manager / Worker
Rancher                        Web Administrator / Master
Receptionist                   Web Developer
Recruiter                      Welder
Rent A Car Representative      Wholesaler
Repairman                      Window Cleaner
Reporter                       Writer
Research Analyst               Journalist
                 Who Do You Know Named…..

Aaron       Bernie             Clifford     Elaine
Abby        Bert               Clint        Eleanor
Abraham     Beth               Clyde        Elizabeth
Adam        Beverly            Cody         Ellen
Addison     Bill               Colin        Elliott
Adrian      Blaine             Colene       Eldon
Alan        Blair              Connie       Emily
Albert      Bobby              Courtney     Emma
Alexander   Bonnie             Craig        Emmett
Alexandra   Brad               Crystal      Eric
Alfred      Brandon            Cynthia      Erica
Alice       Brenda             Dale         Erin
Alicia      Brent              Dan          Ernest
Allison     Brett              Daniel       Erwin
Alvin       Brian              Danielle     Estelle
Alyssa      Brittany           Darla        Eva
Amelia      Bruce              Darlene      Evan
Amos        Buddy              Darrell      Evelyn
Amanda      Calvin             David        Faith
Amber       Candace            Dawn         Faye
Amy         Carl               Dean         Francis
Andre       Carla              Deanna       Frank
Andrea      Carlene            Deborah      Fred
Andrew      Carlos             Dena         Gail
Angela      Carlyle            Denise       Gary
Anita       Carmen             Dennis       Gene
Anne        Carol              Derek        George
Annette     Carrie             Dexter       Gerald
Anthony     Carter             Diana        Gerry
April       Catherine          Diane        Gigi
Archie      Cecilia            Dick         Gilbert
Arlene      Charlene           Dolores      Ginger
Arnold      Charles            Dominic      Gladys
Arthur      Charlotte          Don          Glenn
Ashley      Chelsea            Donna        Gloria
Asia        Cheryl             Doreen       Gordon
Audrey      Chris              Dorothy      Grace
Austin      Christine          Doug         Grant
Barbara     Claire             Doyle        Greg
Barry       Cindy              Duane        Greta
Bart        Clara              Dwight       Gus
Becky       Clarence           Earl         Gwen
Ben         Clarice            Ed           Hal
Benjamin    Clark              Edith        Hannah
Bennett     Claude             Edmund       Harold
Bernard     Claudia            Edna         Harry
Bernice     Clay               Edward       Harvey
Heather    Judith     Lowell     Owen
Heidi      Juan       Luanne     Pamela
Helen      Judy       Lucy       Parker
Henry      Julia      Luke       Pt
Herbert    Julian     Lydia      Patricia
Herman     Julie      Lyle       Patrick
Hope       June       Lynne      Paul
Howard     Justin     Mack       Paula
Ian        Karen      Mae        Peggy
Irene      Karl       Marcia     Penny
Irma       Kate       Marcus     Peter
Irving     Kathy      Margot     Phil
Irwin      Kay        Marianne   Pierre
Isaac      Kayla      Maria      Rachel
Jack       Keith      Marilyn    Ralph
Jacob      Kelly      Mario      Ramon
Jake       Kelsey     Mark       Randolph
James      Ken        Marla      Randy
Jamie      Kerry      Marsha     Ray
Jan        Kevin      Martha     Raymond
Jane       Kimberly   Mary       Rebecca
Janet      Kirk       Matthew    Regina
Janice     Kristen    Maureen    Renee
Jared      Kori       Max        Rex
Jasmine    Kurt       Megan      Richard
Jason      Kyle       Melissa    Rita
Jay        Lance      Merrill    Robert
Jean       Lane       Michael    Rodney
Jayce      Larry      Michelle   Roger
Jean       Laura      Mike       Ron
Jeffrey    Lauren     Mildred    Roseanne
Jennie     Laurie     Mitchell   Roy
Jennifer   Lawrence   Monica     Russell
Jeremy     Leah       Murray     Ruth
Jerome     Leanne     Nancy      Ryan
Jesse      Lee        Natalie    Sally
Jessica    Lelia      Nathan     Sam
Jill       Lena       Ned        Samantha
Jo         Leon       Neil       Sandy
Joan       Leonard    Nicholas   Sarah
Jody       Leroy      Nicole     Scott
Joe        Leslie     Nina       Sean
Joel       Lester     Noel       Shari
John       Lewis      Noland     Shannon
Jolene     Lillian    Noreen     Sharlene
Jonathan   Linda      Norma      Sharon
Jordan     Lisa       Norman     Shelia
Jose       Lloyd      Odell      Shelly
Joseph     Lois       Olga       Sherry
Joshua     Lorna      Oscar      Shirley
Joy        Louis      Otis       Sidney
Joyce      Louise     Otto       Simon
Sonya               Ted                    Tracy                   Virgil
Sophia              Teresa                 Travis                  Virginia
Stan                Terry                  Trent                   Wade
Stella              Thomas                 Trudy                   Walter
Stephanie           Tiffany                Tyler                   Wanda
Stephen             Tim                    Valerie                 Wayne
Steve               Tina                   Vera                    Wendy
Susan               Toby                   Vernon                  William
Sylvia              Todd                   Victor                  Yvonne
Tabatha             Tom                    Victoria                Zachary
Tammy               Tony                   Violet                  Zane

             Include AMBITIOUS PEOPLE who
     you KNOW want more control over their financial future
                      WANT MORE Family time.
                    However, Remember …….
                   DON’T PREJUDGE ANYONE!!!

            Just share with them what you know.

               Make a significant difference in somebody’s life.

                         You are a WINNER!!

                              To your success.

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