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Profitable Business Ideas for Li by fjwuxn


									                 8 Great Money Making
             Ideas for Limousine Companies
       The Nitty-Gritty of Building a Large, Profitable Clientele Base

                     By Wayne Stewart, Limo Driver School
                                               Published 2006

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 8 Great Money Making Ideas for Limousine Companies
         The Nitty-Gritty of Building a Large, Profitable Client Base

                       By Wayne Stewart, Limo Driver School

Is there a more competitive business than the limousine service industry?

            The hours are long, rates are very competitive, the business is
            capital intensive and generally there seems to be a lot more
            headaches in this industry than other ways of making a living.

            It’s no wonder many owners of limousine companies often struggle to
            keep ahead of their competition in the market area they serve. As
you know the key to success is building a solid client base that provides steady
repeat business and profitable rate structures.

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. So, what’s the answer in today’s fast
paced marketplace? Well, many of the most successful small and medium-sized
businesses in America are using a proven, successful strategy called CRM.
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Marketing (or Customer Relationship

Simply put . . . . CRM means working at building ongoing relationships with your
present customer base, so they will increase their usage of your service and refer
more business your way.

In addition, a successful CRM program means continually targeting potential new
clients with an attractive message that will motivate them to become your client.
With the right, cost-effective CRM program your business can skyrocket to new
heights. But it doesn’t happen by accident.

That’s why a periodic review of your marketing program is so critical to
maintaining profitability and making sure you’re on target. CRM is all about
planning to get results . . . and making it happen in your business.

And that means focusing more resources on the marketing and image building
side of your business. I can really help in this area because of my background.
Since 1991, I have been a business consultant specializing in helping companies
increase their bottom line by utilizing more sophisticated business and marketing

During my career I’ve worked with large, Fortune 2000 companies as well as
small and medium sized business. You know what . . . whether large or small, all
companies need CRM to maximize their potential. And the limousine industry is
no different than any other business.

By a strange twist of fate in 1995, I decided to take a year off (a sabbatical) and
considered buying a limousine company. And before making that commitment I
decided to learn the business by starting at the bottom as a limo driver. But with
no experience it was tough going. Eventually I found a company that would hire
and provide me with a very limited training program. It was very basic to say the

I worked the entire year driving limousines for one of the older companies here in
Tampa Bay, Florida. It was great . . . . and fun too! And during the down times
on runs I decided to write a training manual for new people entering the trade
which eventually turned into

After my year off, I decided to return to business consulting as the site virtually runs itself. But enough of my
background and experience. . . let’s get back to talking about CRM and
marketing your company.

Right now you may have already invested in industry specific software to run
your limousine service business and you may be successfully using their
marketing/client relationship programs right now.

Great! Good for you!

As you know these programs are designed to build client loyalty, generate new
business, keep existing clients coming back and provide tracking and financials.

Hey . . . . that’s what it’s all about. If you’re routinely using your system
effectively, then you’re constantly adding new clients to your customer base as
well as giving existing clients reasons to re-order service. At least I hope you

Frankly, without an ongoing, well-thought-out marketing program that goes
beyond yellow page advertising to develop bookings, most companies tend to fall
short of their full potential.

Whether you do or don’t use a special software program to run your business this
information will simply provide you with a refresher course or a reminder to bear
down on your present marketing program. So let’s get started by asking you
some questions.

Let me ask you . . . . .

“Does your company standout from all the other limo companies in your service
area? Can you make any distinct differences between what you offer and what

the competition offers? Besides a price concession why should a client select
your company over the rest of the fleets in town?”

“Do you use any type of scripted presentation when potential clients call for
information on booking service? Are you or your staff members just winging it by
qualifying them and quoting rates? Does that really work effectively for you?”

Okay, those are some pretty tough questions, but have you ever sat down and
carefully thought out how you can build a presentation that really separates your
service from the other kids on the block?

Most potential clients think all limo service is the same and so after deciding what
size vehicle they need and when they need it . . . .heck, it’s just a question of
which limo company has the best hourly rates. Right?

People who call every limousine company in town to get pricing information can
drive your reservation person batty. So when this happens, you’ve got to take
control by slowing that person down and start building value in your service.
After you qualify the prospective client about their event the next step involves
educating them and asking questions about their expectations.

Remember, occasional or first-time users of limousine service think all service is
the same, so it’s just a price decision for them. Of course, we know some
limousine companies only purchase brand new, first-line equipment, while others
tend to purchase and run current body style used vehicles.

Some companies buy only high milers and aren’t even running the current body
style model. That’s why educating the consumer about these differences is part
of taking control and making sure they aren’t disappointed with the level of
service they are ordering.

After all most consumers don’t really want to get stuck with that 5-year old, worn
out, high mile10-pak clunker leaning up against the fence in somebody’s back lot
if given a choice. What a shock when clients unknowingly find themselves in this
situation and the disappointment dampens the excitement of their special event.
And guess what . . . . that client will probably never book with that company

That’s not to knock companies that run older equipment at all. It’s just important
in building a clientele base to be up front with a prospective client. The key in
this occasion is to turn a possible disadvantage into an advantage and still keep
the person’s confidence. So building a story as to why you take that approach
and how it benefits your other clients is important when interacting with a
prospective new client. Simple, huh? Maybe not.

So, every reservation person needs that 1 minute, high impact story that makes
your company stand out just on your equipment. That could include the different
type of models and equipment various manufactures produce and why you like
their equipment.

Why? Because not all vehicles offer the same features like special lighting,
sound systems, seating configurations, specialized interior designs and features,
air conditioning/heating systems, etc.

Then, there are features of your service that can be individualized like glassware
& napkin service, on-the-road cleanup service and the experience and training of
your drivers to name a few?

Carefully scripting this information into each presentation insures that each
prospective client gets the attention and help they need to make the right
decision. In other words you want to help them make their decision by offering
comparisons while directing them gently towards selecting the choices which
lead to booking with your company.

Aside from ordering airport service, when new prospects inquire about limo
service this is a special occasion for them, but for your reservation person it’s just
another of hundreds of inbound inquiry calls. Therefore, it’s important to keep
the excitement up during the call. Good reservationists are special people. They
schedule and close the caller . . . and don’t leave any money on the table.

Okay, once your reservation person covers this information with the prospective
client, there’s more you can do to make your company stand out. And by offering
the services in this first “Money Making Idea” you continue to slow the caller
down, ask questions and take control.

In addition, you can even add some extra dollars to the ticket as well as offer
some special services exclusive to you company.

Here’s a “Money Making Idea” to help your company really standout and better
assist you in closing the reservation:

   Money Making Idea #1: Script Your Reservation Presentation and Offer
   Exclusive Services not Available at your Competitors!

       Remember you are in the service business and a great way to distinguish
       yourself is to overwhelm the client with service, service and more service.
       You can charge for these services too. What a concept! Let me give you
       some ideas you could offer:

              •   Red Carpet Service (or use as a standard feature)
              •   Personalized Napkin Service

       •   Red or White Rose Service
       •   Personalized Glassware Service
       •   Personalized Towel Service
       •   Tee Shirt Service (name, date of the occasion)
       •   Champagne Service (if your state & company policy allows it)
       •   And any other ideas you have to personalize your service.

Here’s a partial, short script to pitch this service after you have qualified
and presented the distinctive differences in your equipment during the

   Now Mrs. Jones we also have some very special services you can
   order that are exclusive to our company here in (name of your city,
   area). We know how memorable these occasions are for our clients,
   so to help you relive your “Night on the Town” or “Special Event”” let
   me briefly cover these services for you.

   First, we offer our “Red Carpet Service” (describe what it is) for only
   $14.95 (put a low price on this). How does that sound?

   Then, we have our “Personalized Napkin Service”. You may recall that
   we do provide regular napkin service which is included (describe them;
   the oversized paper linen style, etc.) with your reservation.

   With the personalized service each napkin is printed with your name,
   your event, the city and date on it. The napkins are specially folded
   and placed in each glass, so the personalized information is visible to
   each guest.

   During all stopovers of 30 minutes or more your driver will clean and
   restock your fresh napkins into your glassware. This adds a really nice
   touch and many of our regular clients do order this service when
   entertaining their guests and it’s only $$$. Would you like to include
   that also? Great!

That’s it! You get the picture. You continue on with presenting and
describing each of the services, giving a price and asking for their
commitment. Or you could offer a package price on some of the services.

Remember, you’ll have to set up with a local company to provide these
personalized items. You can pick just 3 or 4 personalized services to offer,
if you wish, or maybe you can think up other services to offer.

The bottom line is you will stand out in the crowded marketplace offering
superior service. You can add more revenue to your ticket and close
more clients. If the client doesn’t want these items and stalls about giving

   you the reservation, you can throw in some of these items as a closer to
   signup now.

   The best part is the longer your reservation person talks with the
   prospective client, the better they get to know one another and the more
   he or she slows them down. This step gives you the needed time to begin
   building a relationship and a much better chance to close the reservation.

   In addition when the prospective client is trying to decide which services to
   select . . . . their attention is off the major decision of committing for the
   reservation and focusing on a minor decision. When they select the “Red
   Carpet Service” and the “Red Rose Service” they are telling you to go
   ahead and book the order.

   Now I know you’re thinking . . . . it’s impossible get every prospective
   client to allow your reservation person to take control of them with this
   approach. And you’re right . . . . not every caller will take the time to make
   sure they are making the right decision.

   But if you can get 1 or 2 more out of 10 prospective client calls into this
   mode you will close more reservations with the same number of calls.
   And that’s what it’s all about.

   Incidentally, for any order of personalized items which require special
   printing, etc. I would run them through on a separate credit card order in
   the event of a cancellation. You have a better chance of covering yourself
   on this occasion.

Money Making Idea #2: Develop a Client Appreciation Call Script:

   After the prospective client is booked for a reservation and the day before
   their service is scheduled, I recommend you call the client to reconfirm the
   pickup date and time. I much prefer a call rather than a letter as this gives
   a more personal touch to building a relationship with your client.

   Your call script should include a personal thank you for selecting your
   company for their special event and how much you are looking forward to
   serving them. In addition your call script should include details like
   advising the client what time your driver will arrive and the name of the
   driver (if you know who that person is).

   At this time you should also review the basics of the reservation, which is
   the number of hours they have reserved, the hourly rate and any other
   pertinent information. If your company has special rules, like a no
   smoking policy, make sure to cover those policies at this time.

  If you have any advice which will help the client have a more enjoyable
  outing, this would be a good time to cover this information. Make sure to
  ask if they have any questions about the service and take time to answer
  the client’s questions. Again, close the call with thanking them for
  selecting your company.

Money Making Idea #3: The Client Thank You Letter:

  After the service is performed for the client, I recommend that you send
  out a “Thank You Letter” within 24-48 hours. The letter should be brief
  and to the point and should not go on and on about how wonderful your
  company is.

  I have included a sample “Thank You Letter” which you can view now
  click here to view. I feel every time you contact a client you should have
  a good reason for doing so and preferably offer them another reason for
  doing business with you.

  You need a hook to get them to take action. So offer them some type of
  small discount or a special gift like a dozen red roses for reserving a night
  out on the town, etc. I’m sure you can think of several great hooks to
  motivate your client to reorder service.

  If this is the first time your client has used your service, I recommend that
  your “Thank You Letter” perhaps include a discount coupon for airport limo
  service. Coupons are great and give you a good reason to contact your
  client again.

  After serving your client for the first event, you should contact them at the
  end of 30 days with another letter. I recommend you set up a joint limo
  reservation restaurant promotion which I am going to outline under
  “Money Making Idea #4”. This promotion can be used for your existing
  client base and to advertise for new clients.

Money Making Idea #4: The Restaurant Promotion

  A really great promotion for clients is dinner (or lunch) at some of the more
  upscale restaurants in your area. Most restaurants and limousine
  companies have slow times during the week where they would love to
  generate new client business to get those stretch limos on the road.

  Unless a limousine company is working on some type of local or corporate
  special event, Monday through Thursday evenings can be slow for stretch
  limousine service. The same can be said for upscale restaurants.

There is an old saying in the marketing business that you have to buy your
first client, and that means giving them a really attractive offer to entice
them to try your service.

So why not contact some of the restaurants in your area to see if they
would be willing to participate in a joint promotion with your company to
promote new business? I recommend you approach these restaurants
and ask them about offering a 10% discount on food and drink along with
your company providing a 10% discount on the client’s limousine service.

You will want these restaurants to agree to a definite time period for the
promotion and whether they will cover both food and drinks. Make sure to
get a letter or an agreement from them in writing as to the details they are
providing for the promotion.

You can even ask them to participate in the advertising costs of the
promotion, too. In fact it’s possible that you can get the participating
restaurants to cover all of the advertising costs if you approach them in the
right way.

Now it’s not necessary to have more than one restaurant to participate in
the promotion at any one given time. You can run a promotion using just
one restaurant or two restaurants. Sometimes it might be better to use
just one restaurant and then after that promotion expires, you can come
back with the same promotion using a different restaurant for the next
promotional period. Frankly, you will have to make the decision on your
own as to which would be the best way to run the promotion from this

Once you decide to go forward with this promotion and have arranged for
restaurants to participate, your next step is to set up a database and the
marketing materials. I recommend using either a letter or a post card
mailer. The post card mailer can be sent to potential new clients and the
letter format can be targeted to your existing client base or executives or
sales managers of small or medium size companies.

I have enclosed three sample letters and a sample post card format:
Click here to view the three sample letters

Click here to view the sample post card format

You are welcome to use the post card format by simply changing the
name of your company, contact information and logo.

To set up your card, you may contact my representative, Sunshine, at
Pure Postcards, 1 (866) 413-1562, or e-mail her at: You may also view the Pure Postcard
website at:

  Pure Postcards specialize in producing full color post cards at very
reasonable prices and they also can obtain a mailing list for you and drop
the cards right from their location in Clearwater, Florida. This mailing list
would be used for people that have never done business with you before.

If you want to try this promotion on the cheap by setting up your own
mailing list, you can do so by visiting your local library and requesting
access to the database, Info USA. You can access this database free and
pull out the names of executives/ business owners in your locality you
wish to contact about this promotion. While this approach is cost free, it is
time consuming for someone to put the list together.

Of course, you will want to place these names into some type of database
format like Excel or your own industry specific database software. If by
some chance you do not already use industry specific software, check out
this website for a look see.

If you develop your own list, I recommend that you start with100-200
companies and include:

       1.   Contact Person’s Name (Owner/Sales Manager/President)
       2.   Company Name
       3.   Company Address
       4.   City, State, Zip Code
       5.   Phone Number

Remember that you want to build a separate database for potential new
clients and another one for existing clients. Make sure to select
companies with sales organizations, like auto dealerships and direct sales
companies, and direct your offer to the decision-makers.

To help you creatively target companies, you can randomly go through the
yellow pages for good ideas in developing your new client list. I
recommend that you select companies with at least 25 employees and
probably no more than 100. This approach will give you a pretty good feel
for who is responding to your promotion.

In addition to setting up a mailing, you can also develop some type of
simple phone sales program where you hire a person to call executives
and sales managers to pitch the promotion.

  Once your sales person develops a lead, your reservation person can
  follow-up with the details on another phone call. Hopefully, the client will
  schedule the reservation. You will need to develop a script somewhat
  along the lines layed out in the Restaurant Promotion Letter.

  I highly recommend the phone approach, as it can be quite successful in
  signing up new clients and can be very cost effective as well. To use this
  approach, I will cover more information in the following “Money Making
  Idea #5”.

Money Making Idea #5: Working the Phone for New and Repeat Clients:

  Every owner in the limousine business knows corporate clients represent
  the bread and butter cash flow for the industry. A solid base of corporate
  clients will pay the monthly bills and the night life, weddings, funeral runs,
  etc. will be the icing on the cake.

  Therefore, your company should be actively promoting your service not
  only to existing clients but also to new corporate prospects on a routine
  monthly basis. This is where a good phone selling program can pay off in
  big financial rewards.

  You can start with just a part-time person, either working from their home
  or from your office, depending on whether you have the space or not. Just
  remember that it may be helpful to have the name of your company pop-
  up on the caller ID when making the calls.

  You can advertise for part-time phone sales people in one of the smaller
  specialty newspapers, like “The Flyer”. I have a very good friend who has
  a highly successful telemarketing business who hires all of his sales
  people from “The Flyer”. In case you are unfamiliar with The Flyer, it’s a
  low cost advertising venue for people who want to sell household goods
  and cars.

  I recommend that you hire seasoned sales people and place them on a
  very minimum hourly plus a nice bonus for every lead and every sign up.
  Remember, the goal here is to buy your first new clients. The person
  doing the calling can just setup the lead for your reservation person to
  follow-up and sign the prospective client up.

  The phone script can be very simple and probably the person you hire can
  be very helpful in setting that up. Basically, you will be calling the decision
  maker and telling them about this fantastic promotion you are doing.

  I would also ask them if they have any “Employee Appreciation Programs”
  that they are presently using to recognize outstanding employee

  performance. Make sure you focus on employee recognition as the
  anchor of your promotion.

  Anytime you are phoning prospective new clients, always have some type
  of attractive promotion to entice them to become your client. Once you
  find the right sales person(s) and develop a good script, this program can
  literally skyrocket your business to new heights of success. But you will
  need to fine tune the program as you go along.

Money Making Idea #6: Special Promotional Ideas That Can Add Big
Dollars to Your Monthly Revenues

  There’s another old saying, “Apples don’t just fall off of the tree and end
  up in your supermarket for you to enjoy”! A lot of work goes into putting
  that product on the grocery shelf. The trees have to be pruned, fertilized
  and sprayed with pesticides; then the apples have to be manually picked,
  boxed and transported to the grocer. Upon arrival the grocer has to
  handle and stock the shelves.

  As you can see, a lot of work goes into the process of harvesting a
  product or service before you put the money in the bank. If you simply
  wait for prospects to call you from your yellow page ad as your only
  source for new business, you’ll find it pretty tough going to build a
  substantial, profitable client base.

  When you proactively seek out new clients and make contact with them,
  you generally find they are not so price conscious, unless they are already
  a regular client through another company. When you find a prospect that
  is not regularly using limousine service and create a need for them (like an
  employee appreciation program), they can become a very valuable client.

  So I recommend that you develop your skills in attacking this segment of
  the market using creative ideas and promotions to be totally service
  oriented to the client. You can literally put an army of people to work for
  you and only pay for results when a new client is signed up for your

  By the way have you ever used stand-up cardboard placards (called easel
  back displays) with an advertising flyer about your company? Click here
  to view to view my 8-1/2” x 11” flyer. Your flyer can be pasted on a simple
  cardboard placard, which you can order very inexpensively from:

         Affordable Package Products, Inc.
         309 Altamonte Commerce Boulevard, Suite 1518
         Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
         Phone: 407-869-7477


  Here’s how this promotion works, you first develop your advertising
  message and graphics for your flyer. You order some of the light
  cardboard placards and when they arrive, you paste your flyer on the
  placard. Remember to use full color on your flyer. You can take the flyer
  to the print shop at Office Depot or Staples, etc. and have them printed on
  one of their high resolution color copiers (usually about 39 cents each).

  These flyers can be very effective when placed in convenience market
  locations (like 7-Eleven Stores, etc.) starting with the more upscale middle
  class neighborhoods. But, don’t overlook the lower middle income
  neighborhoods either because they also use limo service.

  Contact the owner or manager of the convenience store and offer them
  some type of commission or maybe some free service for prospects
  signing up from the flyer located in their store. You can literally put an
  army of people to work for you developing new leads for your company
  and you don’t even have to pay them a nickel until the referral client
  makes a reservation and uses the service.

  This referral business is a great way to build your client base. You can
  also talk to restaurant owners and other types of retail stores to recruit
  them. Of course, the best place to locate your placard is at their checkout
  counter if they will go along with that. If not, ask them to place it in their
  retail store window or preferably on the door where their customers enter
  and exit.

  I will say this one more time! You have to buy your first limousine service
  order with a client, which means working out a good incentive program
  that financially rewards these sources for any referrals. Remember the
  few dollars that you give up are minimal once you consider the lifetime
  income from a regular client.

  For instance, if you develop a client from one of these sources that uses
  your service, 3 to 6 times a year over a 10-year period, we are talking
  about a lifetime contract that is worth thousands of dollars. And that’s not
  including any referrals that come from this new client as a result of your
  using good CRM programs to develop this business. So you can see a
  simple lead from this type of source can have a tremendous payoff.

Money Making Idea #7: The Bump Letter

  From time to time each client in your database should receive a letter from
  your company reminding them about ordering service and just to keep
  your name in front of them.

  As I stated earlier, you should always have a reason to contact your client,
  such as the announcement of some change in your service or perhaps to
  inform the client about a new promotion.

  Instead of using a letter, a personal phone call works even better. You
  just have to set up a database in such a way as to remind yourself that it’s
  time to follow-up on your clients. Better yet, send out your bump letter and
  then follow it up with a personal call.

  To keep your clients coming back for more service requires an ongoing
  effort on your part but your hard work will pay off in more reservation
  orders. Frankly, clients are very busy and simply forget about all the fun
  they had on their last outing. So periodically you need to send them a
  reminder about how much fun they are missing and encourage them to
  schedule their next outing.

  For that reason, I urge you to develop a “Bump Letter Program” and to set
  up a time schedule to mail your clients from four to six letters over a period
  of say, one year. Again, you can use a personal phone call instead of a
  letter . . . . it’s just a question of your own preference.

  It really works . . . . make a commitment to start the program and try it!
  That’s all it takes!

Money Making Idea #8: Invest in a Good Management Software
Program Designed Specifically for the Limousine Business

  If you do not already use specialized business software to run your
  business, I recommend you do so. Most medium-sized to larger limousine
  companies already use this type of software and would find it difficult to
  run their company without it.

  There are several companies that offer this type of software and the cost
  nowadays is quite reasonable. If you are presently using a software
  program that was developed several years ago, you may wish to acquire a
  more updated version through your present company or take a look at
  other software companies on the Internet.

  Here is a link to one company that has a good program: Take a look and review the various
  formats they offer. There’s an old saying, “If you don’t know where you
  are going, any road will take you there”. Translation . . . . if you don’t know
  what’s going on in your own business, how can you organize and manage
  to build a highly successful company?

      These management software programs are designed to be simple to
      understand and use and with a little bit of effort, you can make your
      company really standout in the market place. So, give some serious
      thought to investing in an updated version.

These eight “Money Making Ideas” can really put your company out in front of
your competition and will help you build a highly profitable company with a large
client base. Of course this digital booklet is not designed to be a comprehensive
plan to provide a “Total Marketing Package” but simply a few ideas to get your
creative thought processes focusing on expanding your business.

For instance we didn’t cover website design and the use of websites in marketing
your company nor did we talk about driver training. These subjects are very
important and would require considerable more time to cover.

For your information, I have designed an inexpensive driver training program
which you can purchase on line for $39.50 in digital format and $75.00 in the
hard copy manual. The training encompasses 17 lessons with quizzes and 200
pages including 83 “Special Driver Tips”. You can review my training program by
clicking on this link:

I also have some free forms for limousine companies at:

For instance, anytime you hire a new driver who is touting all of their experience,
you may wish to give them a brief quiz to test their knowledge. The quiz and
answers are located on this site. Please feel free to use any of the forms and as
time goes by, we will be adding more “Free Stuff” to this site.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, Wayne Stewart, at
727-789-6463, in Clearwater, Florida. I am available on a consulting basis to
help companies design and implement new marketing strategies and help in
training drivers.

I hope you found this information helpful and thought provoking. Good luck on
your marketing program and best wishes for success.

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                        “Thank you for your business!”


You recently used our limousine services.

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your

We hope you found the experience enjoyable. And should another occasion
arise to book limousine service . . . . you will think of (Your Company Name).

As a special Thank You I am enclosing $10 Discount Certificate good for (1) one
year for our airport service.

Again, thank you for choosing (Your Company Name). Should you have any
questions about our services or wish to book future service, please contact me at
(Your Telephone Number).


Your Signature Here
David Adams (your name here)
President, ABC Limousine Service (your title + company here)

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January 2, 2007


             SAVE 10% on Limousine Service + Food and Drinks!

You don’t need a special occasion to have fun with your friends or employees.

We’re holding a reservation for your and your invited guests for the next 30 days to experience
a fantastic dinner party with lasting memories.

Imagine one of our beautiful stretch limousines arriving at your home or place of business to
pick up you and your guests and then, whisking your entire party away to one of our areas most
well-known restaurants for dinner.

Upon arrival you’ll be pampered with great service and treated to a sumptuous meal complete
with cocktails and after-dinner drinks of your choice. You’ll share a special evening with
members of your party that each of you will long remember.

And best of all . . . . you can invite as many friends or associates as you like. So why not start
making your guest list right now! You just tell us how many guests will be in your party and we
will plan all the arrangements. It’s that simple . . . and here’s how it works!

We’ve made exclusive arrangements with three (3) great area restaurants to extend this special
invitation to you. The invitation is good for 30 days from the date of this letter and you can
select the restaurant of your choice. To learn more details about this offer all you need to do is
to call me now.

I’ll explain more about all the details, answer your questions and help you plan your evening as
well as cover those few limited restrictions that apply.

I urge you to take advantage of this special opportunity to enjoy a magnificent evening with your
friends and associates by calling me at 555-555-5555. I look forward to serving you.


Your Signature Here
David Adams (your name here)
President, ABC Limousine Service (your title + company here)

P. S. I’m expecting a big response to this invitation, so please call me as soon as possible to
take advantage of the best scheduling availabilities.
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                “Introducing a Great Employee Appreciation Event!”


Every employer knows the importance of rewarding highly motivated employees for
exceptional performance.

So, imagine a stretch limousine arriving at your place of business to take you and your
selected employees to lunch.

Or better yet . . . how about dinner and a night on the town. Maybe, a theater
performance or attendance at a sporting event would suit you instead.

Either way showing appreciation for a job well done builds employee loyalty and
encourages staff members to perform at their highest level. Why not give it a try? Here
at (your company name) we are glad to be of service when it comes to helping small
and medium sized businesses arrange these events.

By the way, how would you also like to save 10% on both your restaurant bill and
our limousine service? Would you like to consider planning an event like this? Want
to know more about this very special one time offer? Please call me sometime during
the next 30 days for the details at (Your Phone Number).

I look forward to hearing from you.


Your Signature Here
David Adams (your name here)
President, ABC Limousine Service (your title + company here)

P.S. Remember to ask how you can save 10% on both the restaurant bill and our
limousine service.

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                          “Employee Appreciation Events
              Really Pay Off Big for Small & Medium Sized Companies!”


Every employer knows that developing employee loyalty and rewarding high performance builds
profitable and successful companies.

So picture a stretch limousine arriving at your place of business to take you and your top
employees to lunch.

Or better yet . . . how about dinner and a night on the town. Maybe, a theater performance or
attendance at a sporting event would suit you instead.

Wow!!! These are events to remember and ones that will really motivate your employees by
showing your appreciation of their good job performance.

And remember when your employees get back to work and share their experiences . . . nothing
creates more excitement or lasting goodwill for all the staff members of your company. Your
honored employees will have loads of fun and they will be talking about it for days. I guarantee

By the way, how would you also like to save 10% on both your restaurant bill and our
limousine service? Would you like to plan an event like this? Want to know more about this
very special one time offer? Please call me sometime during the next 30 days for the details at
(Your Phone Number).

I look forward to hearing from you.


Your Signature Here
David Adams (your name here)
President, ABC Limousine Service (your title + company here)

P.S. Remember you can save 10% on both your restaurant bill and our limousine service
if you take advantage of our special promotion during the next 30 days.

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