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					                                   Limousine Associations of New Jersey
                                              May 19, 2008

         LANJ E-News is published each month expressly for the members
         of the Limousine Associations of New Jersey and other professionals in
         the livery industry.

    •    Update – Meeting with Commissioner Daus held May 9th
    •    Universal Limousine Distributors/Ford Fleet Annual Luncheon/Auction an
         Outstanding Success!
    •    Limo Law – Final Negotiations
    •    Attend Fundraiser for Industry Advocate Congressman Bill Pascrell
    •    AVIS Meeting set for May 17th in NYC
    •    LANJ Announces Livery Sure Program

Update – Meeting with Commissioner Daus held May 9th
May 19, 2008
The meeting with Commissioner Daus, NYC TLC, held May 9th was attended by Tim Rose, LANJ President
(Flyte Tyme Limousine, Mahwah, NJ), Rick Buell (Diva Executive Limousine, Inc., Elizabeth, NJ), Charles
LaSalla (Drivers Assistance Corporation, Long Island City, NY) and Barry Lefkowitz, LANJ Executive
Director. The group met with Commissioner Daus regarding a rumor being spread that the new ordinance
affecting Black Cars and MPG would be applied to New Jersey limousine operators. As stated by
Commissioner Daus at our March meeting…the rumors are incorrect, this will not apply to New Jersey
limousine operators.

Universal Limousine Distributors/Ford Fleet Annual Luncheon/Auction an Outstanding Success
May 19, 2008
Universal Limousine Distributor/Ford Fleet Annual Luncheon/Auction on Wednesday, May 14 was an
outstanding success. We had great attendance and raised approximately $16,500, which represents the
most successful fundraiser ever, due to the outstanding work of Universal Limousine Distributors, Ford Fleet
and many of our vendors and members (see list below) who contributed outstanding auction items. We
thank Richard Kane, president of the NLA for joining us and sharing his thoughts and vision with us. Mike
Venezia, aide to US Senator Lautenberg, spoke on the Senator’s sponsorship, along with US Senator Vitter
(R-LA), of the “RIDE Act” amendment, which he hopes to move within the next two weeks.

                      A Huge THANK YOU to Our Auction Sponsors and Donors!
Universal Limousine Distributions                  GEM Limousine Service Worldwide
Ford Fleet                                         Limousine & Chauffeured Transportation (LCT)
Create-A-Card, Inc.                                Lancer Insurance Company
Limousine Digest Magazine                          Advantage Funding
AJM Insurance                                      Broadway/Elite Limousine
Innovative Marketing Concepts (IMC)                Wayne Motors
Valera Global                                      Allaire Limousines, Inc.
Vulcan Motor Club                                  EmpireCLS Worldwide Services
James Limousine                                    Celebrity Jet Charter, LLC
Modern Technologies Group (MTG)                    P.A. Post Agency, LLC
Flyte Tyme Worldwide                               Capacity Coverage
Black Car News                                     Management & Government Resources, Inc.

Limo Law – Final Negotiations
May 19, 2008
Final Negotiations on the new Limo Law are being done with the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). The
MVC through a misunderstanding of the language believes that the bill is endorsing the addition of super
stretches to legalized vehicles, which completely wrong. Additionally, because of cut backs of staff and
programs due to the budget crisis, the need for the State Limousine Advisory Board (SLAB) is being
questioned. A meeting is being set up to deal with these and other issues they have raised. We have made
it abundantly clear that we will not allow them to remove the SLAB from the law.

Attend Fundraiser for Industry Advocate Congressman Bill Pascrell
May 19, 2008
Please join us for a fundraising cocktail reception honoring limousine industry advocate Congress Bill
Pascrell (D-NJ) on Tuesday, June 17, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m. at The Melrose Hotel in Washington, DC. The event
is being hosted by AJM Insurance/PA Post Agency, NICA, LCW Automotive Corp, Limousine
Association of New Jersey (LANJ), Maryland Limousine Association, Florida Ground Transportation
Association, International Limousine, and Philadelphia Regional Limousine Association (PRLA). If
you are interested in becoming a Co-Host for this event, please contact Barry Lefkowitz at (609) 267-2855.
For all other questions/if you would like to attend contact the NLA office at (800) 652-7007.

AVIS Meeting Set for May 16th in NYC
May 19, 2008
The National Limousine Association (NLA), LANJ, Black Car Assistance Corporation (BCAC) and the
Taxicab, Limousine & Paratransit Association (TLPA) are meeting with representatives of AVIS and Carey
with Commissioner Matt Daus on May 16 in NYC. Attorneys for each of the groups will also be present.
The meeting is to further discuss the industry’s contention that AVIS is actually in the “for hire” business with
its private chauffeur program. Our industry takes a very clear position that they are and thus must be
licensed and insured as any limousine operator. Commissioner Daus has already made it clear from the
previous meeting that he believes AVIS would have to be licensed just like our industry.

LANJ Announces Livery Sure Program
May 19, 2008
The LANJ & AJM Insurance/Post Financial Services Group is excited to announce that an association
sponsored insurance product is finally a reality. In an effort to provide our members with highly competitive
rates, excellent service & carrier stability the LANJ & Post Financial have teamed up to offer Livery Sure.

The Livery Sure product will provide members of the LANJ with several (A) rated insurance carrier options,
Quick Quote Programs for 1-3 unit operators, credit card payments for all participants, loss control seminars
& bi-monthly safety & loss control newsletters. Contact us at

Let the LANJ hear from you. Please send your comments and/or questions to

Member Services, 49 S. Maple Avenue, Marlton, NJ 08053    Phone: 856.596.8601 Fax: 856.596.2145
Executive Office, 5 Azalea Drive, Lumberton, NJ 08048    Phone: 609.267.2855 Fax: 609.267.8420

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