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Limousine Association Executive


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									                                                  Limousine Associations of New Jersey
                                                  5 Azalea Drive
                                                  Lumberton, NJ 08048
                                                  Ph: 609-267-2855
                                                  Fx: 609-267-8420

PRESS RELEASE                                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

         Limousine Association Executive Director, Barry E. Lefkowitz
              Participates on NJ MVC Safety Advisory Council

With several prominent achievements in the Limousine industry, Barry E. Lefkowitz, Executive
Director of the Limousine Association of New Jersey, was requested to be a member of the NJ
Motor Vehicle Commission Safety Advisory Council

Lumberton, NJ, June 6, 2007– The Limousine Association of New Jersey is pleased to announce
Barry E. Lefkowitz’ participation on the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s Safety Advisory
Council. The Safety Advisory Council, which held a critical planning meeting in May 2007
regarding the NJ MVC’s future, requested the experience and expertise of Lefkowitz, Executive
Director of the Limousine Association of New Jersey, and a recognized key participant in the NJ
Limousine industry.

New Jersey is experiencing several key trends from an increase in densely populated areas, to
teenage accidents, to special needs for an aging population. To work along with these trends, the
NJ Motor Vehicle Commission’s (MVC) Safety Advisory Council will be taking active steps to try
to improve safety in New Jersey by developing a plan for the next five years, which includes
emphasis areas and coordinated strategies. The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission realizes that to
capably address the hurdles to its future success, strong feedback and innovative ideas are

Other participants on the advisory council included: the NJ Deputy Attorney General; President of
the NJ State Safety Council; Director and Deputy Director of the Division of Highway Traffic
Safety; NJ Dept. of Education – Office of Academic and Professional Standards; Department of
Transportation, Chief Technical Assistance Unit Admin Office of the Courts; Assistant Director of
Municipal Court Services; Manager of the Motor Vehicle Commission Driver Management Dept.;
State Executive Director of MADD; School Bus Owners Association, NJ State Municipal
Prosecutors Assn., State of NJ Congressman for the American Motorcyclist Assn.; NJ State
Chiefs of Police; Executive Director of the NJ Motor Truck Association; Director of Public Affairs
AAA; NJ State Police Field Operations; American Motorcyclist Association; State Coordinator for
the AARP/NJ Driver Safety Program; Chief NJ Police Traffic Officer’s Association; CMCA,
President of the NJ Municipal Court Administration Association

The MVC realizes that it needs to partner with key organizations to address safety concerns. At
the Safety Advisory Council’s most recent meeting, topics that represented key safety areas for
the NJ MVC were discussed. Law enforcement, the courts, regulating entities, educators, safety
organizations and others organizations impacted the priority of topics.
Representatives discussed, and then voted on which topics were priority. The following are the
topics according to priority.

      1.   Driver Control – MVC has almost lifetime involvement with drivers from supporting driver
           education, testing, licensing, monitoring, sanctions, improvement and license retirement.
           Point system and driver improvement are addressed.
      2.   Teen Drivers – Teens are involved in more accidents per mile driven than any other
           driver age category. Education, testing and driver improvement issues are addressed.
      3.   Older Drivers – With the population aging increasing the number of older drivers who can
           exhibit reduced skills and medical conditions impact safety. Education, medical reporting,
           and re-exams are addressed.
      4.   Motorcycle Safety – With motorcycles growing in popularity it is recognized that
           specialized training is proven to help prevent collisions. Education by novice and
           experienced riders are addressed.
      5.   Commercial Vehicle Driving – Many trucks and buses travel NJ roads leading to a greater
           risk of collisions. Commercial driving is regulated at the federal level. The availability of
           qualified drivers is a safety concern. School Bus Drivers, small buses and vans, and
           commercial vehicles are addressed.

“The human and economic costs associated with accidents on the road are too great. The NJ
MVC Safety Advisory Council is charged with the courageous responsibilities to develop more
effective strategies to reduce the number of lives lost, the human suffering, and the economic
costs associated with motor vehicle collisions in New Jersey," said Lefkowitz. “The Council has
effective and well-attended sessions made up of people with various areas of expertise and
knowledge including the directors of key traffic and motor vehicle-related departments within the
state of New Jersey. I am honored to be selected to sit as a participant on this council.”

Mr. Lefkowitz has a strong government background, with three decades of governmental
relations, regulatory, economic development, media, and educational experience at the federal,
state and local levels. Lefkowitz has developed and successfully guided over 200 Bills through
the State Legislative and Congressional processes, including “The Limousine Safety Act”, and
the “Real Interstate Driver Equity Act”.

About the Limousine Association of New Jersey (LANJ)

The LANJ was created to ensure that New Jersey operators are treated fairly by legislators,
enforcement officers and governing bodies. Members are active in Trenton and Washington D.C.
The organization has grown into a dynamic political entity that is respected nationwide for its
successes and member programs.

Additional information about the Limousine Association of New Jersey is available at


Media Contact:
Sonina Matteo
Tech Research Services – Public Relations
609-230-0398, soninamatteo@techresearchservices.com

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