Lesson _5 Goal Setting by hcj


									     Unit # 1 Lesson # 5      Health Essential Lesson Plan Components
1. Theme of Instruction: Goal Setting
   Grade/Developmental Level: Grade 8

 # of Students 20-25
2. Lesson Objectives: Highlight Standards/Benchmarks/Performance Indicators

   A)      Cognitive: Students will understand the significance of goal setting to enhance personal
           health. Students will know the 5 steps of the goal setting process.

     Standard # 5, 6

     Benchmark/Source: National Health Education Standards

    Affective: Students will share and discuss their goal with a classmate. Students will give positive
    feedback and advice on other’s goals.

     Standard # 4

     Benchmark/Source: National Health Education Standards

    B)     Interdisciplinary: Students will read, write, and establish problem solving techniques
            throughout class.

         Benchmark/Source: Connecticut Mastery Testing, Content Literacy Education

3. A) Needed Equipment: One Laptop Computer

    B) Safety Concerns: (*) Constant observation of all students. Be sure students are working well
together in groups.

4. Instant Activity:                                                                     5. Time:
One Minute Paper Four Ws Writing activity-                                               2 min
“Write about the article you read for homework.
 who was the article about?
what happened in the article?
when did the article take place?
why did I have you read the article?”

Collect the paper.

Assessment opportunity! How many students seem to have read the article for the
homework? Are students on task? Do students understand the instant activity task?
6. Scaffolding:                                                                          Time:
    “Last class we talked about goal setting. You learned the 5 steps to set goals and   1 min
    brainstormed goals to accomplish. Today we will continue exploring goal
7. Introduction to Lesson:                                                               Time:
A)State Objective- (What) Students will continue to learn the Goal-Setting Process.      1 min
B)Anticipatory Set- (Why) It is important to educate middle school students on
healthy lifestyle goal setting strategies. Students need to be given the tools to make
set goals.
C)Focus Attention- (Cueing) Step – Focus, Pay attention, Think Rationally, Do your
best!, Set realistic goals
D)CFU (Check for Understanding)- Any Questions? Thumbs up if you understand.
8. Tasks and                                  10. Cues:              11. Formation:      Time:
9. Extensions/Applications
a)                                            Cues:                  Formation:          Time:
Quickly review the 5 steps in the goal        Focus                  Seated Classroom    5 minutes
setting process.
    1. Identify a specific goal and write
        it down.
    2. List the steps you will take to
        reach your goal.
    3. Get help and support from others.
    4. Set up checkpoints to evaluate
        your progress.
    5. Give yourself a reward once you
        have achieved your goal.

“What is the difference between a short
term goal and a long term goal? What is
goal setting? Why is it important to set
b)                                           Cues:                 Formation:            Time:
Goal Setting-                                Write out your goal   Seated Classroom      15 minutes
Since students have developed 2 personal     plan,
health goals (last class) they will decide   Ask questions
which goal they are going to focus on
and try to accomplish. “Use the 5 steps
in the goal setting process to set your
Students will reflect in writing on white
lined paper every other day on how they
are doing with accomplishing their goal.
“Take your time to write out each step.
Be sure to really think and write about
what will help you accomplish this goal.”

c)                                           Cues:                 Formation:            Time:
Goal Sharing-                                Discuss, Active       Seated Classroom      10 minutes
Talk with a partner about your goal.         listening
Discuss how you will use the steps to
accomplish the goal. Discuss what will
influence you chances of reaching your
health goal. Talk about what section of
the health triangle your goal falls into.
Closure:                                                                                Time:
Explain the importance in goal setting to achieve our goals. Review material from       2 min
decision making and goal setting.

Homework: Consumer choices brainstorm- “On a piece of paper I want you to write
down this question- What factors influence peoples buying decisions? When               Transition
consumers buy products what helps them make up their mind? Answer these
questions in a list format for your homework”

Assessment opportunity! Do students understand what is expected from them for
12. Review Questions for Students: Assessment Opportunity.                              Time:
a) “What are the 5 steps in the goal setting process?”                                  1 min
b) “Why is goal setting important?”
c) “How often will you reflect on how well you are doing accomplishing your goal?”      Transition
d) “How and why will sharing your goal with someone help you accomplish your            Students move
goal?”                                                                                  out to their
                                                                                        next class.
13. Teacher Reflection:
a) How did it go?                         c) What didn’t work so well?

b) What worked well?                       d) What changes will I make for next time?

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