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					Valerie Schulz’s Annotated Bibliography


      The following presented is the annotated bibliography that I, Valerie Schulz, completed during the course of

this class. I am an Elementary Education major at Florida Gulf Coast University. I have been in the College of

Education for both the spring and summer semesters now and will be entering Block 2 in the fall. I have not had

too much experience teaching yet. I have assisted in teaching tap and Sunday school in the past, and this summer I

helped tutor a Kindergartener at Tropic Isles Elementary.

      Over the course of these past nine weeks, our class has been reading about the genres required to be read

for this project in a book called The Joy of Children’s Literature. This book taught me a lot about the genres

before I ever had to read them. I am positive now that the ―content and availability of books on specific topics

gives children the opportunity to think critically and creatively, to solve problems, to make judgments, and to

discuss literature with other children‖ (pg. 4). I think that, after reading all of these books, the content helps to

expand the mind and open readers up to experiences that they may not have had and may never have. I have read a
book about a 200 pound teenage boy and the issues that he went through during the summer, and I am pretty sure

that’s an experience I will never have, yet it did help to expand my mind.

      Another quote from the book that I would like to share is, ―Teachers understand the importance of

children’s literature in their students’ lives‖ (pg. 5). Without completing a major project like this, where so many

books were required to be read, I do not think I would have the grasp of how important children’s literature is.

Whether it is a picture book, traditional literature, or historical fiction, there is always something that can be

learned by reading. Teachers need to value this importance and demonstrate to their students how much they love

reading in order to model how important reading and literacy truly is.

      My method for choosing my books for the annotated bibliography was pretty simple. After each chapter in

the book, there was a list of the top ten read alouds. I would write down each of these books and the authors, and

I would take that list to the library. When at the library, I would look for that book or a similar book by the same

author. That was how I found the majority of my books. Any other book that I found was from a recommendation,

personal favorite, or one that was presented in class that I wanted to include. Many of the books that I read can
be used in the classroom, and depending on what age level I do get to teach, I now have more insight as to what I

can use in the classroom.

Title, Author, Copyright              Theme                            Personal Response to the Book                          Classroom Use
      Genre, Pages                   Summary                  I’m wondering…I remember…I’m thinking that…I feel
                                      Awards                   sorry for…I connected to…Can you believe…When I
                                                                       read__I…I was reminded of…Wow!

Picture Books                                     primary general, Sci or SS focus
The Magic Hat by Mem       Magic.                                      -Oh, I like that this Mem Fox book         I would use this book for teaching my
Fox                        This story is about a magic hat that is     rhymes!                                    students more about the concept of
Harcourt, Inc, 2002. 32    floating through town turning different     -That is one ugly toad.                    rhyme. We could go through the book
pages                      people into animals. The people are saved   -I didn’t think she was going to say       together and they could write down
(Primary)                  by a giant wizard who comes and changed     bear.                                      the rhymes that they find.
                           them all back into people.                  -I’m wondering why that wizard is so
                           Awards:                                     big.
                           -The Best Children's Books of the Year,
                            -Kirkus Book Review Stars, March 1,
Where the Wild Things      Classic, Cleverness, Creativity,            I was never read this book growing up, so I     This book could be used to teach
Are by Maurice Sendak      This book told the story of a young boy     guess I cannot appreciate now, because I        kids about imagination and how
HarperCollins, 1963. 48    who is sent to his room. He then goes to    did not see it to be as amazing as everyone     with your imagination, you can go
pages.                     the land where the wild things are. He      has said for it to be. However, I could         anywhere you want to go. I
(Primary)                  parties with them, and then send them to    make some connections to it. I was              would then probably have them
                           bed. He then travels back home to eat       reminded though of how I would be put in        (more in 1st and 2nd grade) write
                           the meal his mother left for him.           my room, and I would let my imagination run     a story of a place they’d go in
                           -Caldecott Medal (1964)                     wild, and I believe that young kids could       their imagination, what they’d
                           -American Library Assocation (ALA)          probably relate to that. I’m wondering why      do, and what creatures they
                           Notable Book                                Max treats the wild things the same way his     would meet.
                           -Indies Choice Book Award for Picture       mother did to him; maybe he realizes that
                           Book Hall of Fame (2009)                    he was acting inappropriately.
The Stinky Cheese Man         Postmodern Picture book.                   Personally, I believe this book is hilarious.       This book can be used in the class in
and other Fairly Stupid       In this book, Jack the narrator tells      I grew up loving this book, and know it is          order to have the students create
Tales, by Jon Scieszka and    many of the different fairly tales,        one I will have in my classroom. Re-reading         their own parody of a fairy tale. They
Lane Smith                    but with a twist. Stories have been        now, I not only still appreciate the humor,         can either recreate one that is
Scholastic, 1992. 56 pages.   combined, broken apart, or                 but I love that the authors worked in how           already in the book, or do rewrite a
      (Intermediate)          completely avoided in being told.          a book usually works, such as labeling the          different one. We could then put all
                              Characters in the book include the         end pages, table of contents, and the title         of the stories together into our own
                              Little Red Hen, The Stinky Cheese          page. I also wonder how the author came             class book that the students would be
                              Man, Chicken Licken and The Really         up with all of these remakes of the stories.        able to bring home and show to their
                              Ugly Duckling.                                                                                 parents.
                              Caldecott Honor (1993),

Inspirations: Stories         Women, art, empowerment,                -I like the biographies and the way that the lives       I think that this would be a good
About Women Artists by        strength.                               are retold. I also like that it is a picture book        book to use if teaching about
Leslie Sills                  This book is about four authors,        because of the paintings it shows by the artists.        women in the early 1900s, women
Albert Whitman &              Georgia O’Keeffe, Frida Kahlo,          - I can’t believe that a teacher drew over Georgia       painters, or women who have made a
Company, 1989. 56 pages.      Alice Neel, and Faith Ringgold.         O’Keeffe’s painting! How rude! I do like how the         difference in history. The
(Upper)                       The book teaches about each             book describes how Georgia found her inspirations.       backgrounds make it easy to study
                                                                      -Oh good, Kahlo… Now maybe I will find out why
                              author and gives insight into the                                                                their life and it also displays the
                                                                      she has those crazy eyebrows… Wow! I never knew
                              reasoning behind their artwork.                                                                  paintings that the women have
                                                                      that she went through so much pain in her life!
                                                                      -Wow, Kahlo really was a talented artist.
                                                                      -I have no clue who Alice Neel is. I like how they
                                                                      relate her back to O’Keeffe. She is another very
                                                                      strong woman. Oh my gosh, it’s so sad her daughter
                                                                      died and Kahlo couldn’t have kids! These women
                                                                      sure have ups and downs.
                                                                      -Faith Ringgold? I’ve never heard of her AND she’s
                                                                      30 years after the other 3. She was also sickly,
                                                                      like Frida. I like that her art reflects her African
The Very Hungry              Eating, and imbibing                     I read this book when I was little, and        I this book in order to teach
Caterpillar by Eric Carle    This story tells of a young              enjoyed it for its entertainment value, but    Kindergarten students the life cycle
Philomel Books, 1969. 26     caterpillar that is eating and growing   now, as an adult, I see its value as a book    of a butterfly. A whole unit could be
pages.                       and in the end, changes into a           for both entertainment and teaching.           taught to students using this book, or
(Science)                    beautiful butterfly.                     When re-reading through the book now, I        just by relating the book and topic to
                             -New York Times Ten Best Picture         was reminded of how I would look for           every other subject, such as writing,
                             Books of the Year citation, 1969.        caterpillars outside and would play with       math, etc. I think that, as part of a
                             -American Institute of Graphic Arts      them, and how my family, a few times, kept     science project, we could even go
                             award, 1970.                             caterpillars and fed them, and waited until    outside to find caterpillars, or I could
                             -Best Children's Books of England        they turned into butterflies.                  bring them into the class, and my
                             citation, 1970.                                                                         students can witness the changes that
                             -Selection du Grand Prix des Treize,                                                    caterpillars go through in order to
                             France, 1972.                                                                           become a butterfly.

Since Dad Left by Caroline   Divorce.                                 When I saw this book in the library, I        One thing that students need to be
Binch                        This book is about a young boy, Sid,     thought right away that this would be a       taught about is accepting every
Millbook Press, 1998. 32     who is mad about the split between       good book to connect to students about        different family construct that there
pages                        his Mum and Dad. However, after          divorce. Why is this boy not responding       is. There are many families that are
(Social Studies)             trying to not be friendly with his       to his dad? Shouldn’t he be happy that he     either single parent, divorced, both
                             dad, Sid learns that he can still have   is getting to see his dad? Will everything    parents, grandparents, foster parents,
                             a fun time with his dad, and things      between them end up okay in the end? I        or even two same sex parents. There
                             can be ―just like old times.‖            remember thinking and trying to relate it     are so many constructs, and this book
                             Winner of the 1998 United Kingdom        back to my boyfriend and his father           will tell not only about one of those
                             Reading Association Book Award           because his parents are divorced and he       constructs, but it will also let students
                                                                      barely sees his father. I thought that        who have gone through the situation
                                                                      some students may not know that it’s okay     relate to it.
                                                                      to be angry, and others may not know that
                                                                      things are going to be okay.
Traditional Literature                    Folk Tale, Myth, Epic, Multicultural Cinderella
Adelita: A Mexican           This is the classic Cinderella story,    -I like how the Spanish is woven into the story.      This book could be used in a
Cinderella Story by Tomie    told from the Mexican point of view.     -This is a lot like the Disney Cinderella, except     unit on different countries and
dePaola                      It is very similar to the Disney         Adelita has a nanny.                                  cultures that include Mexico.
Putnam Juvenile, 2002        Cinderella, except for a few things.     -Oh wow, why would the stepmother get rid of          It can be used as a compare
40 pages                     There is no fairy godmother, there       the nanny when she says she’ll only work for a        and contrast from the Disney
(Multicultural Cinderella)   is a nanny, and there is no prince,      place to sleep?                                       Cinderella and the Mexican
                             just a wealthy young man named           -So there isn’t a prince, just a young man whose      Cinderella. This can lead into a
                             Javier. In the end, Adelita does get     parents own a ranch.                                  discussion and the teacher can
                             to marry her prince, and everyone        -Oh, so the nanny ends up being the ―fairy            verify that the students do
                             lives happily ever after.                godmother.‖                                           know how to compare and
                                                                      -Oh, religion is worked into this story, with the     contrast.
                                                                      -The boy falls in love with Adelita, but he doesn’t
                                                                      know that it’s her.
                                                                      -I’m surprised that the stepmother actually
                                                                      grants permission for Adelita to marry Javier. If
                                                                      she wouldn’t let her go, then why let her marry
                                                                      -I like the Spanish phrases included at the end.
Three Billy Goats Gruff      The moral of the story is: Do not pick on       -I don’t really remember this story from       This could be used in a unit on
retold by Glen Rounds        someone bigger than you. OR Do not              when I was younger.                            fables. Students can hear
Holiday House, 1993. 30      threaten those smaller than you, because        -How are they going to get to the other        multiple fables and then make a
pages                        there is always someone bigger than you         side if the troll is threatening to eat them   list of the morals learned and
(Fable)                      yourself.                                       up?                                            possibly even write a similar
                             This is the classic story about the three       -Way to throw the larger goat under the        one with the same moral or
                             Billy Goats Gruff who try to cross a bridge     bus there small Billy Goat Gruff!              their own brand new fable.
                             to get to some delicious grass and are only     -Oh wow! It’s a good thing that the third
                             stopped by a troll. But in the end, the         Billy Goat Gruff defeated that troll so
                             three Billy Goats Gruff defeat the troll        that they can eat that delicious grass.
                             and remain on the hillside to this day.
Legend of the Chinese     In this book, the story tells of the       -I kind of like the illustrations in this book.     This book can be used in a
Dragon by Marie Sellier   Chinese people of long ago who             -People who live in different places have           classroom in a few ways. There
NorthSouth Books, 2007    worshiped different animal spirits as     their own animal spirits that they choose to         can be a day where the class
40 pages                  their protectors. Wars would              watch over them? I wonder what ours would            learns about different legends
(Chinese Legend)          sometimes be waged in the names of        be here in Fort Myers…                               from several cultures, and this
                          their protectors, and this upset the       -How do you declare war on war?                     book can be involved. It could also
                          children. So, the children created an      -…Oh! By creating one animal that has the           just be used to teach a little bit
                          animal that combined all four animal      abilities of all of the overseeing spirits that      of background on the Chinese
                          spirits and this created the dragon       are already worshipped… and this is how the          culture.
                          that still is a symbol of peace and is    dragon was created!
                          important to the Chinese to this day.      -I like how it ties back into today and tells
                          I do not believe that this book has       readers that the dragon remains a symbol of
                          won any awards.                           peace and plays an important role in Chinese
Why Mosquitoes Buzz in    This folktale begins with a mosquito           -I like the use of onomatopoeia in this       This is another book that can be
People’s Ears by Verna    telling an iguana about a farmer digging up book.                                            used in multiple ways. If there was a
Aardema                   a yam that was the size of the mosquito,       -How is a chain reaction like this            day when students were learning
The Dial Press, 1975      and this annoyed the iguana, so he stuck       starting?!                                    about legends, I would also use this
32 pages                  sticks in his ears and walked off. But when -What? They kill in owl in this book?            award winning book to teach them
(African Folktale)        he ignores the python, the python hides in What’s up with that illustration?                 this African folktale. This would be
                          the rabbit’s burrow, which scares the          -The owl is supposed to wake the sun?         used to illustrate what stories are
                          python. This chain continues until a           -I can see this is an African tale            valued in the African culture, or it
                          monkey jumps onto a branch that breaks,        because of all of the African animals         could teach the basics of what a
                          falls, and crushes one of Mother Owl’s         that are involved in this story.              folktale really is. If this story was
                          babies. So, when she won’t hoot to let the -Oh great, now everyone is going to               just used for teaching the basics of
                          sun come up, King Lion works backwards to play the blame game.                               folktales, then I would read the book
                          find that the mosquito is the one who          -Of course everyone will want to              and ask my students if to write their
                          started all of the problems. Once this is      punish the mosquito.                          own folktale to explain something
                          found out, they seek to kill the mosquito,     -Oh! That’s why the mosquitoes buzz           that happens to them.
                          who hides and is never found. She only         in our ears. Well then the obvious
                          comes to our ears to ask us if everyone is     answer is ―YES!‖
                          still mad at her, which we obviously are.
                          Caldecott Award 1976
How the Ostrich Got its       This is the story of the original           -That image of an ostrich with a short        This is another good folktale that I
Long Neck by Verna            ostrich, one with a very short neck.        neck looks quite preposterous.                could use in my classroom if I was
Aardema                       She goes to help a crocodile with a pain    -Oh, they may think that the crocodile        teaching my students about the
Scholastic, 1995. 28 pages.   in its tooth, and the crocodile tries to    doesn’t have a toothache at all and is        different folktales in different
(Folktale)                    bite the ostrich’s head off! The            trying to trick them!                         cultures. This is by the same author
                              ostrich pulls, and pulls, and pulls away    -I don’t think I would trust the crocodile,   of Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s
                              until his head is finally released from     but I do feel bad for her.                    Ears, and I would probably use both
                              the crocodile’s mouth. When this            -Oh wow, so the crocodile DOES try to         of the books together in a lesson.
                              happens, however, the ostrich’s neck is     eat the ostrich!
                              much longer, but it is welcomed             -Ostrich’s neck stretched from pulling
                              because it makes the ostrich’s life         hard and trying to escape!
                              much more simple.

Modern Fantasy:                                 ( primary, intermediate, upper)
Chrysanthemum by Kevin        Bullying, being yourself/unique.            This is another book that I never read        This book could be used in a
Henkes                        This book has many good lessons and         growing up; however, I really like it. I      classroom to teach about the themes
Greenwillow Books, 1991       themes in the book. Chrysanthemum           remember thinking and liking that even        of being your own person and not
32 pages                      goes to school for the first time in this   though Chrysan-themum is a mouse, a lot       bullying, especially if this is an issue
(Primary)                     book and the girls in her class,            of her actions that she does are also         in the classroom. This is a book that
                              especially Victoria, torture and make       things that flowers do, such as ―wilted‖      I foresee many students liking.
                              fun of her because of her name. In the      and ―bloomed.‖ I also remember liking
                              end, the music teacher reveals she has      the lessons it teaches. It teaches
                              a long flower name as well, and all of      readers to love being unique, being
                              the girls become jealous of                 yourself, and liking what you like to like.
                              Chrysanthemum. -Library of Congress,        It also shows how it is not nice to bully
                              Best Books of the Year, 1991                and make fun of other students. I know
                              -Parenting Magazine: Reading Magic          I was able to connect to being teased
                              Award, 1991                                 and hating that feeling, and I feel like
                              -School Library Journal, Best Books,        this book could have maybe helped me if
                              1991                                        I had read it as a child.
The Tale of Despereaux by   Bravery, love, honor, standing up for       Even though this book was 268 pages, I     The Tale of Despereaux could be
Kate DiCamillo              yourself.                                   probably could have read it in a little    used in literature circles, and I would
Candlewick Press, 2003.     This book tells not only of Despereaux,     under 4 hours. I liked that how,           definitely use them with this book.
268 pages.                  but also of Chiaroscuro (or just            throughout the book, even though there     Every job would connect very easily
(Intermediate)              Roscuro), Miggery Sow (or just Mig),        were the ―bad guys,‖ like Roscuro, the     to the book; especially for
                            and the Princess Pea. This tale travels     author could still find ways to make you   vocabulary. The writer does use a
                            both forwards and backwards in time to      feel ―empathy‖ for them. (Empathy was      few large words for the age level, so
                            explain why the characters are the way      one of the words the author explains to    both myself as the teacher and
                            they are and how their fates all            the reader.) I remember too feeling        those in charge of vocabulary in
                            intertwine in the dungeon of the castle.    sorry for Mig because she just wanted      literature circle would need to make
                            -Newbery Medal winner, 2004                 to be happy in life and finally have       sure those words are known.
                            -Maine Student Book Award Winner,           something she wanted.

Gossamer by Lowis Lowry     Good vs Evil, bravery, family.              I read this book in one day, and it was    Gossamer could definitely be used
Walter Loraine Books,       The story told is of how dreams are         pretty good. I felt sorry for John as I    for literature circles within the
2006. 140 pages,            given and the beings that give you your     learned more and more about his            classroom. The book could also be
(Upper)                     dreams. Intertwined in the story of         situation, and I was very happy in the     used to move into the myth or
                            the dream world creatures, there is         end when Littlest/Gossamer was able to     folktale genre to discuss what else
                            also the story of a little boy named        save him from the Horde. I think this      they have heard about how dreams
                            John, his mother, and the woman who         book was easy to connect to because        are brought to us or legends told by
                            has taken John into foster care.            almost everybody dreams and                different ethnic groups.
                            Although it may sound a little confusing,   remembers what they see, and I think
                            I don’t think it was, and the two stories   that imagining about what actually gives
                            were woven together very well.              people dreams made this book slightly
                            - Sunshine State Young Readers Grade        more interesting.
                            6-8 Nominee (2007)
Poetry Books                            (primary, intermediate, upper)
Insectlopedia by Douglas   Poetry/Rhymes on Insects and spiders.      As I was reading through each poem, I           Not only could this book be used to
Florian                    This book is a collection of different     was surprised by how witty the author is.       have students learn about and maybe
Harcourt Brace &           poems about insects. The poems are         After the first poem, I was like, ―Okay,        research different kinds of bugs, but
Company, 1998. 47 pages.   usually descriptive, and they are all      this seems like it’s going to be a good         students cause also begin to learn
(Primary)                  very entertaining. There were a few        book.‖ Then, I get to the second one,           more about how poetry works. Within
                           poems in the book that did not follow a    and I think ―Dang, that’s a really good         learning about each poem, there are
                           regular straight down the page, left to    descriptive poem!‖ So I flip to the next        vocabulary words that can be
                           right format. ―The Inchworm‖               one, and so on. Overall, and for a poetry       discovered and even a few words with
                           followed how the body of an inchworm       book, I really enjoyed the poems in this        double meanings (such as ―leaves‖ in
                           would look and ―The Whirligig Beetles‖     book. I connected a lot to the poem on          The Caterpillar). There are many
                           follows a circular pattern, just like      the daddy longlegs because I grew up in         different ways that this book could
                           how the poem describes their               an area where there were daddy longlegs         be incorporated into a language arts
                           movement to be.                            and I had always kind of wondered why           or science lesson.
                           -Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee          they looked so different from other
                           (2000-2001)                                spiders.
                           -ALA Notable Children's Book (1999)
A Pizza the Size of the    Poetry, humor.                            -Eww! Eyeballs for sale? This guy must be         This is a book that we looked over in
Sun                                                                  crazy.                                            class, and I really think that it would
By Jack Prelutsky          This is one of Prelutsky’s many           -How does he come up with all of these            be a good book to use for poetry
Greenwillow Books, 1994.   poetry books, and even though it has      crazy ideas for his poems?!                       theatre. Since so many of the
160 pages.                 pages and pages full of poems, they       -I Was Walking in a Circle looks really cool!     poems are wild and ―out there,‖ they
(Intermediate)             are all fun ones that kids can enjoy.     -Quentin Quimble Quamble Quayle is quite a        would be fun to act out. It could
                                                                     ridiculous name.                                  also be used to teach more about
                           -IRA/CBC Young Adults’ Choice                           ALA Booklist Perpetual Motion
                                                                     -Oh, I remember I Made aEditors’ Choice
                                                                                                                      the English language, such as
                           - ALA Booklist Editors’ Choice            Machine!! I like that one!                        rhyming or similes.
                                                                     -I Am Your Mirror Image is awesome too,
                                                                     but hard to read.
                                                                     -I’m glad I’m not a Duhduh too.
                                                                     -Haha, ―Llook‖ at the ―llovely llamas‖! I like
                                                                     -Whoa, A Dizzy Little Duzzle is crazy.
                                                                     -I like that ―preposterpus.‖
FEG: Ridiculous Poems of   Alliteration, homophones, haikus,           As I was reading this book, I couldn’t       Although I could not find a definitive
Intelligent Children       palindromes, etc.                           help but keep thinking, ―Wow! I could        age level that this book should be
By Robin Hirsch            Not only is it a book of poetry, but        definitely use this book in a classroom!‖    used for, I believe it would work great
Little, Brown, and         within this poetry, it teaches many of      As I was reading through the book, I         at possibly the 6th grade level. That
Company, 2002. 48 pages.   the different techniques that authors       just kept thinking that whoever wrote        is when I think I really started to
           (Upper)         like to use and incorporate into their      these poems MUST be BRILLIANT!               understand many of the devices
                           poetry. On pages 22 and 23 are poems        They are so good, and I would really like    talked about in this book, and so the
                           titled ―A Palindrome is not a               to have this book in an upper level          students would definitely be able to
                           Palindrome‖ and ―But Not Now A              classroom, especially if I had to teach in   learn more about them as well.
                           Wonton Tub.‖ The first one is a poem        Middle School. I could connect to this       Additionally, students can look up the
                           that ends with a play on words with         book, because I was labeled as ―gifted‖      words, as suggested, in a dictionary
                           ―PAL*IN*DROME‖ while the second             in elementary school, and I think that       and keep a running list of vocabulary
                           poem ends with a palindrome.                just the title of this book would have       words they didn’t know. Vocabulary
                           Underneath both of these poems, the         encouraged me to read it. Even picking       can be used as vocabulary words of
                           footnotes address each poem to help         it up at the library a week ago, I           the week and one or two poems could
                           the reader understand them more.            thought, ―Oh wow! This book must be for      be taught a day as part of a unit plan.
                           I do not believe this book has been         me!‖
                           given any awards.
Realistic Fiction:                         (primary, intermediate, upper)
Fancy Nancy                Pride and self-esteem, respect, family.         -Alright, I have already seen this   This book can be used in the classroom in
By Jane O’Conner           This is the story of a young girl named       in class, so I’m sure it can only be   many ways. One thing that I liked was
HarperCollins, 2005.       Nancy who is very fancy. However, her         better a second time.                  the synonyms in the book. We read this
32 Pages                   family is not fancy. Nancy decides to           -Wow, there are a lot of good        in our own class, but I would definitely
(Primary)                  change this by giving her family lessons      synonyms in this book!                 use the exercise that we did. Before
                           and making them fancy. Once they are            -OH NO! Nancy is going to be so      reading, I would have students get out a
                           fancy, they go out to dinner, and that        embarrassed and devastated!            sheet of paper and listen for the
                           ends in disaster. Overall, this is a            -I can relate to this book only      synonyms (two words that mean the same
                           precious and enjoyable book. It is also       through the way my sisters would       thing) and record them, and then after
                           one that I hope to have in the classroom.     act growing up. I was a tom boy, so    the lesson, we could share and discuss all
                           Fancy Nancy has won a ―Borders 2006           I was never fancy.                     of the words that were found. We could
                           Original Voices‖ Award and spent nearly                                              even try to make up synonyms for the
                           100 weeks on the New York Times Best                                                 vocabulary words of the week if we had
                           Seller list.                                                                         not already.
How to Eat Fried Worms      Friendship, bets, loyalty, money,          -What a crazy bet, I wonder if he can do it?              I think this is a book with
by Thomas Rockwell          responsibility.                            -What is the difference physically between a night        a lot of lessons that should
Yearling, 1953. 128 pages   In this book, friends Billy, Tom, Allen,   crawler and a worm?                                       be taught in class. This
(Intermediate)              and Joe make a bet that Billy cannot       -They’re already planning on what they are going to       book was written in 1953,
                            eat 15 worms in 15 days. If he can,        do with the money so they can’t quit now!                 where $50 would not be as
                            then Allen owes Billy $50, and if he       - Oh wow! I can’t believe Alan and Joe are making         much, and would be
                            can’t, Billy owes Allen $50. Over these    up fake stories to get Billy to quit!                     equivalent to over $400
                            15 days, Allen and Joe try everything      -Ick, I couldn’t imagine dreaming about them.. I          today. These boys were
                            that they can to either trick Billy out    couldn’t want to eat them after having dreams like        betting money they did not
                            of eating the worms or keep him from       that.                                                     have, and they jeopardized
                            eating the worms. In the end, their        -Ha, they try to get Billy’s mom to stop it but she       their friendship over this
                            friendship suffers, but Billy wins the     actually cooks the worm into a recipe to make it          bet. Students could read
                            bet, forcing Allen to work off his debt    taste better.                                             this book to see that there
                            at a store.                                -I can’t believe they’re trying to trick him like that!   is no need to sacrifice a
                            WINNER 1976 - Hawaii Nene Award            That’s terrible! Will he be able to get his worm?         friendship over a stupid
                            WINNER 1978 – Tennessee Volunteer          -Oh no! They were such good friends at the                bet. No amount of money
                            State Book Award                           beginning and this bet is tearing them apart…             is worth losing your
                            Also for this book:                        -Oh wow! They’re trying to trick him again with a         friends, and that’s what I
                            -Mark Twain Award                          fake worm! … Oh no! They can’t try and lock him up!       would hope they would gain
                            -California Young Reader Medal,            - Pete got him a worm! Yay!                               from this book.
                            -Sequoyah Award                            -I feel sorry for Alan: he has to work at the store
                                                                       so he could pay Billy the $50.

Otis Spofford by Beverly    Family unit, loneliness,         -Oh, hey! The mom’s name is Valerie!                                  I think that I would use
Cleary                      attention                        -I like their interpretation of a bullfight!                          this book in class in
HarperCollins, 2001         This story is about a young      -What could she possibly do to make him stop making spitballs?        order to show why some
208 pages.                  boy named Otis who lives with    -Oh wow, well I guess I would do that too to make my students         bullies, or other
(Upper)                     just his mother, a dance         stop spitting spit balls.                                             students who act out,
                            instructor, who seems to have    -I think that Otis is doing a lot of this for attention, since he     act in the way that they
                                                             doesn’t receive any at home.
                            only time for her dance                                                                                do. Many students who
                                                             -I also think Otis likes Ellen
                            studio. Because of this, Otis                                                                          are bullies may be able
                                                             -Why does he want to ruin the science experiment? At least he’s
                            acts out in school to receive                                                                          to relate to Otis, and
                                                             feeding Mutt though.
                            attention from his teachers                                                                            other students can gain
                                                             -Wow, I can’t believe Ellen was feeding Mutt too… Aw, that’s nice
                         and classmates, especially          Ellen gave Mutt to Otis.                                              an insight and
                         Ellen. Throughout the course        -I like how they want to go to football practice and idolize the      understanding as to why
                         of the book, Otis acts out          football players that much.                                           people like Otis act in
                         more and more, until he             -Wow, I can’t believe how much of a jerk that quarterback is,         the ways that he acts.
                         reaches the point that he           making some young kids do his project for him. But you can tell       As a project, I could
                         actually cuts off one of his        Otis idolizes him because he does the same thing back to Bucky.       have students think
                                                             -Otis is lucky he won at the end by grabbing that flea.
                         classmate’s hair. This leads                                                                              back to and write about
                                                             -Hm, well I’m happy for the girls for finding someone to stick up
                         to the downfall of Otis, where                                                                            a time that they acted
                                                             for them, but Otis doesn’t need to be made fun of like that.
                         everyone teases him and he                                                                                out and see if it was
                                                             -OH MY GOSH!!! He cut Ellen’s hair. If I was his mother, I would
                         seems to have no friends left,                                                                            because they too
                                                             kill him for doing that to a girl.
                         and the story pretty much           -Poor Otis, no one wants to be friends with him after what he did.
                                                                                                                                   wanted attention just
                         ends off that way.                  -Oh no, the girls took his shoes… Is he really going to chase after   like Otis did.
                         Award won:                          them in his ice skates?
                         New York Times Outstanding          -Well, in the end he does get his boots back, but since he ―had
                         Book of the Year
                                                             kings,‖ he can still tease Ellen.

Historical Fiction                     (primary, intermediate, upper)
A New Coat for Anna by   Family, bartering.                             -Oh, so this book is set during a war.         This book teaches about the
Harriet Ziefert          This book, set during a nondescript war,       -Yeah, that’s what they had to do back         bartering system as well as war
Alfred A Knopf, 1986     tells of how a mother barters with many        then when they didn’t have any money—          time. The bartering system is
40 pages.                people in order to have a new coat made        barter.                                        something that can be gone over in
(Primary)                for her daughter. She has to trade a           -Many people would think she would bring       Social Studies and students can
                         gold watch, a lamp, and even a porcelain       that watch to a pawn shop to get money         practice bartering candy or
                         pot in order to have the coat made.            nowadays…                                      something else that can be easy
                         After waiting almost a year to have it         -It takes three months each time they          distributed in the classroom.
                         finished, it finally is and looks beautiful.   need something done, except for the            This book can also teach children
                         WINNER 1986 - ALA Notable                      weaving and the tailor.                        the process of how things are made
                         Children's Books                               -I’m glad everything had a happy ending,       and that not everything is easy and
                         WINNER 1986 - Booklist Books for               I just wish I knew which war this was          instant, especially not in the past.
                         Youth Editors' Choice                          during.
Baseball Saved Us by Ken       This book is about a young boy who is          -Wow, I’m really glad that there is a           I would use this book with a non-
Mochizuki                      growing up in America during the time          children’s book that actually brings up         fiction book. I would read this
Lee & Low Books, 1995. 32      period where we kept Japanese                  how we held the Japanese in internment          book first and ask students what
Pages                          Americans in internment camps. It tells        camps.                                          they thought to be true, cause
(Intermediate)                 how the Japanese in the camp came              -It is so sad that we actually did keep         many students will not know about
                               together to create a baseball field,           people in camps like that.                      how Americans treated the
                               which allowed everyone to come                 -I feel sorry for this little boy.              Japenese. Then I would read the
                               together, and it gave the main character       -Wow, that’s so amazing how they worked         non-fiction book to relay what
                               in outlet. When they returned back to          together to make a baseball field. (Don’t       information was true from Baseball
                               reality, the boy seemed to be hated by         forget it is historical fiction!)               Saved Us.
                               everyone and also thought he was bad at        -What a great victory that that boy
                               baseball, but in the end, he wins and is       finally deserves!
                               loved by his team.                             -Wow, but when it’s back to reality,
                               -Parents’ Choice: Silver Honor                 everyone is cruel again.
                               - Best Multicultural Title
Roll of Thunder, Hear       Family, segregation,            -Wow, I can’t believe the world that these children have to live in, and just      There are many
My Cry by Mildred D.        poverty, sticking together.     because they are black. I feel sorry for them.                                     ways this book can
Taylor                      This book is about a black      -I would be mad too if we finally got books, but they were just the old            be used in this
Puffin, 1991. (Original     family growing up in 1933,      tattered ones the white children didn’t want.                                      classroom,
publication in 1976) 288    during the times of             -I couldn’t image half of the stuff these children go through happening to me.     starting with the
pages                       segregation. There are          I would not be able to walk to school, covered in rain and mud. But I am glad      obvious topic of
                                                            they get some revenge.
(Upper)                     white people burning blacks                                                                                        segregation.
                                                            -I can’t believe T.J. won’t take the blame for cheating! I feel sorry for
                            and trying to lynch them,                                                                                          There are many
                                                            Stacey. He does have a right to beat T.J. up.
                            mostly just because of the                                                                                         other good books
                                                            -Oh, I see now why they cannot go to the store, because the owners are
                            color of their skin. The                                                                                           on this topic, and
                                                            burning people. I could not imagine that happening to me and no law
                            children, Cassie and Stacey,    enforcement helping me.
                                                                                                                                               this could be just
                            need to find their own ways     -I would be crushed having to apologize for something that is not really my        one that the
                            to be proud of who they are, fault, especially if it was my mother making me do it. But wow! Uncle Hammer          students read, if I
                            and ways to not be stepped      seems determined to get back at them for what happened to Cassie                   wanted to create
                            on. Also, the parents, as       -I’m glad that they value getting books for Christmas. That is something that      literature circles.
                            well as other members of        children these days do not appreciate                                              Students can use
                            the community, start to         -I like Cassie’s revenge on Lillian Jean. Even though it would have been           this book to
                            boycott a white man’s store, terrible sucking up to her, I think that (even though beating someone up is           obviously see the
                            and the white men begin to      wrong) it would’ve felt good in the end.                                           effects of
Roll of Thunder, Hear      threaten the family. In the       -Wow, what T.J. did was stupid. I would not be his friend anymore either. He       segregation on
My Cry cont.               end, when a fire begins in a      was not even a very nice kid to begin with.                                        people and how it
                           cotton field, everyone must       -I can’t believe they would ambush people like that! Seriously, what had they      affected black
                           work together to protect          done to offend them and hurt them?!                                                Americans. This
                           their precious crops.             -I guess T.J. REALLY learned his lesson about trusting those white boys who        book should
                           Awards:                           he thought were his friends.                                                       definitely be used
                                                             -Oh no! There is a fire in the field! But that’s where they all make their
                           Newbery Medal in 1977                                                                                                for the upper
                                                             money…Oh wow! The father started it! But it did get everyone to work
                                                                                                                                                elementary level.
                                                             together in the end.
Non Fiction                                  (primary, intermediate, upper)
Ankylosaurus and other        567.9                              -I like the size comparison picture that is provided.         This would be a good book to use to
Mountain Dinosaurs by         This book, split into              -I like that they make this book relevant to children         teach students how to compare and
Dougal Dixon                  chapters, has information          by comparing the dinosaurs to animals that are still in       contrast as well as just teaching
Picture Window Books,         about life in the mountains        existence today.                                              about dinosaurs. This book does
2005. 24 pages.               and eight different                -Wow! The Eoraptor was really small!                          compare the dinosaurs to animals
(Primary)                     dinosaurs that lived in the        -I like that the book breaks down and explains what           today, and as a whole, the class
                              mountains. This book has           extinct means. Younger children might be hearing              could try and compare and contrast
                              very good information and          this word for the first time.                                 the dinosaurs more or other animals
                              breaks down facts about                                                                          that they know more about. This
                              each dinosaur.                                                                                   book, however, does teach a lot
                                                                                                                               about the mountain dinosaurs.

What Happened to the          567.9                              -I’m glad that they explain what a theory is because            If I was teaching my students
Dinosaurs? By Franklyn M      This is another book about         some students may not understand what that is if they           about dinosaurs, I would use this
Branley                       dinosaurs that elaborates on       do not have the definition given to them.                       book in collaboration with the
HarperCollins, 1989. 32       theories of how the                -I never heard the animals eating the dinosaur eggs             book above. They could learn
pages.                        dinosaurs are believed to          theory before.                                                  about different dinosaurs and
(Primary)                     have died. It tells of many        -I doubt the sun got cooler… That was a dumb theory.            then learn about the possible
                              different theories, but            -A great fire is plausible.                                     ways that they could become
                              ends, stating that it is still a   -I think that the comet theory is the most plausible one        extinct. They can then
                              mystery for scientists to          -I thought nemesis meant enemy? But I guess it could            write/talk about which theory
                              this day.                          just mean trouble.                                              they believe in the most.
                                                                 -I’m glad it ends stating that the disappearance is still a
The Magic School Bus: In      Nonfictional facts about          -Oh I love this book and had it when I little!              This book would definitely be
the Time of the Dinosaurs     dinosaurs, although going         -I love all of the side notes in the book that have the     usable for a unit on dinosaurs or
by Joanna Cole                back in time is fictional.        extra information that could be used to teach about         prehistoric animals. This has an
Scholastic, 1994. 48 pages.   567.9                             dinosaurs.                                                  entertaining storyline, but it also
(Intermediate)                This book tells of how Ms.        -YES! I love that Ms Frizzle’s name is Valerie!             tells many different facts about
                              Frizzle’s class learns all        -I like the little map that tells which time periods        the animals. It tells about the
                              about dinosaurs. It is a          they’re in and how all of the dinosaurs are labeled.        different time periods of the
                              book I remember from when         -I also like the map that shows Pangaea and then how it     past, how Pangaea drifted apart,
                              I was young, and I still          breaks apart and so on.                                     and many more things that can be
                              remember a lot of facts,          -I like how the actual size of an Allosaurus tooth is       incorporated into the classroom.
                              just by reading this book all     included—it’s huge!                                         We could even have parents come
                              the time when I was               -Oh wow! The Tyrannosaurus Res tooth is even bigger!        for a visitors’ day like they had in
                              younger.                          It takes up the whole, vertical page of the book!           the story.

Amazing Dinosaurs by          567.9 Dixon                       -I like the family tree to show how they evolved and        This book would definitely be
Dougal Dixon                  This book, broken up into 4       show which of the ancestors are still alive today.          only used in a science class or one
Boyds Mills Press, 2000.      sections, tells about all of      -I like that the meanings of the dinosaurs names are        where we are extensively
128 pages.                    the dinosaurs. Whether it         included, as well as pronunciation, size, time it lived,    researching dinosaurs. This book
                              is a meat eater, long-neck,       place it lived, and what kind of food they know or          is broken into the kinds of
                              armored, or two-foot plant        believed it ate.                                            dinosaurs that there were, and
                              eating dinosaur, this book        -I’m glad they have each one illustrated so that you can    could aid students in research on
                              has a short description of        see what some of these dinosaurs look like.                 the dinosaurs. It’s not one that
                              each. You can research ones       -I can now see that ―raptor‖ means thief.                   would probably be read all of, but
                              that you already know, or         -I like the diagrams of the bodies.                         it does give a plethora of good
                              learn about new ones you          -Huh, that’s interesting that some dinosaurs broke          information for readers to study
                              have never heard of! All in       apart from the rest of the continents and were stuck        and use.
                              all, this is a very informative   there, like some animals are today in Australia.
                              book.                             -There was some good body armor for those dinosaurs!
                                                                -I also like how the first dinosaur in the classification
                                                                has an explanation as to what that classification means.
                                                                -I like how discovery is explained and that there is a
DIVERSE POPULATIONS                      (primary, intermediate, upper)
Happy Passover, Rosie by   Family, religion, Passover,          -I honestly do not know what matzoh balls are.         This book can be used in a multitude
Jane Breskin Zalben        holidays                             -So I can tell that this is a ceremony that they       of ways, but mainly just to teach
Henry Holt and Company,    In this book, Rosie and her          use to practice their religion since the need to       students about what Passover is. I
1990. 26 pages.            family of bears are celebrating      recite lines.                                          would have to research more of what
                           Passover. This book gives            -Rosie shouldn’t be scared of her Grandfather          Passover is exactly, besides a Jewish
                           insight into how Passover            for that.                                              holiday, so that my students can get
                           works, little things that they       -Oh, he just frightened her. Oh well, she did get      the most out of this book. Students
                           do to celebrate it, and even         over it!                                               who are Jewish would like hearing
                           part of the ritual/ceremony.         -I like that this book includes how the plate          more about their religion and
                                                                should be made up, the four questions in English,      holiday, and other students will be
                                                                and the four questions in Hebrew                       interested to learn what other
                                                                                                                       holidays are celebrated by their
                                                                                                                       classmates and friends.
Downtown Boy by Juan       Family, Life experiences and      -Wow, there are a lot of Spanish phrases in this book.                Although this is a long
Felipe Herrera             relationships, changes and        -I do not understand the layout of this book yet. Is this supposed    book for a 4th grade
Scholastic, 2005. 293      new experiences.                  to be poetry? The words rarely cross the midline of the page.         classroom, I would
(Intermediate)             This story is about a small       -I wonder what the ―green van‖ is.                                    probably use it at the end
                           family who moves to San           -He must miss his dad; I would too. I feel like the kid has no true   of the year, especially if I
                           Francisco to stay with            home.                                                                 had many Spanish
                                                             -I wonder if his father is actually dead and that’s why he doesn’t
                           family. After Juanito gets                                                                              Speaking and/or ESOL
                                                             write to him.
                           into a lot of mischief, his                                                                             students. Since it is
                                                             -So is he acting out for attention or just put under peer pressure?
                           father returns and says                                                                                 about a young Latino boy,
                                                             -Oh… Did his parents got a divorce?
                           that they are moving, and                                                                               many students from this
                                                             -Wow, I’m surprised Gregory is so nonchalant about stealing.
                           they then move three times        -Oh good, his father finally shows up over 100 pages in.
                                                                                                                                   background may be able
                           before they finally stay put.     -They have to move, but they’re all together again, so that’s good    to relate him. Students
                           Once Papi loses his legs,         -Well, I didn’t know they were on welfare until now.                  can learn new vocabulary
                           Juanito learns that his           -I like how the book demonstrates what Juanito hears as compared      words from this book, and
                           father has other children         to what is said: ―poordead‖ instead of ―portrait‖                     it would be interesting to
                           from an ―old family,‖ but in      -Wow, only a month or so later, they are moving again                 translate the Spanish to
                           the end, he learns that his       -He has to move schools again? I wonder what it’s like to grow up     English.
                           family is precious and dear,      without having the same friends and barely making new ones.
                           and one of the only things        -One month later, again they move…
Downtown Boy cont.         he will always have.            -What is happening to Papi’s foot?
                           Award:                          -Oh my gosh, they have to amputate his dad’s foot!
                           The Tomas Rivera Mexican        -So does Juanito have a secret brother and sister? Oh, it’s his ―old
                           American Children's Book        family.‖
                           Award                           -OHHHHH! That’s what the green van is.
                                                           -Aw, I’m glad for Juanito since his dad says he’ll never leave.
                                                           -Every moment is precious
One Fat Summer by          Being overweight and taken      -Within that first paragraph, I can tell this main character has       After reading this book, I
Robert Lipsyte             advantage of.                   body issues.                                                           am unsure if I would even
HarperCollins, 1977. 152   In this book, Bob is a 200      -His best friend, Joanie has face issues from her nose.                use it in the classroom.
pages.                     pound boy at the start of       -Was using the word ass really necessary?                              Yes, it talks about how a
(Upper)                    summer. He has a best           -I wonder what’s going on with Joanie’s family.                        large, 200 pound boy
                           friend, Joanie, who leaves at   -Dr. Kahn seems like a mean boss. ―You are extremely fat…‖             spends his summer, but it
                                                           -Wow, he got heatstroke AND missed his first meal ever in his life
                           the beginning of summer so                                                                             also has words like ―ass‖
                                                           because of it.
                           he takes a job cutting the                                                                             and ―fag‖ and has a
                                                           -Um, does that mean he was masturbating?? Oh…um, wow?
                           lawn for Dr. Kahn. Before                                                                              paragraph that talks
                                                           -I hope he loses weight from this job, and I think he is.
                           he knows it, he’s mixed up                                                                             about masturbation. It
                                                           -I wonder what’s going on with his mother.
                           with Rumson, who is             -Oh my gosh! I can’t believe Rumson did that to him! And I can’t
                                                                                                                                  also has characters who
                           convinced Bob took his job.     believe Jim Smith saved him.                                           are bigots. Despite this
                           Even after hearing how he       -Did Joanie get a nose job?                                            though, this would be a
                           should quit his job, Bob        -Oh, his mom wants to get a job and that’s why his dad’s upset.        book I would keep in my
                           learns to stick up for          -I think that Joanie changed along with her nose.                      classroom library for
                           himself, and during the         -So he has finally learned that he was eating as a defense             students to read and
                           course of the book, loses a     mechanism when he was feeling bad or just when he felt good.           connect to. They can be
                           lot of his weight.              -I think that he learned to stand up for himself and how to lose       inspired by Bob’s summer.
                                                           weight. That he shouldn’t allow himself to be picked on.

      Over the course of this project, I learned so much. I had known about this project for awhile, and did some

work on it, but since I was overloaded with two jobs and other classes, I did not find time for the majority of my

project until a week before it was due. So, I learned about the different genres of books, how to quickly but

efficiently read books, and how to improve my work ethic.

      Coming into this course, I was aware of most of the genres that I had to read books in, but I probably could

not have named half of them. Now, however, I am definitely aware of the genres. Reading the book and doing

literature circles helped me to begin to tap into what the genres were about, but actually reading books in these

genres did help to make the idea of the genre more definitive for me.

      Since I did put off this project until the last week, I learned how to speed read, yet still be able to connect

and follow to story line. I had told many people that I was still actually reading the books, and I was surprised that

they looked at me like I was crazy! However, I knew there was no way I could get a good grade on this project
without putting my all into the work. I have improved in my quick-reading and am able to read about 100 pages in an

hour now.

      Another thing I learned from this project was how to pace myself. Usually, I do not like to procrastinate,

yet for this assignment, I did. I think that if I could go back and do the project all over again, I would try and find

a library that was close to where I was living at the time, instead of waiting until I moved. I would have read a

book a day, and it would have been a lot less stressful. Even though it was stressful, I am glad that I would spend

every moment that I could, over the past week, reading. If I would not have done that, then my annotated

bibliography would not be complete and I would not receive a grade I am proud of.

      Overall, I learned a lot from this project, and not just from what I already mentioned. I also learned about

what kinds of books are best in aiding me in the classroom. Through the course of this project, I found quite a few

good books that I would want to use, especially a lot of what I have for traditional literature. I think that almost

any traditional literature book could be used in the classroom, especially if I wanted to have a unit where my
students would read and hear multiple traditional literature stories from different cultures. That was the genre

that I made me excited to share in my classroom.

      Some of the favorite books that I read were The Magic School Bus: In the Time of the Dinosaurs, Baseball

Saved Us, Otis Spofford, and The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales. These were all good in their

own ways, and I am glad I either re-read them or experienced them for the first time during this project. I will

definitely keep them in a classroom where they would be appropriate. In the future, I do hope to be an

Intermediate level teacher, so I could probably keep most of those in my classroom.

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