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					                      Goal Setting Worksheet
Pair up with a classmate for this activity. Take a few minutes to discuss with your class

   1. What career path you have chosen to pursue.
   2. Explain why you are interested in this career field.
   3. Describe any activities/hobbies/academic programs you are currently involved in,
      which are in line with this career path.

After listening to your classmates interests, create a career path for your classmate,
following the outline below.

General requirements:

My peer wants to pursue this career field_____________________________________

This career field typically requires a ___________________________________ Degree.
(High school, Associates Degree, Bachelor, Master, PHD) or License (Cosmetology,
Real Estate, Dental).

My peer would benefit by working part time at _________________________________
while completing the education requirements.

My peer would benefit by an internship in _____________________________________.
(Examples: As general as in the healthcare industry, or as specific as their former
pediatricians office).

Specific actions: (feel free to come up with your own answers or choose from the
examples listed)

In the next six months my peer should ________________________________________

(Examples: Choose five universities/colleges that offer a program (major) that is in-line
with their career path, research college costs, discuss finances with parents, research
scholarships offered by community, local companies, colleges, etc)

In the next year my peer should______________________________________________.
(Examples: Apply to schools, apply for federal loans, apply for scholarships, take
standardized test for college acceptance, etc)

My peer should use this resource____________________________________________
to gain information and insight. (Examples: Guidance counselor, individual currently in
the career field, internet, magazines, Etc).
My peer should ____________________________________ in their first year of college.
(Meet with a few career counselors from their college, and chose one with whom they
would like to work).

After completing your peer’s career outline, explain the steps of action and why these
steps would be beneficial to meeting their career goals. Provide feedback and brainstorm
on additional ways to attain goals. Also address any limitations that might be present due
to one’s situation, and brainstorm on solutions.