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Time off Policy for full time employees simplifies the administration of employee time off benefits by combining the vacation policy and sick leave policy into one document. The policy is easy to customize with organization specific accruals of both vacation and sick leave benefits. The Time off Policy is designed to work with the Time off Request form (sold separately) for even easier administration and implementation. Document downloads in Microsoft word format and is three pages in length.

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 Time off Policy: Vacation and Sick Days
 [Insert Company Name]         is dedicated to the health and well being of its employees. In addition the company
 recognizes the importance of supporting employees in achieving work-life balance. For this reason [Insert
 Company Name]        offers its full-time and part-time employees a generous and competitive vacation and sick
 time benefit.


 All full-time or part-time regular (not temporary or seasonal) employees are eligible for the vacation and sick time
 benefit. Employees must have completed ninety (90) days of service prior to using the vacation and/or sick time
 benefit. Vacation and sick time will accrue during the first ninety (90) days of employment even though the
 employee is unable to use the benefit during this period.


 Eligible employees will accrue vacation time based on years of service. Vacation accrues each pay period to total a
 defined number of days each year. Vacation [may OR may not]           be taken before it is accrued. Vacation time
 must also be exhausted at the end of the calendar year in which the hours were earned. Vacation time will accrued
 based on the following schedule:

                                Full-Time Employee Vacation Time Accrual Schedule

             Years of Service              Vacation Hours Accrued Per Pay                   Days Per Year






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                                  Part-Time Employee Vacation Accrual Schedule

          Years of Service                Vacation Hours Accrued Per Pay                
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