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Visual Organization Chart: Employee Photograph Submission
Policy & Procedure


This policy is intended to address the submission of employee photographs to be included in the visual
organization chart. The company understands its employee’s desire to control their personal brand and image
throughout the organization. This policy will provide guidelines of acceptable photograph submissions and the
process of submitting a photograph for approval.

Who Must Participate

Participation in the visual organization chart is mandatory. All employees are required to submit and have
approved a photograph of their choosing, that meets the standards of appropriateness outlined within this policy.
Employees who fail to comply with this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. Employees with special
circumstances that prohibit compliance must contact [Insert Contact Name]           in the Human Resources
Department as soon as practically possible.

Guidelines of Appropriateness for Photograph Submissions

Employees are encouraged to exercise good judgment and discretion in selecting photographs to be included in
the visual organization chart. Submitted photographs will be reviewed against the standards below and can assist
employees in successfully navigating the submission process.


     1.   Photographs must be submitted in [insert accepted file types]       format.

     2.   File size cannot exceed [insert maximum file size]       .

     3.   The photograph must include the employee only. Photographs including people other than the employee
          will be rejected.

     4.   Employee attire in the photograph must be in compliance with the established dress code.

     5.   Photographs should be headshots only.

     6.   Photographs should be recent and taken within the past 2-3 years.

     7.   Photograph background should be professional and free from offensive or otherwise inappropriate items
          or scenery.

     8.   Employee should have the right to distribute and reproduce all photogra
Description: If you organization chart includes employee photographs, this human resouces policy belongs in your collection. If your employees are allowed to select their own pictures for inclusions the visual organization chart policy is a must have. You will not only save time researching and drafting a policy, but time handling issues that arise with employee use of any type of social media. The visual organization chart policy clarifies and outlines: Participation requirements Employee picture guidelines Employee privacy And MORE Visual organization chart policy specs: Downloads in Microsoft Word format Fully customizable. You can even add your company logo! Two (2) pages in length
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