This is an important announcement from the city of by getagrip


									       This is an important message from the government of North Carolina. This is Jeff
Futrell and I would like to extend an invitation for your participation in a totally free
program designed to insure your safety in the event of a medical emergency. This newly
adopted program will insure that every citizen who lives alone that wishes to
participate will be contacted daily by phone so that we can verify your continued health
and safety.
       We’ve all known of situations in which friends and neighbors were incapacitated
after falling down stairs, suffering a stroke....seizure…heart attack or enduring some
other situation in which further tragedy could have been prevented with this program.
        We’d like to encourage anyone who lives alone with these concerns to sign up
for the "Community Safety Check Program" at (336) 254-8432. Thank you.

P.S. I know from personal experience the importance of this program for the elderly
living alone, because in 1994 my aunt and I found my grandmother incapacitated in her
home alone (she was widowed) and unable to speak or call for help after suffering a
severe stroke. She passed away several days later in the hospital at the age of 90.

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