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									Securing the Desktop
  with Biometrics
      Dan Sanderson
    SafeLive Corporation
     New Richmond, WI
             Desktop Security Overview

  •   Desktops – the virtual work environment
  •   Security weakness at the desktop
  •   Current desktop security techniques
  •   What do we mean by securing our desktops?
  •   Factors of authentication
  •   Biometrics
  •   Example products: WEB-key, SendItSecure

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    Desktops – the Virtual Workplace

  We use our desktops/laptops as a window to our work
  • E-mail
  • Personal productivity applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Web applications
  • Instant messaging
  What if someone took away your computer?

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         Desktop Security Weaknesses
  We’re getting better at perimeter-based security
     (firewalls, encrypted connections, anti-virus, anti-
  Internal threats are often underestimated
  • Account break-ins/unauthorized access by trusted
  • Careless exposure of data and applications
  • Unpatched operating systems and applications
  • Inadequate backup and recovery procedures

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               Current Desktop Security
  •   Username/password is the most common
  •   Token-based security (e.g., Xyloc)
  •   Biometrics
  •   No security

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           What Needs to be Secured?

  • System/network access
  • E-mail (send/receive)
  • Enterprise applications (e.g., accounting apps,
    inventory control apps, etc.)
  • Web-based applications
  • Instant Messaging

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     Carelessness in Desktop Security

  • It’s inconvenient to be secure.
  • We forget to be secure.
  • We let the “system” take care of security (e.g.,
    cached passwords).

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                       Purpose of Security

  • Protect our data
  • Authenticate users

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                 Factors of Authentication
             Something you HAVE              Something you KNOW            Something you ARE
  Natural                                           PIN
                 Drivers License                                             Face
and Easy
                   Magnetic Stripe                        Password
                                                                               Voice      Fingerprint
                         Photo ID                         Challenge-
                           Smart Card                         Encryption

                            Proximity Card                       Digital                      Iris
               More Difficult                More Difficult                Handprint
Obtrusive      To Counterfeit                To Appropriate
      and                                                                                 Retina
 Difficult                                                                                    DNA

             Low Security                                                              High Security
             Low Accuracy                                                              High Accuracy
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                       Biometrics Overview
  • “Measurement of Life”
  • Using a unique physical characteristic to authenticate
    a person’s identity
  • Types:
     – Behavioral (requires several samples taken over
       time, e.g., voice, keystroke analysis, gait)
     – Biological (requires a single sample, e.g.,
       fingerprint, facial, hand geometry, iris, DNA)
  • Matching two samples requires complex analysis
  • Computers make this analysis feasible and accurate

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                       Evaluating Biometrics
  • Level of security required: How critical is the data
    or application to the core business of the
    organization? What are the consequences of
    security breaches?
  • Accuracy within the environment: Is the
    technology trustworthy and can it be deployed within
    the environment in a reliable manner?
  • User acceptance: What are the training issues?
    Will users find the technology inconvenient?
  • Cost: What are the initial hardware and software
    costs, and what are the ongoing costs for
    maintenance and upgrades?

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     Using Biometrics on the Desktop
  • Network logon: Locally stored biometric data (e.g.,
    Softex Omnipass) or enterprise solutions
    (SAFsolution from IdentiPHI)
  • Enterprise applications: Very few of these are
    protected by biometrics
  • E-Mail: Authentication of senders and receivers
    (e.g., SendItSecure)
  • Web Access: Replaces username/password for web
    site access. Local “password vault” solutions (e.g.,
    APC BIOPOD) and centrally managed solutions (e.g.,
    BIO-key’s WEB-key)

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           Is Biometrics Really Secure?
  • No security technique is 100% guaranteed.
  • Don’t get caught up in the Myth Busters stories.
  • The accuracy of biometrics can be measured by:
        – False accepts (bad)
        – False rejects (inconvenient)
  • Choose solutions that are non-intrusive or else they
    won’t be used.
  • Consider multi-factor authentication schemes
    (biometric + password, biometric + token)
  • Choose solutions that protect against attacks, such
    as image injection/replay, latent fingerprints, fake

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 Practical Examples of Biometrics on
             the Desktop
  • WEB-key (BIO-key International)
  • SendItSecure (SafeLive Corporation)

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  • Product is an SDK (must be integrated into your web-
    based application)
  • N-tiered architecture:
        – Client plug-in for browser
        – Application server
        – Back-end authentication server and biometric database
  • Can be used for 1-to-many identification or 1-to-1
  • Very scalable
  • Client tier must be Windows; other tiers can be
    Windows or Linux

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         Client            App server     WEB-key
             Browser         Web app      Authentication
         WEB-key plug-in    WEB-key API    Session Mgmt


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  • Demo

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 • E-mail “extra-structure” that makes ordinary e-mail
   highly secure
 • Service-based architecture
 • Integrates with Outlook
 • Can be used with web mail or other e-mail clients

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 • Authentication:
    – Identity of sender authenticated (receiver knows
      for sure who sent the e-mail – non-repudiation)
    – Identities of receivers are authenticated (sender is
      assured only recipients can read the e-mail)
 • Confidentiality:
    – Contents of e-mail are encrypted en route and can
      only be decrypted by authorized receivers

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• Strong authentication (beyond passwords)
• Strong encryption (end-to-end)
• Easy to use, non-obtrusive
• Leverages existing e-mail infrastructure
• Easy to administer (biometrically protected web site)
• Cost effective (hardware and software)
• “Message pickup” feature for sending to non-enrolled
• Support for very large attachments

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              SendItSecure Architecture

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• Applications:
      – Transmittal of sensitive company documents and messages
      – Employees working from remote locations (telecommuting,
      – Communications with suppliers and partners
      – Improved customer service
• Industries:
      –   Health care
      –   Banking
      –   Law enforcement
      –   Professional firms
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 • Demo

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                       Contact Information

                         Dan Sanderson

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