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									                                                                                        E- 61
                     TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL
                      (PURCHASE DEPARTMENT)

            Portable Spirometer for bedside spirometry with Laptop:

Please quote all the models including the state of the art equipment which meets the basic
minimum specifications.

 Sr. No.                    Description of Item                     Compliance        Remarks
                                                                   Yes      No
    1      Model Name :
    2      Make :
    3      Should have high accuracy
    4      Portable, battery operated, with on-board memory
    5      Stand-alone self-sufficient unit with Laptop - usable
           by attaching to Laptop with accompanying Software
           and accessories
    6      Inspiratory and Expiratory Real Time Curves with
           Pre- and Post-bronchodilator studies
    7      Review features (real time and offline),Incentive
           screens for patient motivation, Graphic and Trends
    8      Measurement Principle: Ultrasound Transit Time
    9      Predicted values selectable with ethnic correction
   10      Ability to quantify lung age/Fletcher curve
   11      Auto-test QC with user selection for best test
   12       Measuring accuracy : Volume ± 2% or 0.050L,
           Flow : ± 2% or 0.020L,PEF : ± 5% or
           5L/minute,MVV : ± 5% or 5L/minute
   13      Resolution : Volume > 1mL, Flow : 4ml/sec
           Measuring Range : Volume ±12L, Flow : ±16L/sec
   15      Resistance: Approx : 0.3 cm H2O/l/sec
   16      Display : approx 64x160 pixel graphic display
   17      Power supply :
   18      Data Memory : approx 400 tests or more Please
   19      Test Types : FVC, FVL, SVC, MVV, Post medication
   20      Parameters measurable: FEVI, FEV6, FEVI/FEV6, FVC,
           FEV1/FVC, PEF, Pre/Post, %var, QC,SVC,MVV,FEF25,
           FEF50, FEF75, FIVC, PIF, IRV, ERV, IC
Sr. No.                       Description of Item                   Compliance   Remarks
                                                                   Yes      No

  21          ERS, ATS, NLHEP standards compliant

  22        Accessories
          a Software for usage with Laptop with Screen connector
          b Specify consumables
  23          Laptop
          a   The make of the Laptop should preferably be
              Dell/Toshiba/Lenovo accompanied by a 3 year
              Comprehensive On-Site Warranty, with the
              following configuration
          b   Board: 965GM
          c   CPU: Core 2 Duo, 5450
          d   Memory: 2GB DDR2
          e   Display: Integrated
          f   Disk : 160 GB
          g   CD/DVD: DVD Super Multi Burner
          h   KBD : Integrated
          i   Mouse : Touchpad Integrated
          j   Monitor: LCD 15.4” WideScreen
          k   ENet : Onboard
          l   Speaker: Integrated
       m      Fax Modem : Integrated
          n   Operating System : Windows XP / Vista Preloaded
          o   Miscellaneous : Integrated Wireless LAN/100 Mbps
                Blue Tooth Integrated
                Web-Cam Integrated
  24          Warranty 2 years
  25          Free service 5 years

       1) If Warranty 2 years and Free Service 5 Years is not offered, right is reserved
          to reject the tender
       2) Please mention whether UPS/Stabiliser is required for the equipment. If so
          should be included in the offer.

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