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        IT Business Value
        The GB Advantage
   Financial Summary Analysis
        Sales Figures 1997-2007
   Global Brands Portfolio
                  Consulting Services
                  IT Auditing
                  Operations Management
                  Design, Implementation and Installation Services
                  Support Services
                  Outsourcing Services
                  Disaster Recovery Services
                  Core and Extended Solutions
                  Datacenter and Storage Solutions
                  Networking Solutions
                  Threat Protection
                  Printing Solutions
                  Value-Added Reselling & Awards
   The Full Spectrum

   Contact Us
   hotline: 19959
   Introduction                                                           The GB Advantage
   Global Brands (GB) is Egypt’s premier IT Systems Integrator with       GB understands what is needed to deliver business value
   capacity and experience for providing strategic technology             using IT in emerging markets. That is why it offers End-to-
   solutions that achieve real business results for business in diverse
   industries including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil &     End solutions which cover consulting, technology platforms,
   Gas, Textile and General Business. GB professionals along with         system software and tools, applications, systems
   alliance partners provide an unmatched level of domain                 management, IT optimization, security, maintenance, help
   experience with a results oriented approach. The company               desk and networking needs using professionals with
   delivers business value using IT to empower organizations with         advanced experience       supported by GB revolutionary
   innovative and scalable technology solutions that increase their
   competitive advantage and return on investment.                        Solutions & Services Design Team.

   Since GB commenced operations in 1997 under a senior executive              GB Solutions & Services Design Team is staffed by
   leadership having local and international experience, and a                 professionals with vast local and international
   professional team, which collectively exceeds 500 man-years of
   experience and has emerged as one of Egypt’s fastest growing IT             experience that align IT solutions with business
   companies.                                                                  objectives. GB creates synergy with capabilities in
                                                                               Consulting, Systems Integration and IT Infrastructure
   GB has been awarded twice the “Consistent Delivery on Growth                Outsourcing, covering Data Center Operations,
   and Revenue in the Last 3 years” Award in Egypt, and was                    Managed Services, Change Management, and Project
   nominated several times for regional award in the EMEA region.              Management, offering scalable IT solutions for all of a
                                                                               client’s needs.
   IT Business Value
   Businesses today face fundamental local and global competition         • GB brings industry as well as functionality experience into
   threats. More than ever, they need IT to help them deliver             play.
   business value. However, delivering long term business value from
   IT is getting even tougher in emerging markets.                        • GB professional team has appropriate capability in the
                                                                          process, technology and people aspects of performance
   •More than 50% of IT projects fail to meet key business objectives     improvement.
   •More thank 50% of IT projects are delivered over budget               • GB has the methodologies and experience to enable our
   •More than 90% of all IT projects are delivered late                   clients to integrate performance and risk management to
                                                                          take the right decisions to achieve optimal, sustainable
   A paucity of internal resources has led companies to look beyond       results.
   their corporate offices for solutions to challenges of such
   complexity and magnitude. Many have done so by engaging GB in
   their technology endeavors                                             GB is about delivering world-class solutions and services to                                                    its customers.
   hotline: 19959
   Values                                              Leadership Team
    Respect for employees, customers and society      GB senior Leadership Team spearheads the firm’s
    Integrity in all endeavors                        strategy. The team is focused on strategies that
    Commitment to be customer centric                 harness customer relationships by adding value to
    Excellence in delivery                            the customer’s technology initiatives and
                                                       deployments, and enhance their return on
    Creativity & development for sustainable growth
                                                       technology investments. GB executives have been
                                                       presented international awards for outstanding
                                                       performance and professional excellence during
                                                       their respective illustrious careers in Fortune 500

                                                       For detailed information on GB Board of Directors
                                                       and Executive Management visit our website
   hotline: 19959
                                                                                                               FINANCIAL SUMMARY ANALYSIS
   Sales Figures 1997 - 2007

                                                       in millions

                                             Global Brands Group






                    1997       1998   1999   2000   2001    2002     2003   2004   2005   2006   2007   2008
      in millions 1.756 12.706 19.624 24.642 42.998 50.825 72.098 106.320 125.142 170.651 228.767       330
   hotline: 19959
   GB Portfolio                                                     Total Systems Integration Solution

                                                                                                                             GLOBAL BRANDS PORTFOLIO
   As a specialized Information Technology Services Provider,
   GB operates by offering a unique set of services best suited
   to meet the customers’ information management
   requirements. GB is committed to keeping the customer’s
   interest first by vendor agnostic and cultivating partnerships

   with leading global technology manufacturers.

   A total Systems Integration (SI) Solution

   In IT and SI engagement, GB works with the senior client
   executives to gain an understanding of their business
   strategy.        Subsequently, GB professionals make

   recommendations for aligning technology requirements
   necessary to support such a strategy. The result is a
   comprehensive analysis that clearly outlines gaps in the
   client’s IT landscape, which is used to develop a customized
   services solution aligned with core objectives of a client’s
   business plans.

   hotline: 19959

   Global Brands can understand your requirements, attend to your needs,
   and provide you with the right solution that streamlines your
   information delivery and reduces your TCO - Total Cost of Ownership.
                                                                             From design through staging to implementation and
   Global Brands provides you with the following ONE STOP PROFESSIONAL       completion you can be confident your projects are on-time
   SERVICES:                                                                 and on-budget. Project SOWs (Statement of Work) are
                                                                             clearly defined with deliverables and milestones agreed on.
  Consulting Services :
  We provide Advisory services to help senior management improve             Support Services :
  the effectiveness of their corporate strategy, process, and                We provide you direct access to our expert technical
  operations by assessing business needs and reviewing business              resources, helping you minimize your risks and maximize the
  functions, plans and directions.                                           benefits of your technology investment.
  We help clients assess different technology strategies, thus               We ensure a rapid onsite support on a 24x7 coverage basis.
  aligning their technology strategy with their business or process
  strategy.                                                                  Outsourcing Services :
                                                                             Focusing on your core business initiatives makes a lot of
  IT Auditing :                                                              sense. We take responsibility of your IT management,
  We audit your IT System to ensure Effectiveness, Efficiency,               making sure a technical specialist is available onsite.
  Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Compliance, and Reliability of   We span installations, deployments, technical support,
  Information.                                                               maintenance, warranty repairs and other functions that
  We present to our customer the risks that will threaten their              keep your software and hardware up and running.
  system, if their plan does not include any or all the 7 COBIT
  information criteria.                                                      Disaster Recovery Services :
                                                                             It’s a fact – physical, natural, and digital disasters occur and
  Operations Management :                                                    they interrupt operations and impact revenue. Your level of
  We continuously review our customer activities to achieve service          preparation and planning will determine your ability to
  outputs as determined by your organization                                 recover. Dramatic lessons have been learned in the past few
                                                                             years, yet some organizations remain unprepared.
  Design, Implementation and Installation Services :                         For Global Brands, unknown risks are probable, hence
  We provide you with a brief orientation session to explain the             perceivable. Global Brands is therefore ready with its
  product features. We verify that all service prerequisites have            proactive mitigation plans as well as its reactive contingency
  been met. We unpack, install, configure, and test your Network             plans, ensuring hereby high availability through providing
  Components.                                                                business continuance services for mission-critical                                                       applications.
   hotline: 19959

                                           24 x 7 6 Hour Call to Fix

                                           12 x 5 6 Hour Call to Fix
            Service Level

                                           24 x 7 4 Hour Response

                                           12 x5 4 Hour Response

                                                    9x5 next day Response
                            On-Site Next
                            Business Day
                              Parts &             Basic Warranty Entitlement
                              Labour                     Parts & Labour           Year 1              Year 2            Year3
   hotline: 19959

   IT infrastructure covers data center, network, and operating        Routing is the act of moving information across an internetwork
   platforms with associated middleware(s). GB Infrastructure          from a source to a destination. Routing involves two basic
   Specialists provide knowledge, skills and experience of systems     activities: determining optimal routing paths and transporting
   integration irrespective of disparate technologies and associated   packets through an internetwork (packet switching). Although
   complexity. GB develops an Infrastructure Blueprint that            packet switching is relatively straightforward, path determination
   incorporates business needs, geographical scale and scope, and      can be very complex. Routing protocols use metrics (i.e., path
   workload parameters. Deployment Specialists ensure it is high on    length, reliability, delay, bandwidth, load, and communication
   reliability, scalability, availability and security.                cost) to evaluate what path will be the best for a packet to travel.

   GB provides network infrastructure services including Consulting,   Proper design and configuration of routers and switches is a vital
   planning, design and implementation for Systimax, Cisco Systems,    part for an effective network. GB Engineers are certified by the
   and other network technologies. This includes Infrastructure        industry's major networking manufacturers. With an emphasis on
   Optimization services for Microsoft® platforms.                     reliability and security, GB Engineers carefully work with you and
                                                                       the manufacturer to design the right network configuration. We
                                                                       focus on your organization and the processes you perform --
   GB helps enterprises and service providers with the following       taking everything into account -- from existing equipment and
   Network Services:                                                   applications, to growth planning and future system needs.

          •Wired and wireless networks                                 The strength of GB network design is our engineering staff.
          •Storage networks                                            O100ur Network Engineers and Senior Network Engineers have
                                                                       10+ years of collective experience in the Information Technology
          •Optical networks                                            field designing Local Area Networks (LAN's) and Wide Area
          •Local and wide area networks                                Networks (WAN's). Our staff includes Cisco certified engineers like
          •Virtual Private Networks (VPN)                              CCNA's, CCNP's, CCDA's and network engineers like MCNE's,
          •Converged Networks (VOIP)                                   MCSE's, and engineers with numerous other manufacturer
          •Cabling and connectivity design and implementation          certifications.
          •Network security and management services

   GB Service Delivery is based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
   and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to accomplish the goals of
   smooth transition and operational excellence.
   hotline: 19959

   GB empowers businesses to exploit the real potential of their business by deploying best of breed Technology Solutions. Through the
   utilization of Business Process Outsourcing, Application Outsourcing and Infrastructure Outsourcing services, we enable customers to focus
   on their core competencies while GB manages their non-core competencies, cost effectively.

   Reasons why GB is a client’s first choice as an IT Outsourcing partner:

         • Access to leading edge technologies and resources to harness the most from these technologies
         • Access to highly skilled individuals with in-depth knowledge in a variety of tools
         • Reduction in operational costs and improved process efficiencies
         • Enable customer to focus on its core competencies
         • Single-Window support for Vendor and Contract Management
         • SLA and KPI based services

   By offering flexible service options, GB provides a cost-effective outsourcing solution to help meet changing business demands, sustain
   growth and help protect your existing technology investments.
   hotline: 19959

  Global Brands competitive advantage comes from combining market leading hardware and software products with consistent high
  quality services. Our goal is to exceed international standards of excellence set by our strategic partners.

   Solutions we provide include a comprehensive set of core IT infrastructure services based on Microsoft, HP, Dell and IBM
  Platforms, NetApp Storage, EMC Storage, Juniper Active Components, Systimax Cabling Systems, Avaya IP Telephony
  and Contact Centers, Procurve HP Networking, McAfee Security, Symantec Security and Storage, Xerox Printing and
  Imaging, and Lexmark Printers. We are also HP Authorized Part Resellers through our joint venture with Europarts.
  Core and Extended Solutions:
  With Core Solutions based on Microsoft Windows Directory Services        Juniper’s switches and routers create an inherently
  you gain unified management of identities and resources across the       intelligent integrated network to adapt for your current and
  enterprise network, ensuring hereby secure access to your corporate      future business needs
  network.                                                                 Systimax Cabling Solutions provide advanced performance
  With Extended Solutions based on Microsoft Products you extend the       as a built-in capability for copper, fiber optic, and wireless
  capabilities of your corporation to accelerate your reach to your        solutions, and truly offer the solutions for the Physical Layer
  vendors and customers.                                                   of the Network.
                                                                           Avaya IP Telephony and Contact Centers maximize
  Datacenter and Storage Solutions:                                        operations and customer service in a centralized or
  Data Management and Storage Solutions using NetApp Storage               distributed contact center environment.
  Appliances handle interactions between end users and application
  programs. Data Management and Storage Solutions provide file             Threat Protection:
  services to read, update, add, delete, and browse data in local or       Businesses require an in-depth, manageable security
  remote files. In addition to the permanent data that is the basis of     solution that provides protection against varying security
  your application, you might need to create temporary data for            threats and disruptions to business productivity. With
  purposes like processing requests and passing data between tasks or      McAfee you take the necessary precautions against
  programs. Data Management and Storage Solutions provide queue            vulnerabilities.
  services for this.
  You gain: Data integrity, Data backup and recovery, Portability across   Printing Solutions:
  multiple platforms, high Performance while maintaining excellent         Look more professional and market your products and
  functionality.                                                           services more creatively with Lexmark's electronic forms
                                                                           printing solutions. Building on the award-winning strengths
  Networking Solutions:
                                                                           of Lexmark printing technology, Lexmark's multifunction
  Wireline, wireless, cable and content providers around the world look
                                                                           solutions provide affordable, centrally managed and
  to Juniper Active Components to help them move from silo, service-
                                                                           distributed hard copy output, including print, copy, scan,
  specific networks to a converged, next-generation network (NGN)                                                     and fax.
  capable of delivering multi-play, business and mobile services.
    hotline: 19959

   GB Security Services address aspects of
   information security ranging from strategy,
   policy and awareness through to the delivery of
   complete, end to end security solutions. GB
   Consultants enhance your ability to manage
   risk, contain cost, provide quality service, and
   overall, achieve business agility in a secure

   • Security Assessments includes the status of
   policies and procedures for security
   management according to the BS7799 (ISO
   17799) standard; security posture of servers,
   storage., operating systems, applications and
   databases; configuration and management of
   the physical environment
   • In-depth examination of critical
   infrastructure components to reduce security
   • Development of a security Architecture
   Design leading to Deployment Methodologies
   and comprehensive guidelines for a successful
   implementation and operations of a customer
   security solution.

   Security Managed Services include managed,
   dedicated and virtual firewall services , virus
   alert services, network intrusion detection &
   prevention, host intrusion detection, &
   pretension and incident management. Our
   products and services enable you to take
   control of the whole vulnerability management
   hotline: 19959

   Global Brands partners with some of the best IT companies in the world to bring you innovative and comprehensive solutions for your
   business. Our comprehensive alliances portfolio allows us to offer you greater choice in solutions that transform your business and
   position you for competitive advantage.

   Some of our Alliances are:
   hotline: 19959
   Financial Services & Contact Center Alliances
   hotline: 19959
   Value-Added Reselling

   Although GB's primary lines of business are service
   related, GB also plans and designs the physical IT
   infrastructure of clients and sells multi-vendor

   GB has technology and services relationships with
   the world's largest IT hardware and software
   manufacturers. GB is platform independent. Being
   vendor-neutral, we work closely with our customers
   to design and deliver an optimized infrastructure
   deployment. This is made possible by the rigorous
   training and certifications of our technical
   hotline: 19959
                                                                                                                                AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS
   Awards and Achievements
    •     Year 2009 HP Channel Awards Night 2009                     •   Year 2003
    •     Best Performing Reseller-Personal Systems Group            •   Microsoft Windows Server Sales Champion of the
    •     Egypt & Levant                                                 Year
    •                                                                •   ISA Server Sales Champion of the Year
    •     Year 2008                                                  •   Microsoft Customer Satisfaction Partner of the Year
    •     HP Supplies Select 2008
                                                                     •   Microsoft Consistent Delivery on Growth & Revenue in
    •     HP Preferred Partner Computing Systems Specialists
                                                                         the Past 3 Years
    •     Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    •                                                                •
    •     Year 2007                                                  •   Year 2002
    •     McAfee Proven Security Elite Partner                       •   Compaq Value Reseller of the Year – Middle East
    •     HP Authorized Service Delivery Partner (ASDP)              •
    •     Achieved 55% of Systimax Country Quota
                                                                     •   Year 2001
    •                                                                •   Microsoft Windows Server Sales Champion of the
    •     Year 2006                                                      Year
    •     Systimax Champion Award for Egypt 2006                     •   Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Open Licence
    •     Microsoft Gold Certified Partner                               Sales
    •                                                                •   Leading Hardware Vendor for Compaq in Egypt
    •     Year 2005                                                  •
    •     DELL EDB Platinum Partner Award 2005 – Most Strategic
          Win for Outstanding Performance                            •   Year 2000
    •     HP Sales & Service Partner – everything is possible        •   Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Server Sales
          Certificate 2005                                           •   Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Open Licence
    •     Microsoft Gold Certified Partner                               Sales
                                                                     •   Leading Hardware Vendor for Compaq in Egypt
    •     Year 2004
    •     DELL EDB Platinum Partner Forum – Madrid 2004 –            •   Compaq Partner Achievement Award
          ‘Sharing the Vision’                                       •
    •     Microsoft Partners Award 2004 For Server Revenue Partner   •   Year 1999
          of the Year
                                                                     •   Microsoft Service of the Year Award                                               •   Recognition of Outstanding Technical Efforts
   hotline: 19959                                                    •   Leading Hardware Vendor for Compaq in Egypt
  The Full Spectrum

                                                                                                      THE FULL SPECTRUM
                                                                                 Services & Support
                         Consultancy            Software



       Structured Cabling              UPS / Printers /Scanners
                                                                   MS Infrastructure Software
       Active Components                  Backup Solutions
                                                                       Backup Solutions
            Wireless                     Storage Solutions
                                                                       Antivirus Solutions
         LAN Telephony                      Datacenters
                                                                   Disaster recovery solutions
         WAN Solutions                         Servers
                                                                  Business continuity solutions
          IP Telephony                  Desktops / Notebooks
                                                                  Smart cards payment solution
                                           Handheld PCs
   hotline: 19959
   Our People                                                                         Certifications

   Professionals who analyze                                                          Accomplished GB Professionals have achieved Certifications from
   Professionals who understand                                                       Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, HP, Dell and numerous other industry
   Professionals who execute                                                          related qualifications and certifications.

                                                                                                                      CCNA - Cisco Certified Network
                                                                                                                      CCNP - Cisco Certified Network
                                                                                                                      CCDA - Cisco Certified Design
   The People at GB Professional Services have the real-world                                          Associate
   experience to help medium and large enterprises transform                                                           CSE - Cisco Sales Expert
   opportunities into an advantage in the market place. GB facilitates                                 Hardware Solutions
   enterprises to make the right choices to solve today's dilemmas                                                     HP Accredited Engineer
   and prepare them to meet tomorrows challenges with confidence.                                                      Dell Certified Engineer
   GB professionals create and deliver strategic technology solutions                                                  NACA
   that achieve real business results – people with real-world
   knowledge and experience in your industry. Today, GB’s                                              Application Development Management Services
   workforce as exceed 160 certified professionals.                                                                    MCSE - Microsoft Certified
                                                                                                       Systems Engineer
                                        Employee Increase                                                              MCSD – Microsoft Certified
                                                                                                       System Developer
                                                                                                                       MCP – Microsoft Certified
      250                                                                                              Professional
                                                                                                                       Internet Specialist
                                                                                                                       Web Development
      150                                                                                              Security
                                                                                                                       McAfee Certified Security
      100                                                                                              Architecture
                                                                                                                       CISSP – Certified Information
                                                                                                       System Security Professional
        0                                                                                                              CEH – Certified Ethical Hacking
            1997   1998   1999 2000   2001   2002   2003    2004   2005   2006   2007 2008
   hotline: 19959
                                                                              Organization Chart 25-11-09

                                                                                       Ahmed Said
                                           Hisham Said                                  Chairman                                                                   Fouad Shehab El-Din
              Irene Zaghloul
           MD Personal Assistant
                                         Managing Director                                                   Dahlia ElShinnawi
                                                                                                              Office Manager                                        Managing Director            Evelyne Aoun
                                                                                                                                                                                              MD Personal Assistant

                                                                                       Mahmoud Maarek         Ashraf Fawzy Hoda                       Mostafa M.
     Kamal Abd El-                                           Mona Sharkawi                                                                                                   Khaled Rezk          Hebba Rostom
                                     Tarek Embabi                                      Hardware Service       Professional service                     Barakat
         Halim                                                Procurement                                                                                                  Finance Manager         HR Manager
                                     Sales Manager                                         Manager                 Manager                            Operations
     Sales Manager                                              Manager                                                                                Manager
                                                                                                                                                                                                       5 employees
    5 employees                    7 employees            4 employees                                             Mohamed Mohey                                             Ibrahim Naeem
                                                                                    Magdy Mohamed                                                Mahmoud Elnaggar
                                                                                                                  Support Services                                         Chief Accountant
                                                                                     Client Service                                               Technical Account
    Abdelmonem                       Hafez Hussein                                                                 Team Leader -
                                                             Bekhit Tantawy             Manager                                                  Manager Team Head
      Youssef                        Sales Manager                                                                 Microsoft Unit
   Sales Manager                                               Customs                                                                             - Microsoft Unit       6 employees
                                                               Clearance                                                         10 employees
                                   5 employees                                                33 employess
  2 employees                                                                                                                                                              Ahmed Mostafa
                                                                                                                                                  55 employees
                                     Samaa Talha          3 employees                 Tarek Taha                 Mohamed Farouk                                            Chief Accountant
  Mohamed Morsy                     Sales Manager -                                 Service Delivery            Senior Infrastructure
   Account Team                      Microsoft Unit                                    Manager                  Administrator - MIS              Tamer ElBokhary
      Leader                                              Essam Ramadan                                                                                                   6 employees
                                                                                                                                                Technical Manager
                                   2 employees              Warehouse                         19 employees       2 employees                     - Networking Unit
  1 employee                                                 Manager                                                                                                       Mohamed Orabi
                                                                                                                May El-Dawayaty                           37 employees     Chief Accountant
                                                          5 employees              Mohamed Khalifa                Call Center
   Amr El-Akkad                    Moataz Negm                                      Senior Enterprise             Supervisor -                    Mohsen Yousef
     Solutions                                                                                                                                                            7 employees
                                   Deputy Service                                  Service Consultant            Microsoft Unit                  Project Manager -
    Integration                      Manager                                                                                                      Networking Unit
                                                                                    Mohamed Naiel                 Dina Ezzat Chafek         Mohamed Abdul Aziz            4 employee
 6 employees                               10 employees                              Sector Sales                Senior Administrator -
                                                                                                                    Microsoft Unit
                                                                                                                                                 Ben Taleb
                                                                                      Manager                                                Project Manager -
                                     Ashraf Hamdy                                                                                             Networking Unit
                                    Sales Manager -                                                             Mariam Zakher Wahba
                                                                                                                Senior Administrator -              Ehab Adel
                                    Networking Unit
                                                                                                                    Microsoft Unit               Project Manager -
                                                                                                                                                   Microsoft Unit
                                   4 employees
                                                                                                                                                 1 employee

                     Sales Force                                Logistics                                               Services                                               Finance                HR
                         51                                       15                                                      174                                                     21                   6
    hotline: 19959
  With over 450 Enterprise Customers we grew together and build professionally their IT Infrastructure and help them reduce the Total
  Cost of Ownership while acquiring the latest technologies which draw the way towards the adaptive Enterprise.

  GBG installs a complete Systimax IPatch™ system alongside Pre-                   Networked video and audio applications provide patient
  terminated fiber cables in the AUC campus – Katameya.                            details at the bedside in the Children's Oncology Hospital.

           GBG boosts the connection speed at                                         Information Flows Faster at HP & Xerox with Systimax
           Halliburton to 1Gbps                                                       Structured Connectivity Solutions Provided by GBG
   hotline: 19959
 Professional Services References
   hotline: 19959
Network References
   hotline: 19959
   Client Base – Few of our clients
   hotline: 19959
   Selected Customers

   Computer & IT                Finance/ Insurance      Chemical/Petrochemical
     • Microsoft                   • Citicorp             • ExxonMobil
     • Cisco                       • EFG Hermes           • Shell Egypt
     • Oracle                      • CIB                  • Shell Marketing
     • 3Com                        • CIL                  • Halliburton
                                   • EAB                  • Nile Valley Gas Co. [NVGS]
   Services/ Transportation        • AMIG                 • Bp AMOCO
      • EDS                        • HSBC                 • Edison International
                                                          • Badr Petroleum Co. [Bapetco]
   Pharmaceutical/BioTechl      Manufacturing/Retail      • IEOC
     • Pfizer                     • General Electric      • British Gas
     • Merck                      • Motorola              • Rashid Petroleum
     • Johnson & Johnson          • Lucent Technology     • Burullus Gas
     • American Home Products     • Caterpillar           • Gupco
     • Roche                      • Raytheon              • British Gas
     • Celerra Genomics           • General Dynamics      • K.B.R
     • Bristol Myers Squibb       • Ghabbour
     • Novartis Pharma            • Siemens             Healthcare / Hospitality
     • Eli Lilly                  • General Motors        • Huntingto
     • Glaxo Welcome              • ACVA                  • Hilton
     • Merck Sharp & Dohme        • Fiat Auto Egypt       • Sheraton
                                  • Daimler Chrysler      • Four Seasons Hotel
                                                          • Ibrotel
                                Telecomm/ Networks        • Intercontinental
                                   • Equant
                                   • Nortel
                                   • Ericsson
                                   • Vodafone
                                   • Nokia
                                   • Flag Telecom
   hotline: 19959
                                                                                        CONTACT US
   Contact Us            
   5, Mosadek St. Dokki, Cairo , Egypt   Plot S7– 4, Bloc 7, Zone 1, New Cairo, Egypt
   Tel: +202 – 3366679 / 89              Tel: +202 – 26182242 / 43 / 45 / 46
   Fax: +202 - 7604976                   Fax: +202 - 26182247      
   hotline: 19959
   •    Global Brands Group Premises

                                            CONTACT US
   hotline: 19959
                                                    CONTACT US
   •    Global Brands Group Premises Address
   hotline: 19959
                                 CONTACT US

   hotline: 19959

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