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Quicken Turbo Tax document sample

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									    Seneca Public Library District Newsletter
                                                                            April—May 2007 Volume 1, Issue 5

         Read Online Reviews And Select Your Best Tax Preparation Software

1) Turbo Tax by Quicken                                  best (and cheapest) for very simple returns.
Turbo Tax is the leading tax preparation soft-           3) TaxACT
ware. It quickly imports financial information           TaxAct prepares your federal or state return. It's
from Quicken or QuickBooks, is the easiest pro-          the least known of the three top programs, the
gram to use, and offers comprehensive tax ad-            cheapest, and the most difficult to navigate. It
vice and explanations with a click of the mouse.         does not provide for importing any information
Even complex returns are produced painlessly             from personal finance programs, and it provides
by simply answering the clearly presented inter-         less tax help and advice than the other two pro-
view questions. The program comes in federal,            grams. However, you can download the basic
state, and home business versions.                       program and prepare and print a federal 1040
2) TaxCut by H&R Block                                   for free (e-filing is extra). TaxAct is easier to use
TaxCut by H&R Block also uses an interview               if you have a basic understanding of taxes.
process to obtain information to complete your           More reference links:
federal, state, or business tax returns, although
                                                         Telephone Tax Refund Questions and Answers:
the questions are sometimes a bit confusing. If,,id=161506,00.html
you use Microsoft Money 2001 for personal fi-
nance software, TaxCut will retrieve some of the         Top 10 online Tax return Software Review:
information from that program. The program is

    Inside this issue:
 Announcements                  2

 Adult Programs                 2

 PrarieCat is coming!           2

 Upcoming Children’s Programs 3

 YA Programs                    3

 Edible Book Festival           3

 Calendar of Library Events     4

 Library Hours                  4

     210 N Main Street Seneca, IL 61360   Phone: 815-357-6566     Fax:815-357-6568
                                                                                                                  Page 2

Announcements                             Library Survey                                  New Titles of Interest
                                          The Library wants to know what you think, • Flesh and Bone: a Body
                                          and is conducting a survey! Forms are in-
             Celebrate Na-                                                                   Farm Novel by Jefferson
                                          cluded in this newsletter and available
             tional Library               from the library’s website. Everyone who           Bass
             Week                         returns a form will receive a library coupon • The Sweet Potato Queens’
              April 15-21st is National   for $3, which can be used to pay for movie
              Library Week - a time                                                          First Big-Ass Novel by Jill
                                          rentals, fines, or other things at the library.
to celebrate the contributions of         Only one survey per person.                        Conner Browne
libraries, librarians and library                                                         • The Fifth Vial by Michael
workers in schools, campuses and
                                          Microfilm Reader                                   Palmer
communities nationwide - and the
                                          Seneca Library is getting a new Microfilm • Sisters by Danielle Steel
perfect time for our community to
                                          reader. Two options are available for us.
come together at your library.                                                            • A Far Country by Daniel
                                          Stop by the desk to see the details and
In honor of library week, Seneca                                                             Mason
                                          which one you’d prefer.
Public Library District will offer
free kid movies, waive all late fees                                                      • Nerve Damage by Peter
for the week as long as the items are     Drop Box                                           Abrahams
returned, and replace lost library        The drop box located on the outside of the
                                                                                          • Nineteen Minutes by Judi
cards for no charge. We will also         building is there for your convenience.
                                          Please remember to only place library              Picoult
waive the $5 processing fee for any
lost items. The multicultural mov-        items in it and not other                       • Waiting for Summer’s Re-
ies displayed in the staff’s prefer-      items as this damages                              turn by Kim Vogel Sawyer
ences area will continue to be free       library material.
of charge with a limit of two.

Upcoming Adult Programs
Adult Lunch & Video                       Adult Book Club                       Mystery Book Club
On Tuesday April 17th at noon the         The Hard Way: a Jack                  Meets April 11th at 6:30 pm and
movie will be Paper Moon star-            Reacher Novel by Lee Child            will read Murder in the Marais by
                                          will be discussed on April            Cara Black.
ing Ryan and Tatum O’Neil.
                                          25th.                                 Pashazade by Jon Courtenay
Of Mice and Men, staring
                                          On May 23rd the Adult Book            Grimwood will be discussed on
Robert Blake and Randy Quaid,             Club meets and will be dis-           May 9th at 6:30 pm.
will be shown on May 15th at              cussing An Ordinary Man:
noon. Please remember to sign up          an Autobiography by Paul              Dates can change, confirm dates when you
                                          Rusesabagina.                         receive your book.
in advance.

PrairieCat is coming!                     will have access to more than          catalog, pa-
                                          eight million library materials,       trons will
 Our library has joined with 195
                                          including everything the Seneca        not be able
 other libraries across northern
                                          Public Library District owns.          to place
 Illinois and eastern Iowa to pro-
                                          Adding these libraries to the new      holds online during the first week
 vide you with a fabulous, new
                                          online catalog makes it easier to      of April. Holds can still be placed
              information tool,
                                          find materials, reference links,       by contacting library staff.
              The PrairieCat
                                          and get items though interli-          PrairieCat will be available in early
              Online Catalog.
                                          brary loan.                            April. Stay tuned for more details.
              In the PrairieCat
                                          Due to the change in our online
              online catalog you

210 N Main Street Seneca, IL 61360        Phone: 815-357-6566     Fax:815-357-6568
                                                                                                             Page 3

Upcoming Children’s Programs                                                            Edible Book Festival
 Please sign up in advance for all ac-        The Animal Fun Club will meet on          Seneca Library will be tak-
tivities unless otherwise noted.              April 25th to learn about bears. They     ing part in the interna-
                                              will also meet on May 16th to learn       tional sensation of Books
Chess & Checkers Club will con-
                                                           about deep sea creatures.    To Eat by hosting an edi-
tinue to meet the first Wednesday of
                                                           (For kids in 3rd grade or    ble book festival on April
        every month, for kids of all
                                                           older.)                      16 at 6:00 pm .
        ages. Children under 5 must
        attend with an adult.                                                           Participants create edible
                                              In May, the after-school craft
                                              will be making flowerpots                 books that are displayed,
The after-school craft in April is egg
                                              and planting seeds. (Ages 5               judged, and then con-
decorating. (Ages 5 and
                                              and up. Kids under 5 may                  sumed. The entries can
up. Children under 5 may
                                              attend with an adult.)                    take a humorous or literal
attend with an adult.)
                                                                                        interpretation of a book/
Think you know your facts about the           The May after-school movie is the         poem. Your creativity is
                                              Wind In The Willows. Mole, Rat,           your limit.
US? Then join us for States Trivia
                                              Badger, and Toad are brought to life
on April 11. (Ages 7 and up)                  in this adaptation of Kenneth Gra-        Some examples include: A
                                              hame's classic tales. This movie is 79
Design paper airplanes and decorate           minutes and not rated.                    bear-shaped cake in honor
Frisbees at Fun Fliers in                                                               of Winnie-the-Pooh,
April. (Ages 8 and up.)                       Let’s Get Ready For Summer! On            books with pages made
                                              May 21st, bring a pair of flip flops or   out of tortilla pages, or a
Sign-up for the American
                                              other shoes to the library and deco-                         ginger-
Girl Club starts on May 14th. Meet-
                                                          rate them for summer.                            bread
ings will start in June. Space is lim-
                                                          (Ages 5 and up. Children                         library.
ited to 15. (Ages 10 and up)
                                                          under 5 may attend with
                                                          an adult.)
Young Adult                                                                                                is wel-
                                                                                        come to submit an entry;
Program                            New J and YA             Story Time                  however you must sign up
On May 11th,                             Titles                                         in advance. (no age limit)
come to the                    •    Wildwood Dancing        Story time for ages 3-
                                                                                        Don’t feel like making
library for Se-                     by Juliet Marillier     5 year olds is limited to
                                                                                        something? You can still
crets & Spies. Learn           •    Lady Friday by          12. So make sure to
                                                                                        come and see what every-
how to make and crack               Garth Nix               sign up! The current
                                                                                        one else created. Informa-
secret codes, along            •    The Runaway Prin-       session runs
                                                                                        tion sheets are available
with creating your very             cess by Kate            April 5th
                                                                                        in the library.
own Alberti’s Cipher                Coombs                  through
Disk . We will also be         •    One Red Dot by          May 31st on                 Other examples are at
making invisible paint .            David A Carter          Thursdays         
(Ages 8-16)                                                 at 11:45.                   photos.html

   210 N Main Street Seneca, IL 61360        Phone: 815-357-6566    Fax:815-357-6568
                                                                         Non-Profit Organization
Seneca Public Library District
                                                                         U.S. Postage Paid
    210 N. Main Street                                                   Postal Permit # 13
    Seneca, IL 61360                                                     Seneca, Illinois 61360
    Phone: 815-357-6566
    Fax: 815-357-6568

  Library Hours:
    10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.
    10:00 p.m.6:00p.m.
    9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Seneca Public Library Events at a Glance

April 2nd 3:30 pm                April 27th 3:30 pm                  May 16th 3:30 pm
       After School Craft               Fun Fliers                         Animal Fun Club—
       Egg Decorating                                                      deep sea creatures
                                 May 2nd 3:30pm
April 4th 3:30pm                       Chess & Checkers Club         May 16th 6:30pm
       Chess & Checkers Club                                               Library Board Meeting
                                 May 11th 3:30 pm
April 11th 3:30 pm                     Secrets & Spies               May 21st 3:30 pm
       United States Trivia                                                Let’s Get Ready for Summer!
                                 May 14th 3:30pm
April 16th 6:00 pm                     After School Craft            May 25th 3:30 pm
       Edible Book Festival            Flowerpots & planting seeds         After School Movie
                                                                           Wind in the Willows
April 17th noon                  May 14th
       Adult Lunch & Movie             Sign up for American Girl     Every Thursday 11:45—12:45
       Paper Moon                      Club Starts                          Story time runs April 5th
                                                                            through May 31st
April 18th 6:30pm                May 15th noon
       Library Board Meeting           Adult Lunch & Movie           The Library will
                                       Of Mice and Men               be closed on
April 25th 3:30 pm
                                                                     April 6th and May
       Animal Fun Club—Bears

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