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					                                               Windows Home Server
                                               Partner Solution Case Study

                                               IT Firm Uses Server Product to Reduce
                                               Customer Downtime from Forty Hours to One

                                               “Now we can offer a more complete solution to our
Partner: Total Care Computer Consulting
Web Site:
                                               customers. With Windows Home Server, we offer big
Partner Size: 4                                business benefits to our small business customers in
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Professional services
                                               an affordable, easy-to-use package.”
                                               Kevin Royalty, Managing Partner, Total Care
Partner Profile
With offices in Centerville, Ohio, and
Hebron, Kentucky, Total Care Computer
                                               After testing a beta release of the Windows® Home Server
Consulting specializes in developing long-     operating system, Total Care Computer Consulting was eager to
term, solution-oriented IT partnerships with
small businesses.
                                               offer the product to its small business customers. The company
                                               was excited about the affordable, easy-to-use features, including
Software and Services
 Microsoft Server Product Portfolio
                                               automated backup, disaster recovery, and remote access. With
  − Windows Home Server                        Windows Home Server, Total Care has helped customers save
  − Windows Small Business Server 2003
  − Windows Small Business Server 2008
                                               more than 80 percent on IT costs and reduce disaster recovery
 Windows Vista Business                       time from days to hours.
 Windows XP Professional

                                               Business Needs                                 Professional” and Managing Partner of Total
                                               Since 2001, Kevin Royalty has blended his      Care. “In this economy, that means putting
                                               computer science expertise with his            affordable solutions in place that help our
                                               business acumen to create technology           customers streamline business operations
                                               solutions that help small businesses           so that employees can get more work done
                                               succeed. In 2007, he joined forces with Paul   in less time. We want to help our customers
                                               Arthur, a Microsoft® Certified Systems         cut costs through increased efficiency so
                                               Engineer, to form Total Care Computer          they don‟t have to reduce their workforce.”
                                               Consulting, and established home-based
                                               offices in Centerville, Ohio, and Hebron,      As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist,
For more information about Windows Home        Kentucky.                                      Total Care wanted to find a solution that
Server, please visit:
                                                                                              would give small businesses the kind of
                                               “At Total Care, we apply our knowledge of      technology benefits typically reserved for
For more information about other Microsoft     enterprise-level IT solutions to solve         large businesses, but at a fraction of the
customer successes, please visit:              technology problems for small businesses,”     cost. “Small businesses need the same kind
                                               say Royalty, a Microsoft “Most Valuable        of support as enterprise organizations, but
on a much smaller scale,” Royalty says. “They                           would take an inordinate amount of time to        failed a second time, we were able to get it
need functionality such as automated backup,                            rebuild.”                                         up and running in approximately one hour.”
disaster recovery, and remote access just as
much as the big companies, but can‟t afford                             For HomeTeam Inspection, the decision to          Lowered IT Costs by 80 Percent
to spend thousands of dollars on hardware,                              purchase Windows Home Server—and the HP           Royalty estimates that the cost for a basic
software, and IT support.”                                              EX470 MediaSmart server computer—was              business server would typically start at
                                                                        an easy one. “Windows Home Server is so           U.S.$5,000 and take a full workday to
One such customer is a franchise location for                           simple and straightforward,” says Gibbs.          install. “Windows Home Server, on the other
HomeTeam Inspection Service. Owner Ron                                  “Total Care set it up in two hours and            hand, costs less than $1,000 and takes just
Gibbs runs the franchise with his wife Tammy                            showed us how to use it in less than 15           two or three hours to set up,” says Royalty.
from their home in Cincinatti, Ohio. “I knew we                         minutes. Now it does everything                   “This makes the initial investment very
needed a backup system, but had no idea                                 automatically. We have peace of mind. Our         affordable for small businesses.”
how to set one up,” says Gibbs. The company                             information is protected. Plus, we can
used a universal serial bus (USB) flash drive                           access our files from anywhere that we have       Using Windows Home Server, customers also
to back up inspection reports. “But if our                              an Internet connection—whether we‟re at a         save money on ongoing IT costs. Royalty
computers failed, we would have lost                                    home site, a realtor‟s office, or skiing in       says, “We often tell prospective customers,
everything—our accounting information,                                  Colorado. With Windows Home Server, we            „With Windows Home Server, we can reduce
customer files, inspection photographs,”                                can respond to our customers‟ questions           disaster recovery time from seven hours to
Gibbs adds. "It would have been a disaster.”                            right away. By suggesting this solution, Total    one hour. That‟s a savings of six hours. That
                                                                        Care has really helped us to differentiate        means the employee who uses that
Solution                                                                ourselves from the competition.”                  computer can get back to work six hours
In May 2007, Microsoft invited Total Care to                                                                              faster, plus you‟re paying six times less for IT
participate in the beta testing of the                                  Benefits                                          service fees. And, we can use one server
Windows® Home Server operating system.                                  Total Care cites reduced disaster recovery        running Windows Home Server to protect up
Royalty and Arthur installed Windows Home                               time and lower IT costs as the key selling        to ten workstations.‟ Typically, the next
Server in their home offices, and tested the                            points of Windows Home Server. Using this         words out of a business owner‟s mouth are,
backup, recovery, and file sharing capabilities.                        solution, the company has been able to            „How soon can you get us set up?‟
                                                                        expand its market reach.                          Affordability is a huge selling point for us.”
“We quickly realized that we could use
Windows Home Server to support a wide                                   Significantly Reduced Disaster Recovery           Expanded Market Reach
range of customers,” Royalty explains. “It‟s                            Time                                              Total Care uses Windows Home Server to
the perfect product for companies such as                               When HomeTeam Inspection lost several             support customers with a wide range of
HomeTeam Inspection that don‟t need all the                             weeks of accounting data, the owners              business needs. “Now we can offer a more
bells and whistles that come with a traditional                         frantically called Total Care. “Because the       complete solution to our customers,” Royalty
business server. They still get features like                           computers were automatically backed up            concludes. “With Windows Home Server, we
automatic backup and remote access in an                                each night, it took us less than 15 minutes       offer big business benefits to our small
affordable, easy-to-use product. Small                                  to restore the files,” says Royalty.              business customers in an affordable, easy-
business customers also can easily share files                                                                            to-use package. We‟re expanding our
without the hassle and expense of using a file                          In another scenario, a manufacturing              customer base because—with Windows
transfer protocol service. Our larger                                   customer experienced the total failure of a       Home Server—we have more to offer.”
customers can use Windows Home Server in                                mission-critical workstation, resulting in 40
conjunction with Windows Small Business                                 hours of lost production time. “As soon as
Server as a backup device for mission-critical                          Windows Home Server became available, we
workstations, such as an accountant‟s                                   installed it as a backup device on the
computer or a specialized computer that                                 network,” Royalty says. “When the computer

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Document published April 2009

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