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					                                 CITY OF SAUSALITO
                              ADMINISTRATIVE DIRECTIVE
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      The City of Sausalito recognizes that technological advances can provide the City
      with improved levels of service. Technology has now made the cellular telephone
      both practical and economical for certain uses, and timely communications may be
      greatly enhanced. This Administrative Directive covers the purchase, use and
      payment or reimbursement for cellular phones.


      1.     Level A

             •       City determines that it is in its best interest for employee to have the
             use of a cell phone based on the following criteria:
                  1. Cell phones necessary for promoting public or employee safety
                     shall have the highest priority for approval.

                  2. Executive Staff members with direct responsibility for managing
                     field operations, who are required by the nature of their jobs to
                     spend a significant amount of time away from the office and who
                     receive a high volume of time-sensitive calls.

                  3. City personnel whose job responsibilities clearly dictate the
                     unquestionable need for cellular communication.
                  4. The City Manager may approve the purchase and/or use of cellular
                     telephones for official City business in instances where Criteria
                     Nos. 1-3 do not apply.

             •       City owns the phone.

             •        Employee reimburses City for any monthly personal charges that
             result from exceeding the level of the monthly minute allowance determined

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                  by their manager to be appropriate for their use. (For example: An employee
                  incurs charges of $40 versus an allowance of $30; the employee owes $10).

                  •       The City intends to encourage cost efficiency and to avoid having
                  employees carry both a personal cell phone and a City cell phone.
                  Therefore, the City may elect to reimburse employees for a higher level of
                  call volumes on their personal cell phone plan. (For example: An employee
                  has a personal cell phone with an allowance of $30 per month; the City pays
                  an incremental amount in order to boost the allowance to $40 per month).

           2.     Level B

                  •      City does not require employee to have a cell phone.

                  •      Employee owns the phone.

                  •      Employee pays carrier directly.

                  •       Employee seeks reimbursement from City for the cost of calls made
                  on official business provided that such calls cause the employee to actually
                  incur an additional cost, i.e. to exceed the monthly minute allowance.

    III.   PROCEDURE :           Request - Acquisition - Eligibility

           1.     To request a cellular phone, the appropriate Manager shall prepare a
                  written memorandum to the City Manager explaining the need for the
                  cellular phone unit, and identify the level of eligibility he/she is

           2.     The City Manager or his/her designee will review the request and will
                  determine whether or not the purchase and/or installation should be
                  approved. The City Manager will also identify the level of eligibility
                  approved (See II-ELIGIBILITY).

           3. The City of Sausalito will reimburse City employees, Appointed and Elected
              Officials for any cellular phone charges incurred while conducting City
              business. Phone reimbursement records will be maintained by individual
              Departments and shall be a public record. Phone numbers may only be
              released with approval of the City Attorney. Such payment or reimbursement
              shall be in accordance with the approved eligibility categories.

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           WHILE DRIVING:

    Most City employees have job responsibilities that require occasional or regular driving.
    Regardless of whether a City cell phone has been issued to the employee, or an employee
    is using a personal cell phone, it is imperative that all employees keep their eyes on the
    road and make safety their first priority. Employees should limit cell phone use when
    driving and use a hands-free set when appropriate.

    Employees will be solely responsible for any traffic infractions or other violations or
    legal actions resulting from their use of a cell phone while working for the City of


     Employees. Each employee is responsible for following/complying with this
    Administrative Directive. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action, up to
    and including termination of employment.

     Department Heads. Department heads are responsible for ensuring that all employees
    of their department who use cellular phones and drive during the course of their jobs
    possess a thorough understanding of these standards for cell phone use.

    Signature of City Manager:

                                                                Date: July 22, 2003
    Dana H. Whitson
    City Manager

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