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					State Owned Enterprises- Company Overviews
OCPA - Ministry of Industry & Minerals

  Note: All currency figures are in 000's of Iraqi Dinars unless otherwise noted.

1. General Information
  Company Name:                                      State Company for Battery Manufacturing
  Sector                                             Chemical
  Brief Description                                  Manufacturer of automotive lead acid batteries and dry cell batteries at 4 factories.

  Revenue in 2002 (Iraqi Dinars '000s)                    10,800,000
  # of Employees                                                1,929
  Annual Employee Salaries & Bonus                         3,324,000
  Headquarters Address                               Baghdad, Alwazereya PO 190

2. Company Highlights
   Company currently can not sell profitably because looted batteries are flooding market at cut-rate prices.
   Largest customer was to Army for trucks and helicopters (50% of revenue).
   88% of revenue generated from car batteries.
   Without MOU subsidies, Company is not profitable.
   Allocated $1.0M USD for 2H 2003 operating budget and provided with 2mw off of grid.

3. Facilities
   Name                                           Province             City              Grid                          Damage %        Power Needs
   Waziriah #1                                                         Baghdad                                                         2 mw
   Waziriah #2                                                         Baghdad           MB436917                                      2 mw
   Al Nour Dry Cell Battery Factory                                    Al Nour           MB2886                           20%          1 mw
   Handari Lead Smelter                                                Handari           MB2287                                        1 mw
   Value of All Plant & Equipment Before War, and Factories build in 1985 by Japanese contractor.
   Initial Purchase Dates and Prices for Major

4. Products
   Product Name                                      Unit Measurement Design Capacity      Available Capacity        2002 Production         2002 Revenue
   Lead for Batteries                                Tons                            3,750             3,000                  2,500
   Lead Acid Batteries                               Unit (55 ah)                  670,000           570,000                511,000            88% of total
   Dry Cell r6                                       Unit                       18,000,000         8,000,000              2,800,000
   Dry Cell r20                                      Unit                       18,000,000        10,000,000              4,200,000
   Dry cell r14                                      Unit                       18,000,000        10,000,000              2,700,000
   Description of Importance of Products to Other    None. Imports could satisfy demand.
   Iraqi Industries

5. Customers
   Customer Name                                     2002 Revenue          Subsidized (Y/N) Products Sold to Customer and Unit Pricing
   Iraqi Army                                        50% of total                           Vehicle batteries
   Shopping Centers                                                                         Vehicle batteries and dry cells

6. Suppliers
   Supplier Name                                     2002 Purchases        Subsidized (Y/N) Products Purchased and Unit Pricing
   Local Suppliers                                          4,000,000                       Mostly lead recovery smelters
   Imports                                                  2,000,000                       Car battery parts
   Current Payment Terms From Suppliers

7. Imports & Exports
   2002 Import Markets for Raw Materials             Europe, China and Middle East.

  Potential Import Markets in Free Market

  2002 Export Markets for Finished Products          None

  Potential Export Markets in Free Market

8. Competition
  Company Name:                                State Company for Battery Manufacturing
  Description of Competitive Situation         Heavy competition for both car and dry cell batteries from imports (especially from China).

  Market Share Description                     In 2002, Company had 47% market share for car batteries. Was constrained by capacity of factory,
                                               not demand. For dry cell batteries, Company had only 13% market share.

9. Summary of War Damage & Looting of Property & Equipment
   Description of Damage                    Limited damage. Only Nour factory was 20% damaged. However, finished product inventory was
                                            completely looted.
  Current Operating Status                     Not operating. No demand in market due to looted supplies flooding market at cut-rate prices.

  Immediate Property & Equipment Needs To      None
  Restart Operations
  Total Cost to Return to Pre-War Condition    Minimal

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