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					      Thunderstone Search Appliance SBE

The Thunderstone™ Search Appliance Small
Business Edition (SBE) is the fastest and easiest                    Completeness
way to add high quality search results to your web       The Appliance can deal with most types of
site, whether external or internal.                      content on your network. It searches
The Appliance SBE is very easy to set up and             PDF files and highlight the matches in
administer. Simply plug it in, enter network settings    Acrobat Reader, as well as more than 100
and begin using the web-based menus. A business          other file formats that you might have on
manager can extensively customize its operation.         your intranet. It indexes content and
The end-user view is simple and intuitive. The           follows links generated by JavaScript. It
relevance ranking of search results is state-of-the-     indexes database content whether or not
art.                                                     the database is web accessible.
                                                         The Appliance helps you monitor and protect your
                   Integration                           content. Its crawl reports are invaluable for
                                                         checking your web site for broken links, which
The Appliance can serve search results directly to
                                                         pages are accessible via links and other problems.
the user, using our predefined templates with your
                                                         If desired, the Appliance keeps a record of every
look and feel added, or use an XSL stylesheet to
                                                         search and the results viewed.
customize the user interface completely, or
integrate it into your portal using XML.
   Performance                                                                    With two-year warranty,
                                                                                      support and upgrades
The Thunderstone
                                                                                      included, and an
Search Appliance SBE
                                                                                      optional maintenance
is designed for
                                                                                      program thereafter, we
performance. It can handle
                                                                                   ensure your peace of mind.
over 1,000 queries a minute, or
                                                                       In the rare event of a hardware failure,
more than a million per day. Its
                                                           a replacement machine is cross shipped. If
innovative Adaptive Indexing
                                                         required, two Appliances may be set up in a
process conserves network resources
                                                         mirrored configuration for redundancy.
by automatically determining how often each item
needs to be updated.
                   Flexibility                           Thunderstone Software LLC is a pioneer of search
                                                         engine technology, providing text retrieval products
Create multiple independent search collections on
                                                         to industry, government and educational institutions
the Appliance. Each can consist of one or more
                                                         since 1981. Thunderstone distinguishes itself
websites. You can create unique collections of web
information for your users or for competitive
intelligence by indexing third-party information, such   • Performance. Since our software’s inception on
as government or industry web sites anywhere on          mainframes and early PCs, performance has been
the internet.                                            critical. With today’s large Internet user base,
                                                         performance remains essential.
Designate specific pages to be highlighted and           • Experience. From the early 1980s to today,
appear first in response to any query. The               Thunderstone has been solving information retrieval
Appliance makes sure you and your visitors can           problems. Put that experience to work for you.
find the data on your site!                              • Unparalleled support. We want your project to
                                                         succeed. We take pride in having the most
                                                         sophisticated and responsive technical support
                                                         organization in the industry.
                           Thunderstone Search Appliance SBE

                       Capacities                                             Search Options
Queries (sustained peak)    1,000/minute                      Spelling checker             Suggestions based on
Number of documents or      100,000                                                        indexed text
web pages                                                     Find similar                 Automatic query-by-
Number of collections       Unlimited                                                      example link
Number of web sites         Unlimited                         Wildcard                     Yes, * character
                                                              Thesaurus                    Built-in
                                                              Stemming                     Built-in
                       Crawling                               Advanced search              Control proximity, word
Protocols supported         http: https: ftp: gopher: file:                                forms, ranking
File system crawling        Yes, webserver not
                            required                                         Results Display
JavaScript/Flash            Code executed,                    Results ordering             Date or relevance. Five
                            embedded links followed                                        user-controlled relevance
Cookie management           Automatic                                                      “knobs”.
Fastest page refresh        One minute                        Predefined results           “Best bets” (admin-
Re-crawl scheduling         Adaptive auto-schedule                                         defined) forced to top
Protected page crawling     Basic authentication,             Hit highlighting             Query words in context
                            Integrated Windows                Results formatting options   HTML template, XSL, or
                            Authentication, form-                                          XML
                            based login, SSL. Multiple        Cached page text             Yes, with highlighting
                            passwords supported.              PDF features                 Highlighting, jump to page
Add page latency            Immediate                                                      in Acrobat Reader
Delete page latency         Immediate
Exclusions                  Specify by URL, html tag,
                            or field contents                                 Administration
Categorization              Define by URL pattern             Administrator interface      Web-based
Split large documents       By page or character              Look-and-feel                Totally customizable
                            count                             Reporting                    All queries; top queries;
                                                                                           top words; no-hit queries;
                                                                                           click-overs; error logs
                 Content Types                                List crawled URLs            Yes, ordered by depth,
File formats                PDF, MS-Office, most                                           URL, date, or size
                            word processors, many             Maintenance & upgrades       Remote, automatic (OS
                            other formats                                                  and application)
JavaScript                  Text and links indexed            Redundancy                   Automatic data duplication
Macromedia Flash,           Text and links indexed                                         (requires 2 Appliances)
Shockwave                                                     Warranty                     2 years included;
Binary file indexing        Finds and indexes ASCII                                        additional years optional
                            content within arbitrary
                            binary files.
Duplicate detection         Automatically removes                                  Physical
                            pages, or just                    Form factor                  1U rack mount
                            headers/footers                   Power Supply                 250 W
Foreign languages           Automatic UTF-8                   Cooling Requirement          500 BTU

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