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									Back Up Your Computer

                      Back up your files

 Avoid losing photos, files, data
 Schedule backups – store backups away from home
  in case of fire, flood, tornado, etc
 Use CDs, DVDs, external hard drives, and other
  reliable sources of media

                          What to backup

 Purchased software and music downloaded from the
 Bank records, tax information, financial information
 Photographs
 Email address book
 Personal projects
 Internet Bookmarks (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc)

                           What media should I use
                             to backup my files?

 There are several options you can use to backup files.
   • External drives, such as a USB flash drive or external hard drive
   • CD/DVD
   • Online backup utilities and storage

 Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages

 Find out more at this link:

                         Deciding on a method

 Once you have chosen a media on which to backup
  your data, you will need to decide how to back it up.
 If you’re using CDs/DVDs, you can
  ZIP (compress) the files before copying them.
 How often will you need to back up?
 You can copy files to an external hard drive or flash
 Where will you store the backed-up media?
 Will you use backup software, such as Norton Ghost
  or Windows Backup Utility?

                                 Backup Basics
Just because you backup your files once does not mean that you
   are finished.
 Write on your calendar or put a reminder on your computer to
  backup your files routinely. Once per month is a good
  frequency to backup your files.
 Store your backup media in a secure location. If you have
  backed up bank records and tax information, it’s best to put
  this media (CD, DVD, flash drive) in your safe or lockbox.
 “Shelf life” for different forms of media vary.
  Know how long your storage media will last,
  and check to make sure it contains the
  data you backed up.

                            Backup Tips

 The following web addresses provide very helpful
  information in addition to this presentation.
 Protecting your Backup:
 Using the Windows XP Backup Utility
 What Media to Select (as linked earlier)


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