Allan Fields Cell 613 866 3254 386 300 Earl Grey Dr Email afields ncf ca Kanata ON K2T 1C1 OBJECTIVE Provide professional System Net by fkx75474


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									Allan Fields                        Cell:          (613) 866-3254
386-300 Earl Grey Dr.               Email:
Kanata, ON K2T 1C1

Provide professional System/Network Administration, security and IT services in a Linux/Unix
environment. Deploy and manage network infrastructure, servers, services and software packages/tools
to provide comprehensive and timely results.
Perform installation, upgrades and provide periodic maintenance. Leverage my expertise in
Linux/Unix and networking to meet business requirements. Work with clients/employers to innovate
and efficiently execute on deliverables. Scripting and automation of routine tasks where possible.
Provide in-depth technical support to end-users/clients by getting to know their needs and explaining
technical details/advising management during decision making and planning processes.
Assess and establish site security requirements and keep an up-to-date security plan. Analyze network
security including vulnerability assessment and perform related hardening/intrusion detection and
prevention. Setup logging and backup facilities to ensure a high-level of data assurance and auditing


Adobe Systems, Inc. -
Workforce Logic                              System Administrator/Lab technician (temp.)
2/2007 – 3/2007, Ottawa    
   Short-term contract working as Performance Lab System Administrator/Tech:
      Administered lab systems (30-40 test/loadbuild systems);
      Rackmount hardware/systems, PDU and power cabling;
      IP KVM, network cabling and patch panels;
      Norton Ghost, VMWare imaging of servers;
      Windows 2K3 Installs and Patching;
      Sun Solaris Installs and Patching;
      Investigation of network bring-up/netboot infrastructure.

Stilo Corporation                            System Administrator / Network Consultant
4/2006 – 12/2006, Ottawa   
      System Administration of Linux and Windows servers involving installation, periodic
       maintenance and day-to-day operation of internal network (15-20 hosts) and client-facing
       Internet servers. This included working with external hosting providers such as Magma's
       Ottawa IDC, MessageLabs and maintaining in-house infrastructure for corporate users,
       developers and customers.
      Administration of mail, web, database and licensing services on multiple platforms (install and
       configuration): RedHat, Ubuntu Linux, BSD and Windows NT4/2K(3)/XP.
      Database administration including PostgreSQL and MySQL. Migrated legacy services and
       databases between platforms Supported database applications and solved connectivity issues.
      Network management and equipment upgrades including switches, routers, firewalls and
       network cabling/drops. Client desktop installs, network support on Windows and Linux
       including DHCP/DNS and Samba/Windows Networking.
      Network troubleshooting including diagnosing and solving connectivity, cabling problems
       using tools such as tcpdump, traceroute and dig.
      Security and risk assessment, performed initial system hardening work, host scanning and
       network monitoring (Firewall solutions: Linux/iptables, m0n0wall, OpenBSD/PF, Netscreen
       and FortiNet firewall appliance.
      Implemented OpenCA/X509 certificate authority and configuration of Perl packages; Setup of
       secure servers (TLS) using Apache and mod_ssl. Secure email using sendmail, postfix
       SMTPS/POP3S (SASL).
      Diagnosed SPAM and mail bombing attacks on customer facing system.
      Installation and configuration of network services including Apache, VMWare server for
       virtualization/VPS, PFW firewall and TWiki.

      Server room planning, rack organization, HW maintenance/PC repair. Implemented server
       infrastructure including: Linux RAID/LVM (volume management).
      Designed and implemented Linux based NAS/Backup solution employing RAID-0/1/5. disk
       and tape (B2D, D2D2T); Arkeia. Drafted Backup and Disaster Recovery planning document
       with business continuity considerations.
      Performed backups under Linux using dump/restore and rsync. Supported Windows NT server
       running Veritas NetBckup. Maintained BackupExec clients and tape drivers/auto-changers to
       ensure successful completion of periodic backups.
      Rebuilt critical RAID thus avoiding prolonged downtime and customer data-loss. Configured
       NAS/DAS storage devices and network shares, fixed file permissions.

      Training and support of end-users and coordination with IT management on infrastructure
       development/implementation. Technical support of developers and office users. Desktop/client
       support, on-call network troubleshooting.
      Technical Documentation including network layout/drops, wiring diagrams, network services
       and IT planning documents.

Tvidia Corporation                   System Administrator / Network Consultant
10/2005-2/2006, Kanata     
      Linux Servers: install, configuration, RAID and LVM.
      Network layout, implementation; Server room: planning and installation; IT purchasing.
      Network implementation: corporate LAN, DHCP and DNS.
      Users/groups, permissions, system startup scripts, software install/config.
      Coordination with outside IT contractor for outsourcing.
      Firewall implementation: PF under OpenBSD.
      Users/groups, permissions, system startup scripts, shell scripts, software install.
      Network file share: Samba, FTP; Network backups (Bacula).
      Apache install+config, Database Admin: MySQL and PostgreSQL.
      Shell scripts for system management.

Himeji Systems                             Consultant (Part-Time)
9/2004 – Present                 
      Consulting: Himeji Systems in security and system administration
      General IT consulting, web development
      Developed numerous Perl tools, scripts for clients and personal projects including database
       (SQL/DBI and CGI/mod_perl)
      DSL/network installs; wireless router configuration. PC, workstation maintenance and office
       software install. Windows XP troubleshooting for small/home-office users.

ORCNet                                     Ward 6 Representative
6/2001-2/2002, Ottawa            
      Actively participated in Ottawa Rural Communities Network a non-profit initiative to bring
       broadband to Rural Ottawa during formative stages.
      Researched and presented on deploying 802.11 wireless networks, including pricing points.
      Started Munster High-speed User Group initiative to aggregate demand for broadband and
       extended wireless service to the community.
      Designed promotional material and built a dynamic website/message board using Perl.

Nortel Networks                              Web/Database Administrator, Programmer
1/1999-1/2000, Kanata                        Product Integrity/NSPaN Group
      Intranet: Administered departmental Unix servers (Solaris/HPUX), setup Apache and other
      Database administration: Setup/administered PostgreSQL RDBMS.
      Designed LDAP/X.500 employee tool in Perl resulting in significant time savings.
      Developed a range of administrative tools in SH, Perl.
      Assisted w/ NSPaN Intranet server, solved UNIX issues.
      Password management and authentication infrastructure: Integrated Nortel.Access
       authentication system into departmental applications for access control.
      Document management: Web document management using Perl and Livelink, Livelink
       integration into departmental web site.
      Departmental web site: Coordinated web design team, built and maintained departmental
       website/integrated w/ organization-wide site, CL&F.
Procurement of web development tools and other software products.IGS (Information Gateway
       Junior System Admin, Hardware Tech, Help Desk
Services): 2/1998-10/1998, Kanata
      System Administration: Created user accounts, add/remove DNS, email entries, web hosts.
      Windows 3.x/9x/NT, Macintosh troubleshooting/support.
      PC Hardware upgrades and system assembly.
      Web design including simple web sites for local clients.
      Corporate on-site installs in Kanata and downtown Ottawa.
      Help desk: client Internet support and installs: on-site & telephone support.

GDT Softworks                             Software & Hardware Tester
6/1996-8/1996, Burnaby, BC         Quality Assurance
      Tested software and hardware for compatibility.
      Setup, configured Macintosh hardware and printers.

    Technically minded, analytical: enjoy problem solving;
    Seeking challenges, don't give up easily; self-starter, quick learner;
    Comfortable working alone or in small groups;
    Enthusiastic and inspired: see the "big picture";
    Ability to multi-task, thorough.

     Linux: Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, Fedora, SuSE, Gentoo, Slackware;
     Experienced w/ Open Source - Comfortable in FL/OSS environment;
     BSD: FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD;
     HP-UX; Solaris; Some OpenVMS;
     Package management: source tarballs; Linux RPM, DEBs (apt), portage/emerge; FreeBSD
      ports, NetBSD pkgsrc;
     Kernel Configuration: Linux, *BSD.

     X: X11 protocols, client/server arch, window managers;
     KDE/Qt, GNOME/Gtk, CUE; Some desktop development experience;
     vi, GNU emacs, screen.

     Windows: DOS/Win 3.x/9x/ME/NT/2000/2K3/XP;
     Outlook, Eudora; IE/Mozilla/Firefox/Opera;
     Windows Firewall/Updates; Norton Antivirus, McAffeeVirusScan;
     Terminal services, user profiles, permissions, batch files;
     Word, Excel (reports, spreadsheets/graphs).

    Intermediate: C, data structures, linked lists, file I/O, sockets;
    Make: basic Makefiles, build targets, GNU/BSD make, automake/autoconf;
    Macros/preprocessing, compiling/linking, debugging (gdb);
    Beginner: C++, Java; Pascal, PHP, Python, elisp;
    Advanced Perl: data structures (arrays, refs, hashes, globs), object oriented, modules, CPAN,
    Advanced shell programing: SH/BASH; awk/sed/grep; CSH, KSH;
    In-depth regular expressions;
    Text Processing: HTML, SGML/DocBook, man/groff, Perl pod, TeX;
    Version Management/Control: RCS, SVN, CVS, Perforce;
    GUI: Qt, WxWidgets/WxWindow;
    Beginner kernel programming.

  System Administration
     Installation, startup files/rc scripts, configuration (on multiple distributions);
     User accounts, profiles, resource limits, users/groups;
     Unix architecture: paths, environment, process/memory management, signaling; file
      descriptors/redirection, IPC/sockets; System internals (kernels, process structures, I/O and
      device-level concepts, file system internals and network layers);
   Storage: software+hardware RAID (advanced configuration, RAID levels and performance),
    LVM, partitioning (fdisk/mbr, disklabels), imaging/ghosting, resizing;
   File systems: benchmarking, tuning, performance, permissions/ACL;
   Backups: disk-based/network backup, tape, CD/DVD. Tools such as Arkeia, bacula, rsync,
    dump/restore and tar;
   Swap configuration and resource management;
   Automation/Logging: crontabs, syslog(ng);
   Upgrades: source based, libraries, dependencies.

Database Administration (DBA)
  Installation and configuration of PostgreSQL, MySQL flat-file databases;
  Excellent knowledge of RDBMS, SQL99, schema/data modeling concepts;
  SQL: tables, joins, nested/complex queries, transactions, primary/foreign key, , stored
   procedures, regular expressions/string matches, serials/unique ID, constraints;
  Command line/shells; DBI/DBD, ODBC connectors;
  Migration and backup using dump/restore, database catalogs and vacuum;
  Use of scripting languages such as Perl, SH to automate database management;
  Serialization/object persistence techniques;
  Basic XML and DTD/schema knowledge.

Network Admin
  Intermediate TCP/IP, Ethernet (protocols, services), client/server architecture, network
   layout/diagramming; bridging, routing;
  ADSL installs, configuration, troubleshooting; wifi routers/access points: configuration,
  Firewalling/packet-filtering (PF, ipfw, iptables), NAT, diversion, logging, VPN.

   Diagnostic, Security: ping, traceroute, packet sniffing/network monitoring, port scanning, host-
    based access control, basic IDS;
   Authentication: symmetric and public-key, OpenSSL, Kerberos, PAM, OPIE/OTP;
   DNS/Bind: install+config, master/slave delegation, zone transfers, rndc/authentication,
    DynDNS; Domain registration/whois, dig;
   Email: SMTP, IMAP, POP3, sendmail, postfix, procmail/anti-SPAM, PGP/GPG;
   Web: Apache, virtual hosts/config files, CGI/mod_perl; PHP, Tomcat;
   NFS, samba, appletalk, netbooting (tftp, bootparamd, PXE, MOP);
   SSH, FTP, rsync, telnet, inetd, NTP/timed.

Support, Training
  Help-desk: phone support, email support, tickets;
  Client software installation and configuration;
  Client-facing support (Windows, Linux): DSL, Office/Email, Windows domain logins, profiles,
  Network trouble-shooting: connectivity, NICs/drivers, DHCP/DNS, routing, web/email
   services, firewalls and authentication;
  Technical documentation, overviews and presentations;
  Investigation and explanation of technologies, solutions and best practices;
  Training/education on Linux, Unix platform (Topics including: storage solutions. RAID/LVM,
   backup, file systems/databases, security and authentication, network services, startup scripts and
   configuration principals.)
    Hubs and Switches: installation, cabling/cross-connect, rackmount, troubleshooting, tap points
     and management;
    Cabling: Ethernet, Telephone (Cat-3/5/6), network wiring, cable bundles, modular jacks
     (RJ45/11) and break-out/patch panels; Coaxial (TV/RF, 10Base2/RG58); Cable crimping and
    IP KVM, KVM cabling; terminal servers, terminals and serial cabling; Printer configuration,
     network printers; USB and Firewire devices;
    Power and UPS: power cabling/PDU, UPS installation+testing, UPS monitoring
    Rackmount: layout and cabling, rackmount hardware and procedures.

     Hardware: PC, Sun, HP, DEC, Macintosh; extensive shop experience, build/debug PC hardware
      including both name-brand (e.g. Dell, IBM ) and generic; RAM, disk upgrades on servers,
     Disks: IDE/PATA, SATA, SCSI, enclosures and cabling, jumpers/termination; hardware RAID,
     Tape libraries and auto-changers, tape-drives (DAT/DLT, AIT);
     Thermal/cooling: thermal interfacing, cooling, monitoring and performance;
     Electrical/ESD: knowledge of electricity and electronics, anti-static procedures.

     Carleton University: Part-time studies in Computer Science – 2006-present
     High School: Frederick Banting (Kanata), ILC (correspondence): Advanced Mathematics -
     High School: South Carleton (Richmond): Grade 9,10 – 1998
     Languages: Fluent spoken/written English, wide knowledge of technical terminology/jargon
      and documentation conventions.

     11/2005 – Present     USENIX, SAGE                                   Individual
     11/2005 – Present     Assoc. For Computing Machinery (ACM)           Professional
     Attended: Pro PostgreSQL Tutorial at PGCon 2007 (
     Regularly attend/track conferences such as BSDCan (, Linux
      Symposium ( and USENIX FAST (

     References Available upon Request
     Interested in consulting and/or full-time opportunities.
     Have vehicle; Willing to work flexible hours/nights/on-call

     Open Source/Free Software, Operating Systems
     Storage (NAS, device-drivers, file systems)
     Security, cryptography, storage security (data-at-rest)
     Information Theory, Systems Research

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