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                    Digital Camera

                  Reference Guide

Information and diagrams: Olympus Digital Vision Digital Camera Instructors Manual,
Olympus America Inc., Two Corporate Center Drive, Melville, NY 11747-3157.
Parts of the 500L Digital Camera

     Refer to this page at any time.

                            Smart Media Cards

           The smart media card (left) is a removable memory card and
           holds approximately 13 images in its memory. This disk is
           small and can be carried in the zipper portion of the camera
           case. The static-free case cover (right) is the protective sleeve.

This camera use four AA alkaline batteries, nickel metal hydride, NiCd batteries or
rechargeable batteries. DO NOT use manganese or lithium batteries; they may overheat
and destroy the camera. The internal calendar system uses the lithium clock battery.

1. Set the battery compartment open/close lever (black panel) to the open position
   (located on the right hand side below the Zoom switch).

2. New batteries can be found in the side pouch of the camera case. Insert the new
   batteries in the camera as shown below and close the battery compartment cover
   tightly. DO NOT THROW THE OLD BATTERIES AWAY. Put the old set in the
   camera case side pouch.

                                      When you return the camera to the Center,
                                      inform Phyllis of the battery change. She will in
                                      turn recharge the old set.

                                      We use a special rechargeable battery for this
                                      camera, DO NOT for any reason, recharge
                                      these batteries on your own.

                                     Listed below are the charge levels         Control
for the batteries. The control panel will show the battery level. If it          Panel
happens to looks like #2, you should replace the batteries with the new

                Display                                     Description

     1. Camera lights up and turns off Batteries are charged and ready to go.

     2. Blinks and other indicators on the Batteries are low and should be replaced.
     control panel are displayed normally.
                                           Batteries are dead; replace with new or
     3. Lights and turns off automatically recharged batteries (replacements located
     in twelve (12) seconds.               in camera case side pocket).

                                Error Messages
  Control        LCD monitor                         Error message
  - E -       Card Error           Camera cannot enter Record, Play or Erase mode
  - - -       NO CARD              No card is detected in the camera.
  - 5 -       5V card              A 5V card is in the camera – remove – uses only
                                   3.5V cards.
  - F -       Unformatted card     Card needs to be formatted. Return camera to
                                   Technology Center.
  - P -       (No indication)      Write-protect adhesive seal is placed on the card or
                                   the card is for “play mode only.” Camera cannot
                                   enter Record, Erase or Card format mode.
  000         No picture           No pictures recorded on the card.
     0        (No indication)      Card full cannot take additional photos. Need to
                                   remove unwanted photos or transfer to computer.
                                   Return to Technology Center if you wish to transfer
                                   photos to computer.
              BAD PICTURE          Error in the display.
    H         (No indication)      Camera is extremely hot, turn OFF so it can cool

             How to Use the Olympus Digital Camera
How to hold the camera?

1. CORRECT. Horizontal - Hold camera firmly with both
   hands while keeping your elbows at your sides to prevent
   the camera from shaking.

2. CORRECT. Vertical - As shown in the picture to the

3. INCORRECT. Never hold the camera in this fashion.
   Keep your fingers and the camera strap away from the
   lens and flash.

Taking Pictures

Remove lens cover from lens (round black cap with the
word OLYMPUS) and place on lens cap holder (see the
diagram to the right).

                                  Next, make sure lever
                                  has been turned to the Record position and press the
                                  button indicated by the arrow in the diagram shown.
                                  (Shutter Release information.)

Shutter Release

1. Depress the shutter release button halfway, at this point a green
   lamp next to the viewfinder will light up, the exposure will be
   locked and the focus will be adjusted.

2. Depress the shutter release button fully to release the shutter so
   it can take the picture. The green lamp on the viewfinder will
   blink and your picture will be displayed on the LCD monitor.

LCD Monitor

When the camera is turned on, the LCD monitor will show “no
picture” on its screen as shown to the right. After you have
recorded your first picture, this message will disappear and your       PICTURE
image will appear briefly. Should you wish to view your
recorded image longer, move the lever to the Play setting. You
will at this point be able to view your image at length.

Zoom In/Zoom Out
You can zoom in or zoom out on your selected picture (W / T)          (wide-angle/tele-
photo) by moving the lever either to “W or T.”

Macro Mode

This feature allows you to take pictures of small subjects such as flowers at a close
distance. You can use the Auto focus + / – buttons (right of the LCD screen) to focus
your subject.

Flash Mode

                                     1. When the flash is necessary, the Orange lamp
                                     blinks, push the Flash pop-up lever (see diagram)
                                     to set the flash before using the flash or when
                                     selecting flash modes.

                                     2. Orange lamp will stay lit after pressing the
                                     shutter release button halfway, the flash is
                                     charged and ready to be used.

                                     Note: The flash is being charged while the
                                     Orange lamp is blinking. Wait until the lamp
                                     goes off before taking the picture.

                                     There are three flash modes to this camera. As
                                     you press the Flash mode button, the mode
                                     switches automatically to one of the choices

   a.   Auto-Flash mode – Automatically fires in low-light and backlight condition.
   b.   Red-eye “” reducing Flash mode – Significantly reduces the
        phenomenon of “red-eye.”
   c.   Fill-in Flash mode – fires       when you want the flash all the time and
        regardless of available light.

                              Displaying Pictures

To view pictures you have already taken

   Press this button to view the next image.

 Press this button to show the previous image.

Index-Display Mode          . Nine frames are shown on the monitor simultaneously.

You can use the “+/–” button to view your images. To get out of this feature, press the
Index-Display Mode a second time. This will return you to a single image on the

Slide-Show Mode     .       This will allow you to run through all the pictures

Press the slide-show button to start your show (each picture will be displayed for
approximately 5 seconds). To stop the slide-show at a specific picture, press the slide-
show button.

Erase      . You can erase/delete picture that you do not want.

Select the picture you want to erase, press the erase button (red icon on camera) and press
the OK button. Your picture has now been deleted.

When you have finished Recording all your desired images, please make sure you
replace the lens cap cover onto the lens. Place the camera into its case and return to
the Technology Center for the downloading process.

              Transferring Images to Personal Computer

The following equipment, RS-232C PC serial cable and AC adapter are necessary for
transferring your images to a personal computer. Both cables are located in the
Technology Center.

Return to page 1 – Parts of the 500L Digital Camera. Review the second camera
diagram and then look to the right, you will see a box – this shows you the hook-up
location of the AC adapter and Computer Connector. Remove the connector cover
(rubber) and begin your connections with the serial cable and adapter.

Press the On/Off button to turn the camera On.

           IMPORTANT                       Click on Start  Program  Select
                                           “Olympus Digital Vision” Click on
If you do not turn on the camera, the      “Olympus”
computer will state, “The camera was
not properly connected or is turned        After a few seconds, you will notice that the
off. Please check and try again.”          computer is reading the camera and the
Press the power button (On/Off) and        downloading process has begun.          This
try one more time. Also make sure          process takes a few minutes depending on
you have connected the cable and           how many images have to be downloaded.
adapter properly.                          So be prepared to wait.

                                            Once all images have been downloaded, you
                                            can save them to your faculty/staff folder (to
retrieve off your office computer) or you may print directly to the HP Color LaserJet
printer. Printing time varies with each image. Again, be prepared to wait.


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