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					Distance Education Captioning & Transcription
           Grant Update (DECT)

          DSPS New Directors Training
             September 21, 2009

                    James Glapa-Grossklag,
         Dean, Distance Learning Programs and Training
                    College of the Canyons
                    Project Director, DECT
Today’s Topics
 What is the DECT
 What is eligible for
 How can you get the
 Questions, Suggestions
What is the DECT Grant?
A mechanism to provide funding to CCCs
in order to promote the accessibility of
distance learning courses.

Funding for live and delayed captioning and
What is the DECT Grant?
   A commitment to support all students
   A recognition that distance education
    is the fastest growing sector
   A means for you to support faculty
    innovation and expand student success
   Financial support for captioning and
    transcription of distance education at
What is eligible for funding?
 1. Distance education classes at CCCs

  2. Live / synchronous for distance

 3. Delayed / asynchronous for distance

 4. For-credit and non-credit courses (not
 community education, community
What are the funding processes?
            Select a payment method

  Payment Method A          Payment Method B
1. You choose a           1. You choose from
   vendor that is not        pre-approved
   pre-approved              vendors
2. You apply              2. You apply
3. Vendor does the
                          3. Vendor does the
4. You pay
                          4. DECT pays the
5. DECT reimburses
                             vendor directly
What vendors can we use with Payment
Method B (direct payment)?
Real Time Remote / Live                        Delayed / Asynchronous Captioning
  Webcast Captioning                             and Transcription

Quick Caption, Inc.                            Automatic Sync Technologies (AST)
Contact: Antha Ward, 951-779-0787              Contact: Jackie Holmstrom, 877-278-7962 x777               

Caption Colorado                               Caption Colorado
Contact: Randy Holyfield, 619-540-7490, 800-   Contact: Randy Holyfield, 619-540-7490, 800-
    775-7838                                       775-7838           

People Support Rapidtext, Inc.                 People Support Rapidtext, Inc.
Contact: Kathy Furlan, (949) 439-2950, (800)   Contact: Kathy Furlan, (949) 439-2950, (800)
    234-0304 x47124                                234-0304 x47124            
What else?
1.   With your application, submit a
     quote from vendor
2.   Application is at:
3.   Please submit end-of-term
     report on retention and success
4.   Look for brochures and posters
     in the mail
5.   Look for wiki as sounding board
     for captioning questions
For More Information
   James Glapa-Grossklag
    Dean, Distance Learning Programs and Training
    College of the Canyons
    Project Director, DECT
    661.362.3632 or


                     DECT is possible only due to the
                     great support of the entire DSPS
                      staff at the Chancellor’s Office

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