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					Inmagic DB/TextWorks v12.00 Service Pack 1 details document:

Purpose: To address the following issues:

          MAPI email format options fixed [SPR 6747]

          Scripted email fixed [SPR 6752]

          Multiple HTML table-formatted email messages retain formatting [SPR 6754]

          Validation list edit dialog in Edit Textbase Structure corrected [SPR 6755]

Installation instructions for applying DB/TextWorks v12.00 Service Pack 1:

     1. Please have all users exit DB/TextWorks before applying this Service Pack.
     2. Select and click the link to download and save the DB/TextWorks v12.00 Service
        Pack 1 to your hard drive.
     3. Unzip to a temporary folder and run Setup.exe.
     4. When prompted for the installation folder, browse to the folder that contains your DB/TextWorks
        v12.00 software and click “Next”.
     5. Click the “Finish” button when Setup is complete.

     If you have any questions or problems with this service pack, please contact

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