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					                  TECH 2008
          QuickBooks News, Tips and

               Douglas Sleeter, Founder
                The Sleeter Group, Inc.



What’s New in QuickBooks 2008
QuickBooks Troubleshooting and Repair
  Data File Analysis
  Troubleshooting Out-of-Balance Balance Sheets
Data File Management
  File Types, File Sizes, Cleaning Up, Starting Over


      The QuickBooks 2008 Product Line

Simple Start
Premier: Accountant
Enterprise Solutions


           Simple Start New Features

Customer Credit Card Protection Features
Import Customers and Vendors from Excel
List restriction removed
Simple Start Plus Pack


            Pro Edition New Features

Outlook Integration
Remote Access
Time Tracker for Outlook (add-on)
Enhanced Office Integration


          Premier Edition New Features

Invoice for Time and Expenses
Remote Access Enhancements
Accountant Edition New Features
  Improved Accountant’s Copy


     Enterprise Solution New Features

Linux Support
True Commerce EDI Transaction Manager software


New Features of QuickBooks 2008 and Enterprise
                 Solutions 8.0
     We’ll Discuss These Enhancements in Detail

  Accountant’s Copy Enhancements
  New Customer Credit Card Protection Features
  Remote Access via Webex Improvements
  Outlook Integration
  Excel List Import Improvements
  Invoice List for Time and Expenses
  Merchant Services Enhancements


    Accountant’s Copy Enhancements

Dividing Date
Online Data Transfer Option
Other enhancements


Accountant’s Copy Enhancements – Dividing Date


 Accountant’s Copy Enhancements – Online Data

Two Options for Accountant’s Copy
  Save File (same as previous versions)
  Send to Accountant
     Enter email address
     Enter Encryption
     Must communicate
     the password


Accountant’s Copy Enhancements – Reconciliation
  Can only be used if both client and consultant are
  using QuickBooks 2008
  Release 4 Now available
    Fixes problems with special characters in
    account names
    Reconciliations Not Rolled Back when:
         Client did not reconcile anything before Dividing
         Accountant did not Reconcile any Accounts


    Accountant’s Copy Enhancements – Other

Work with a 2007 or 2008 created Accountant’s Copy
Highlight color on fields to be transferred
Changes to “ownership” of lists
Conflict Resolution improved


 New Customer Credit Card Protection Features

Meets PCI requirements


    Remote Access via Webex Improvements

File > Utilities > Remote Access in QuickBooks Pro
Improved speed when remotely accessing client
Revised pricing
  Free version now includes remote printing


             Outlook Integration

New Preference for tracking email communication
through Outlook


      Excel List Import Improvements

New Data Import Wizard


    Invoice List for Time and Expenses

Time & Expenses Company Preferences


      Merchant Services Enhancements

Previously, authorization and charge a single step
With 2008, can process authorization before
processing payment


     Troubleshooting QuickBooks Files

Data File Analysis – A “Best Practice” for
   Why Do Data File Analysis?
   Selling The Data File Analysis Engagement
   What to Charge
   Performing the Analysis (Where, When, How
   Preparing a Report of the Analysis
   Automating the Process


    Troubleshooting Corrupted Files

Verify Company Files Periodically (Monthly)
If File is Corrupted, use Rebuild
If Rebuild Doesn’t Fix it, Look at the
Remove/Replace Damaged Transactions
If That Fails…


    Out-of-Balance Balance Sheets

Happens on Cash Basis Balance Sheets
Narrow Down the Problem to WHEN it
Find All Transactions on That Day
Inspect and Troubleshoot


        Troubleshooting Bank Recs

Correcting the Beginning Balance Field When the
  Deleted a Reconciled Transaction
  Removed the Cleared Status
  Edited a Previously Reconciled Transaction


        Troubleshooting Bank Recs

Using the Reconciliation Discrepancy Report
  For all Causes Except Deleted Transactions


          Troubleshooting Bank Recs

Use Previous Reconciliation Reports
  Compare PDF (Static) Report to Dynamic Report

                                         Static (PDF)


          Troubleshooting Bank Recs

  Troubleshooting Forced Reconciliations


          Troubleshooting Bank Recs

Resetting the Default Statement Date
  If user erroneously enters a future date in the
  Statement Date field (01/31/2007 vs.01/31/2006),
  QuickBooks assumes the next bank reconciliation
  is 02/28/2007

Solution… Undo Reconciliation


             Data File Management

QuickBooks File Types – See Table
Portable Company Files
The Clean Up Data Utility (see next page)
When and How to Start Over


       Using the Clean Up Data Utility
  Formerly “Condense Data” Feature
  Removes All Transactions On/Before Specified Date,
     Inventory (Some Exceptions)
     To be Printed
     Timesheets and Unbilled Pass-throughs
     Transactions Linked to Non-Condensable Transactions


       Transactions Created by Utility

One Summary Transaction Per Month Replaces All
Deleted Transaction

Understanding The Utility


            When and How to Start Over

When to Start Over
   Data File Exceeds Maximums (see table below)
   Excessive Data Entry and/or Setup Errors –
   Correcting vs. Starting Over
      How Many Open Transactions Does the Client Have?
      How Far Back do the Problems Go?
      Proximity to Year End

                Recomm ended Dat a File Size M aximums
      QuickBo o ks Editio n s   Sim pleStart, Basic, Pro , o r   En terprise So lutio n s
                                Prem ier
      Th rou gh version 2006    100MB or sm aller                250MB or sm aller
      Version 2007              200MB or sm aller                350MB or sm aller


        Salvaging as Much Data as Possible

Using Clean Up Data Utility to “Remove All”
This Preserves
  Users and Company Prefs/Passwords
  User Customizations
  All Lists
  Custom Form Templates
  Memorized Reports
  Memorized Transactions
  Online Banking Setups


                     Utilities Worth Owning

Data Transfer Utility by Karl Irvin
Data Mover by Personable
Transaction and List Copier for QuickBooks
Data Flow Manager by Atandra



   Douglas Sleeter
The Sleeter Group, Inc.



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