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Teachers can now access their GradeSpeed account from home.

Before they begin, here are a few things they should take into

1. When accessing from home, the first log-in prompt will require your
"remote LotusNotes" password which you must establish on campus. The
User Id that is required is your FIRST NAME, followed by one space and
then your LAST NAME i.e., Cathy Hrindak).   Once you successfully log
into the "remote server" environment, a second security screen will
prompt you for a User ID and a password. This one should look familiar
since it is the GradeSpeed Log-in Screen. Please use your GradeSpeed

2. Popup Blockers get in the way and may cause "home access to your
gradebook" not to work. The most common popup blocker is associated
with Google Search. If you have Google on your PC Toolbar, you can
check to see if the popup blocker has been invoked. First, click once
on the word GOOGLE. A drop down menu will appear. One of the options
listed is, "Options". Select "Optons" and the Toolbar Options screen
will appear (see below). Under Accessories, if the Popup Blocker has a
check mark next to it, please toggle it off.

3. Problems encountered with the teachers' and administrators' home
PC's simply cannot be addressed by our various support staffs. You
should be able to access the gradebook from home using a PC or a MAC
but it is very important that you thoroughly review the information
provided in this email and the email that follows the "screen print"

4. Only your gradekeeping tasks should be performed from home. Do NOT
enter attendance from home. This environment does store your ID along
with a date and time stamp on the transaction you enter. Keep this in
mind at all times.

5. Regardless if you are accessing your gradebook from home or from
your campus, you are responsible for ensuring a secure environment.
Leaving your computer unattended while logged into your gradebook
creates a security risk.
Establishing Remote Access Password:

In addition to having your teacher log-in to access GradeSpeed, you
will also be required to log-in for "remote access". This has been
set-up using our LotusNotes remote access security process. If you
have never established your LotusNote Remote Access Password, you must
do so in order to access GradeSpeed from home. This password can only
be created at the PC you use to access LotusNotes. So, all teachers
who plan on accessing GradeSpeed from home when it is available, MUST
establish this password.

Once your remote access password has been created, you are ready to
access from home.

Hardware/Software Requirements:

1. It is very important to understand that there will be no "after-
hours" or weekend support for those who are accessing the gradebook
from home.

2. The speed of transfer or how quickly you will be able to work
between your home, the Internet and RRISD, is dependent on the
following factors:
 A. PC/MAC configuration (i.e.., memory)
 B. Method used to access Internet (i.e., modem, DSL, or cable)
 C. Traffic on your Internet Service Provider's server.
 D. Traffic on the Internet

3. Internet Browser (If your browser is not at the version indicated
below, you will need to update)
 A. Internet Explorer (IE) MUST BE 5.0 OR GREATER.
 B. Netscape MUST BE 7.0 OR GREATER

1. Your gradebook should be accessed only by you.
2. You are responsible for properly logging-off the environment when
you will be away from your PC.
3. Do not share your passwords.

The Curriculum Integration Specialists, your registrar, your attendance
processor, and MIS staff will not be able to provide any type of
support on problems you are experiencing at home unless the problem
involves the gradebook server, your LotusNotes password, or your
GradeSpeed password.

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