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									New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) Questionnaire
Seniors, Please have the Guidance counselor fax transcripts (including current classes enrolled)
and SAT (or ACT) scores to fax 973-596-8295 ATTN: Coach Alonso.
Save this file to your PC, then Fill in the gray area and Email this EXCEL form back as an
attachment to alonso@NJIT.edu Also Required for NJIT: www.eligibilitycenter.org
Last Name:                                               First Name:
State:(2 letter abbreviation, ie NJ)
Country:(if not USA)                                       ZIP code:
Today's Date: ie 6/10/07
Home Newspaper:                                                         newspaper email:
Social Security:                                                               Ethnicity:
Home Phone:                                                                         EOP:
Cell Phone:                                                          NJIT Alum in Family:
AIM Screen Name:
Date of Birth: ie 08/02/88                                     Age:
Height: (ie, 5-9)                                      Weight: (lbs)
High School:                                             HS phone:
HS Grad.Date:ie 06/20/07                             HS Counselor:
HS Address:                                                HS City:
HS State: 2 letters,ie NJ                                   HS ZIP:
SAT's: Math                                             ACT score:
SAT:Verbal(Reading only)                                  SAT Total                     0
HS Class rank:                                       HS Class size:
College Major:                                      HS Grade Point:
Have you applied to NJIT?
Have you visited the campus?
Have you registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse?( enter ID)                               ***Required for NJIT***
What is your Primary criteria for selecting a college?
What is your Secondary criteria for selecting a college?
What other sports did you play in High School/years?
What other colleges will you apply to?
HS Coach's Name:                                  HS Coach's Cell:
Were you Captain:                                  years practicing:
Parents name:              Parents Email:         Occupation:        Parents Employer:

High School Stats           Best Performances for each year
events (list them here)     Frosh               Soph               Junior                  Senior
XC-5k best
XC-5k 2nd best
XC (          )
Track event:(           )
Track event:(           )
Track event:(           )
Track event:(           )
Track event:(           )
Average Wkly Milage:

HS Honors: (athletic)
HS Honors: (academic)
College Athletic Goal:
Favorite XC course:
Favorite Running Quote:
Any other comments?

                              db1c2cab-6195-497f-9076-e98152a016e2.xls 7/8/2010

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