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					Inter-Tel® 3000
The Easy Choice

                   Who is Inter-Tel?
Founded 1969
Headquarters based in Phoenix, AZ
Telecommunications leader
Committed to training and support
Revenues $400 million+
Debt free

      The choice is Easy, Inter-Tel is the telecom leader to partner with!

    What is the Inter-Tel® 3000?
A phone system that is...Easy
        Intuitive & Menu driven – requires limited training
        Modular approach – provides investment protection
        Flexible – provides you with choices
        Application driven – solves problems
        Scalable – grows with your needs
        Stylish – Sleek, modern design

Designed specifically for the SMB, SoHo,
and High-end Residential Markets…
Typical Inter-Tel® 3000 Customers
•   Branch Offices
•   Retail Store Chains
•   Restaurant Chains
•   Medical facilities
•   Insurance agencies
•   Large Residential
•   Home Based Businesses

What can the Inter-Tel 3000 do for me?
Buy the Inter-Tel 3000 for what you need today and to be ready
to build for tomorrow.
   The Inter-Tel 3000 is a modern and efficient ‘communications in a box’
   solution. It’s easy to use and the scalable, modular architecture allows you to
   add extra lines and more powerful tools as and when you need them.
If you’re a looking for a phone system for anywhere between 2
and 52 users, this is the one for you.
   Inter-Tel 3000 fits with any type of business and handles all forms of
   communication – from the most basic to the most advanced. It’s feature-rich
   and affordable.
   Especially now with the internet you can extend all the benefits of your office
   communications to home or remote workers.

What can the Inter-Tel 3000 do for me?
 Handle more calls and boost productivity
    Everything about Inter-Tel 3000 is designed to help you work smarter – from
    feature-rich display handsets for desktops and retail store counters to a full
    featured IP-based system phone for your people at home or in the field. Simply
    choose, one of the stylish digital menu-driven system phones in 8 or 16 button
    options or add the digital 4 button system wireless phone. You can even add a
    simple single line analog phones for back offices, warehouses and factories.

 Maximize your investment with broadband
    Add a Inter-Tel 3000 Broadband Module (BBM) and take advantage of
    broadband internet access and wireless LAN (Local Area Network) capability.

What can the Inter-Tel 3000 do for me?
 Set up your own home worker network
    By adding to the Inter-Tel 3000 Broadband Module and using the IP-based
    system phone your people can be around the corner or at the other end of the
    state or country and still access the full power of the office telephone system.
    You save office space, gain flexibility and boost productivity while customers
    still call on the usual numbers and get the same service they expect from the
    main office.

 Never miss another call
    Inter-Tel 3000 Voicemail can help you make sure customers always get the
    attention and services they need, even when offices are closed or your lines
    are busy. It can even mimic some aspects of call centers, which is great for law
    firms, accountants, real estate agents – indeed anyone wanting to add a
    distinctive, professional touch when customers call. Useful and cost-effective,
    voicemail is an attractive add-on.
What can the Inter-Tel 3000 do for me?
Fast-track callers through to the people and services they need
   Inter-Tel 3000 can help you to get more done, in less time, without adding to
   staff or additional location’ overheads. Take the pressure off your staff by
   having calls answered and routed automatically, enabling callers to dial people

Boost your income without investing in more staff or bigger
   Why not set up a dedicated, voicemail auto attendant to streamline order
   processes and inquiries, or use the remote message notification feature to
   manage on call and urgent requests, Inter-Tel 3000 has all the right

What can the Inter-Tel 3000 do for me?
Add more lines and extensions whenever you need to
   With the option to grow to 52 extensions and up to 20 traditional voice lines you’ll
   have plenty of room for business growth.
A choice of more than 50 different call handling features means
Inter-Tel 3000 can be set-up to fit everyone’s needs perfectly
   Answer, hold and transfer calls with ease, dial regular contacts by name, open
   doors or gates and conference people in at the touch of a button – and much
Don’t turn business away because no-one is there to pick up the
   Simply route your callers to voicemail services when lines are busy or your office
   is closed.
What can the Inter-Tel 3000 do for me?
Get the big company feel of a call center working for you with
Inter-Tel 3000’s simple call routing feature
   Take orders, log service requests and book appointments at evenings and
   weekends without taking on extra staff or paying overtime.
Share files around the office, without shuffling paper
   With the optional Inter-Tel 3000 Broadband Module it’s easy to link up your PCs
   on a Local Area Network for applications and file sharing, and connect to fast,
   broadband internet access. Everyone can work easily as part of a team, with the
   freedom to use email and web browsing without having to dial up every time. And
   you’ve got the security of a firewall to deflect viruses and intruders.
Extend your reach around the office
   With Inter-Tel 3000’s wireless LAN (Local Area Network) data capability your
   business network can include people working flexibly around the office, wherever
   is most efficient for them.

What can the Inter-Tel 3000 do for me?
Connect your people wherever it suits you
  The Inter-Tel 3000 Broadband Module means your people
  can work from home or a remote location – and callers
  need never know they are not at an office desk. It’s so
  easy to set your people free. All they need is broadband
  access and an Inter-Tel 3000 IP-based system phone,
  which gives all the power, and features of the popular
  Inter-Tel 3000 eight and sixteen button phones but
  connected over a high speed internet connection.
       Inter-Tel® 3000

The choices

                …are yours
     Inter-Tel® 3000 Feature Phones
                             (digital system phones)
   8-Button System Phone
       Large functional menu driven display
       Speaker phone
       Eight (8) programmable keys

   16-Button System Phone
       Large functional menu driven display
       Speaker phone
       Sixteen (16) programmable keys
       Back lit display

Phones display can be set in 3 languages
- English, Spanish & French

               32 Key DSS Console
32 programmable keys
Used with 16-button phone only
16-button phone powered
8 DSS limit per system
Keys may be programmed as:
   Line appearance
   Extension selection
   Feature activation

        Inter-Tel Cordless Phones
4-Button System Cordless Phone
    900 MHz – Narrow Band (Digital)
    4 multi-line appearance
    Voice mail notification/station appearance
    Simulates a Inter-Tel 3000 feature phone
    Range is based on environment/structure
    This is a system phone

Single Line Analog Phone
    5.8 GHz Spread Spectrum (Analog)
    Single Line
    Low cost solution
    35 channels
    Range is based on environment/structure
    Not a system phone - you can use any single line
    cordless phone on the Inter-Tel 3000!    
Inter-Tel 3000 IP-based System Phone*
   Full Duplex Hands free feature phone
   Full system features through Menu interface
   6 x 16 display (rather than 4 x 24 on feature phones)
   Message Waiting / Ringing LED
   2 Port Switch (for PC connection)
   Powered by PoE or Power Brick
   Headset port

* Requires the Broadband Module to be installed on the
   Inter-Tel 3000 System to utilize the IP Phone

       Inter-Tel 3000 Door Phone

Can be programmed to call
specific groups of phones or
a single telephone
Can be used with a door
strike to control door/gate
access from the system

                    Voice Mail Services
5, 10 or 20 hours voice storage options available
    52 Extension Voice Boxes
    10 Phantom boxes
    20 Group Boxes
    1 General voice mail box
    Auto Attendant
    Announce Only Voice boxes
    Dial by Name Directory
    Remote Message Notification to pager or cell phone
Access your voice mail from any phone in office or dial in from outside
system to retrieve messages
Temporary greeting
    When weather or other emergencies affect your business you can call the office
    and change the Auto Attendant greeting to let your customers know that the
    business is closed or standard business hours have changed for that day.
Customizable Courtesy Service
Inter-Tel® 3000

 Feature Overview

Standard System Features Overview
Caller ID (550 name/number buffer) -if customer subscribes to service
     Caller name/number on all phones
     Caller ID Detection/Routing
     Caller ID Name from System Speed Dial
     Caller ID List: Missed Calls, All Calls, Individual / System
Hybrid Ports – each extension is digital and analog
Door Box Connection & door strike
Paging to all or individual extensions; external paging optional
Music-On-Hold – internal provided free; external is an option
Last Number Redial - Saves last 6 external numbers dialed
Individual Extension Speed Dials – 30
System Speed Dials – 500
Call Forward (Internal or External)
     Forward All Calls; Forward On No Answer; Forward on Busy
     Follow Me - You can set up All Call forwarding from the receiving extension
     Group Forwarding
Auto Attendant & Hunt Groups – “dial 1 for sales, 2 for marketing…”

          Inter-Tel® 3000 Features
Call Forward (Internal or External)
   Forward All Calls
       All calls are forwarded to a programmed number
   Forward On No Answer
       Forwards calls which are ringing for a programmable time
       When extension is programmed with a mailbox call “forwarding on no
       answer” is automatically set to voice box.
   Forward on Busy
       Forwards calls when the phone is busy
   Follow Me
       You can set up All Call forwarding from the receiving extension

Group Forwarding

            Inter-Tel® 3000 Features
Caller ID
  Caller name/number on all phones
  Caller ID Detection/Routing
  Caller ID Name from System Speed Dial
  Caller ID List
     Missed calls
     All Calls
     Individual / System

          Inter-Tel® 3000 Features
Hunt Groups
  20 Groups up to 16 extensions
     Linear – 1st available
     Circular – next available
     Longest Idle hunting
   Log-in / Log-out
   Group Forward
   Group Voice Boxes

          Inter-Tel® 3000 Features
Account Codes (Forced/Optional)
    4 Digits
LCR (Least Cost Routing)
Class of service restrictions
    Toll Restriction
Paging – 3 types
    System Phone
    All Phones
    PA Amp
Meet Me Page
Key system/PABX Mode
SMDR (500 call Buffer)
Power Fail Transfer
             Inter-Tel® 3000 Features
Extension Lock
Reminder Call
Open the Door
Reset the Phone
Night Service
   Two On and Two Off Timers
   Weekend Service
Display Messaging (8 pre-set)
   Return at, call back at, call me at, at a meeting, at lunch, at home, on
   vacation, call, message 9 is blank
Languages – Spanish/English/French
   Display & Voice Mail

      Inter-Tel® 3000 Features
Multiple call park (up to 5)
   A special hold and can be picked up from any extension
Sorting personal speed dial numbers alphabetically
Room Monitor
Barge In or Privacy Release
External Music-on-Hold
   internal and external calls
VoIP Module
   Wireless data
   Remote extensions

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