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					What is Source Doc Auto-Entry? Why should I use it?
Source Doc Auto-Entry will reduce most of the manual data entry work that you perform today, so that you can
spend more time on value-added services. Source Doc Auto-Entry provides you with the ability to scan in the
data on your clients’ source documents and then import that data into their Lacerte tax returns. The product uses
Optical Character Recognition to interpret the characters on the source documents and automatically maps
most information to the appropriate input fields. Then, you import the information directly into your clients’ 1040
tax returns.

Source Doc Auto-Entry for Tax Year 2006 is available for $450 (standalone) and $650 (network). Please call Lacerte
Sales at 800-669-7953 to purchase the product.

System and Scanning Requirements
There are two sets of requirements for computers using the Source Doc Auto-Entry product:

For computers used for scanning the source documents:

      Processor   Recommended: 2.0 GHz or faster. Minimum: 1.0 GHz

      Memory      Recommended: 1 GB RAM or more. Minimum: 512 MB RAM

For computers used for reviewing and importing the data:
System requirements are identical to those for your tax software. You can find these requirements on the Lacerte
website at

For scanners and scanning:
Recommended Scanner: Fujitsu fi-5110C or 5120C - Intuit recommends the Fujitsu fi-5110C or 5120Csheet
fed scanner for use with the Source Doc Auto-Entry product. We have thoroughly tested these scanners for scan
quality, system compatibility, ease of use and reliability, so we are confident that they will meet your needs. If you
choose to use a different scanner, please be aware that the software’s recognition of the scanned characters may
not be as good as that of the Fujitsu fi-5110C or 5120C.

Other scanning requirements:
• Always scan your source documents at 300 DPI (not higher or lower), and in Black and White.

• Your scanner must be TWAIN compliant.

• If you are using a non-TWAIN scanner with DMS, then your current scanner should work with this product.
  However, you will need to scan your source documents using DMS.

What documents does Source Doc Auto-Entry read? Do they have to be a
specific format or quality?
Source Doc Auto-Entry supports:

      Documents    • W-2

                   • 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, 1099-R, SSA-1099
      Formats                                    ,
                   • Payroll company formats: ADP Ceridian, Paychex, W2-Express, ProBusiness.

                   • All IRS or similar formats for forms other than W-2 as long as the information is for a
                    single client.
      Quality      • No handwritten documents or documents with notations. These notations may
                    impact the product’s ability to read the data on the document.

                   • No wrinkled or torn documents. No dirt marks, staples, or paperclips.

                   • Photocopies of source documents may achieve strong results, if the copy is at the
                    same resolution as the original.

Installing and Starting Source Doc Auto-Entry

• The first time you select the Source Doc Auto-Entry command on the Tools menu, you see instructions on how
  to install the Source Doc Auto-Entry product. This will be available to install in mid to late January.

• To start Source Doc Auto-Entry in the Lacerte program, go to the Tools menu, then click Source Doc Auto-Entry.

Getting Documents into the Client’s Tax Return

You can add documents to the Source Doc Auto-Entry product three different ways. Just choose the way that fits
your workflow.

Workflow 1: Scanning from within Source Doc Auto-Entry

We recommend you scan your documents from within the Source Doc Auto-Entry product instead of using your
own scanning software. This way the product uses the optimal settings for scanning the source documents.

When you select Scan Documents for the first time, a Setup Wizard appears.

• At the Would you like to download the latest scanner database from Nuance? question, select Yes. If your
  scanner is recognized in the database, much of the scanner setup is completed for you.

• If your scanner is not detected, follow the wizard steps to finish calibrating your scanner. At the
  Available Scanners screen, do not select the TWAIN WIA scanner driver if possible.

• If you have questions about setting up your scanner or feel that you are experiencing sub par results, please call
  Support at 800-669-7953.

You can scan multiple documents for multiple clients all at once. Source Doc Auto-Entry will sort these documents
according to the Social Security Numbers on the documents. If you need to, you can reassign the documents by
dragging and dropping them to the correct client. You can have a staff member scan the documents first, then later
review and import the information on your own.

1. Put all of the source documents for a particular client into the Auto Document Feeder. If a document has
   been inserted at an angle or rotated, the product can adjust the document.

2. From within the product, click Scan Documents.

3. Verify your scanner settings and click OK.

4. Your scanning software will launch and scan the documents.

5. To continue, skip to the Reviewing and Importing the Source Documents steps.

Workflow 2: Getting Documents from DMS

You can use DMS with Source Doc Auto-Entry by scanning documents in DMS and then pulling them into the
Source Doc Auto-Entry product.

TIP: If you would like, you can also scan the documents from within Source Doc Auto-Entry and then save them
out to your filing system or to DMS. Right-click the document and then click Save Documents to DMS.

1. Start Source Doc Auto-Entry and click DMS Documents.

2. Find the client in the Clients list, and then browse the folders on the right to find the document.

3. Select the document, and then click Add.

4. To continue, skip to the Reviewing and Importing steps.

Workflow 3: Getting PDF or Image Documents from Your Computer

1. From within the product, click Browse for Documents.

2. Browse for the document in the Open dialog, and then click Open to add the document to the reader.

3. To continue, skip to the Reviewing and Importing steps.

Reviewing and Importing the Source Documents
Click the Review/Import button to review the exact characters recognized in the scan in the Source Doc Review
dialog box.

1. After adding your source documents into the product, select the client you want to review.

2. Click the Review/Import button.

3. In the Source Doc Review dialog box, review the data to confirm it is correct and edit the data as necessary.
   TIP: Click the Preview button to see the scanned image at the same time as your review screen.
   Resize the Preview screen so you can see both side-by-side for an easy review.

  IMPORTANT! If the software highlights a box, we recommend you review the data in that box carefully.
  A box might be highlighted because the software may have recognized the number in the box incorrectly,
  or the provider made an error on Form W-2, for example.

4. Click Import All to import every document in the Scanned Documents list to the client in Lacerte.

Other Questions
How do I deal with new clients?

You do not need to set-up a client in the tax program before using the Source Doc Auto-Entry product. The scanned
file will be placed in a queue as an unrecognized client and the software will walk you through the process of
creating a new client file prior to import.

Does the product overwrite the information already in the Lacerte tax program?

The Source Doc Auto-Entry product overwrites the information from last year (proforma’d information) because the
software assumes that the scanned document has current information. We recommend that you proforma prior
year data into the program prior to usage.

Can I use this product to organize my source documents?

Source Doc Auto-Entry is not designed for organizing and storing your scanned files. If this is important to you,
please consider using DMS in conjunction with Source Doc Auto-Entry.

Where can I find out more information?

For more information on this product, click the Help button in any of the Source Doc Auto-Entry dialog boxes.


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